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324 - Electricity: measuring and testing


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324658000 Using capacitive type measurement 776
324691000 Using resistance or conductance measurement 608
324654000 Using inductive type measurement 91
324652000 Of a resonant circuit 14
324650000 Using phasor or vector analysis 6
324653000 For figure of merit or Q value 1
20130063160SENSING DEVICE, POWER RECEPTION DEVICE, POWER TRANSMISSION DEVICE, NON-CONTACT POWER TRANSMISSION SYSTEM, AND SENSING METHOD - There is provided a sensing device including a circuit including at least a coil electromagnetically coupled to an outside; a temperature detection unit for detecting a temperature of the coil; a sensing unit for measuring a Q value of the circuit; and a correction unit for correcting the Q value measured by the sensing unit based on temperature information detected by the temperature detection unit.03-14-2013
20130043887COMMUNICATION METHOD FOR MONITORING PIPELINES - A method for underground pipeline monitoring in which a continuous alternating electrical current having a current frequency in a range of about 1 kHZ to about 8 kHz is imparted onto a pipeline, producing an alternating magnetic field at the current frequency along the pipeline. Distributed along the pipeline is a network of RFID tag sensors which absorb an amount of energy from the alternating magnetic field. The impedance of the sensors is modulated, producing a modulated sensor impedance which is detected at a location proximate the location at which the continuous alternating electrical current is imparted onto the pipeline.02-21-2013
20110193568IMPEDANCE CORRECTION DEVICE AND METHOD THEREOF - An impedance correction device and a method thereof are provided. A step generator is used to generate a step signal and send to a circuit under test. A reflected signal returned back from the circuit under test is used as a measurement signal; and the measurement signal can be measured to obtain a characteristic impedance value. When the measurement signal is greater than the initially measured step signal, an impedance value of a correction resistor is increased; when the measurement signal is smaller than the initially measured step signal, the impedance value of the correction resistor is reduced. Through adjustment of the correction impedance value, impedance matching between the correction impedance value and the characteristic impedance value is achieved.08-11-2011
20100007358Sensor for high voltage environment - Sensor for measuring electrical parameters in a high voltage environment comprising a high voltage side (01-14-2010
20100073014Time-Domain Reflectometer - The present invention provides a time domain reflectometer for testing an electrical cable. The time domain reflectometer includes a test signal generator, at least one line feed resistor, connected between the test signal generator and a pair of terminals, for connection to the ends of the electrical cable under test, and a signal processor, connected to the terminals, to receive a line signal including a reflection of a test signal transmitted into the cable under test. The signal processor is programmed to filter the line signal to enhance a portion of the signal indicative of any fault on the cable by balancing the signal according to the electrical characteristics of a normal cable of the same type as the cable under test by applying a filter function, and acquiring at least one estimate of the input admittance of the transmission line from known or estimated electrical characteristics of the cable under test.03-25-2010
20100045307METHOD FOR TESTING H-BRIDGE - A method for measuring an on resistance in an H-bridge including first and second transistors connected to a first output terminal, third and fourth transistors connected to a second output terminal, and a measurement switch connected to the first and second output terminals. The first and third transistors are connected to a first power supply terminal. The second and fourth transistors are connected to a second power supply terminal. The method includes supplying the first transistor with measurement current during a first period, measuring a first voltage at the first power supply terminal via the third transistor using the second output terminal during the first period, measuring a second voltage at the first output terminal via the measurement switch using the second output terminal during the first period, and determining the on resistance of the first transistor based on the measurement current, first voltage, and second voltage.02-25-2010
20120223723Sensor - The invention disclosed enables sensing of the electrical permittivity of an object. A sensor is provided that includes a dielectric layer that presents a surface defining the base of a volume in which a test object may be placed and an electrically active layer beneath the dielectric layer, comprising a first set of electrodes that extend in a first direction and a second set of electrodes that extend in a second direction that is perpendicular to the first direction. By applying a signal to a first electrode in said first set of electrodes, an electric field is generated that extends outside of the sensor. An output signal is then produced in each of the second electrode set by capacitive coupling to the first electrode. The electrical permittivity of the volume above the first receiver electrode is then determined based on the output signals in the said set of electrodes.09-06-2012
20110012620CORRECTION FACTORS FOR ELECTROMAGNETIC MEASUREMENTS MADE THROUGH CONDUCTIVE MATERIAL - The present disclosure relates to determining attenuation factors relating to an electromagnetic signal passing through, a conductive material seen by a real sensor. A sensor is provided and disposed proximate to the material. An alternating current is passed through the sensor and the impedance of the sensor is measured. The impedance of an ideal coil is obtained from the measured impedance using electromagnetic modeling combined with a circuit analysis of the coil impedance, and the attenuation factors for the real coil in straight or feedback mode are determined by electromagnetic modeling of casing attenuation factors and impedance of an ideal coil combined with equivalent circuit modeling of the sensor transfer functions. The attenuation factors seen by the real sensor may be determined in real-time or post-survey. The material may be magnetic or non-magnetic.01-20-2011
20110037484System and Method for Augmented Impedance Sensing - An impedance monitoring circuit for an electrosurgical generator is disclosed. The monitoring circuit includes an isolation transformer coupled to at least one of an active terminal and a return terminal of an electrosurgical generator, wherein the isolation transformer includes a primary winding coupled to a reference resistor and a secondary winding coupled to a load. The monitoring circuit also includes a driver configured to transmit a sensor signal to the reference resistor and the load, a primary converter coupled to the reference resistor and the load and configured to detect a primary converted signal as a function of the sensor signal passing through the reference resistor and the load. The monitoring circuit further includes a secondary converter coupled to the driver and configured to detect a secondary converted signal as a function of the sensor signal prior to passing through the reference resistor and the load and a controller configured to determine a fault condition based on the primary and secondary converted signals.02-17-2011
20120092026Electrical System, Method, and Apparatus of Fingerprint Sensor Using Acoustic Impediography - Provided is a method of arranging a plurality of sensor elements to form a sensor array. The method includes arranging the plurality of elements to form two or more sub-rows along an axis. Elements in a first of the two or more sub-rows are positioned in a staggered arrangement with the elements in a second of the two or more sub-rows.04-19-2012
