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320 - Electricity: battery or capacitor charging or discharging


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320115000 With charger stand or base 64
20090045774Multiple interfaces for a rechargeable battery pack - A battery pack for powering a portable electronic device is disclosed. The battery pack includes means for connecting the battery pack to the portable electronic device such that a main power terminal of the battery pack engages a main power input port of the portable electronic device. An auxiliary power output terminal is located on an outer surface of the portable electronic device that is capable of receiving a power cord for powering the portable electronic device through an auxiliary power input port located on the portable electronic device. A charger input terminal is also included on the outer surface of the battery pack for receiving the power cord for recharging the battery pack.02-19-2009
20110193524MOBILE COMPUTING DEVICE CHARGING AND NETWORKING SYSTEM AND METHOD - Systems and methods for charging and/or networking mobile computing devices. A cart for storing, charging, and/or networking mobile computing devices. A portable interface between a mobile computing device and a cart. A docking station module having a plurality of docking stations.08-11-2011
20090121679APPARATUS FOR SUPPLYING POWER TO A PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - Disclosed is an apparatus for supplying power to a portable electronic device. The apparatus comprises a power adapter, a replaceable lens, and a detachable module. The power adapter is coupled to a power source and is capable of receiving power from the power source. The replaceable lens is removably secured to the power adapter. Further, the detachable module is coupled to the power adapter and is capable of supporting the replaceable lens, when the replaceable lens is secured to the power adapter.05-14-2009
20130082657CHARGING SYSTEM FOR A RECHARGEABLE POWER SOURCE - There is provided a power source system which includes a self-charging system. In one embodiment, the power source system is used to power portable devices and may include a power source such as a set of rechargeable batteries or a battery pack. The power source system comprises a self-charging system which includes an energy harvester operatively connected to a vibrational energy source such as a plurality of piezoelectric elements (piezos). The piezos preferably include a plurality of cantilevers which are composed of a piezoelectric material which may be the same or may be different from the substrate material of the piezos.04-04-2013
20130038288PROTECTION COVER ALLOWING HANDHELD DEVICE TO REVERSELY DISCHARGE - Disclosed is a protection cover allowing a handheld device to reversely discharge, which includes a bidirectional DC-DC converter and a charging/discharging controller arranged inside the protection cover so as to allow a first handheld device that is received in the protection cover to externally discharge electrical power thereof. The protection cover applies a removable external connection to electrically connect to a second handheld device so as to allow the first handheld device to reversely discharge, via the protection cover, to the second handheld device.02-14-2013
20130069595Hand tool device having at least one charging coil - A hand tool device having at least one charging coil, which includes at least one coil core which is at least partially made of a ceramic material and which is provided for transmitting energy. The coil core may be configured as a composite component.03-21-2013
20130057217BACKUP BATTERY CHARGER - A backup battery charger charges a backup battery of a handheld electronic device. The handheld electronic device comprises a power supply unit and an electronic component. The power supply unit supplies a power to the electronic component. The backup battery charger is connected to the electronic component, such that the backup battery charger shares with the electronic component the power, uses the power as a charging power, and controllably determines via a control module whether to supply the charging power to the backup battery.03-07-2013
20130057216Method and Apparatus for Supplying Power to a Portable Electronic Device in an Aircraft - Provided is an apparatus. The apparatus includes a power conditioning module. The power conditioning module includes an input that is operable to receive a first power from an aircraft. The power conditioning module includes electronic circuitry that is operable to transform the first power to a second power. The second power is different from the first power and is suitable for charging a portable electronic device. The power conditioning module includes a status indication mechanism that is operable to indicate a status of the power conditioning module.03-07-2013
20090267563ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device includes a remote control and a main body. The remote control has two contacting portions. The main body is capable of being controlled by the remote control. The main body has two conductive portions and two power supply terminals for supplying the electrical power to the two conductive portions. The contacting portions of the remote control detachably electrically connect with the conductive portions for charging the remote control.10-29-2009
20090237031PORTABLE MEDIA PLAYER WIRELESS CHARGER - Various embodiments of a wireless charging device and a method for charging a portable media player are provided. Among other things, the charging device is compact and portable so that it can easily be stowed for transport, greatly enhancing a customer's ability to use the primary portable media player without all of the problems associated with recharging, including cables that inevitably accompany a docking station device. Features of the device include collapsible prongs and a hinged arm that radially releases from the body to reveal a docking connector for charging a portable media player.09-24-2009
20090267564Charging cabinet assembly for hand held devices - A charging cabinet for hand held devices comprising a cavity defined by a rear wall, top and bottom parallel walls, and opposing side walls, and a front wall hingeably secured to one of the side walls to form a closure door, there being positioned within the cavity of the cabinet, a plurality of shelves for support of a hand held devices, the cabinet having a plurality of 110 volt or 220 volt outlets secured thereto, each of the 110 volt or 220 volt charging outlets having an on/off switch associated therewith to activate and deactivate a particular outlet, there also being a plurality of securing means associated with each shelf for securing excess wire associated with each charger in a compact manner, the charging cabinet being wall mounted or recessed in a wall and connected to a power source.10-29-2009
