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336092000 Internal inductor support 21
336096000 Potted type 16
336094000 Fluid insulation 11
336098000 Exposed core portions 2
20080297296TRANSFORMER AND INSULATING COVER THEREOF - A transformer includes a bobbin, a first winding, a second winding, a core set and an insulating cover. The bobbin has a first winding area and a second winding area. The first winding and the second winding are wound around the first and second winding areas of the bobbin, respectively. The core set surrounds the first winding and the second winding. The insulating cover covers the bobbin and completely covers the core set except inserting sides of the core set.12-04-2008
20100271162SURFACE MOUNT MAGNETIC COMPONENTS AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Magnetic component assemblies including moldable magnetic materials including surface mount termination features, as well as manufacturing methods therefor, are disclosed that are advantageously utilized in providing surface mount magnetic components such as inductors and transformers.10-28-2010
20130027164REACTOR AND ELECTRIC POWER CONVERTER USING REACTOR - A reactor has a cylindrical coil which is energized to create a magnetic flux, a core composed of magnetic powder mixed resin, the coil being buried in the core. The reactor has an inner core which is provided in an inner periphery of the coil and extends along an axial direction of the coil. The reactor has a case in which the coil, the core and the inner core are disposed. The case has a projection which projects inside of the case and a concave portion which is concave toward a projecting direction of the projection. The case including the projection and concave portion is formed in one piece by using die casting.01-31-2013
20130027162Miniature Neutral Toroidal Current Transformer - A toroidal current transformer that can be used as a neutral current transformer in a single or three phase system as a result of its compactness is described. The core is made of ferromagnetic material having a primary winding and a secondary winding.01-31-2013
20090219125BOBBIN FOR SECONDARY WINDING OF IGNITION COIL - The present invention discloses a bobbin (09-03-2009
20100164666Structure and manufacturing process of a coil - A coil includes a coil individual, and a shell part; the coil individual includes a helical coil, which is made by winding a tiny metallic wire, and includes a helical body, and two end wire portions; the coil individual further includes a flexible print circuit, which has electricity-conducting layers on two sides of a middle thereof; the helical coil is positioned on the flexible print circuit, with the two end wire portions thereof and the electricity-conducting layers being joined together to form the frames of the coil individual; the coil individual is wrapped in the shell part with the frames thereof sticking out from the shell part; the frames are bent so as to be closely in touch with an outer side of the shell part.07-01-2010
20130027163REACTOR - A reactor is disclosed. The reactor is comprised of a housing, a solenoid coil, a center columnar member, and a core. The center columnar member provides first surfaces contacting with sandwich portions of the housing, and the core is comprised of resin including magnetic powder. The coil and the center columnar member are fixed in the core. A surface roughness (Rz01-31-2013
20130049913COIL DEVICE - A coil device 02-28-2013
20120218068ANTENNA - An antenna includes: a case body having a bottom plate portion, side plate portions extending from the bottom plate portion, and an opening portion surrounded by the side plate portions; a magnetic resonance antenna portion placed in the case body; and a magnetic shield body disposed on a side closer to the opening portion than the magnetic resonance antenna portion.08-30-2012
20120218067ARC-RESISTANT DRY TYPE TRANSFORMER ENCLOSURE HAVING ARC CHANNELS - Arc resistant enclosures for dry-type transformers. More particularly, transformer enclosures having one or more arc-resistant features, including arc channels, arc fault dampers, and arc fault plenums, and methods for providing same.08-30-2012
20110057757IGNITION COIL FOR VEHICLE - A spark plug coil assembly includes a primary core inside a secondary winding spool that is formed with a closed end. A terminal is embedded in the closed end of the spool and the secondary windings are terminated to the terminal, with the terminal being couplable to a spark plug. Ignition voltage generated in the secondary windings is thus routed to a center of the secondary windings to terminate at the terminal. No pole piece need be disposed between the primary core and the closed end of the spool.03-10-2011
20090079529INTEGRATED CIRCUIT INCLUDING INDUCTIVE DEVICE AND FERROMAGNETIC MATERIAL - An integrated circuit includes a substrate and an inductive device on a first side of the substrate. The integrated circuit includes a first ferromagnetic material on a second side of the substrate opposite the first side.03-26-2009