20120187961Plug Insertion Detection Circuits and Related Methods and Communications Connectors - Methods of detecting a plug insertion into a plug aperture of a communications connector are provided in which a control signal is transmitted to a control signal input circuit of the connector that includes a reactive coupling element. The control signal is electromagnetically coupled through the control signal input circuit. The electromagnetically coupled control signal is thereafter detected on a first differential pair of conductive paths that are included in the connector. A determination is made that a plug is present in the plug aperture based at least in part on detecting the electromagnetically coupled control signal on the first differential pair of conductive paths.07-26-2012
20110279129DETECTION DEVICE FOR DETECTING IMPEDANCE OF SENSOR ELEMENT IN GAS SENSOR AND SENSOR UNIT EQUIPPED WITH DETECTION DEVICE - In a sensor control circuit, an impedance signal output unit has a HPF, a P/H circuit, a LPF, etc., and detects an element impedance of a sensor element on the basis of an impedance response signal which is alternately changed in response to an alternating current signal supplied to the sensor element. The P/H circuit has an input comparator which inputs an impedance detection voltage Vz after the HPF, a rectifying element connected to the P/H circuit, and a hold capacitor which is charged by the output of the input comparator. The input comparator has a constant current circuit and a transistor. The constant current circuit limits an updating value of a hold voltage value Vph of the hold capacitor every alternating current period. The sensor control device detects the element impedance of the sensor element with high accuracy while preventing influence of noise.11-17-2011
20100007357Electrical Impedance Tomography Method and Device - Electrical impedance tomography method comprising: an electrical measurement step during which pre-determined electrical conditions are imposed on the surface of a medium to be imaged, while generating a mechanical disturbance at predefined points of the medium by locally modifying the impedance of the medium and an electrical parameter is measured at several points on the surface of the medium; and a calculation step during which the electrical impedance is determined at several points in the internal volume of the medium, taking into account the measurements carried out during the disturbance, as a function of a law for modification of the electrical impedance by this disturbance.01-14-2010
20110279130FINGERED ELECTRODES FOR MICROFLUIDIC SINGLE PARTICLE ANALYSIS - The electrical properties of particle solutions can be investigated on a single particle basis by using micro fluidic channels. The impedance can be measured across the channel using at least one pair of conductive electrodes, at least one electrode of a pair being a fingered electrode having a plurality of fingers. The pattern of fingered electrodes creates a longer and more complicated measurement signal shape which leads to a significant improvement of measurement sensitivity. An application for the proposed technology is to significantly improve the measurement sensitivity of impedance measurements on blood cells, leading to a better differentiation between different types of white blood cells. Better measurement sensitivity also enables the measurement of smaller particles and higher throughput.11-17-2011
20120081130RESISTOR STORAGE CAVITY IN PLUG OF SENSING EDGE - A sensing edge for providing a signal to a controller indicating that a forward edge of a door is obstructed during operation includes an elongated sheath and first and second end plugs. The elongated sheath is mounted to the forward door edge and has a first end, second end and first cavity connecting the ends. First and second spaced apart electrically conductive materials are disposed within the elongated sheath. The first end plug includes an inner end having first engaging structures positioned within the first cavity in an assembled configuration and an outer end having a first depression for housing an electronic component. The electronic component is electrically coupled to the electrically conductive materials. The second end plug includes an inner end having a sensing component and second engaging structures positioned within the first cavity in an assembled configuration. The sensing component is electrically coupled to the electrically conductive materials.04-05-2012
20110291673CHEMICAL SENSOR - Provided is a chemical sensor requiring no ion-sensitive film. Specifically provided is a chemical sensor (12-01-2011
20110291672GALVANICALLY ISOLATED FUNCTIONAL TEST FOR COMPONENTS - A method and a circuit functionally test a semiconductor component. The functional test is performed with galvanic isolation by using a transformer. The test itself is based on determining the frequency-dependent impedance of a series circuit of capacitors and inductors using the semiconductor component itself. The impedance is strongly influenced by the conduction state of the semiconductor component, in other words, by the instantaneous conductivity or blocking capability of the semiconductor component.12-01-2011
20120098549ELECTRICAL TOMOGRAPHY APPARATUS AND METHOD AND CURRENT DRIVER - Electrical tomography apparatus comprises: a first electrode; a second electrode; and current driving means for driving an electrical current between the first electrode and the second electrode through a medium, wherein the current driving means comprises: a first transformer having a first winding and a second winding, the second winding having a first terminal and a second terminal; and means for generating an alternating current through the first winding so as to generate an alternating voltage between said first terminal and said second terminal. The apparatus further comprises connecting means arranged to connect the first terminal to the first electrode and the second terminal to the second electrode. Generation of the alternating current in the first winding results in generation of an alternating voltage between the first and second electrodes. In certain embodiments, a current sensing transformer provides an indication of current driven through the medium.04-26-2012
20100171514MEMS DOSIMETER - In various embodiments, a dosimeter is employed to passively record a peak pressure (e.g., a peak blast pressure) and/or a maximum acceleration experienced by the dosimeter.07-08-2010
20100264938Method and Device for Position Detection - A method and the device for position detection are disclosed. The device comprises a plurality of conductive strips intersecting each other to form a plurality of intersecting regions. A pair of depressed strips intersecting on any intersecting region contact each other to form a depressed intersecting region. When a high voltage and a low voltage are separately provided to the first ends of each pair of overlapping strips, the voltages at the second ends of each pair of overlapping strips are detected so as to determine each depressed intersecting regions.10-21-2010
20090189617CONTINUOUS SUBSURFACE HEATER TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT - A method for assessing one or more temperatures of an electrically powered subsurface heater includes accessing an impedance profile of the electrically powered subsurface heater while the heater is being operated in the subsurface. The impedance profile is analyzed with a frequency domain algorithm to assess one or more temperatures of the heater.07-30-2009
