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Using resistance or conductance measurement

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324 - Electricity: measuring and testing


324649000 - Lumped type parameters

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324693000 With object or substance characteristic determination using conductivity effects 256
324713000 With voltage or current signal evaluation 88
324705000 With comparison or difference circuit 74
324692000 With living organism condition determination using conductivity effects 43
324722000 Device or apparatus determines conductivity effects 34
324719000 With semiconductor or IC materials quality determination using conductivity effects 14
324702000 With radiant energy effects 6
324720000 With compensation means 3
20090167330Systems and arrangements for sensing current with a low loss sense element - In some embodiments, the arrangement includes a sense element to convey a current from a source to a load and a compensation element located proximate to the sense element. The compensation element has a resistance that changes proportional to a change in temperature of the sense element. In several embodiments, the arrangement further includes an operational amplifier having a first input connected to the sense element, a second input connected to the compensation element and an output that provides an output signal that biases a current through the compensation element in response to a voltage across the sense element. In such embodiments, the bias current provides an output signal proportional to the conveyed current and the compensation element provides temperature compensation for the output signal. Other embodiments are also disclosed.07-02-2009
20120001649LEADFRAME CURRENT SENSOR - A current sensor is disclosed. The current sensor includes a leadframe having a die paddle, a portion of the die paddle being configured as a resistive element through which current can flow, and an integrated circuit (IC) die attached and thermally coupled to the die paddle. The IC die includes a current sensing module configured to measure a voltage drop across the resistive element and convert the voltage drop measurement to a current measurement signal and a temperature compensation module electrically coupled to the current sensing module. The temperature compensation module is configured to adjust the current measurement signal to compensate for temperature-dependent changes in the resistive element. The temperature compensation module includes a temperature-sensitive element, with a portion of the temperature-sensitive element located directly over a portion of the resistive element.01-05-2012
20120169358CONTROL METHOD AND A CONTROL APPARATUS IN A HYBRID TYPE CONSTRUCTION APPARATUS - A control method of measuring an internal resistance of an electric power accumulator 07-05-2012
324704000 With ratio determination 3
20090153156INSULATION RESISTANCE DETECTING APPARATUS - There is provided an insulation resistance detecting apparatus that accurately calculates an insulation resistance value in real time. The insulation resistance detecting apparatus includes: pulse generator 06-18-2009
20100141282MEASURING CABLE RESISTANCE IN SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING POWER OVER COMMUNICATION CABLE - A system for providing power to a powered device over a communication cable has a cable resistance measuring mechanism that determines values of response signals detected in response to supplying each of at least three reference signals over the communication cable, and determines the resistance of a pair of wires in the cable based on these values. The cable resistance measuring mechanism may be configured for determining resistance of an Ethernet cable that delivers power to the powered device in a Power over Ethernet system.06-10-2010
20090251156METHOD AND SYSTEM THAT DETERMINES THE VALUE OF A RESISTOR IN LINEAR AND NON-LINEAR RESISTOR SETS - The present invention employs identically sized mirror transistors arrange in groups that may be preferentially addressed and activated to determine the value of a resistor. Known current are directed through the resistor, and the voltage developed is measured by comparing against a reference voltage. The current is increased or decreased by the least significant value until the voltage across the resistor matches the reference voltage. A successive approximation or other known technique may be used instead. A reference current is developed that temperature stable and that is trimmed when manufactured to reduce process effects. The reference voltage may be constructed to be independent form a local power source so that the system is relatively independent of process, voltage and temperature, PVT.10-08-2009
324707000 With frequency response, change or processing circuit 3
20080303538Measuring Electrical Impedance at Various Frequencies - Known measuring instruments generate a test signal for application to a target device. Linear analogue to digital converters are then used to produce data samples representing the voltage across and the current through the device and these data samples are used to calculate impedance as a function of frequency.12-11-2008
20090230980METHOD FOR MEASURING D-Q IMPEDANCE OF POLYPHASE POWER GRID COMPONENTS - A method is provided for measuring D-Q impedance of a component of a polyphase power grid connected to a grid node, and evaluating the margin of stability at a node using Nyquist diagrams generated from the measured D-Q impedance data. A generator, coupled to the polyphase power grid, is controlled to induce suppressed-carrier stimulus current into the grid node. Circuitry measures response signals of suppressed-carrier form existing within a bus voltage at the grid node and a branch current of the component being measured. The method includes measuring complex voltage components of the response signals contained in the bus voltage and complex current components of the response signals contained in the branch current to form simultaneous equations that are resolved to determine the D-Q impedance parameters Zqq, Zqd, Zdq and Zdd of the measured component.09-17-2009
20120306515METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GRID IMPEDANCE DETECTION - A method and apparatus for monitoring an AC line for impedance change. In one embodiment, the method, comprises superimposing a tone on an AC current coupled to the AC line, wherein the tone is a higher frequency than an AC voltage waveform on the AC line; applying a correlation over a sampled AC voltage waveform, obtained by sampling the AC voltage waveform, to generate a correlated signal; and determining whether at least one change in characteristic of the correlated signal occurs.12-06-2012
324710000 With pulse signal processing circuit 3
20110031989CONTROL METHOD FOR AN INDUCTION APPARATUS, AND INDUCTION APPARATUS - A method for controlling an induction apparatus having an induction coil. In one implementation the induction apparatus includes a capacitor that is connected in parallel with the induction coil to form a parallel resonant circuit, and also includes a switch connected in series with the parallel resonant circuit, between the parallel resonant circuit and a reference voltage. According to one method, a digital test signal dependent on the voltage in a node disposed between the switch and the parallel resonant circuit is generated, the switch is closed for a predetermined closure time and then reopened at the end of the closure time. With the switch reopened, the test signal is evaluated for a predetermined waiting time in order to determine the presence or absence of a vessel on the induction coil.02-10-2011
20120217984RESISTANCE-MEASURING CIRCUIT AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A resistance-measuring circuit includes a controller for outputting a PWM signal and further for adjusting the duty cycle of the PWM signal, and a sampling circuit for processing the PWM signal and transmitting the processed PWM signal to the sensor. The sampling circuit samples the signal outputted from the sensor to generate a sampled signal with the voltage thereof changing according to any change in the duty cycle of the PWM signal, and further transmits the sampled signal to the controller. The controller obtains the real-time duty cycle of the PWM signal when the voltage of the sampled signal reaches a threshold voltage, and further calculates the exact resistance of the sensor according to the obtained real-time duty cycle of the PWM signal and the threshold voltage. An electronic device with the resistance-measuring circuit is also provided.08-30-2012