20090021214Portable electronic device carrier with charging system - A portable electronic device carrier includes a charging system. The carrier is configured to at least partially house a portable electronic device such as a cell phone, PDA or the like. The carrier may comprise a pouch or have other configurations. The charging system comprises at least one photovoltaic cell configured to convert light into electricity, and at least one charging port configured to be engaged by a portable electronic device, the charging port configured to provide power to the portable electronic device when the portable electronic device is engaged therewith. The charging system may include at least one battery configured to be charged by the electricity generated by the at least one photovoltaic cell. The charging port may comprise contacts which are engaged by an interface of the portable electronic device. In accordance with the invention, a portable electronic device is charged using a portable charging system associated with a carrier for the device.01-22-2009
20110279084DESKTOP CHARGER FOR HANDHELD COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A charger device for use with a handheld communication device, the charger device comprises a cable, a connector element and a support element affixed to the connector element. The connector element includes a connector for engagement with a port of the handheld communication device. The support element is configured to support the handheld communication device in either one of a portrait orientation and a landscape orientation, when the connector is engaged with the port of the handheld communication device.11-17-2011
20110127959CHARGER DEVICE - A charger provides a user selectable interface which allows a battery operated portable communication device to be charged in either face-up or face-down positions. Both single-unit charger and multi-unit charger embodiments are provided. A dual contact scheme allows for the user to select either the face-up or face-down configuration. The face-down configuration accommodates battery powered portable communication devices having accessories as well as radio back housings of varying thickness. Additional storage bins are configured within the charging systems to further improve organization of multiple accessories. Magnetic coupling is also provided to facilitate organization of two or more single-unit chargers.06-02-2011
20100171465Charging Station Configured To Provide Electrical Power to Electronic Devices And Method Therefor - Some embodiments disclose a charging station configured to provide electrical power to one or more portable electronic devices. The charging station can include: (a) at least one switch configured to turn-on and turn-off the charging station such that the charging station is not drawing any of the electrical power when the charging station is turned-off; (b) one or more output ports configured to supply the electrical power to the one or more portable electronic devices when the one or more portable electronic devices are electrically coupled to the one or more output ports and the charging station is turned-on; (c) one or more sensors electrically coupled to the one or more ports and configured to detect whether electrical power is being drawn by the one or more portable electronic devices through the one or more output ports; and (e) a controller module configured to turn-off the charging station using the at least one switch when the one or more sensors detect that the electrical power is not being drawn by the one or more portable electronic devices through the one or more output ports. Other embodiments are disclosed in this application.07-08-2010
20100171464System and Method For Charging A Mobile Device - A system and method for charging a mobile device is disclosed. According to one embodiment, a mobile charging system comprises a mobile device having a battery, a robotic device removably connected to the mobile device, and a charging station removably connected to the robotic device. The robotic device is adapted to detect docking of the mobile device. If the docking of the mobile device is detected, the robotic device autonomously returns to the charging station for charging the battery of the mobile device. The robotic device receives an instruction from the mobile device or a user and performs tasks associated with the instruction.07-08-2010
20090267562PORTABLE BATTERY CHARGER FOR MULTIPLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - The multiple unit portable battery charger disclosed is a portable, rechargeable refueling station for handheld and mobile electronics. The multiple device portable battery charger is capable of providing a full charge to two electronic devices either simultaneously or individually. Additionally, the battery charger can charge the two devices simultaneously up to three separate times before the battery charger requires recharging. In other words, the battery charger disclosed is capable of charging six or more devices before needing to be recharged itself.10-29-2009
20100066306MOBILE TELEPHONE CHARGER WITH PROMOTIONAL AUDIO OUTPUT - A mobile telephone charger capable of reproducing a promotional audio tune is provided comprising a housing, a power input connector attached to the housing for receiving an electrical power input, a power output connector attached to the housing for charging a mobile telephone responsive to the electrical power input, a power detector module for generating an enabling signal in response to detecting the electrical power input, an audio chip module responsive to the enabling signal for generating a predetermined audio signal, the predetermined audio signal corresponding to audio data stored in a computer readable medium disposed in the mobile telephone charger, and an audio transducer for generating an audio output in response to the predetermined audio signal.03-18-2010