20100283484Method and Apparatus for Localizing an Object in the Body - Method and apparatus for real-time, 3-D image guidance of invasive surgical diagnostic tools and therapy. In this method, the 3-D distribution of electrical conductivity of the surgical region of interest are derived using images derived from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) or other techniques. Current flows and voltages within the region due to applied currents from body surface electrodes at defined locations are simulated using a finite element method. During the surgical procedure, electrodes are placed at the same locations, and the surgical instrument is inserted into the region. By matching the potentials measured by the instrument to the simulated potentials, the instrument location may be identified in real-time.11-11-2010
20110199100EVALUATION OF A CHARGE IMPEDANCE AT THE OUTPUT OF A DIRECTIONAL COUPLER - A method and circuit for evaluating a charge impedance at the output of a directional coupling having a first line adapted to convey a wanted signal between a first terminal and a second terminal adapted to be connected to an antenna, and having a second line coupled to the first one including a third terminal on the side of the first terminal and a fourth terminal on the side of the second terminal, wherein the signal present on the fourth terminal is submitted to a homodyne detector having its local oscillator signal sampled from the third terminal.08-18-2011
20090295408NANOSTRUCTURED SURFACE FOR MICROPARTICLE ANALYSIS AND MANIPULATION - The present invention provides an apparatus, comprising a first mechanical structure having a first rigid surface, an area of the first rigid surface having a nanostructured surface. The apparatus also includes a second mechanical structure having a second rigid surface and opposing the first mechanical structure. The second rigid surface is cooperable with the nanostructured surface such that a microscopic particle is locatable between the nanostructured surface and the second rigid surface.12-03-2009
20120293187SIMPLE AND MINIMALLY INVASIVE METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR SENSING AND COMPUTING LOAD IMPEDANCE - Systems and methods for direct load impedance computation for a two-port network are disclosed. For a two-port network connected between a first port and a second port, a method can include defining an equivalent PI network including a first equivalent network element in communication with the first port, a second equivalent network element in communication with the second port, and a third equivalent network element connected between the first port and the second port. A linear passive load can be connected to the second port of the two-port network, currents through the linear passive load, the second equivalent network element, and the third equivalent network element can be measured, and a load impedance of the linear passive load can be determined based on predetermined values of a voltage at the first port and a voltage at the second port.11-22-2012
20120293186METHOD, SOLVENT FORMULATION AND APPARATUS FOR THE MEASUREMENT OF THE SALT CONTENT IN PETROLEUM FLUIDS - A method and apparatus for determining the salt concentration of crude oil using a single solvent that allows for improved safety and accuracy. The apparatus can include a pair of electrodes, a solvent storage container, a power source, a temperature sensor, a computer, and a display device. The method includes introducing a volume of the crude oil and a solvent to a mixing zone and mixing them together to form a homogenized mixture. The temperature and conductivity of the homogenized mixture are measured in order to determine the salt concentration of the homogenized mixture, and subsequently, the salt concentration of the crude oil.11-22-2012
20120062243Conductivity Measurement Device, Its Manufacture And Use - The invention relates to a method of manufacturing a device for measuring conductivity of a liquid, in particular ultrapure water, of the kind comprising two conductivity measurement electrodes suitable for defining a cell constant enabling the measurement of the conductivity of the ultrapure liquid, characterized in that it consists of producing each of the electrodes by forming an electrode pattern from electrically conductive material on a substrate of insulating material.03-15-2012
20120068722MEASURING FLOATING BODY VOLTAGE IN SILICON-ON-INSULATOR (SOI) METAL-OXIDE-SEMICONDUCTOR-FIELD-EFFECT-TRANSISTOR (MOSFET) - In one embodiment, a body region of a body-contacted silicon-on-insulator (SOI) metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effect-transistor (MOSFET) is connected to a gate of another MOSFET in a sensing circuit to form a floating body node. The voltage at the floating body node is accurately obtained at the output of the sensing circuit and used to provide an estimate of required floating body voltage over a full device operating range.03-22-2012
20110227587AC IMPEDANCE MEASURING DEVICE - An AC impedance measuring device includes: a signal generator configured to provide a first signal on which a period signal is superimposed to a DUT; a Fourier transform unit configured to perform Fourier transform on current data and voltage data output from the DUT using a transformation window while sequentially shifting a start time of the transformation window, thereby obtaining a plurality of Fourier transform data strings of the voltage data and the current data; a difference sequence calculator configured to sequentially calculate a first difference sequence of the Fourier transform data strings of the voltage data and a second difference sequence of the Fourier transform data strings of the current data; and an impedance calculator configured to calculate an impedance of the DUT based on a ratio of the first difference sequence and the second difference sequence.09-22-2011
20090315569IMPEDANCE MEASURING INSTRUMENT AND IMPEDANCE MEASURING METHOD FOR FINE PARTICLE COLLECTOR - An impedance measuring instrument of a fine particle collector comprising a fine particle collection body for collecting fine particles in a fluid, a conductive can body for containing the fine particle collection body, and a buffering body disposed between the fine particle collection body and the conductive can body, wherein two or more electrodes are arranged on the fine particle collection body, at least one of the electrodes is connected with an AC power supply, at least the other electrode is connected with an ammeter, the AC power supply and the ammeter are interconnected and further connected with the conducive can body, and the conducive can body is grounded.12-24-2009
20090251155On-chip cell migration detection - Techniques, systems and apparatus are disclosed for detecting impedance. In one aspect, a microelectrode sensing device includes a substrate and an array of microelectrode sensors formed on the substrate. Each sensor includes at least one conductive layer formed above the substrate and patterned to include a counter electrode and multiple sensing electrodes to detect an electrical signal in absence and presence of one or more target cells positioned on at least a portion of a surface of each sensing electrode. The sensing electrodes are spaced apart and arranged around the counter electrode to provide a spatially averaged value of the detected electrical signal.10-08-2009
20100013498System And Method To Determine The Impedance Of A Disconnected Electrical Facility - A signal injection unit injects a test signal at a main frequency between a reference point of an electric circuit and ground, where the electric circuit is connected with the facility and injects another test signal at a second main frequency between a reference point of the electric circuit and ground. A signal conversion unit measures first and second response voltages and first and second response currents in the electric circuit, where the response voltages and the response currents result from the test signals. A processing device determines impedances to ground of the facility from the response voltages and the response currents, analyses impedances to ground of the facility, where this analysing includes comparing each determined impedance to ground with a predetermined value, and determines a safety state of the disconnected electrical facility based on the analysed impedances to ground.01-21-2010
