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Electric switch in the supply circuit

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315 - Electric lamp and discharge devices: systems


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315320000 Plural switches 24
315314000 Pre-selectable switching systems 11
315317000 Three or more controlled load device circuits 6
315316000 Keyboard or pattern controlled switch 2
20130063050ELECTRONIC DEVICE, LIGHT EMITTING UNIT, AND LIGHT-TRANSMISSIVE PANEL - An electronic device capable of displaying a light pattern in a section of a surface by turning on a light source includes: the light source; a first light-transmissive colored layer provided on the surface and having reflectance and transmittance that peak in a wavelength range of light of a first color; and a second light-transmissive colored layer provided on a path of light that is emitted from the light source and reaches the first light-transmissive colored layer, the second light-transmissive colored layer having transmittance that peaks in a wavelength range of light of a second color different from the first color. The second light-transmissive colored layer has light transmission characteristics adjusted such that light of a desired color exits the section of the surface where the light emitted from the light source reaches when the light source is turned on.03-14-2013
20100001665Lighting Control Console For Controlling A Lighting System And Method For Operating A Lighting Control Console - A lighting control console for controlling a lighting system, wherein digital adjusting commands are generated in the lighting control console, which can be transferred to the lighting devices of the lighting system via data connections, and wherein the lighting control console comprises at least one digital processor and at least one digital memory for generating, managing and storing the adjusting commands, and wherein the lighting control console comprises a remote control, and wherein operator inputs can be input at the remote control and can thereafter be transferred to the lighting control console via a data interface, and wherein at least one motion sensor, by means of which motions of the remote control can be detected, is installed in the remote control, wherein the sensor signals of the motion sensor can be evaluated in an evaluation module and can be transformed into operator inputs for the lighting control console.01-07-2010
315322000 Alternate circuit closing 1
20130147401MULTI-SYMBOL INDICATION APPARATUS - A multi-symbol indication apparatus, may include a plurality of light sources, each of the light sources emitting light of a single color, a plurality of filter units, each of the filter units installed above the light sources with different height each other and reflecting light of the single color corresponding to the relevant light source, wherein a symbol may be carved on each of the filter units, and a display cover installed above the filter units.06-13-2013
20130033200SPORT CHRISTMAS KIT - A sport Christmas kit includes an artificial Christmas tree having a trunk segment with bristled branches depending generally downwardly and radiating in different directions about the circumference of the trunk segment. A tree stand retains the trunk segment of the artificial Christmas tree in an upright position on a support surface. A sport helmet is put on the top of the tree. A plurality of lights representing a specific color and specific sport team is adorned about the bristle branches of the artificial Christmas tree. A plurality of ornaments, J-shape candies representing the specific sport are hung on the bristle branches of the artificial Christmas tree, whereby a sport fan can indicate and display their favorite sport team therefrom. The lights are flashed in 1-3 seconds programmable delay.02-07-2013
20110012539Time-Delayed Power Switching Device and Methods of Use - A time-delayed power switching device for providing power pass-through and timed off conductive pathways to one or more light outputs comprises a power source input, one or more first conductive pathways, one or more second conductive pathways, at least one timing circuit, and at least one relay. The time-delayed power switching device controls power from a power source electrically coupled though the power source input to the timed off conductive pathways by operation of the at least one timing circuit controlling the at least one relay. The relay has a first position adapted to energize the second conductive pathways when receiving a first signal from the timing circuit, and a second position adapted to de-energize the second conductive pathways when receiving a second signal from the timing circuit. Additionally, methods of using one or more time-delayed power switching devices to retrofit lighting areas are disclosed.01-20-2011
20130063049Ballast module for light fixtures - A light fixture having a construction enabling on/off operation with a wall-mounted switch in a circuit by itself or with other fixtures and to be upgraded in “plug and play” fashion to operate independently of other fixtures in the circuit or for stepped dimming. Modular construction provides safety and ease of maintenance in that ballasts are replaced without exposure to internal wiring and provides temperature management by isolating temperature-sensitive components from high temperatures while placing the lamps in an enclosure in which temperature is contained to operate efficiently. If passive thermal management is not enough to maximize operating efficiency and/or service life, the fixture is upgradeable in plug and play fashion to active thermal management. Ballast modules can be equipped with a microcontroller for collecting operational data that is harvested and used to optimize switching to evenly age lamps and electronics or determine energy consumption.03-14-2013