20100123431ADAPTER ASSEMBLY FOR RECEIVING CAR CHARGER OF COMMUNICATION DEVICES - One embodiment of an adapter assembly for a car charger configured to charge a communication device may include a housing having a floor member. The housing may also have a plurality of supporting members extending from the floor member. The adapter assembly may further include a cover carried by the housing for covering the housing. The cover may have an opening that has a periphery. Further, the adapter assembly may include a receptacle carried within the housing and circumscribingly attached to the periphery of the opening for receiving the car charger. The receptacle may include a base, a body, and an interface member. Furthermore, the adapter assembly may include a direct current voltage converter carried within the housing, and adapted to associate with the interface member of the receptacle and to receive power in the form of alternating current from a power source.05-20-2010
20110148358EMBEDDED CHARGING SOCKET - An embedded charging socket includes a case and an AC-to-DC circuit. The case is combined with a positioning slot of a panel, so as to be fixed on a specific position, for example, a wall surface, through the panel. The case has an AC input end disposed on one side for inputting an AC voltage, and has at least one universal serial bus (USB) slot disposed on the other side. Further, the AC-to-DC circuit is disposed inside the case, and has two sides respectively electrically connected to the AC input end and the USB slot, for converting the AC voltage to a DC voltage, then outputting the DC voltage through the USB slot, and charging an electric apparatus after an USB connector is inserted.06-23-2011
20110169450BATTERY CONTROL APPARATUS - A battery includes an on-board microprocessor-controlled MOSFET-switched cell monitoring and protection system which provides over-charge protection, low-voltage protection, thermal-runaway protection and cell balancing. The output voltage of the battery is fully regulated and user adjustable. Internal switching provides for switching the battery on or off from a control interface on the battery housing or from a remotely located switch. The battery preferably incorporates lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO07-14-2011
20110199050 PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND CAPACITIVE CHARGER PROVIDING DATA TRANSFER AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - The electronic apparatus includes a portable electronic device and a charger for capacitively charging the portable electronic device when the portable electronic device is temporarily placed adjacent the charger. The portable electronic device includes a device data communication unit and an associated battery, and a pair of device capacitive electrodes, defining a device conductive footprint, to receive a charging signal to charge the battery. The charger includes a base having an area larger than the device conductive footprint and able to receive the portable electronic device thereon in a plurality of different positions, and an array of charger capacitive electrodes carried by the base. A charger controller selectively drives only the charger capacitive electrodes within the device conductive footprint with a charging signal to capacitively charge the battery. A charger data communication unit communicates with the device data communication unit via the charger capacitive electrodes and device capacitive electrodes, e.g. by modulating data onto the charging signal.08-18-2011
20090278494Universal electrical interface for providing power to mobile devices - A charging system that comprises circuitry adapted to devices to be charged, including a power receiver module embedded in or molded into a form-fit case, e.g., gel-skin, that attaches physically and electrically to the device to be charged and that effectively receives power conductively from a power delivery surface of a recharging pad on which the devices are placed. An embodiment may include a method or device whereby a simplified, common interface provides power to mobile devices via electrical contact for a range of positions and orientations of the mobile device. In some embodiments, the range of positions may be automatically partially constrained mechanically such that power is transferred for all possible remaining orientations.11-12-2009
20080224658CHARGING CABLE WITH USB-LIKE CONNECTOR - A charging-cable is described that comprises a charger-connector for connecting the charging-cable arrangement to a mating USB connector in a charger, and a device-connector for connecting the charging-cable to a portable device. The charger-connector comprises USB-terminals arranged so that a first USB-terminal can connect to the V09-18-2008
20080290836Battery charger for power hand tool - A battery charger for charging a battery of a power hand tool includes a housing with a charging chamber for receiving the battery under charging, air vents for ventilation, and a communication hole in communication with the charging chamber, a charging circuit assembly mounted inside the housing, a fan mounted inside the housing and electrically connected to the charging circuit assembly and having a first ventilation side facing the air vents and a second ventilation side opposite to the first ventilation side, and an ventilation unit in air communication between the communication hole and the second ventilation side of the fan for guiding air out of the charging chamber to the outside of the housing through the air vents during operation of the fan and charging of a battery by the charging circuit assembly.11-27-2008
20090021215CHARGER UNIT FOR AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE INCLUDING A SYSTEM FOR PROTECTIVE STORAGE OF AN ADAPTER PLUG - A charger unit for an electronic device that includes a housing, a plurality of charging contacts provided on the housing, and a recess provided in the housing, preferably on a rear face thereof. A plug having a plurality of prongs may be selectively attached to and detached from the housing for electrically connecting the charger unit to a source of charging current. When attached to the housing, one or more of the prongs of the plug are electrically connected to a respective one of the charging contacts. In addition, a plurality of storage sockets are provided in the housing within the recess. Each of the storage sockets are adapted to receive and hold therein a respective one of the prongs of the plug to enable the plug to be safely and securely stored when not in use.01-22-2009
20090102420POWER TOOL, BATTERY, CHARGER AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - A power tool battery, battery charger, and a method of operating the same. The battery and the charger can be lockingly engageable with each other. The battery can be electrically coupled to a charging circuit of the charger for charging the battery. One of the battery and the charger can include a protrusion and the other of the battery and charger can include a recess for receiving the protrusion. The method can include inserting the battery into the charger along an insertion axis and charging the battery. The method can further include rotating the battery about the insertion axis to secure the battery with the charger while continuing to charge the battery.04-23-2009
