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324 - Electricity: measuring and testing

324200000 - MAGNETIC

324207110 - Displacement

324207130 - Having particular sensor means

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324207160 Electrically energized 94
20100117630DISPLACEMENT SENSING DEVICE - A compact sensing device capable of sensing a rotational angle and a rotational velocity, or a rectilinear moving distance and a moving velocity. A displacement sensing device that senses a rotational angle of a moving member rotation and a distance of a linear movement of the moving member, or senses an angular velocity of the moving member rotation and a velocity of a linear movement of the moving member, includes: a first movable member, moved together with the moving member by a linear movement of the moving member; a second movable member holding the first movable member in a rotatable manner, and rotated together with the moving member by rotation of the moving member; a first sensor outputting a signal in accordance with a linear movement of the first movable member; and a second sensor outputting a signal in accordance with a rotation of the second movable member.05-13-2010
20100072987DISPLACEMENT SENSOR - A displacement sensor includes a primary coil (03-25-2010
20130082692Detector - An inductive detector operable to measure displacement along a path comprises: 04-04-2013
20130076344INDUCTION-BASED REFERENCE POINT LOCATOR - According to one aspect of the present disclosure, an induction-based reference point locator is provided. The locator includes transmitter locatable at a position on a first side of a structure, the transmitter configured to generate an alternating magnetic field at a desired frequency; and a receiver locatable on a second side of the structure opposite the first side, the receiver configured to detect the magnetic field and provide a directional indication to the position of the transmitter relative to the second side of the structure.03-28-2013
20130033256SENSOR AND SENSOR ELEMENT - Sensor with a one-layer or multi-layer sensor element operating in a contact-free manner and a housing comprising an electric/electronic connection and, in given cases, electronic components, where the sensor element comprises a coil arrangement whose windings have a defined line width, line thickness, and line spacing per layer and whose layers have a defined layer thickness and, in given cases, a defined layer spacing, characterized in that the sensor element is built up from ceramic layers in the sense of multi-layer ceramics and that with respect to traditional coil arrangements the line width is reduced and the number of windings per cross-sectional surface area is increased.02-07-2013
20100045273Measuring vibrations of a turbo-machine rotor blade with the help of an induction sensor in high temperature - A method is disclosed of measuring vibrations on turbo-machine rotary turbine blades utilizing an induction sensor at high temperatures. A set of magnets produces a magnetic field which results in a measurement signal generated in the sensor's coil which then can be interpreted to measure the vibrations.02-25-2010
20130088216POSITION SENSOR AND/OR FORCE SENSOR - A device for determining a position of a movable, magnetizable and/or conductive body relative to a stator that has at least one pole winding. Apparatuses are provided for detecting a measurement signal that depends on the inductance of the pole winding, wherein the inductance is influenced by the position of the body.04-11-2013
20090009158SELF-ENERGIZING SENSING DEVICE FOR DETECTING MOVING FERROUS ELEMENTS AND ASSEMBLIES THEREWITH - A self-energizing, non-contacting sensing device for detecting movement of ferrous elements, methods of use and assemblies therewith. The device includes a permanent magnet, a pair of ferrous conductors, an inductor coil and a microprocessor. The ferrous conductors are attached to the permanent magnet with free ends of the ferrous conductors being spaced from one another to provide a gap. The gap provides an open circuit in the absence of the moving ferrous elements and a substantially closed circuit in the presence of the moving ferrous elements. When the circuit alters between open and closed states, in the absence and presence of the moving ferrous elements, respectively, an electromotive force imparted on the inductor coil generates an alternating current. The microprocessor is configured to detect the alternating current produced in the inductor coil, and thus, can assess whether the ferrous elements are moving in a normal or abnormal manner.01-08-2009
