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335 - Electricity: magnetically operated switches, magnets, and electromagnets

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
335006000 Automatic circuit-interrupting devices (e.g., circuit-protective devices) 117
335185000 Contact-actuating means 80
335106000 Multiple contact type 47
335177000 Plural magnets or flux sources 28
335202000 With housing or support means 28
335078000 Polarity-responsive 28
335151000 Vacuum or hermetically sealed type (e.g., reed switch) 19
335196000 Contact composition or structure 14
335068000 With motor 12
335172000 Tripping means 12
335203000 With armature structure 11
335156000 With protective means for switch or contacts 9
335167000 Latching means 8
335201000 With arc-suppression or extinguishing means 7
335157000 With operation-inhibiting means (shock resistant) 4
20130027158Electric Switching Device With Ultra-Fast Actuating Mechanism and Hybrid Switch Comprising One Such Device - A switching device with an ultra-fast actuating mechanism for opening electric contacts comprising a propulsion coil and a conducting disk. A stationary contact collaborates in the closed position with a movable contact, said contacts being moved to the open position by repulsion of the conducting disk. A biasing device generates a closing force to hold said electric contacts in the closed position. Latching means of the movable contact in the open position comprise a magnetic yoke having an attraction coil providing an attraction force of a magnetic movable armature. The movable contact is supported by a contact-bearing support comprising drive means designed to collaborate with the magnetic movable armature to cause movement thereof, when movement of the movable contact takes place.01-31-2013
20120081199ENERGY-SAVING ELECTROMAGNETIC SWITCH DEVICE - An energy-saving electromagnetic switching device in the present invention includes a housing, and an electromagnetic assembly and a movable magnetic pole within the housing. The movable magnetic pole connects a resilience means which engages with the movable magnetic pole to control the electromagnetic switching device switched on and off. At least one locking assembly is set between the movable magnetic pole and the housing, via which the electromagnetic switching device can automatically and repeatably change from an on-state to an off-state if the electromagnetic assembly is momentarily energized. The electromagnetic switching device is energy-saved, has higher automatization degree, simple operation, and lower cost.04-05-2012
20120105178ELECTROMAGNETIC SOLENOID - An electromagnetic solenoid having an electromagnetic coil, a fixed iron core, a movable iron core, and a spring coil. The spring coil, arranged between the fixed and the movable iron core, supplies a spring force to the movable iron core toward an opposite direction of the fixed iron core along the axial direction. A magnetic attraction surface and a fitting part are formed in at least one of the fixed iron core and the movable iron core. The magnetic attraction surface is contacted with the fixed iron core when the movable iron core reaches the fixed iron core. An outer peripheral surface of the fitting part, apart from the magnetic attraction surface by a predetermined distance along the axial direction, is engaged with the spring coil. The most outer peripheral part of the magnetic attraction surface is positioned inside rather than the most outer peripheral part of the fitting part.05-03-2012
20120133461RIVERSIBLE ELECTROMAGNETIC CONTACTOR - An electromagnetic contactor (05-31-2012
335004000 Radio frequency switch (e.g., T/R switch) 4
20090121815RELAY - A relay includes a movable iron piece, a plate spring fixed to the one surface of the movable iron piece, a shaft hole formed by the one surface of the movable iron piece and the plate spring, and a supporting shaft inserted through the shaft hole. The movable iron piece is rotated around the supporting shaft based on excitation and nonexcitation of a magnetic unit. Both end portions of the plate spring alternately drive a contact point unit. The shaft hole is formed by a flat portion of the one surface of the movable iron piece and a bearing portion formed by subjecting the plate spring to bending work. The movable iron piece is supported so as to be rotatable.05-14-2009
20090102583RELAY - A relay driving a plunger includes a movable iron piece, and a movable contact point, and position restricting means. The movable iron piece is configured to rotate around a horizontal shaft center between a contact point base and an electromagnetic unit based on excitation and nonexcitation of an electromagnetic unit placed above the contact point base. The movable contact point is fixed to a lower end portion of the plunger protruding from a lower surface of the contact point base. The movable contact point is contacted with and separated from a fixed contact point. The position restricting means is provided on an upper surface side of the contact point base.04-23-2009