20100148724System and Method for Charging a Battery in a Mobile Device - An adapter for providing a source of power to a mobile device through an industry standard port is provided. In accordance with one aspect of the invention, the adapter comprises a plug unit, a power converter, a primary connector, and an identification subsystem. The plug unit is operative to couple the adapter to a power socket and operative to receive energy from the power socket. The power converter is electrically coupled to the plug unit and is operable to regulate the received energy from the power socket and to output a power requirement to the mobile device. The primary connector is electrically coupled to the power converter and is operative to couple to the mobile device and to deliver the outputted power requirement to the mobile device. The identification subsystem is electrically coupled to the primary connector and is operative to provide an identification signal.06-17-2010
20100001688ADAPTOR DEVICE FOR CHARGING PORTABLE ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An adaptor device for charging portable electronic apparatus, the device being comprised of a plurality of connectors to be coupled mechanically and removably to a housing connectable to a power supply, each connector being comprised of a hollow main body featuring a compartment which may house a voltage regulating electronic circuit, equipped with an aperture for access; and a corresponding closing element for the aforementioned aperture, featuring in turn a window and a means for the fixing of a connecting plug for the portable electronic apparatus located in the aforementioned window and communicating with the interior of the compartment of the hollow main body, the connector also featuring electrical connection terminals in order to establish electrical contact between the connecting plug or the electronic circuit, whichever is the case, and the housing, when the connector is duly coupled into said housing.01-07-2010
20090072786Cradle for differently sized portable electronic devices - A cradle for containing a portable electronic device of the present invention has a main body and a clip. The main body is used for enabling the bottom of the portable electronic device to lean on the main body. The clip has a rotating member and a pressing member. The rotating member is pivoted on the main body, the pressing member is detachably connected to the rotating member, and the pressing member presses against the top portion of the portable electronic device.03-19-2009
20090115369PORTABLE ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND CIRCUIT AND METHOD FOR CHARGING RECHARGEABLE BATTERY THEREOF - A portable electronic apparatus capable of dynamically adjusting a charging current includes a memory unit, a memory controlling unit, a detecting unit, a current-adjusting unit and a rechargeable battery. The memory controlling unit is coupled to the memory unit for reading/writing the data of the memory unit. The detecting unit is coupled to the memory controlling unit for detecting the portable electronic apparatus to determine whether or not the portable electronic apparatus executes any operation, for example, reading/writing data or playing music and thereby generating a detection result. The current-adjusting unit is coupled to the detecting unit for correspondingly adjusting the charging current according to the detection result. The rechargeable battery is coupled to the current-adjusting unit for receiving the charging current for charging.05-07-2009
20120032640HOLSTER-INTEGRATED PIEZOELECTRIC ENERGY SOURCE FOR HANDHELD ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A holster for a handheld electronic device. The holster has integrated therein one or more piezoelectric elements that provide an output voltage to the handheld electronic device upon insertion of device in the holster. The output voltage can be used to charge the battery of the device, to power, at least in part, the device, or both. The output voltage is generated by harvesting vibration energy at the piezoelectric elements upon the holster being subjected to acceleration caused by a user carrying the holster when walking, running, or during any other suitable activity.02-09-2012
20100301805CHARGER - A charger capable of clamping portable communication device is provided. The charger includes a body, a securing portion, and at least one elastic element, wherein the at least one elastic element is deformable elastically when electricity power is supplied thereto, and recoverable to its normal shape when the power is off. The at least one elastic element joins the securing portion to the body. When a user uses the charger, firstly, places the portable communication device between the body and the securing portion, then, supplies electricity power, and the at least one elastic element contracts and drives the securing portion to move towards the body, as a result, the portable communication device is clamped.12-02-2010
20120176087PORTABLE USER DEVICE WITH A CLIP HAVING ELECTRICAL TERMINALS - Systems and methods are provided for docking a portable user device to a docking device or adapter via a clip mechanism. A portable user device may include two clip members which rotate relative to one another about an axis. A coupling pivot may be coupled to both clip members to facilitate relative rotation, and may provide a clamping force between the clip members. One or more terminals may be located on at least one of the clip members, allowing data transfer, charging, or other functions when the portable user device is docked using the clip mechanism.07-12-2012
20090051318Pass Around Electrical Contacts - A battery comprises a housing, a plurality of contacts, and a pass around electrical contact. The housing includes a plurality of rechargeable cells. The plurality of contacts electrically couple to the rechargeable cells. The plurality of contacts are configured to couple to first corresponding contacts of an electronic device. The pass around electrical contact is electrically isolated on the battery from the plurality of contacts and is configured to couple to second corresponding contacts of the electronic device. The pass around electrical contact is further configured to be connected to at least one of an external power supply and a data source.02-26-2009