20100001664Illuminating fabric product - An illuminating fabric product includes an elongated fabric ribbon adapted to be selectively folded to form a decorative fabric product, and a light string longitudinally extended along the fabric ribbon, wherein the light string includes a power supply, a plurality of spacedly apart illuminators provided at the fabric ribbon, and an electric wire electrically linked the illuminators with the power supply. When the light string is folded within the fabric ribbon to form the decorative fabric product, the illuminators are adapted for generating a light effect to produce an illuminating effect for the decorative fabric product.01-07-2010
20090021189Output power port management control - A power converter that gives priority to the high power output and only provides power to the low power output when the total potential output power is equal to or less than the rated power of the power converter. A specific power threshold is established, and when the high power output remains below this threshold for a period of time the low power output is allowed to turn on. If the high power output subsequently exceeds this threshold for a period of time, then an electronic circuit powers down the low power output in order to keep the total output power below the rated power of the power converter. Subsequently, the high power output is checked against the threshold to determine if the low power output can be turned on again. If the high power output is below the threshold, then the low power output is turned on.01-22-2009
20110043142SCANNING COLLIMATION OF LIGHT VIA FLAT PANEL LAMP - Various embodiments are disclosed that relate to scanning the direction of light emitted from optical collimators. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a system for scanning collimated light, the system comprising an optical wedge, a light injection system, and a controller. The optical wedge comprises a thin end, a thick end opposite the thin end, a viewing surface extending at least partially between the thick end and the thin end, and a back surface opposite the viewing surface. The thick end of the optical wedge further comprises an end reflector comprising a faceted lens structure. The light injection system is configured to inject light into the thin end of the optical wedge, and the controller is configured to control the location along the thin end of the optical wedge at which the light injection system injects light.02-24-2011
20110279063LIGHTING AND ENERGY CONSERVATION SYSTEM FOR LOW TEMPERATURE APPLICATIONS - A lighting and energy conservation system for low temperature applications includes LEDs as a light source. The LEDs are provided in a modular LED light fixture. The fixture includes a frame supporting a reflector having a plurality of elongated channels. Mounting strips are removably installed in each of the elongated channels, and LEDs are mounted on each of the mounting strips. Interchangeable lenses are provided over the LEDs and are removably coupled to the mounting strip by a quick-connect device. A separate multi-position power control device is associated with each of the mounting strips, so that a total light output intensity and profile of the fixture can be individually customized by any one or more of: interchanging lenses on the LEDs, interchanging mounting strips within the elongated channels, and selectively adjusting the multi-position power control device for each of the mounting strips.11-17-2011
20100264853ENERGY SAVER FOR AREA LIGHTS - A method of saving energy is provided. The method can include providing at least one object sensor coupled to at least one light, and sensing if at least one object is present adjacent to the at least one light. The method can further include determining if the time of day corresponds to a desired start-up time, and illuminating the at least one light if the time of day corresponds to the desired start-up time and the at least one object is adjacent to the at least one light.10-21-2010
20090284185MULTI-MODE PORTABLE ILLUMINATION DEVICE - A multi-mode portable illumination device includes a switch structure featuring a substantially planar member and a mechanical switch which requires a relatively small amount of force and a short stroke distance to actuate. The mechanical switch is attached to a member which contains circuit(s) adding additional functionality to the multi-mode portable illumination device. The member has conductive springs attached to either end that are used to complete the electrical circuit with the battery and the lamp, while their compressive force is absorbed by a housing protecting the switch structure. A conductive strip is used to improve the conductivity of the circuit in a metal multi-mode portable illumination device which has been provided with an electrically resistive protective coating.11-19-2009
20090096393Electron-Emissive Element and Display Element - Electron-emissive drive units of electron-emissive elements capable of being arranged with a smaller pitch. FET and emitter array units exist in matrix element areas partitioned by a control wiring and data wiring. An exemplary unit is composed of four emitter arrays. The control wiring and data wiring are driven by first and second drive circuits, respectively. Corresponding arrays between units are connected by selection wiring and driven by a third drive circuit. The third drive circuit drives each unit of data wiring every time the drive circuit sequentially drives the four units of control wiring, and the emitter array drive circuit drives each emitter array selection wiring every time the drive circuit sequentially drives the three units of data wiring. Electrons can be emitted in units of arrays smaller than the unit.04-16-2009