20100090688METHOD AND SENSOR ARRANGEMENT FOR DETERMINING THE POSITION AND/OR CHANGE OF POSITION OF A MEASURED OBJECT RELATIVE TO A SENSOR - A method for determining the position and/or change of position of a measured object relative to a sensor, where the sensor preferably has a sensor coil to which an alternating current is applied, is characterized in that a magnet associated with the measured object, in a soft magnetic foil, whose permeability changes under the influence of a magnetic field on the basis of the magnetic field's field strength and which is arranged in the area of influence of the sensor, brings about a change in the permeability of the foil and in that the change in the permeability of the foil is determined from the latter's reaction to the sensor, and this is used to determine the position and/or change of position of the measured object relative to the sensor. A sensor arrangement is designed accordingly.04-15-2010
20110006759POSITION DETECTION APPARATUS AND SENSOR UNIT - A position detection apparatus includes a position pointer having a coil and a sensor unit for detecting the position of the position pointer. The sensor unit has a sensor board including a plurality of loop coils juxtaposed and extending in a predetermined direction, and the sensor unit detects a signal generated in the loop coils by electromagnetic induction between the coil of the position pointer and the loop coils, to thereby detect the position of the position pointer. The sensor unit further includes a shield member disposed on the sensor board remotely from the position pointer for reducing noise, and a magnetic path sheet formed from a plurality of magnetic path members of a substantially rectangular shape having a higher magnetic permeability than that of the shield member and disposed between the sensor board and the shield member. The magnetic path members have mutually contacting portions disposed in an inclined relationship by a predetermined angle relative to said predetermined direction of the sensor board.01-13-2011
20120268109METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR SYNCHRONIZING A SEGMENT COUNTER WITH A FINE POSITION SENSOR - A method and an arrangement for performing the method for the error-free conversion of the counting values of a segment counter including Wiegand sensors and the position values of a fine position sensor into a total position value using the last magnetization direction of the Wiegand wire of a segment counter as part of the information for an absolute synchronization of counting and position values.10-25-2012
20100001719SENSOR MAGNET HOLDER FOR USE IN MOTOR AND ITS MANUFACTURING PROCESS - A sensor magnet holder is mounted on a motor shaft, and a sensor magnet is provided relative to a magnetic induction sensor on the non-moving side for obtaining a signal indicative of a rotational position of the motor shaft. The sensor magnet holder integrally forms a cylindrical portion, a flange portion of a terminal end of the cylindrical portion having a large diameter, a magnet rear end holding portion of the other terminal end of the cylindrical portion and a plurality of snap fit board portions. A shaft press fit portion is formed on an internal diameter of the flange portion. The plural snap fit board portions extend from the cylindrical portion in an axial direction of the motor shaft. A magnet front end holding portion is formed at an extending tip over an outer diameter surface of each of the snap fit board portions. Each of the flexible snap fit board portions snuggly contacts the inner flat surface of the sensor magnet while the sensor magnet is held between said magnet rear end holding portion and said magnet front end holding portion.01-07-2010
20080284417INCREMENTAL DISPLACEMENT TRANSDUCER AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING A DISPLACEMENT OF A FIRST OBJECT RELATIVE TO A SECOND OBJECT - The invention relates to an incremental displacement transducer for determining a displacement of a first object relative to a second object with a scanning unit linked with the first object for scanning a division track linked with the second object having first areas and second areas alternately arranged with a period length, the first areas having a first physical property and the second areas a second physical property differing therefrom. The scanning unit has a plurality of sensors for scanning the first areas and second areas on the basis of the first and/or second physical property. An evaluating unit is linked with the scanning unit for determining the displacement on the basis of the measuring signals of the sensors.11-20-2008
20080290860Angle of rotation sensor - An angle of rotation sensor includes at least one coil provided with windings and a magnetically conductive element which interacts with the coil is rotatable with a shaft for transmitting a detectable rotational movement, and whose different overlap degree with at least one magnetically conductive body depends on the rotational position thereof. The magnetically conductive element is located outside of a space surrounded by the coil in each rotational position thereof and the magnetically conductive body is U-shaped in such a way that two legs thereof form an intermediate space therebetween and a perpendicular cross web connecting them. The magnetically conductive body includes shaft bearings mounted on the end areas of the legs.11-27-2008
