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With magneto-mechanical motive device (e.g., electromagnet with armature)

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335 - Electricity: magnetically operated switches, magnets, and electromagnets


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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
335229000 With permanent magnet 47
335255000 With plunger-type armature 43
335270000 Armature-mounting means 6
335281000 Core or pole shape, structure or material 6
335278000 With casing or enclosure 6
335228000 With motion-conversion means (e.g., reciprocating to rotary motion) 5
20120262258GUIDE FOR PERMANENT-MAGNET LINEAR ACTUATORS - A guide for a permanent-magnet linear actuator, of the type comprising a row of permanent magnets which are arranged side by side and substantially parallel and equidistant.10-18-2012
20120223791WEIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM - Provided is a weight control system that can include: an upper plate positioned in a lower portion of the system; at least one of, a first magnet or a first electromagnet, configured to be concentrically engaged with the upper plate; an upper internal core; a coil; and an upper plate housing configured to receive the upper internal core and the coil, the upper plate housing being coupled to at least one of, the first magnet or the first electromagnet, wherein, when power is supplied to the system, an induced current is generated in the upper internal core and the coil to create a first centrifugal magnetic field configured to rotate the upper plate and at least one of, the first magnet or the first electromagnet.09-06-2012
20090058581COMPACT LINEAR ACTUATOR AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - This invention describes a compact linear moving coil actuator that incorporates a piston bobbin coil assembly that provides a shaft with linear reciprocal movement. Optionally, a rotary motor can be coupled to the shaft to provide rotary reciprocal movement. The piston and bobbin sections of the piston bobbin coil assembly may be integrally formed as a single unitary piece and easily changed in size and/or configuration during manufacture to enable easier and more cost-effective assembly of various actuator sizes and configurations. Additionally, the compact size of the actuator requires less work space and also allows multiple actuators to be positioned next to each for various applications.03-05-2009
20080238593Apparatus, method, and system capable of producing a moveable magnetic field - An apparatus capable of producing a moveable magnetic field includes a moveable support structure (10-02-2008
20130113582ELECTROMAGNETIC ACTUATING DEVICE - An electromagnetic actuating device, in particular camshaft adjustment device, having an armature unit (05-09-2013
335222000 With relatively movable coil and permanent magnet (e.g., D'Arsonval type) position on the cathode ray tube) 5
20100060395Free Air Magnetic Circuit and Speaker - Disclosed is a free air magnetic circuit and speaker in which no pole piece is used. A magnet layer is located between a top plate and a back plate with a gap defined essentially in the center thereof. Into the gap, a wire coil attached to a diaphragm may be inserted. A magnet flux passes between the top and back plates. In some embodiments, the interior edge of each of the metal plates tapers toward the gap, and the magnet layer extends past the peripheral edge of each of the metal plates so as to discourage magnetic flux between the metal layers at the peripheral edge.03-11-2010
20090045896Electromagnetic transmission device - An electromagnetic transmission device. A guide bar connects to a fixed base and includes magnetic-permeable material and a first central height plane. A coil connects to the fixed base. A support base movably fits on the guide bar. An annular magnetic member connects to the support base and is surrounded by the coil. A magnetization direction of the annular magnetic member is perpendicular to a moving direction of the support base and annular magnetic member. The annular magnetic member includes a second central height plane. The coil interacts with the annular magnetic member to generate a first force. When moving to separate the second central height plane from the first central height plane, the annular magnetic member interacts with the guide bar to generate a second force, driving the support base and annular magnetic member to move along a direction perpendicular to the magnetization direction of the annular magnetic member.02-19-2009
20080238592TWO-AXIS DRIVING ELECTROMAGNETIC MICRO-ACTUATOR - Provided is a two-axis driving electromagnetic actuator that includes a stage that is operative to be actuated about a first axis; an inner frame that that is disposed outside the stage and supports the stage by the first axis; an external frame that is disposed outside the inner frame and supports the inner frame by a second axis which is perpendicular to the first axis; a magnet that provides an electric field between the first axis and the second axis; a first driving coil that is formed on the inner frame and to which a first signal that actuates the stage in a direction of the second axis is applied; and a second driving coil that is formed on the inner frame and to which a second signal that actuates the stage and the inner frame in a direction of the first axis is applied, wherein the first driving coil and the second driving coil are electrically separated from each other.10-02-2008
