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Windings and core structure

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310 - Electrical generator or motor structure


310040000 - Rotary

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310195000 Armature or primary 380
310216001 Core 322
310215000 Slot liners 99
310180000 Field or excitation windings or structure 89
310210000 Secondary windings or conductors 54
310214000 Coil retainers or slot closers 54
310216000 Core features 42
310213000 Antiparasitic conductors (imbricated) 6
20110193442INSULATED WIRE, ELECTRICAL COIL USING THE INSULATED WIRE, AND MOTOR - There is disclosed an insulated wire comprising a conductor, a primer layer coating the conductor, and an insulating layer coating the primer layer. The primer layer is formed by curing an epoxy resin.08-11-2011
20090058211Automotive alternator including rectifier terminal having two portions made of different metals - An automotive alternator includes a stator winding that is made of a metal other than copper and copper alloys. The alternator also includes a built-in rectifier that includes a plurality of rectifying elements and a plurality of electrical conductors. The rectifying elements and the electrical conductors together form a rectification circuit for rectifying AC power output from the stator winding into DC power. Further, at least one of the electrical conductors includes first and second portions. The first portion is connected to at least one of the rectifying elements, and made of copper or a copper alloy. The second portion is connected to the stator winding, and made of a metal containing a metallic element that is also contained in the metal of which the stator winding is made.03-05-2009
20100102664METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR SURFACE PREPARATION IN ULTRASONIC JOINTS - A method of joining the ends of wire windings for a motor stator or the like includes preparing a surface at each end (e.g., by removing any enamel coating), deforming the surfaces to produce knurls, striations, and the like, and then ultrasonically bonding the two surfaces to produce the bond between windings, thereby providing a joint with improved strength.04-29-2010
20130082562SPINDLE MOTOR - Disclosed herein is a spindle motor including: a base; a sleeve fixedly coupled to an inner side of the base; a core coupled to an upper portion of the base and having a coil wound therearound; a shaft inserted into an inner diameter of the sleeve and rotatably mounted; a hub having the shaft coupled to a central portion thereof and having a magnet attached thereto, the magnet being formed to face the core; and a gas adsorbing part formed under the core so as to be spaced apart from the core. According to a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the gas adsorbing part is formed at an inner portion of the spindle motor to remove outgas that may be generated at the inner portion of the spindle motor, thereby making it possible to improve the performance and the operational reliability of the spindle motor.04-04-2013
20130162092SINGLE PHASE INDUCTION VIBRATION MOTOR - There is provided a single phase induction vibration motor including: a bottom member including a shaft and a permanent magnet; a rotating member rotatably coupled to the shaft; a coil member disposed on a portion of the rotating member; and a mass member disposed on the coil member such that weight eccentricity of the rotating member with respect to the shaft increases.06-27-2013
20080303370PERMANENT MAGNET MOTORS WITH REDUCED TORQUE RIPPLE AND METHODS FOR DESIGNING THE SAME - Permanent magnet motors with improved torque ripple and methods for designing the same have been provided. The permanent magnet motor can include a stator having a hollow core and defining a plurality of slots; a winding disposed in each of the slots; a rotor rotatably disposed inside the hollow core of the stator; and a plurality of permanent magnets supported by the rotor. Each of the slots has a slot opening, and at least one of the slot openings can be off-center with respect to the respective slot.12-11-2008
20090072651SLOTLESS WINDING FOR ROTATING ELECTRIC MACHINE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - The present invention relates to a slotless winding for a rotating electric machine and a manufacturing method thereof. The slotless winding includes at least one flexible printed circuit board having at least one circuit, and one piece of flexible printed circuit board(s) is curved or a plurality of pieces of flexible printed circuit board(s) is mutually combined to form a barrel shape, thereby simplifying the procedure of manufacturing the slotless winding, improving production speed and reliability, and enabling diversified designing schemes to meet the demands of the rotating electric machine. In addition, it is not necessary for the coil winding to be cured for assembling, and assembling yield is thus enhanced.03-19-2009