20130176043DEVICE, METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ESTIMATING THE TERMINATION TO A WIRED TRANSMISSION-LINE BASED ON DETERMINATION OF CHARACTERISTIC IMPEDANCE - A system and method for measuring a characteristic impedance of a transmission-line comprises transmitting energy to the line, and shortly after measuring the voltage/current involved and thus measuring the equivalent impedance. The measured characteristic impedance may then be used in order to determine the termination value required to minimize reflections. In another embodiment, the proper termination is set or measured by adjusting the termination value to achieve maximum power dissipation in the terminating device. The equivalent characteristic impedance measurement may be used to count the number of metallic conductors connected to a single connection point. This abstract is not intended to limit or construe the scope of the claims.07-11-2013
20130043892RESISTANCE MEASUREMENT CIRCUIT - A resistance measuring circuit for measuring a resistor includes an amplifier, a transistor, a variable resistor, a first resistor, and a second resistor. The transistor includes a base connected to the output of the amplifier, a collector connected to a direct current (DC) power supply, and an emitter. The first resistor includes a first terminal connected to the DC power source, and a second terminal grounded through the variable resistor and connected to the non-inverting terminal of the amplifier. The second resistor includes a first terminal connected to the inverting terminal of the amplifier and connected to the emitter of the transistor through the resistor to be measured, and a second terminal grounded.02-21-2013
20100019781ELECTRICAL LOAD DETECTION APPARATUS - A load detection technique for a load comprising multiple frequency-dependant sub-loads comprises measuring a representation of the impedance characteristic of the load; providing stored representations of a multiplicity of impedance characteristics of the load; each one of the stored representations represents the impedance of the load when at least a particular one of the sub-loads is in a fault condition; and comparing the measured representation of the current impedance characteristic of the load with each one of the stored representations and in case that the measured representation matches a stored representation, identifying the sub-load or sub-loads being in a fault condition by the corresponding stored representation.01-28-2010
20110187392FLOW METER - A flow meter includes a main body having a first end and a second end, a flexible electrical resistor coupled to the main body and extending outwardly from the second end thereof, wherein an electrical resistance of the flexible electrical resistor varies in response to a flexure thereof, and an electrical circuit in electrical communication with the electrical resistor to detect a flexure of the electrical resistor.08-04-2011
20100073015POWER GENERATION CAPACITY INDICATOR - Improved portable power sources such as batteries, fuel cells, power generators and the like can include structure or apparatus that are adapted to provide an indication of the power capacity remaining within the portable power source. In some cases, these power sources may be configured to accommodate remote communication regarding their remaining power capacity.03-25-2010
20130082721MECHANISMS FOR DETECTING TAMPERING OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device has a chassis, and a printed wiring board (PWB) having a hole. A fastener is installed in the hole thereby securing the PWB to the chassis. A pair of conductive traces is formed in the PWB. A cap, being an amount of conductive glue, covers a part of the fastener and fills an electrically insulating gap between the two traces, to thereby form a conductive path that connects the two traces. A sensing circuit is coupled to the traces, to detect a change in impedance of the path and signal a tamper event alert. Other embodiments are also described and claimed.04-04-2013
20100109683SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - A semiconductor device has an antifuse element and a measurement unit. The antifuse element stores information according to whether the antifuse element is in the broken or unbroken state. The measurement unit determines a resistance value related to the resistance value of the broken antifuse element.05-06-2010
20120182029Apparatus and Method for Monitoring a Tool Machine - The invention refers to an apparatus for monitoring the operation of an electrically conductive tool (07-19-2012
20130049777DEVICE IDENTIFICATION AND TEMPERATURE SENSOR CIRCUIT - An integrated circuit includes a device identification circuit and a temperature sensor diode connected in parallel from a common node. The device identification circuit includes a resistor connected to a diode-connected transistor. The device identification circuit and the temperature sensor diode are adapted to not be simultaneously operating in an ON state. A first voltage is applied to the common node to place the device identification circuit in an ON state and place the temperature sensor diode in an OFF state to identify the integrated circuit. A second voltage is applied to the common node to place the device identification circuit in an OFF state and place the temperature sensor diode in an ON state to determine a temperature of the integrated circuit.02-28-2013
20120223727METHOD OF CONTROLLING ACTIVE MATERIAL ACTUATION UTILIZING AN OPERATIONAL ENVELOPE - A method of controlling and/or predicting the remaining useful life of an active material actuator, such as a shape memory alloy wire, includes obtaining historical actuation data of an inherent system variable, such as electrical resistance, over a secondary variable, such as time, determining a normal operating envelope having upper and lower bounds based on the data, determining a current profile for a given actuation cycle, and comparing the shape of the current profile to the envelope to determine an out-of-bounds event.09-06-2012
20110031987SYSTEM RESISTANCE SIMULATING APPARATUS - A system resistance simulating apparatus includes a case and a resistance adjusting element arranged in the case. The resistance adjusting element includes a number of blocking strips. The blocking strips can be selectively poisoned in the case for simulating system resistance of an electronic device at different power platforms.02-10-2011
20090027069FUNCTIONALIZED CARBON NANOTUBE-POLYMER COMPOSITES AND INTERACTIONS WITH RADIATION - The present invention involves the interaction of radiation with functionalized carbon nanotubes that have been incorporated into various host materials, particularly polymeric ones. The present invention is directed to chemistries, methods, and apparatuses which exploit this type of radiation interaction, and to the materials which result from such interactions. The present invention is also directed toward the time dependent behavior of functionalized carbon nanotubes in such composite systems.01-29-2009
20090315571Method and device for measuring the conductivity of a pure or ultrapure liquid - The invention relates to a method of measuring the conductivity of a pure or ultrapure liquid, notably water, using electrodes, characterized in that it consists in determining the conductivity by modeling the liquid in the form of an equivalent electrical circuit diagram comprising a resistor R, a capacitor Cp in parallel with the resistor R, and a series capacitor Cs.12-24-2009
20120293192CHARGE READ-OUT STRUCTURE FOR A PHOTON / PARTICLE DETECTOR - A charge read-out structure for photon and particle detectors, which is capable of spatially-resolving a position of the charge. The structure comprises a resistive element defining a detection surface which is capacitively coupled to an array of electrically insulated electrodes. Each electrode in the array is capacitively coupled to an adjacent electrode in the array to form a capacitively coupled network of electrodes. Selected ones of the electrodes in the array are each coupled to an array output for connection to a respective charge measurement device. The resistive element has a resistivity sufficient to temporarily localize a charge induced on the resistive element to an area corresponding to a subset of said electrodes in the array and for a duration sufficient for signal measurement from the array of electrodes. Charge measurement devices are coupled to selected electrodes in the network such that the spatial position of a charge event in the network can be determined by comparing the outputs from each charge measurement device.11-22-2012