20090201012Device for Locating a Vehicle Tied to a Roadway - A cost-effective system provides reliable location information for locating a vehicle tied to a guideway. Reference markers are mounted to the guideway and scanning devices are disposed in the vehicle and generate at least one output signal when they pass a reference marker. The scanning devices are formed from several individual sensors which are extended in the driving direction with an average scanning length equal to or greater than a distance between neighboring reference markers.08-13-2009
20090001968Apparatus for Measuring the Relative Position of Two Parts - Apparatus for measuring the relative position of two parts with a deformable coil, which is connected to both parts and deforms according to their relative position, wherein the inductance of the coil depends on shape and is thus a measure of the relative position, and wherein the coil has a magnetic circuit which is closed in the manner of a toroidal coil.01-01-2009
20100253325GEARBOX POSITION DETECTION - The invention relates to a motor vehicle gearbox position detector comprising a sensor (10-07-2010
20110031963INDUCTIVE SENSOR FOR SPEED, ROTATIONAL DIRECTION AND POSITION MEASUREMENTS IN THE HIGH TEMPERATURE RANGE - An inductive sensor with coils arranged substantially in layers on a flat circuit-carrier. The edges of the flat circuit-carrier are metallized obliquely so that an upper side, a lower side, an intermediate layer and/or a plurality of intermediate layers of the flat circuit-carrier are interconnected with one another via the edges in a conductive manner.02-10-2011
20090219013METHOD AND DEVICE FOR SECURE MONITORING OF A DISTANCE - The invention relates to a method for securely monitoring a distance between a metallic part and an inductive proximity sensor, in particular for monitoring a closed position of a guard door in an automated system, said method having the steps of: providing an oscillating circuit, providing a metallic part made of a first material, driving the oscillating circuit with at least one pulse, such that a decaying oscillation is generated which is dependent on a distance between the metallic part and the oscillating circuit and which has an actual frequency and an actual attenuation, and signaling whether both the actual frequency undershoots a predefined maximum frequency and the actual attenuation undershoots a predefined maximum attenuation. The invention also relates to a signaling device for monitoring a distance between a metallic part and an inductive proximity sensor.09-03-2009
20110101967ENHANCED PERFORMANCE PROXIMITY SENSOR - An industrial control sensor is provided. The sensor includes a sensor circuit to detect changes in an electromagnetic field induced from an object or material passing in proximity of the electromagnetic field. This includes a housing that employs the sensor circuit as part of an inductive proximity sensor. A sensor face is attached to the housing, where the sensor face receives the changes in the electromagnetic field and transmits the changes to the sensor circuit, and where the sensor face has a higher electrical resistivity or a lower temperature coefficient of resistivity than stainless steel.05-05-2011
20110254541ELECTROMAGNETIC ENCODER - According to the present invention, an electromagnetic encoder includes a number of scale coils arranged on a scale along a measuring direction; and transmitting coils and receiving coils arranged on a grid to be movable relative to the scale in the measuring direction, in which a relative movement amount between the scale and the grid is detected based on variation in magnetic flux detected by the receiving coils via the scale coils at the time of exciting the transmitting coils, and the receiving coils are provided in the measuring direction to be a plurality of sets, one of the sets of the receiving coils being displaced by a ½ phase of a scale pitch relative to the other set of the receiving coils.10-20-2011
20110109303PROCESSING CIRCUITRY - A position encoder is described that generates a signal whose phase varies with a position to be determined. A phase detector determines a first phase measurement of the sensor signal during a first mode and a second phase measurement of said sensor signal during a second mode. The phase detector then differences the first and second phase measurements to obtain a phase difference measurement, which it uses to determine an indication of the position to be sensed. A controller controls a signal generator in order to set a start phase of signals generated in at least one of the first and second modes so that the timings at which said sensor signal crosses a reference level are substantially the same.05-12-2011