20090256443HOLLOW RING TORUS MAGNET GENERATOR - A hollow ring torus permanent magnet generator, with a sphere shaped permanent magnet which spins/revolves within the hollow ring torus passing through insulated copper magnet wire windings which are wound around the exterior portion of the ring torus shaped body which, has two or more coils that said sphere magnet passes through forcing electrons through insulated copper coils which, produces electrical current sufficient to power light emitting diodes or a number of low voltage electrical device. Can be encapsulated within a number of devices i.e., flashlight body, fishing lure body or mounted on the axis of a device i.e., spinning fan blade, tire to produce low voltage as the device spins or moves in a rolling motion allowing the sphere magnet to pass through the insulated copper coil windings.10-15-2009
20090021098Permanent magnet type three-phase AC generator - A permanent magnet type three-phase ac generator includes a stator having 3n (n is an integer) teeth and a tree-phase armature winding and a rotor having 4n magnetic poles each of which has a permanent magnet. The three-phase winding includes 3n coils each of which is wound around one of the teeth and connected to form three phase windings, and each coil wound around a first tooth is connected to another coil wound around another tooth that is fourth from the one of the teeth so that vectors of voltage induced in the connected coils can direct in the same direction.01-22-2009
20090152974STEPPER MOTOR DEVICE - A stepper motor device has a stator and a rotor. The rotor comprises: a shaft; a rotor core associated with the shaft; and a magnet fixed to the rotor core. The stator comprises: a stator shell; a yoke disposed within the shell; a coil wound about the yoke and an end plate magnetically connecting the yoke to the stator shell. The coil is located beside the magnet in the axial direction of the motor. The stator has a number of salient poles, and the salient poles are arranged to face the magnet across a small air gap. The coil creates magnetic poles in the salient poles with a common polarity.06-18-2009
20090152973Winding Module for Motor - A winding module for a motor includes at least one support and a plurality of windings positioned on and supported by the support. The windings are electrically connected to each other and include a plurality of wire connections. A packaging body encloses the support and the windings. The packaging body includes a mounting hole for receiving an axle tube of a motor. A plurality of electrical connection members are respectively coupled with the wire connections. Each electrical connection member is partially exposed outside the packaging body.06-18-2009
20090146522Electric servomotor - An electric servomotor for a power-assisted steering system in a vehicle has a stator laminated core having an outer diameter and an active length. In order to provide an electric servomotor for a power-assisted steering system that has an optimum diameter/length ratio and that covers a steering performance range from compact cars to full-size vehicles using a reasonable change in volume, it is provided that, with a constant outer diameter, the ratio of the outer diameter to the active length of the stator laminated core can be varied such that the electric servomotor can be used for power-assisted steering systems for compact cars up to full-size cars and the outer diameter is constant.06-11-2009
20100084939ELECTRIC MOTOR APPARATUS - An electric motor apparatus providing increased output torque and allowing rotation in a predetermined direction includes a rotor 04-08-2010
20090206693Electrical output generating devices and driven electrical devices having tape wound core laminate rotor or stator elements, and methods of making and use thereof - Electrical output generating devices and driven electrical devices having tape wound core laminate rotor or stator elements. The tape wound core portions enhance magnetic flux and may be shaped and cut to receive magnet and/or flux conducting portions in corresponding stator or rotor portions of devices. The devices can include cooling features integral with the stator and/or rotor portions and superconducting elements. The tape wound core portions can be contained in housings and/or be impregnated with adhesive or other bonding so as to maintain shape and to protect the tape wound core portions during operation of the device. In some variations, the housings can include features for simplifying the adhesive/bonding process.08-20-2009
