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337 - Electricity: electrothermally or thermally actuated switches

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337401000 With fusible, combustible or explosive material 30
337333000 With bimetallic element 28
337382000 With longitudinally expansible solid element 8
337306000 Expansible or vaporizable fluid actuated 8
20130076479Tool and Calibration Machine for Calibrating a Thermal Trip Apparatus of a Circuit Interrupter, and Improved Method - An improved calibration machine for calibrating a thermal trip apparatus of a circuit interrupter employs a tool having an elongated shank and a pair of engagement elements. The engagement elements are engageable with a support that carried a bimetal element. The engagement elements can deform the support in opposite directions to either increase or decrease the thermal trip setting of the thermal trip apparatus. If the support is over-deformed in one direction, it can be deformed in an opposite direction to enable a circuit interrupter whose thermal trip apparatus has been deformed beyond a desired target thermal calibration setting to be deformed in an opposite direction to reach the desired target thermal calibration setting.03-28-2013
20090302989THERMALLY RESPONSIVE SWITCH - A thermally responsive switch includes a hermetic container (12-10-2009
20090091417Thermal fuse employing thermosensitive pellet - A thermal fuse employing a thermosensitive pellet is provided which uses a new substance exhibiting stabilized characteristics as a thermosensitive material used in the case where the thermal fuse employing a thermosensitive pellet has an operating temperature in a low temperature region. The thermal fuse employing a thermosensitive pellet of the present invention includes at least a switching movable member, a thermosensitive pellet member, a pair of leads having a first lead portion and a second lead portion, and a metal casing, in which the thermosensitive pellet member contains a polyolefin wax, the thermosensitive pellet member is housed in the metal casing to which the pair of leads are attached, the switching movable member is operated by deformation associated with softening or melting of the thermosensitive pellet member, to attain a cut-off state between the pair of leads, and the thermal fuse employing a thermosensitive pellet is suitable for an operating temperature of 50 to 180° C. Furthermore, the thermosensitive pellet member is used mixed with a thermoplastic resin as appropriate, to thereby provide a thermal fuse employing a thermosensitive pellet which increases the response speed while maintaining the operating temperature with high accuracy.04-09-2009
20100090793MOUNTING STRUCTURE FOR TEMPERATURE SWITCH - An installation structure for a temperature switch, used for a compressor of an air conditioner for a vehicle and having a cylindrical metal container with a bottom and a circular shallow dish-like thermally actuated plate placed at the bottom of the inside of the metal container. The installation structure further has a receiving recess provided in the front face of a housing of the compressor and in which the temperature switch is received, and also has one or more claws provided on a side of the temperature switch. When the temperature switch is received in the recess, the claws are engaged with the inner surface of the recess, which causes the temperature switch to be fixed inside the receiving recess.04-15-2010
20090189731CROSS POINT SWITCH USING PHASE CHANGE MATERIAL - A cross-point switch and cross-point switch fabric utilizing phase change material, and method of operating the same. The cross-point switch includes a phase change cross-point circuit containing a plurality of terminal nodes connected to a central node. The connections between the terminal nodes and the central nodes are regulated by phase change switches comprised of a phase change material. The phase change switches being controlled by heating elements capable of melting or crystallizing the phase change material in the phase change switch. The heating elements are operated by a separate heating circuit. Each individual heating element is regulated by an individual transistor.07-30-2009
20100102921Electrical closing switch made from reactive composite materials - Devices and components that can interact with or modify propagation of electromagnetic waves are provided. The design, fabrication and structures of the devices exploit the properties of reactive composite materials (RCM) and reaction products thereof.04-29-2010
20090033454MEMS actuators with even stress distribution - The micro-electromechanical (MEMS) switch comprises a first double-sided cantilever MEMS actuator attached to a substrate and movable in two opposite directions, and a second cantilever MEMS actuator attached to the substrate. In use, the first MEMS actuator is moved in either directions to distribute the stress more uniformly, thereby reducing the mechanical creep and improving its reliability as well as its operation life.02-05-2009
20130120102Overheat Suppression Systems and Methods for an Electrical Housing - A system for suppressing an overheat condition in an electrical housing includes an electrical housing that defines a housing area including one or more electrical devices; a suppression fluid container containing a suppression fluid; a valve configured to regulate the flow of the suppression fluid from the suppression fluid container to the housing area; at least one sensor configured to sense at least one of temperature and smoke; and a controller communicatively connected to the at least one sensor and the valve, the controller configured to receive signals from the at least one sensor indicating an overheat condition in the housing area; and in response to the received signals indicating the overheat condition in the housing area, control the valve to allow the suppression fluid to flow from the suppression fluid container into the housing area, in order to suppress the overheat condition in the housing area.05-16-2013
