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Radiant energy controlled regulation of the current supply for the load device

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315 - Electric lamp and discharge devices: systems


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20100148678LED Brightness Control by Variable Frequency Modulation - Perceived intensity (brightness) of light from a light emitting diode (LED) is controlled with a pulse train signal having fixed pulse width and voltage amplitude and then increasing or decreasing the frequency (increasing or decreasing the number of pulses over a time period) of this pulse train signal so as to vary the average current through the LED. This reduces the level of electro-magnetic interference (EMI) at any one frequency by varying the pulse train energy spectrum over a plurality of frequencies.06-17-2010
20090195166Light Output Control Method and Lighting System Using the Same - A light output control method for a lighting system is provided. The lighting system includes a plurality of sensors and a light-emitting unit. The light output control method includes steps of: sensing a motion of an object within the sensing ranges of the sensors at different time spots, thereby generating multiple sensing values; obtaining a sensing sequence data according to the sensing values indicating the motion of the object sensed by the sensors; controlling the light-emitting unit to perform a light output control operation if the sensing sequence data complies with a predetermined condition.08-06-2009
20090309500Brightness Controlled Light Source - A method and system is provided for automatic brightness control of a light source. The system includes at least one light sensor that operates in a different range of the light spectrum than the light spectrum generated by the controlled light source.12-17-2009
20090140660PULSE-CONTROLLED LIGHT EMITTING DIODE SOURCE - A light-emitting diode array is driven by a digital control. The digital control modulates the pulse width of pulses applied to the light-emitting diode. The intensity of the output is controlled by controlling the width of pulses applied to the light-emitting diode. Since light-emitting diodes have very low inertial energy, this system can be rapidly turned on and turned off. The output is integrated to produce a uniform output.06-04-2009
20110193486METHOD FOR OPERATING A LIGHT-EMITTING DIODE ARRANGEMENT, AND CIRCUIT ARRANGEMENT - A circuit arrangement for operating an LED arrangement, wherein a controller transmits a current intensity value for a respective LED to a driver and the latter feeds the LED with current in a time sequence containing a check pulse, and wherein a measuring device is configured to measure the light emitted by the light-emitting diode on account of the check pulse, wherein the controller is configured to use only measurement values which represent the light of check pulses for the stipulation of current intensity values, and wherein the driver defines a main factor, which is dependent on at least one of the temperature of the LED and on the voltage dropped across said LED, wherein the driver is configured to multiply the current intensity value by the main factor and this product defines the current intensities of all the current pulses in the time sequence apart from the check pulse.08-11-2011
20130043797Lighting Control Systems and Methods - Systems and methods for lighting control are disclosed. The system may include at least one lighting device providing illumination and a handheld unit coupled with the lighting device to control at least one of a controllable lighting state, a controllable lighting intensity, and a controllable lighting effect of the lighting device. The handheld unit may include an image-capturing device and a processor coupled with the image-capturing device. The processor may be configured to control the image-capturing device to capture an image of a space affected by the lighting device; analyze an luminance level of the space; receive a lighting parameter; and provide a command to the lighting device for controlling at least one of the controllable lighting state, the controllable lighting intensity, and the controllable lighting effect of the lighting device based on at least one of the image, the luminance level, and the lighting parameter.02-21-2013
20100109536LED-based secondary general illumination lighting color slaved to primary general illumination lighting - One aspect relates to combining an at least one primary general illumination lighting with an at least one LED-based secondary general illumination lighting. The aspect further comprises sensing an at least one sensed electric characteristics used to produce the at least one primary general illumination lighting. The aspect further comprises controlling an optical characteristic of the at least one LED-based secondary general illumination lighting at least partially responsive to the sensing the at least one sensed electric characteristics used to produce the at least one primary general illumination lighting.05-06-2010
20100026195Multi-Modal Light - The invention is a light that operates in many different modes based on a settings switch and environmental conditions such as ambient light levels and the detection of movement near the light. In one of the modes, the light will only come on after a darkness threshold has been reached and movement is detected near the light. By limiting when the light is on maximizes the amount of time the light can operate without recharging the energy storage unit. In another mode, the light comes on when there is movement detected near the light regardless of the darkness threshold conditions. A walk-in closet light is an example of this type of light use. In all modes the light will operate for multiple days without power being available to recharge the energy storage unit. In each mode, the light brightness is determined by the brightness control. Lowering the brightness will increase the time the light will operate without an external power source to recharge the energy storage unit.02-04-2010
20130088156CONTROLLING BRIGHTNESS OF LAMP IN DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device includes a lamp unit, a dimming signal controller, and an inverter device. The dimming signal controller receives a lamp brightness signal and an external environment illumination signal, selects the lamp brightness signal or a signal based on the received external environment illumination signal, and outputs the selected signal as a dimming signal. The inverter device may operate to control brightness of the lamp unit based on the dimming signal.04-11-2013
20130069544MULTI-ELEMENT LED LAMP PACKAGE - A light emitting diode device (e.g., LED package) may include at least two light emitting devices that can be switched independently of one another and thus may be useful in vehicular lighting applications, for example low and high beam headlights. A LED device may include a first LED die and at least one additional LED die disposed at different positions within a common reflector cup or relative to a common lens. Multiple LED sub-assemblies may be mounted to a common lead frame along non-coincident principal axes. Methods for varying intensity or color from multi-LED lamps are further provided.03-21-2013
20120187850Nightlight Driving Device - A nightlight driving device is disclosed, comprising a power input module, a current limiting module, a triac, a photo-sensing module, a filter module and a light emitting diode (LED), wherein the filter module inputs a stable current into the LED and the power input module provides the power required for entire operations; therefore, when the photo-sensing module is located in a daytime environment, the photo-sensing module causes the triac not to be driven to conduct and the LED can not illuminate; on the other hand, in case the photo-sensing module is in a nighttime environment, the triac can be driven to conduct thereby enabling illumination of the LED so as to effectively save the power consumed by the nightlight.07-26-2012
20110012517ORGANIC ELECTROLUMINESCENT DEVICE - The present invention provides a display device which includes photoelectric elements (E01-20-2011
20110012516CONTROL OF OUTPUT VOLTAGE PROVIDED TO A FLASH UNIT - A device includes a flash unit to generate light, and an optical sensor to receive the light from the flash unit, and generate a light intensity signal based on the received light. The device also includes a controller to generate a modified error signal based on the light intensity signal. The device further includes a control circuit to receive the modified error signal from the controller, receive an output voltage from a power source associated with the device, control the output voltage based on the modified error signal, and provide the controlled output voltage to the flash unit.01-20-2011
20090009093SWITCHABLE INDUCTION LIGHT - A light fitting is provided with a first connector piece arranged to support a light and provide power thereto, an input connected to a power source and arranged to provide power permanently to an output comprising a primary coil, and a transmitter operable to transmit a switch signal. A light is provided comprising a sealed light housing, a light source, a back-up battery, a controller and a second connector piece having a secondary coil and a receiver. The receiver receives the switch signal and the controller controls power delivery to the light source in response to the switch signal received by the receiver thereby to turn the light on and off. The light fitting and the light are arranged to present the primary coil and the secondary coil for inductive coupling therebetween and to present the transmitter and the receiver for wireless communication therebetween.01-08-2009