20110043312OUTDOOR DRY TRANSFORMER HAVING SHIELD MADE OF HIGH FUNCTIONAL FIBER - An outdoor dry transformer having a shield made of a high functional fiber. The transformer includes a transformer body having a core and first and second coils wound on the core; a shield surrounding the transformer body, the shield comprising a high functional fiber material which is capable of blocking moisture penetration from outside and has breathability; and a transformer housing having at least one vent in side and bottom faces thereof, the transformer housing configured to house the transformer body and the shield therein. The transformer does not use the insulating oil, thereby preventing any fire induced from the insulating oil. It is also possible to prevent environmental pollution caused by polychlorinated biphenyl as well as save resources.02-24-2011
20100007453SURFACE MOUNT MAGNETIC COMPONENTS AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Magnetic component assemblies including moldable magnetic materials including surface mount termination features, as well as manufacturing methods therefor, are disclosed that are advantageously utilized in providing surface mount magnetic components such as inductors and transformers.01-14-2010
20120032766Transformer for Communication Network - The transformer of the invention includes transformer windings, filter windings, pins, first bases, a second base and an insulative cover. The transformer windings and filter windings are mounted in each of the first bases and electrically connect to pins. The first bases with the transformer windings and the filter windings are mounted are mounted on the second base by inserting the pins into the second base. The insulative cover cloaks all of the components with exposing parts of the pins02-09-2012
20090146769Light-weight, conduction-cooled inductor - A lightweight inductor for the motor controller of an aircraft starter includes a toroidal inductor core divided into multiple sections that are separated by a thermally conductive, but electrically insulating, material. The inductor core is wound with wire and positioned inside of an electrically and thermally conductive container, which acts as a heat sink and EMI shield, while also reducing eddy currents within the inductor core.06-11-2009
20120188041WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION SYSTEM, WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION APPARATUS AND WIRELESS POWER RECEIVING APPARATUS THEREFOR - Provided are a wireless power communication system, including: a primary core where a primary coil, to which a current is applied, is wound; and a secondary core having a width wider than a width of the primary core, and receiving a secondary coil which outputs a current generated by a magnetic field, wherein the magnetic field is induced by the primary coil to the secondary coil, a wireless power transmission apparatus and a wireless power receiving apparatus therefor.07-26-2012
20100007451SURFACE MOUNT MAGNETIC COMPONENT ASSEMBLY - A surface mount magnetic component assembly including a magnetic core having a side with a stepped external surface, a coil within the magnetic core, and terminal clips for making electrical connections to the ends of the coil. The ends of the coil extend through the stepped external surface, the terminal clips attach to the stepped external surface, and the external surface is mounted to a circuit board to complete electrical connection with improved reliability. Smaller component sizes with improved manufacturability and consistency result.01-14-2010
20100090788Transformer With Center Tap Encompassing Primary Winding - A transformer housing encompasses a core and both primary and secondary windings. The primary or secondary windings can be incorporated into the housing, and the housing itself can provide a center tap for the transformer.04-15-2010
20100201471INDUCTANCE ELEMENT AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An inductance element is not interfered by peripheral circuits when mounted on a wiring board by forming a closed magnetic path. The inductance element has a small reduction of an inductance value when a direct current is superimposed, and thus has excellent direct current superimposition characteristics. The temperature coefficient of the magnetic permeability of a ferrite sintered body which constitutes a magnetic core can be positive. The temperature coefficient of the magnetic permeability of a soft magnetic resin provided as an external covering to cover a coil and to fill a space between flange sections of the magnetic core is permitted to be −30 ppm/° C. or less.08-12-2010
20100201470SURFACE MOUNT MAGNETIC DEVICE AND PLACEMENT METHOD THEREOF - The surface mount magnetic device includes a magnetic element and a planar cover. The magnetic element includes a winding structure and a magnetic core. The planar cover is attached on the magnetic element. When a nozzle at a tip of placement head of a placement machine is placed on a top surface of the planar cover, the nozzle is tightly attached on the top surface of the planar cover. The surface mount magnetic device is vacuum picked up by the placement head due to pneumatic suction of a driving device, so that the surface mount magnetic device is transported from a first position to a second position.08-12-2010
