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315 - Electric lamp and discharge devices: systems

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315167000 Plural cathode and/or anode load device 99
315161000 Plural load devices 39
315173000 Condenser in one of the supply circuits 6
315174000 Plural diverse pulsating or A.C. supplies 5
20090236995AC POWER FEEDBACK CONTROL DEVICE - An AC power feedback control device for a vacuum fluorescent display is provided. In the AC power feedback control device, the Class-D drivers are driven by the PWM controller so as to generate a sine wave voltage. After being filtered by the LPFs, the sine wave voltage is ready for filaments. The output voltage outputted by the filaments is detected by simple feedback elements so as to control and modulate the duty cycle of the PWM controller.09-24-2009
20100134023METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DIMMABLE FLUORESCENT LIGHTING - A system for operating a fluorescent light is provided. The system comprises: a fluorescent lamp with at least one electrode having at least one corresponding heating filament; a filament signal power supply for providing a filament current signal having a filament current frequency, the filament signal power supply connected to create a filament current through the at least one filament; and a plasma signal power supply for providing a plasma power signal having a plasma power frequency, the plasma signal power supply connected to create a plasma current between the at least one electrode and a gas contained in the fluorescent lamp. The plasma power frequency is greater than the filament current frequency.06-03-2010
20130214689PLASMA IGNITION DEVICE AND PLASMA IGNITION METHOD - A technique of improving the life of a spark plug which generates spark discharge and AC plasma. A plasma ignition device includes a power control section which reduces AC power P after generation of AC plasma in an AC power supply period Sa during which the AC power P is continuously supplied to a spark plug within a maintainable power range Rp within which the AC plasma can be maintained.08-22-2013
20090009095Method and Circuit Arrangement for Operating a Discharge Lamp - A method and a circuit arrangement are described for operating a discharge lamp is described, especially a high-intensity discharge lamp or lamps (HID) or UHP [ultra high performance]-lamp, which is/are distinguished by a first and a second operating phase with a higher first or a lower second frequency of the lamp AC, wherein the operating phases are activated alternatingly at defined intervals and for defined periods of time, in order to achieve a stable arc discharge and only a low burnout or rise in burning voltage of the lamp during its life by configuring certain forms of electrode tips. Furthermore, are described an illumination unit with a discharge lamp and such a circuit arrangement as well as a projection system with a projection display and such an illumination unit.01-08-2009
20090026971Apparatus for Controlling Lamp Driving and Light Unit Having the Same - Provided are an apparatus for controlling a lamp driving, and a light unit. The apparatus comprises a trans-portion, a plurality of lamps, a first cable, and a current attenuator. The trans-portion outputs a first AC power and a second AC power. The plurality of lamps are lighted-on by the first and second AC powers. The first cable and a second cable transfer an output power from the transformer to both ends of the lamps. The current attenuator removes a deviation in currents input to both ends of the lamps.01-29-2009
315175000 Diverse-type current supplies 5
20110234107LED LIGHT WITH THERMOELECTRIC GENERATOR - An LED based light and a method of providing power to the LED are disclosed. The LED based light includes at least one LED and at least one thermoelectric generator having a first side and a second side. The first side is thermally coupled to the at least one LED such that heat generated by the at least one LED is conducted to the at least one thermoelectric generator, producing a temperature differential between the first side and second side. The at least one thermoelectric generator is configured to produce electrical energy from the temperature differential.09-29-2011
20120187852Elevator Emergency LED Lighting Power Supply Assembly - An elevator emergency LED lighting power supply assembly including an inverter that receives DC power from a battery and outputs backup power to LED lamps of an elevator lighting system. An LED driver is connected to the inverter, is connectable to an LED lamp of the elevator lighting system, receives AC power from the inverter, and outputs DC power sufficient to power an LED lamp. A relay is connected between the inverter and the LED driver, is connectable to a primary elevator electrical power supply, and allows AC power to flow from a primary elevator electrical power supply to elevator lighting system LEDs through the LED driver as long as AC power is available from a primary elevator electrical power supply. Upon loss of power from the primary elevator power supply the relay switches contacts and provides to the LED driver AC power received from the inverter.07-26-2012
20090146573LED EMERGENCY LIGHT - A lighting apparatus includes a primary lighting source powered by from a facility A-C power source, and backup LED lighting source powered by batteries.06-11-2009
20090174333Display Device and Electronic Device - A display device where the influence of variations in current of the light emitting element due to changes in ambient temperature and changes with time can be suppressed. The display device of the invention has a light emitting element, a driving transistor connected in series to the light emitting element, a monitoring light emitting element, a limiter transistor connected in series to the monitoring light emitting element, a constant current source for supplying a constant current to the monitoring light emitting element, and a circuit for outputting a potential equal to an inputted potential. A first electrode of the light emitting element is connected to an output terminal of the circuit through the driving transistor, and a first electrode of the monitoring light emitting element is connected to an input terminal of the circuit through the limiter transistor. The channel length L07-09-2009