20110084661PORTABLE ELECTRIC DEVICE CHARGING CONNECTOR ARRANGEMENT - A portable electric device charging connector arrangement comprising a socket, a power supply connected to the socket, the socket including a female USB connector; an adapter comprising a housing and a male USB plug extending from the housing; a mounting arranged to support the housing; the mounting including a socket engaging portion arranged so that the socket engaging portion engages the socket when the USB plug is engaged in the USB socket; the housing further comprising a device connector extending upwardly in use so that a portable electric device may be charged when engaged to the device connector.04-14-2011
20100039068ELECTRICAL COMPONENT, SUCH AS A RADIO, MP3 PLAYER, AUDIO COMPONENT, BATTERY CHARGER, RADIO/CHARGER, MP3 PLAYER/RADIO, MP3 PLAYER/CHARGER OR MP3 PLAYER/RADIO/CHARGER, HAVING A SELECTIVELY CONNECTABLE BATTERY CHARGER - An electrical component, such as, for example, a radio, MP3 player, audio component, battery charger, radio/charger, MP3 player/radio, MP3 player/charger, or MP3 player/radio/charger. The electrical component includes a housing and an electrical circuit supported by the housing. In some aspects, the electrical component is an audio component and the electrical circuit is an audio circuit. In other aspects, the electrical component is a battery charger and the electrical circuit is a charging circuit. In further aspects, the electrical component is an MP3 player and the electrical circuit is a MP3 circuit. In yet further aspects, the electrical component is an combination of any or all of a radio, battery charger, and MP3 player and the electrical component can include any combination or all of the audio, radio, and MP3 circuits. A battery may be connectable to the housing and electrically connectable the electrical circuit.02-18-2010
20110050171BATTERY CHARGER WITH SENSOR-ACTIVATED LIGHT SOURCE - A battery charger for an electronic device, including a cable that connects to a source of power at one end, and to an electronic device at the other end, a light emitter connected to the cable, and a sensor connected to the cable and to the light emitter, for activating the light emitter when the sensor detects one or more vicinity light requirements indicating a need for light in the environment of the sensor.03-03-2011
20090174366Multiple Function Switching Regulator for Use in Mobile Electronic Devices - Multiple Function Switching Regulator for Use in Mobile Electronic Devices A mobile electronic device operable to employ a rechargeable battery as a power source includes a peripheral port suitable for connecting an external device to the mobile electronic device and a power management device operable in a first mode as a battery charger to recharge the battery from an external power source and further operable in a second mode as a boost converter to power the external device from battery supplied power where the boost converter and the battery charger are provided by a single switching-converter.07-09-2009
20100097032CHARGING DEVICE AND PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE EMPLOYING THE SAME - A charging device includes an electric energy generating unit, and a voltage regulating unit electrically connected to the electric energy generating unit and a battery. The electric energy generating unit is configured for converting kinetic energy into electric energy and outputs a voltage. The voltage regulating unit receives the electric energy and regulates the voltage output by the electric energy generating unit into a stable operating voltage, then the electric energy is output to be stored or charge the battery.04-22-2010
20090315513Vehicle power charger - A vehicle power charger includes a generally cylindrically-shaped body portion suitable for plugging into a vehicle cigarette lighter receptacle, a spring-loaded metal contact pin for engagement with electrical contacts inside the receptacle, and an oblong end portion formed at an angle to the cylindrically-shaped body portion including a cavity that holds and protects one or more USB ports, and a cavity cover that slides, rotates or flips between open and closed positions.12-24-2009
20080252256Multi-battery charging system and method - A multi-battery charging system comprises a computing device having a controller configured to control a plurality of power regulators, each of the plurality of power regulators for regulating charging power to a respective battery, at least one of the power regulators disposed external to the computing device.10-16-2008
20100320968ELECTRONIC APPARATUS WITH A FUNCTION FOR CHARGING FOR ITSELF - An electronic apparatus with a function for charging for itself is provided. The apparatus comprises a base part and a cover part, the cover part is connected to the base part through a slide mechanism and the cover part can slide along the base part through the slide mechanism. The electronic apparatus further comprises an electromagnetic induction device. The electromagnetic induction device comprises a conductor group and a first magnetic object group. During the process of the cover part sliding along the base part, the conductor group and a magnetic field make relative movement to generate induced current. After converted to direct current (DC) by a rectifier, the induced current is input to a battery of the apparatus to charge for the battery.12-23-2010
20120133327ELECTROMAGNETIC TOUCH INPUT PEN HAVING A USB INTERFACE - An electromagnetic touch input pen having a USB interface, used to provide touch input to an information processing device, the pen including: an electromagnetic touch input pen, having a battery module; and a USB plug, coupled with the battery module, wherein the battery module can access a charging power with the USB plug inserted into a USB socket of the information processing device.05-31-2012
20110133695Power Tool Battery Cell Replacement Kit and Methods Thereof - The present invention relates generally to a kit which allows replacement of a removable battery cell cluster from a power tool which is no longer viable or operational and replacing it with a new battery cell cluster so to operate the power tool normally. The invention further relates to methods of replacing the expired battery cluster and assembling the new battery cluster so that it is attachable to the power tool and so that it is easily transported by the user while working with the power tool.06-09-2011
20110140661METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING BATTERY CHARGING OF PORTABLE DEVICE - A device and method for controlling the charging of a portable terminal is provided. The device includes an external power supply interface unit for supplying an external power, a battery interface unit to which a main battery and a sub battery are connected, and a charging controller for controlling a charge of the main battery or a simultaneous charge of the main battery and the sub battery.06-16-2011