20080290975Inductance Element - An inductance element has a first core portion having a winding frame portion; a coil provided on the winding frame portion; a ring-shaped member having an insertion hole to dispose the first core portion therein; and a terminal member having an bonding arm to be fixed to the ring-shaped member via an adhesive member, and a mounting portion.11-27-2008
20090039996COIL BUS TRANSFORMER AND A METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - The invention is directed to a transformer and a method of manufacturing the same. The transformer has high and low voltage coils mounted to legs of a core. Each low voltage coil includes conductor sheeting having opposing first and second ends and opposing first and second side edges. A pair of coil bus bars is provided for each low voltage coil. Each coil bus bar has first and second portions, wherein the first portion has a width that is more than one and a half times greater than a width of the second portion. Each coil bus bar is secured to the conductor sheeting of its low voltage coil such that the first portion of the coil bus bar is disposed at the first side edge of the conductor sheeting and the second portion of the coil bus bar is disposed at the second side edge of the conductor sheeting.02-12-2009
20110227684TRANSFORMER ASSEMBLY - An exemplary transformer assembly as disclosed herein includes an electrical transformer having a transformer tank and a housing inside which the transformer tank is accommodated. The space between the transformer tank and the housing contains a gaseous atmosphere. The level of oxygen of the gaseous atmosphere inside the space is regulated below or equal to a first predefined threshold at a first status of the electrical transformer and equal to or above a second predefined threshold at a second status of the electrical transformer.09-22-2011
20110227685TRANSFORMER ASSEMBLY - An exemplary transformer assembly as disclosed herein includes an electrical transformer having a transformer tank and a housing inside which the transformer tank is accommodated. The housing includes at least one side wall which has a minimum thickness (T) and is positioned at a minimum distance (D) from a corresponding facing side wall of the tank. The ratio between the thickness (T) and the distance (D) is between 0.0001 and 100.09-22-2011
20090108972IGNITION COIL AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An ignition coil includes a coil body, a primary resin molded body, and a secondary resin molded body. The coil body has a primary coil and a secondary coil. The primary resin molded body has the coil body therein in a fixed relation, and the primary resin molded body has a plurality of exposed side portions that hold the coil body therebetween. The secondary resin molded body is molded to have the coil body and the primary resin molded body embedded therein. The secondary resin molded body is configured to allow the plurality of exposed side portions of the primary resin molded body to be exposed to an exterior of the secondary resin molded body.04-30-2009
20090002113IGNITION COIL - An ignition coil includes a coil part having primary and secondary coils, a center core, and a peripheral core, a connector case part, a seal rubber, and a ventilation passage. The coil part is inserted in a plug hole of an engine, and the case part is outside the plug hole. An axial end of the peripheral core is inserted in an insertion hole of the case part. The peripheral core and an inner wall surface of the insertion hole define a ventilation clearance therebetween. A gap between the case part and the plug hole is sealed with the rubber. The rubber is closely-attached to the plug hole and the case part along its whole circumference. The passage, through which the plug hole is ventilated, includes the clearance and a ventilation hole formed at a certain position of the case part away from the rubber to communicate with the clearance.01-01-2009
20090256666INDUCTOR AND A COIL THEREOF - An inductor includes a casing, a coil and a core. The casing has an accommodating chamber. The casing is provided with two holes in communication with the accommodating chamber. The coil is accommodated in the accommodating chamber. The coil includes a first terminal, a first ring wrapping from a distal end of the first terminal, a second ring wrapped from a distal end of the first ring, and a second terminal extending from a distal end of the second ring. The second ring is formed at the outer periphery of the first ring and extends obliquely and downwardly. The second terminal and the first terminal penetrate through the two holes respectively. The core is disposed in the coil and is accommodated in the accommodating chamber. Via the above arrangement, the vertical space of the present invention can be reduced so as to be made more compact.10-15-2009