20080204174LINEAR ACTUATOR AND APPARATUS UTILIZING THE SAME - A linear actuator includes a cylindrical inner yoke made of a magnetic material, a first cylindrical inner permanent magnet joined to the inner yoke, a second cylindrical inner permanent magnet joined to the inner yoke, an outer yoke made of a magnetic material, an interconnecting member interconnecting the outer and inner yokes, a first outer permanent magnet joined to the inner peripheral surface of the outer yoke, a second outer permanent magnet joined to the inner peripheral surface of the outer yoke, a first armature coil made by winding a magnet wire into a cylindrical shape and inserted into the second gap between the first inner and outer permanent magnets so as to be axially movable, and a second armature coil made by winding a magnet wire into a cylindrical shape and inserted into the third gap so as to be axially movable.08-28-2008
20090174510VIBRATION DEVICE - A vibration device according to an embodiment of the present invention includes upper and lower cases combined with each other to form a case, a magnetic force generating unit provided on at least one surface of the upper and lower cases, a vibrating unit including at least one magnet disposed to be opposite to the magnetic force generating unit, and a weight, and at least one elastic unit configured to support the vibrating unit elastically, the elastic unit having a first portion directly contacting the upper case and a second portion contacting the vibrating unit. Further, the first portion is arranged on a first circumference and the second portion is arranged on a second circumference, and wherein a diameter of the first circumference is larger than a diameter of the second circumference.07-09-2009
335279000 Armature shape, structure or material 4
20110285485SOLENOID ARRANGEMENT WITH SEGMENTED ARMATURE MEMBER FOR REDUCING RADIAL FORCE - A solenoid arrangement having an armature member that is segmented to help minimize the radial force due to eccentricity of the armature member. The solenoid arrangement has a magnetic coil that when energized will create magnetic flux in the flux path. A pole piece is partly circumscribed by the armature member. Inner and outer air gaps are located about the armature member. Eccentricity of the armature member results in a decrease in one of the air gaps and a corresponding increase in the other. Radial gaps segment the armature member to interrupt the circumferential flux path about the armature member to inhibit magnetic flux from swirling to the side nearest the pole piece and to distribute magnetic flux substantially evenly. The radial force acting on the armature member is reduced resulting in reduced friction between solenoid components while substantially preserving the desirable level of axial force.11-24-2011
20110309901ELECTROMAGNETIC ACTUATING DEVICE - An electromagnetic actuating device comprising an armature unit which can be moved along a longitudinal axis relative to a stationary core by passing a current through a coil device, said armature unit being designed to form or define a fluid flow channel, wherein the armature unit has at one end an axially elongate cylindrical section, to which an annular groove-shaped section of reduced outer diameter is connected in the direction of the longitudinal axis, wherein the fluid flow channel extends into the annular groove-shaped section, wherein the fluid flow channel runs through the elongate cylindrical section in the manner of a through-channel, in particular a through-bore, running obliquely with respect to the longitudinal axis, so that a first opening at the end side and/or an opposite second opening of the through-channel are provided outside the cylindrical outer wall of the elongate section.12-22-2011
20090261931ANNULAR SOLENOID WITH AXIALLY OVERLAPPING ELECTROMAGNET AND ARMATURE - An electromagnetic actuator having an annular pole piece and an annular armature with surfaces formed thereon through which a magnetic flux passes. One of the annular pole piece and the annular armature is axially movable relative to the other between a first position, in which the surfaces are spaced axially apart by a minimum distance, and a second position in which the surfaces are spaced axially apart by a maximum distance. The surfaces axially overlap one another but do not touch when the one of the annular pole piece and the annular armature is positioned in the first position and in the second position.10-22-2009
20100097166Solenoid and actuating element with solenoid - The invention refers to a solenoid with a coil which can be current-fed, the resulting magnetic field moving an armature. The armature acts, if necessary, on an actuator. Furthermore, the solenoid has at least one pyrotechnic actuation for the armature or the actuator.04-22-2010
335266000 Plural coils or magnets control armature movement 4
20100127808COIL CONFIGURATION HAVING A COIL BRACE OF AN ELECTROMAGNETIC DRIVE - A coil configuration having a tube-shaped coil brace of an electromagnetic drive is provided, particularly a two-stage starter solenoid switch, the coil configuration having a holding winding and a pull-in winding. The coil brace has at its one end a first delimitation and at its other end a second delimitation, between which the holding winding is situated. The first delimitation has on its side, facing away from its second delimitation, an axial recess for accommodating the pull-in winding.05-27-2010