20100084997MULTI-MODE UTILITY LIGHTING DEVICE - A lighting device that includes a handle, a head control circuitry and a switching mechanism. The handle is adapted to being gripped and held by a human hand. The head includes a heat sink with a plurality of facets and a plurality of light panels. Each facet of the heat sink is in a different plane than other facets of the heat sink. The light panels are mounted on the heat sink. Each light panel is mounted on a different facet of the heat sink. The control circuitry causes the plurality of light panels to emit light in a plurality of user selectable light patterns. The switching mechanism allows a user to select light patterns from among the plurality of user selectable light patterns.04-08-2010
20110204826SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR LOCKING A PORTABLE ILLUMINATION SYSTEM - One embodiment of the present invention relates to a portable illumination system having a locked state that minimizes unintended activation. The system includes a first activated state, deactivated state, and locked state. The first activated state generates a first optical output via the optical output device. The deactivated state deactivates the optical output device. The locked state also deactivates the optical output device. The system further includes a switching mechanism configured to receive a first and second physical user input and an algorithm of operation for each of the states. The algorithms of operation for the first activated state and the deactivated state correlate the first and second physical user inputs with a state change between the first activated state, deactivated state, and locked state. The algorithm of operation for the locked state is restricted in that it correlates only the second physical user input with a state change.08-25-2011
20090051301Interconnected Arrangement of Individual Modules Having at Least One Light-Emitting Diode Chip - An interconnected arrangement of a light-emitting diode chip arrangement having individual modules as luminous elements in a parallel circuit. Each module is provided with at least one light-emitting diode chip, and the modules are arranged in a parallel circuit. A respective linear constant current circuit connects each light-emitting diode chip arrangement to a common, current-carrying voltage source. At the start of an operation, the voltage source continuously increases the supply voltage over an operating range assigned to it. When a constant total current flowing over the parallel circuit is reached, the current-carrying voltage source fixes the associated supply voltage and maintains it unaltered.02-26-2009
20110204827ILLUMINATION CONTROL TERMINAL AND ILLUMINATION CONTROL SYSTEM - An illumination control terminal includes a frame; a handle cover pivotably rotatably attached to the frame. An operation switch unit is arranged on a front surface of the handle cover. Provided on a rear surface of the handle cover are a setting operation unit for setting a set time at which lamps are turned on or off and a locking portion which keeps the handle cover in a closed state. Provided on a front surface of the frame are a display unit for displaying setting contents and a locked portion engaging with the locking portion. The terminal further includes a storage unit storing a setting program set by the setting operation unit and a terminal control unit for outputting a control signal on an on/off operation of the lamps, either upon pushing the operation switch unit or according to the setting program.08-25-2011
20110204825Light stick with a dazzling effect - This invention is a light stick with a dazzling effect, comprising a handle, a dazzle layer and a transparent tube; on the upper part of the handle there is an illuminated body with a number of light-emitting diodes (LEDs); the body of the handle has a battery and a number of on/off switch; the dazzle layer is fitted inside the transparent tube which is then placed over the illuminated body, then joined together with the handle; in this way a light stick with a changing dazzling effect is provided.08-25-2011
20100270953MIRROR FOR PERSONAL USE WITH USER POSITION DEPENDENT ILLUMINATION - The invention relates to a mirror for personal use, with a lighting system for illuminating at least part of a person (10-28-2010
20120068629External Illumination Apparatus For Optical Information Reading Apparatus - There is provided an external illumination apparatus capable of increasing flexibility of illumination, the external illumination apparatus including a CPU and a memory so as to control lighting of a plurality of illumination LEDs with reference to a lighting pattern stored in the memory, wherein this lighting control is executed by a lighting command from an optical information reading apparatus.03-22-2012
20110221361ILLUMINATION SYSTEM FOR ILLUMINATING A DISPLAY DEVICE, AND DISPLAY DEVICE - Display devices are used in portable computer systems, imaging systems, and other electronic devices. Many of these display devices require a source of light to illuminate a display screen. The invention relates to an illumination system for illuminating said display devices. The invention also relates to a display device provided with such an illumination system.09-15-2011
20110140638Socket Extension Apparatus, Socket Adapter, and Plug Adapter - A socket extension apparatus, including: an elongate extension member having a first end and a second end; and at least one socket member in operational communication with the second end of the extension member and in direct or indirect electrical communication with an external power source through the first end of the extension member, the at least one socket member comprising at least one socket recess configured to removably engage at least one light bulb. A socket adapter and a plug adapter are also provided.06-16-2011
20090230893Multifunctional Motor Vehicle Headlight Module, in Particular for the Front Region of a Motor Vehicle - A motor vehicle headlight module having at least two lighting units (09-17-2009