20120139558RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION TAG - Provided is a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag. The RFID tags includes: a conductive layer and a conductive line disposed above and below an insulation layer, respectively; an antenna connected to one end of the conductive line; a resistor connected to the other end of the conductive line; a first conductive plate connected to the conductive line and constituting a first capacitor in conjunction with the conductive layer and the insulation layer; and a first sensing device connected between the conductive line and the conductive layer and having an impedance changed according to a sensing of a first target material.06-07-2012
20100253366Broadband high impedance pickoff circuit - A measuring system minimizes the parasitic affects of lumped circuit elements. The system includes two or more in-situ interfaces configured to conductively link a source to an internal load and an external load. The in-situ interfaces are linked to a shunt conductor. Two or more linear and dynamic elements conductively link the in-situ interfaces in series. The dynamic elements are configured to overwhelm the parasitic self-capacitance of an input circuit coupled to at least one of the in-situ interfaces. A shield enclosing at least one of the linear and dynamic elements has a conductive surface to fields and electromagnetic interference. The shield has attenuation ratios that substantially dampen the parasitic capacitance between the linear and dynamic elements that bridge some of the in-situ interfaces.10-07-2010
20110031982Tamper-resistant electronic circuit and module incorporating electrically conductive nano-structures - A device and method are disclosed comprising one or more electrically conductive nano-structures defined on one or more surfaces of a microelectronic circuit such as an integrated circuit die, microelectronic circuit package (such as a TSOP, BGA or other prepackaged IC) a stacked microelectronic circuit package, or on the surface of one or more layers in a stack of layers containing one or more ICs.02-10-2011
20110025348IMPEDANCE DETERMINATION - Apparatus for use in performing impedance measurements on a subject. The apparatus includes a processing system for causing a first signal to be applied to the subject, determining an indication of a second signal measured across the subject, using the indication of the second signal to determine any imbalance and if an imbalance exists, determining a modified first signal in accordance with the imbalance and causing the modified first signal to be applied to the subject to thereby allow at least one impedance measurement to be performed.02-03-2011
20110018554INCLINATION DETECTION METHOD AND INCLINATION DETECTION APPARATUS - An inclination detection method is disclosed, which uses a pair of electrodes placed so as to face each other and having a fixed positional relation and an electric conductor which can move between the pair of electrodes, wherein the pair of electrodes is in either a conducting state or a nonconducting state depending on the position of the movable electric conductor, the conducting state in a predetermined period is expressed as any one of a plurality of level values, and a movement state of the pair of electrodes is estimated based on which of the plurality of level values the conducting state takes on.01-27-2011
20110001489METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TRANSFERRING INFORMATION - The invention relates to a system for transferring information closely connected to an object. The system is characterized in that it comprises a conductor arrangement, which comprises a number of conductor components, that forms an electromagnetic field, as well as a transmitter associated with the object. The aforementioned transmitter is arranged to connect by means of an electromagnetic field to the conductor arrangement and also to modulate the measuring signal formed by means of the field.01-06-2011
20110115498Detection and Mitigation of Particle Contaminants in MEMS Devices - Detecting and/or mitigating the presence of particle contaminants in a MEMS device involves including MEMS structures that in normal operation are robust against the presence of particles but which can be made sensitive to that presence during a test mode prior to use, e.g., by switching the impedance of sensitive structures between an exceptionally sensitive condition during test and a normal sensitivity during operation; surrounding sensitive nodes with guard elements that are at the same potential as those nodes during operation, thereby offering protection against bridging particles, but are at a very different potential during test and reveal the particles by their resulting leakage currents; extending the sensitive nodes to interdigitate with or otherwise extend adjacent to the guard structures, which neither contribute to nor detract from the device operation but cover otherwise open areas with detection means during test; and/or converting benign areas in which particles might become trapped undetectably by electric fields during test to field-free regions by extending otherwise non-functional conductive layers so that the particles can then be moved into detection locations by providing some mechanical disturbance.05-19-2011
20110115499SELF CALIBRATING HIGH THROUGHPUT INTEGRATED IMPEDANCE SPECTROMETER FOR BIOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS - Advances in a variety of fields such as micromachined silicon in conjunction with MEMS and other devices and attaching biosensors to electrode structures have allowed discrete or continuous monitoring devices to be implemented for biological systems, chemical processes, environmental monitoring etc. However, such devices are typically analysed within controlled laboratory environments due to bulky and large electrochemical impedance measurement systems. In many situations deployment in field, clinic, point-of-care, or consumer scenarios would be beneficial. Accordingly it an intention of the invention to provide a measurement system which offers potential for low cost implementations via multiple technologies to address the different cost targets of these applications as well as number of measurement cells within each. Additionally embodiments of the invention are self-calibrating and self-referencing allowing their use in such scenarios absent highly trained technicians.05-19-2011
20100066388EPITAXIAL SOOT SENSOR - A soot sensor has a soot-sensitive noble-metal structure formed as strip conductor sections on an electrically insulating carrier, whose strip conductor sections are between 5 and 100 μm wide and are spaced apart from each other between 5 and 100 μm. The electrically insulating carrier may be a single crystal and the noble metal crystallized out on a surface of the single crystal, or the electrically insulating carrier may be polycrystalline and the noble metal crystallized out on the polycrystalline, electrically insulating carrier.03-18-2010
20120200304SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USE IN DETERMINING THE THICKNESS OF A LAYER OF INTEREST IN A MULTI-LAYER STRUCTURE - A method for use in determining the thickness of a layer of interest in a multi-layer structure. A first electrode is positioned in contact with a first surface of the multi-layer structure, and a second electrode is positioned in contact with a second surface of the multi-layer structure. The second surface is substantially opposite the first surface. The first electrode is pressed against the multi-layer structure at a predetermined sampling pressure, and the structure is optionally adjusted to a predetermined sampling temperature. The electrical impedance between the first electrode and the second electrode is measured.08-09-2012