20120105187Inductor Device - An inductor device includes a coil, two conductive bases and a shell. The coil is located over and coupled with the two conductive bases. The shell covers the coil and exposes partial conductor bases. The shell is made by an alloy material consisting of Fe, Cr, Si, Mn, S, C, P and Al. The weight ratio of Cr is 10.5%˜13.5%, Si is 0.1%˜0.5%, Mn is 0.1%˜1.0%, S is 0.01%˜0.053%, C is 0.01%˜0.05%, P is 0.01%˜0.05% and Al is 0.1%˜1.0%.05-03-2012
20100148902SURFACE MOUNT TYPE POWER INDUCTOR - Disclosed herein is a surface mount type power inductor which has an outer magnetic capsule integrated with a coil-wound inner core, and which thus has no air gap between the outer magnetic capsule and the inner core, and can maintain a large inductance L in a high current condition. In the inductor, a coil is wound a predetermined number of turns around the inner core formed from ferrite or magnetic metal. An outer magnetic capsule, molded from a magnetic powder, an insulation filler, a binder, and a lubricant, is provided to cover the inner core and the coil.06-17-2010
20090273425POWER SUPPLY CENTER - The present invention is related to power supply centers. The power supply centers of the present invention may be self-contained modular units. The power supply centers may have between one or more primary taps, a switch or dimmed tap to compensate for losses when dimming. The power supply centers may also have one or more secondary taps to provide secondary voltages of 11-30V depending upon the secondary voltage of the power supply center. Loads may be connected up the one or more secondary taps up to the full watt rating of the power supply center. In accordance with the power supply centers of the present invention, it is possible that loads at varying distances from the power supply center can be tapped on different taps to recover voltage drop and produce between 85% and 100% light output if the lighting system has been wired properly.11-05-2009
20100148904COIL ASSEMBLY - A coil assembly is disclosed. The coil assembly comprises a flexible core, a wire assembly and a joint assembly. The inductance of the coil assembly is adjustable by changing the length and the number of the loop of the first and the second wire. As a result, the fixed conventional supporting core that cannot be applied to various usages is improved, and can thereby be more flexible and applied to other usages.06-17-2010
20110227686TRANSFORMER ASSEMBLY - A transformer assembly is disclosed which includes a housing and an electrical transformer having a tank which is positioned inside the housing. A device for electrically connecting the transformer to an electrical article outside the housing includes a shaped body having a first face which is suitable to be connected to one of the walls of the tank, and a second face which is suitable to be connected to one of the walls of the housing. The shaped body can include a deformable portion which is adapted to adjust the positioning of the second face relative to the wall of the housing to which it is suitable to be connected.09-22-2011
20100013586Power Reactor for Energy Transfer - A power reactor (01-21-2010
20110140823TRANSFORMER MODULE - A transformer module includes at least one first casing, at least one second casing and at least one transformer. The first casing has a first receptacle. A protrusion structure is formed on an inner wall of the first receptacle. The second casing is accommodated within the first receptacle. The second casing includes plural winding terminals and a second receptacle. An angle of at least one outer-corner of the second casing is non-right angle so that the protrusion structure and the outer-corner define foolproof structures for limiting the install direction of the second case. The transformer is accommodated within the second receptacle. The transformer includes a magnetic core and at least one coil wound on the magnetic core. Both terminals of the coil are connected to respective winding terminals.06-16-2011
20110148557Double Active Parts Structure of Reactor - A double active parts structure of a reactor comprises two separate active parts that are coupled together by its inner coils. The arrangement mode of the two active parts is parallel or in-line.06-23-2011
20090096563INDUCTANCE - An inductance is provided. The inductance includes a metal core, a coil and a soft-magnetic colloid element. The coil is wound around the metal core. The soft-magnetic colloid element surrounds the coil.04-16-2009
20110115593TRANSFORMER AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - A transformer and a method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. The transformer comprises a magnetic core, a winding coil with a primary winding coil and a secondary winding coil, a bobbin with a primary input port and a bobbin connecting member, and an insulating slipcase. The bobbin is mounted by the winding coil. The insulating slipcase includes a first opening to receive the magnetic core, the winding coil and the bobbin, and includes a first side wall, a second side wall with a slipcase connecting member which is engaged with the bobbin connecting member, and a secondary output port for dealing with the output of the transformer. The first side wall is opposite to the first opening and has a second opening for the output of the secondary winding coil.05-19-2011
