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20130026896ASSEMBLY STRUCTURE FOR ASSEMBLING PANEL MODULES WITH DIFFERENT SIZES AND PANEL DEVICE THEREWITH - An assembly structure includes a panel installing member, a back cover, a first frame component and a second frame component. The panel installing member is used for holding a first panel module, and a plurality of assembly holes is formed on the panel installing member. The back cover includes a plurality of posts, and each of the posts is disposed through the corresponding assembly hole. The first frame component is installed on the back cover for being selectively fixed on a side of the panel installing member or on a side of a second panel module. The second frame component is installed on the back cover for being selectively fixed on another side of the panel installing member or on another side of the second panel module, so as to fix the first panel module or the second panel module on the back cover cooperatively with the first frame component.01-31-2013
20120161597WALL-MOUNTED WORKSTATION - A workstation has a first side and a second side both of which having slats disposed thereon are connected by a hinge. The first side has a plurality of openings therein. The slats create an overhang and an underhang into which a connector fits. A first accessory attaches to a connector for fitting into the underhang or the overhang in the first side or the second side. A second accessory attaches to the first side.06-28-2012
20080258590Color Matching for Display System for Shops - A color identifying display system having alighting surface (10-23-2008
20110193454ARTICLE OF FURNITURE HAVING A DRAWER AND A CURRENT CONSUMER - The invention relates to a carrier element that can be attached to a furniture body of a piece of furniture, wherein a current consumer is disposed in or on a furniture part movable in the piece of furniture, particularly a drawer, wherein at least one power supply unit for the current consumer is disposed—preferably releaseably—on the carrier element.08-11-2011
20130033160DOMESTIC APPLIANCE - A domestic appliance, such as a refrigerator, is configured to be fitted into a furniture body. The furniture body includes a front furniture panel disposed on a front face of a domestic appliance door and includes a pivot joint. The front furniture panel is connected to the front face of the domestic appliance door. A damping device is located between and operatively connected to the domestic appliance door and the front furniture panel. The domestic appliance door is configured as a sliding door which moves relative to the front furniture panel during an opening and closing movement of the domestic appliance door and the front furniture panel.02-07-2013
20100045150DOMESTIC APPLIANCE FOR INSTALLATION IN A FURNITURE FRAME - A domestic appliance for installation in a furniture frame. The appliance includes an essentially rectangular body and a vertical cover section fixed to a front vertical edge of the body and extending laterally beyond the vertical edge onto the furniture frame. A leg of the section adjacent to a lateral wall of the body has a hole for a fixing screw and a head of the fixing screw is accommodated at least partially in a depression surrounding the hole. A floor of a depression surrounding the hole is level, and a shaft of the fixing screw maintains clearance as it passes through the hole.02-25-2010
20130038187STORAGE DRAWER FOR BANKNOTES AND VALUABLES - A storage drawer (02-14-2013
20120181906Aisle Containment System - The present invention is directed to an adjustable transparent vertical wall in an aisle containment system. The adjustable transparent vertical wall includes a fixed lower panel and a movable upper panel. The movable upper panel is adjustable to the required ceiling height.07-19-2012
20090302724PARK PLACE REFRIGERATOR MODULE UTILITIES ENABLED VIA CONNECTION - A connection system for connecting an encoded domestic appliance feature module to a utility source and transferring a plurality of utilities between the encoded feature module and the utility source. The connection system includes a utility source that has a coupler capable of removably engaging an encoded domestic appliance feature module to the utility source. Also included is at least one encoded domestic appliance feature module that independently supplies one or more functionalities. Further included is an interface between the utility source and the feature module, where the interface includes a detection and recognition device that operates to detect when the encoded feature module is connected to the utility source, where one or more predetermined utilities are transferred between the utility source and the feature module based upon which feature module is connected to the utility source, and where the detection and recognition device may be a reed switch, a DIP switch, and a comparator circuit12-10-2009
20090302723Door for a household appliance - The invention relates to a door for a household appliance. The door includes a door body having an appliance-side plate and an outer-side decorative panel spaced from the appliance-side plate by a gap. A profiled cover extends at least between a portion of a side of the appliance-side plate to a portion of a side of the outer-side decorative panel such that the profiled cover closes off a side edge extent of the gap.12-10-2009
20130063009INTERACTIVE FURNITURE DEVICE - We disclose interactive furniture having a solid translucent surface that produces a light or sound output in response to a signal generated from an external stimulus. Preferably, at least a portion of the solid surface lights up when touched, and remains lit as programmed. The device is particularly useful in public spaces, such as restaurants, museums, and waiting rooms and has developmental and entertainment value.03-14-2013
20130063008ACCESS MONITORING SYSTEMS FOR USE WITH CONSUMER-OPERATED KIOSKS AND OTHER ENCLOSURES - Systems and associated methods for monitoring and/or controlling access to interior portions of consumer-operated kiosks and other enclosures are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a consumer-operated kiosk includes an enclosure having a door movable between a closed position that prevents access to the enclosure and an open position that permits access to the enclosure. In this embodiment, an identifier, such as an RFID transponder or tag, is mounted to one of the enclosure or the door, and a reader, such as an RFID reader, is mounted to the other of the enclosure or the door. When the door is closed, the reader detects the identifier. Conversely, when the door moves away form the closed position, the reader ceases to detect the identifier and can generate/send a signal indicating that the door is open.03-14-2013