20120200305DEVICE FOR MONITORING CELL CULTURE DEVELOPMENT - According to the invention, an electrical heating resistor (08-09-2012
20110248726METHOD OF DETERMINING THE DIAMETER OF A HOLE IN A WORKPIECE - A method of determining the diameter of a hole extending from a surface of an electrically conducting workpiece into or through the workpiece 10-13-2011
20110074443LIVE FINGER DETECTION BY FOUR-POINT MEASUREMENT OF COMPLEX IMPEDANCE - A method and sensor assembly for determining the condition of a structure, especially for confirming if a measured fingerprint is on a live finger, measures characteristics of close to the structure surface. The sensor includes a first pair of current supply electrodes coupled to a current source, providing an electrical current to the skin, at least two pickup electrodes at chosen and different positions relative to the current supply electrodes, at least a first of the pickup electrodes being coupled to an instrument for measuring the voltage between the first pickup electrode and at least one of the pickup or current supply electrodes, storage for a predetermined set of values characterizing a certain condition of the surface, and means for comparing the characteristics from each pickup electrode with the measurements of the other pickup electrodes and with the predetermined set of characteristics for determining the surface condition.03-31-2011
20110175628TRIPLE-GATE OR MULTI-GATE COMPONENT BASED ON THE TUNNELING EFFECT - Disclosed is a triple-gate or multi-gate component based on the quantum mechanical tunnel effect. The component comprises at least two tunneling electrodes on a substrate that are separated by a gap through which electrons can tunnel. The component comprises an arrangement for applying an electric field to the gap, which is such that the path of an electron tunneling between the tunneling electrodes is elongated as a result of the deflection caused by this field. In general, an arrangement can also be provided for applying an electric field to the gap, this electric field having a field component that is perpendicular to the direction of the tunnel current between the tunneling electrodes and is parallel to the substrate. Since the tunnel current between the tunneling electrodes exponentially depends on the distance traveled by the electrons in the gap, such an electric field has a penetration effect on the tunneling probability and thus on the tunnel current to be controlled. Such a component can act as a very fast switching transistor having high amplification and does not have to be semiconducting.07-21-2011
20100321036DUAL TONE MEASUREMENT OF CONDUCTIVITY AND DIELECTRIC PROPERTIES - The invention relates to a method of simultaneously determining both the conductivity and dielectric properties of a sample such as lubricating oil or a fuel. First and second signals are applied to a test cell through a combiner. Output of the cell is measured by a pair of frequency selective AC voltage measuring devices through a load on the output of the test cell. Through simultaneous readings, conductivity and dielectric properties are accurately calculated rather than estimated.12-23-2010
20110260738Biomass Monitor Probes and Bioreactors Incorporating Such Probes - A bioreactor includes a plastic enclosure for containing a biological medium, the enclosure being integrally formed to have one or more elongate port extensions projecting outwardly from the enclosure and communicating from the exterior to the interior of the enclosure. A biomass impendence monitor probe is provided for use in conjunction with the bioreactor. The probe is pushed into one or more of the elongate ports in order to have an electrode arrangement positioned internally of the container. The probe has an elongate housing having an outer surface extending along and contiguous with the elongate inner surface of the port extension. The housing extends from the electrode end of the probe to a remote end. The housing is provided with an electrical connector connected to the electrode arrangement.10-27-2011
20110080179MULTIDIRECTIONAL SWITCH MEMBER AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING SAME - A multidirectional switch member and an electronic device includes an operation plate in which a pressing operation may be performed in a plurality of directions including four standard directions and a median direction extending between the four standard directions, a PCB that is located at the back side of the operation plate, a plurality of conductive bodies that are provided on the back side of the operation plate, a group of standard direction contact electrodes that each have a first electrode and a first ground potential electrode along each of the standard directions, and a group of median direction contact electrodes that have two of a second electrode and a second ground potential electrode along the median direction, wherein the two second electrodes and the first electrodes, which are located along both sides of the median direction, are located next to each other and are electrically connected to each other.04-07-2011
20100213951METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTION OF TAMPERING RELATED TO REVERSE ENGINEERING - A sensor system for protecting products and technology from reverse engineering by detecting attempts to probe electronic circuitry includes a sensor electrically linked to electronic circuitry. The sensor detects interaction of probe devices with the electronic circuitry for the purpose of reverse engineering the electronic circuitry. The sensor includes an exciter and an impedance counter linked to the exciter. A count rate of the impedance counter is a function of the impedance of the electronic circuitry due to the fact that oscillation frequency generated by the exciter is also a function of the impedance of the electronic circuitry. The sensor also includes an impedance register storing the binary count value from the impedance counter, wherein after the impedance counter data is transferred into the impedance register, the data is referred to as impedance data. The sensor also includes a reference oscillator monitoring count rate of the impedance counter and a sensor evaluation system comparing the impedance value to threshold values to determine if a significant change has occurred. When changes have occurred this is indicative of abnormal behavior and may be indicative of tampering relating to the evaluation of the electronic circuit for the purpose of reverse engineering.08-26-2010
20110187388SINGLE-USE BIOMASS SENSING DEVICE, METHOD FOR PRODUCING THIS DEVICE AND SINGLE-USE BIOREACTOR INCORPORATING THIS SENSOR - A single use bioreactor or container including an enclosure provided for containing a biological medium, and at least one device for making at least one impedance measurement in a physical, physico-chemical and/or biological process in this medium. The sensing device is fixed through a wall of the enclosure in such a way as to be an integral part thereof and includes a detection part in direct contact with an inside of the bioreactor or container and a connection part extending towards an outside of the enclosure.08-04-2011
