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337 - Electricity: electrothermally or thermally actuated switches

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337142000 Fusible element actuated 216
337036000 With bimetallic elements (i.e., motion takes place in a plane at right angles to its major axis) 25
337123000 With longitudinally expansible solid element (e.g., rod, wire strip, etc.) 6
337114000 Expansible or vaporizable fluid-actuated (e.g., mercury vapor) 3
20110156855FUSING DEVICE AND BATTERY ASSEMBLY COMPRISING THE SAME - A fusing device comprises a core portion, a first terminal, a second terminal, and at least a thermal expanding element provided between the first flange and the second flange with two ends thereof against the first and second flanges respectively, which is configured to break the core portion during thermal expanding. A battery assembly comprises a plurality of battery electrically connected in series, parallel or in series and parallel with the fusing device as described hereinabove.06-30-2011
20090115565LIQUID METAL RELAY - A liquid metal relay includes passages formed by bonding a first substrate and a second substrate together, a liquid chamber formed in a middle of the passages, a plurality of electrodes arranged in the liquid chamber, a first gas chamber and a second gas chamber arranged to communicate with both ends of the passages, a gas sealed into the first gas chamber and the second gas chamber, and a heating section for heating the gas, a liquid metal sealed in the liquid chamber, and through electrodes led to an outside of the first substrate from the plurality of electrodes and the heating section.05-07-2009
20120229246OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTION ELEMENT - An overvoltage protection element with a housing, an overvoltage-limiting component arranged in the housing, and with two connection elements for electrically connecting the overvoltage protection element to the current or signal path to be protected, wherein, normally, the connection elements are each in electrically conductive contact with a pole of the overvoltage-limiting component. Reliable and effective electrical connection in the normal state and reliable isolation of a defective overvoltage-limiting component are ensured by the fact that a thermally expandable material is arranged within the housing in a way that, in the event of thermal overloading of the overvoltage-limiting component, the position of the overvoltage-limiting component is changed by expansion of the thermally expandable material relative to the position of the connection elements in a way that causes at least one pole of the overvoltage-limiting component to be out of electrically conductive contact with the corresponding connection element.09-13-2012
337021000 Conductive fluid devices 3
20100201475Micro-Fluidic Bubble Fuse - A microfluidic bubble fuse is formed from a hermetically sealed reservoir containing an electrically conductive liquid. The reservoir is interposed between a pair of electrodes such that each electrode is in electrical contact with the fluid within the reservoir, and such that the fluid within the reservoir provides electrical interconnectivity between the electrodes. The reservoir may be implemented on a substrate, in a tube, or in another manner. When the current or voltage across the electrodes increases beyond a threshold, the excess current or voltage will cause a bubble to be created within the fluid to reduce or inhibit the flow of electricity between the electrodes. When the current/voltage is reduced, the bubble will collapse to restore the flow of electricity between the electrodes.08-12-2010
20100259354SELF-RECOVERY CURRENT LIMITING FUSE - A liquid matrix of a nonmagnetic material is accommodated within an insulative container of a nonmagnetic material, and a pair of electrodes is disposed within the insulative container such that the electrodes face each other via the liquid matrix. Conductive particles are fluidly dispersed in the liquid matrix. A magnetic field generation section is provided externally of the insulative container so as to generate a magnetic field in a direction orthogonal to a fuse element to be formed between the paired electrodes through chaining of the solid particles.10-14-2010
20100039208HIGH-FREQUENCY, THIN-FILM LIQUID CRYSTAL THERMAL SWITCHES - In accordance with the invention, there are thermal switches, method of operating thermal switches and methods of forming thermal switches. A thermal switch can include a thin layer of liquid crystal disposed between a first surface of a first insulating substrate and a second surface of a second insulating substrate, wherein the liquid crystals are aligned at one or more of the first surface and the second surface due to surface preparation.02-18-2010
337035000 Plural diverse similar art-type devices in single switch 1
20110063068THERMALLY ACTUATED RF MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS SWITCH - A radio frequency (RF) micro electromechanical system (MEMS) switch formed on a substrate (e.g., a CMOS substrate). The RF MEMS switch includes a micromechanical member including a flexible switch membrane configured to move between an on state and an off state of the RF MEMS switch. The flexible switch membrane includes a first set of fingers on a sidewall thereof to be vertically coupled with a second set of fingers formed at an output of the RF MEMS switch on the substrate, and an actuation member in operable communication with the micromechanical member and configured to thermally actuate the micromechanical member such that the first set of fingers electrically couple with the second set of fingers upon thermal actuation of the micromechanical member to enable transmission of an RF signal.03-17-2011