20110279133Electric Current Measurement - A method for measuring electric current applied to a load includes: with a sensor element having an inaccuracy, measuring an electric current supplied to a load to produce a measurement of the electric current; with the sensor element, measuring the electric current with an added perturbation current; and using measurements of the electric current taken with and without the perturbation current to refine the measurement of the electric current.11-17-2011
20090072842ELECTRICAL RESISTANCE MEASURING DEVICE FOR TIRES, AND METHOD THEREOF - To provide a resistance measuring device not requiring a long time for the resistance measurement work of a tire and maintaining the accuracy of measurement to assure the electrical conductivity characteristics of the tire and a method thereof.03-19-2009
20130214800IMPEDANCE MEASURING CIRCUIT - A method and circuit for determining a circuit element parameter in a ground fault circuit interrupter circuit. An electrical signal provided to a first node is used to generate another electrical signal at a second node. The electrical signal at the second node is multiplexed with a modulation signal to generate a modulated signal that is then filtered and converted into a digital representation of a portion of the circuit element parameter. The electrical signal at the second node is multiplexed with the modulation signal after it has been phase shifted to produce a modulated signal that is filter and converted into a digital representation of another portion of the circuit element parameter. In another aspect, a slope based solenoid self-test method is used for self-testing in a GFCI circuit. Alternatively, a method for determining a wiring fault is provided using a digital filter.08-22-2013
20100079155PRESSURE DETECTION APPARATUS - A pressure detection apparatus has a pressure-sensitive resistor whose first resistance varies according to pressure and a change of its own temperature, a temperature-sensitive resistor which has a same resistance-temperature coefficient as the pressure-sensitive resistor and whose second resistance varies according to the change of the temperature, a current source supplying first and second constant-currents to the pressure-sensitive and temperature-sensitive resistors respectively, and a pressure signal generation output section. The current source adjusts the first and second constant-currents so that when the pressure is an initial pressure, a reference first voltage appearing across the pressure-sensitive resistor and a reference second voltage appearing across the temperature-sensitive resistor become equal to each other. The pressure signal generation output section outputs a first voltage signal corresponding to the pressure on the basis of a difference voltage between a first voltage of the pressure-sensitive resistor and a second voltage of the temperature-sensitive resistor.04-01-2010
20110199106COMPACT LOW NOISE SIGNAL READOUT CIRCUIT AND METHOD FOR OPERATING THEREOF - The present invention discloses a solid-state electric charge sensor (08-18-2011
20120293191HVMOS Reliability Evaluation using Bulk Resistances as Indices - A method of determining the reliability of a high-voltage PMOS (HVPMOS) device includes determining a bulk resistance of the HVPMOS device, and evaluating the reliability of the HVPMOS device based on the bulk resistance.11-22-2012
20110204903System and Method for Augmented Impedance Sensing - An impedance monitoring circuit for an electrosurgical generator is disclosed. The monitoring circuit includes an isolation transformer coupled to at least one of an active terminal and a return terminal of an electrosurgical generator, wherein the isolation transformer includes a primary winding coupled to a reference resistor and a secondary winding coupled to a load. The monitoring circuit also includes a driver configured to transmit a sensor signal to the reference resistor and the load, a primary converter coupled to the reference resistor and the load and configured to detect a primary converted signal as a function of the sensor signal passing through the reference resistor and the load. The monitoring circuit further includes a secondary converter coupled to the driver and configured to detect a secondary converted signal as a function of the sensor signal prior to passing through the reference resistor and the load and a controller configured to determine a fault condition based on the primary and secondary converted signals.08-25-2011
20080211520Semiconducting nanowire fluid sensor - Nanowire fluid sensors are provided. The fluid sensors comprise a first electrode, a second electrode, and at least one nanowire between the first electrode and the second electrode. Each nanowire is connected at a first end to the first electrode and at a second end to the second electrode. Methods of fabricating and operating the fluid sensor are also provided.09-04-2008
20120105083Static/dynamic Resistance Measuring Apparatus and Method - A resistance measuring apparatus which includes a variable voltage source, a signal display circuit, a bridge consisting of a first standard resistor, a second standard resistor, an adjustable resistor and the unknown resistor, a bridge balance display circuit and a dynamic voltage display circuit alternatively connected within the bridge. The resistance measuring apparatus is adapted to measure static resistance and dynamic resistance variation of an unknown resistor in the case of external environment having changed dramatically.05-03-2012
20120119761METHOD OF ELECTRICALLY CHARACTERIZING A COMPOSITE MATERIAL FOR MANUFACTURING AN AIRCRAFT - In the method of electrically characterizing a composite material for manufacturing an aircraft, the following steps are performed: compressing two spacers against at least one test piece made of a composite material; determining an electrical resistance value for the assembly formed by the spacers and the test piece; and deducing from said value a value for the electrical resistance of the composite material.05-17-2012
20090212791Method for determining the electrical resistance of an electrical supply lead to sensor elements and a sensor arrangement - The invention relates to a method for determining the electrical resistance of an electrical supply lead to sensor elements and concerns a sensor arrangement. The sensor elements are interconnected to form a sensor arrangement, and the electrical total resistance of the supply lead to the sensor elements is determined by effecting a measurement involving an electrical component. The electrical total resistance of the supply lead to the sensor elements is compared to a reference value, whereby the reference value is the value of the electrical total resistance of a reference component of the circuit arrangement and of its electrical leads. The reference value is also determined by effecting a measurement.08-27-2009
20090096469Determining Key Resistance Values - A system for determining a correct resistor key value for a vehicle equipped with a theft deterrent system includes a test key having two electrical contacts positioned to engage respective contacts of a vehicle theft deterrent system when the test key is inserted into a vehicle ignition key receptacle, and a scanner connected to the electrical contacts of the test key. The scanner includes a controller configured to sequentially apply a series of discrete, fixed electrical resistance values across the key contacts while the key is inserted in the receptacle, to determine which resistance value corresponds to a resistance value required to activate the ignition.04-16-2009
20090108854ELECTRONIC DEVICE UTILIZING IMPEDANCE AND/OR RESISTANCE IDENTIFICATION TO IDENTIFY AN ACCESSORY DEVICE - A device and method for identifying an accessory device connected to a first port and a second port of an electronic device by determining an impedance of the accessory device across the first port and the second port is provided. The electronic device generally includes a first port (e.g. a universal serial bus) configured to receive a first connector from an associated accessory device and a second port (e.g. an audio port) configured to receive a second connector from the associated accessory device. The electronic device includes circuitry coupled to the first port and the second port for determining an impedance associated with the accessory device as measured across the first port and the second port. An identification of the accessory device is then made based on the impedance of the electronic device.04-30-2009