20110181301Absolute Position Determination of Movably Mounted Member in Medication Delivery Device - The present invention relates to a medication delivery device for expelling set doses of medicament, the medication delivery device comprising a position determining arrangement for detecting absolute positions of a movably mounted member, such as a dose indicator barrel, relative to a housing of the medication delivery device. The position determining arrangement comprises a plurality of electrically conducting electrodes arranged on an outer surface of the movably mounted member, and a plurality of contacts members fixedly arranged relative to the housing of the medication delivery device. A first and a second contact member are arranged to follow a first path across the electrically conducting electrodes upon movement of the movably mounted member relative to the housing, whereas a third and a fourth contact member are arranged to follow a second path across the electrically conducting electrodes upon movement of the movably mounted member relative to the housing.07-28-2011
20100321037CONFIGURABLE VOLTAGE REGULATOR - A configurable semiconductor includes N terminals adapted to be connected to at least one of T external impedances. N is an integer greater than zero and T is an integer greater than one. The T external impedances have impedance values within predetermined tolerances. A measurement circuit measures an impedance value of at least one of the T external impedances. A control circuit compares the measured impedance value to T ranges and selects a value of a device characteristic based on comparison. The value of the device characteristic selected by the control circuit is independent of the predetermined tolerances of the T external impedances.12-23-2010
20100026317IMPEDANCE-BASED ARC FAULT DETERMINATION DEVICE (IADD) AND METHOD - Embodiments according to the present invention provide an Impedance-based Arc-Fault Determination Device (IADD) and method that, when attached to an electrical node on the power system and through observations on voltage, current and phase shift with a step load change, determine the effective Thevenin equivalent circuit or Norton equivalent circuit at the point of test. The device and method determine the expected bolted fault current at the test location of interest, which enables calculation of incident energy and the assignment of a flash-hazard risk category.02-04-2010
20110050249ELECTRIC CURRENT MEASURING DEVICE WITH INCREASED MECHANICAL STRENGTH FOR INSTALLATION - An electric current measuring device which measures current flowing from a storage battery, as installed, for example, in an engine compartment of automotive vehicles, to a harness. The current measuring device includes a bus bar with a first securement member and a second securement member, a current measuring circuit which works to measure current flowing through a resistor disposed between the first and second securement members, and a case located between the first and second securement members. The bus bar is made of a plate strip with a bend which has a bent cross section traversing a length of the plate strip, thereby increasing the degree of mechanical strength thereof (e.g., the first securement member) to withstand unwanted deformation or damage of the bus bar.03-03-2011
20110156722METHOD FOR DETECTING CHEMICAL OR BIOLOGICAL SPECIES AND ELECTRODE ARRANGEMENT THEREFOR - The present invention pertains to a process for detecting one or more chemical or biological species, which can either react in a redox reaction or directly or indirectly generate a molecule, which can react in a redox reaction, wherein current generated by said redox reaction is detected at at least one electrode, comprising the following steps: 1. Positioning a quantity of the species or molecule, which quantity varies over time, on, at or in the vicinity of the at least one electrode within a period t06-30-2011
20120007609Method and Device for Position Detection - A method and the device for position detection are disclosed. The device comprises a plurality of strips intersecting each other to form a plurality of intersecting regions. A pair of depressed strips intersecting on an intersecting region contact to each other to form a depressed intersecting region. According to the depressed intersecting regions, each depression can be determined. The total contact impedance of a depressing crossover a plurality of intersecting regions is the parallel contact impedance of the contact impedances of all intersecting regions corresponding to the same depression.01-12-2012
20120007612Method and Device for Position Detection - A device comprises a plurality of strips intersecting each other to form a plurality of intersecting regions. A pair of strips intersecting on an intersecting region contact to each other on a contact point to form a depressed intersecting region. The erroneously determined intersecting regions can be detected by comparing the contact points with the corresponding intersecting regions so as to provide the only correct contact points.01-12-2012
20120007611Method and Device for Correcting Position Error - A method and the device for position detection are disclosed. The device comprises a plurality of strips intersecting each other to form a plurality of intersecting regions. A pair of depressed strips intersecting on an intersecting region contact to each other on a contact point to form a depressed intersecting region. According to the voltages of each strip before and after the strip is depressed, an error ratio can be determined. Based on the error ration, the position error caused by the contact impedance crossover strips can be corrected.01-12-2012
20120056629SEMICONDUCTOR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT DEVICE - A semiconductor integrated circuit device comprises: a circuit block formed on a semiconductor substrate; an electrically conductive pattern formed over a portion to be protected of the block; a resetting unit configured to reset a potential of a portion of the pattern to a reference potential; a connecting unit configured to connect the portion to a current supply line; and a detection circuit configured to determine whether a preset range includes a voltage of the portion when a predetermined time has elapsed since the portion is connected to the current supply line after the potential of the portion is reset to the reference potential is provided. A change in voltage of the portion depends on a circuit constant of the pattern.03-08-2012
20120013353Method And System For Impedance Measurement In An Integrated Circuit - A method for determining a power supply impedance profile (|Z(f)|) at a predetermined load location within an electronic system. A repetitive activity (such as a modulated clock tree signal) is applied in the load location, and the local power supply voltage (U(t)) caused by this repetitive activity is measured. Rather than measuring the corresponding current consumption (I(t)) caused by the repetitive activity, the current consumption is calculated analytically. The local power supply impedance profile (|Z(f)|) is calculated as the ratio of the frequency-domain voltage and current consumption magnitudes (|U(f)|, |I(f)|) of the measured power supply voltage (U(t)) and the calculated current consumption (I(t)).01-19-2012
20120206155SYSTEM FOR ASSEMBLING AND UTILIZING SENSORS IN CONTAINERS - A system for measuring parameters in a container is disclosed. A container has a solution. A protective layer is deposited over at least one sensor and at least one wall of the container, where the protective layer is attached to the wall of the container to form a seal between the container and the at least one sensor. The at least one sensor is configured to have an operable electromagnetic field based on a thickness of the container and the protective layer. The at least one sensor in conjunction with a tag is in proximity to an impedance analyzer and a reader that constitute a measurement device. The at least one sensor is configured to determine at least one parameter of the solution. The tag is configured to provide a digital ID associated with the at least one sensor, where the container is in proximity to the reader and an impedance analyzer. The impedance analyzer is configured to receive a given range of frequencies from the at least one sensor based on the measured complex impedance over the given range of frequencies.08-16-2012