20100148704Flexible light emitting array - A flexible light emitting array includes a flexible substrate, pluralities of first wires, second wires and light emitting components. The flexible substrate has a first surface and an opposite second surface. The first wires and the second wires penetrates across the first surface and the second surface to form pluralities of first conductive wire segments and second conductive wire segments on the first surface side and the second surface side. The light emitting components are arranged on the first surface side and electrically connected to the first conductive wire segments and the second conductive wire segments. The flexible light emitting array not only increases the reliability of bonding between the light emitting component and the flexible substrate but also drives the light emitting components with programmable control to achieve the dynamic effects.06-17-2010
20100156326ELECTRONIC CANDLE - An electronic candle includes a bottom seat on which is a circuit board. The circuit board includes at least a first illuminating element, the bottom seat contains a control set which is coupled with the circuit board, and the bottom seat is covered by a cap, an upper part of which is a candle sheath approximately in a candle shape. An interior of the candle sheath receives at least a second illuminating element, and the upper part of the cap is provided additionally with a speaker. The first illuminating element can produce a flashing effect following rhythm, through collaboration of the control set and the circuit board. The circuit board is provided with a storage unit to store a music file, such that a user can store an MP3 file or an MP4 file into the storage unit, to facilitate listening in a later time.06-24-2010
20090295311Inspection lamp with elongated diffuser lens - An inspection lamp is disclosed that, in one embodiment, includes a transparent or translucent rod having two ends. Two light sources, one at each end of the rod, are arranged to emit light into the rod toward one another. The rod is located within a housing that has an opening. A reflector is located within the housing to direct the light in the rod toward the opening.12-03-2009
20100259199GRAVITY CONTROLLED LIGHTING DEVICE - A lighting device having a housing incorporating an electrical circuit, a light source and a source of power with a gravity controller. The gravity controller regulates the power applied to the light source in response to the relationship between the position angle and the tilt angle of the lighting device with respect to the vertical. The lighting device has a storage orientation wherein the light source is non-energized and a transporting or use orientation wherein the light source is energized. A plurality of lighting devices are mounted on a storage bracket in a non-energized orientation. A plurality of lighting devices are mounted on a carrier having a changeable orientation, wherein the lighting devices are energized during transporting and non-energized during storage.10-14-2010
20100188025LIGHTING CONTROL CONSOLE FOR CONTROLLING A LIGHTING SYSTEM - The invention relates to a lighting control console (07-29-2010
20100181940Illuminated Safety Helmet - Illuminated safety helmets are provided. The helmets include a shell having two or more lighted zones mounted therein, which are spaced from each other on the outer surface of the shell. One or more of the lighted zones can be selectively deactivated, allowing a wearer to control which zone or zones not to illuminate, as may be desirable in certain situations. Each zone, when activated, is illuminated in a variable fashion, such that the light illuminated from the zone changes within a brief period of time.07-22-2010
20100244747MANAGEMENT OF RECHARGEABLE BATTERY IN AN ENCLOSED LIGHTING MODULE - Embodiments of the present disclosure provide methods, systems, and apparatuses related to managing a rechargeable battery in an enclosed lighting module. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.09-30-2010
20110057583BATTERY-POWERED CANDLE OR LIGHTER WITH WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS IN SUPPORT OF LIGHT-BASED "STADIUM WAVE" - An electronic simulation candle comprises a housing, one or more lamps supported by the housing and having a first operative state providing a first color illumination and a second operative state providing a second color of illumination, and a manual switch connected to complete a circuit with the battery and thereby energize the one or more lamps in one of the first and second operative states. A transceiver is associated with the housing and has an antenna suitable for receiving a first code and responding to the first code by transmitting a second code. A circuit coupled to the transceiver, such as circuitry or code executing in a processor, responds to receipt of either the first code or the second code to selectively generate a gate signal. A code responsive switch is driven by the gate signal to change the first operative state to the second operative state.03-10-2011
20090072763Controller for multiple circuits of display lighting - A method for controlling a plurality of light sources. Control signals corresponding to notes of a music file are generated to enable selected ones of a plurality of receptacles to be powered. The plurality of receptacles comprises a first plurality of receptacles and a second plurality of receptacles, and the first plurality of receptacles are powered more frequently than the second plurality of receptacles. The plurality of receptacles is adapted to supply power to the plurality of light sources. A pleasing twinkling effect can be created even if light sources are not coupled to one of the plurality of receptacles.03-19-2009