20090146670Measuring device, and conductivity measuring device, for determining flow capacities of electroconductive liquids, measuring element, and method. - A measuring device for determining flow capacities d(V(z)) of electroconductive liquids having a conductivity LF through a container in the event of vertically (z direction) variable levels. The inventive measuring device is a conductivity measuring device comprising, inter alia, at least two electrodes extending in the z direction. The container and/or the conductivity measuring device is/are embodied in such a way that they can be described by at least one parameter function f06-11-2009
20100182020Intrusion detection using a conductive material - Tampering with an assembly that includes an integrated circuit is detected by measuring a change in at least one property of a conductive molding formed over at least a portion of the integrated circuit. For example, the conductive molding can be a mixture of resin with conductive powder and/or fibers. The molding can be formed as a continuous region or as strips of conductive material. Conductive contacts are positioned to provide and receive current through portions of the conductive material. For example, the property of the molding can be an impedance of a portion of the conductive molding. A significant change in the impedance measured through one or more conductive contacts indicates tampering with the assembly.07-22-2010
20100141278PARTICLE DETECTION SENSOR, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING PARTICLE DETECTION SENSOR, AND METHOD FOR DETECTING PARTICLE USING PARTICLE DETECTION SENSOR - A compact sensor with which particles floating in the air can be easily detected. A sensor having a microstructure which detects a detection object by contact is used. A microstructure has an opening to be a detection hole corresponding to the size of a detection object, and a pair of electrodes having a bridge structure are provided thereabove or thereunder so as to partially contact with each other.06-10-2010
20100141279METHOD OF DISCRIMINATION OF A DEVICE AS POWERABLE THROUGH A LAN LINE AND DEVICE FOR ESTIMATING ELECTRIC PARAMETERS OF A LAN LINE - PDs that can be supplied through the LAN line are discriminated from PDs that cannot be so supplied as a function of the resistance of the supply line and of the voltage drop caused by nonlinear elements in series therewith. The values of these two parameters are estimated by applying two distinct voltages to the supply terminals of the LAN line and sensing the relative steady-state currents absorbed by the power supply line, and by processing voltage and current values for estimating the resistance of the line and the voltage drop caused by nonlinear elements connected in series therewith.06-10-2010
20090322356THERMAL PRE-SCANNING OF ELECTRIC CIRCUITS USING THERMALLY-TRIMMABLE RESISTORS - There is described a method to change the value of a thermally-trimmable resistor in a non-permanent way by raising the temperature of the thermally-trimmable resistor to a level that is somewhere between room temperature and trimming temperature. By doing this, the trimming range that is available via true thermal trimming may be explored without actually trimming the value of the resistor. This is possible when the thermal Iy-trimmable resistor, or a portion thereof, has an essentially non-zero temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR).12-31-2009
20090322354METHOD OF DETECTING BIO-MOLECULES USING FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTOR WITHOUT FIXING PROBE BIO-MOLECULES ON THE GATE SENSING SURFACE - A method of detecting a presence of bio-molecules, or a concentration of the target bio-molecules using a field effect transistor, includes allowing a first sample including a first target bio-molecule to contact a sensing surface of the field effect transistor and measuring a change in an electric signal of the field effect transistor, the field effect transistor including a substrate, a source region and a drain region, the source region and the drain region formed apart from each other on the substrate, the source region and the drain region each doped to having an opposite polarity than a polarity of the substrate, a channel region disposed between the source region and the drain region and an insulating layer including the sensing surface, the insulating layer disposed on the channel region.12-31-2009
20110241707Method of measuring slider resistance of different types of row bar with a common tester - A method of measuring slider resistance of different types of row bar with a common tester comprises judging the type of the row bar, if the row bar is femto-type row bar, supplying a first voltage to the front pins, and supplying a second voltage that is unequal to the first voltage to the back pins, thereby obtaining resistances of the sliders; if the row bar is shunting-type row bar, supplying a third voltage to the front pins which contact the test pads, and supplying a fourth voltage that is unequal to the third voltage to the front pin that contacts the common test pad, thereby obtaining resistances of the sliders. The present invention can measure two different types of row bar with a same common tester, which can reduce the downtime of machine and the manpower, and prevent the probe card from being damaged without a frequent disassembly and switch.10-06-2011
20110043228METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MEASURING WAFER BIAS POTENTIAL - A device for use in a wafer processing chamber having a plasma forming volume and a hot edge ring. The hot edge ring has a first surface and a second surface. The first surface is in contact with the plasma forming volume. The second surface is not in contact with the plasma forming volume. The device includes a detector operable to contact the second surface of the hot edge ring. The detector can detect a parameter of the hot edge ring and can provide a detected signal based on the detected parameter.02-24-2011
20110084712CURRENT DIVIDER RESISTANCE IMAGING OF AN ELECTRICAL DEVICE USING AN ATOMIC FORCE PROBE - A method of analyzing an electronic device includes grounding a first end of an electrical structure, grounding a second end of the electrical structure, contacting an atomic force probe (AFP) to the electrical structure between the first and second ends, shifting the AFP across the electrical structure between the first and second ends, measuring an electrical property of the electrical structure at one of the first and second ends, and creating an image of the electrical structure based on the electrical property.04-14-2011
20110241708APPARATUS FOR PREDETERMINED COMPONENT PLACEMENT TO A TARGET PLATFORM - An apparatus for placement of a component onto a target platform includes a multiple-sensor probe adapted to sense a relative position of one or more reference marks or one or more alignment marks with respect to the multiple-sensor probe. The component includes one or more alignment marks, the target platform includes one or more reference marks, and the multiple-sensor probe includes a multitude of sensors. A first multitude of latches is adapted to record a size of the reference mark, and a relative position of the reference mark with respect to the probe to facilitate alignment of the probe to the reference mark. A second multitude of latches is adapted to record an instantaneous positional relationship between the alignment mark and the aligned probe to facilitate alignment of the component to the aligned probe. The first and second multitude of latches is coupled to the multitude of sensors.10-06-2011
20090322355OBJECT POSITION SENSING APPARATUS - An object position sensing apparatus including a substrate, a conductive crossbar, and a plurality of resistive elements coupled to the crossbar is described. The resistive elements are coupled to circuitry that can apply an excitation signal, such as a voltage change, to the resistive elements. For each resistive element, an electrical effect responsive to the excitation signal, such as a change in charge flowing to the resistive element, is determined. When an object is proximate to the plurality of resistive elements, the electrical effects change, and a position of the object in one or multiple dimensions can be determined from changes in the electrical effects.12-31-2009
