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Three or more electrode discharge device

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313 - Electric lamp and discharge devices

313567000 - WITH GAS OR VAPOR

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313582000 Multiple gaseous discharge display panel 320
313594000 Start electrode exterior to envelope 6
313595000 Internal start or control electrode between discharge electrodes 1
20090072740Hid lamp with rapid relight aid - The restrike time for re-light up of an arc discharge lamp may be decreased by including at least one refractory bimetallic start up electrode that provides a shorter arc path intermediate the main arc path in a cool state, but when heated withdraws to have a relatively longer arc path. The longer arc path in the hot state results in a relatively higher path impedance that can be used by itself or in combination with a supplemental impedance device to extinguish the starting arc in favor of the main arc. The withdrawn bimetallic starting electrode then does not interfere with the main arc function.03-19-2009
313601000 Start electrode not in main discharge path 1
20090295289XENON LAMP - A xenon lamp having a lamp tube made of silica glass containing titanium oxide and having a discharge chamber with a light emitting part containing xenon and in which a cathode and an anode are arranged in opposition to each other, the cathode and anode being mounted on an end of a respective lead rod, the lamp tube also having side tube parts extending from each of opposite sides of the light emitting part, each lead rod being sealed by a gradient binding part which is arranged in a respective side tube part, and the side tube parts having a narrowed shrink part in a region facing the light emitting part, wherein a conductive film is provided on an outer surface area of the shrink part and an adjoining area of an outer surface of the light emitting part at the cathode side of the lamp tube; and wherein the conductive film is electrically connected to the cathode.12-03-2009
20090121629Controllable Gas-Discharge Device - The invention relates to controllable powerful cold-cathode gas-discharge devices or pseudospark switches intended for rapidly switching high-current high-voltage circuits, which can be used in different pulse devices. The inventive cold-cathode gas-discharge device comprises an anode, a hollow cathode which is separated therefrom by a main discharge gap and whose base is oriented thereto, wherein said base is provided with openings embodied therein for coupling the main discharge gap to a trigger electrode which is arranged in the cathode cavity and is provided with an igniter made of a polycrystal semiconductor material based on a semiconductor whose energy gap is larger than 1.5 eV, the device comprises at least two contacting electrodes contacting with the igniter, wherein at least one electrode is connected to the trigger electrode, whereas the other is insulated therefrom and connected to the cathode, the maximum width of the contacting electrode in the cross-section thereof across a point where it is brought into contact with the igniter is equal to or less than 100 times the average pitch of roughness value on the igniter surface.05-14-2009
20100134002DISPLAY PANEL - A display panel includes a substrate and an electrode disposed on the substrate. A contact angle θ between the substrate and the electrode is expressed by the following Equation 1: arc tangent(T/S)≦θ≦arc tangent(40 T/S) (S: surface area of electrode cross section, T: peak height of electrode cross section).06-03-2010
20090058295FLAT COPLANAR-DISCHARGE LAMP AND USES OF SAME - A flat discharge lamp transmitting radiation in ultraviolet or visible, including first and second flat, or substantially flat, glass elements substantially parallel to each other and defining an internal space filled with gas, the first and/or second glass element being made of a material that transmits the radiation; at least one first electrode and at least one second electrode, which may be at different potentials and may be supplied by an AC voltage, the first and second electrodes being associated with one or more main faces of the first glass element, the first and second electrodes being essentially elongate and substantially parallel to one another, and separated by at least one interelectrode space of given width substantially constant; and at least one third electrode which may be at a given potential associated with a main face of the second glass element and at least partly occupying, in projection, the interelectrode space.03-05-2009
20130063025DISCHARGE TUBE - A discharge tube 03-14-2013
20110169401PLASMA DISPLAY PANEL - The PDP has front plate and a rear plate. Front plate and the rear plate are oppositely disposed and sealed at the peripheries. Front plate has display electrode and dielectric layer. Dielectric layer contains an oxide of a divalent element, an oxide of a trivalent element, and an oxide of a tetravalent element. The total content of the oxide of a trivalent element and the oxide of a tetravalent element is larger by weight than the content of the oxide of a divalent element.07-14-2011
20120293065PLASMA DISPLAY PANEL - A plasma display panel includes a rear plate and a front plate arranged as opposed to the rear plate. The rear plate has a vertical barrier rib and a horizontal barrier rib orthogonal to the vertical barrier rib. The front plate has a first transparent electrode in parallel with the horizontal barrier rib and a plurality of second transparent electrodes in parallel with the vertical barrier rib. The front plate further has a plurality of bus electrodes having the same width and arranged with the same interval. The plurality of bus electrodes includes a first bus electrode electrically connected with the first transparent electrode, and a second bus electrode electrically connected with the plurality of second transparent electrodes. The second bus electrode is formed in a position opposed to the horizontal barrier rib.11-22-2012
20080203912Mercury-Free Lamp and Lamp Apparatus - A mercury-free lamp including: a glass bulb (08-28-2008
20110001425PLASMA DISPLAY DEVICE - In a plasma display device, a plurality of agglomerated particle groups in which a plurality of crystal particles made of a metal oxide agglomerate are disposed in the periphery of a protective layer thereof. The plasma display device is driven by the following driving method to display images. An initializing period has a first half of the initializing period in which a second electrode is applied with a voltage gradually rising from a first voltage to a second voltage, and a second half of the initializing period in which the second electrode is applied with a voltage gradually falling from a third voltage to a fourth voltage.01-06-2011
20090066246Display device having electron emission sources - Provided is a display device having electron emission sources. The display device includes first and second substrates which face each other at a predetermined interval and are combined so as to form an internal space, a plurality of first electrodes which are disposed between the first and second substrates, a plurality of second electrodes which are disposed on the first electrodes, an insulation layer which is disposed between the first and second electrodes, a plurality of electron emission sources each of which is formed in one of the electron emission holes that are formed by perforating the second electrodes and the insulating layer, and a gas which is injected into the internal space. Each of the second electrodes includes a second main electrode, a second auxiliary electrode, and a resistance unit which connects the second main electrodes to the second auxiliary electrodes.03-12-2009
20090091260Protective layer, method of manufacturing the same, and plasma display panel including the same - A protective layer for a plasma display panel (PDP) includes a single layer having a first magnesium oxide crystal doped with a first impurity and a second magnesium oxide crystal doped with a second impurity.04-09-2009
20120280615METAL HALIDE LAMP WITH DOUBLE ARC TUBES - The present invention relates to a metal halogen lamp comprising, inside an outer casing (11-08-2012
20130113370Micro-Plasma Field Effect Transistors - In some aspects, a micro-plasma device comprises a plasma gas enclosure containing at least one plasma gas, a plasma generation circuit interfaced with the plasma gas enclosure, and a plurality of electrodes interfaced with the plasma gas enclosure. In other aspects, a micro-plasma circuitry apparatus comprises a first layer having plasma generating electrodes, a second layer having a cavity formed therein, and a third layer having a circuit formed therein. The circuit includes a micro-plasma circuit (MPC) that includes one or more micro-plasma devices (MPDs). A metallic layer covers the MPC except at locations of the MPDs. The first layer is bonded to the second layer and the second layer is bonded to the third layer, thereby forming an enclosure that contains at least one plasma gas.05-09-2013
20120043883FLASH LAMP - In a flash lamp 02-23-2012

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