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323 - Electricity: power supply or regulation systems

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323311000 Using a three or more terminal semiconductive device as the final control device 531
323305000 Using a transformer or inductor as the final control device 17
20090219006Electric power converter - An electric power converter facilitates performing soft switching in the two-way electric-power-conversion operation thereof, and reducing the manufacturing costs thereof and the losses caused therein, The electric power converter includes a first switching device; a second switching device; a first series circuit including capacitor, a diode, the primary winding of transformer, and a third switching device; a second series circuit including a capacitor, a fourth switching device, the primary winding of transformer, and a diode; a third series circuit including a diode and the secondary winding of transformer; and a voltage clamping element connected in parallel to the primary winding of transformer. The first series circuit is connected in parallel to the first switching device, and the second series circuit is connected in parallel to second switching device. The third series circuit is connected between the DC output terminals.09-03-2009
20130076328ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND FOOL-PROOF METHODS - An electronic device having a fool-proof feature is provided, including a first magnet, an output terminal, a hall sensor and a power supply unit. The first magnet generates a magnetic field. The output terminal is disposed in the range of the magnetic field and is mated with an input terminal of a second electronic device. The hall sensor generates a hall voltage according to the magnetic field. The power supply unit is coupled to the output terminal and provides power to the output terminal according a control signal outputted from the hall sensor, in which the hall sensor outputs the control signal when the output terminal is coupled to the input terminal and the hall voltage exceeds a specific voltage, such that the power supply unit provides power to the output terminal according to the control signal, and the second electronic device receives power from the output terminal.03-28-2013
20130076327POWER SYSTEM JUNCTION TEMPERATURE CONTROL - An electrical power generating system including a power generating device, a power converter connected to the power generating device, and an electrical controller connected to the power converter. The electrical controller is configured to limit a peak junction temperature of the power converter by applying at least one junction temperature derating function.03-28-2013
20130038314VOLTAGE GENERATION CIRCUIT - A voltage generation circuit supplies an internal power supply voltage to an internal circuit via an output terminal and includes a regulator, a second drive element, and a control circuit. The regulator includes a first drive element disposed between an external power supply VDD (first power supply) and an output terminal, and supplies a voltage based on a reference voltage to the output voltage by controlling the first drive element. The second drive element is disposed between the external power supply VDD and the output terminal, and supplies a voltage of the external power supply VDD to the output terminal when activated. When a voltage of the external power supply is a previously set detection voltage value or less, the control circuit activates the first and the second drive element, and when the voltage of the external power supply exceeds the detection voltage value, deactivates the second drive element.02-14-2013
20090201004HIGH-FREQUENCY POWER SUPPLY CIRCUIT - [Problems] To accurately regulate output of a high-frequency power with a simple configuration.08-13-2009
20130069615EMI SUPPRESSION WITH SHIELDED COMMON MODE CHOKE - A power supply arrangement constituted of: an isolated power supply having a primary side and a secondary side, the secondary side electrically isolated from the primary side; a common mode choke having a first winding and a second winding wound on a common core, the common mode choke coupled between the primary side of the isolated power supply and an AC mains; and a shielding surrounding the common mode choke, the shielding coupled to a common potential of the secondary side of the isolated power supply.03-21-2013
20130057244DUTY RATIO/VOLTAGE CONVERSION CIRCUIT - A duty ratio/voltage conversion circuit that converts the duty ratio of an input signal into voltage level and outputs the voltage level includes: an input terminal to which the input signal is input; a first CR integrating circuit that integrates the input signal; a load resistor a first end of which is connected to an output point of the first CR integrating circuit, and a second end of which is grounded; and an output terminal connected to the load resistor. The first CR integrating circuit includes a first pathway that has a first resistor, and a second pathway in which a phase inversion portion, a second resistor and a first capacitor are connected in series, and is a parallel circuit in which first and second ends of the first pathway are connected to first and second ends, respectively, of the second pathway.03-07-2013
20110012580Electronic Leakage Reduction Techniques - Electronic leakage reduction techniques are provided, whereby an electrical outlet with a programmable computing unit is programmed to detect the current, resistance, power or pattern of current, resistance or power of an attached appliance in the on position and/or off position. Among other aspects, the electrical outlet with a programmable computing unit delivers a selected voltage below the original operational voltage and/or delivers voltage at particular durations for particular intervals to the appliance in the off position and compares detected current, resistance, power or pattern of current, resistance or power to programmed levels associated with the appliance in the on position and/or off position. If any or some of those characteristics match those programmed associated with the appliance in the on position, or fail to match those programmed associated with the off position by a set confidence interval, original operational voltage is provided to the appliance.01-20-2011