20110102001AC LOSS MEASUREMENT DEVICE OF HIGH-TEMPERATURE SUPERCONDUCTOR - A measuring device for measuring the alternating current (AC) loss of a high-temperature superconductor is disclosed. In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, the device includes a pulse power supply unit, which outputs pulse power in a cycle, a lead wire, which is formed on both sides of the pulse power supply unit and applies the pulse power to a superconductor, a degaussing coil unit, which is connected to one side of the superconductor and cancels an inductive voltage, a shunt unit, which is serially connected between one side of the degaussing coil unit and one side of the pulse power supply unit, and a measurement unit, which is connected to both ends of the shunt unit and measures an electric current flowing through the superconductor.05-05-2011
20110074448POTENTIOMETER - Fill level sensors designed as potentiometers are known, having two resistor strips on an electrically insulating carrier, on each of which a plurality of conductor segments are disposed at a distance from each other and act together with a pickup shoe that can move relative to the carrier, wherein the conductor segments of the one resistor strip are disposed offset from the resistors of the other resistor strip in the direction of motion of the pickup shoe. The pickup shoe electrically connects one conductor segment of the one resistor strip to a conductor segment of the other resistor strip. In order to contact the two conductor segments to be bridged, the pickup shoe has two contacts. When, however, one contact of the pickup shoe contacts a conductor segment of the one resistor strip, the other contact is in the intermediate space between the conductor segments of the other resistor strip, due to the offset arrangement of the conductor segments, so that, under some circumstances, no electrical connection is made between the conductor segments to be bridged, and no output signal is present. The conductor segments of the two resistor strips and the contacts of the pickup shoe are made of expensive metal alloys comprising noble metal. For the potentiometer according to the invention, the production costs are reduced. According to the invention, the conductor segments (03-31-2011
20120119760PERFORATED CONTACT ELECTRODE ON VERTICAL NANOWIRE ARRAY - Disclosed herein is a structure having: a support, a plurality of nanowires perpendicular to the support, and an electrode in contact with a first end of each nanowire. Each nanowire has a second end in contact with the support. The electrode contains a plurality of perforations. The electrode contains a plurality of perforations. Also disclosed herein is a method of: providing the above support and nanowires; depositing a layer of a filler material that covers a portion of each nanowire and leaves a first end of each nanowire exposed; depositing a plurality of nanoparticles onto the filler material; depositing an electrode material on the nanoparticles, the ends of the nanowires, and any exposed filler material; and removing the nanoparticles and filler material to form an electrode in contact with the first end of each nanowire; wherein the electrode contains a plurality of perforations.05-17-2012
20120119759SELF DIAGNOSTICS OF A PARTICULATE MATTER SENSOR - A particulate matter sensor includes first and second electrodes spaced from each other with a bias resistor connected between the first and second electrodes. The particulate matter sensor allows an open circuit fault condition in the sensor or in the connectors or wiring to the sensor to be detected. A sensing system using the particulate matter sensor and a method for diagnosing faults in a sensing system are also provided.05-17-2012
20100321044Sensing element integrating silicon nanowire gated-diodes, manufacturing method and detecting system thereof - The invention disclosed a sensing element integrating silicon nanowire gated-diodes with microfluidic channel, a manufacturing method and a detecting system thereof. The sensing element integrating silicon nanowire gated-diodes with a microfluidic channel comprises a silicon nanowire gated-diode, a plurality of reference electrodes, a passivation layer and a microfluidic channel. The reference electrodes are formed on the silicon nanowire gated-diodes, and the passivation layer having a surface decorated with chemical materials is used for covering the silicon nanowire gated-diodes, and the microfluidic channel is connected with the passivation layer. When a detecting sample is connected or absorbed on the surface of the passivation layer, the sensing element integrating silicon nanowire gated-diodes with the microfluidic channel can detect an electrical signal change.12-23-2010
20110163769METHODS OF DETERMINING MID-STROKE POSITIONS OF ACTIVE MATERIAL ACTUATED LOADS - Systems for and methods of determining at least one mid-stroke position of an active material actuated load by causing a stress induced rapid change in electrical resistance within the active material element, or modifying an ancillary circuit, when the load is at the mid-stroke position(s).07-07-2011
20120062254PHOTOLITHOGRAPHIC STRUCTURED THICK LAYER SENSOR - A sensor, particularly an impedance sensor, for example a soot sensor, is provided which has two mutually electrically insulated electrodes, wherein at least one external electrode is formed from a composite of metal and inorganic oxide as a film pattern having a film thickness of 0.5 to 20 μm. The trace width of the film pattern and the spacing between the traces is 5 to 70 μm and the border region around the conductor trace edge varies less than 10 μm. Both electrodes can be arranged adjacent to each other as a film pattern in a plane. Preferably, the sensor has a heater. For mass production, electrodes are produced as a film pattern having a film thickness of 0.5 to 20 μm on electrically insulating oxide bases and, following full-surface imprinting of a metal powder and oxide-containing paste, the electrodes are structured particularly accurately as traces from the printed film. In particular, the film thickness of the printed film is reduced.03-15-2012
20100117664Grid Sensor - A grid sensor significantly reduces the complexity of a production process. The cost for installing and running the grid sensor are significantly reduced and the service life, pressure and heat resistance of the grid sensor can be significantly increased over previous grid sensors. Channels, which are wider than the diameter of the wire electrodes and have a depth of less than half the thickness of the sensor board, run outwardly from the edge of the measurement cross section in the sensor board. The channels are coated by a metal layer and the wire electrodes are inserted into the periphery of the measurement cross section. The two ends of the electrode, each in one of the opposite channels, and the electrodes are fixed in the channels by means of a conductive sealing compound. In each channel, the conductive sealing compound terminates in a planar fashion with the upper side of the sensor board, and the sensor board is clamped between two clamping plates.05-13-2010
20100213954CARBON NANOTUBE ARRAY SENSOR - A carbon nanotube array sensor includes a first electrode, a second electrode, a carbon nanotube array, at least one first conductive metal layer, at least one second conductive metal layer, a first metallophilic layer, and a second metallophilic layer. The carbon nanotube array is located between the first and second electrodes. The carbon nanotube array includes a number of carbon nanotubes. Each of the carbon nanotubes includes a first end and a second end opposite to the first end. The first metallophilic layer is located on the first end of each of the carbon nanotubes and electrically connected to the first conductive metal layer. The second metallophilic layer is located on the second end of each of the carbon nanotubes and electrically connected to the second conductive metal layer.08-26-2010