20120146584METHOD AND CIRCUIT FOR ENERGIZING AN ELECTRICAL DEVICE - A method and a circuit for energizing an electrical device are described.06-14-2012
20100141207Cordless Power System - A cordless system has cordless system components that include a cordless device, such as a cordless power tool, a battery pack and a charger. The battery pack is mated with either the cordless device to provide power to operate the cordless device or to the charger to charge the battery cells in the battery pack. In an aspect, the cordless system has an identification and communication system by which the battery pack identifies and communicates information about the battery pack to the cordless device or to the charger to which the battery pack is mated. In an, the battery pack of the cordless system is capable of multiple modes, such as controlling the cordless device and controlling the charger. In an aspect, the battery pack validates the cordless device or charger to which it is mated. In an aspect of the invention, the cordless system uses any of a wired interface, radio frequency interface, an optical interface or a magnetic interface to communicate information between the battery pack and the cordless device or charger to which the battery pack is mated. In an aspect, female terminals are used in a terminal block of the battery pack to protect against foreign objects contacting the terminals. In aspect, the terminals in the terminal block of the battery pack are staggered or scattered to reduce the likelihood of a short circuit. In an aspect of the invention, the battery pack has a trap door that closes when the battery pack is not mated to a cordless device or charger to protect the terminal block of the battery pack. In an aspect of the invention, multi-spring, split contact terminals are used in the terminal block of at least one of the cordless system components. In an aspect of the invention, the battery cells are Lithium Ion battery cells.06-10-2010
20100060234Charging/Powering Device for an Electronic Device and Electronic Device Incorporating Same - A charging/powering device comprises at least one manually rotatable element, a power generating mechanism coupled to the at least one rotatable element, the power generating mechanism converting rotational movement of said at least one rotatable element into electrical energy and an energy harvesting module collecting and storing the electrical energy generated by the power generating mechanism, the energy harvesting module further being operable to output stored electrical energy.03-11-2010
20100194337RECHARGEABLE HAND-HELD DEVICE AND CHARGER THEREFOR - A hand-held device has a rechargeable battery, with contacts connected to the battery, and a ferromagnetic body. A charger has contacts complementary to and engageable with the contacts of the device and a magnet capable of attracting the ferromagnetic body of the device and holding the device in a charging position with the contacts of the device engaging the contacts of the charger.08-05-2010
20110068743TERMINAL COMPONENT AND PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A terminal component that is inexpensive and has a high degree of freedom of mounting and a portable electronic device using the terminal component are provided. The terminal component 03-24-2011
20110068742AUDIO DEVICE THAT INTERFACES WITH A BATTERY CHARGER - Audio devices powered by rechargeable batteries or an external power source including a separate audio device housing and battery charger housing that are engageable with each other. The audio device housing and battery charger housing can share an external power source. Furthermore, when separated, the audio device housing and battery charger housing are usable alone to produce sound and to charge a battery, respectively. In some instances, a battery placed in a first position is charged and, when placed in a second position, provides power to the audio circuit.03-24-2011
20110068741Flashlight battery charger - A flashlight battery charger is revealed. The flashlight battery charger mainly includes a rechargeable battery with a socket mounted in a flashlight and a charger. The rechargeable battery is charged by the socket connected with a city power system. After completing charging, the rechargeable battery is connected with various electronic products by the charger plugged into the socket so as to charge the electronic products. Thus the power in the rechargeable battery is not only provided to the flashlight for but is also provided to charge the electronic products. Moreover, the flashlight battery charger is portable so that it can be directly used to charge the electronic products to the maximum capacity and the inconvenience caused by no power source for electronic products is avoided. Therefore, the flashlight battery charger has more practical values.03-24-2011
20090039829MOBILE PHONE CHARGER - A charger includes a battery module, a boosting and charging circuit, a low voltage boosting circuit, and a charging interface. The battery module provides an operating voltage for the boosting and charging circuit and the low voltage boosting circuit. When the operating voltage is greater than a reference voltage of the boosting and charging circuit, the boosting and charging circuit module works and outputs a charging voltage to the charging interface. When the operating voltage is smaller than the reference voltage of the boosting and charging circuit but greater than a starting voltage of the low voltage boosting circuit, the low voltage boosting circuit works and boosts the operating voltage to the boosting and charging circuit, and then the boosting and charging circuit module works and outputs the charging voltage to the charging interface for the mobile phone.02-12-2009
20100001689MODULAR CHARGER - A charge module adapter for a power distribution system comprising an electric device, a rechargeable battery and an adapter module, wherein the adapter module is functionally interposed between the electric device and the battery, the adapter module being in electrical communication with the electric device and the battery, wherein the adapter module is configured to selectively distribute supplied power to the electric device and the battery, and wherein the adapter module determines the operating parameters of both the electric device and the battery, and operates to selectively provide power to the electric device and the battery in dependence upon the determined operating parameters.01-07-2010