20110012579POWER CONVERTER, DEVICE AND METHOD FOR INTERLEAVING CONTROLLING POWER FACTOR CORRECTION CIRCUITS - A Power Converter, a device, and a method for interleaving controlling Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuits are disclosed. The Power Converter includes a first bridge arm unit, a second bridge arm unit, and a capacitor. The upper side of the first bridge arm unit and the upper side of the second bridge arm unit are connected with the first end of the capacitor, and the lower side of the first bridge arm unit and the lower side of the second bridge arm unit are connected with the second end of the capacitor. The first bridge arm unit includes two diodes or switches series-connected in the same direction, and the joint of the two diodes or switches is connected with the first end of the power supply. The second bridge arm unit includes two switches series-connected in the same direction and one inductor, and the first end of the inductor is connected with the joint of the two switches, while the second end of the inductor is connected with the second end of the power supply. Thus, the utilization of the inductor is improved.01-20-2011
20130063119Direct current link circuit - A device for converting power from a floating source of DC power to a dual direct current (DC) output, the device includes: positive and negative input terminals connectible to the floating source of DC power; and positive and negative, and ground output terminals connectible to the dual DC output that may feed an inverter. The inverter may be either a two or three level inverter. A charge storage device may be connected in parallel to, and charged from, the positive and negative input terminals. A resonant circuit may be also connected between the charge storage device and the dual DC output. The resonant circuit may include an inductor connected in series with a capacitor. The charge storage device may discharge through the resonant circuit by switching through to either the negative output terminal or the positive output terminal.03-14-2013
20130063118Charge Pump System Dynamically Reconfigurable For Read And Program - A charge pump system can provide multiple regulated output levels, including several concurrently, in an arrangement that can reduce the area and power consumption of such a high voltage generation system. The charge pump system can be dynamically reconfigurable based on output requirements. When output level is low, but required for a large AC, DC load, the system is configured in parallel to share the load. When a higher output is required, such as for a programming in a non-volatile memory, the system is configured in serial to generate the desired high output level. The exemplary embodiment uses all of the pump units in each operation and, hence, is able to be optimized for smaller pump area and less power consumption, while still delivering the same pump ability as larger, more power consuming arrangements.03-14-2013
20120235662VERY LOW VOLTAGE REFERENCE CIRCUIT - A low-voltage reference circuit may have a pair of semiconductor devices. Each semiconductor device may have an n-type semiconductor region, an n+ region in the n-type semiconductor region, a metal gate, and a gate insulator interposed between the metal gate and the n-type semiconductor region through which carriers tunnel. The metal gate may have a work function matching that of p-type polysilicon. The gate insulator may have a thickness of less than about 25 angstroms. The metal gate may form a first terminal for the semiconductor device and the n+ region and n-type semiconductor region may form a second terminal for the semiconductor device. The second terminals may be coupled to ground. A biasing circuit may use the first terminals to supply different currents to the semiconductor devices and may provide a corresponding reference output voltage at a value that is less than one volt.09-20-2012
20120306468Energy Storage System and Method for Operating Same - An energy supply system including an electrical energy storage system having multiple storage modules, in particular a battery system, an ascertaining device for ascertaining state variables of the storage modules and an energy transmission device for energy transmission between the storage modules and a downstream electrical device. It is provided that the energy transmission device has multiple d.c. chopper converters, which are connected to one another in parallel and/or in series at the output end, and each of the d.c. chopper converters is connectable to a storage module of the energy storage system, and the energy supply system has a trigger device for triggering the d.c. chopper converters as a function of the ascertained state variable of the respective connected storage module. Also described is a method for operating an energy supply system.12-06-2012
20120112727ELECTRIC CURRENT MEASURING DEVICE, ELECTRIC CURRENT MEASURING METHOD, AND ELECTRIC CURRENT MEASURING PROGRAM - A current measurement device has a rectification unit rectifying an alternating-current signal, an A/D conversion unit converting an analog signal corresponding to a signal obtained by the rectification into a digital signal, an addition unit for adding digital signals corresponding to alternating-current signals during a sampling period among the digital signals obtained by the conversion, and a current value conversion unit for converting an additional value obtained by the addition by the addition unit into a current value using a current value conversion function. The sampling period is a common multiple of the periods of alternating-current signals of 50 Hz and 60 Hz, the current values of which are to be measured.05-10-2012
20110062933FULL CYCLE AC POWER CONTROL - A method includes selectively applying full cycles of AC power to a load. The cycles may have first and second states such as full on and full off states. The cycles may be arranged in groups in a pattern. The pattern may have a length that is shorter than a perceptible response time of the load. Different patterns may be used for different power levels.03-17-2011
20110267025LOW POWER CONSUMPTION CONTROL CIRCUIT AND OPERATION METHOD THEREOF - The present invention discloses a low-power control circuit that comprises a receiver circuit and a control chip, wherein the receiver circuit is signally connected with the control chip, and the control chip is connected with an actuating mechanism. The present invention is characterized in that the low-power control circuit also comprises a clock generator control circuit which is respectively and signally connected with the receiver circuit and the control chip. Because the clock generator control circuit is adopted in the present invention to close the receiver circuit at regular time, the control chip is awakened only when output signal exists in the receiver circuit. Therefore, the control chip is in sleep state (also called standby state) in general. The power consumption of the control chip in standby state is about a few tenths of microampere in general, which is much less than the power consumption (about several milliamperes) of control chip in operation and is much less than the power consumption (about dozens of microamperes) of the dual-frequency control chip in low frequency state. Thus, the present invention can greatly reduce the electric energy consumption of the control chip, so that the control circuit can save electric energy.11-03-2011