20100176825Tactile sensor for curved surface and manufacturing method thereof - A tactile sensor for curved surfaces applicable to objects with multi-dimensional curvature and a small radius of curvature and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The tactile sensor for curved surfaces includes a lower pattern including a plurality of lower polymer film layers spaced at specified intervals in a lower direction, lower metal layers disposed on the lower polymer film layers, and a number of lower resistors disposed on the lower metal layers, an upper pattern including a plurality of upper polymer film layers spaced at specified intervals in a direction perpendicular to the lower direction, upper metal layers disposed on the upper polymer film layers, and a number of upper resistors disposed below the upper metal layers to be electrically connected to the lower resistors, and a lower polymer layer and an upper polymer layer to bond the lower pattern and the upper pattern to each other.07-15-2010
20110148442MONITORING A SUSPENSION AND TRACTION MEANS OF AN ELEVATOR SYSTEM - A monitoring device for a suspension-and-traction apparatus of an elevator system that includes at least one electrically conductive cord contains a measurement apparatus for determining a resulting resistance. The measurement apparatus is connected to the cord with contacting elements contacting opposite ends of cord. Damage to the suspension-and-traction apparatus is detected by a contact point that can register protruding conductive parts of the cord and, in another embodiment, the contacting elements each contain a plurality of mutually differing resistance elements such that each of at least two electrically conductive cords of the suspension-and-traction apparatus is connected to the monitoring device through two of the resistance elements.06-23-2011
20100026322Method for ascertaining burden resistance for a measurement transmitter - In a method for ascertaining burden resistance for a measurement transmitter, which is supplied with voltage via a first line-pair and which transmits a variable electrical-current signal via an electrical-current loop to a control system via a second line-pair, a test-voltage signal is capacitively coupled into the electrical-current loop and an associated electrical-current signal evaluated. An instantaneous value of the burden resistance is ascertained from a characterizing feature of the electrical-current signal, especially an RC time constant. Thus, already at start-up of a measurement transmitter, a burden resistance, which is too high, can be detected.02-04-2010
20120038373APPARATUS FOR ESTIMATING FUEL-CELL HYDROGEN CONCENTRATION AND FUEL CELL SYSTEM - A fuel cell system includes a fuel cell, an impedance measuring instrument, and a control device. The control device is connected to the impedance measuring instrument. The impedance measuring instrument measures the impedance of the fuel cell according to the AC impedance method. The control device stores in advance a reference value corresponding to a reference hydrogen concentration. The control device compares the real part Z′ of impedance acquired via the impedance measuring instrument against the reference value. When Z′ is equal to or greater than the reference value, the control device estimates the hydrogen concentration of the fuel cell to be equal to or less than the reference hydrogen concentration.02-16-2012
20120043979Measuring system for a down conductor of a wind turbine blade - A measuring system for a down conductor of a wind turbine blade includes a measuring cable connected in series with its first end to the down conductor. A second end of the measuring cable is accessible for measurement of the electrical resistance in a lower base part of the blade.02-23-2012
20110156727Soot Sensor - A soot sensor for the detection of soot particles in an exhaust gas flow, having interdigitally engaged measurement electrodes applied on a substrate. An electrical resistance between the measurement electrodes is a measure of soot load of the exhaust gas flow. The measurement electrodes are divided into two regions, a first region in which no soot particles can be deposited and a second region where soot particles are deposited from the exhaust gas flow. The first region and the second region are exposed simultaneously to the other conditions prevailing in the exhaust gas flow.06-30-2011
20120007616Method and Device for Determining Impedance of Depression - A method and the device for position detection are disclosed. The device comprises a plurality of strips intersecting each other to form a plurality of intersecting regions. A pair of depressed strips intersecting on an intersecting region contact to each other on a contact point to form a depressed intersecting region, wherein the contact impedance of the contact point is determined according to the position of the depressed intersecting region and the voltages on the contact point of one and the other of the pair depressed strips.01-12-2012
20120025852ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT FOR THE EVALUATION OF INFORMATION FROM VARIABLE ELECTRIC RESISTANCE SENSORS - The solution concerns an electronic circuit for information evaluation from variable electric resistance sensors, where this sensor is formed by a matrix composed of columns and rows. At least one row and one column of the matrix is connected to a circuit which is formed by a parallel combination of a capacitor and a resistor to which a row switch is connected in series, and parallel to that is connected a serial combination consisting of terminals for connecting a variable electric resistance sensor and a column switch. The so formed connection of elements is connected to a power supply. The common point of parallel combination of the capacitor and the resistor is connected over a wave-shaping circuit to a counter. The row switch is connected to one output of a timing block to whose other output is connected a column switch.02-02-2012
20100066392MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT, TEST SYSTEM, AND MEASUREMENT METHOD - A measurement apparatus that detects a defect in a device based on the quiescent current (IDDQ) of a CMOS LSI or the like detects the defect by measuring the value of IDDQ that flows when a logic vector is applied. However, the miniaturization of CMOS LSIs has caused an increase in the leak current flowing through a normal CMOS circuit. This makes it difficult to distinguish between the power supply current flowing in a defective CMOS circuit and the leak current flowing through a normal CMOS circuit. By applying the logic vector after suppressing the fluctuation of the leak current by controlling the power supply voltage applied to the device under measurement and the voltage applied to the substrate of the device under measurement, the measurement apparatus of the present invention can measure the power supply current flowing through a defective CMOS circuit to detect the defect in the CMOS circuit.03-18-2010
20100244861PLASMA MONITORING METHOD - A plasma monitoring method measures in-situ a resistance of a side wall in a particular pattern and a current flowing in the side wall in the pattern. A monitoring system has two sensors in a plasma chamber. Each sensor has an upper electrode and a lower electrode. An external resistance element is connected only to one of the two sensors. The external resistance element is connected in parallel to the wires extending from the upper and lower electrodes of the sensor concerned. As a result, a resistance between the upper and lower electrodes is different in the two sensors, and two different values of potential difference between the upper and lower electrodes are obtained in-situ. Because a resistance value of the external resistance element is already known, a resistance value of a side wall of a contact hole per one contact hole is obtained in-situ. When the resistance per one contact hole is obtained, an electric current flowing in the side wall of the contact hole per one contact hole can be obtained.09-30-2010
20120126837Bumper structure of cleaning robot - A bumper structure of a cleaning robot which detects whether or not an obstacle contacts a bumper and a position of the obstacle, allows the bumper to be simply process and reduces the number of components of the cleaning robot to lower the production costs of the cleaning robot. The bumper structure includes a main body, a bumper installed on the front surface of the main body, a resistance film provided between the main body and the bumper and fixed to the main body, and a metal film provided between the main body and the bumper and fixed to the bumper such that the shape of the metal film is deformed together with the bumper and the metal film comes into contact with the resistance film when at least one obstacle contacts the bumper, so as to measure resistance values.05-24-2012