20110084707OPERATOR IDENTIFYING APPARATUS, OPERATOR IDENTIFYING METHOD AND VEHICLE-MOUNTED APPARATUS - An operator identifying apparatus, operator identifying method, and a vehicle-mounted apparatus.04-14-2011
20120169354FOOD PROBE AND A METHOD FOR RECOGNIZING THE TYPE OF A FOOD AND MONITORING A COOKING PROCESS OF A FOOD STUFF - The present invention relates to a food probe (07-05-2012
20120256641CONDUCTIVITY SENSOR ASSEMBLY - A flow-through conductivity sensor assembly comprises a housing (10-11-2012
20110121840Lipid Bilayer Sensor System - A sensor system (05-26-2011
20110260737Laser-Protective Wall Element for a Housing in Laser Machining Stations - A laser protective wall element for a housing in laser machining stations with which increased protection, in particular for the eyes of living beings, can be achieved. In a laser protective wall element for a housing at laser machining stations, an intermediate layer is present which has hot conductor properties. The intermediate layer can be formed between electrically conductive plate-like elements, an electrically conductive plate-like element and an electrically conductive coating or also two electrically conductive layers or can be arranged there. The electrically conductive plate-like elements, the coating and/or the layers are connected to an electrical voltage source as well as a measuring instrument which detects electrical current, electrical resistance and/or electrical capacity and whose measured signal change can be used for the condition monitoring of the laser protective wall element.10-27-2011
20120092025Conductivity Sensor - A conductivity sensor, comprising an electrode structure of four concentric electrodes, which are arranged on an end face of a support body. The electrodes are electrically insulated from one another. The electrodes have an equal, constant area in order to claim a space requirement as small as possible for the electrode structure.04-19-2012
20120286803Sensor - The invention relates to an electrochemical sensor integrated on a substrate, the electrochemical sensor comprising: a field effect transistor integrated on the substrate and having a source, gate and drain connections, said gate of the field effect transistor comprising: a sensing gate conductively coupled to a sensing electrode; and a bias gate, wherein the sensing gate is capacitively coupled to the bias gate and the bias gate is capacitively coupled to the substrate.11-15-2012
20120286805LOADING STATE DETERMINER, LOAD ASSEMBLY, POWER SUPPLY CIRCUIT AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING A LOADING STATE OF AN ELECTRIC POWER SOURCE - A loading state determiner for determining a loading state of an electric power source including a source impedance includes a voltage drop determination circuit which is implemented to provide, based on a detection of an instantaneous current provided under load by the power source to a load, an electric quantity describing a voltage drop at a source impedance of the power source. Further, the loading state determiner includes an evaluation circuit which is implemented to obtain, based on electric quantity describing the voltage drop at the source impedance of the power source and an electric quantity describing a terminal voltage of the power source, a load state signal carrying information on an instantaneous relation between the terminal voltage of the power source and a no-load voltage of the power source.11-15-2012
20120286804SENSOR DEVICE - A sensor device includes a first electrode, a second electrode and a functional element. The first electrode includes a porous body having a connecting hole where adjacent holes communicate with each other with the porous body being in at least the vicinity of a surface of the first electrode. The second electrode is spaced apart from the first electrode. The functional element is configured to measure a difference in electric potential between the first electrode and the second electrode. The sensor device is configured to measure a state of a site to be measured based on the difference in electric potential as measured by the functional element.11-15-2012
20130009651Biometric Image Sensing - An novel sensor is provided having a plurality of substantially parallel drive lines configured to transmit a signal into a surface of a proximally located object, and also a plurality of substantially parallel pickup lines oriented proximate the drive lines and electrically separated from the pickup lines to form intrinsic electrode pairs that are impedance sensitive at each of the drive and pickup proximal locations.01-10-2013
20110273188Sensor Device for Detecting an Object in a Detection Area - A sensor device is provided. The sensor device includes a sensor pad for detecting an object in a detection area by measuring the impedance variation of the sensor pad, the sensor device further including a back focus plate disposed behind the sensor pad relative to the detection area and a first surrounding focus plate arranged around the sensor pad. The sensor device includes a signal generator that drives the sensor pad and the focus plates with a first set of signals having a predetermined constant phase, frequency and voltage amplitude. The sensor device further comprises at least a second surrounding focus plate arranged around the first surrounding focus plate, the second surrounding focus plate being driven with a second set of signals that are different from the first set of signals feeding the sensor pa.11-10-2011
20130113502Randomizing One or More Micro-Features of a Touch Sensor - In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a touch sensor with one or more meshes of conductive material. Each of the meshes includes multiple mesh cells defined by multiple mesh segments. Each of the mesh cells includes a centroid and multiple vertices. The mesh segments are made of the conductive material, and the centroids or vertices of the mesh cells have a substantially random distribution within an area of the touch sensor. The apparatus also includes one or more computer-readable non-transitory storage media coupled to the touch sensor that embody logic that is configured when executed to control the touch sensor.05-09-2013
20130099799METHOD FOR MEASURING INTERFACE STATE DENSITY - The present invention provides a method for measuring the interface state density by a conductance technique. In particular, the method comprises: biasing a MOS capacitor structure to be measured in an accumulation region, measuring the MOS capacitor structure under a fixed bias voltage and at predetermined scanning frequencies in the accumulation region by using a Gp-G model, and calculating the values of the series resistor at respective predetermined scanning frequencies to obtain a series resistor model; obtaining an accurate model in an inversion region from the series resistor model varying with the predetermined scanning frequencies obtained in the accumulation region and obtaining the measurement results of interface state according to the accurate model.04-25-2013
20130099798MEASUREMENT DEVICE AND METHOD THEREOF - Measurement devices, systems, and methods to measure a high field conductivity of a fluid are provided herein. The measurement device includes a fluid cell, a pair of electrodes, a voltage switch, and a measurement unit. The fluid cell is on an inclined plane to receive the fluid. The pair of electrodes are connected to the fluid cell. The pair of electrodes are spaced apart from one another to receive the fluid therebetween and positioned parallel to one another to pass an electrical current therethrough. The power unit provides a high voltage power supply to one electrode of the pair of electrodes. The measurement unit measures the electrical current that passes between the pair of electrodes through the fluid.04-25-2013