20120194162PULSE WIDTH MODULATION CONTROLLER AND METHOD FOR OUTPUT RIPPLE REDUCTION OF A JITTERING FREQUENCY SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY - A pulse width modulation controller and method for output ripple reduction of a jittering frequency switching power supply detect the current of a power switch of the switching power supply to generate a current sense signal, and adjust the gain or the level of the current sense signal according to the switching frequency of the power switch to adjust the on time of the power switch, to reduce the output ripple of the switching power supply caused by the jittering frequency of the switching power supply.08-02-2012
20110267023DC VOLTAGE CONVERSION MODULE, SEMICONDUCTOR MODULE, AND METHOD OF MAKING SEMICONDUCTOR MODULE - A DC voltage conversion module includes a substrate, an input terminal, an output terminal, a ground terminal, a DC voltage conversion control element mounted on the substrate, a coil mounted on the substrate and connected to the DC voltage conversion control element and the output terminal, an input-side capacitor mounted on the substrate and connected to the input terminal and the ground terminal, and an output-side capacitor mounted on the substrate and connected to the output terminal and the ground terminal. The input terminal, the output terminal and the ground terminal project in a predetermined projecting direction parallel to each other. The ground terminal is arranged between the input terminal and the output terminal in a direction perpendicular to the projecting direction.11-03-2011
20090167279DC Power Converter and Mode-Switching Method - A DC converter and a mode-switching method used in an electronic apparatus are included. The electronic apparatus includes a subsystem circuit. The DC power converter comprises a first voltage converting circuit electrically connected to the subsystem circuit, receiving a system voltage and a first reference voltage, and converting the system voltage to a first output voltage based on the first reference voltage; and a second voltage converting circuit electrically connected to the subsystem circuit and receiving the system voltage and a second reference voltage, and converting the system voltage to a second output voltage to the same output end of the first voltage converting circuit based on the second reference voltage; wherein the second voltage converting circuit outputs the second output voltage to the subsystem circuit when the first output voltage at the output end is smaller than a threshold.07-02-2009
20080265859ELECTRONIC DEVICE FOR CONTROLLED FAILURE - A selectively protected electrical system includes or operates with a power source, a load, a power driver circuit for controllably transferring power from the power source to the load, the power driver circuit being encapsulated in a potting material, and a controller for enabling and disabling the power driver circuit, the controller being un-encapsulated by the potting material. If a contaminant induced electrical fault occurs in the selectively protected electrical system, the electrical fault is more likely to occur in the un-encapsulated controller, such that the selectively protected electrical system is disabled. The contaminant is inhibited from contacting and inducing an electrical fault in the power driver circuit, thus providing for a controlled failure of the selectively protected electrical system.10-30-2008
20120105044Circuit Arrangement And Method For Inductive Energy Transfer - A circuit arrangement for the inductive transfer of energy is disclosed. The circuit arrangement includes an oscillator; a power supply for supplying the oscillator with energy and having a complex input resistance; and a device for detecting the inductive load of the oscillator and for modifying the complex input resistance of the power supply depending on the load of the oscillator.05-03-2012
20120105043Control of Multi-Level Supply Stage - There is described a buck-boost converter comprising: a voltage source; an inductor, wherein a first terminal of the inductor is switchably connected to the voltage source; and a plurality of capacitors switchably connected to a second terminal of the inductor, wherein a respective plurality of output voltages are formed across the plurality of capacitors, further comprising: an error determination means, for determining an error in each of the plurality of voltages, an inner control loop adapted to switchably connect one of the plurality of capacitors to the second terminal of the inductor in dependence on the determined errors; and an outer control loop adapted to control switching between buck mode and boost mode in dependence upon the determined errors.05-03-2012
20130119962Intermediate Bus Architecture Power Supply Controller - A voltage controller is operable to generate control signals for controlling an intermediate bus voltage (V05-16-2013
20110204869CALIBRATION CIRCUIT - A calibration circuit includes a pad connected between an external resistor connected to a first voltage source and a first node, a first resistor unit connected between the first node and a second voltage source, a second resistor unit connected between a second node and the second voltage source, a first control unit for generating and outputting a first output signal, a first pull-down circuit connected between the second node and the first voltage source, a second pull-down circuit connected between a third node and the first voltage source, a second control unit for generating and outputting a second output signal, and a pull-up circuit connected between the third node and the second voltage source.08-25-2011
20110140680APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR EXTRACTING MAXIMUM POWER FROM SOLAR CELL - An apparatus and method for extracting maximum power from a solar cell are provided. The apparatus includes a solar cell for producing power from solar energy, a maximum power extractor for generating a pulse width modulation signal for extracting the maximum power from the solar cell, and a DC-DC converter for adjusting an amount of current generated from the solar cell according to the pulse width modulation signal.06-16-2011