20130099620STATOR AND ROTARY ELECTRIC MACHINE - A stator includes a core fixed to a case of a rotary electric machine, and a plurality of winding wire coils that are wound on the core and that form a coil end protruded in the axial direction of the core. The two winding wire coils have a first and second conducting wires that are exposed in a distal end of each of the two coils. The stator includes: a joint in which the first and second wires are joined together at the coil end and in which proximal portions of the two coils approach each other with an acute angle therebetween so that the first and second wires lie on each other; and an insulating coat formed to enclose the joint with an insulating material that is coated entirely over peripheries of the two coils in their circumferential directions while filling a space across which the proximal portions form the acute angle. A rotary electric machine includes the stator, the case and a rotor.04-25-2013
20100141077GENERATOR WITH CLOSED-MAGNETIC-PATH COILS - A generator with closed-magnetic-path coils includes a stator (06-10-2010
20100156231SLIM TYPE STATOR, SLIM TYPE MOTOR HAVING THE STATOR AND DIRECT DRIVE APPARATUS FOR DRUM-WASHING MACHINE - Provided is a slim type stator that is used to make a BLDC (Brushless Direct-Current) motor having a stator of a division core structure and a double rotor for use in a drum-washing machine, a slim type motor having the same, and a direct drive apparatus for use in the drum-washing machine. The stator includes: an annular division stator core assembly that is assembled in an annular form by winding a three-phase coil on a number of bobbins that are molded on respective outer circumferences of a number of division cores to thus surround a middle portion of each bobbin wherein each bobbin includes first and second flanges formed at one side of the bobbin and the other side thereof, respectively, and a coupling protrusion and a coupling groove that are formed at both side ends of the first flange that is disposed inward, and wherein the coupling protrusion and the coupling groove are mutually coupled between adjoining division stator bobbins; and a stator holder that molds the division stator core assembly that is formed in an annular form by winding the coils on the bobbins by an insert molding that uses a thermosetting resin, excepting inner and outer side surfaces of each division core of the division stator core assembly.06-24-2010
20130214632GENERATOR - The present invention provides a generator comprising winding arrangements, each winding arrangement comprising at least an inner coil and an outer coil constituting a concentric structure of coils. The inner coil is constituted by an inner conductor and the outer coil is constituted by an outer conductor, the inner and outer conductors being connected in series. The inner conductor, which is wound around a tooth, has a smaller electrical resistance per unit length than the outer conductor.08-22-2013
20110057535REVERSE ELECTROMOTIVE FORCE GENERATING MOTOR - A reverse electromotive force generating motor includes a stator yoke; a rotor disposed in the stator yoke; a first coil disposed in the stator yoke and connected to a first input line of a power source with a first phase; a second coil disposed in the stator yoke and connected to the first coil in series, the second coil being connected to a neutral point; a third coil disposed in the stator yoke and connected to the first input line; a fourth coil disposed in the stator yoke and connected to the third coil in series, the fourth coil being connected to a first output line for outputting power; and a rotational shaft disposed in the rotor.03-10-2011
20110057534REVERSE ELECTROMOTIVE FORCE GENERATING MOTOR - A reverse electromotive force generating motor includes a stator yoke; a rotor disposed in the stator yoke; a first coil disposed in the stator yoke and connected to a first input line of a power source with a first phase; a second coil disposed in the stator yoke and connected to the first coil in series, the second coil being connected to a neutral point; a third coil disposed in the stator yoke and connected to the first input line; a fourth coil disposed in the stator yoke and connected to the third coil in series, the fourth coil being connected to a first output line for outputting power; and a rotational shaft disposed in the rotor.03-10-2011
20120200190COIL END STRUCTURE OF ROTATING ELECTRIC MACHINE - The present invention provides a coil end structure of a rotating electric machine which is able to miniaturize the coil end structure without having an insulation coating of a flat wire being affected. A coil segment 08-09-2012
20110095638Hybrid electric automobile - In an electric motor, magnets (04-28-2011