20080278271ANTENNA POLARITY ADJUSTMENT - According to the invention, a system for adjusting the polarity of an antenna is disclosed. The system may include a spherical structure, at least one arm, and a coupling apparatus. The spherical structure may be at least partially spherical in shape about a central point and may include a first plurality of magnets. The at least one arm may be in proximity to the spherical structure, may include a second plurality of magnets, and may be coupled with the antenna. The coupling apparatus may be fixedly coupled with the antenna and rotatably coupled with the at least one arm. The coupling apparatus may include a third plurality of magnets, where at least a portion of the magnets may be configured to be selectively activated to rotate the coupling apparatus relative to the at least one arm.11-13-2008
20100277265Pressure Balanced Spool Poppet Valves with Printed Actuator Coils - Pressure balanced spool poppet valves with printed actuator coils minimize valve leakage and facilitate efficient manufacturing and reliable operation. The spool poppet valves may be configured like a conventional spool valve, but further include a poppet valve at one end of the spool to proved much better sealing when the poppet valve is closed. Various features are disclosed, including pressure balancing for high pressure operation. The printed actuator coils for the spool poppet valves are formed by the interconnection of conductive coils on each of multiple layers of a multiple layer printed circuit board, which circuit board may have a hole there through for accommodation of mechanical and/or magnet requirements, and may include similar printed actuator coils for one or more additional spool poppet valves as well as electronic devices associated with the operation thereof. The spool poppet valves may be advantageously constructed without printed actuator coils, and the printed actuator coils may be advantageously used in actuators of other designs.11-04-2010
20090261930Electromagnetic actuating device capable of partially holding electrification after being actuated in parallel connection - At least two sets of driving coils of the same individual electromagnetic actuating device of the present invention in parallel connection or series and parallel connection to appear relatively lower impedance being actuated to obtain larger actuating force is further manipulated by the switching device to only partially electrified coils thus reducing current passing through driving coils, while required operating characteristics of the electromagnetic actuating device can still be satisfied by the electromagnetic effective force.10-22-2009
335282000 Coil shape, structure or material 3
20080266039Magnet System for an Electrical Actuator - A magnet system for an electrical actuator includes a substantially U-shaped magnet yoke having substantially parallel first and second pole legs connected by a yoke web. The first pole leg has a longitudinal end section bent out of a plane of the first pole leg. A longitudinal side of the longitudinal end section forms a first magnet pole. The second pole leg has an end face forming a second magnet pole.10-30-2008
20090243773FIELD COIL ASSEMBLY OF ELECTROMAGNETIC CLUTCH FOR COMPRESSOR - The present invention relates to a field coil assembly of an electromagnetic clutch for a compressor. The present invention comprises a core 10-01-2009
20100066472OPTIMISED SOLENOID WINDING - The inductive micro-device comprises a rectilinear solenoid winding comprising a plurality of disjointed rectangular turns each having predetermined dimensions. At least one of the dimensions of the turns is variable and is determined individually for each turn according to the position of the turn along the winding and to predetermined magnetic characteristics of the winding, in particular a homogeneous magnetic field and/or an optimum quality factor. Said variable dimension of the turns is chosen from the width, length, thickness, height of turn and the value of the gap between two adjacent turns.03-18-2010
335243000 Alternating current type 2
20110298570Solenoid Device With Stable Activation - A solenoid may include a core having a junction surface; a plunger having a junction surface and located adjacent to the core; a shading ring located proximate to an interface between the core junction surface and the plunger junction surface, the shading ring having an outside diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the core, and operable to produce a concentration of magnetic attraction within an annular range of the interface between a center of the interface and a location of the shading ring; wherein a contact region between the core junction surface and the plunger junction surface is substantially smaller than the respective junction surfaces and located proximate to the annular range of the concentration of magnetic attraction.12-08-2011
20090261929Electromagnetic actuating device being actuated by AC power and held by DC power - The present invention is disclosed by that the power source device is operatively controlled by the switching device to supply AC power to excite the driving coil thereby producing larger electromagnetic effect to obtain actuating force, and after actuation, the power source device being operatively controlled by the switching device is switched to provide DC power output of lower voltage to the driving coil thereby passing smaller current to maintain excitation while required operating characteristics of the electromagnetic actuating device are still ensured.10-22-2009
335253000 With armature latch means (e.g., means to retain armature in open or closed position 2
20080297288SOFT LATCH BIDIRECTIONAL QUIET SOLENOID - Embodiments of soft latching solenoids comprise a coil assembly (12-04-2008