20090058430Systems and Methods for Sensing Positions of Components - Systems and methods for sensing positions of components are provided. In this regard, a representative method includes: capacitively coupling the component to a resistive member without electrically connecting the component and the resistive member; moving the component relative to the resistive member while the component is capacitively coupled thereto; and measuring relative electrical impedance with respect to ends of the resistive member such that a position of the component is determined.03-05-2009
20120169357INTERNAL NODE RESISTANCE TESTING FOR A TIRE - Methods for measuring the electrical resistance of a tire including establishing contact between a tread face portion of the omega section and a grounded conductive surface and establishing contact between a mounting portion of the omega section and a mounting rim. An embodiment further includes measuring electrical resistance between each of two or more internal nodes of the omega section and the grounded conductive surface, wherein the two or more internal nodes are each a metal component cured in the tire and measuring electrical resistance between each of the two or more internal nodes of the omega section and the mounting rim and measuring electrical resistance between each of the two or more internal nodes of the omega section. A method may further include identifying a least conductive portion of the omega section as being the portion having the highest measured electrical resistance.07-05-2012
20120249168LIQUID IMMERSION SENSOR - Disclosed is a liquid immersion sensor comprising a substrate (10-04-2012
20120313651CIRCUIT FOR DETECTING THE POSITIONS OF CONTACTORS IN A TURBINE ENGINE - A circuit for detecting individual positions of a plurality of electrical contactors, including a plurality of modules each including a contactor having k separate contact positions each connected in series to a resistor associated with an integer status value between 1 and k and separate from other status values of a same module, each module being associated with a weighting coefficient and the weighting coefficients following a geometric progression of no less than k+1, the electrical conductance value of each resistor being equal to the status value thereof multiplied by the weighting coefficient of the module thereof.12-13-2012
20120229153SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DETECTING SURFACE CHARGE - Systems and methods are provided for detecting surface charge on a semiconductor substrate having a sensing arrangement formed thereon. An exemplary sensing system includes the semiconductor substrate having the sensing arrangement formed thereon, and a module coupled to the sensing arrangement. The module obtains a first voltage output from the sensing arrangement when a first voltage is applied to the semiconductor substrate, obtains a second voltage output from the sensing arrangement when a second voltage is applied to the semiconductor substrate, and detects electric charge on the surface of the semiconductor substrate based on a difference between the first voltage output and the second voltage output.09-13-2012
20080315897INDUCTION COIL RESISTANCE TESTER - Inventive subject matter described herein includes an induction coil resistance tester, comprising: a base effective for absorbing vibration; a mechanism for moving a sample in x, y, and z directions; a scale for measuring weight of the sample; and an ohmmeter for measuring resistance of the sample.12-25-2008
20110121844METHOD OF MEASURING EARTH GROUND RESISTANCE OF A PYLON - The present invention relates generally to a facilitated method for accurately measuring the earth ground resistance of a ground rod, in particular a footing of a pylon acting as a ground rod or a ground rod attached to the footings of a pylon, and obtaining an overall value for the resistance of the pylon i.e. all footings in parallel, and all pylons connected in parallel thereto. A method of determining the earth ground resistance of two or more pylon footings is provided according to the present invention, comprising conducting selective measurements of each footing of a pylon consecutively and wherein true values for the resistance of each footing measured are calculated. According to the present invention the testing means is connected directly to two auxiliary electrodes which are placed at predetermined distances from the pylon, and a current measurement means which is placed around a pylon footing in order to measure a the current flowing along the footing.05-26-2011
20100327885Method for estimating and removing air wave response in marine electromagnetic surveying - A method for determining resistivity distribution of formations below a bottom of a body of water from transient electromagnetic signals acquired by imparting a transient electromagnetic field into the water and detecting an electromagnetic response thereto at a plurality of spaced apart positions from a place of the imparting includes simulating an air wave response at each of the plurality of spaced apart positions. The simulated air wave response is subtracted from the detected response to produce a subsurface impulse response at each of the plurality of positions. The subsurface impulse responses are used to determine the resistivity distribution.12-30-2010
20110248730Electric power metering device and method - The measuring device with electric voltage divider comprises a first measuring resistor connected between a voltage measurement input and a common point, and a second measuring resistor connected between said common point and a reference electric ground. A measurement output is connected to the common point. An outer shielding enclosure surrounds the first and second measuring resistors and is connected to the reference electric ground. An inner capacitive electrode surrounding the first and second measuring resistors is arranged inside said outer shielding enclosure. To improve the phase difference and passband, the device comprises a phase difference compensation circuit connected between said inner capacitive electrode and said common point.10-13-2011
20120280701MICROORGANISM NUMBER MEASUREMENT DEVICE - A microorganism number-measuring apparatus includes: measurement container including measurement liquid; rotary driver; bacteria-collection signal generator; measurement signal generator; output amplifier for amplifying outputs of signal generators and; I/V amplifier; impedance measuring unit for measuring impedance of liquid; microorganism number-computing unit for computing the number of microorganisms present in liquid; solution conductivity-computing unit for computing conductivity of liquid; and warm-up section for warming up at least one of I/V amplifier and output amplifier. Warm-up section computes a warm-up signal based on the conductivity computed by conductivity-computing unit. Warm-up section computes the warm-up signal having a current the same in magnitude as that flowing through measurement electrode by using the measured solution conductivity, and applies the signal to at least one of I/V amplifier and output amplifier.11-08-2012
20120092031Sample and Hold Circuitry for Monitoring Voltages in an Implantable Neurostimulator - Sample and hold circuitry for monitoring electrodes and other voltages in an implantable neurostimulator is disclosed. The sample and hold circuitry in one embodiment contains multiplexers to selected appropriate voltages and to pass them to two storage capacitors during two different measurement phases. The capacitors are in a later stage serially connected to add the two voltages stored on the capacitors, and voltages present at the top and bottom of the serial connection are then input to a differential amplifier to compute their difference. The sample and hold circuitry is particularly useful in calculating the resistance between two electrodes, and is further particularly useful when resistance is measured using a biphasic pulse. The sample and hold circuitry is flexible, and can be used to measure other voltages of interest during biphasic or monophasic pulsing.04-19-2012