20120319599LIGHT SOURCE APPARATUS, DISCHARGE LAMP DRIVING METHOD, AND PROJECTOR - A light source apparatus includes a discharge lamp including a light-emitting container, and a pair of electrodes disposed such that a respective tip portion thereof opposes each other in the light-emitting container, and a driving unit that supplies a driving current to the pair of electrodes. The driving unit includes an AC supplier that supplies an alternating current of a frequency not lower than 1 kHz and not higher than 10 GHz to the pair of electrodes and a DC supplier that supplies a direct current to the pair of electrodes. The AC supplier is configured so as to alternately repeat an AC supply section in which the alternating current is supplied and an AC stop section in which the supply of the alternating current is stopped, and the DC supplier is configured so as to supply the direct current during a period corresponding to the AC stop section.12-20-2012
315172000 Periodic switch in one of the supply circuits 3
20080238330LIGHT EMITTING ELEMENT DRIVING CIRCUIT - A light emitting element driving circuit, which can achieve accurate/high-speed operation even at low voltage supply voltage, comprises: driving current supply, connected to light emitting element in series between first and second power supplies, to supply driving current to the light emitting element according to the voltage of control terminal; current determiner to determine and output the current according to an output light amount of the light emitting element; current/voltage converter to convert the determined current into voltage and output it to the control terminal of the driving current supply if control signal is in a first state, and to electrically shield its output voltage terminal from the control terminal of the driving current supply if the control signal is in a second state; and resetter to connect the control terminal of the driving current supply to the second power supply if the control signal is in the second state.10-02-2008
20130154488Dimmable LED Driver with Multiple Power Sources - A dimmable LED driver with multiple power sources.06-20-2013
20130187554IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE - An image display device includes: an organic EL element, a first electrostatic capacitor, a driving transistor having a gate connected to a first electrode of the first electrostatic capacitor and a source connected to an anode of the organic EL element, a second electrostatic capacitor having an electrode connected to a second electrode of the first electrostatic capacitor, a negative power source line which determines the potential of a cathode of the organic EL element, and a scanning line driving circuit which controls a first switching transistor, a second switching transistor, and a third switching transistor. In a non-light-emitting period, the scanning line driving circuit sets, during a period from a start of a reset period to an end of the non-light-emitting period, a fixed voltage corresponding to the potential of the negative power source line to the source electrode of the driving transistor.07-25-2013
315171000 Discharge device and/or rectifier in one of the supply circuits 3
20090167196POWER SUPPLY FOR LIGHT EMITTING DIODE DEVICE - A power supply (07-02-2009
20110254455DUAL POWER SOURCE PULSE GENERATOR FOR A TRIGGERING SYSTEM - An ablative plasma gun having a dual power source pulse generator is configured to generate a high voltage low current pulse and a low voltage high current pulse. A pair of electrodes are disposed and configured to receive the high voltage low current pulse, and to receive the low voltage high current pulse in response to the high voltage low current pulse.10-20-2011
20130154487TRIAC DIMMER COMPATIBLE LED DRIVER AND METHOD THEREOF - The present invention provides a controller used in a TRIAC dimmer compatible LED driver and method thereof. The controller comprises a dimming signal generator, a dimming signal processor and a switch control circuit. The dimming signal generator receives an AC chopped voltage from a TRIAC dimmer and generates a dimming signal with regulated duty cycle in accordance with the AC chopped voltage. The dimming signal processor is coupled to the dimming signal generator and generates a processed dimming signal in accordance with the dimming signal. The duty cycle of the processed dimming signal is a sum of a predetermined duty cycle and the duty cycle of the dimming signal. Based on the processed dimming signal and a feedback signal indicative of the current flowing through LED, the switch control circuit generates a control signal to control at least one switch in a switching converter.06-20-2013
20130026929ELECTRO-OPTICAL DEVICE, DRIVING METHOD OF ELECTRO-OPTICAL DEVICE, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A pixel circuit includes a driving transistor, a switching transistor, and a light emitting element, and the light emitting elements are formed on a semiconductor substrate. A first substrate potential is supplied to the switching transistor, and a second substrate potential, different from the first substrate potential, is supplied to the driving transistor.01-31-2013
20100102731Current regulator and method for efficiency improvement of a LED display system - For efficiency improvement of a LED display system including a charge pump and a LED connected to either the voltage input terminal or the voltage output terminal of the charge pump, either one or both of two current regulators are enabled according to a voltage detected from the LED, for establishing a driving current for the LED. When the detected voltage is higher than a threshold, the first one of the current sources is enabled sole. When the detected voltage is lower than the threshold, the second one of the current sources is enabled sole, or both the current sources are enabled, or the current sources are alternatively enabled.04-29-2010