20120038443COMMUNICATION TERMINAL - This disclosure provides an antenna coil for a circuit board including a ground conductor serving as a planar conductor, a feed circuit for connecting to the antenna coil and various electronic components constituting a mobile communication terminal that are mounted on the front and/or back surfaces of the circuit board. The antenna coil includes a magnetic core having a first principal surface and a second principal surface, and a coil conductor wound around the magnetic core. The coil conductor has a first conductor portion located adjacent to the first principal surface of the magnetic core, and a second conductor portion located adjacent to the second principal surface of the magnetic core and at a position different from that of the first conductor portion in plan as viewed from the first principal surface or the second principal surface. Housing is configured to house or hold the antenna coil, and the antenna coil is positioned such that the second principal surface of the magnetic core faces toward an outer surface of the housing.02-16-2012
20120044033REACTOR - A reactor that is fabricated with high productivity is provided. The reactor 02-23-2012
20110156852ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND COMMUNICATION DEVICE - An electronic apparatus includes: an electric field reinforcing member as a plate-like metal provided in a predetermined position within an outer casing set in response to a specified position of a coupler for generating electric field coupling between a communication destination coupler located within a predetermined communicable distance and itself within the outer casing, having an outer shape in which two leg parts having a positional relationship spaced from each other and a joining part joining the respective one ends of the leg parts are integrally formed, and having lengths of side parts forming an interior of the outer shape set based on a half of a wavelength in response to an electric field frequency generated by the electric field coupling.06-30-2011
20120007707NON-CONDUCTIVE LID FOR TRANSFORMERS - The present invention is an electrically non-conductive transformer lid that may replace the top of the housing of a transformer or be attached to the housing of a transformer. The lid may isolate an animal that is in contact with the lid from the ground grid, even if the animal attempts to make contact with the energized primary conductor or other apparatuses. The present invention thereby prevents electric current from flowing through the animal's body to the ground and prevents outages or electric faults from occurring. It may be attachable to a variety of known types of transformers, including pole-mounted distribution transformers. The means of attaching and removing the lid may be performed by a single person. The lid may be shaped to prevent moisture or other particulates from entering the transformer and thereby further protect the function of the transformer.01-12-2012
20110080243Inductor - An inductor includes a hollow outer housing, an inner magnetic core, and a coil wound around the inner magnetic core. The outer housing includes two spaced sidewalls. The inner magnetic core and the coil are received in the outer housing, and a gap is defined between each of two ends of the inner magnetic core and one of the sidewalls of the outer housing in a length direction. Two wire ends of the coil extend out of the outer housing. The inner magnetic core is provided with at least one slot extending from an upper portion thereof through a lower portion thereof in a vertical direction perpendicular to the length direction, so that the inductor can, under low loading or small current, have a higher inductance to generate larger ripple rejection capability and to reduce the loss of a power module.04-07-2011
20110080244INDUCTOR TOPOLOGIES WITH SUBSTANTIAL COMMON-MODE AND DIFFERENTIAL-MODE INDUCTANCE - An inductor includes a core that has a window (04-07-2011
20120154087Signal Isolation Transformer - An isolation transformer including a magnetic element, a plurality of conductive elements and an insulative casing is disclosed. The magnetic element is accommodated in the insulative casing. The conductive elements are fastened in a pair of walls of the insulative casing. Each of the conductive elements has a plate, one end of which is divided into a first contact portion and a second contact portion. The second contact portion is further bent and in association with the first contact portion to form a slot for being passed through by a wire of the magnetic element. Thus the wire can be clipped by the two contact portions.06-21-2012