20090085548CONVERTER CIRCUIT AND METHOD FOR OPERATING SUCH A CONVERTER CIRCUIT - A converter circuit is specified in which, in order to avoid losses to the greatest possible extent, a first inductance is connected in series into the connection of a DC voltage source of the converter circuit to a first switch of the converter circuit, and in which, moreover, a second inductance is connected in series into the connection of a second switch of a switching group of the converter circuit to the junction point between a second capacitive energy store and a second unidirectional non-drivable power semiconductor switch of the switching group. Two further alternative converter circuits and also a method for operating the converter circuit are furthermore specified.04-02-2009
20110227552Apparatus of Supplying Power and Method Therefor - A power supply apparatus and a method for supplying power are provided. The apparatus, for use in a system having a first power signal, includes an assistance unit and a power supply device. The assistance unit outputs at least one maintaining signal according to the first power signal selectively. The power supply device outputs a second power signal, wherein the power supply device maintains the second power signal according to the at least one maintaining signal, for example, in an inactive state, such as an idle or standby state or other suitable timing.09-22-2011
20110227551MOBILE WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE INCLUDING REMOVABLE ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPLY MODULE AND RELATED METHODS - A mobile wireless communications device may include a device housing, and mobile wireless communications device circuitry carried by the device housing. The device may also include a removable electrical power supply module coupled to the mobile wireless communications device circuitry. The removable electrical power supply module may include a module housing, and within the module housing, a battery cell, a DC-to-DC converter coupled to the battery cell, and an output inductor coupled to the DC-to-DC converter. The removable electrical power supply module may also include, within the module housing, a spark suppression circuit coupled to the output inductor, and an output voltage clamp circuit coupled to the output inductor. The removable electrical power supply module may further include a pair of output terminals carried by the module housing and coupled to the output voltage clamp circuit.09-22-2011
20090001956POWERED DEVICE INCLUDING A MULTI-USE DETECTION RESISTOR - In a particular embodiment, a method includes receiving a powered device (PD) detection signal at a PD from a powered network and applying the PD detection signal to an external resistor to provide a detection signature to the powered network. Further, the method includes receiving a PD classification mark signal at the PD, applying the received PD classification mark signal to the external resistor, and selectively activating a classification mark current path in parallel with the external resistor to produce a classification mark signature.01-01-2009
20090251121METHOD AND APPARATUS PROVIDING FINAL TEST AND TRIMMING FOR A POWER SUPPLY CONTROLLER - A power supply controller having final test and trim circuitry. In one embodiment, a power supply controller for switched mode power supply includes a selector circuit, a trim circuit, a shutdown circuit and a disable circuit. The trim circuit includes a programmable circuit connection that can be selected by the selector circuit by toggling a voltage on an external terminal such as for example a power supply terminal, a control terminal or a function terminal of the power supply controller. The programmable circuit connection in the trim circuit can be programmed by applying a programming voltage to the external terminal. The shutdown circuit shuts down the power supply controller if the temperature rises above an over temperature threshold voltage. The shutdown circuit includes adjustment circuitry that can be used to test the shutdown circuit. The adjustment circuitry can adjust and reduce the over temperature threshold of the power supply controller. Thus, the power supply controller can be tested without having to actually heat the part. The disable circuit includes a programmable circuit connection, which when programmed prevents further trimming of power supply controller and prevents adjustment of the shutdown circuit over temperature threshold.10-08-2009
20100001708Paralleling Voltage Regulators - Circuits and methods for paralleling voltage regulators are provided. Improved current sharing and regulation characteristics are obtained by coupling control terminals of the voltage regulators together which results in precise output voltages and proportional current production. Distributing current generation among multiple paralleled voltage regulators improves heat dissipation and thereby reduces the likelihood that the current produced by the voltage regulators will be temperature limited.01-07-2010
20130134956USING A SWITCHING SIGNAL DELAY TO REDUCE NOISE FROM A SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY - Embodiments of circuitry, which includes power supply switching circuitry, a first inductive element, and a second inductive element, are disclosed. The power supply switching circuitry provides a first switching output signal to the first inductive element and a second switching output signal to the second inductive element. The first inductive element has a first inductor current and the second inductive element has a second inductor current. The second switching output signal is delayed from the first switching output signal by a switching signal delay. The first inductor current and the second inductor current combine to provide a combined inductor current, which has a frequency response with a group of notches, such that frequency locations of the group of notches are based on the switching signal delay.05-30-2013
20110043183FIELD INSTRUMENT - A current control element (variable resistance element) is provided on a supply path of the current from a voltage regulator to another voltage regulator. An alarm driving circuit is provided on a branch flow path of the current from the voltage regulator to the voltage regulator. When the alarm driving circuit needs to be operated, a current control element controlling unit controls the resistance value of the current control element to branch the current flowing through the supply path to the branch flow path. In this case, the current branched to the branch flow path is set to the amount required to operate the alarm driving circuit. Since the sum of the currents is supplied to the voltage regulator and is the same as the current flowing before the alarm driving circuit is activated, there is no shortage of supplied power to a CPU.02-24-2011