20130162148LAMP CONTROLLER WITH EXTENDED LIFE - A lamp controller has an LED lamp. The lamp is disposed with a light source and two same drive circuits, one of the drive circuits is work drive circuit, the other one is the backup drive circuit, the two drive circuits output are parallel to each other and connected to the light source; the controller includes an AC/DC conversion circuit, microcontroller, switch circuit and drive state detection circuit, the AC/DC conversion circuit is converted the mains supply to low-voltage direction current and supplying power to the microcontroller and the switch circuit, the drive state detect circuit gets the work state information of the work state drive circuit and submits the information to the microcontroller, the microcontroller controls the switch circuit to alternatively connect the input of the work drive circuit or the backup drive circuit to the mains supply according to the work drive circuit work state information.06-27-2013
20080309243FLOURESCENT LAMP WITH INTEGRAL PROXIMITY SENSOR FOR BUILDING ENERGY MANAGEMENT - A fluorescent lamp sensor system is provided. The fluorescent lamp sensor system includes a plurality of bulbs and a plurality of electrodes coupled to the bulbs. A balanced differential circuit measures changes in electric fields produced by the bulbs in front of the electrodes. The balanced differential circuit includes a symmetric current source associated with alternating the surface potential of the bulbs. A current mode detection circuit detects the current associated with the capacitive effects of the balanced differential circuit. A synchronous detection circuit isolates the capacitive effects of the symmetrical current source from stray signals that differ in either frequency or phase.12-18-2008
20130207553Load Control SystemHaving a Rotary Actuator - A load control device for controlling the amount of power delivered from an AC power source to an electrical load comprises a rotary actuator, such as a rotary knob or a rotary wheel. The load control device increases and decreases the amount of power delivered to the electrical load in response to rotations of the rotary knob in first and second directions, respectively. The load control device accelerates the rate of change of the amount of power delivered to the load in response to the angular velocity of the rotary actuator. The load control device generates a ratcheting sound when the rotary actuator is rotated in the first direction at a high-end intensity of the load control device. The load control device is operable to control the electrical load in response to both actuations of the rotary actuator and digital messages received via a communication link.08-15-2013
20110279042LED LIGHTING SYSTEM WITH AUTO AND MANUAL DIMMING FUNCTIONS - An LED lighting system with auto and manual dimming functions includes an infrared remote control apparatus, a light sensing unit, an infrared receiving unit, a dimming controller, a switch driving circuit, and an LED lamp. The LED lighting system is integrated with the light sensing unit and the infrared receiving unit to provide auto and manual dimming functions to the LED lamp through the infrared remote control apparatus, thus providing optimum illuminating brightness of the LED lamp.11-17-2011
20090066258Streelight monitoring and control - Methods and apparatus associated with monitoring and controlling streetlights include monitoring light levels and voltage levels at corresponding streetlights and controlling the streetlights to set or maintain a particular light output at the respective streetlights or providing power consumption estimates for respective streetlights (streetlight specific metering) based on the voltage levels and light levels. A streetlight controller for a streetlight includes a microcontroller; a first sensor to sense a light level from a lamp within the streetlight; a second sensor operative to sense a voltage level on a power supply for the streetlight; and a switching network coupled with the microcontroller and operative to adjust the light level of the lamp. Methods includes monitoring a light level and voltage level and adjusting a light level, estimating power consumption, or facilitating maintenance in accordance with the light level and voltage level. The methods may be performed all or in part at a streetlight, a local gateway or a central controller and database.03-12-2009
20090128043LIGHT SENSING APPARATUS AND DISPLAY DEVICE THEREOF - A light sensing apparatus and a display device thereof are provided. The light sensing apparatus comprises a filtering device and a light sensing device. The filtering device filters off a part of the ambient light and outputs the other part of the ambient light. The light sensing device outputs a sensing signal according to the other part of the ambient light.05-21-2009
20110260628SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ILLUMINATING A COMPONENT OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The disclosure describes a system and method for controlling a light for a component of an electronic device. An embodiment uses brightness evaluation zones and progresses through one or more of the zones to determine whether and when to activate the light for given conditions of ambient light. In doing so, the embodiment sets a current brightness evaluation zone for the device and sets an activation status of the light level to an activation value associated with the current brightness evaluation zone. The embodiment compares an ambient light level for the device to the current brightness evaluation zone. Evaluation loops are provided to test and change the current brightness evaluation zone against the detected ambient light. The light may be a backlight.10-27-2011
20090309501Light Emitting Diode Replacement Lamp - The invention is a replacement for a conventional incandescent or halogen light bulb. Besides providing regular illumination, it has advantages over a conventional bulb while maintaining the bulb's decorative function, such as visual effects associated with the bulb's envelope or shade. The invention comprises a connector equivalent to a standard light bulb base, at least one light emitting diode (LED), and a driving circuit hosted on a module such as a printed circuit board and adapting the supply voltage to the requirements of the LED. Compensation for the effects of temperature may be included. The invention may also include other circuitry to support various enhanced features such as novel decorative features or control over the brightness, color, or other characteristics—all potentially varying over time or being controlled remotely.12-17-2009
20120293079LIGHT EMISSION CONTROL OF EXTERNAL FLASH FOR DIGITAL CAMERA - An external flash is attached to a digital camera with an internal flash and is operable selectably in two or three modes. Its control system includes a signal detecting device for detecting a signal for starting emission of light by receiving the detected signal and a single maneuverable device for being handled by a user to select one of these modes.11-22-2012
20090261739Portable Electronic Device and Light Flickering Method for Light Emitting Element Thereof - A portable electronic device and a light flickering method for light emitting elements thereof are both disclosed herein. The portable electronic device includes at least one light emitting element. The light flickering method comprises the following steps: setting personalized light flickering data with a user interface; storing the personalized light flickering data; generating a control signal in accordance with the personalized light flickering data; and generating a driving signal in accordance with the control signal and driving the light emitting elements with the driving signal.10-22-2009
20090261738Driving method for photo transistor and photo sensor and flat panel display using the same - A driving method for a photo transistor includes providing an alternating current (AC) voltage to a gate electrode of the photo transistor. A photo sensor using the driving method and a flat panel display using the photo sensor are also provided.10-22-2009
20100277081CLOCK BRIGHTNESS CONTROL CIRCUIT - A clock brightness control circuit includes at least a photosensitive element connected with a current limiting element and a current regulating element. The current limiting element and the current regulating element are connected with a light-emitting element of a clock, and adjust a current flowing through the light-emitting element under control of the photosensitive element in response to ambient light illumination. The clock brightness control circuit can adjust the brightness of the clock upon a change of the ambient light illumination when the circuit is applied in the clock.11-04-2010
20110199006IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE, BRIGHTNESS CONTROL METHOD AND BRIGHTNESS CONTROL PROGRAM - An image display device includes a display unit that is installed inside a finder window provided in a housing and displays images, an obtaining unit that obtains brightness of a space inside the finder window, and a control unit that when the brightness obtained by the obtaining unit is a first brightness, sets the brightness of the display unit to a second brightness, and when the brightness obtained by the obtaining unit is a third brightness brighter than the first brightness, sets the brightness of the display unit to a fourth brightness brighter than the second brightness.08-18-2011
20100201277DISPLAY DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC MACHINE HAVING THE SAME - A display device capable of detecting the light intensity of ambient light with high accuracy is disclosed. The display device has a backlight light source and a photo sensing unit. The display device also includes a voltage supply unit for providing a voltage, which makes the photo sensing unit output a certain amount of photocurrent to the photo sensing unit; and a supply voltage control unit for modulating the voltage supplied to the photo sensing unit based on the operation status of the backlight light source. The supply voltage control unit controls the voltage supply unit by the way of outputting a voltage of a first voltage to the photo sensing unit while the backlight light source is operating; and outputting a voltage of a second voltage, which is different from the first voltage, to the photo sensing unit while the backlight light source is not operating.08-12-2010