20130063007Multi-Purpose, Adjustable and Nestable Voting Booth - The instant invention is a multi-purpose, adjustable voting booth adapted to provide a single structure which is can be used as a standard sized voting booth as well as a voting booth that is usable by wheel chair bound individuals. The voting booth in accordance with the instant invention therefore, provides for a privacy booth that can be adjusted in a vertical, angular, or combination, manner. The voting booth is also adapted to be nestable with like shaped voting booths therefore eliminating the need for excessive storage.03-14-2013
20080297015STORAGE UNIT BACK STOP AND METHOD - A storage unit assembly and method for office furniture units includes two end panels and a bottom panel configured to support objects thereon. A back stop rail is connected to end panels and the bottom panel. The back stop rail includes a lower web having a bottom flange and a center flange, wherein the bottom flange abuts the bottom panel of the storage unit, and the center flange extends above the bottom panel into the storage unit. An upper web is connected to the center flange, wherein the upper web extends upwardly and terminates at a top flange. A rear flange extends downwardly from the top flange, wherein the planar extent of the rear flange is substantially coplanar with the planar extent of the lower web.12-04-2008
20090134751Kitchen island with chairs associated therewith - A kitchen island with a chair associated therewith comprising a kitchen island and a chair, wherein the kitchen island comprises a receiving space configured to receive the chair and the chair comprises a backing substantially the shape and size of the opening to the receiving space so that when the chair is placed inside the receiving space the backing serves as a wall for the kitchen island and simultaneously hides the chair within the kitchen island. The chair may further comprise a means for facilitating movement of the chair, such as wheels, bearings, or glide pads. The chair may further comprise a handle or other means to remove the chair from the kitchen island. The kitchen island with a chair associated therewith as described also serves to reduce clutter in the kitchen of a home.05-28-2009
20100301719SHOCKPROOF ASSEMBLY FOR FLAT STORAGE DEVICE - A shockproof assembly, preventing a flat storage device from shock damage, includes a housing, a bracket, and at least one first buffer. The housing has a bottom plate and a top plate coupled to each other correspondingly and covering the flat storage device. The bracket has a plurality of side blades extended along an extending direction, and the bracket is coupled the side wall of the flat storage device. A first buffer store space is defined among the side blades and the bottom plate of the housing. The first buffer is disposed in the first buffer store space and has a preset height for keeping a preset interval between the bottom face of the flat storage device and the bottom plate. Shock is absorbed by the first buffer during being transmitted to the flat storage device via the housing when the shockproof assembly is shaken.12-02-2010
20110133615Electronic Locking System to Secure Consumable Item in an Image Forming Device and a Method Therefor - An electronic locking system to secure consumable items in an image forming device and a method therefore. In one embodiment of the invention, an electronic locking system to secure media sheets includes a media tray to hold media sheets, a tray receiving member for receiving the media tray, and a controller. The tray receiving member includes a drive device and a plunger. The plunger is moved by the drive device between a locked and an unlocked position. The controller is configured to control the drive device to move the plunger to engage a portion of the media tray in the locked position and to move the plunger to disengage from the portion of the media tray in the unlocked position. The electronic locking system, incorporating the controller, provides an effective and efficient way to lock/unlock the media tray and eliminates the use of mechanical keys.06-09-2011
20110127893Document Management System - A filing system includes a housing having vertical sides and at least one horizontal member extending therebetween. A vertical side define a Y-axis, and a horizontal member defines an X-axis. The vertical sides define the depth of the housing. Along the Y-axis are positioned a plurality of labels. At least one tracking marker is positioned along the X-axis. A plurality of file supports are positioned between the vertical sides. Each file support is vertically positioned along the Y-axis to correspond to one of the plurality of labels. At least one of the file supports is incorporated into a pivotable frame. The frame comprises side supports and a file support therebetween. Each side support is pivotably engaged to a vertical side of the housing.06-02-2011
20110285262LAUNDRY WASHING APPARATUS - The present invention relates to a laundry washing apparatus and particularly to a laundry washing apparatus comprising a base that forms a lower face, front/rear plates that form front and rear directions, side plates that form both sides, and a top plate that forms an upper part, wherein the top plate is further furnished with a locking device that controls the locking state of the top plate by means of an external key insertion operation, so that theft of a payment apparatus installed on the top plate can be effectively prevented.11-24-2011
20110298345PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE CASE WITH CLEANING ACCESSORY - A case accessory for a portable electronic device that includes a cleaning system is disclosed. In some embodiments, the case accessory may include a back cover configured to secure a portable electronic device, a front cover rotationally coupled to the back cover, and a cleaning mechanism integrated into the front cover including a buffer configured to clean a surface of the portable electronic device.12-08-2011
20090273261SERVICE CABINET FOR USE WITH A UTILITY POLE - The service cabinet is for use around a utility pole for receiving electrical or communication equipment. The service cabinet comprises a frame having at least two complementary parts connectable together and to the bottom section of the utility pole. The frame generally defines a vertically-extending internal passage for enclosing the bottom section of the utility pole. A side wall is connected to the frame, providing at least one internal chamber. The service cabinet can be used around an existing utility pole as a retrofit cabinet, or be used around a newly installed utility pole. It does not create a new obstacle when used in an urban area and can have a low manufacturing cost since it uses the utility pole as a substrate.11-05-2009