20110260714INDUCTIVE ANGLE SENSOR WITH IMPROVED COMMON MODE NOISE REJECTION AND SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD OF THE SAME - The present invention provides an inductive angle sensor with improved common mode noise rejection and a signal processing method of the same, which can improve electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) characteristics and obtain an accurate output value by eliminating common mode noise. The signal processing method includes adding signals obtained from a pair of receiver coils by an adder, subtracting the signal obtained from one of the pair of receiver coils from the signal obtained from the other receiver coil by a subtracter, multiplying the value obtained from the adder by the value obtained from the subtracter by a first multiplier, multiplying the value obtained from the subtracter by itself by a second multiplier, and dividing the value obtained from the first multiplier by the value obtained from the second multiplier by a divider.10-27-2011
20110254540Micro-Magnetic Sensor for Acceleration, Position, Tilt, and Vibration - A micro-magnetic based sensor and a system built with it for detecting or measuring acceleration, speed, position, placement, tilt, and vibration are disclosed for a reduced product size, simplified manufacturing process, and reduced product cost. Both micro-magnetic sensor and micro-magnetic system include a primary micro inductor and a secondary micro inductor coupled with a micro magnetically permeable dynamic medium element that is small, simple and low cost to manufacture.10-20-2011
20100213929ROTOR BLADE SENSOR - A rotor blade sensor for detecting a rotor blade (08-26-2010
20120098527TRANSDUCER - A transducer is described for use in a position sensor. The transducer has a magnetic field concentrating member, such as an elongate ferrite rod, a first coil operable, in use, to couple with a first portion of the magnetic field concentrating member positioned adjacent the first coil and a second coil operable, in use, to couple with a second portion of the magnetic field concentrating member positioned adjacent the second coil, the second portion being spaced along the magnetic field concentrating member from the first portion. The transducer also comprises a resonator having a coil wound around a portion of said magnetic field concentrating member which is located between said first and second portions. The transducer is arranged so that, during use, the electromagnetic coupling between the resonator and at least one of the first and second coils varies as a function of the relative position between the elongate field concentrating member and that coil. In this way, separate processing electronics can process the signals obtained from the transducer to determine the desired position information.04-26-2012
20080204005ENERGY HARVESTING TECHNIQUE TO SUPPORT REMOTE WIRELESS MEMS RF SENSORS - A method of harvesting vibrational energy is provided. This method involves generating a high magnetic flux density field within a current induction conductor such as an induction coil. The high magnetic flux density field is generated between two same pole magnets. The high magnetic flux density field may be displaced relative to the current induction conductor with vibrational energy. These displacements then cause the current induction conductor to be energized. The two same pole magnets are mounted between piezoelectric transducer (PZT) materials. These PZT materials generate an electric potential when the PZT materials are subject to the mechanical stresses of the vibrational energy. The electrical energy translated from the vibrational energy through both the energized current induction conductor and stress PZT materials may then be used to power a power circuitry or be stored for later use.08-28-2008
20110068777INDUCTIVE ANGLE-OF-ROTATION SENSOR AND METHOD FOR OPERATING AN INDUCTIVE ANGLE-OF-ROTATION SENSOR - An inductive angle-of-rotation sensor includes a printed circuit board, on which one excitation conductor path, and a first, second as well as third receiving conductor path are applied. The angle-of-rotation sensor further includes a graduation element having a first and second graduation track. The first and second graduation tracks, and the first and second receiving conductor paths are arranged such that signals having a first period number are able to be generated by the first receiving conductor path, and signals having a second period number are able to be generated by the second receiving conductor path. The graduation element further has a third graduation track, so that signals having the first period number are able to be generated by the third receiving conductor path. In addition, a method is provided for operating an angle-of-rotation sensor.03-24-2011
20120056616Distance sensor - A sensor device for height measurement, air spring comprising a sensor device for height measuring and a corresponding method allowing determining the height also under rough conditions like noisy, dusty or vibrating environments.03-08-2012