20120212313CORONA IGNITER WITH IMPROVED ENERGY EFFICIENCY - A corona igniter 20 includes a coil 24 with a plurality of copper windings 26 extending longitudinally along a coil center axis a08-23-2012
20120212312DRY-TYPE NETWORK TRANSFORMER - A dry-type network transformer has a core and coil windings insulated by a combustion-inhibiting gas. The combustion-inhibiting gas, core and coil windings are disposed within a hermetically-sealed enclosure. The combustion-inhibiting gas is air, an inert gas or a mixture of gases. The dry-type network transformer may be connected to a network protector. The network protector is further connected to a secondary network. The network protector prevents power from flowing from a secondary network to the primary side of the transformer. The dry-type network transformer is installed in a vault that is underground or at ground level. The dry-type network transformer may be suspended near the ceiling of the vault or installed at the base of the vault.08-23-2012
20120299679Ignition Coil for Internal Combustion Engine - An auxiliary core portion and a main core portion, including a magnet if the magnet is attached, are covered by a resin film or an elastomer film and fixed as a single assembly. In this state, a coil is attached to the assembly and a side core portion is assembled to the assembly. The auxiliary core portion and the main core portion, including the magnet if it is attached, can be supplied, as the single assembly, to an automated assembly line for ignition coils. It is not necessary to position such components on the assembly line. Thus, the workability of the automated assembly can be enhanced.11-29-2012
20100007452HIGH VOLTAGE TRANSFORMER WITH A SHIELD RING. A SHIELD RING AND A METHOD OF MANUFACTURE SAME - A high voltage transformer including a transformer housing. Internal components and provided in the transformer housing. The internal components are submerged in transformer oil and are provided with insulation for insulating a high voltage winding end. The insulation includes a shield ring arranged above the winding end and a pressboard structure formed in a zigzag pattern arranged around the winding end. The shield ring includes a core covered with a conducting layer and a continuous solid insulation layer outside the conducting layer. The insulation layer includes integrated solid insulation sections of which at least some among themselves having varying thickness. Also a shield ring and a method of manufacture the shield ring.01-14-2010
20120223795SHROUD FOR BOBBIN - A shroud includes a shrouding element and a window. The shrouding element is adapted to substantially cover either a first winding portion or a second winding portion of a vertical bobbin. The window, which is formed in the shrouding element, allows access to the first winding portion or the second winding portion (whichever is substantially covered by the shrouding element) through the shrouding element. The vertical bobbin has electrical terminals on a single end of its center axis and is designed to lie perpendicular to the PCB.09-06-2012
20120188042IMPLANTABLE MEDICAL DEVICE ELECTRICAL LEAD BODY - An electrical lead body for an implantable electronic medical device has multiple layers of insulating material encapsulating a conductor that is wound in a spiral manner along the length of the lead. The layered structure provides resistance to fracture from mechanical stresses. A manufacturing process for producing this electrical lead is described.07-26-2012
20130181799Inductive Couplers for Use in A Downhole Environment - Inductive couplers for use in a downhole environment are described. An example inductive coupler for use in a downhole environment includes a body defining a cavity and magnetic material positioned in the cavity. The example inductive coupler also includes a coil adjacent the magnetic material, the coil formed with a number of turns of wire, and a first metal cover coupled to the body to enclose the cavity. The metal cover being electrically coupled to the body to form a substantially contiguous electrically conductive surface surrounding the cavity.07-18-2013
20110121929Inductor Structure - An inductor structure includes a hollow outer housing, an inner magnetic core, and a coil wound around the inner magnetic core. The outer housing includes two spaced sidewalls. The inner magnetic core and the coil are received in the outer housing, and a gap is defined between each of two ends of the inner magnetic core and one of the sidewalls of the outer housing in a length direction. The inner magnetic core is provided with opposite first and second recessed portions respectively defined in two sides of the inner magnetic core and extending in a vertical direction perpendicular to the length direction, so that the inductor structure can be conveniently adjusted to the desired saturation characteristic.05-26-2011