20090184798SHAPE MEMORY THERMAL CONDUCTION SWITCH - A thermal conduction switch includes a thermally-conductive first member having a first thermal contacting structure for securing the first member as a stationary member to a thermally regulated body or a body requiring thermal regulation. A movable thermally-conductive second member has a second thermal contacting surface. A thermally conductive coupler is interposed between the first member and the second member for thermally coupling the first member to the second member. At least one control spring is coupled between the first member and the second member. The control spring includes a NiTiFe comprising shape memory (SM) material that provides a phase change temperature <273 K, a transformation range <40 K, and a hysteresis of <10 K. A bias spring is between the first member and the second member. At the phase change the switch provides a distance change (displacement) between first and second member by at least 1 mm, such as 2 to 4 mm.07-23-2009
20090102596Temperature switch - In the temperature switch, a cut-out portion of the substrate is formed of a first cut-out portion and a second cut-out portion which are made from the side part toward the center. At the fixation part of a movable plate in the temperature switch, a pawl part and an elastic locking part having an L-shaped cross section are formed adjacent to the pawl part on the upstream side in the sliding direction, as indicated by the arrow q. When the pawl part is fitted in the second cut-out portion, a tip of the elastic locking part abuts an end portion-top surface of the substrate and the elastic locking part reversibly warps upwardly.04-23-2009
20090322464Method for manufacturing electric contact material, electric contact material, and thermal fuse - A method for manufacturing an electric contact material is provided which can prevent it from being adhesively melted even when being exposed to high temperatures resulting from an arc induced by an electric current being turned on or off. Also an electric contact material which is manufactured by the method and a thermal fuse are provided.12-31-2009
20090315666THERMALLY RESPONSIVE SWITCH - A thermally responsive switch includes a hermetic container (12-24-2009
20110128112SWITCH STRUCTURES - A device, such as a switch structure, is provided. The switch structure can include a contact and a conductive element each respectively disposed on a substrate. The conductive element can be composed substantially of metallic material, and can be configured to be deformable between a first position, in which the conductive element is separated from the contact by a separation distance, and a second position, in which the conductive element contacts the contact and stores mechanical energy. The conductive element can be further configured such that, subsequent to being deformed into the second position at a temperature between about room temperature and about half of a melting temperature of the metallic material for a cumulative time of at least 1006-02-2011
20100295654ACTIVE MATERIAL CIRCUIT PROTECTOR - A circuit protector includes first and second conductive members. An active material alters at least one attribute in response to an activation signal. The active material is operatively connected to the first and second conductive members to alter the electrical resistance between the first and second members.11-25-2010
20090315665TEMPERATURE DEPENDENT SWITCHING CIRCUIT - A temperature activated switching circuit 12-24-2009
20110095860THERMALLY RESPONSIVE SWITCH - A thermally responsive switch includes a movable contact fixed to an end of a thermally responsive plate and a fixed contact which is conductively connected with a conductive pin through a conductor having a fuse part and a heater part to constitute a pair of switching contacts with the movable contact. The thermally responsive switch is used for disconnecting an AC current flowing to a motor inside a sealed electric compressor. The fixed contact is fixed to an electrically insulating ceramic member disposed between the fixed contact and a sealing container.04-28-2011
20120075052THERMAL TRIGGERING ELEMENT FOR A THERMALLY CONTROLLED SWITCHING ELEMENT - A thermal triggering element for a thermal switching element in the form of a glass vial having an elongated shape, a completely enclosed interior space filled with a triggering liquid and including a gas bubble. The glass vial features along its longitudinal direction, positioned in a manner facing each other, a first longitudinal end with a tip emerging from a circumferentially running edge, in particular a circumferentially running thickened section, and a second longitudinal end with a rounded end. The vial is inserted as a thermal triggering element in the thermal switching element without the addition of fat or oil in the installation process. During the screwing-in of the abutment a significantly reduced torsion moment is applied to the glass vial, as compared to a conventional process without oil or fat. The glass vial is treated on at least the second longitudinal end in a friction-reducing manner.03-29-2012
20100271170TRIPPING ELEMENT FOR AN ON-BOARD MOTOR-VEHICLE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM - A tripping element for a current path in an on-board electrical system of a motor vehicle, has a voltage input, a load output for connecting a load, and also a thermal circuit breaker which is connected within the current path between the voltage input and the load output and provides DC isolation for the current path as a result of an actuation signal.10-28-2010
20130141207MECHANICAL HEAT SWITCH - A heat switch has a first contact, a plug of thermally conductive material, and a mechanical actuator attached to the plug of thermally conductive material, the mechanical actuator arranged to move the plug into contact with the first contact in a first position and to move the plug out of contact with the first contact in a second position responsive to a signal.06-06-2013

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