20090267468Housing for a Household Appliance - A housing for a household appliance which comprises front and lateral edges on the upper side thereof. At least one securing link can be displaced on at least one of the edges between a position which is adjacent to the housing and a position which is at a distance from the housing.10-29-2009
20100264791Universal Furniture System (UFS) - A universal furniture system may include a front side of the back side opposed to the front side, the front side may include a convertible sofa bed to convert to a sofa or bed, a first set of drawers at a first end of the front side, a second set of doors at a second end of the front side, and the back side may include a closet for clothes, a first set of drawers at a first end of the back side, and a second set of drawers at a second end of the back side. A first side section may include the first set of drawers at the first end of the front side and the first set of drawers at the second end of the front side and a second side section may include the second set of drawers at the first end of the front side and the second set of drawers at the second end of the back side.10-21-2010
20110006650SHIELDING STRUCTURE FOR HOUSING - A shielding structure for a housing includes a number of elastic conductive elements, at least one carrier, and a cover. The elastic conductive elements are distributed along a periphery of an opening portion of the housing. Each elastic conductive element includes a soft material and a conductive material wrapping the soft material. The at least one carrier fixes the elastic conductive elements to the periphery of the opening portion. The cover covers the opening portion and has a conductive layer electrically connected to each conductive material.01-13-2011
20110227468DEVICE HAVING A STAND WITH EJECTION MECHANISM - A device includes a housing defining a first opening, and a casing fixed within the housing defining a second opening opposite to the first opening. The device also includes a sliding member slidably received in the casing, and a stand pivotally connected to the sliding member including an end received in the first opening. A retaining member is slidably connected to the casing to magnetically attract the sliding member to retain the sliding member at a predetermined position. An ejection mechanism is arranged within the casing to be pushed by the retaining member to push the sliding member to move the end out of the first opening.09-22-2011
20090212674Modular Cabinet Storage System For Toilets - A modular cabinet storage system for toilets that has a modular outside design that allows it to be mounted onto a standard toilet water tank, and is shaped to match the tank so that it blends well with the existing toilet design for aesthetics. Its outside modular design also allows other modular cabinet storage units to be stacked above or below it. The modular cabinet storage system is modular internally as well, providing the means to allow a wide variety of modular subassemblies to be installed inside it, such as shelving, bins, drawers and panels. These subassemblies allow the storage system to provide storage space for articles and to help organize them for easy retrieval.08-27-2009
20100259144DEVICE CASE AND APPARATUS USING SAME - A case for an electronic device, such as a cellular telephone. The case may be adapted to be supported by a flexible support apparatus, such as a tripod. The flexible tripod may include ball and socket joint connectors which, when interconnected, form a flexible assembly. The flexible support apparatus allows the user to view the device in a variety of locations with enhanced ease, comfort, and allows for a variety of viewing or use angles.10-14-2010
20100148645Adaptive small animal feeder - A drawer-mounted feed bowl shelf to hold an animal's food or water bowl, adapted for mounting on the edges of the sidewalls of a cabinet drawer, or for mounting between the sidewalls of a drawer is disclosed. The first embodiment includes expandable mount means to permit mounting on or in drawers of various widths. The expandable mount means include two sections one above the other, the upper one moving laterally relative to the lower section. The second fixed-width embodiment can be either mounted permanently or removably on or fixedly in a cabinet drawer. A gasket that fits over and within the opening for the bowl adds friction to prevent bowl movement when present. This invention permits the feed bowl to be out of sight when not in use.06-17-2010
20110127892EDGE STRIP FOR PIECES OF FURNITURE - The invention relates to an edge strip for pieces of furniture, comprising a basic-body element (06-02-2011
20090066206METHOD AND APPARATUS OF CATCHING OBJECTS FALLING BEHIND AN ARTICLE OF FURNISHING - A method comprising cutting a cradle to a desired length, positioning the cradle at a position between an article of furnishing and a wall and reachable without moving the article of furnishing, removing adhesive backing from the cradle, and affixing the cradle to the article of furnishing and the wall. An apparatus comprising a generally rectangular sheet having two lateral edges and two longitudinal edges and dimensions generally conforming to a gap between an article of furnishing and a wall, and a plurality of adhesive strips put on one surface of the sheet along the two longitudinal edges of the sheet.03-12-2009
20110025180MOUNTING RAIL FOR WALL-MOUNTED STORAGE SYSTEMS - A rail system for a wall-mounted storage system includes first and second rails adapted to overlap. The first and second rails each define a plurality of spaced-apart openings, at least some of which are longitudinally elongated. At least one of the elongated openings on the first rail is arranged to be at least partially aligned with at least one of the openings in the second rail to receive one of the fasteners through the partially aligned openings in a wide variety of relative rail positions.02-03-2011
20090096336System for maintaining large numbers of handheld electronic devices - A system for maintaining a large number of Handheld Electronic Devices (HEDs) includes a drawer having a divider structure configured to define compartments that are sized to hold the HEDs while the HEDs are stored in the drawer. A 20 port USB hub is provided in the drawer so that 20 HEDs may be connected to the USB hub while stored in the drawer. The USB hub allows the HEDs to be charged at a low rate while being synchronized with a computer and at a high rate when not being synchronized. The USB hub is designed using a tree structure of available USB hub chips to enable a larger number of USB ports. A microcontroller is provided to control the manner in which the computer is allowed to recognize the HEDs connected to the USB ports.04-16-2009