20100308752POWER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - A power distribution system for applying electric power to a plurality of lighting units is provided. The power distribution system includes at least one user interface having a first pairing setting unit, a plurality of second pairing setting units, and a power line. The user interface is electrically connected with a power source. Each of the second pairing setting units is electrically connected with one of the lighting units, respectively. The power line connected with the lighting units is electrically connected between the first pairing setting unit and the second pairing setting units. Each of the second pairing setting units is capable of receiving an electrical signal output by the first pairing setting unit and determining whether the lighting unit controlled thereby is turned on or not. Therefore, each of the second pairing setting units connected with the same power line can be controlled individually.12-09-2010
20110018469ILLUMINATION FOR A TEST DEVICE - The present invention relates to a lighting means for a checking device and a method for the control of such a lighting means. The invention here starts out from a lighting means for a checking device and a method for the control thereof, with a sensor device containing at least one light source, wherein the at least one light source radiates light with high radiant power which represents a danger to the eyes of operators or service personnel, wherein a housing, which contains the at least one light source and prevents an emergence of light of the light source, is monitored as to whether the housing is open, wherein the at least one light source with high radiant power is switched off if there is detected upon the monitoring an opening of the housing, which permits an emergence of light of the light source. It is provided here that a lighting means is switched on at the same time or later which has a radiant power not representing any danger to the eyes of operators or service personnel.01-27-2011
20110084630SEWABLE LIGHT GUIDE DEVICE - A sewable light guide device includes a light source controlled to be on or off by a controller, and the light source includes a joint, and the joint is connected to a sewable light guide strip, and the light guide strip contains at least one light guide etch mark formed inside the light guide strip, and a joint element is installed at a side of the light guide strip along an axial direction, such that the joint element can be sewed or fixed to an object such as a bag, a shoe or a cloth, and the light guide strip is exposed from a surface of the object, and the light source can be turned on to drive the light guide strip to produce a light along the light guide etch mark, so as to improve the visually noticeability of the object.04-14-2011
20110148329MULTI-SENSORY PRODUCT COMBINING REEDS, VOLATILE ACTIVES DIFFUSION, FORM-WITHIN-A-FORM CONSTRUCTION, AND LIGHT SHOW CAPABILITIES - A multi-sensory product able to disperse chemical actives using reeds or other wicks, as well as providing a light show is disclosed. The product includes a form-within-a-form design wherein the inner form or vase is able to store the chemical actives, as well as mount the reeds or other wicks. The outer vase complements the aesthetics of the inner vase while at the same time concealing the electronics of the device. The electronics of the device can include a power source, as well as a circuit board for driving LEDs mounted thereon. The LEDs can generate a light show which can be refracted and diffused through the glass or polymer material forming the inner and outer vases thereby creating an aesthetically pleasing and multi-sensory experience through the use of the product.06-23-2011
20100123416METHOD OF SCANNING BACKLIGHT DRIVING LAMPS FOR AN LCD - A control signal is provided for turning on and turning off a lamp of a backlight source. For a first duration when the liquid crystal is rotating, adjust a frequency of the control signal to turn on and turn off the lamp of the backlight source consecutively or adjust a duty cycle of the control signal to turn off and then turn on the lamp of the backlight source. Thus, the backlight source has a luminance value for the first duration, and the control signal turns on the lamp of the backlight source for a second duration when the liquid crystal is in the steady state.05-20-2010
20100244748ROTATING BEACON - A light beacon includes a base, a plurality of towers supported on the base, a first set of LEDs having a first color mounted on each of said towers and a second set of LEDs having a second color also mounted on each of said towers. A microprocessor in operative communication with each of the first and second LEDs is configured to illuminate the first set of LEDs through a defined channel either simultaneously or sequentially, at a user's option through a user interface. The processor is further configured to illuminate the second set of LEDs through a defined channel either simultaneously or sequentially at a user's option. A lens mounted on the housing directs light from the LEDs in a preconfigured distribution.09-30-2010
20110260654ILLUMINATION SYSTEM - An illumination system includes illumination devices, an imaging device and a control device. Each of the illumination devices includes a light source, a lighting circuit unit and a transmission control unit. The control device includes a storage unit, a transmission processing unit and a main control unit for selecting a control-target illumination area, reading out the identification code corresponding to the selected illumination area from the storage unit and causing the transmission processing unit to transmit a signal containing a control command on the illumination device. The main control unit is operable in an initial setting mode in which the correlations between the identification codes of the illumination devices and the illumination areas are set by causing the imaging device to take an image of the illumination space while turning on the illumination devices and detecting the illumination area of each of the illumination devices from the image thus taken.10-27-2011