20130057160LED Device with Power Removal Detection and Method for Using the Same - An LED lamp is placed in service on an automotive vehicle to enhance nighttime visual ability or anywhere where increased lighting is needed. The LED lamp utilizes a multi-stage power and control design, where the LED drive current is managed by an LED constant current controller that is coupled to a microprocessor that commands the intensity value of an LED array. The microprocessor manages the light intensity of the LED array using well known pulse-width modulation control methods. The microprocessor measures the voltage of the DC power source and to detect when DC power is removed. Once this detection has occurred, the microprocessor signals the LED current controller to change the current operational mode being delivered to the LED array to the next available operational mode, or alternatively, to the next appropriate operational mode to be used as determined by software stored within the microprocessor.03-07-2013
20120223647APPARATUSES AND METHODS FOR REDUCING POWER IN DRIVING DISPLAY PANELS - Energy sharing circuits and related methods are disclosed herein. A high voltage can be selectively coupled to a first source line and a low voltage can be selectively coupled to a second source line during a first time period. During a subsequent time period, a first coupling switch is activated to inductively couple the first source line to the second source line and diode block the second source line from the first source line. During a subsequent time period, the low voltage is selectively coupled to the first source line and the high voltage is selectively coupled to the second source line. During a subsequent time period, a second coupling switch is activated to inductively couple the second source line to the first source line and diode block the first source line from the second source line.09-06-2012
20110012518LANTERN WITH REMOVABLE LIGHTS - A lantern having a plurality of removable area lights. Each area light includes a separate power source capable of powering the area light. Each area light is separately selectively illuminable by activating a switch on the area light. The lantern includes a docking station having a docking station power source capable of simultaneously powering all area lights attached to the docking station simultaneously or any subset of the area lights attached to the docking station.01-20-2011
20110285297DRIVING CIRCUIT USED FOR CURRENT-DRIVEN DEVICE AND LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE - A driving circuit is adapted to drive a current-driven device. The driving circuit includes a first power supply circuit and a second power supply circuit. The first power supply circuit is for supplying a first positive voltage to a first terminal of the current-driven device. The second power supply circuit is for enabling a current flowing along a first current flow direction in a first time period and thereby a second terminal of the current-driven device is given a second positive voltage. The second power supply circuit further is for enabling a current from the current-driven device flowing out of the second power supply circuit along a second current flow direction. The first current flow direction and the second current flow direction are different directions in the second power supply circuit. Moreover, a light emitting device using the above-mentioned driving circuit also is provided.11-24-2011
20090309502CONTROL CIRCUIT AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING LEDs - A control circuit for control of light-emitting diodes has a first LED string (12-17-2009
20100084981Intrinsically Safe Flashlight - A lighting device (04-08-2010
20090160345UV LAMP SYSTEM AND ASSOCIATED METHOD WITH IMPROVED MAGNETRON CONTROL - An ultraviolet lamp system for irradiating a substrate includes a magnetron and a memory physically attached to the magnetron. An electrodeless lamp is configured to emit ultraviolet light when excited by microwave energy generated from the magnetron. Main control circuitry is operable to read and write operational data associated with the magnetron to the memory. The ultraviolet lamp system is operated by generating microwave energy from the magnetron. A plasma within an electrodeless lamp is excited with the microwave energy to emit ultraviolet light. Operational data associated with the magnetron is tracked and written to the memory associated with the magnetron.06-25-2009
20090289558DRIVE CIRCUIT OF FLUORESCENT DISPLAY - A drive circuit for a fluorescent display that can prevent generation of reactive power in a Zener diode used to generate a cutoff bias voltage. In one embodiment, the drive circuit operates as a single ended primary inductor converter (SEPIC) circuit and includes an input side closed circuit, an output side closed circuit, and a coupling capacitor connecting the two closed circuits. The input side closed circuit includes an input power source, a first inductor and a switching element. The output side closed circuit includes a second inductor, a diode and a second capacitor. A filament of the fluorescent display is connected to the second capacitor. One end of a Zener diode is connected to a negative potential side of the filament and the other end of the Zener diode is connected to an input power source.11-26-2009