20110074378Multiphase Power Converters, Controllers and Control Methods - A method of controlling a multiphase power converter including a plurality of sub-converters coupled to provide power to a load is disclosed. Each sub-converter includes a power switch. The method includes selectively and consistently turning on the power switch of one or more of the sub-converters at substantially a same time as a reference signal representing a desired output of the power converter increases. The method further includes selectively and consistently turning off the power switch of one or more of the sub-converters at substantially a same time as the reference signal representing the desired output of the power converter decreases. Other methods, multiphase power converters and controllers for multiphase power converters are also disclosed.03-31-2011
20110127986Time-Shared Digital Power Controller - Methods and systems for providing electrical power, including determining a plurality of fine power duty cycles according to a respective plurality of power values, and generating the respective plurality of power values using a time-shared pulse-width modulator (PWM), the time-shared PWM being configured to be modulated at the respective plurality of fine duty power cycles during a respective plurality of time slots.06-02-2011
20120229115VOLTAGE AMPLITUDE LIMITING CIRCUIT OF FULL DIFFERENTIAL CIRCUIT - A voltage amplitude limiting circuit of a full differential circuit is provided for limiting voltage levels of a differential signal. The voltage amplitude limiting circuit includes a reference voltage generating unit and a replacing circuit. The reference voltage generating unit generates a high reference voltage and a low reference voltage. The replacing circuit is coupled to the reference voltage generating unit, a first input terminal and a second input terminal. When voltage at the first input terminal is greater than the high reference voltage, the replacing circuit uses the high reference voltage to replace the voltage at the first input terminal to serve as an output. When voltage at the first input terminal is less than the low reference voltage, the replacing circuit uses the low reference voltage to replace the voltage at the first input terminal to serve as an output.09-13-2012
20100045258DEDICATED POWER SUPPLY APPARATUS, TERMINAL, POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM, AND POWER SUPPLY METHOD - A dedicated power supply apparatus includes a regulator that receives power from an external power source, two signal lines to which the regulator is connected, and two resistors, each placed between the regulator and an associated one of the two signal lines.02-25-2010
20110074379DC-DC CONVERTER - A DC-DC converter including a power supply supplying direct current (DC) to an inductor, a switching device controlling the supply of DC from the power supply to the inductor by switching between a conductive state and a disconnected state according to a modulation signal, a signal output device generating the modulation signal for increasing or decreasing a period of the conductive state of the switching device, wherein the signal output device increases or decreases a duty ratio of the modulation signal to increase or decrease the period of the conductive state of the switching device, and a delay device controlling an increase of a duty ratio of the modulation signal, wherein the signal output device outputs the modulation signal with the controlled duty ratio to the switching device, thereby delaying the switching device from reaching a conductive state in which the duty ratio is a value of 1.03-31-2011
20100244806AUTARKES FELDGERAT ORDER AUTARKER FUNKADAPTER FUREIN FELDGERAT DER AUTOMATISIERUNGSTECHNIK - The invention relates to an autarkic field device or an autarkic radio adapter (09-30-2010
20100301829BATTERY POWER SUPPLY FOR RADIOFREQUENCY TRANSMITTER - The invention relates to a power supply device for an RF transmitter (12-02-2010
20100264897VOLTAGE CONTROL FOR ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS - A limitation of the interaction between cascaded tap changers and/or between a tap changer and a shunt compensator independently of any real-time communication between the respective controllers is disclosed. Coordinated voltage control in distribution networks can be achieved by an adaptive updating or tuning of control parameters DB10-21-2010
20120200280PLUG FOR DC APPLIANCE - A plug for a DC appliance includes an input unit including anode and cathode terminals, an output unit including anode and cathode terminals to allow a DC current input through the input unit to be output to an electric device, a connection unit to interconnect the input unit and the output unit, a rectifier unit coupled between anode and cathode terminals of the input unit to rectify the input DC current, an inductor unit connected in series to the rectifier unit so that an internal current of the plug is gradually increased in response to an increase of the input DC current, and a condenser unit connected in series to the inductor unit, which is charged with voltage in response to a current passing through the inductor unit, and discharges the charged voltage to the output unit when the input of the DC current from the input unit is interrupted.08-09-2012
20110175589TRANSMISSION INPUT CIRCUIT - This transmission input circuit is provided with an adjustment processing section which turns ON a switch at an empty timing where transmission current from a slave device is not flowing, to allow a reference current to flow from a constant current circuit to a current detection resistor, generates in the current detection resistor a target adjustment voltage, in which a threshold voltage corresponding to the reference current is added to a load current detection voltage corresponding to the load current, and adjusts a digital value so that a reference voltage output from a digital variable resistor matches with the target adjustment voltage.07-21-2011
20100283447MULTILAYER INDUCTOR AND POWER CONVERTER COMPRISING IT - A multilayer inductor comprising a coil embedded in a magnetic portion, and a magnetic gap formed by a non-magnetic portion in part of a magnetic path, the magnetic portion being made of Ni ferrite, whose relative temperature coefficient αμ11-11-2010
20110148385SELECTIVELY ACTIVATED THREE-STATE CHARGE PUMP - This document discusses, among other things, a device for providing a DC output voltage, including a first output voltage and a second output voltage, from an input voltage. The device can include a first voltage regulator configured to provide the first output voltage when the input voltage is below a threshold voltage, and a charge pump configured to provide the second output voltage from the first output voltage in a two-state mode when the input voltage is below the threshold voltage, and to provide the first output voltage and the second output voltage in a three-state mode when the input voltage is above the threshold voltage.06-23-2011