20100201275LIGHT SENSING IN DISPLAY DEVICE - A method for controlling an OLED display includes providing an OLED device and a controller, measuring and communicating the amount of ambient and emitted OLED light incident upon an array of photosensors distributed over the display area for measuring the incident light, operating the OLED pixels with at least one calibration image and forming an OLED compensation map in response to a first measured incident light, receiving a second incident light measurement and forming an ambient illumination map, receiving and compensating an image and driving the OLED pixels with the compensated image, receiving a third incident light measurement and forming large-area average values and small-area average values, and comparing the large-area average values and the small-area average values to a predetermined criterion, and determining the location of one or more light occlusions or reflections.08-12-2010
20120104954METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ADJUSTING LIGHT OUTPUT FROM A LIGHT SOURCE - A system having a light guide adapted to collect light from a light source, a light detector attached to the light guide, a controller electrically connected to an output of the light detector, and a driver for driving the light source detachably connected to an output of the controller. The driver includes a memory that stores a calibration value for the light source.05-03-2012
20110140613COMPACT FLUORESCENT LAMPS - An ambient light sensor integrated in a compact fluorescent lamp that, in turn, may include a controller and a radiation source. The ambient light sensor may include a radiation receiver to receive and filter incident radiation to obtain a value of the level of infrared radiation, and an electronic module to determine if the value is above a reference threshold value to enable the controller to switch the state of the radiation source.06-16-2011
20090167195Light source system - A light source system capable of controlling a light emission amount of a light source section more accurately while keeping manufacturing costs low is provided. The light source system includes a light source, a light-sensing device detecting light from the light source, a calculation means, and a light source control means. The calculation means calculates a net light amount by subtracting a measurement environment component from a light amount detected by the light-sensing device. The measurement environment component is independent of a lighting state in the light source. The light source control means controls the light source on the basis of the net light amount obtained by the calculation means.07-02-2009
20090072749Image Intensifier with Adjustable Figure of Merit - An image intensifier such as a night vision goggle includes a tube module and a power supply module. The image quality may be characterized by a figure known as the “Figure of Merit” (FOM), which is an arithmetic product of screen resolution and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Both resolution and SNR are affected by the voltage supplied by the power supply module. By providing a power supply module with an adjustable voltage, the FOM may be varied. The adjustment mechanism may then be rendered tamper resistant, thereby enabling the FOM to be permanently reduced for devices intended for export.03-19-2009
20080290804Temperature dependant LED current controller - The present invention provides a controller for regulating current in LEDs in electronic displays. The controller uses temperature sensing diodes to detect changes in the LED ambient temperature. As the LED ambient temperature changes, the forward voltage of the temperature sensing diode decreases. A signal processor adjusts the current passing through the LEDs based on the temperature induced changes in the forward voltage of the temperature sensing diodes. The present invention can reduce costs over the present methods of regulating current in LEDs and may more easily be integrated into a single integrated circuit chip. The temperature sensing may also be implemented outside the integrated circuit chip.11-27-2008
20090085486APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANAGING THE POWER OF ILLUMINATION DEVICES - An apparatus for managing the power of an illumination device supplied by a power source includes a switch, a switch controller, an imaging unit, and a pattern recognition unit. The switch is configured for electrically connecting or disconnecting the illumination device and the power source. The switch controller is configured for controlling the switch, thereby switching off the illumination device. The imaging unit is configured for capturing an image of an illuminated area illuminated by the illumination device. The pattern recognition unit is configured for detecting whether any person is contained in the captured image, and if not, instructing the switch controller to switch off the illumination device.04-02-2009
20090230872DISPLAY APPARATUS - The display apparatus (09-17-2009
20090108761TIMING CONTROLLER, LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY COMPRISING THE SAME AND DRIVING METHOD OF LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY - A timing controller, a liquid crystal display (LCD) comprising the same and a driving method of the liquid crystal display, in which the LCD includes an LCD panel, a light source unit divided into n light-emitting blocks providing light to the LCD panel, a side member reflecting the light emitted from the light source unit, a timing controller determining a final brightness of each of the n light-emitting blocks and providing final light data corresponding to the final brightness, the final brightness being determined using reflected brightness based on the light reflected from the side member, and a backlight driver controlling the brightness of each of the n light-emitting blocks in response to the final light data.04-30-2009
20090243496APPARATUS AND METHOD OF DRIVING BACKLIGHT UNIT AND DISPLAY APPARATUS EMPLOYING THE SAME - An apparatus and a method of driving a backlight unit and a display apparatus employing the same. Wherein a driving current, which is divided in a step-by-step fashion, is sequentially changed and output according to a current control signal. The current control signal is divided into low levels and high levels that are consecutively and repeatedly applied to a backlight controller. The driving current is reduced from a reference current corresponding to a number of the high levels during a time period that starts when the low level is applied for at least a first reference time interval and ends when the high level is applied for at least a second reference time interval.10-01-2009
20110227487Light emitting display with light mixing within a film - In one embodiment, a light emitting device comprises an array of legs extending from a body of film with the bounding edges of the legs stacked, a first light source emitting light of a first color and a second light source emitting light of a second color into the stacked bounding edges where the light emitting region defined within the body is configured to extract light of a third color. In another embodiment, a light emitting device comprises three light sources positioned to direct light into a stacked array of bounding edges. In one embodiment, a method of generating light of adjustable color exiting a surface of a film is disclosed.09-22-2011
20100219762Solar Lighting System and Device and Methods Thereof - A lighting system and device configured to receive solar radiation from a solar radiation source and methods thereof are provided, wherein the lighting device includes a support structure, a light source connected to the support structure, and an attachment bracket connected to the support structure. The lighting device further includes a support bracket moveably connected to the attachment bracket, wherein the support bracket has an archical shape, and a solar panel attached to the support bracket, wherein an angle of the solar panel with respect to the solar radiation source is altered as a function of the moveable connection of the support bracket to the attachment bracket and the archical shape of the support bracket.09-02-2010
20100225236Statistical Illuminator - The technology disclosed relates to an illumination source including numerous laser diodes. In particular, it relates to extending the duty cycle and/or reducing the frequency of component replacement by detecting failure of one or more individual laser diodes and compensating for the failure, without replacing the laser diodes.09-09-2010
20110175534ILLUMINATION DEVICE CAPABLE OF ADJUSTING LIGHT BRIGHTNESS AND METHOD THEREOF - An illumination device includes a light sensor, a light-emitting unit, a switch unit and a processing unit. The light sensor is configured for sensing ambient light intensity and providing results based on the sensed light intensity. The switch unit is configured for controlling the electrical connection between the light-emitting unit and a power unit. The processing unit includes a control module and a light adjusting module. The controlling module is configured for turning off the switch unit to cut off the electrical connection between the light-emitting unit and the power unit during the sensing of the light intensity. The light adjusting module is configured for adjusting the brightness of the light-emitting unit according to the results provided by the light sensor. A related method is also provided.07-21-2011
20110057571DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE COLOR POINT OF AN LED LIGHT SOURCE - The present invention relates to a device and method for controlling the color point of an LED light source (03-10-2011
20100201276Method for saving power consumption of position sensitive detector - The present invention discloses a method for saving power consumption of a position sensitive detector used in a smart bathroom product. An infrared light emitting device included in the position sensitive detector has infrared light emitting modes of at least two strengths. The position sensitive detector determines the emitting strength to be adopted by the infrared light emitting device at the time of next infrared light emission based on the comparison between the strength of the reflected infrared signal received by the infrared light receiving device and a preset value set in the position sensitive detector. Thus, by switching between different emitting strength modes, the infrared light emitting device is made to use an emitting mode with a weak strength in the case that no one is using the position sensitive detector, thereby effectively decreasing the power consumption of the position sensitive detector in its operation.08-12-2010