20100060118Self-Cleaning Entry Mat - A self-cleaning entry mat is disclosed. An illustrative embodiment of the self-cleaning entry mat includes a mat housing, a grate opening provided in the mat housing, a grate seated in the grate opening and at least one collecting drawer extendable from the mat housing and positional between closed and opened positions. The collecting drawer is positioned beneath the grate opening when in the closed position.03-11-2010
20100066219COVER STRUCTURE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A cover structure comprises: a substrate defined a sliding slot and an opening adjacent to the sliding slot; a covering board defined a receiving portion; an alignment plate defined a salient point, and an aperture aligned with the opening; the alignment plate is fixed on the substrate, the covering board is slidably positioned in the sliding slot and between the substrate and the alignment plate, and the salient point is received in the receiving portion to lock the covering board.03-18-2010
20110068667HANGING HOOK AND MODULAR STORAGE FURNITURE SYSTEM - A hanging hook for attaching a generally vertical object to a vertical side wall of a piece of storage furniture, comprises: a central portion extending laterally for at least the distance of the width of said object; a first attachment portion at one end of said central portion, the first attachment portion including a leg section extending downward for securing said leg portion through an aperture in a top surface of said piece of storage furniture; and a second attachment portions at the opposite end of said central portion, the second attachment portion including a leg section extending downward and an arm section extending inward from a distal end of the first section toward the center of said hanging hook for securing said arm section through an aperture in an outer side surface of said object.03-24-2011
20110018411ADJUSTABLE SHELVING AND STORAGE SYSTEM FOR VEHICLES - An adjustable storage system includes one or more adjustable storage units. The storage units generally comprise opposing panels comprising a polymer material and one or more shelf supports means that are integral with the panels. Shelves and/or drawers, also made from polymer materials, may then be disposed between the panels. Storage units may be added to the storage system by adding additional panels. In some embodiments, adjacent storage units of a storage unit may share a panel.01-27-2011
20100039008PORTABLE STORAGE DEVICE - A portable storage device having a storage device body including a generally resilient shelf and flexible material partially surrounding the shelf and a connector attached to the flexible material, the connector having a hook and being configured to connect the storage device body to a support member in a manner that supports the shelf in a generally horizontal orientation. The portable storage device may also include a collapsible compartment suspended from the shelf to provide additional storage accommodations.02-18-2010
20110001407SAFETY DEPOSIT COMPARTMENT WITH BIOMETRIC SENSOR - A personally accessible storage unit includes a support structure, which is configured to house a safety deposit compartment slidably mounted within the support structure. The safety deposit compartment has a bottom surface and a plurality of surrounding side walls defining a storage area for a valuable article. A command panel is mounted on the exterior surface of the support structure and includes a biometric fingerprint scanner programmed to recognize the fingerprints of a user. A latch mechanism attached to the interior surface of the support structure is in communication with the fingerprint scanner and is engageable with the safety deposit compartment, based on input from the command panel. The unit also has means for providing electrical power to the command panel and the latch mechanism, which may include an electrical cord and plug and/or a battery. A storage unit having a hinged access panel is also provided.01-06-2011
20080203868ADAPTER OR APPLIANCE WITH A USER INTERFACE WINDOW - An adapter or an appliance for use with an independently operable consumer electronic device having a user interface. The adapter comprises a holding device forming a device cavity capable of admitting the consumer electronic device in a predetermined orientation. An access opening into the device cavity exposes a portion of the consumer electronic device when the consumer electronic device is in the predetermined orientation. The portion of the consumer electronic device exposed includes at least a portion of the user interface.08-28-2008
20100320885BATHROOM CABINET - The present invention discloses a bathroom cabinet including two first extruded strips and two second extruded strips enclosed to form a frame. The two first extruded strips and the second extruded strip include opposite slots for embedding a back panel, and through holes are disposed on both ends of the two first extruded strips, and corresponding rails are protruded from surfaces of the two second extruded strips for passing fasteners through the through holes of the two first extruded strips and locking the fasteners into the rails of the two second extruded strips respectively, such that the extruded strips can be adjusted to a required size according to a user's need, and the invention can enhance the structural strength of the bathroom cabinet.12-23-2010
20110260589APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR STORING A WATCH - Provided is a watch storage apparatus comprising a base and a first watch engagement mechanism. The base may comprise a first surface and a receiver engaged with the first surface. The receiver may comprise a first hole. The first watch engagement mechanism may comprise a pin and a retaining band engaged with the pin. The pin may be selectably engagable with the first hole. The retaining band may define a structure having a perimeter to which an associated watch may be selectively removably and securely engaged about the perimeter so as to prevent slippage of the watch band relative to the perimeter of the structure.10-27-2011
20110260588Tool Cabinet - The tool cabinet has a casing, multiple protecting bars and multiple elastic slices. The casing has multiple edges. The protecting bars are respectively mounted on the edges of the casing, and each has an inner surface and a mounting recess. The mounting recess is formed in the inner surface of the protecting bar and has two sides and two inserting grooves respectively defined in the sides of the mounting recess. The elastic slices are respectively arranged on the casing near the edges and each elastic slice has two outer ends respectively inserted in the inserting grooves of the mounting recess of the corresponding protecting bar to connect the protecting bars on the casing.10-27-2011
20100060119GLOVE BOX WITH LIT SEALED CONTAINMENT - The invention relates to a glove box with a sealed containment delimited at least partially by a wall having a polycarbonate partition (03-11-2010