20100283395MULTI-FEED RF DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Improved power distribution architectures for the uniform delivery of single frequency RF power to plasma chambers are disclosed. The architectures include feeding into multiple points across a single large-area electrode, multiple electrodes driving a common plasma discharge as well as multiple coils driving a common plasma discharge. The time-averaged electromagnetic field distribution may be controlled using an array of generator and match (delivery) systems, one of which may be capable of absorbing net power and presenting controlled impedance to the plasma load. In variations, an M+N port network (with M the number of generators and N the number of feed points on the electrode) may be implemented to level the power required from each generator while maintaining a desired field strength distribution.11-11-2010
20110260630ORGANIC LIGHT-EMITTING DIODE DISPLAY - An OLED display includes an OLED panel, two conducting wires and a power supply. A display region of the OLED panel is divided into two sub-display regions. The two conducting wires are both disposed on the panel and out of the display region, and first terminals of the two conducting wires are electrically coupled to pixels in the first sub-display region and the second sub-display region respectively. The length of a conducting wire is longer than that of another conducting wire so that the resistance of the conducting wire is larger than that of the said another conducting wire. The power supply provides a relatively high voltage and a relatively low voltage to the second terminals of the relatively long conducting wire and the relatively short conducting wire respectively, so that the voltages of the first terminals of the two conducting wires are substantially the same.10-27-2011
20090058308APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR LIGHTING DIELECTRIC BARRIER DISCHARGE LAMP - A pair of internal electrodes are disposed at both ends of a lamp. A first voltage including a positive DC voltage superimposed on a substantial rectangular waveform voltage is applied to one of the internal electrodes. A second voltage including a negative DC voltage superimposed on the substantial rectangular waveform voltage is applied to the other internal electrode. The dark portion occurring substantially at the center in the longitudinal direction of the lamp becomes invisible, so that the brightness distribution is improved.03-05-2009
20090102388PROJECTOR AND LIGHT SOURCE ASSEMBLY EMPLOYED IN SAME - A light source assembly employed in a projector includes a light source, a power device, a light energy storage device, and a selection switch. The light source is configured for providing light beams for the projector. The selection switch is electrically connected to the light source, the light energy storage device and the power device and is configured for selecting one of the light energy storage device and the power device to provide power for the light source. The light energy storage device can absorb heat from the light source and convert the heat into electricity. Therefore, energy is saved and heat produced by the light source is reduced via the light energy storage device compared to the conventional light source assembly.04-23-2009
20100270934CIRCUIT ASSEMBLY AND METHOD FOR OPERATING A HIGH PRESSURE DISCHARGE LAMP - A circuit arrangement for operating a high-pressure discharge lamp with an operating circuit for the high-pressure discharge lamp with an input for receiving a switch-on/switch-off signal for the high-pressure discharge lamp and at least one output for providing an operating signal to the high-pressure discharge lamp, wherein the operating circuit is designed to reduce the power of the operating signal provided at the at least one output once a switch-off signal has been received at its input, wherein the operating circuit furthermore designed to provide the operating signal as an AC signal above a predeterminable power threshold value and as a quasi DC signal below the predeterminable power threshold value.10-28-2010
20100253232DIMMABLE LIGHT GENERATING DEVICE - A compact gas discharge lamp (10-07-2010
20120086346CLOCKED INVERTER, NAND, NOR AND SHIFT REGISTER - In a display device including a substrate, a pixel portion, and a driver circuit having first to ninth transistors and first and second inverters, the various transistors are configured such that one of a source and a drain of the fifth transistor is electrically connected to a gate of the first transistor. In embodiments, the electrical connection may be a direct connection. Additionally, a switch may be provided that is directly connected to an output terminal of the second inverter.04-12-2012
20080224619AUXILIARY POWER SUPPLY FOR LIGHTING BALLASTS - Auxiliary power is provided on a lighting ballast by a charge pump circuit. A direct current power supply circuit in the ballast outputs auxiliary power for operation of loads other than the lighting load of the ballast.09-18-2008
20120248993Method and Apparatus of Converting Output of Triac Dimmer to Control Operations of LED Lighting - Various embodiments of the present disclosure pertain to converting output of a triode-for-alternating-current (TRIAC) dimmer to adjust lighting of one or more light-emitting diodes (LEDs). In one aspect, a method may receive a user-adjustable first signal from a dimmer, the first signal having an alternating current (AC) parameter that is adjustable by a user input to the dimmer; convert the first signal to a second signal that has a direct current (DC) parameter; and control operations of a load based at least in part on the second signal.10-04-2012
20120274223ORGANIC ELECTROLUMINESCENT DISPLAY DEVICE - The present invention overcomes image defects such as the brightness inclination or smears by reducing the line resistance of a power source bus line which supplies electricity to organic EL elements. A plurality of pixels which are arranged in a matrix array is connected to power source lines, and the plurality of power source lines are connected to a power source bus line. Both ends of the power source bus line are connected to a power source part via a FPC. By supplying electricity to both ends of the power source bus line from the power source part, the line resistance of the power source bus line can be reduced.11-01-2012

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