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332109000 Pulse width modulator 68
332108000 Plural modulation 9
332115000 Pulse amplitude modulator 5
20100117753RADIO FREQUENCY MODULATOR - A radio frequency modulator system having a radio frequency amplifier controlled by a pulse modulator. The pulse modulator includes: a first switching circuit response to an input pulse for coupling a dc voltage relative to a reference potential to the output electrode when the radio frequency signal is to be amplified by the radio frequency amplifier and for decoupling the dc voltage from the output electrode when the radio frequency signal is to be decoupled from the output electrode wherein charge is stored in the storage element when the dc voltage is coupled to the output electrode; and: a second switching circuit responsive to the input pulse for discharging the stored charge when the dc voltage is decoupled from the output electrode.05-13-2010
20110316640GATE PULSE MODULATION CIRCUIT AND SLOPING MODULATION METHOD THEREOF - Exemplary gate pulse modulation circuit and sloping modulation method applied thereto are provided. The gate pulse modulation circuit has an output terminal and includes a voltage modulation circuit and a comparator control circuit. The voltage modulation circuit is electrically coupled between a gate power supply voltage and a second voltage and subjected to the control of a sloping control signal to perform a sloping operation and then output a sloped voltage signal. The comparator control circuit includes a comparing unit and a switching unit. First and second input terminals of the comparing unit respectively are electrically coupled to a node and a first voltage. During the voltage modulation circuit performing the sloping operation, a magnitude relationship between a voltage on the node and the first voltage decides on-off states of the switching unit and thereby decides the moment of the first voltage delivered to the output terminal.12-29-2011
20090108951METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR REDUCING PEAK-TO-RMS AMPLITUDE RATIO IN COMMUNICATION SIGNALS - A pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) signal generator that injects a copy of a pulse into the PAM baseband signal prior to frequency upconversion and power amplification. The pulse comprises a function of, or an extra copy of, a pulse in the PAM baseband signal. The pulse injector analyzes the PAM baseband signal for times when a predetermined threshold is exceeded and forms a pulse that is constructed and arranged to reduce the amplitude of the PAM baseband signal to a desired peak amplitude when the pulse is added to the PAM baseband signal.04-30-2009
20090174495CONTACTLESS IC CARD SYSTEM - In a contactless IC card system, a modulating circuit manufactured in an IC form is operable at a high power efficiency. The demodulating apparatus is configured to include: first signal output means for outputting a first output signal having a predetermined phase with respect to that of an input signal, a second signal output means for outputting a second output signal having a predetermined phase with respect to that of the input signal, gate means for gating at least the second output signal, calculation means for adding, or subtracting the first output signal and the second output signal; and control means for controlling the operation of the gate means in response to a logic level of input data.07-09-2009
20130147570METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR LOAD INTERROGATION USING POWER USAGE MODULATION - Methods and apparatus provide for: detecting an identification (ID) number associated with a piece of information technology (IT) equipment using a first computer-readable and executable program running on the piece of IT equipment; modulating a power usage of the piece of IT equipment as a function of the ID number using the first program running on the piece of IT equipment; monitoring the power usage of the piece of IT equipment using a power distribution unit (PDU) that provides operating power to the piece of IT equipment; and detecting modulation in the power usage of the piece of IT equipment caused by the first program running on the piece of IT equipment, such detection being performed using a second computer-readable and executable program running on the PDU.06-13-2013
332112000 Pulse position, frequency, phase, or spacing modulator 3
20090134948PULSE MODULATION METHOD - A pulse modulation method divides code comprising 4N-bit data into 2-bit units of data. For each pulse signal having a fixed pulse width tw, a code modulated signal is generated by pausing between pulse pause intervals Tr. An adjusted time width of between ½ and 1 times the fixed pulse width tw is taken to be Δt. One of time widths 0, Δt, 2Δt, and 3Δt is added to a fixed pause period tm of time intervals according to a corresponding value of the 2-bit data. If the sum total time TD of the code modulated signal is an interval of at least [(2tw+2tm+3Δt)N+Δt], each pulse pause interval Tr is substituted by a pulse pause interval Tr corresponding to the inverted 2-bit data. An inversion flag signal expresses that inversion information is added to the code modulated signal.05-28-2009