20090322233LIght detecting apparatus and output light intensity controller - A light detecting apparatus receives input light branched and output by a branching device, to calculate transmittance and reflectivity from the input light, acquires a wavelength corresponding to the calculated transmittance and reflectivity to calculate a gain value corresponding to input light intensity, acquires a driving current value corresponding to a calculated gain value and an acquired wavelength, and outputs an acquired driving current value.12-31-2009
20120133287Wireless Sensor Having a Variable Transmission Rate - A sensing device transmits wireless signals when an error between at least one sampled parameter value and at least one predicted parameter value is too great, such that the sensing device transmits wireless signals to a load control device using a variable transmission rate that is dependent upon the amount of change in a value of the parameter. The sensing device uses the one or more estimators to determine the predicted parameter value, and may transmit the estimators to the load control device if the error is too great. The load control device uses the estimators to determine at least one estimated parameter value and controls the electrical load in response to the estimated parameter value. The sensing device may comprise, for example, a daylight sensor for measuring a total light intensity in the space around the sensor or a temperature sensor for measuring a temperature around the sensor.05-31-2012
20110241553SYSTEM, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTING OF AN ILLUMINATED LOGO - An application for a logo with an adjustable internal lighting includes an illuminated logo, a sensor and a circuit that controls the illuminated logo. The brightness and/or color of the illuminated logo are controlled by the circuit based upon ambient light and optionally, a user preference, operating mode and/or time-of-day. The sensor detects ambient light and signals the circuit to increase or decrease the brightness of the illuminated logo.10-06-2011
20110210672ILLUMINATION CONTROL APPARATUS - An illumination control apparatus configured to control brightness of a plurality of illumination devices that is provided in a plurality of sections, respectively, includes: a detection unit configured to detect presence or absence of a person in each of the plurality of sections based on an output of a video camera configured to take images of the plurality of sections; and a control unit configured to turn on an illumination device of a detected section among the plurality of illumination devices, the detected section being a section where a person is detected, turn off an illumination device of a section other than the detected section and an adjacent section among the plurality of illumination devices, the adjacent section being a section adjacent to the detected section, and control brightness of the illumination device of the adjacent section so that illuminance of the detected section becomes predetermined illuminance.09-01-2011
20110062874LED calibration systems and related methods - LED calibration systems and related methods are disclosed that use the photo-sensitivity of LEDs to correct for variations between LEDs during initial production and over the lifetime of systems using LEDs. The disclosed systems and methods include methods to set the color or color temperature produced by a group of LEDs during the manufacturing of a device such as a lamp, an LED display, or an LCD backlight, and maintaining such color or color temperature over the operating life of such a device. The methods involve measuring the intensity and/or wavelength of light produced by each LED within a group of LEDs and adjusting an amount of light generated by the LEDs to produce precise color and intensity from the group of LEDs. Two methods that operate some of the LEDs in photovoltaic or photoconductive mode to measure the light intensity produced by other LEDs in the group are presented. The first method uses an additional light source as a reference and determines the light intensity emitted from each LED relative to such reference, while the second method determines the light intensity emitted from each LED relative to each other.03-17-2011
20110210673Sensor Element Having a Light Sensor, Communication Transmitter Having a Sensor Element, and Lighting System Having a Sensor Element - A sensor element (09-01-2011
20120242232DISPLAY DEVICE AND ILLUMINATION UNIT - A display device includes: a reflective image display unit having a display region provided with an array of pixels; an illumination unit that illuminates the display region of the image display unit; and a light control unit that controls the intensity of the illumination light from the illumination unit according to ambient illuminance.09-27-2012
20110074298LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE WITH VARIABLE VOLUME - This invention provides a light emitting device with variable volume. The light emitting device includes a main body with variable volume, a sensor, a light emitting element, and a controller. The sensor is disposed in the main body for generating a volume measuring signal. The light emitting element is disposed in the main body. The controller is coupled with the light emitting element and the sensor. The controller controls brightness of the light emitting element according to the volume measuring signal.03-31-2011
20110057570Method and System for Luminance Characterization - A system for luminance characterization of a luminaire includes a ballast coil and a multi-tap capacitor connected in series with the ballast coil. The multi-tap capacitor has a plurality of tap capacitors integrated into a capacitor housing. A plurality of switches are each coupled to one of the plurality of tap capacitors for selectively coupling the tap capacitors together to produce a multi-tap capacitance corresponding to a configuration of the plurality of switches. A lamp is connected in series with the multi-tap capacitor and the ballast coil. A photometer is located to measure light intensity of the lamp and to produce a lumen output measurement. A memory is used to store a database having a plurality of lumen output measurements, each corresponding to a multi-tap capacitance corresponding to all configurations of the plurality of switches.03-10-2011
20100096997Light sensing circuit and flat panel display including the same - A light sensing circuit for use in auto brightness control (ABC), and a flat panel display including the light sensing circuit. The light sensing circuit includes a first photodiode; a second photodiode which is electrically connected to the first photodiode and includes a shielding film for shielding externally incident light; a first voltage fixing unit which is connected to the first photodiode and the second photodiode and maintains a voltage applied to the first photodiode at a certain value; and an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) which generates a digital value that depends on a current flowing in the first photodiode and the second photodiode. Accordingly, the light sensing circuit can precisely sense the brightness of a surrounding environment and drive a flat panel display with the most suitable brightness.04-22-2010
20090153063IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE - An image display apparatus includes a light source device, a light source control unit which controls power supplied to the light source device and an image light emission unit which, utilizing a source light emitted from the light source device, emits an image light. A light quantity measurement unit measures a quantity of the source light. A power/light quantity characteristic derivation unit derives a power/light quantity characteristic. A light quantity adjustment unit, based on the power/light quantity characteristic, adjusts the quantity of the source light or the image light. The light source control unit controls the supplied power to gradually change the light quantity of the source light. The light quantity measurement unit measures the light quantity of the gradually changing source light and acquires light quantity data. The power/light quantity characteristic derivation unit, based on the light quantity data and the supplied power, derives the power/light quantity characteristic.06-18-2009
20090140659FEEDBACK CONTROL SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING THE LIGHT OUTPUT OF A LED UNIT - The present invention relates to a control system (06-04-2009
20120169241ELECTRONIC DEVICE CAPABLE OF DETECTING ENVIRONMENT BRIGHTNESS AND METHOD THEREOF - An electronic device capable of detecting environment brightness includes a camera and a processor. The camera includes a photo sensor. The photo sensor includes a number of photosensitive elements. The processor is to periodically turn on some or all of the photosensitive elements to direct the camera to capture an image, obtain R value, G value, and B value of each pixel of the captured image, and determine environment brightness according to the determined R value, G value, and B value of each pixel of the captured image. A related method is also provided.07-05-2012
20120268019LIGHTING APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR CONTROLLING LIGHTING APPARATUS USING AMBIENT LIGHT LEVELS - Lighting apparatus and methods for controlling lighting apparatus using ambient light levels are disclosed. A controller is used to activate and deactivate one or more light radiating devices within a duty cycle. The controller uses a light detection apparatus to sample ambient light levels at a plurality of sampling times during which the light radiating devices are deactivated. The controller determines an average for the light levels sampled over a survey time period, thus generating an averaged ambient light level over the survey time period. The controller adjusts an intensity of the light radiating devices based at least partially upon the averaged ambient light level. The controller may generate a target light level using the averaged ambient light level over the survey time period and a desired light level and, over an adjustment time period, incrementally adjust the intensity of the light radiating devices towards the target light level.10-25-2012