20100328003COIL DEVICE - A coil device includes first and second coils and a package for sealing the first and second coil. The first coil has a first winding including a first conductor wire wound about a first winding axis, and first and second ends which are both ends of the first conductor wire. The second coil has a second winding including a second conductor wire wound about a second winding axis, and third and fourth ends which are both ends of the second conductor wire. The second winding axis is arranged with the first winding axis. The second end of the first coil is connected with the third end of the second coil. The first end of the first coil and the fourth end of the second coil are adapted to be connected to an outside of the package. This coil device reduces magnetic flux leakage to outside of the package.12-30-2010
20080297294Package Structure for an Inductance Element - A package structure for an inductance element is provided. The package structure comprises a casing, a plurality of conductive terminals, a lid, and a positioning device. The casing has two opposite first sidewalls and two opposite second sidewalls, all of which define a receiving space for receiving the inductance element. Each conductive terminal has an upper end and a lower end. The upper ends extend from an upper portion of one of the first sidewalls, and are located in a recess defined by the two opposite second sidewalls to electrically connect to the inductance element. The lower ends extend from a lower portion of the first sidewalls and are adapted to electrically connect to a circuit board. The lid is configured to cover the inductance element. The positioning device is disposed between the lid and at least one of the first sidewalls to position the lid onto the casing.12-04-2008
20080297295Coil module apparatus - A coil module apparatus is provided. The coil module apparatus includes a flat coil, a circuit board, a magnetic sheet, connection terminals, and a case. The flat coil has a flat shape. The circuit board is used for the flat coil. The magnetic sheet is provided so as to cover one surface portion of the flat coil. The connection terminals are provided for connecting the flat coil and the circuit board. The case encloses the flat coil, the circuit board, and the magnetic sheet and encloses the connection terminals so that the connection terminals are partly exposed.12-04-2008
20120092112TOROID WITH CHANNELS AND CIRCUIT ELEMENT AND MODULAR JACK WITH SAME - A circuit element is provided for mounting in an electrical connector. The circuit element includes a one-piece toroidal core made of a sintered, ferrite material. The core has a central bore therein defining an inner surface, an outer surface and oppositely facing top and bottom surfaces, and a plurality of equally spaced apart longitudinal channels formed in one of the top, bottom, inner and outer surfaces. A plurality of wires are twisted together in a uniform, repeating pattern to define a group of twisted wires. The group of twisted wires extends through the central bore and is wrapped around the core to define a plurality of uniformly spaced longitudinal turns with a portion of each turn being positioned in one of the channels.04-19-2012
20100148903ELECTRICAL ENERGY TRANSFORMATION APPARATUS - In one aspect, the present invention provides a high voltage-high frequency electrical energy transformation apparatus comprising a frequency inverter capable of converting 60 Hz electrical energy into 40-100 KHz electrical energy; and a voltage transformer. The voltage transformer comprises a transformer housing; at least one soft magnetic core; a low voltage primary winding and a high voltage secondary winding; and a solid insulating material comprising polydicyclopentadiene. The solid insulating material is in contact with the high voltage secondary winding.06-17-2010
20120146754POWER DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMER AND TANK THEREFOR - Disclosed is a power distribution transformer having a body of the transformer, the body consisting of a coil and an iron core; a tank containing the body of the transformer and an insulation substance which fills an inner space of the tank; and an upper lid of the tank. The tank and/or the upper lid is made of a ferritic stainless steel.06-14-2012
20120242443DEVICE FOR EXPLOSION PREVENTION OF AN ON LOAD TAP CHANGER INCLUDING A RUPTURE ELEMENT - Device for prevention against explosion of an on load tap changer on an electrical transformer, the on load tap changer including a tank and a cover, the tank including a cooling liquid. The prevention device includes a rupture element provided with tearing zones and with folding zones upon rupture, said rupture element being able to break open when the pressure inside the tank exceeds a predetermined ceiling, at least a support member supporting the rupture element, said support member supporting a duct downstream the rupture element, the support element being distinct from the cover.09-27-2012