20110254470Collapsible Lighting Device - A collapsible lighting device including a plurality of light panel sections, each light panel section comprising a plurality of light emitting elements, at least one connection element constructed and arranged to connect one or more light panel sections of the plurality of light panel sections to one another, and an electronic control system configured to distribute electrical power to the plurality of light emitting elements.10-20-2011
20100194312LED Operating Room Light - An operating room light includes a light casing, a reflector and a lighting means, wherein the operating room light is in the form of a single-reflector light. To prevent the operation wound from drying out, it is proposed that LEDs, OLEDs or laser diodes are used as the lighting means. The operating heat occurring can be dissipated outwardly by way of heat conduction and given off to the environment, away from the patient, by heat transfer of material—air and/or by heat radiation.08-05-2010
20110187292Hard-Sided Suitcase Including Lighting - A hard-sided suitcase may include polycarbonate shells for forming one or more storage compartments. The suitcase may include fiber-optic fibers or other light emitting devices for providing lighting to the hard-sided suitcase. The fiber-optic fibers may be placed on or within the polycarbonate shells. The suitcase may include a lighting mechanism or controller for sending light through the fiber-optic fibers. The lighting mechanism may be configured to send colored light through the fibers, and to change the light pattern being illuminated at a random and/or predetermined interval. A power source may power to the lighting mechanism. The power source, when switched on, may cause the lighting mechanism to send the light through the fiber-optic fibers. Light emitting diodes may also provide illumination. The lighting mechanism may control the lighting of the light emitting devices individually and simultaneously to facilitate a wide range of potential illumination patterns.08-04-2011
20110187293SCANNING BACKLIGHT FOR FLAT-PANEL DISPLAY - An illuminator for a flat-panel display comprises a tapered slab waveguide 08-04-2011
20100026214Light-emitting element array, driving device, and image forming apparatus - A light-emitting element array has a plurality of three-terminal light-emitting elements such as light-emitting thyristors with anode, cathode, and gate terminals. The anode terminal of each light-emitting element is connected to a driving circuit. The cathode terminal is grounded. The gate terminals of at least some of the three-terminal light-emitting elements are driven from a common buffer, and within this group of three-terminal light-emitting elements, the anode terminals are driven individually. This enables the array of three-terminal light-emitting elements to be driven in essentially the same way as an array of two-terminal light-emitting elements, but without the need for large power transistors between the cathode terminals and ground.02-04-2010
20110115414LED LAMP - A light emitting diode (LED) lamp includes a lamp body, an LED module mounted on an end of the lamp body and a switching member mounted on the lamp body. The LED module has LEDs facing outwards. The switching member is capable of switching the LED lamp between N type of working modes including modes I05-19-2011
20120306409HUMAN SENSOR APPARATUS, HUMAN SENSOR SYSTEM, AND LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEM - According to one embodiment, a human sensor apparatus includes: a human sensor configured to detect presence of a human body; a first terminal section for connecting the human sensor apparatus to a first master set to receive supply of electric power to the human sensor and output a detection signal of the human sensor as a first detection signal; and a second terminal section for connecting the human sensor apparatus to a second master set not to supply electric power to the human sensor and to output the detection signal of the human sensor as a second detection signal electrically insulated from the first detection signal.12-06-2012
20090251077ARTICLE OF CLOTHING WITH WASHABLE LIGHT MODULE - This invention is directed to an article of clothing having a lighting system that may be laundered with the clothing without damage to the electrical components of such system, comprising a light module that encapsulates and seals an electrical circuit coupled by one or more wires to a number of LEDs that are contained within a separate, leak-proof decorative patch. The patch is formed by a plastic base having an outer periphery that may be affixed to the article of clothing, such as by stitching, and a plastic cover preferably heat-sealed about its peripheral edge to the base defining a cavity between them within which the LEDs are mounted.10-08-2009
20120038293 LED Lighting Device - An LED lighting device is described that comprises of a housing. The housing is capable of engaging with a leg of a table via a hole in the center of the housing. The housing also contains a first LED light source, a power source to power said first LED light. The LED lighting device can also have a second or multiple LED lighting sources housed within the housing.02-16-2012
20110018468Illuminating Container - A handheld container provides a chamber in which items to be carried may be stored as well as a down-projecting illuminator and optional illuminators projecting light in one or more other directions. An optional sound system is also provided.01-27-2011
20120153873STRAIGHT-TUBE LED LAMP SWITCH DEVICE AND STRAIGHT-TUBE LED LAMP USING THE SAME - A straight-tube LED lamp switch device includes a first terminal protruding from a housing; an operating body having an operating portion that can receive a pressing operation into the housing; a second terminal that is brought into conduction with the first terminal by the pressing operation; and a torsion spring that restores the operating body to an initial state before the pressing operation. The housing has therein a housing portion that houses the operating body when the pressing operation is performed. The operating body is tilted by a pressing operation from at least one side of opposite directions with respect to a protruding direction of the first terminal. By the tilting, at least part of the operating portion is housed in the housing portion and the first terminal is brought into conduction with the second terminal.06-21-2012