20100283394Light Guide for Ambient Light Sensor in a Portable Electronic Device - Disclosed are various embodiments of a light guide and corresponding ambient light sensor, computing device and backlit display for use in a portable electronic device. The various embodiments of the light guide are configured to permit ambient light to be collected efficiently and accurately over wide angles of incidence, even under low-ambient-light conditions. The efficient and accurate collection of ambient light by the various embodiments of the light guide disclosed herein may be employed to more accurately control the amount and degree of backlighting provided to a backlit display, which in turn can be used to conserve valuable battery power in a portable electronic device.11-11-2010
20110260629Illuminance Sensor, and Electronic Equipment and Semiconductor Device Using the Same - In an illuminance sensor, a photoelectric converter (10-27-2011
20110095692CAMOUFLAGE PANEL - A camouflage panel arranged to be attachable to an outer area of a submarine is disclosed. The panel comprises a light emitter operable such that light is emitted from a surface of the panel. The intensity and colour of the emitted light being controllable in response to a control signal received from a sensor arranged to sense the intensity and colour of light in the region of the submarine. Apparatus comprising a number of such panels is also disclosed.04-28-2011
20100194292BACKLIGHT DEVICE AND DISPLAY DEVICE - A backlight device (08-05-2010
20100244709Wireless Battery-Powered Daylight Sensor - A wireless battery-powered daylight sensor for measuring a total light intensity in a space is operable to transmit wireless signals using a variable transmission rate that is dependent upon the total light intensity in the space. The sensor comprises a photosensitive circuit, a wireless transmitter for transmitting the wireless signals, a controller coupled to the photosensitive circuit and the wireless transmitter, and a battery for powering the photosensitive circuit, the wireless transmitter, and the controller. The photosensitive circuit is operable to generate a light intensity control signal in response to the total light intensity in the space. The controller transmits the wireless signals in response to the light intensity control signal using the variable transmission rate that is dependent upon the total light intensity in the space. The variable transmission rate may be dependent upon an amount of change of the total light intensity in the space. In addition, the variable transmission rate may be further dependent upon a rate of change of the total light intensity in the space.09-30-2010
20080265782Lighting System Control Device Charging System and Method - A lighting system control device charging system and method including a control device charged from a light source in a lighting system, including control photovoltaic cell 10-30-2008
20100320919METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MODIFYING PIXELS BASED AT LEAST IN PART ON AMBIENT LIGHT LEVEL - In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus configured to detect an ambient light level and modify one or more pixels to display in a power conserving manner based at least in part on the ambient light level.12-23-2010
20110068699Broad spectrum light source calibration systems and related methods - Systems and methods are disclosed for light sources that use the photo-sensitivity of one or more colored LEDs to determine at least a portion of the emission spectrum of a white light source or other broad spectrum light emitter. As described herein, a white LED or other broad spectrum light emitter can be used as the light source, if desired, along with one or more additional colored LEDs, and the same colored LEDs can be used to emit light and to adjust a color point produced by the light source. Applications for the disclosed embodiments include but are not limited to general lighting, LCD backlighting, projectors, and direct emission displays such as OLEDs and digital billboards.03-24-2011
20110316429TRIAC-based light dimmer - A lamp system includes a dimmer comprising a temperature sensor, a TRIAC, and a rectifier; a lamp electrically connected to the TRIAC and mounted on the dimmer; and a controller electrically connected to the rectifier and comprising a processor electrically connected to a gate electrode of the TRIAC, a presence sensor for sensing presence of an object, a photosensor, and a time delay button. A first signal is generated by the temperature sensor when ambient temperature is over a predetermined value, the first signal is sent to the processor to generate a first trigger pulse, and the first trigger pulse is sent to the gate electrode of the TRIAC so that current flowing through the TRIAC to the lamp can be decreased.12-29-2011
20110156598Intelligent outdoor sun shading device - An intelligent outdoor sun shading device includes a shading system, an environmental sensor device and a functional controller. The shading system includes a supporting frame, a power source supported at the supporting frame, an awning frame suspendedly and movably supported by the supporting frame, and a sun shelter mounted to the awning frame to define a shading area under the sun shelter. The environmental sensor device is electrically linked to the power source and is installed to the shading system for detecting an environmental change of the shading system in responsive to the shading area thereof. The functional controller is electrically linked to the environmental sensor device and is operatively controlled the awning frame of the shading system, wherein when the functional controller receives a command signal from the environmental sensor device, the awning frame is automatically adjusted to regulate the shading area thereof in responsive to the environmental change of the shading system.06-30-2011
20110156597LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY WITH AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR - A liquid crystal display includes a main body, a screen positioned on the main body, a backlight module positioned in the main body and supplying light for the screen, a controller for controlling the brightness of the backlight module and an ambient light sensor positioned on the main body. The ambient light sensor includes a barrel, an optical sheet positioned at an end of the barrel and a photosensitive unit positioned at the other end of the barrel. The photosensitive unit creates a signal according to the ambient light received via the optical sheet, and sends the signal to the controller. The controller adjusts the brightness of the backlight module. The optical sheet includes a first surface, a second surface opposite the first surface and a plurality of V-shaped micro structures formed on the first surface.06-30-2011
20120001554LINEAR LIGHT FIXTURES - Embodiments of the invention provide for a linear lighting system with a plurality of discrete light sources. Other embodiments of the invention include heat dissipation techniques and apparatus for a linear light system. Other embodiments of the invention include a two component lighting system that includes rails and nodes. In some embodiments, the lighting and control aspects can be divided between the rail and node. In yet other embodiments a linear lens providing a unique photometric distribution is provided.01-05-2012
20100213856POWER SUPPLY APPARATUS, METHOD FOR DRIVING POWER SUPPLY APPARATUS, LIGHT SOURCE APPARATUS EQUIPPED WITH POWER SUPPLY APPARATUS, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A power supply apparatus includes an AC/DC circuit, a DC/DC converter, a detection circuit, a digital IC, and a gate driver, and the like. A control formula used for phase compensation for each of a plurality of drive frequencies is stored in a memory of the digital IC. The power supply apparatus makes it possible to obtain a target voltage quickly by performing driving operation with a driving signal having a higher drive frequency at the time of activation. In addition, the power supply apparatus makes it possible to increase circuit efficiency by switching over from the driving signal having the higher drive frequency to a driving signal having a lower drive frequency upon reaching the target voltage.08-26-2010
20120025718LIGHTING APPARATUS - The present design relates to a lighting apparatus which ensures consistent illumination of constant brightness during darkness or in unlit areas. The lighting apparatus comprises: a lamp unit including a plurality of main lamps and a plurality of auxiliary lamps; a detection sensor unit composed of a sensor for detecting a motion of an object; and a controller for controlling operations of the lamp unit and the sensor unit, wherein the auxiliary lamp is adapted to stay turned on at all times, and the main lamp, which operates independently of the auxiliary lamp, is adapted to be turned on if the detection sensor detects a signal, and the controller is adapted to control ON/OFF of the lamp unit according to a signal detected by the detection sensor and to adjust brightness of the entire lamp unit. While the auxiliary lamps stay turned on all the time, the plurality of main lamps are turned on only if the detection sensor detects a signal and are turned off sequentially if a signal for an object in motion is no longer detected. Accordingly, a lighting configuration of constant brightness is consistently provided during darkness or in unlighted areas. This configuration prevents accidents and alleviates feelings of insecurity for persons moving about in a building.02-02-2012