20090160585Electromechanical radio frequency switch - An improved electromechanical RF switch provides enhanced reliability and lifespan by incorporating a middle plate between the case and base elements for locating the guide pins, reed holders and reeds to increase accuracy in critical component alignment. The middle plate reduces required precision during assembly of the switch, thus increasing assembly accuracy while reducing labor cost. The guide pins are made of a hard insulator such as glass to generate less wear particles, and the reed holder has a groove filled with lubricant to trap any wear particles that result from sliding friction during switch operation. Optionally, a low-friction bushing is used within the case bore to further reduce sliding friction during reed holder travel. The reeds are made of thin, flexible metal and have ends shaped so that when the ends contact switching terminals, a wiping action removes any surface contamination from both the reed ends and the terminals.06-25-2009
20130093540INDUCTION GENERATOR - An induction generator for a radio switch having a magnet element as well as an induction coil with a coil core wherein the coil core is U-shaped, wherein a first rest position and a second rest position are in each case defined for the magnet element, in contact with the limbs of the coil core, and a flux direction reversal takes place in the coil core, whenever a change takes place between these positions, wherein a movement path for the magnet element is predetermined for a movement between the rest positions, wherein the induction generator has a first mechanical energy storage device which is operatively connected to the magnet element and first of all stores energy in the course of forcing a movement from a rest position and, after reaching an intermediate position, which is defined along the movement path and corresponding to which the magnetic forces on the coil core suddenly decrease, emits this energy to the magnet element in order to mechanically accelerate the movement of the magnet element to the respective other rest position after leaving the intermediate position.04-18-2013
335166000 With latch- or trip-reset means 4
20090015359ELECTRICAL SWITCHING APPARATUS, AND TRIP ACTUATOR RESET ASSEMBLY AND LEVER ARM ASSEMBLY THEREFOR - A lever arm assembly is provided for a circuit breaker trip actuator reset assembly including a cradle assembly pivotably coupled to the circuit breaker pole shaft, a reset lever pivotably coupled to the circuit breaker housing, and a trip actuator including an actuating element, which moves the reset lever in response to a trip condition. The lever arm assembly includes at least one linking element including a first end pivotably coupled to the cradle assembly, a second end, a pivot, and a deflection assembly having a deflection member. When the cradle assembly moves from a first position toward a second position, it moves the linking element, thereby moving the deflection member into engagement with the reset lever. This pivots the reset lever to reset the trip actuator. After the trip actuator has been reset, the deflection assembly is deflectable to accommodate excess motion of the cradle assembly.01-15-2009
20080246565ELECTRICAL SWITCHING APPARATUS, AND TRIP ACTUATOR ASSEMBLY AND RESET ASSEMBLY THEREFOR - A trip actuator reset assembly for a circuit breaker includes a cradle assembly, a reset lever, a trip actuator, and a rigid element. The cradle assembly is pivotably coupled to the circuit breaker pole shaft, and includes a number of springs. A pivot pivotably couples the reset lever to the circuit breaker housing. In response to a trip condition, an actuating element of the trip actuator moves a first end of the reset lever. The rigid element is pivotably coupled to the housing proximate a second end of the reset lever. To reset the trip actuator, a guide member guides the cradle assembly into engagement with the rigid element which pivots the reset lever. The first end of the reset lever then resets the trip actuator. After reset, if the cradle assembly continues to move, then the springs accommodate the additional motion.10-09-2008
20110156847OVERLOAD RELAY TRIP MECHANISM - An overload relay trip mechanism includes a housing, a reset button, a leaf spring, a test button, a coil spring, and an actuator. The reset button can be actuated from a normal position to a reset position to cause the leaf spring to transition from a first position to a second position, which causes a reset actuator-engaging element to move the actuator from a tripped position to a closed position. The test button can be actuated from a normal position to a test-stop position to cause a first test actuator-engaging element to move a moveable contact from an electrically connected position to an electrically disconnected position. The test button can further be moved from the test-stop position to the test-trip position to cause a second test actuator-engaging element to move the actuator from the closed position to the tripped position.06-30-2011
20130113579REMOTE-CONTROL RESETTING DEVICE - A remote-control resetting device for an electrical safety device having a trip mechanism with a handle is provided. The resetting device includes: a housing; a solenoid having a movable core, the movable core being attached to an operating member for operating the handle of the electrical safety device; and a printed circuit board having a solenoid control circuit mounted thereon, the solenoid control circuit being electrically connected to the solenoid for controlling the movement of the core. The printed circuit board and the solenoid are arranged axially in the housing with the operating, member located at one end of the solenoid and the printed circuit board located at an opposite end of the solenoid.05-09-2013
335099000 Alternating or fluctuating current type 2