20120306334SLIDING DISHWASHER LID SEAL - In a dishwasher of the type where an open top wash chamber slides out of a cabinet for loading and a closure is provided in the cabinet to close the chamber during washing, the closure is provided with a water sealing elastomeric gasket containing a magnetic material and the wash chamber top edges with a complementary magnetic material such that when the chamber is in the washing position magnetic forces cause the flexible gasket to extend into sealing contact with the wash chamber top edges.12-06-2012
20090230828Chest-Trundle Article for Storage - An article of furniture and method of using the article that satisfies LEED building credits in the Green Building Rating System, whereby the article has a main chest body having a cavity positioned on the lower portion between two support members and a trundle seat configured to be retractably positioned in said cavity.09-17-2009
20120038253OVERHEAD LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT - The invention relates to an overhead luggage compartment, in particular, for a vehicle cabin, in which a ledge (02-16-2012
20110316400Kiosk - A kiosk has a transaction terminal which is suspended between a pair of uprights. A cover is rotatably positionable between a closed position and an opened position to allow access to said terminal. The cover has a transparent, arcuate hood-like shape. The cover is maintainable in a stable opened position and is automatically returnable to the closed position. A solar array and/or communication equipment may be located above the transaction terminal.12-29-2011
20120206028METER BOX COVER - A meter box cover including a first portion that engages an inner surface of an opening in a lid of a meter box to prevent the passage of the cover through the opening and a second portion that extends through the opening and beyond an outermost surface of the opening in the lid of the meter box. The meter cover blocks substantially an entirety of the opening and the second portion prevents the cover from being displaced within the opening.08-16-2012
20100066220PIECE OF FURNITURE COMPRISING A SWITCH ELEMENT - The invention relates to a piece of furniture comprising a furniture body, a furniture part that is mounted so as to be mobile relative to the furniture body and a drive device for moving the furniture part, which drive device can be triggered via a switch element and comprises at least one motor. The switch element is covered by the furniture part in or on the furniture body when the furniture part is closed and an indirect actuation of the switch element via a force exerted by a user and impacting the mobile furniture part triggers the drive unit. The switch element triggering the drive device is accessible for the user and can be directly actuated when the furniture part is moved out of the closed position.03-18-2010
20120119633EXTERNAL CASING FUNCTIONAL ACCESS PORT - A functional access port in a machine casing, a machine having a functional access port, and a method of monitoring a machine via a functional access port are disclosed herein. In an embodiment, an access port is provided in the external casing of an industrial machine. The access port comprises a passageway through the external casing of the machine, providing access to an interior of the machine. The access port further includes a removable passageway cover for removably occluding the passageway. A location, a size, a shape, and an orientation of the passageway relative to the external casing are strategically selected in accordance with engineering and design requirements to provide access through the passageway to a desired location on the interior of the machine while the external casing is in place, with minimal to no disassembly of the casing.05-17-2012
20110089794SECURITY APPARATUS INCLUDING ATTACHMENT DEVICE - A security apparatus is disclosed. The security apparatus comprises an attachment device comprising a base. A locking head can be configured to secure to the base. The attachment device can be small and strong. The locking head can have a securing element and a locking component, associated with a housing. The locking head may be in a secured configuration upon a single motion or movement of the locking head. The locking head may contain one or more gate structures for securing to the attachment device.04-21-2011
20120119634Stapler platform - The present invention is a multi-function stapler platform. The stapler platform has a housing with a stapler cradle formed therein. The stapler platform also has a note pad compartment formed within the housing that is configured to accept and hold a note pad. In addition, there is a drawer compartment formed within said housing that is configured to accept and hold a drawer. The stapler platform can also include an adhesive flag dispenser.05-17-2012
20120126674Tool wagon - A tool wagon, includes: a wagon body and a working platform. The wagon body has a front side, a rear side, and two flanks including several drawers positioning on the front side. The drawer can be pulled and closed horizontally. The working platform is positioned on a top of the wagon body, including two trays and a tool shelf. The trays are capable of being pulled and closed toward said flanks respectively and each has several storage compartments and a head cover. The storage compartments are positioned on top of the trays and for placing different kinds of tools, especially small tools. The tool shelf is positioned below the two trays and above the drawers. When the two trays are close, the tool shelf is hidden in the tool wagon, so a usable area of the working platform is expanded.05-24-2012
20130229098Modular Rapid Access Illuminated Drawer Safe With Dual Access Methods - A modular drawer safe possessing upper indentions and lower protrusions allowing multiple units in varying sizes to be secured together. The drawer safe uses biometric recognition for its primary locking control and a manual keyed back-up. A multicolored illumination ring situated around the fingerprint reader provides low-level light as a visual point of reference and changes to green light when an authorized fingerprint is scanned or red light if an unauthorized or misread fingerprint is scanned. The drawer opens under its own spring or pneumatically driven motive force. Supplemental illumination within the drawer compartment consist of multiple pairs of red low-level illumination and brighter white illumination. All electrical components are powered by line voltage with an integral battery backup. AC power can be daisy-chained between multiple units thus only requiring a single receptacle to provide power to all components.09-05-2013