20110031889AC-POWERED LED LIGHTING SYSTEM - The present invention relates to an AC-powered LED lighting system made in implementing AC-driven LED lightings that are achieved without the use of a dedicated circuit configuration such as SMPS, etc., but with the help of a simplified rectifier circuit and through adjustment of the number of LEDs. To this end, there is provided a lighting system composed of LED lightings, for which an LED module where LEDs are mounted is driven by an external AC input power. Here, an AC-powered LED lighting system comprises: a power source part receiving AC power from outside for use as a drive source of the system; a rectifying part rectifying the input power by a bridge rectifier circuit; and a LED driving part configured with a plurality of serially connected LEDs in correspondence to the input power, the LED driving part receiving rectified power from the rectifying part to drive the LEDs by a target voltage.02-10-2011
20120153843DIMMER SYSTEM AND METHOD - An exemplary embodiment of the invention, a dimmer system and a dimming method employed thereby, is described. The dimmer system communicates AC power having alternating AC current half-cycles to a gas discharge lamp for energizing the gas discharge lamp. The AC current half-cycles being communicated to the gas discharge lamp is switchable between a first waveform and a second waveform of different amplitudes. By varying the point whereat the switching occurs, illumination intensity of the gas discharge lamp is varied to thereby effect stepless dimming of the gas discharge lamp.06-21-2012
20100327757INTELLIGENT LED LAMP - An intelligent light emitting diode (LED) lamp includes a power management unit connected to a power source configured for supplying power; a LED lighting unit; a motion sensor configured for detecting whether there is someone around the LED lamp and producing a trigger signal when detecting that someone is around; a light detector configured for detecting current ambient light level and generating a light signal according to the current ambient light level; and a processing unit configured for controlling the LED lighting unit to light, generating and passing on a communication signal to other LED lamps, upon condition that the trigger signal is received and the current ambient light level is determined less than a predetermined value according to the light signal.12-30-2010
20130009554Light Programmable Apparatus with Light Programmable Lamp, Setting Device, and Main Structure - The invention relates to a light programmable apparatus comprising a light programmable lamp, a setting device and a main structure. The light programmable lamp is selectively electrically connected to the setting device for retrieving a light property setting such as intensity, saturation or color from the setting device. The light programmable lamp comprises: a programmable unit for retrieving and storing the light property setting while the light programmable lamp is selectively electrically connected to the setting device; and a LED module, electrically connected to the programmable unit, for emitting light corresponding to the light property setting.01-10-2013
20120119661LIGHT EMITTING DIODE OPERATING DEVICE AND METHOD - A light emitting diode (LED) operating device comprises an LED module and an operating unit. The LED module, including light emitting diodes to emit incoherent radiation, is connected in releasable manner to the operating unit by a connector. The operating unit incorporates a power supply and a controller to provide the LEDs with electrical power. Sensors in the operating unit and the LED module record operational parameters of the operating device, which are used together with characteristic parameters stored in an electronic memory device, to record and control the emission characteristic of the LED module.05-17-2012
20120119662LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE SYSTEM AND DRIVER - The invention relates to a driver (05-17-2012
20100244708LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD - A lighting control system for controlling the lighting of a predetermined area is provided. According to one embodiment, the lighting control system comprises one or more light sources positioned in the predetermined area, the light source configured to include adjustable light intensity; a camera positioned and configured to capture an image of the predetermined area; and a controller in operable communication with the one or more light sources and the camera, the controller configured to control the one or more light sources and adjust the light intensity of the light source. The controller is configured to operate in a closed control loop to automatically adjust the lighting conditions of a predetermined area or environment. A false alarm checking process checks for temporary or localized events to prevent unnecessary lighting adjustments.09-30-2010
20120161647MEDICAL LIGHTING DEVICE AND PROCESS FOR OPERATING A MEDICAL LIGHTING DEVICE - A medical lighting device has an operating area light (06-28-2012
20100207532LIGHTING CONTROLLER - A device for replacing conventional wall mounted light switches in situ comprises a dimmer (08-19-2010
20120313535METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ADJUSTING AN AMBIENT LIGHT THRESHOLD - A load control device adapted to be coupled between an AC power source and an electrical load for controlling the power delivered to the load includes a controller, an actuator for turning the electrical load on and off, an occupancy detection circuit, and an ambient light detector. The load control device automatically turns on the electrical load in response to the presence of an occupant only if the detected ambient light is below a predetermined ambient light level threshold. After first detecting the presence of an occupant, the load control device monitors actuations of the actuator to determine whether a user has changed the state of the load. The load control device automatically adjusts the predetermined ambient light level threshold in response to the user actuations that change the state of the load.12-13-2012
20100052550HEADLAMP CONTROL DEVICE AND VEHICLE HEADLAMP HAVING HEADLAMP CONTROL DEVICE - A headlamp control device is provided. The device includes a visual object luminance unit, an adapted state unit, a recognition limit unit, a visual object recognition unit, and a light distribution control unit. The visual object luminance unit estimates a visual object luminance based on information about a vehicle forward captured image. The adapted state unit estimates an adaptation luminance based on the information about the vehicle forward captured image. The recognition limit unit estimates a recognition limit luminance, in the visual object range, based on at least the adaptation luminance. The visual object recognition unit determines whether the visual object luminance is less than the recognition limit luminance. The light distribution control unit controls a light distribution of a headlamp unit such that the visual object luminance is included in a range of the recognition limit luminance, if the visual object luminance is less than the recognition limit luminance.03-04-2010
20120176043LIGHT CONTROL SIGNAL GENERATING CIRCUIT - A light control signal generating circuit includes a photosensitive element, two transistors, and four resistances. A first resistance and the photosensitive element are connected in series between a power voltage terminal and a ground terminal. A base electrode of a first transistor is connected to a node between the first resistance and the photosensitive element, a collecting electrode is connected to the power voltage terminal through a second resistance, and an emitting electrode is connected to the ground terminal through a third resistance. A base electrode of a second transistor is connected to a node between the second resistance and the first transistor, a collecting electrode is connected to the power voltage terminal through a fourth resistance, and an emitting electrode is connected to the ground terminal through the third resistance. An output terminal is formed from a node between the fourth resistance and the second transistor.07-12-2012
20120313534LOW PROFILE LAMP USING TIR LENS - A lamp is provided which is suitable for use in low-profile applications. The lamp includes a light source and a lens. The lens includes a first surface opposite a second surface, where the second surface includes an injection surface and the first surface includes a multi-faceted optical element converging towards the injection surface. The light source injects light into the lens via the injection surface and the light refracts through the first surface while total internally reflecting off the first surface and the second surface toward the periphery of the lens.12-13-2012
20120074852WAKE-UP OF LIGHT SENSOR IN A LIGHTING SYSTEM - A wireless light sensor, being part of a lighting system, has a sensor element generating a light measuring signal, a microcontroller coupled to the sensor element, and a radio communication device coupled to the microcontroller. The microcontroller has an active mode and a sleeping mode. The light sensor further has a wake-up circuit which determines a rate of change of the light measuring signal, when the microcontroller is in the sleeping mode. The wake-up circuit brings the microcontroller from the sleeping mode into the active mode, when the rate of change of the light measuring signal exceeds a predetermined threshold.03-29-2012
20120074851Method and System for Display Calibration with Feedback Determined by a Camera Device - In a class of embodiments, a method and system for calibrating a display using feedback indicative of measurements of light, emitted from the display (typically during display of a test pattern), by a camera device whose camera has a sensitivity function that is unknown a priori but which is operable to measure light emitted by a display in a manner emulating at least one measurement by a reference camera having a known sensitivity function. Typically, the camera device is a handheld camera device including an inexpensive, uncalibrated camera. In another class of embodiments, a system including a display (to be recalibrated), a video preprocessor coupled to the display, and a feedback subsystem including a camera device operable to measure light emitted by the display. The feedback subsystem is coupled and configured to generate preprocessor control parameters in response to measurement data (indicative of measurements by the camera device) and to assert the preprocessor control parameters as calibration feedback to the preprocessor. The preprocessor is operable to calibrate (e.g., recalibrate) the display in response to the control parameters by filtering input image data (e.g., input video data) to be displayed, for example to automatically and dynamically correct for variations in calibration of the display.03-29-2012