20130120092MULTIPOLAR ELECTRICAL SWITCH - A multipolar electrical switch includes at least one central pole housing, which adjoins two adjacent pole housings of the switch. In at least one embodiment of the invention, an electrical switching mechanism for switching an electrical phase current on and off is contained in each of the pole housings respectively. The central pole housing is equipped with a fastening element, which extends through the central pole housing into the two adjacent pole housings, namely in each instance to at most the center of the adjacent pole housings.05-16-2013
20110068884Electromechanical actuator - The present invention is directed to an inductively driven electromagnetic linear actuator arrangement employing eddy currents induced in an armature by a drive coil to drive the armature. Eddy current focusing fields (Lorentz force) are employed to direct the induced eddy currents to maximize armature speed. The armature includes a shorted driven coil in a DC magnetic field that focuses eddy currents induced by the drive coil in the driven coil. The DC magnetic field can be supplied by one or more permanent magnets. When current is applied to the drive coil, a force is felt by the driven coil in a direction perpendicular to the magnetic field, causing armature movement. Such an actuator is well suited for electrical switching applications including transfer switching applications, circuit breaker applications, and ground fault interrupter applications.03-24-2011
335159000 Plural independently operable switches 2
20120280771REVERSIBLE ELECTROMAGNETIC CONTACTOR - A reversible unit (11-08-2012
20100033275WORLDWIDE ADAPTIVE MULTI-COIL AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH - A multi-coil automatic transfer switch (ATS) adapted for automatically switching an appropriately rated component to render the ATS operational over a worldwide voltage range is provided. A low voltage contactor includes a low voltage coil magnetically linked with a normally open low voltage main contact. A high voltage contactor is coupled in parallel with the low voltage contactor. The high voltage contactor includes a high voltage coil magnetically linked with a normally open high voltage main contact. A normally closed high voltage auxiliary contact is magnetically linked with the high voltage coil. The normally closed high voltage auxiliary contact has a phase opposite the normally open high voltage main contact. The high voltage contactor opens the normally closed high voltage auxiliary contact to disconnect the low voltage coil.02-11-2010
335147000 Electrodynamically actuated 2
20090039990Magnet switch with magnetic core designed to ensure stability in operation thereof - A magnet switch which may be employed in automotive engine starters is provided. The magnet switch includes a stationary magnetic core made up of a disc assembly and a core body. The disc assembly is made of a stack of annular plate members superposed on each other. Each of the plate members has an opening through which a terminal lead of a magnetic coil extends. The core body has a boss with an edge which is plastically deformed outwardly in the radius direction thereof or staked to create an elastic nip which retains the stack of the plate members firmly on the core body. This structure ensures the joint between the disc assembly and the core body to withstand mechanical impact exerted on the magnetic core and stability in operation of the magnet switch without increasing a total production cost of the magnetic switch.02-12-2009
20090261928RELAY - A relay includes a contact point block having a support shaft with both ends spanning a contact point base, a plunger having a movable contact at a lower end thereof, and a movable iron piece configured to drive the plunger and to have a plate spring. The relay also includes an electromagnetic unit and a base block having a fixed contact point at a position opposite to the movable contact point. The movable iron piece is supported on the supporting shaft. The plunger is inserted through an operation hole of the contact point base. Upper and lower surfaces of the contact point block are held by the electromagnetic unit and the base block. The electromagnetic unit directly fixes the iron core to an upper surface of the contact point base.10-22-2009
335087000 Periodic (e.g., vibrators) 1
20100289603CONTROL APPARATUS FOR A SWITCHING DEVICE WITH A PULL-IN COIL AND/OR A HOLDING COIL AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE CURRENT FLOWING THROUGH THE COIL - A control apparatus for a switching device including a contactor drive and a coil includes a pulse width-controlled switching mechanism connected to a coil and a control unit connected to the switching mechanism. The control unit is configured to generate a control signal having an adjustable pulse width and set the adjustable pulse width as a function of an input voltage signal so as to maintain a current through the coil approximately constant. The control unit is further configured to determine a voltage of the control apparatus by determining an instantaneous coil voltage of the coil and adjusting a current pulse width modulation turn-on time in accordance with the instantaneous coil voltage using at least one data processing unit.11-18-2010
335155000 With predetermined current or voltage value-responsive actuator 1