20120007591INDUCTIVE POSITION SENSOR - A detector to measure the displacement of relatively moveable bodies along an axis comprising: a resonant electrical intermediate device further comprising an inductor, whose width varies along the displacement axis, and a capacitor in electrical series which co-operates with an antenna comprising transmit and receive windings whose mutual inductance varies according to the position of the electrical intermediate device relative to the antenna.01-12-2012
20120013328DUAL WIRE DYNAMIC PROXIMITY TRANSDUCER INTERFACE FOR USE IN PROXIMITY TRANSDUCER SYSTEM AND PROXIMITY TRANSDUCER SYSTEM INCLUDING THE SAME - A proximity transducer system including an eddy current effect proximity probe, a proximity electronics module coupled to the probe, a monitoring system and a two-wire, current interface connecting the proximity electronics module to the monitoring system is disclosed. The proximity transducer system is operative for measuring position and vibration of a component to be monitored. The current interface is made up of a pair of wires, e.g., a twisted pair, and is adapted for providing power to the electronics module and an electrical signal from the proximity electronics module that is representative of (e.g., proportional to) the length of the gap between the probe and the component being monitored. That signal has a DC component that represents a steady state distance and an AC component that represents active movement of the component, such as vibration.01-19-2012
20120119728INDUCTIVE DISTANCE SENSOR - Inductive adjustment of the core-fitted coil (05-17-2012
20100207611PROXIMITY SENSOR - The present invention relates to a proximity sensor having a first transmission coil, a second transmission coil, at least one reception coil, an excitation device which is connected to the first and second transmission coils, and an evaluation unit which is connected to at least one transmission coil and/or to the excitation device as well as to the at least one reception coil.08-19-2010
20110181274METHOD FOR ANALYZING DC SUPERPOSITION CHARACTERISTICS OF INDUCTANCE DEVICE, AND ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD SIMULATOR - A method for analyzing the DC superposition characteristics of an inductance device using a magnetic field analysis simulator, comprising a first step of determining an initial magnetization curve from initial magnetization to saturation magnetization, and pluralities of minor loops at different operating points, on a toroidal core made of the same magnetic material as that of the inductance device, and obtaining point-list data showing the relation between magnetic flux density or magnetic field strength and incremental permeability from the incremental permeability at each operating point; a second step of determining an operating point at a predetermined direct current on each element obtained by mesh-dividing an analysis model of the inductance device by a magnetic field analysis simulator based on the initial magnetization curve of the core, allocating the incremental permeability to the operating point from the point-list data, and integrating the inductance of each element obtained from the incremental permeability to determine the inductance of the entire inductance device; and a third step of repeating the second step at different direct current levels to determine the DC superposition characteristics.07-28-2011
20100001718INDUCTIVE POSITION SENSOR - A detector to measure the displacement of relatively moveable bodies along an axis comprising: a resonant electrical intermediate device further comprising an inductor, whose width varies along the displacement axis, and a capacitor in electrical series which co-operates with an antenna comprising transmit and receive windings whose mutual inductance varies according to the position of the electrical intermediate device relative to the antenna. 01-07-2010
20120313627OPERATION INPUT APPARATUS AND OPERATING APPARATUS - An operation input apparatus includes an operating unit that is displaced by the action of an operation input; an actuator output shaft that is displaced in the same direction as the operating unit by the action of the operation input; an actuator that moves the operating unit via the actuator output shaft; and a detecting element that outputs a signal corresponding to an amount of displacement of the operating unit.12-13-2012