20120043936MODULAR HAND-HELD ELECTRONIC DEVICE CHARGING AND MONITORING SYSTEM - This specification relates to a charging, securing and monitoring system for hand-held electronic devices such as cell phones, BlackBerry's, PDA's, cameras, or the like and the components therefore. More particularly the teachings herein include a coaxial cable construction that permits securing and charging of said hand-held devices which are on display at a typical retailer. Further the cable may be accumulated on a unique recoiler assembly at one end of the coaxial cable and engages a unique holding device proximate the other end thereof.02-23-2012
20120062177Apparatus for Storing a Structure Within an Electronic Device - An apparatus is disclosed that is adapted to reside in a bay of an electronic device having an interface adapted to engage a suitable structure. In an embodiment, the apparatus lacks the suitable connector to engage the device bay interface. Alternatively, the apparatus is adapted to reside in the bay of the electronic device and is configured to couple to only a portion of an electrical interface in the device bay such that the apparatus is charged when it resides in the device bay. In an additional embodiment, a game controller comprises first and second portions comprising respective interfaces and a hinge configured to enable the portions to move with respect to one another.03-15-2012
20090051317MAN-POWERED SLIM CHARGER - A human-powered slim charger utilizing an axial flux alternator for converting a pull-out motion into an electrical current for charging and supplying battery-fed electronic devices. The charger comprises mechanical transmission means for converting a periodic linear movement into a unidirectional rotation, an axial flux alternator comprising a stator comprising a planar winding, having a plurality of coils embedded in multiple layers within said stator and circularly distributed around a central axis and two essentially identical rotors arranged to rotate together around said central axis and allocated concentrically with said winding on both sides of said stator facing each other; wherein each said rotor comprises a periodical heteropolar axially magnetized magnetic system having a definite number of poles; Finally, the device comprises a charging control module affixed to the stator, said control module configured effectively convert non-stable alternating current produced by said alternator into a charging direct current.02-26-2009
20090058360SELF-CHARGING PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A self-charging portable electronic device (03-05-2009
20100052613CHARGER WITH AUDIO PLAY-THROUGH - A battery charger having an integral cable management means is adapted to receive power from a vehicle electrical system and provide power to a portable personal electronic device, for recharging the portable personal electronic device battery while allowing the audio and/or video output of the device to simultaneously be provided for listening or viewing by the user.03-04-2010
20120262119Charger Loss Prevention Adaptor - A reminder system for a portable-device charger is designed for determining when it is likely that the charger is about to be left behind. Detection which may be in real time can pertain, depending on the embodiment, to disconnection of a portable device from the charger, and/or movement of a portable device out of wireless range of the charger or a charger adaptor. In some versions, the onset of reminding is, upon detecting disconnection, tentatively postponed until a predetermined criterion is met, such as expiry of a predetermined time period. Or the criterion can be detection of an out-of-range condition based on distance between the portable device and an adaptor or charger. In some embodiments detection and reminder issuance are incorporated in a unit, such as a plug-in wall adaptor or the charger itself.10-18-2012
20110037431BATTERY CHARGER FOR A PORTABLE RADIO - A battery charger for a portable radio having a cradle which holds and charges a radio with a battery attached, or optionally holds and charges the battery alone. The cradle is typically mounted in a vehicle. A lock element is provided in the cradle to engage the battery and is operated by a lock actuator and a release actuator. The lock actuator is displaced when the radio or battery is pushed into the cradle by a user. The release actuator may be displaced by the user to disengage the lock from the battery.02-17-2011
20090206792AUTOMATIC DISCONNECT OF AN AC SOURCE FROM A CONVERTER - A system for automatic disconnect of an AC source from a converter that includes a converter and a converter. The converter includes a power supply capable of being connected to an alternating current (AC) power source and converting an AC voltage to a direct current (DC) voltage. The portable device contains a rechargeable battery where the portable device uses the DC voltage to charge the rechargeable battery. The connection of the converter to the AC power source is automatically disconnected responsive to the rechargeable battery reaching a full charge or the portable device being disconnected from the converter and automatically reconnected responsive to the rechargeable battery being below a full charge or the portable device being reconnected to the converter.08-20-2009
20120280657POWER GENERATING DEVICE - A power generating device includes a carrier module, a stator module, a rotor module and a power generating module. The stator module is assembled to the carrier module, and has a first circuit board and a plurality of driving coils. The rotor module is located in an electromagnetic field, and has a multipolar magnetic rotor and a rotating axle. A magnetic field of the multipolar magnetic rotor interacts with the electromagnetic field to make the rotor module rotating relative to the stator module, and make the multipolar magnetic rotor producing a varying magnetic field. The power generating module is located in the varying magnetic field, and has a second circuit board and a plurality of induction coils. The induction coils induct the varying magnetic field to output an induction circuit to the second circuit board.11-08-2012