20120176012MOVEABLE STAIRWELL STORAGE - An apparatus and method for storing items above a stairway in a stairwell includes an overhead storage unit that can be moved between a storage location and an access location by a suspension system which may use horizontal, parallel rails fixed to opposing walls of the stairwell in combination with rollers on the side of the storage unit. The storage location is above a lower portion of the stairway in a generally unused and inaccessible space, while the access location is above an upper portion of the stairway in a space that is easily accessible from the top of the stairway. The storage unit can include shelves, a back wall, and a handle or pull rope.07-12-2012
20120256526FIBER OPTIC CABINET - The present invention relates to a fiber optic telecommunication cabinet for use in fiber optic telecommunication networks. The fiber optic telecommunication cabinet comprises a base and a housing. The housing defines an internal cavity from an open first end that extends longitudinally to a closed second end. The base is configured for attachment to the open first end of the housing to provide an enclosed configuration. The base has a plurality of ports passing through the base to allow passage telecommunication cables into the fiber optic cabinet. A center support column extends from the base from the base. The fiber optic cabinet includes a plurality of patch panel frames disposed radially around the center support column and a patch cord management plate attached to the center support column above the plurality of patch panel frames.10-11-2012
20120187812HOUSING WITH LOCKING STRUCTURE - The present invention refers to a housing with a locking structure to connect a first housing part (07-26-2012
20090021128FURNITURE SYSTEM - One of the inventor's concepts is a furniture system comprising first and second articles of furniture and a hoist. The hoist raises the first article of furniture. The second article of furniture fits the freed space underneath enhancing its utilization. Another of the inventor's concepts is a freestanding frame to support a hoist that can raise an article of furniture. The system can be installed without the aid of a contractor and without damaging ceilings or walls. The frame can be a cabinet. A cabinet allows the furniture to be stored against a wall or as a room partition while hiding the stored furniture from view. These concepts can be used to increase the utility of a room. Multiple articles of furniture having different uses can be stored in one or more cabinets and or closets and selectively removed to adapt the room to one or another function.01-22-2009
20110121699Visual Tool System - A system is disclosed for a tool identification method comprising a movable metal storage cabinet and tool profiles positioned the side of a storage cabinet wherein said tool profiles detail the tool contents of the drawers of said storage cabinet.05-26-2011
20110037360ADAPTABLE BI-FOLD WORKSTATION - A scrapbook workstation includes a base workstation member including a first plurality of adjustable shelves, at least one bi-fold door rotatably coupled to the base workstation, and a foldaway table fixedly coupled to the base workstation member, wherein the at least one bi-fold door further defines a table recess configured to receive the foldaway table when the workstation is in its closed position.02-17-2011
20120319546BENCH CABINET ASSEMBLY WHICH CAN BE ASSEMBLED AND DISASSEMBLED WITHOUT TOOLS - A bench cabinet which can be assembled and disassembled without tools is provided. The bench cabinet includes a front door panel, a top panel, a bottom panel, and a rear panel. Two sideboards pivotly connected to two sides of the front frame respectively and are foldable to flatly contact to the front frame to save transport costs. Also, the front door panel is connected to the rear panel by the fixing pillar and the slot with the clamping edge to slid laterally for connecting. The top panel and the bottom panel are connected to the front door panel by the notch and the stud. Therefore, the bench cabinet can be assembled and disassembled easily without tools by users.12-20-2012
20120326584WATER COOLER COVER HAVING ADJUSTABLE AND RELOCATABLE OPENINGS - A cover for a fluid-containing reservoir. The cover comprises a front surface defining a plurality of adjustable openings to access one or more of a control and an outlet of the reservoir, wherein the front surface comprises a plurality of slats, and wherein a position of the slats is adjustable to relocate or resize the plurality of adjustable openings for alignment of the openings with the one or more of the control and the outlet.12-27-2012
20120326583CONTAINER DATA CENTER - A container data center includes a container, and a number of cabinets arranged in the container. A shockproof device is mounted to the bottom of the cabinet. A supporting apparatus is mounted between the top of the cabinet and the container. The supporting apparatus includes a first sleeve fixed to the top of the container, and a second sleeve, wherein a first end of the second sleeve is slidably engaged in the first sleeve, and a second end of the second sleeve is fixed to the top of the top wall of the cabinet.12-27-2012
20120274195CASE FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH SURFACE FOR ATTACHING BUILDING ELEMENTS - A case for a portable electronic device includes a cavity and one or more studded surfaces. The cavity can receive at least a portion of the portable electronic device such that the portable electronic device is removable from the cavity through an opening in the cavity. The studded surfaces can be coupled with one or more building elements11-01-2012
20130015752ROTATABLE POWER-PLANT CASE SECTIONAANM Gerengi; MustafaAACI GebzeAACO TRAAGP Gerengi; Mustafa Gebze TR - A rotatable power-plant case section comprises a web disposed between a first flange and a second flange. At least one rotary strut and at least one fixed support strut are attached to the first flange. The case section includes at least one lifting connector for applying a force to raise the rotatable power-plant case section and at least one rotating connector for applying a force to rotate the case section.01-17-2013
20120242207CONNECTION POINT FOR COMMUNICATION DEVICE ON APPLIANCE - A connection point apparatus comprising an appliance door hinge cover; and an electrical connector mounted in an opening formed in the appliance door hinge cover and configured to accept an electrical connector connected to a communication device used to communicate with the appliance. Another connection point apparatus comprising an appliance machine compartment bracket; and an electrical connector mounted in an opening formed in the appliance machine compartment bracket and configured to accept an electrical connector connected to a communication device used to communicate with the appliance.09-27-2012