20110031904Shelf Supported Illuminating Display and Store Display Featuring Same - An illuminating display is arranged for support on a store shelf at the front edge thereof and features at least one illuminating display area activated by a light source and visible from a side of the display facing outward from the shelf to form an eye-catching visual display visible by browsing customers perusing the product content of the shelf. In preferred embodiments, the display is in the form of a strip dimension to fit within a price ticket channel of the shelf so as to facilitate easy and clean removal of the strip, avoid obstruction of the products displayed on the shelf and extend along the shelf to carry multiple display areas at spaced positions therealong. The display areas can present product or company names, logos or slogans, or other promotional or advertising content.02-10-2011
20120119679EXTERIOR ILLUMINATION AND EMERGENCY SIGNALING SYSTEM AND RELATED METHODS - LEDs that provide street illumination are used to create emergency signals. This facilitates simple retrofitting of existing streetlighting infrastructure. In one embodiment, a streetlight comprises an LED set that itself comprises or consists of a plurality of LEDs collectively producing a white light output. The streetlight also includes a receiver for receiving a signal of an alarm condition, and a controller for (i) disabling the LED set during a daylight period, (ii) maintaining the normal operating mode during a lighting period distinct from the daylight period, and (iii) in response to the alarm condition detected by the receiver, de-activating at least one of the LEDs to produce a non-white (e.g., red or amber) output signaling the alarm condition05-17-2012
20100289433Clip light - A clip light, for detachably mounting the clip light to a visor of a cap, includes a light arrangement and a detachable clip member. The light arrangement includes a light housing and a light device supported within the light housing, wherein the detachable clip member is detachably coupling with the light housing, wherein the detachable clip member is adapted to be detached for replacing to another type of clip member for different purposes. The detachable clip member is rotatably coupling with the light housing, such that a projecting angle of the light from the light source is adapted to be adjusted via a rotation manner.11-18-2010
20120176067 LIGHTING SYSTEM AND A METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE ENERGY CONSUMPTION OF A LIGHTING SYSTEM - The invention relates to the creation of lighting programs or scenes with a lighting system taking energy consumption into account. An embodiment of the invention provides a lighting system (07-12-2012
20120074873PLANE-LIKE LIGHTING UNITS AND DISPLAY EQUIPMENT PROVIDED THEREWITH - A light unit which includes a plurality of light-emitting diode (LED) light sources arranged in parallel, a light-guiding member arranged on said LED light sources, a light reflecting part for reflecting light from said LED light sources forward, a light diffusion part for outgoing light from the surface of said light-guiding member to outside, and an optical path changing part arranged above said light-diffusion part, wherein a side of said light-guiding member that faces said light diffusion part is flat.03-29-2012
20100270952Method for Lighting HID Lamps Instantly after Switching on and HID Lamps Using the Method - This invention discloses a method for HID lamp to be lighted instantly when power is on and the related HID lamp. The method is to connect two luminous bodies in parallel and then link it with the power supply through a ballast. When the power is turned on, only one HID luminous body is lighted up; when power is turned off and turned on again, the other HID luminous body is triggered to light up. The HID lamp that can light instantly when power on includes a lamp cap, lamp shape and a ballast that connects the power supply and the lamp cap. There are at least two HID luminous bodies, each of which is connected in parallel. Two lead wires are connected with the lamp cap respectively. In this invention, at least two HID luminous bodies are connected in parallel. When HID light is turned on, only one HID luminous body is lighted up. When it is turned on again, other HID luminous bodies that are connected in parallel are triggered to light up. There is no need to wait for HID luminous bodies to cool down so that HID lamp can be lighted up as the power is turned on. It is very convenient to use.10-28-2010
20090066267Arrangement and method for driving light-emitting components - The invention relates to an arrangement for driving at least two light-emitting components connected in a series circuit, wherein the series circuit is coupled to a supply voltage, in each case a switching unit with respective switching terminals is coupled in parallel connection to each of the at least two components and each switching unit has two states.03-12-2009
20110037419Device Operation Using a Force Sensor - An electrical device operates by performing actions based on identified events. The device includes a list of events within a memory, a sensor that measures a force on the sensor to provide measurement information, a list of actions, a control component, input output, a load, an action identifier, and an action bank. The list of actions can be stored in the action bank. The control component is coupled to the sensor and identifies an event from the measurement information and selects an action based on the identified event.02-17-2011