20100033274BROWNOUT SOLUTION FOR ELECTROMECHANICAL AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH - A circuit for dynamically increasing the drop-out voltage of an electromechanical automatic transfer switch (ATS) into a brownout voltage range is provided. The automatic transfer switch includes a first input, a first coil connected to the first input, and a first, normally-open auxiliary contact in magnetic communication with the first coil. The circuit includes a first resistor adapted to connect to the first, normally-open auxiliary contact, and a first transformer having a primary winding connected to the first resistor, and a secondary winding adapted to connect to the first coil. An operating voltage across the first coil is reduced a proportional amount by a secondary voltage across the secondary winding when the first, normally-open auxiliary contact is closed.02-11-2010
335164000 Manually or gravity-operated latch with electromagnetic trip 1
20120119856MULTI-PHASE MEDIUM VOLTAGE CONTACTOR - A multi-phase Medium Voltage Contactor (05-17-2012
335059000 Retarded or delayed type 1
20110181380SWITCH DEVICE, SWITCH DEVICE SYSTEM, AND SWITCH APPARATUS INCLUDING SWITCH DEVICE OR SWITCH DEVICE SYSTEM - A switch device includes: a switch manipulation portion that is manipulated between an ON position and an OFF position; a detecting unit that detects which position the switch manipulation portion is positioned at, the ON position or the OFF position; a first mechanism that, when the switch manipulation portion is manipulated from the OFF position to the ON position, causes a first electrical contact point to enter an ON state; and a second mechanism that, when the switch manipulation portion is manipulated to the OFF position, causes the switch manipulation portion to enter an OFF state and to maintain the ON state of the first electrical contact point, and changes the state of the first electrical contact point to the OFF state by making an electrical signal be in an OFF state, an ON state, and an OFF state in this order.07-28-2011
335165000 Contact-actuating means unitary with latch or trip 1
20090167469ELECTROMAGNETIC RELAY - The present invention provides an electromagnetic relay that can achieve desired operation characteristics by simple and inexpensive construction even if it has a small thickness. Therefore, a movable iron piece 07-02-2009
335003000 Utilizing magnetostrictive elements 1
20080284547Magnetostrictive electrical switching device - The disclosure proposes an electrical switching device having at least one contact point having at least one drive, which opens the contact point directly and/or via a switching mechanism with a latching point and which drive has an element having a predetermined shape, which element consists of a shape memory alloy, which changes its shape under the influence of an electromagnetic field and, in the process, opens or closes a contact point or double contact point or unlatches a switching mechanism.11-20-2008
20130027157STARTER-USE ELECTROMAGNETIC SWITCH - The starter-use electromagnetic switch has an electrical contact interposed in a power supply line for supplying power from a battery to a starter motor, the main contact being turned on and off in interlock with energization of an electromagnet implemented by an excitation coil. The electromagnetic switch includes a connection fitting connected to the excitation coil at one end thereof and drawn outside through a resin cover of the electromagnetic switch at the other end thereof, and a terminal fitting electrically and mechanically connected to the other end of the connection fitting at one end thereof, the other end of the terminal fitting being branched into first and second terminal pieces. The first terminal piece serves as an excitation terminal supplied with power from the battery. The second terminal piece serves as a connection terminal connected to an excitation terminal of an external electromagnetic switch through a cable.01-31-2013
20130069744SEALING STRUCTURE OF TERMINAL MEMBER, ELECTROMAGNETIC RELAY, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Provided is a technology which has a simple structure, is easy to manufacture, and does not increase cost. A terminal member to be press-fitted into a terminal hole formed in a base, includes a press-fitted portion which is to be press-fitted in the terminal hole, and a terminal portion extending from the press-fitted portion and protruding from the base. The terminal portion is formed by folding a plate-like body such that folded portions overlap a planar portion. At least one of the folded portions has a cut-away portion extending from the base, respectively at an edge near the press-fitted portion. A sealing agent can be injected into the terminal hole via the cut-away portions.03-21-2013
20090256656METHOD AND DEVICE FOR LINE-SWITCHING OF MEMS MATRIX AND AMDF - Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and a device for line-switching in an automated main distribution frame (AMDF) which may solve the problem of contact point damage which may occur during hot switching of micro electromechanical system (MEMS) matrix, and further solve the corresponding problems which may occur during the line-switching in AMDF. In particular, the present invention is preferably embodied in the following way: when switching operation of a switch unit in MEMS is to be performed, the current introduced into MEMS matrix is firstly cut off, and is then recovered when the switching operation is finished, so as to prevent the “agglutinate” phenomena. Therefore, the present invention provides corresponding protection for the switching process of MEMS matrix relays in AMDF, and effectively prevents the “agglutinate” phenomena when the switch unit in MEMS matrix performs switching operation, whereby the reliability of AMDF is enhanced.10-15-2009