20130119839ADJUSTABLE IRONING BOARD CABINET - An ironing board device having a housing and an ironing board having a proximal end and a distal end. The ironing board is moveably connected to the housing for movement between a substantially vertical storage position wherein the ironing board proximal end is above the ironing board distal end, to a substantially horizontal operating position wherein the ironing board proximal end is closer to the housing than the ironing board distal end. A rod attaches to the proximal end of the ironing board. The housing defines grooves shaped and sized to receive the rod and provide securement at a plurality of elevations.05-16-2013
20110260590DOMESTIC APPLIANCE DEVICE - A domestic appliance device is provided which has an operating means carrier that carries operating means. The operating means carrier is formed by a panel and differs from a hob. The operating means carrier also has a functional support surface to absorb at least a part of the weight force of the operating means in a functionally-coupled state.10-27-2011
20100231101PORTABLE CASING FOR HOUSING VIDEO PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT - A portable case for a production studio having a housing. The housing includes a bottom, opposed sides and back forming a well therein. A cover is rotatably affixed to the housing and moving between a first position for closing the well and a second position for opening the well. The rotating cover has a recess formed therein and an energy absorbing structure disposed within the recess for supporting and maintaining a video monitor within the recess.09-16-2010
20130127314SERVER CABINET - A server cabinet includes a housing and a slide plate. The housing includes a plate defining an opening. Two opposite slide rails extend from the plate, adjacent to opposite sides of the opening. The slide plate is slidably attached the slide rails to adjustably cover or uncover the opening. The slide plate defines a row of hooking slots. A latch protrudes from one of the slide rails to engage in one of the hooking slots for positioning the slide plate.05-23-2013
20130134847HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE INCLUDING FORCE DISTRIBUTOR - A household appliance including a cabinet having a frame and one or more force distributors structured to absorb forces that the cabinet receives during shipping and handling. The one or more force distributors may include a block portion having cut-out sections throughout that lead to a generally flat planar bottom portion. To reduce material costs, the cut-out sections may include a surface area of greater than fifty percent of the total surface area of the one or more force distributors. The invention also includes a method for attaching the one or more force distributors to the household appliance.05-30-2013
20080203867Modular Housing Wall for the Telecommunications Devices - The invention relates to a modular housing wall (08-28-2008
20110241508CLOTHES TREATING APPARATUS WITH METAL CONTROL PANEL - A clothes treating apparatus with a metal control panel includes a cabinet, a control panel formed of a metal and mounted to one side of a front surface of the cabinet, one or a plurality of installation members mounted at a rear surface of the control panel and disposed within the metal control panel, and at least one of a payment unit, a display unit and a manipulation unit disposed within the control panel, wherein the at least one of the payment unit, the display unit and the manipulation unit is fixed to the installation member.10-06-2011
20110234066CABINET SYSTEM - A cabinet system is provided. The cabinet system includes a cabinet box and a base, the cabinet box being structured to releasably couple to the base and the base being structured to support the cabinet box thereon. The cabinet box further includes a bottom plate that has a predetermined slope, the predetermined slope being an incline from the front of the bottom plate to the back of the bottom plate, such that the back of the bottom plate is higher in elevation than the front of the bottom plate. The predetermined slope is sufficient to cause liquid to flow down the bottom plate from the back to the front, but the predetermined slope is not substantial enough to prohibit the placement of objects and items thereon.09-29-2011
20110234065COMPUTER CASE - A computer case includes a housing, a first dust screen and a second dust screen. The housing defines two openings at opposite ends of the housing. The first dust screen and the second dust screen each include a piece of nonwoven fabric and a bracket, and are respectively covered on the two openings. The nonwoven fabric is covered on the bracket. The bracket includes a rim and a plurality of reinforcement ribs connected to an inner side surface of the rim.09-29-2011
20130154459Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet - A wall mounted ironing board cabinet has a door on two-way sliders enabling cabinet “opened-to-the-right,” “closed” and “opened-to-the-left” conditions. The sliding door and ironing board hardware afford a cabinet which maximizes the number of possible locations of the cabinet in a room, minimizes the depth of the protrusion of the closed cabinet into the room and renders the door outer surface adaptable to uses unrelated to the storage and support of an ironing board. The ironing board hardware also allows user selection of the ironing board surface level from multiple available intervals.06-20-2013
20110298344Method of installing insert to reduce surface deflection - The present invention provides for a method to install an insert to reduce surface deflection, the method comprising the steps of: apply a release agent to a receptacle in a panel, install an insert in the receptacle, and apply an adhesive around the insert in the receptacle. Where the insert bonds to the panel, and the release agent configured to substantially prevent a bond between the insert and at least one side of a surface in the panel. The release agent, configured to release the surface tension between the insert and the panel surface. In another preferred aspect, a flex agent bonds the insert to the panel, where the flex agent configured to releases the tension between the panel surface and the insert; and the flex agent provides support to the panel surface.12-08-2011
20130241380Devices, Systems and Methods for Reinforcing a Traffic Control Assembly - Reinforcement devices and systems for holding a traffic control assembly in compression are provided. The traffic control assembly includes a traffic signal disconnect hanger and/or a traffic signal and a first span wire positioned above the traffic control assembly. In some embodiments, the reinforcement device includes an upper support device connected to the first span wire where the upper support device has a length that is greater than a width of the traffic control assembly and the upper support device is configured to spread the load of the traffic signal assembly to the first span wire. The reinforcement device includes a lower support device operably connected to the traffic signal, a first vertical support member, and a second vertical support member where the first and second vertical members are tensioned when the upper support device, the lower support device and the first and second vertical support members are connected together.09-19-2013