20130093555Casing for Network Transformers - The invention provides a casing for network transformers. The casing includes a base, pins and a cover plate. The base has two side plates, two end plates and a bottom plate. The pins are embedded in the side plates of the base. Each of the pins has a first soldering portion formed by protruding from the bottom plate, a connecting portion formed by protruding from a surface of the side plate away from the bottom plate and a second soldering portion formed by extending from the connecting portion and then being bent, in which the first soldering portion extends to form a soldering segment, and the second soldering portion has a soldering surface. The first soldering portion fits to the bottom plate so as to increase its anti-deformation capability. The soldering surface is a larger flat surface so as to increase the soldering accuracy and convenience.04-18-2013
20080197957Coil unit and electronic instrument - A coil unit includes a planar air-core coil that has an air-core section, a printed circuit board that is disposed on a transmission side of the planar air-core coil, and a magnetic sheet that is disposed on a non-transmission side of the planar air-core coil opposite to the transmission side. The planar air-core coil includes a lead line connected to an inner end of the planar air-core coil over the transmission side, and the printed circuit board includes a receiving section that receives the lead line.08-21-2008
20130154779ROTARY TRANSFORMER - Described herein are rotary transformers for coupling signals between components that rotate relative to one another. In an exemplary embodiment, a rotary transformer comprises a rotary shaft, a first magnetic core on the rotary shaft, and a first winding wound around the first magnetic core. The rotary transformer farther comprises a hollow second magnetic core, and a second winding wound along the inner wall of the second magnetic core. During operation, the first winding on the rotary shaft rotates within the second winding with the magnetic cores magnetically coupling signals between the two windings. Also, the first and second windings are closely spaced to provide capacitive coupling between the windings that extends the frequency response of the transformer. In one embodiment, the windings comprises substantially flat conductors wound in the shape of the windings. In another embodiment, each of the windings comprises circular loops connected by jogs.06-20-2013
20130187739Fluid Deflection Transformer Tank - A transformer includes an enclosed tank having an interior and an enclosed radiator spaced from the tank and in fluid communication with the interior. The radiator includes two panels joined to define a substantially enclosed space. The panels have opposing faces and bottom ends. The bottom ends of the panels are joined together by a first weld and portions of the opposing faces of the panels are joined together by a plurality of second welds. The first weld and the plurality of second welds are constructed and arranged such that when an over-pressure condition occurs in the tank and thus in the radiator, the second welds will break generally uniformly permitting the panels to balloon generally uniformly, directing a rupture of the radiator to occur at the first weld, without any rupture of the tank occurring.07-25-2013
20130200972ELECTRONIC COMPONENT AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An electronic component has a drum-shaped core member constituted by an assembly of soft magnetic alloy grains containing iron (Fe), silicate (Si) and chromium (Cr), a coil conductive wire wound around the core member, a pair of terminal electrodes connected to ends of the coil conductive wire, and an outer sheath resin part covering the wound coil conductive wire and constituted by a magnetic powder-containing resin; wherein there is an area where only the resin material in the magnetic powder-containing resin is permeated from the surface of the core member to a specified depth.08-08-2013
20130200971SPLIT-CORE CURRENT TRANSFORMER - A split-core current transformer core comprises a U-core section in combination with a closing-bar core section that has extra length, width, and cross-sectional area as compared to the U-core section, shielding above and below secondary windings wound on bobbins that are mounted around leg portions of the U-core section and extending at least partially along a yoke portion of the core that joins the leg portions of the core, unitary construction and assemblage that accommodates calibration of output signals after assembly of the components in a base module and cover module that is hinged to the base module and has squeeze latches formed in a unitary manner with the cover housing such that they do not require assembly and do not protrude outwardly from adjacent surfaces in either open or closed mode, and other features that minimize magnetic reluctance and increase clearance and creepage distances.08-08-2013
20120086535METHOD FOR MAKING A HIGH CURRENT LOW PROFILE INDUCTOR - A high current, low profile inductor includes a conductor coil surrounded by magnetic material to form an inductor body. An inductor body is formed around the inductor coil and includes a resin and a magnetic material compressed while it is dry and surrounding the inside and the outside of the coil.04-12-2012

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