20110062934Circuit Board, Method for Determining a Current Space Vector, Converter, Circuit Board and Series of Converters - In circuit board for a converter, including control electronics, the circuit board includes a device for current detection, the device respectively having at least two measuring amplifier circuits, only the output of one of the measuring amplifier circuits being supplied as the detected current value to the control electronics of the converter.03-17-2011
20120062203APPARATUS FOR WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION - Provided is a wireless power transmission system to increase efficiency in wireless power transmission. A wireless power transmitter may include: one or more capacitors; a power inputting unit configured to receive power from a power supply and to charge the one or more capacitors; a transmitting unit configured to transmit resonance power; and a switching unit configured to control electrical connection of the one or more capacitors to the power inputting unit and to the transmitting unit. A wireless power receiver is also described.03-15-2012
20120019229VOLTAGE REGULATING CIRCUIT FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A regulating circuit is used to regulate an output from a power supply to a load. The regulating circuit includes a regulator and a voltage dividing. The voltage dividing is connected between the power supply and the regulator.01-26-2012
20120153925VOLTAGE ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM - A voltage adjustment system includes a power supply for providing an initial voltage signal, a plurality of buck converters for receiving the initial voltage signal and generating one adjustable output voltage signal respectively, a microcontroller for determining one adjustable output voltage signal to output and determining whether a variable voltage signal generated by a buck converter that outputs the adjustable output voltage signal is positive or negative, a display unit for displaying value of the adjustable output voltage signal that is outputted, a plurality of voltage control units corresponding to the plurality of buck converters, and a voltage variation adjustment circuit including two buttons. The variable voltage signal is added to the adjustable output voltage signal generated by the same buck converter. Selection of the two buttons causes the microcontroller to adjust absolute value of the variable voltage signal generated by the buck converter through the corresponding voltage control unit.06-21-2012
20120153926TERMINAL DEVICE AND SUPPLY CURRENT CONTROL METHOD - Provided are a terminal device and a supply current control method which enable reliable charging with a current obtained by power generation. In a terminal device (06-21-2012
20120313610Power Supply Control Circuit - A power supply control circuit includes a mode controlling unit which, in accordance with an output voltage of an amplifying section, performs a mode up for switching a current power supply voltage of the amplifying section to a higher power supply voltage being higher than the current power supply voltage, and which, in a case where a magnitude of the output voltage of the amplifying section is smaller than a threshold voltage for a predetermined time period or longer, performs a mode down for switching the power supply voltage of the amplifying section to a lower power supply voltage being lower than the current power supply voltage, and a threshold setting unit which sets the threshold voltage based on the output voltage of the amplifying section at a timing when the mode up is performed.12-13-2012
20120126776VOLTAGE SMOOTHING CIRCUIT - A voltage smoothing circuit is configured to smooth a voltage outputted from a power supply portion. The voltage smoothing circuit includes first and second smoothing capacitors, a first balancing resistor, and a second conduction regulating portion. The first smoothing capacitor and the second smoothing capacitor are connected in series to each other and are connected in parallel to the power supply portion. The first balancing resistor is connected in parallel to the first smoothing capacitor. The second conduction regulating portion is connected on a current path in parallel with the second smoothing capacitor and conducts current in one direction on the current path in a case where a voltage equal to or greater than a second predetermined voltage has been applied.05-24-2012
20120217948ENERGY CONVERSION DEVICE AND RELATED DISTRIBUTION METHOD - A method for distributing the total power of an energy conversion device between at least two converters in the energy conversion device is disclosed. The sum of the conversion powers of the converters is the total power of the conversion device. The energy conversion device converts energy between a first electrical entity and a second electrical entity, where the two converters correspond to at least two portions of a ring, the portions being proportional to a predetermined power value of the respective converters thereof, the combination of the at least two portions forming the whole ring. The total power of the conversion device corresponds to an arc of the ring between the positions of a first slider and a second slider moveable around the ring, and the distribution of power between the converters is determined by the positions of the first and second sliders.08-30-2012
20100052642SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USING A PHY'S DISCOVERY OF CABLE SHIELDING FOR POWER OVER ETHERNET CURRENT CAPACITY SETTING AND TEMPERATURE DE-RATING - A system and method for using a physical layer device's discovery of cable shielding for PoE current capacity setting and temperature de-rating. Headroom in a particular cable installation is increased when it is determined that the physical layer device is coupled to a shielded cable, which more effectively removes heat from a bundled cable. By the determination of the type of cabling, the current capable of being carried over the cable can be increased and/or the temperature de-rating decreased due to the removal of limitations of worst-case cable assumptions.03-04-2010
20100033155POWER SUPPLY FOR IGBT/FET DRIVERS - A power supply for IGBT/FET drivers (02-11-2010
20100283446DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING DC BIAS OF RF DISCHARGE SYSTEM - The present invention provides a device and a method for controlling a DC bias of a RF discharge system. Said device comprises a DC bias detection module (11-11-2010