20130147584ELECTROMAGNETIC ACTUATOR - The invention relates to an electromagnetic actuator comprising a wire coil, an armature and a catch, wherein the armature can be moved in an actuation direction, and wherein the catch secures the armature within the electromagnetic actuator. In order to secure an armature of the electromagnetic actuator, extra parts are mounted to the electromagnetic actuator or the armature is attached via a spring. This results in bigger sizes or insufficient stopping characteristics. The present invention overcomes these disadvantages by locating a catch inside the electromagnetic actuator.06-13-2013
335223000 With relatively movable conductors (e.g., dynamometer) 1
20130082808SOLENOID DONUT - A donut-shaped solenoid surrounds a central plate which spins clockwise or counter-clockwise while holding an object, such as a tube, inside the solenoid coils so that the tube and its contents can be moved through the solenoid's magnetic field. Although the plate interrupts the solenoid coils, the plate is a conductor which can maintain the conductivity of the coils and thus the strength of the magnetic field. The solenoid donut can be of any size, but is especially intended to be at the approximate scale of a microchip, so as to fit inside any kind of hand-held or portable device, such as a cell phone, tablet or a laptop computer. Multiple solenoid donuts can be stacked in series to function within larger-scale devices such as air-conditioners, generators, or automobiles.04-04-2013
335277000 With shock absorption, vibration or bounce-preventing means 1
20080224805PROPORTIONAL MAGNET - The invention relates to a proportional magnet, including a winding carried by a coil body, two pole shoes which project into the coil body from opposite sides and which are spaced apart axially from one another, and a gap provided between the pole shoes. The invention further includes a magnet armature, which is arranged within the winding in an axially displaceable manner substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis thereof. The axial movement of the magnet armature can be transmitted to a valve member. The invention still further includes an electrically conductive element, wherein the magnet armature can be moved through the element, wherein the element is formed from a basic body having an electrically conductive layer, and wherein the electrically conductive layer is applied separately to the basic body.09-18-2008
20090058580Magnetic Levitation System and Method - A magnetic levitation system has a substantially circular levitation track that is magnetically repulsive and a substantially circular propulsion track adjacent the levitation track that is magnetically repulsive. The system further has an end effector, which has a first array of magnets positioned to magnetically interface with the levitation track and a second array of magnets positioned to magnetically interface with the propulsion track to create propelling magnetic forces. The system further has a rotation device for radially rotating the end effector over the levitation track until the end effector levitates and reaches a threshold speed such that the propelling magnet forces generated by the second array of magnets and the propulsion track tend to propel the end effector radially.03-05-2009
20090278640FIELD COIL ASSEMBLY OF ELECTROMAGNETIC CLUTCH FOR COMPRESSOR AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a field coil assembly of an electromagnetic clutch for a compressor and a method for manufacturing the same. A field coil assembly 11-12-2009
20110148554ELECTROMAGNETIC MULTI-AXIS ACTUATOR - An electromagnetic multi-axis actuator, which can realize small size, light weight and low power consumption while being capable of performing multi-axis motion by overcoming limitations in a driving range, compared to a typical electrostatic actuation scheme or a typical electric motor actuating scheme. The electromagnetic multi-axis actuator includes an actuating unit (06-23-2011
20110063058ELECTROMAGNETIC ACTUATOR - In an electromagnetic actuator, an electromagnetic drive section forms a flux path between a plunger and an inner yoke, each member being made of magnetic material, and which drives the plunger in an axial direction through electromagnetic force, an operation section has a dog movable between a connection position where it is connected with a mating part and a release position where it is apart from the mating part in the axial direction, and which restrains movement of the mating part in a circumferential direction when the dog is at the connection position, and a retaining ring is interposed between the plunger and the dog such that relative movement of the dog to the plunger in the circumferential direction is permitted and relative movement of the dog to the plunger in the axial direction is restricted.03-17-2011
20130093547ELECTRO-MECHANICAL DEVICE AND ASSOCIATED METHOD OF ASSEMBLY - A method of setting an air gap between an electromagnetic coil and an armature of an electro-mechanical device to be within a desired range includes applying a sensing signal to the electromagnetic coil and monitoring at least one electrical characteristic of the electromagnetic coil. The at least one electrical characteristic is related to a size of the air gap and the sensing signal. The method further includes moving the armature towards the electromagnetic coil to reduce the size of the air gap and stopping movement of the armature towards the electromagnetic coil when the at least one electrical characteristic indicates the size of the air gap is within the desired range.04-18-2013

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