20100253231ELECTRODELESS PLASMA LAMP SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Systems and methods for an electrodeless plasma lamp as described. A drive probe is coupled to the lamp body to provide the primary power for ignition and steady state operation of the lamp. Feedback is used to adjust frequency in response to changing conditions of the lamp during startup. A phase shifter is used to adjust the phase of the power between ignition and steady state operation. A sensor may detect a lamp operating condition that automatically triggers a shift in phase after the fill in the bulb is vaporized. The phase shift may then continue to be adjusted as the plasma heats up and the impedance continues to change. The bias conditions of an amplifier may be changed to change the operating class of the amplifier for different modes of the lamp.10-07-2010
20110121739LIGHT EMITTING DIODE LAMP AND CONTROL CIRCUIT THEREOF - A control circuit of an LED lamp includes a voltage regulator, at least a photo resistor and a feedback circuit. The voltage regulator includes an output terminal and a feedback terminal. The feedback circuit includes an amplifier having a first input end, a second input end and an output end. The LED lamp is connected between the first input end of the amplifier and the output terminal of the voltage regulator. The at least a photo resistor can sense a change of brightness level of an environment surrounding the LED lamp and a resistance of the at least a photo resistor increases along with a decrease of the brightness level. The change of resistance of the photo resistor is fed back to the voltage regulator via the amplifier, to thereby control an electric current flowing through the LED lamp.05-26-2011
20120319598APPARATUS FOR AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING DIMMING OF STREET LAMP - A dimming controlling apparatus including: a lighting driving unit for driving a lighting appliance; a power supply unit for supplying power required to drive the lighting appliance; a storage unit for storing a plurality of dimming profiles including time zones for driving the lighting appliance and dimming levels in accordance to the time zones; and a controller for controlling the lighting driving unit and the power supply unit by using the dimming profiles. An operating time of the lighting appliance is divided into a plurality of time zones, and dimming profiles are generated to include an intensity of illumination for driving the lighting appliance in each of the plurality of time zones and each of the time zones.12-20-2012
20110227486WHITE LED LIGHT SOURCE MODULE - A white LED light source module can have a white LED light source that includes a blue LED element and a fluorescent material in combination, and a member that can prevent the color of the fluorescent material itself from being directly observed when the light source module does not function as a light source. The white LED light source module can have a photosensor to detect external light. In a standby mode of the white LED light source module, the blue LED element can be supplied with a small driving current corresponding to the brightness of the external light detected by the photosensor, so that the white LED light source can be lit with the luminance substantially equal to the external light.09-22-2011
20100176733Automated Dimming Methods and Systems For Lighting - Automated control systems and methods for lighting systems are described herein. In certain embodiments, the control systems include either an improved dimmable ballast, an improved dimmer circuit, or both. The control systems are suitable for various applications including a light harvesting system and a security lighting system.07-15-2010
20120081012COLOR MATCHING FOR DISPLAY SYSTEM FOR SHOPS - A color identifying display system having a lighting surface having an alterable apparent surface color, a color capture device to capture a color of an object placed within a detection area, and a processor. The lighting surface and the color capture device are coupled to the processor. The processor analyzes the captured color to determine a prominent color of the object and to control a color of the lighting surface based on the determined prominent color. The color of the lighting surface may be adjusted to match the prominent color, complement the prominent color, or be analogous to the prominent color.04-05-2012
20120280626METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ADJUSTING BRIGHTNESS - The present disclosure is directed to the method and system which use an image caught by a photographic device for calculating a brightness of a space and acquiring a state of an object, and adjust the illuminant device and/or the shading device for the space to make the brightness of the space achieve the proper level.11-08-2012
20120091901ILLUMINATION DEVICE - An illumination device, includes: a photovoltaic power generation unit; a battery unit for storing the electric power generated in the photovoltaic power generation unit; a light source to be turned on using the battery unit as a power source; a human detecting sensor; a human determining unit for determining presence/absence of the human based on a detection result of the human detecting sensor; a season determining unit; and a lighting control unit for, if the human determining unit determines that the human exists, turning on the light source at a specified dimming rate for a specified on-duration. The lighting control unit is configured to, based on a season determination result of the season determining unit, make power consumption of the light source in a season having a reduced daytime period smaller than power consumption of the light source in a season having an increased daytime period.04-19-2012
20120286675WIRELESS BATTERY-POWERED REMOTE CONTROL WITH GLOW-IN-THE-DARK FEATURE - A glow-in-the-dark night light for a control device allows the control device to be easily found when the control device is located in a dark space. The night light may be provided on an actuator of the control device and may comprises a glow-in-the-dark material that has a luminance spectrum that decays with time after initial excitation. The night light is illuminated by an electromagnetic-energy-generating element to periodically recharge the glow-in-the-dark material with adequate energy to keep the glow-in-the-dark material visible in low ambient light conditions. The electromagnetic-energy-generating element draws relatively little current, such that the night light may be provided in a battery-powered remote control that has an acceptable battery lifetime.11-15-2012
20120139427ENERGY SAVING LED LAMP - An energy saving LED lamp includes an illuminating device, a mode switching device, a motion detecting device and a controlling unit. The illuminating device is for emitting light. The mode switching device is for switching the illuminating device to work between an illuminating mode and a power saving mode. The motion detecting device is for detecting surrounding human motions and generating a first signal in condition that there is no human motion detected around the LED lamp within a predetermined period of time. The controlling unit is for receiving the first signal generated by the motion detecting device and automatically adjusting brightness of light generated by the illuminating device when having received the first signal, when the mode switching device is at the energy saving mode.06-07-2012
20130015771LASER POINTER WITH FUNCTION OF AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTING LIGHT INTENSITYAANM Chen; Yi-GuangAACI TaipeiAACO TWAAGP Chen; Yi-Guang Taipei TW - A laser pointer with a function of automatically adjusting light intensity is provided. The laser pointer includes a laser light-emitting unit, a microcontroller and a light sensing circuit. The laser light-emitting unit is used for emitting laser light. The microcontroller is electrically connected with the laser light-emitting unit. The light sensing circuit is electrically connected with the microcontroller, and includes an optical sensor for sensing an ambient luminance. A terminal voltage of the optical sensor of the light sensing circuit is detected by the microcontroller. If the terminal voltage is lower than a threshold value, the microcontroller provides a first driving voltage to the laser light-emitting unit. If the terminal voltage is higher than the threshold value, the microcontroller provides a second driving voltage to the laser light-emitting unit.01-17-2013
20130020949LIGHTING CONTROL - An apparatus and method of controlling a light are disclosed. One light apparatus includes a light and a controller. The controller is operative to detect a light adjusting trigger event, select a random delay time, and adjust the light, wherein the light adjustment occurs the random delay time after detecting the light adjusting trigger event.01-24-2013
20130169169Momentary Night Light Assembly - This invention relates to assemblies used as night lights and contains certain embodiments that improve, add features, and/or lower the cost of the type of momentary night light defined by U.S. Pat. No. 7,253,570. These embodiments include multiple and supplemental light sources that enhance the performance of certain types of night lights, enabling better user night-vision and more efficient use of energy sources by the night light assemblies. Other embodiments include actuation of momentary night lights by remote control and the integration of momentary night lights and night lights into other products. The words “momentary night light assembly” as used in this invention means a light that remains lit for only a short fixed period of time following a transition from light to dark of the local ambient light. It then turns itself off after a short time period until another light to dark transition occurs. The words “night light” as used herein means a light that remains on while the local ambient light is dark following a light to dark transition. A night light may be an integral part of a momentary night light assembly.07-04-2013
