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312 - Supports: cabinet structure

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312401000 Refrigerator cabinet 310
312410000 Particular oven shelf, rack, or support therefore 3
20090200906Oven rack assembly - A rack assembly for use in an oven includes a rack, a rack frame having a left bar, a right bar, and a rear bar, with the rack coupled to the left bar and the right bar. Each left bar and right bar has a front vertical section, a front horizontal section coupled to the front vertical section, a rear horizontal section coupled to the rear of the front horizontal section, and a rear vertical section that is coupled to the rear of the rear horizontal section. The front vertical section extends downwardly from the front of the front horizontal section, the rear vertical section extends upwardly from the rear of the rear horizontal section, the front horizontal section is disposed at a higher vertical level than the rear horizontal section, and the rear bar has opposite ends that are coupled to the rear vertical section of each of the left and right bars.08-13-2009
20080309211OVENS - An oven for cooking food comprising a cabinet with a front side that includes an opening, a door moveable between a closed position closing the opening and a fully open position allowing access to the oven interior, the oven also having a drawer which forms at least part of a cooking chamber, the drawer configured to be fully located within the cabinet when the door is closed, the oven also including a drawer support means which supports the drawer, the drawer support means supporting the drawer as it moves into and out of the cabinet, the oven also including a controllable heating source which supplies sufficient heat to the inside of the drawer to cook food positioned therein when in the closed position, the oven also including a vertically movable shelf located within the drawer which is supported by a shelf support means.12-18-2008
20080224588CHASSIS ASSEMBLY STRUCTURE OF A GRILLER - The present invention provides an improved chassis assembly structure for a griller. The lateral frames of the chassis assembly structure are provided with a rotary base for horizontal rotation an upper positioning rod is mounted at the top between lateral frames. A support structure for the chassis could be quickly assembled by joining the rotary base during assembly of the chassis. An upper positioning rod is combined, thus providing a major chassis structure. The present invention enables a user to assemble a frame of a chassis featuring time-saving and convenient assembly with greater efficiency.09-18-2008
20090026905AUTOMATIC STORAGE DEVICE AND CLIMATE CONTROLLED CABINET FOR LABORATORY OBJECTS - A storage device in particular for a climate controlled cabinet is described. The storage device serves to store laboratory objects, in particular microtiter plates, in shelf racks (01-29-2009
20090200905Panel Mounted Equipment, Cables and Conduits - In a method and apparatus for mounting and retention of ancillary equipment to cover panels of a magnetic field generator of a magnetic resonance imaging system having a cryogenic refrigerator and/or liquid cryogen housed within at least an outer vacuum container, ancillary equipment, cables and conduits are attached to the magnetic field generator, by integrating the electronic assemblies, cables and conduits into a set of modular covers which are connected to each other on installation. The covers may be mechanically mounted directly to the OVC, enabling them to be quickly fitted either in the factory or on the user's site.08-13-2009
20080231157ENVIRONMENTALLY CONTROLLABLE STORAGE SYSTEM - A storage system includes a module having a cylindrical housing with an exterior sidewall. The sidewall has a cross-sectional profile of positive curvature, and extends between a top wall portion and a bottom wall portion. The housing is disposed about a central axis. A carousel is mounted within the housing for controlled rotation about the central axis. The carousel has a plurality of storage locations disposed in vertical arrays about the axis to receive articles to be stored. A first door opening is formed in the sidewall. The positive curvature of the sidewall enables each door opening to be predisposed to provide for access at least from any single location on the exterior of the housing to at least one of said vertical arrays adjacent to the door opening. A means for controlling the temperature within the housing is also provided.09-25-2008
20080246379Insulation configuration for thermal appliances - An insulation system for a thermal oven. The insulation system comprises a cabinet and a liner positioned within the cabinet. The liner defines an oven cavity. The liner includes opposing sides, a top, a bottom, a front and a back. A layer of insulation is positioned between the cabinet and the outside of the opposing sides, top, bottom and back of the liner. The layer of insulation is positioned to create an air gap between the insulation and the opposing sides, top, bottom and back of the liner. The insulation has a thermal energy reflective facing attached to an interior surface facing the liner.10-09-2008
20110006654COLLAPSIBLE PORTABLE BAR - A compact collapsible bar includes a rigid top frame and a rigid bottom frame. A collapsible fabric enclosure is permanently connected to the top frame and to the bottom frame. A set of rigid collapsible legs is removably connected to the top frame and to the bottom frame. When collapsed, the entire bar assembly can be stored in a compact carrying bag.01-13-2011
20110095668PANEL ATTACHMENT FOR WATER COOLER - A water cooler with a rapidly detachable exterior panel. A water cooler with a detachable panel may have a wrapper with at least one detachable panel, and the wrapper may have multiple apertures to receive fasteners that may receive corresponding rear surface projections located on the rear surface of the panel. A water cooler with a detachable exterior panel may have a wrapper with at least one detachable panel, and one or more tensioning devices to cause the exterior panel to be placed in frictional and removable engagement against the wrapper.04-28-2011
20110148265REFRIGERATOR SEALING LOOPS - A storage compartment comprises a container defining an access aperture closable by a closure that can be sealed to the container around the aperture and that can be opened by relative movement between the container and the closure in a lateral direction with respect to the aperture, the container having a first sealing loop around the aperture and the closure having a second sealing loop co-operable by alignment with the first sealing loop to maintain a seal when the closure closes the aperture. The sealing loops are moved into and out of mutual alignment by said relative movement between the container and the closure and at least one of the sealing loops includes magnetic means for attracting the other of the sealing loops to maintain a seal when the sealing loops are mutually aligned.06-23-2011
20120025685Self-Closing Barrier Screen - There is described a horizontally slidable self-closing screen assembly which comprises at least one screen material connected to a roller biasing the screen to an open position, the roller being operably connected to a counterweight and wherein the load provided by the weight is greater than the force provided by the roller biasing the screen. There are also described a housing unit containing the slidable screen assembly and a cabinet fitted with such a housing unit.02-02-2012
20110234073Cabinet Pressing - A panel for a household appliance which comprises a member which includes an inner surface, an outer surface, at least one inlay on at least one of the two surfaces where said at least one inlay has a polygonal form.09-29-2011
20130193825APPARATUS FOR AND METHOD OF MAKING A STORAGE DRAWER - An accessory tray comprising a housing that can be composed of, at least in part, a first material, and configured to receive at least one drawer, wherein the housing includes side supports connecting a bottom side to a top side thereof. The accessory tray can further comprise a heat insulator arrangement composed of, at least in part, a second material which is configured to insulate heat from the housing and provided within or on a top side of the housing. The accessory tray can also include an internal arrangement provided between the side and supporting the top side of the housing.08-01-2013
20130193826HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE, IN PARTICULAR DISHWASHER, WITH AN ACOUSTIC SEALING FRAME FOR NOISE REDUCTION - A household appliance includes appliance walls which delimit a space. A covering plate is arranged on an outer face of at least one of the appliance walls so as to leave free a gap. The gap is sealed in an edge region of the covering plate by an acoustic sealing frame.08-01-2013

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