20130241379COMPUTER CASE COATED WITH ACTIVATED CARBON - A computer case coated with activated carbon is provided to absorb the suspended particulates in the air for purifying the air in the case and at the same time purifying the air in the room. The computer case coated with activated carbon includes a case housing. Inside the case housing a coating of activated carbon is applied. The coating of activated carbon purifies the air and guarantees a clean use environment of computer with better performance and longer service life of hardware and is thus suitable for the application in computer cases.09-19-2013
20130249361REFRIGERATOR MODULE MOUNTING SYSTEM - An elongated spine extends vertically within a refrigerated cabinet, freezer cabinet, or doors and includes ductwork for the transmission of fluids within the spine as well as operating power and/or electrical control or data signals. The spine includes a mounting channel having inwardly extending edges. Modules mate with the spine for the physical mounting of the modules at any desired location within the continuously extending channel and are provided with a flange which fits within the spine and mounts the module in a cantilevered fashion to the refrigerator. Such construction facilitates the distribution of fluids, such as hot or cold air within the refrigerator, and the manufacturing of a refrigerator by providing a readily attached spine and allowing modular construction of a refrigerator with infinite adjustability for the user.09-26-2013
20120007483Integrated garage workstation - The workstation includes a cabinet 01-12-2012
20130200765CONCEALABLE WORKSTATION FOR BOATS - A storage assembly comprising a slideable upper drawer unit and a lower drawer unit disposed in a housing. The upper drawer unit includes a slideable workstation and one or more primary drawers disposed beneath the workstation. A work panel is hingeably attached to a top surface of the workstation whereby the work panel is operable between an open position and a closed position. In the closed position, the work panel covers and conceals at least a portion of the top surface of the workstation, and in the open position the work panel is perpendicular to the top surface of the workstation. The work panel is received in a rear slot of the workstation when it is in the open position. The workstation may include features such as a sink and a cook top. The housing may be received in a seat casing, console, or bench on the boat.08-08-2013
20130099641Lockout Cabinet - The lockout cabinet can comprise a body with a front opening circumscribed by a front edge, and a rear wall recessed from the front edge, for receiving lockout equipment, a first side laterally opposite a second side, and a tab extending from the first side, passed the front edge, and having a plurality of shackle engagement apertures interspaced from one another in an orientation parallel to an adjacent portion of the front edge; and a door matching the shape of the front opening, being hingedly connected to the second side of the body and having a slot shaped and positioned for the tab to extend through it when the door is closed, with the plurality of shackle engagement apertures on a side of the door opposite the body, able to receive a corresponding plurality padlock shackles for preventing subsequent unauthorized opening of the door.04-25-2013
20130099642Collapsible Shelving Units and Collapsible Enclosures - An enclosure includes a shelving unit having a first collapsible frame, a second collapsible frame, a plurality shelf support rods each having a first end connected to the first collapsible frame and a second end connected to the second collapsible frame, a plurality of shelves that are each removably supported by a pair of shelf support rods from the plurality of shelf support rods, and at least a first cover support having a first end connected to the first collapsible frame and a second end connected to the second collapsible frame. A flexible cover at least partially encloses the shelving unit and is supported with respect to the shelving, unit at least in part by engagement of the flexible cover with the first cover support. At least a portion of the flexible cover is at least translucent.04-25-2013
20120086317TOE KICK STEP STOOL - A system and apparatus which provides on demand step stool functionality without wasting valuable storage space. More particularly, a toe kick step stool system is disclosed which, when actuated, emerges from under a cabinet to provide a stable standing surface.04-12-2012
20120086316PORTABLE STATION - In an embodiment, a portable station has an open enclosure and a chest having first and second cases pivotally coupled to each other. When the portable station is in a first configuration, the chest is closed and is selectively fastened at a first location within the enclosure. When the portable station is in a second configuration, the chest is open and selectively fastened at a second location within the enclosure. When the chest is open, the first and second cases have been pivoted apart.04-12-2012
20100156257SAFETY CABINET - A safety cabinet has a body adapted to contain hazardous substances and having an upright front side, a base underneath the cabinet and adapted to support the cabinet spaced above an underlying floor. The base having an upright front wall below the body, set back from the front side thereof, and formed with a plurality of air intake openings, and structure in the base forming a suction-vent passage extending from the intake openings.06-24-2010
20130207528OCCUPANCY SENSOR WITH UNIVERSAL MOUNT - An occupancy sensor may include a plurality of user-selectable mounting features that enable the sensor to be mounted to building structure in a variety of ways. The sensor may include: a nipple for engaging a connector associated with the building structure; one or more key hole slots for engaging fasteners associated with the building structure; and one or more flat side surfaces for engaging corresponding flat surfaces of a mounting plate associated with the building structure. A spring on the flat side surface may lock the sensor to the mounting plate. The nipple may be removable to allow the sensor to be flush mounted to the building structure. The sensor may also include a user-adjustable lens that enables a user to make discrete adjustments of the field of view of the sensor according to present levels. Other embodiments are disclosed and claimed.08-15-2013

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