20100244974METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PULSE POSITION MODULATION - A method for reducing the transition rate of a pulse width modulated signal representing an original signal, and thus reducing energy losses of devices such as class D amplifiers stimulated by the signal, while decreasing the jitter and thus the SNR of the output low passed signal. Within the method every R pulses of a signal having a frame duration of M, are summed to receive frames of R*M duration having a single pulse. Then, the odd pulses are mirrored within their respective time frames, so that each odd pulse is attached to the following even pulse. The combined pulse, which occurs in a window having a duration of 2*R*M is then optionally re-positioned within its time frame. The repositioning can be designed so as to position the pulse within the 2*R*M window, having the same moment as the original signal, or to receive a signal having the same phase of the Fourier transform as the original signal, at least for the frequency range of interest of the original signal, such as the low frequencies. Other aspects, features, and embodiments are also claimed and described.09-30-2010
20130127557SYSTEM AND METHOD OF MAINTAINING GAIN LINEARITY OF VARIABLE FREQUENCY MODULATOR - A variable frequency modulator including a compensation network, first and second pulse control networks and a linearity controller. The compensation network is configured to provide a compensation signal indicative of an output load condition. The first pulse control network is configured to initiate pulses on a pulse control signal and to adjust operating frequency based on changes of the compensation signal. The second pulse control network is configured to terminate the pulses on the pulse control signal based on a predetermined timing parameter. The linearity controller is configured to adjust timing of terminating the pulses based on a predetermined steady state operating frequency and an actual operating frequency to maintain modulator gain at a constant level.05-23-2013
332107000 Including stabilization or alternatively distortion, noise or other interference prevention, reduction or compensation 1
20100207699System and Method of Shaping a Power Spectrum in PWM Amplifiers - In a particular embodiment, a circuit device is disclosed that includes a data generator adapted to output a random pulse sequence having a particular spectral shape. The circuit device further includes a pulse edge control circuit to selectively apply a carrier suppression operation to at least one pulse-width modulated (PWM) signal in response to the random pulse sequence to produce at least one modulated PWM output signal. The spectral energy associated with a PWM carrier of the modulated PWM output signal at a carrier frequency and associated harmonics is changed such that the modulated PWM output signal has a spectral shape defined by the particular spectral shape.08-19-2010
20120194288Two-Terminal Modulator - The invention is an electronic Two-Terminal Modulator. It is used electrically in series between a Power Source and a Target Device, and can modulate the power that is sent to the Target Device, at speeds and with modulating complexity that exceed present capability. The invention includes implementation of the modulator as a unit that is inserted into or appended to another device and is used to modulate the power in the other device.08-02-2012
20100271148SIGNAL MODULATOR - A signal modulator that can control transmission power if level adjustment of a continuous signal from an oscillator is executed is provided. A pulse generator of one example of a signal modulator includes an oscillator, a control signal generator, a multiplier, a filter, and a control section. The oscillator and the multiplier are active circuits formed of active elements. A continuous signal is output from the oscillator and is input to the multiplier and the multiplier intermittently operates by a control signal output from the control signal generator, whereby a pulse signal is generated and the power level is easily adjusted by a signal from the control section.10-28-2010
20130127556POWER SUPPLY MODULATOR AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING SAME - A power amplifier amplifies a radio signal. Negative feedback is applied to a linear amplifier and the linear amplifier receives an envelope signal. A pulse current modulator is connected to a power supply terminal of a power amplifier and an output terminal of the linear amplifier via an inductor, and outputs a pulse current according to a control signal generated from the envelope signal. A diode has an anode connected to an output terminal of a direct current source and a cathode connected to an output terminal of the pulse current modulator. A switching element is disposed between the output terminal of the direct current source and a ground potential, and is controlled by the control signal.05-23-2013
20110221540PULSE DENSITY MODULATION METHOD AND APPARATUS - A pulse density modulation, PDM, driver, outputs a PDM stream and can be switched to a control token. The switch takes place when the first integral of the PDM stream has a magnitude less than or equal to a first predetermined value and the second integral of the PDM stream has a magnitude less than or equal to a second predetermined value.09-15-2011

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