20100271012ELECTROMAGNETIC POSITION AND ORIENTATION SENSING SYSTEM - Magnetic tracking systems and methods for determining the position and orientation of a remote object. A magnetic tracking system includes a stationary transmitter for establishing a reference coordinate system, and at least one receiver. The remote object is attached to, mounted on, or otherwise coupled to the receiver. The transmitter can include a set of three mutually perpendicular coils having a common center point, or a set of three coplanar coils with separate centers. The receiver can include a set of three orthogonal coils. The position and orientation of the receiver and the remote object coupled thereto is determined by measuring the nine mutual inductances between the three transmitter coils and the three receiver coils. The magnetic tracking system provides reduced power consumption, increased efficiency, digital compensation for component variation, automatic self-calibration, automatic synchronization with no connections between transmitter and receiver, and rapid low-cost implementation.10-28-2010
20120313628COIL FORM FOR MOUNTING ON A MAGNET CORE, MAGNET CORE FOR RELUCTANCE RESOLVERS, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - The present invention relates to a coil form (12-13-2012
20120187941TARGETING OPERATION SITES - A system for targeting an operation site includes an identifier having an electromagnetic field generator configured to produce electromagnetic fields. The system includes an implement that includes a handle, a blade portion, and an electromagnetic field sensor coupled to the blade portion. The electromagnetic field sensor is configured to produce a signal responsive to electromagnetic fields produced by the electromagnetic field generator. The system includes a control unit configured to access information indicating a position of the electromagnetic field sensor relative to the operation site, receive a signal from the electromagnetic field sensor that is indicative of a position of a tool relative to the electromagnetic field sensor, and determine a position of the tool relative to an operation site based on the received signal and the position of the electromagnetic field sensor relative to the operation site.07-26-2012
20120299585SENSOR AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SENSOR - An inductively operating sensor, particularly for measuring distances and positions of a metallic object, comprising at least a coil, a ferromagnetic or ferritic core and perhaps a housing comprising a sensor element, with the core being embedded in a single or multi-layered ceramic and jointly with the ceramic forming a coil body and with the coil body and the core being connected to each other in a form-fitting fashion. Furthermore, a method is suggested for producing such a sensor.11-29-2012
20120268110INDUCTIVE PROXIMITY OR DISTANCE SENSOR - The invention relates, in particular, to an inductive proximity or distance sensor. The invention proposes that a core 10-25-2012
20120081107INDUCTIVE PROXIMITY SENSOR WITH ACTIVE CIRCUIT TO CANCEL STRAY FIELDS - Systems and/or methods are provided for cancelling stray magnetic fields escaping out the back or sides of an inductive proximity sensor. The inductive proximity sensor includes a coil assembly with a sensing coil. The sensing coil detects magnetic flux escaping out the sides and/or back of the sensor. An active circuit couples to the sensing coil. The active circuit generates a canceling current based upon a current and/or electromotive force in the sensing coil due to the flux. The cancelling current drives a driven coil to generate a magnetic field which can reduce total flux through the sensing coil to zero.04-05-2012
20120081106DOUBLE-COIL INDUCTIVE PROXIMITY SENSOR APPARATUS - Systems and/or methods are provided for a dual-channel inductive proximity sensor. The sensor can include a sensing element which includes a core having a first cavity and a second cavity, a first coil accommodated within the first cavity of the core, and a second coil housed within the second cavity of the core. Each coil can be independently driven by oscillators to generate respective magnetic fields. The magnetic fields can be monitored to determine whether detection of a target object occurs.04-05-2012
20130021022RESOLVER - A resolver stator includes an annular first cover portion, an annular second cover portion, and a plurality of pillars. The first and second cover portions cover coils from both axial sides. The pillars couple the first and second cover portions, and are arranged between the adjacent teeth. Each pillar has circumferential side faces each of which has a radially inner end portion that is arranged with a labyrinth clearance left between the radially inner end portion and a radially inner end portion of the tooth next to the side face, and each of which is a concave curved surface so as to be further apart from the tooth from the radially inner end portion toward a radially outer end portion of the side face.01-24-2013