20130169230CONTACT TYPE CHARGING DEVICE USED FOR AN ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE - The invention relates to a contact type charging device used for the electronic cigarette, comprising a base and a contact device located on the base, wherein the contact device comprises an electrode sheet provided with a through hole at the center thereof and an electrode thimble, and the contact device further comprises a magnetic member. As the magnetic member is provided on the contact device, the charger is used more conveniently; rotatable connection does not need to be provided between the electronic cigarette and the contact device; the electronic cigarette only needs to be close to the contact device; as the magnetic member on the contact device magnetically attracts the electronic cigarette, good contact between the electronic cigarette and the contact device is realized; meanwhile, as the operation of the rotatable connection is omitted, poor contact is avoided to occur due to poor rotation.07-04-2013
20080224659HAND-HELD, PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH RETAINER PORT FOR RECEIVING ONE OR MORE ATTACHABLE WIRELESS AUDIOPHONES FOR IN SITU CHARGING - A hand-held, portable electronic device is provided with a retainer port for removably receiving one or more attachable wireless audiophones for in situ charging of at least one of a first or second attachable wireless audiophone on the hand-held, portable electronic device. In one embodiment of the present invention, a retainer port configured to mate with a first connector of a first attachable wireless audiophone including at least one of a speaker or a microphone at a hand-held, portable electronic device having a device housing with a surface is provided. The retainer port may comprise at least one of a first or a second port socket configured for removably retaining the first attachable wireless audiophone on the hand-held, portable electronic device. The first port socket to communicatively receive the first connector of the first attachable wireless audiophone for in situ charging thereof when the hand-held, portable electronic device is connected to an electrical power source for recharging. The hand-held, portable electronic device includes a first transceiver adapted to communicate with the first attachable wireless audiophone over a short-range wireless communication link. The first attachable wireless audiophone may include a second transceiver adapted to communicate with the hand-held, portable electronic device using the short-range wireless communication link. A single charger may charge a device battery of the hand-held, portable electronic device and a battery of one or more attachable wireless audiophones in situ.09-18-2008
20130175993TABLET STORAGE AND CHARGING CART - A tablet storage and charging cart includes a mobile cabinet formed of a horizontal base frame, two opposing upright frames and one or a number of horizontal partition panels and defining therein a plurality of storage compartments, a plurality of tablet racks set in the storage compartments for holding tablet PCs individually, and a transmission control system, which includes a power management device electrically connectable to an external power source for power input and one or a number of connector modules electrically coupled with the power management device, each connector module having multiple USB sockets and multiple transmission cables respectively electrically connected to the USB sockets and adapted for electrically connecting the USB sockets to storage tablet PCs.07-11-2013
20120249073MOTOR VEHICLE KEY AND METHOD FOR OPERATING A MOTOR VEHICLE KEY - A motor vehicle key is provided that includes, but is not limited to a number of electronic devices, a rechargeable battery for the power supply of the electronic devices, and a device for charging the battery with energy harvesting.10-04-2012
20130099745EXTERNAL POWER SOURCE VOLTAGE DROP COMPENSATION FOR PORTABLE DEVICES - A portable electronic device has a connector with a first pin and a second pin, and a battery charging circuit having an input coupled to receive current through the second pin to charge a battery of the device. The portable device also has a controller to determine whether the connector is coupled to an external power source (EPS) having a power converter circuit that can provide the current. The controller on that basis drives the first pin to stimulate the power converter circuit to raise voltage on the second pin. Other embodiments are also described and claimed.04-25-2013
20110309794HANDHELD ROTATIONALLY RECHARGEABLE ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A rotationally rechargeable electrical apparatus includes an electronic device with a back, a center of mass and a battery. An electrical generator at the back of the device has a rotor secured to the device and a stator having a flat contact surface extending parallel to the back of the device. The rotor and stator are rotatably connected together so that they can rotate relatively about an axis that extends perpendicular to the contact surface and passes through the center of mass. A voltage regulating circuit is connected electrically between the generator and the battery so that when the apparatus is placed on a support so that the contact surface frictionally engages the support and the device is spun about the axis, the generator produces an electrical output that is conditioned by the regulator circuit to charge the battery.12-22-2011
20130187606CHARGER FOR A CELL PHONE OR TABLET PERSONAL COMPUTER WITH FUNCTION OF WINDING A WIRE - The present invention discloses a charger for a cell phone or tablet personal computer with function of winding a wire. The charger includes a main unit, a power plug that is put in a groove of the main unit, a transmission wire that is wound in a double C-slot at a side of the main unit, and a charging connector that is fixed in a positioning dip or a containing groove of the main unit. The present invention enables a charging wire associated with the charger to be wound and contained along the side as an integral unit, thereby facilitating carrying.07-25-2013
20120299546UNDER VOLTAGE TOLERANT CLAMP - An apparatus comprises an integrated circuit (IC) comprising an external IC connection, an IC substrate connection, a voltage clamp circuit and an under voltage circuit. The voltage of the IC substrate connection is set to a first voltage when a voltage of the external connection of the IC is within a normal operating voltage range. The voltage clamp circuit is configured to clamp the voltage supply of one or more circuits internal to the IC to within a normal operating voltage range when the voltage of the external IC connection exceeds the normal operating voltage range. The under voltage circuit is communicatively coupled to the clamp circuit and configured to set the voltage of the substrate to a second voltage when the voltage at the external IC connection of the IC is less than zero volts.11-29-2012

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