337028000 Space discharge device (gaps, lightning arrester, etc.) 1
20100328014Electric circuit breaker apparatus for vehicle - An electric circuit breaker apparatus is used in a vehicle including an electric circuit having a converter and a storage battery. The electric circuit breaker apparatus interrupts power supply from the storage battery to the converter when a collision of the vehicle is detected. The electric circuit breaker apparatus includes a power supply circuit breaker driven by a low explosive type actuator, which is actuated when a collision of the vehicle is detected. Actuation of the power supply circuit breaker interrupts a power supply path connecting a positive terminal of the storage battery to the converter and grounds a portion of the power supply path closer to the converter than the interrupted portion.12-30-2010
20110205011RAPID DISCONNECT DEVICE - The invention relates to a rapid disconnect device for surge arrestors, in particular plate-type or flat varistors, comprising at least one element that is maintained under a mechanical stress, and a disconnection point for disconnecting the surge arrestor from the respective power grid upon thermal overload, wherein the disconnection point comprises contacts, the positions of which vary relative to one another, wherein one of said contacts is designed to be fixed. According to the invention, the contacts of varying positions relative to one another are electrically connected without the use of solder in such a way that incident current forces act primarily in the contact force direction and such that the moving contacts of the positionally-variable contacts of a lost element located at the surge arrestor and thermally detachable therefrom can be moved from a closed position to the disconnected position.08-25-2011
20100102918ELECTROMECHANICAL SWITHCING DEVICE FOR PROTECTING ELECTRICAL WIRES AND/OR CONSUMERS AND USE OF A THERMAL COUPLING IN AN ELECTROMECHANICAL SWITCHING DEVICE - An electromechanical switching device is disclosed for protecting electrical wires and/or consumers. In at least one embodiment, the device includes at least one thermal triggering element and at least one switching device-internal heat source. For the at least one thermal triggering element, the electromechanical switching device includes a thermal coupling of at least one of the switching device-internal heat sources. At least one embodiment of the invention also relates to the use of a thermal coupling.04-29-2010
20100013591Protection Device - It is provided a new protection device with a large current capacity, which can sense a relatively low abnormal temperature, and further has a simple construction and is not large in size. The protection device comprises (01-21-2010
20080315983Safety Device For Preventing Propagation in Fracture of Ceramic Element - The present invention relates to a safety device for preventing propagation when a ceramic element is failed. An angle is formed such that elastic terminals contacted at both faces of the ceramic element do not face each other and an elastic terminal of one lateral face of the ceramic element is formed without one leg so as not to be contacted with the ceramic element, and therefore when an unsustainable force is applied to the ceramic element by an excessive thermal stress or an excessive current caused by an external abnormal power supply is applied to the ceramic element, the ceramic element performs an immediate failure and thus a rapid cut-off capability of circuit. The upper case is provided with a receiving space for accommodating a ceramic element such that the ceramic element remains upright inside of the receiving space, or the ceramic element is mounted inside of an insulator such that the insulator supports an off-set force by a connection force of the elastic terminal to allow the ceramic element to remain upright. A wedge is formed integrally with the upper case so as to be contacted with the elastic terminal mounted at both sides of the upper case, which supports the elastic terminal, thereby supporting the elastic terminal. Even after the operation of the safety device, the scattered ceramic element is captured by the wall face of the receiving space inside of the upper case, thereby providing a capability of stable circuit cut-off. A case protrusion is formed at both lower portions of the upper case to which the ceramic element is mounted, thereby providing a gradient to allow the ceramic element to remain upright. The tab terminal and the elastic terminal are connected by means of a rivet or welding, and the elastic terminal is provided with an embossing to reinforce the elasticity of the elastic terminal material, thereby enabling to be replaced by a thinner elastic terminal and thus reduce the manufacturing cost.12-25-2008
20080197964MEMS ACTUATORS AND SWITCHES - Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) actuators and switches exhibiting geometries and configurations providing superior operating characteristics and longer lifetimes.08-21-2008
20120068807ELECTRIC RECEPTACLE APPARATUS WITH REPLACEABLE PROTECTION MODULE - A thermal protection module includes a surge absorber, a switch unit, and a pyrocondensation belt connected to the surge absorber and the switch unit. The switch includes a casing, at least one conductive pin, at least one conductive portion, and a moving part. The conductive portion is disposed on the moving part. The moving part is stuck in the casing movably. The conductive pins are stuck in the casing. The pyrocondensation belt is configured to shrink according to the heat conduction from the surge absorber, so as to change the position of the moving part. The conductive portion is in contact with or separated from the conductive pin according to the position of the moving part.03-22-2012


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