20120256611POWER SUPPLY APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - A power supply apparatus includes a controller. If the controller detects that the internal resistance of a battery detected by an internal resistance detecting unit is relatively high, then the controller switches a first switch from an open state to a closed state using a first threshold value with respect to the voltage difference between a battery voltage and a system voltage, and if the controller detects that the internal resistance of the battery is relatively low, then the controller switches the first switch from the open state to the closed state using a second threshold value which is smaller than the first threshold value.10-11-2012
20120262143SEMICONDUCTOR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT FOR CONTROLLING REGULATOR CIRCUIT AND SIGNAL PROCESSOR WHICH OPERATES BASED ON OUTPUT VOLTAGE THEREOF - A control circuit receives a change request for an operating mode of a signal processor which operates based on an output voltage of a regulator circuit, changes the output voltage of the regulator circuit, and then changes the operating mode of the signal processor based on the change request.10-18-2012
20120081097High Voltage High Current Regulator - High voltage high current regulator circuit for regulating current is interposed between first and second terminals connected to an external circuit and comprises at least one main-current carrying cold-cathode field emission electron tube conducting current between the first and second terminals. First and second grid-control cold-cathode field emission electron tubes provide control signals for first and second grids of the at least one main-current carrying cold-cathode field emission electron tube for positive and negative excursions of voltage on the first and second terminals, respectively. The current regulator circuit may be accompanied by a voltage-clamping circuit that includes at least one cold-cathode field emission electron tube. At least two cold-cathode field emission electron tubes, configured to operate at high voltage and high current, are preferably contained within a single vacuum enclosure and are interconnected to provide a circuit function, so as to form a high voltage high current vacuum integrated circuit.04-05-2012
20120280673VOLTAGE CONTROL APPARATUS, METHOD, AND PROGRAM - The voltage control apparatus (11-08-2012
20120280672POWER SUPPLY CIRCUIT FOR UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS PORT - A power supply circuit for Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports includes a first USB port and a current amplifier circuit electrically connected to the first USB port. The first power converter receives a first voltage and outputs a first current. The second power converter receives the first voltage and outputs a second current. The first power converter and the second power converter are electrically connected together. The first current is output to the first USB port together with the second current.11-08-2012
20120091984DEDICATED POWER SUPPLY APPARATUS, TERMINAL, POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM, AND POWER SUPPLY METHOD - A dedicated power supply apparatus includes a regulator that receives power from an external power source, two signal lines to which the regulator is connected, and two resistors, each placed between the regulator and an associated one of the two signal lines.04-19-2012
20120326693Voltage reference and temperature sensor - A highly accurate voltage reference and temperature sensor circuit requires only several low-cost components in addition to a general-purpose microcontroller with an analog-to-digital converter. Unlike known circuits, the circuit disclosed does not rely on matching between a pair of semiconductor devices, as only a single semiconductor junction is used. All of the signal processing may be performed digitally.12-27-2012
20120286759DISTRIBUTED POWER GENERATION SYSTEM - A distributed power generation system of the present invention is a distributed power generation system connected to a three-wire electric power system including first to third electric wires, the third electric wire being a neutral wire, and includes: an electric power generator (11-15-2012
20120242315DC-DC Conversion Using Vibration - This invention relates to the field of vibration switches, and more particularly to vibration switches used for DC to DC switching conversion. DC to DC convertors use an electrical switch like MOSFET/transistor for conversion to switched DC. The MOSFET/transistor requires a power source for the switching action. A vibration switch comprising of metal or conductive polymer strip can be used for the switching action in a DC to DC convertor. The strip is bent by using a small weight attached to one end. When exposed to vibration beyond a certain threshold the metal strip oscillates and performs multiple switching operations by connecting to the contact terminal. The switched DC thus produced could be filtered to generate a DC output. This switch does not require power for operation. The vibration sensitivity and frequency of oscillations of the switch can be controlled using the hardness of the material used.09-27-2012
20130169257METHOD OF CONTROLLING MULTI LEVEL CONVERTER - A method of controlling a multilevel converter is provided. In the method of controlling a multilevel converter according to an embodiment, a sub-module having the maximum voltage and a sub-module having the minimum voltage respectively are extracted from among a plurality of sub-modules. An amount of state variation of each of the plurality of sub-modules is determined. When the amount of state variation is not determined to be 0, a direction of a current flowing through the plurality of sub-modules is detected. A subsequent state of at least one sub-module is determined according to at least one of the amount of the state variation and current direction. Subsequently an arrangement time for sub-module values can be efficiently reduced while the number of the sub-modules increases in the voltage balancing.07-04-2013
20110267024BURST MODE CONTROLLER AND METHOD - A method for controlling burst mode operation of a switched mode power supply (SMPS) is disclosed. The method comprises: 11-03-2011