20130021023POSITION SENSOR - A position sensor includes a detection coil printed on a surface of a substrate formed of a dielectric material; and a detection body arranged in an opposing relationship with the detection coil and displaced along a specified orbit with respect to the detection coil in response to a displacement of a target object. The position sensor detects the displacement of the target object based on an inductance of the detection coil varying depending on the displacement of the detection body. At least one of the detection coil and the detection body is formed into such a shape that a change rate of the inductance of the detection coil with respect to the displacement of the detection body is kept constant.01-24-2013
20130141083Magnetic Inductive Type Position Sensor - Disclosed is a magnetic inductive type position sensor, the position sensor including at least one rotor body coupled to a rotation shaft to rotate in association with rotation of the rotation shaft and having a plurality of protrusively and circumferentially formed wing members, a PCB arranged in opposition to the rotor body, and a guide member connecting each distal end of the wing members to guide each of the wing members to be aligned on the same planar surface.06-06-2013
20130113467Angle Detection Apparatus - Provided is an angle detection device capable of detecting the angle with high sensitivity by a very simple assembly process without requiring complicated processing. The angle detection device is provided with: a rotor (05-09-2013
20130127448Smart Electromagnetic Sensor Array - An array of induction coil sensors is used to monitor, from multiple locations, the strength of a magnetic field generated by a wire to be traced. The magnetic field strength data is used to determine the location and orientation of the wire. In one embodiment, the sensor array is incorporated into a test instrument. The screen of the test instrument provides a graphical user interface that shows the orientation of the wire and indicates the location of the wire relative to the instrument.05-23-2013
20100308803INDUCTIVE DISPLACEMENT TRANSDUCER, CODING DEVICE, AND METHOD FOR DETECTING A POSITION OF A FIRST OBJECT IN RELATION TO A SECOND OBJECT - The invention relates to an inductive displacement sensor for determining a position of a first object relative to a second object having a coding device to be attached to the first object, having a sensor unit to be attached to the second object, said sensor unit comprising a plurality of inductive sensors for scanning the coding device. The inductive displacement sensor according to the invention is characterized in that the coding device comprises a plurality of marking sections separated from one another by measurement sections, at least the measurement sections having variable widths, in that the marking sections and the measurement sections have different physical properties to aid differentiation by the sensor unit, in that identification regions are formed by the measurement sections or by the measurement sections along with adjacent marking sections, in that the sensor unit is at least long enough in the extension direction of the coding device and the number of inductive sensors is at least great enough that at least one identification region may be detected in every measurement situation, and in that, in order to distinctly associate an identification region with an absolute position of the sensor unit relative to the coding device, each identification region occurs precisely once on the coding device. The invention further relates to a coding bar and a method for determining a position of a first object relative to a second object.12-09-2010
20110234210APPARATUS FOR DETECTING DISPLACEMENT OF ELECTROMAGNETIC ACTUATOR - A displacement detecting apparatus of an electromagnetic actuator, including: an electromagnetic actuator including: a movable core; a drive coil which causes a displacement of the movable core; and a detection coil disposed at a position where a mutual coupling coefficient with the drive coil changes with the displacement, the actuator transmitting a drive force of the movable core to a mechanical system; a drive portion for supplying a drive current to the drive coil on the basis of a pulse width modulation signal; and a displacement detecting portion to which an output voltage of the detection coil is inputted, for outputting a displacement detection signal, wherein the displacement detecting portion includes: a sampling-signal generating portion for generating a sampling signal in synchronism with the pulse width modulation signal; and a synchronous sampling portion for outputting the displacement detection signal by sampling the output voltage in synchronism with the sampling signal.09-29-2011