20080224717SUSPENDED NANOWIRE SENSOR AND METHOD FOR FABRICATING THE SAME - Provided is a suspended nanowire sensor having good sensing characteristics and suitable for mass production, a method for fabricating the suspended nanowire sensor. The suspended nanowire sensor includes: first and second sensor electrodes formed on upper portions of a substrate and physically separated from each other; and a nanowire sensor material piece extending from the first sensor electrode to the second sensor electrode and physically suspended between the first and second sensor electrodes.09-18-2008
20110273195Touch-Sensitive Sensor Arrangement - A touch-sensitive sensor arrangement comprising a planar-shaped element having a surface provided with a conductive layer, and a plurality of connecting points that are each arranged in an edge area of the element and contacting the conductive layer, wherein a respective decoupling device is arranged for decoupling a current, which is applied to at least two connecting points, from an evaluating signal, between each of the respective connecting points and associated connecting lines for the evaluation of a position of a contact of the element with a contacting object, where the element is heatable by the current.11-10-2011
20130176041INSULATION RESISTANCE MEASUREMENT CIRCUIT HAVING SELF-TEST FUNCTION WITHOUT GENERATING LEAKAGE CURRENT - Provided is an insulation resistance measurement circuit including: a source resistance unit including a first source resistance unit connected to a positive terminal of an insulation resistance measurement battery and a second source resistance unit connected to a negative terminal of the insulation resistance measurement battery and the first source resistance unit; a voltage sensing unit including a first operational amplifier sensing the voltage of the first source resistance unit, as a first voltage, and the voltage of the second source resistance unit, as a second voltage; a leakage current interrupting unit including a first switch connected to the positive terminal of the insulation resistance measurement battery and the first source resistance unit and a second switch connected to the negative terminal of the insulation resistance measurement battery and the second source resistance unit; a measurement circuit testing unit including a third switch connected to the first operational amplifier and a first voltage source and a fourth switch connected to the second operational amplifier and a second voltage source; and an insulation resistance measurement unit measuring insulation resistance of the insulation resistance measurement battery through the first and second voltages.07-11-2013
20130093440CONTROL APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DETECTING A TYPE OF LOAD - The invention relates to a control apparatus (04-18-2013
20130134997METHOD FOR DETECTING IMPERFECT MOUNTING OF A ROD-SHAPED METALLIC OBJECT IN A METALLIC HOLLOW SHAFT AND A DEVICE - A method for detecting an imperfect mounting of an essentially rod-shaped metallic object in a metallic hollow shaft is provided. The imperfect mounting may lead to the formation of metallic particles. The rod-shaped object is mounted electrically insulated from the hollow shaft. The electrical resistance between the rod-shaped object and the hollow shaft is measured. An alert is issued when the electrical resistance is lower than a predefined level. A device includes a spin unit with a hollow drive shaft and a nozzle mounted inside the hollow shaft. The device is configured to use the inventive method.05-30-2013
20080197862Proportional Variable Resistor Structures to Electrically Measure Mask Misalignment - A system, method and structures employing proportional variable resistors suitable for electrically measuring unidirectional misalignment of stitched masks in etched interconnect layers. In an example embodiment, there is a structure (08-21-2008
20120274341RESISTANCE MEASUREMENT CIRCUIT AND MEASURING METHOD EMPLOYING THE SAME - A resistance measurement circuit used in a power circuit includes an analog to digital converter (ADC), a signal control module, and a potentiometer. The ADC can receive an output voltage from the power circuit and convert the output voltage from the power circuit to digital signals. The signal control module compares two consecutive digital signals to establish any voltage difference according to the comparison. If the voltage difference is outside a predetermined voltage range, the signal control module adjusts the resistance of the potentiometer and the output voltage from the power circuit until the voltage difference is within the predetermined voltage range.11-01-2012
20100315104CONDUCTIVITY MEASUREMENT DEVICE - A conductivity measurement device comprises a first body, a second body, a baseplate, a extension rod and a contact pad. The extension rod is positioned inside the first body, the baseplate is positioned on one end of the extension rod, and the contact pad is positioned on the other end of the extension rod. The contact pad contacts the surface to be tested and measures the electrical conductivity thereof with no resulting damage to the surface.12-16-2010
20100315103METHOD FOR EVALUATION OF THE GROUND REINFORCEMENT EFFECT USING 4-D ELECTRICAL RESISTIVITY MONITORING - Disclosed is a method of evaluating a ground reinforcement effect using 4-D electrical resistivity monitoring, wherein the ground reinforcement is made up on an underground cavity through cement mortar grouting, the method including: (a) installing a survey line for measuring electrical resistivity in a ground reinforcement zone; (b) measuring the electrical resistivity of the ground reinforcement zone through the survey line before grouting mortar, and imaging three-dimensional electrical resistivity distribution in the ground reinforcement zone by applying a three-dimensional electrical resistivity inversion to the measured results; (c) measuring the electrical resistivity of the ground reinforcement zone through the survey line while or after grouting the mortar, and imaging the three-dimensional electrical resistivity distribution in the ground reinforcement zone by applying the three-dimensional electrical resistivity inversion to the measured results; and (d) calculating a change ratio of the electrical resistivity measured while or after the grouting in (c) to the electrical resistivity measured before the grouting in (b), and evaluating the ground reinforcement effect by imaging the three-dimensional electrical resistivity distribution in the ground reinforcement zone on the basis of the change ratio.12-16-2010
20130187671Non-Destructive Evaluation Methods For Electric Joints - In one embodiment, a method of evaluating electric joints includes: partially separating a terminal portion from a busbar portion of a joint formed between a battery cell terminal and an interconnector busbar; and measuring electric resistance between the terminal portion and the busbar portion. In another embodiment, the step of measuring includes connecting the terminal portion of the joint to a first clip of a first polarity and connecting the busbar portion of the joint to a second clip of an opposing polarity.07-25-2013
20110316568DETECTOR STATE MONITORING SYSTEM AND A PORTABLE DETECTOR INCLUDING SAME - A portable imaging detector and a method for operating the portable imaging detector are provided. The portable imaging detector includes a docking connector having a plurality of docking connector contacts. The method includes measuring a voltage at a first docking connector contact, and determining whether the portable detector is (i) operating in a digital cassette mode or is (ii) installed in either a cassette holder or a charging bin using the measured voltage. A detector state monitoring system is also discussed.12-29-2011
20120019269MOTION SENSING DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A motion sensing device includes a housing defining a chamber that includes a number of sidewalls. A number of movable members are connected to the sidewalls and able to move toward the sidewalls. Each movable member includes a number of conductive grooves opposing the sidewalls and having a resistance layer. A number of conductive spring members are respectively fixed to the sidewalls and each include a free end movably received in one conductive groove. An inertial weight is movably received in a space defined by the movable members. When the motion sensing device is jerked, the inertial weight moves and is able to apply a pushing force to one of the movable members, causing one of the movable members to move and causing two of the free ends in the same conductive groove to move toward each other.01-26-2012

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