20130127435STANDALONE SOLAR ENERGY CONVERSION SYSTEM WITH MAXIMUM POWER POINT TRACING AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - A standalone solar energy conversion system includes a first DC-DC conversion apparatus, a second DC-DC conversion apparatus, and a control apparatus. The first DC-DC conversion apparatus receives a DC voltage and converts a voltage level of the DC voltage to provide a capacitance voltage. The second DC-DC conversion apparatus receives the capacitance voltage and converts a voltage level of the capacitance voltage. The control apparatus includes a first comparison unit and a second comparison unit. The capacitance voltage is compared to a first capacitance voltage command and a second capacitance voltage command through the first comparison unit and the second comparison unit, respectively, thus controlling output powers of the first DC-DC conversion apparatus and the second DC-DC conversion apparatus.05-23-2013
20130127436APPARATUS OF SUPPLYING POWER AND METHOD THEREFOR - A power supply apparatus and a method for supplying power are provided. The method includes: providing a first power supply for outputting a first power signal; providing a second first power supply for outputting a second power signal; and selectively charging the second power supply by using the first power supply.05-23-2013
20130141072PHASE RECONFIGURABLE SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY - Embodiments of circuitry, which includes power supply switching circuitry and a first inductive element, are disclosed. The power supply switching circuitry has a first switching output and a second switching output. The first inductive element is coupled between the first switching output and a power supply output. The power supply switching circuitry operates in one of a first operating mode and a second operating mode. During the first operating mode, the first switching output is voltage compatible with the second switching output. During the second operating mode, the first switching output is allowed to be voltage incompatible with the second switching output.06-06-2013
20100308787APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PULSE SAMPLING CONTROL - The present invention proposes a hot surface igniter (HSI) controller which is transformerless and which is capable of delivering power from a 120/240 VAC RMS mains voltage, for example, to a load whose nominal operational voltage is equivalent to 24 VAC RMS, for example, sinusoidal full wave AC Voltage. The controller provides an impulse range which is mainly designed to deliver power to hot surface igniter active loads with sufficient thermionic inertia and mass, and where the real voltage shape of supplied power is unimportant. This is achieved by supplying half-cycle pulses to the HIS that are separated by even number of half-cycles that are not supplied to the HIS. Thus the consecutively applied half-cycles are always of opposing polarity.12-09-2010
20120274302WIDEBAND CMOS RMS POWER DETECTION SYSTEM - A system includes a first circuit and a second circuit. The first circuit includes a first MOS transistor having a gate and a drain. The first circuit is configured to receive a radio frequency (RF) signal at the gate of the first MOS transistor. The drain of the first MOS transistor is configured to output a first current that is proportional to the square of the input voltage of the RF signal while receiving the RF signal. The second circuit includes a second MOS transistor having a source configured to receive a first current from the first circuit. The second MOS transistor is biased in a triode region and has a channel resistance between the source and a drain. The second circuit is configured to output a voltage proportional to the value of the power of the RF signal received by the first circuit.11-01-2012
20130154600CONTROL OF POWER CONVERTERS WITH CAPACITIVE ENERGY TRANSFER - An apparatus for power conversion comprises a voltage transformation element, a regulating element, and a controller; wherein, a period of the voltage transformation element is equal to a product of a coefficient and a period of the regulating circuit, and wherein the coefficient is selected from a group consisting of a positive integer and a reciprocal of said integer.06-20-2013
20130154599Methods for Reducing Power Consumption of Electronic Systems - Evolutionary methods for reducing power consumption of an electronic system are disclosed. The electronic system comprises one or more subsystems. Each of the subsystems is connected to a supply power through a programmable power limiter that limits power delivered to the subsystem. A controller initiates a power reduction procedure by reducing power limit to reach a level that the subsystem delivers minimum acceptable performances.06-20-2013
20130187625CONVERGENCE TYPE POWER SUPPLY DEVICE - A convergence type power supply device includes a supply circuit and a filter circuit, and both circuits receive a rectified pulse DC power, and the supply circuit supplies the pulse DC power to a load directly when the filter circuit is charged, and the voltage of the pulse DC power becomes higher after the filter circuit is charged, and the filter circuit filters the pulse voltage to supply a filter DC to the load, so as to achieve the effect of enhancing the power factor.07-25-2013
20130200875ELECTRIC POWER DETECTION SYSTEM - An integration circuit charges a capacitor by a charge current corresponding to a current flowing in a detection resistor provided in an electric power supply path extending to a DCM. A comparison circuit outputs a comparison signal, which changes to one of a high level and a low level in accordance with an integration value corresponding to a charge voltage of the capacitor. A discharge switch discharges the capacitor and stops discharge of the capacitor, when the comparison signal is at the high level and the low level, respectively. A control circuit determines an estimation value of electric power supplied from a battery to a DCM based on a count of edges, at which the signal level of the detection signal changes.08-08-2013
20120086424POWER SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE CURRENT DETECTOR CIRCUIT AND DETECTION METHOD - A small power semiconductor device current detector circuit and detection method with low loss by detecting current using the sensing function of a power semiconductor device is disclosed. An already known current is caused to flow through a main region of the power semiconductor device. The current is detected by a current detector unit connected to a sense terminal of the power semiconductor device. A deviation in characteristics between the main region and a sensing region is detected by a variable voltage source circuit based on the detected current. An offset amount and gain amount in an output regulator are regulated in such a way that the characteristics of the two coincide. The offset amount and gain amount to be regulated may be supplied to the output regulator, serially or in parallel, from a CPU provided externally.04-12-2012

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