20110234209ELECTROMAGNETIC MOTION SENSOR - An electromagnetic motion sensor includes a base, an electromagnetic induction layer, a block, and an emitting coil. The electromagnetic induction layer with a plurality of induction coils is arranged on the bottom of the base. The block is movably connected to the base by a plurality of elastic members. The emitting coil is fixed to a center of the bottom of the block facing the induction layer. A circuit inside the block provides current to the emitting coil. The block moves with the jerk of the motion sensor when the motion sensor is jerked, causing the elastic members to be distorted. The relative movement between the block and the magnetic induction layer causes more than one of the induction coils generate and output voltage signals according to the change of magnetic flux through the plurality of induction coils caused by the moving of the emitting coil.09-29-2011
20100315071READ HEAD - A read head with a sensor unit, whereby the sensor unit has a first RFID transponder reader unit and an induction detector unit. With the combination of two types of reader units, read heads of this type can be used for determining the position of rail vehicles.12-16-2010
20110304323POSITION SENSOR - The position sensor includes a moving member configured to be displaced in response to displacement of a measurement target, a resonant unit, an oscillation unit, a signal processing unit, an output unit, a signal absence detection unit, and a low-pass filter. The resonant unit includes a detection coil arranged to have inductance varied corresponding to displacement of the moving member. The resonant unit is configured to have a resonant frequency determined by the inductance of the detection coil. The oscillation unit is configured to output an oscillation signal having its magnitude oscillating at a frequency corresponding to the resonant frequency. The signal processing unit is configured to determine the displacement of the measurement target on the basis of the oscillation signal. The output unit is configured to output an output signal indicative of the displacement of the measurement target determined by the signal processing unit. The signal absence detection unit is configured to judge whether or not the oscillation signal is output from the oscillation unit. The signal absence detection unit is configured to, upon judging that the oscillation signal is not output from the oscillation unit, output a malfunction detection signal to the signal processing unit. The low-pass filter is interposed between the oscillation unit and the signal absence detection unit. The signal processing unit is configured to, upon receiving the malfunction detection signal, issue occurrence of malfunction. The low-pass filter is configured to have a cut-off frequency which passes the oscillation signal corresponding to the resonant frequency of the resonant unit in a normal condition, but blocks the oscillation signal output from the oscillation unit when the resonant unit sees an oscillation at an abnormal frequency.12-15-2011
20110309825Simplified Micro-Magnetic Sensor for Acceleration, Position, Tilt, and Vibration - A simplified micro-magnetic based sensor and a system built with it for detecting or measuring acceleration, speed, position, placement, tilt, and vibration are disclosed for a reduced product size, simplified manufacturing process, and reduced product cost. Both simplified micro-magnetic sensor and simplified micro-magnetic sensor system include a primary micro inductor and a secondary micro inductor coupled with a micro magnetically permeable dynamic medium element that is small, simple and low cost to manufacture.12-22-2011
20130187638VARIABLE RELUCTANCE SENSOR USING SPATIALLY MODULATED MAGNETIC FIELDS - A sensor includes a magnetic piece with a magnetic array, a conductive coil and ferromagnetic object. The magnetic array provides a spatially modulated magnetic field that is concentrated in the near-field. A processor calculates the ferromagnetic object's speed based on voltage induced in the conductive coil. The ferromagnetic object's movement through the magnetic field causes a change in the magnetic flux, and the rate of change is proportional to the induced voltage.07-25-2013
20130193956METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR SENSING A SUBSTRATE IN A LOAD CUP - Methods, apparatus, and systems are provided for detecting the presence of a substrate in a load cup. The invention includes a proximity sensor having a detection pad disposed below a contact surface of a load cup assembly and a target disposed on a lever member and adapted to move toward the detection pad when a substrate is placed on the lever member and adapted to move away from the detection pad when a substrate is removed from the lever member. Numerous additional aspects are disclosed.08-01-2013
20130093413SENSOR APPARATUS - A sensor apparatus for detecting a position of an axially movable camshaft is provided. The sensor apparatus includes a coil block including a detection coil wound along an axial direction of the camshaft to define a bore into which the camshaft is inserted, and a control unit electrically connected to the detection coil and designed to output a signal based on a change in inductance of the detection coil.04-18-2013

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