20100225427ELECTROMAGNETIC RELAY AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - A electromagnetic relay in which bad electrical contact and failure of operation are prevented even when shavings are produced while an iron core is press-fitted into and mounted on a base. The electromagnetic relay includes an electromagnetic block supported by press-fitting both ends of an iron core of the electromagnetic block into an upper surface of a base and open or close a contact by a movable iron piece rotated by magnetization or demagnetization of the iron core with a coil, where shaving receptacles are made by forming separating ribs adjacent to at least one side of press-fit projections that are formed in press-fit concave portions provided on the upper surface of the base.09-09-2010
20110128101Computing device power supply interrupter - This device, either applied as an aftermarket unit to an existing power supply source for a computing device, or as a single piece, factory created unit, will automatically stop all current draw from a power supply [port] when a computing device is disconnected at its charging connection at the port end without the need to be unplugged from a main power source. This one simple device will stop the waste of electricity and, therefore, stop the waste of precious natural resources.06-02-2011
20090219118Power tool lockdown device - Disclosed is an apparatus for selectively permitting electricity to flow to a power tool having a power cord. The apparatus comprises a body having an exterior surface and having a passage therethrough. The passage contains an electrical relay having an electrical input side and an electrical output side. A switch on the exterior surface of the body selectively closes the electrical relay upon activation by a user. A mounting portion on the body is adapted for securing the body to the power tool and a power receiving portion in the body receives the power cord of the power tool. The mounting portion has transfer wires associated therewith in electrical connection between the output side of the relay and a power switch of the power tool. The power cord is in electrical connection with the electrical input side of the relay.09-03-2009
20120242429Circuit Breaker - A circuit breaker is disclosed that provides a warning that the current through the circuit breaker exceeds a warning threshold. The circuit breaker comprises: a switch that carries a current I; an indicator for alternatively indicating: (i) that the current I has not exceeded I09-27-2012
20120126916Switching Device - A mechanical switching device including a base member, at least one pair of elongated conductor members mounted on the base member, each conductor member including a conductor end, wherein the conductor ends of the pair of conductor members are separated by a gap, a middle member mounted on the base member, a switch member including a stationary part and a movable part, the movable part including a conductor bridge. The stationary part includes a protruding member protruding away from the direction of displacement of the conductor bridge, wherein the base member, the conductor members, the middle member and the stationary part of the switch member are attached together by means of at least one attachment arrangement formed in the base member, the middle member and the protruding member.05-24-2012
20110121925SWITCHING DEVICE FOR A VEHICLE HAVING AN ELECTRONIC IMMOBILIZER AND METHOD FOR ACTIVATING AN ELECTRONIC IMMOBILIZER - A switching device for a vehicle having an electronic immobilizer includes at least one part which is fixedly mounted in relation to the vehicle and at least one sensing device which can move relative to the fixedly mounted part. The switching device further includes at least one induction coil which is provided for communication with a transponder that is integrated into a portable device. The induction coil is at least partially integrated into the movable sensing device.05-26-2011
20120139670SEALED CONTACT DEVICE - A sealed contact device includes an electromagnet block 06-07-2012
20130009730Starting Switch Structure - A starting switch structure including a body, plunger piston movable in the body, wherein the plunger piston has a first accommodating portion at an end of the plunger piston for accommodating an end of a guide pin moving reciprocally, the accommodating portion has a butting portion at the bottom surface, an excitation portion wound around the end of the plunger piston, and a butting part at an open end of the accommodating portion of the plunger piston, wherein a contact point is led to electrically connect the first terminal to the second in case that the plunger piston and the guide pin move in a first direction when the excitation portion excites, while a broken circuit is led between the first terminal and the second terminal in case the plunger piston and guide pin move in a second direction after the excitation portion has finished exciting.01-10-2013
20120019340SOLENOID SWITCH - The invention relates to a solenoid switch for starting devices for starting internal combustion engines, comprising a joint (01-26-2012


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