20120139452WEAPON MOUNTED LIGHT AND OPERATION THEREOF - A novel flashlight assembly that includes an interface integrated into the housing thereof to facilitate mounting of the flashlight to the dovetail rail on a modern combat weapon. The outer body of the flashlight includes a head mounted to a flashlight body at one end and a tapered tail extending outwardly at the other end of the body. Further, the flashlight includes a clamping interface that is a seamless and integrated feature of the outer housing of the flashlight itself for interfacing the flashlight with a firearm. The operational modes of the flashlight are controlled by a single push button and a selector switch. To facilitate a highly compact design the flashlight employs two circuitry arrangements positioned remote from one another and in communication with one another via a single conductive trace to operate at a first signal frequency or a second signal frequency.06-07-2012
20110210685LIGHTED HAT WITH A POWER SUPPLY DEVICE AS FLASHLIGHT - A lighted hat includes a hat unit comprising a crown including a pocket on one side, a visor, and an adjuster; a light assembly on the hat unit; and a removable power supply device in the pocket and comprising a rechargeable battery and a control assembly including a push button switch, a slide switch for switching the power supply device to a flashlight or illumination mode, and a light emitting member. In the flashlight mode, a pressing of the push button switch causes the light emitting member to electrically connect to the battery for light emission, and a next pressing of the push button switch causes the light emitting member to electrically disconnect from the battery. In the illumination mode, the light assembly is electrically connect to the battery such that a pressing of the push button switch cause the light assembly to emit light, blink, or turn off.09-01-2011
20130147399LIGHT EMITTING ELEMENT DRIVE DEVICE AND LIGHTING DEVICE - A light emitting element drive device includes an electric conduction switch that is provided along a power input line, a voltage detection unit that detects a power source voltage containing a noise component when the electric power is supplied to the power input line, a conversion processing unit that converts the detected power source voltage containing the noise component to a digital value, a data generation unit that generates data of a predetermined number of bits, and a control unit that turns on the electric conduction switch. The control unit determines a delay time based on the predetermined number of bits. The delay time corresponds to a time between supplying the electric power to the power input line and turning on the electric conduction switch. The control unit turns on the electric conduction switch after the delay time passes. Thus, an excessive rush current is prevented.06-13-2013
20130147400SURGICAL LAMP FOR BROADBAND AND NARROWBAND ILLUMINATION - The present invention relates to a surgical lamp (06-13-2013
20130175951CONTROL CIRCUIT FOR LIGHT EMITTING DIODE OF DISPLAY - A control circuit for light emitting diode (LED) of display includes a central processing unit (CPU), an AND gate, and a driving circuit. The CPU comprises a general purpose input output (GPIO) contact which outputs an instant high level voltage when a battery is installed into a portable electronic device. The AND gate includes a first input contact connected to the GPIO contact, a second input contact connected to a system power supply, and a first output contact. The system power supply outputs a low level voltage when the electronic device is powered off and outputs a high level voltage when the electronic device is powered on. The driving circuit includes a second output contact connected to an anode of the LED, a feedback contact connected to a cathode of the LED and an enable connected to the first output contact.07-11-2013
20100315023Touch-Sensitive Lighted Hand Rail - A wall mounted hand rail system for assisting a patient includes a support beam. A plurality of lighting elements is disposed adjacent a bottom portion of the support beam and is configured selectively to direct light in a downward direction. An electronic system is configured to sense when the support beam has been touched by the patient and is configured to cause the lighting elements to illuminate an area below the support beam when the support beam has been touched by the patient.12-16-2010
20090256500LED MINE LIGHT - An LED light device has a generally spherical body with a a plurality of projections radiating outwardly therefrom, each of said projections having a distal end and at least one of said projections has a magnet at its distal end. The body encloses a power source and carries at least one LED light aimed outwardly therefrom. The device has the appearance of a spiked military water mine.10-15-2009
20130093362METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR IMPLEMENTING TUNABLE LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE WITH REMOTE WAVELENGTH CONVERSION - A tunable light emitting device includes a plurality of solid-state light sources, a dimmer switch configured to generate a range of output powers for the light emitting device, a control circuit configured to translate an output power generated by the dimmer switch into an on/off arrangement of the plurality of light sources, and a wavelength conversion component comprising two or more regions with different photo-luminescent materials located remotely to the plurality of solid-state light sources and operable to convert at least a portion of the light generated by the plurality of solid-state light sources to light of a different wavelength, wherein the emission product of the device comprises combined light generated by the plurality of light sources and the two or more regions of the wavelength conversion component.04-18-2013

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