20080204045Apparatus and method for measuring the current consumption and the capacitance of a semiconductor device - A measuring apparatus is provided which has least one voltage source for providing a supply voltage for a semiconductor device to be tested, at least one first tester channel connected to the supply voltage source via a first RC element having a first resistor and a first capacitor connected in series therewith, wherein the first tester channel is adapted for the temporally resolved measurement of a charging voltage of the first capacitor.08-28-2008
20110210752VOLTAMMETRIC DEVICE HAVING SAMPLE DEGASSING SYSTEM - A system and method for voltammetric analysis of a liquid sample solution.09-01-2011
20080197860Configurable voltage regulator - A configurable semiconductor has a device characteristic that is controllable as a function of at least one external impedance. A measurement circuit measures an electrical characteristic of the at least one external impedance and determines a select value corresponding to the measured electrical characteristic. A first circuit controls the device characteristic as a function of the select value.08-21-2008
20130147494Data Input Device with a Potentiometer, and Joystick Intended for Piloting an Aircraft, Said Joystick Comprising the Data Input Device - A data input device is provided, implementing a potentiometer having a first and a second fixed connection point which are respectively situated at each of the ends of the potentiometer, a third fixed connection point situated at an intermediate position on the potentiometer and a fourth, mobile connection point forming a slider. The data input device comprises means converting a position of the slider into an electrical voltage, means for supplying a first fixed voltage to the potentiometer via the third connection point, means for supplying a current source to the potentiometer via the slider, means for measuring a voltage difference between the first and second connection points, the voltage difference forming the electrical voltage that represents the position of the slider.06-13-2013
20100289502TIME DOMAIN REFLECTOMETRY SYSTEM AND METHOD OF USE - A non-invasive Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) transmission line system 11-18-2010
20110234241METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROTECTING PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGY FROM INTEGRATED CIRCUITS WHICH HAVE BEEN SUBJECT TO TAMPERING, STRESSING AND REPLACEMENT AS WELL AS DETECTING INTEGRATED CIRCUITS THAT HAVE BEEN SUBJECT TO TAMPERING - A system employs physical unclonable functions of an integrated circuit for detecting integrated circuits and protecting products and technology from integrated circuits which have been subject to tampering, stressing and replacement, and counterfeit components. The system includes a sensor detecting a characteristic impedance generated as a result of controlled access to a memory device of the integrated circuit. The characteristic impedance is applied in the creation of a discrimination matrix of values based on electrical interface signals for the integrated circuit. The sensor includes a ring oscillator and associated monitoring components. The ring oscillator is composed of the memory device of the integrated circuit and a sensory circuitry, wherein changes in a frequency generated by the ring oscillator is indicative of changes in circuitry.09-29-2011
20090058427PASSIVE WIRELESS CORROSION SENSOR - A passive wireless corrosion sensor is disclosed. A circuit is configured to provide a signal response when energized. An antenna is configured to wirelessly receive energy for energizing the circuit and to receive the signal response from the circuit and transmit the signal response. A corrosion sensitive connector interposes the circuit and the antenna. The corrosion sensitive connector conducts the energy from the antenna to the circuit and conducts the signal response from the circuit to the antenna when in a substantially non-corroded state. The corrosion sensitive connector creates an effectively non conducting link between the antenna and the circuit when in a substantially corroded state.03-05-2009
20120007610Method and Device for Determining Impedance of Depression - A method and the device for position detection are disclosed. The device comprises a plurality of strips intersecting each other to form a plurality of intersecting regions. A pair of depressed strips intersecting on an intersecting region contact to each other on a contact point to form a depressed intersecting region, wherein the contact impedance of the contact point is determined according to the position of the contact point and the voltages on the contact point of one and the other of the pair depressed strips.01-12-2012
20120007608ARRAY ELEMENT CIRCUIT AND ACTIVE MATRIX DEVICE - An active-matrix device is provided which includes a plurality of array element circuits arranged in rows and columns; a plurality of source addressing lines each shared between the array element circuits in corresponding same columns; a plurality of gate addressing lines each shared between the array element circuits in corresponding same rows; a plurality of sensor row select lines each shared between the array element circuits in corresponding same rows, wherein each of the plurality of array element circuits includes: an array element which is controlled by application of a drive voltage by a drive element; writing circuitry for writing the drive voltage to the drive element, the writing circuitry being coupled to a corresponding source addressing line and gate addressing line among the plurality of source addressing lines and gate addressing lines; and sense circuitry for sensing an impedance presented at the drive element, the sense circuitry being coupled to a corresponding sensor row select line; and a row driver and a column driver.01-12-2012
20130093435INSTRUMENTATION CIRCUIT FOR SHUNT-BASED METROLOGY MEASUREMENT - The present subject matter is directed to methods and apparatus for measuring current flow from a source at a first frequency using matched voltage drops in paired voltage drop circuits. The paired voltage drop circuits each comprise a fixed value component, such as a resistor, and an adjustable value component, such as an adjustable current source, coupled in series. The adjustable valued components are controlled based on differences in voltage drops produced by the voltage drop circuits based on a high-frequency signal, higher in frequency than the first frequency, applied to a control input for the adjustable value components.04-18-2013
20130207671ELECTRODE EVALUATION APPARATUS AND ELECTRODE EVALUATION METHOD - An electrode evaluation apparatus for evaluating a characteristic of an electrode based on an electrochemical property includes a potential control unit, an impedance acquiring unit, a current value acquiring unit, and a normalized impedance calculation unit. The potential control unit is configured to control a potential applied to an electrode. The impedance acquiring unit is configured to acquire an impedance characteristic of the electrode under a specific DC operating condition provided by the potential control unit. The current value acquiring unit is configured to acquire a temporal change in direct current value under the specific DC operating condition. The normalized impedance calculation unit is configured to apply the temporal change in direct current value acquired by the current value acquiring unit to calculate a normalized impedance where impedance acquired by the impedance acquiring unit is multiplied by the direct current value.08-15-2013

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