20130175930Illuminated Pet Bed Device - Disclosed is an illuminated pet bed having a pressure activated night light that allows a pet to locate their bed in low light and deactivate the light once the pet is positioned thereon for sleeping. The device includes a power source connection, a control interface, and a light source within the bed. At least one switch energizes or deactivates the light source based on input from the pet, owner, or the ambient environment. In a preferred embodiment, there is provided a first pressure switch, a second light sensor switch, a third timer switch, and manual override (“ON” and “OFF”) switches. The pressure switch is a normally closed switch that breaks continuity between the power and the light source when the pet is positioned on the bed, while the other switches are related to manual control or activation of the light during certain periods.07-11-2013
20130175931Triac Dimming Control System - A triac dimming control system processes the output of a triac based dimmer, generates a dimming control signal based on the output, and provides dimming at a load output based on the dimming control signal.07-11-2013
20080203929LIGHT GENERATING DEVICE, DISPLAY APPARATUS HAVING THE SAME AND METHOD OF DRIVING THE SAME - A light generating device includes a brightness detector. The brightness detector extracts a brightness data from an image data. The light generating device compensates the uniformity of a white light whenever the image data that is greater than a reference gray scale is input through the brightness detector. Thus, the light generating device may compensate the uniformity of the white light in real time, so that a display apparatus employing the light generating device may improve a high-quality image.08-28-2008
20130127347Sensing Device for LED Lighting Equipment - A sensing device, for controlling an LED lighting equipment, and more especially for electrical connection with at least one LED lighting equipment that can be driven by a DC power supply, is disclosed. The sensing device, which can be supplied with an external DC power source, comprises a control module, a signal adjusting unit, and an object detecting unit. The control module can send a control signal train of PWM or PFM to the signal adjusting unit, which will in turn send an amplified signal train of PWM or PFM to the LED lighting equipment, so as to control the illuminating state of the equipment. Thus, the problems of the conventional light modulators, resulting from the use of an AC power supply, can be alleviated. Also, the associated cost for the equipment can be reduced.05-23-2013
20120274222SYSTEMS AND METHOD FOR LIGHTING AISLES - A lighting fixture for aisle lighting in a building includes processing electronics. The processing electronics are configured to cause the lighting fixture to provide increasing levels of illumination in response to state changes associated with sensed motion in the building.11-01-2012
20130154486SELECTIVE LIGHT SENSOR AND DAYLIGHT MANAGEMENT - A system and method for daylight harvesting and/or light management is provided in which a signal from a light sensor is filtered in order to determine the amount of light received from a light fixture in a lighting system and/or from an external light source, such as sunlight even if light is received from multiple light sources. By filtering the signals from the light sensor, an amount of light received from each light source may be determined, and correspondingly controlled to reach a target light level and/or a target balance of light from the multiple light sources.06-20-2013
20130181616Control Circuit and Illuminating Device - The present invention relates to a control circuit for an illuminating device, characterized in that the control circuit comprises a detecting unit, a central control unit and an illumination mode control unit, the detecting unit detects ambient brightness and generates a detection signal, the central control unit controls the illumination mode control unit, according to the detection signal, to generate a plurality of first driving signal enabling the illuminating device to operate in a first illumination mode or a plurality of second driving signal enabling the illuminating device to operate in a second illumination mode. The control circuit can automatically adjust the illuminating device to be in different operation modes according to different ambient brightness.07-18-2013
20130181615DISPLAY DEVICE - Disclosed is a display device, the device including a light emitting part including a first electrode, an organic light emitting layer and a second electrode for radiating light of a first wavelength, a pixel part stacked on the light emitting part to radiate light of a second wavelength using a reflective light, and a capping layer arranged between the light emitting part and the pixel part to reflect the light of the first wavelength and to transmit the light of the second wavelength, whereby legibility, color reproduction range and power consumption can be enhanced.07-18-2013
20110309756Road Lamp Dimming Control Device - A road lamp dimming control device comprises a signal processor, a power supplier, a driver and a light emitting module. The single processor is used for receiving an inputted electric current and a control signal. The control signal is decoded into a dimming control signal that then is transmitted to the power supplier. The power supplier converts the inputted electric current into constant current based upon the dimming control signal. The driver receives the constant current to drive the light emitting module to allow the light emitting module having different brightness based upon the control signal, thereby performing multi-stage variation.12-22-2011
20120286674LIGHT AMOUNT CONTROL APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR, AND DISPLAY APPARATUS - A first current amount which has been preset so that the light amount of an LED element reaches a target light amount value at a predetermined reference ambient temperature, and a thermal correction coefficient for correcting the first current amount so that the light amount of the element reaches the target light amount value at an ambient temperature different from the reference ambient temperature are stored. Furthermore, when the light amount of the LED element reaches the target light amount value, an aging correction coefficient for correcting the first current amount to correct aging at the reference ambient temperature is calculated from a second current amount supplied to the LED element and the thermal correction coefficient corresponding to the ambient temperature of the LED element, and is then stored.11-15-2012
20120013258OPTICAL DEVICE - An optical device has a tube including a tube wall defining a viewing bore. A light source is in communication with the viewing bore for illuminating an aim point visible in the viewing bore. A control system includes a circuit board supported by the tube exterior of the viewing bore. The control system is in communication with the light source for controlling brightness of the illuminated aim point. The control system includes a light sensor mounted to the circuit board and extending from the circuit board through the tube wall into the viewing bore for sensing light in the viewing bore.01-19-2012
20120019152DISPLAY BRIGHTNESS CONTROL BASED ON AMBIENT LIGHT ANGLES - Methods and devices are provided for controlling the brightness of a display for an electronic device based on ambient light conditions. In one embodiment, an electronic device may employ one or more brightness adjustment profiles for changing the brightness of a display based on ambient light levels and/or the angle of incidence of one or more ambient light sources. In certain embodiments, one or more ambient light sensors may be designed to perceive the ambient light level differently based on the angle of incidence of a light source. The perceived ambient light level may then be used to adjust the display brightness based on the one or more brightness adjustment profiles. In other embodiments, one or more ambient light sensors may be designed to detect the angle of incidence of an ambient light source. In these embodiments, the detected angle and the ambient light level may be used to adjust the display brightness.01-26-2012
20120019151AMBIENT LIGHT CALIBRATION FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN DISPLAY SYSTEMS - A method, system, and apparatus that can be used to operate a display device in an energy efficient manner. The energy efficient display device can effectively and efficiently compensate for changes in ambient light incident at a display screen of the display device using an internal ambient light sensor to provide control signals to a backlight driver.01-26-2012
20130200810LED LIGHTING DEVICES - A lighting device includes an LED light source (08-08-2013
20120086345SOLID STATE LIGHT SYSTEM WITH BROADBAND OPTICAL COMMUNICATION CAPABILITY - Systems and methods are disclosed for use in conjunction with a standardized electrical connector of a conventional light bulb or tube with one or more light emitting diodes (LEDs) electrically coupled to at least one electrical connector compatible with a conventional light connector, wherein the LEDs include at least one multiband-type ultra-wideband (UWB) transceiver having one or more optical channels defined using one or more OFDM bands; and a controller coupled to the LEDs, the controller adjusting LED light output and communicating with the optical network using the optical transmitter and receiver. In other embodiments, the LEDs include at least one optical transmitter and receiver optically coupled to an optical network using at least one LED with a first mode to generate light and a second mode to receive optical transmissions using ambient light.04-12-2012

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