20110068653COIL WOUND BODY AND MOTOR - A coil wound body may include a coil bobbin around which a coil wire is wound. The coil bobbin may include a wound part around which the coil wire is wound, a terminal block part, a circuit board receiving face which is provided on the terminal block part and on which a wiring circuit board is disposed, and pin-shaped terminals. The coil bobbin is provided with a coil wire leading-out path reaching to root portions of the pin-shaped terminals from the wound part through an inner side of the circuit board receiving face. The coil wire are led out to the pin-shaped terminals by passing through the coil wire leading-out path without passing through a position overlapping with the outer side of the circuit board receiving face. The coil wound body is preferably applied to a motor.03-24-2011
20100244611PERMANENT-MAGNETIC TYPE ROTARY ELECTRIC MACHINE - A permanent-magnetic type rotary electric machine includes a stator having teeth that are arranged in the peripheral direction thereof and around which armature windings of plural phases are wound, and a rotor having plural permanent magnets arranged so that the poles of the permanent magnets are alternately different in the peripheral direction thereof, higher harmonic waves being contained in a no-load induced voltage waveform. A (609-30-2010
20100244610Optimized Electric Machine for Smart Actuators - A single stator electric machine includes a plurality of magnets for generating a first magnetic field. Each respective magnet represents a respective rotor pole. A magnet holder retains the plurality of magnets. A stator is disposed radially outward from the plurality of magnets for generating a second magnetic field. The stator includes a plurality of stator poles separated by slots with each of the stator poles having a concentrated winding with a respective number of turns formed around each respective stator pole. Each respective concentrated winding within the stator comprises non-overlapping phases which increase an active length of the windings of the stator and reduce an overhang of each respective winding with respect to each stator pole for improving torque efficiency. A number of rotor poles is at least eight and the number of rotor poles and a number of stator slots have a least common multiple of at least 36.09-30-2010
20100038987Motors Having a Hyperbolic Cosine Curve Shape - A motor having a hyperbolic cosine curve shaped rotor and a matching hyperbolic cosine curve shaped stator.02-18-2010
20100060097Shape adaptive generator motor - A motor/generator system that can be controlled internally based on external power-generating needs or in response to operating parameters. The system can be controlled manually by a user to select desired power-generating needs. The system can also be controlled by an algorithm taking into consideration parameters such as vehicle velocity and potential to predict speed, braking, acceleration or deceleration. In the motor/generator, stator plates can be moved by linear controllers in response to these external inputs to vary the amount of required power, creating an on-demand charging system that can efficiently transfer power and extend the life of the system.03-11-2010
20090309451ELECTRICAL MACHINE WITH SINGLE-TOOTH ROTOR WINDING - The invention relates to an electrical machine with at least eight exciter poles in the stator and with a commutator rotor, comprising numerous pole teeth, differing from the number of exciter poles and the pole teeth thereof carrying at least one coil each and being connected with commutator laminates being in contact with each other in pairs vie contact bridges, wherein the number of laminates is a plurality of the pole teeth. To reduce the magnetic and electric ripple of the machine the number of the commutator laminates are a plurality of half of the pole pair number of the exciter poles, but not a plurality of the whole pole pair number, wherein the pole pair number has to be an even number.12-17-2009
20120206009STATOR FOR MOTOR - The present invention relates to a stator for a motor having a stator core having an annular back yoke and teeth protruded annularly in a radial direction from the back yoke, a plurality of coils adapted to be wound on the teeth, and an insulator adapted to cover the stator core and the coils for insulation and having supporting ends formed sequentially to have different heights so as to support the plurality of coils thereon, thereby preventing the plurality of coils from being in contact with one another and locking projections formed at both sides or one side of the supporting ends so as to prevent the coils from escaping from the supporting ends, wherein each of the supporting ends has a stepped groove formed at a position spaced apart by a predetermined distance from the locking projections so as to allow the nozzle of the coil winding machine to be accessed thereto, and a total of the depth of the stepped groove and the height of each of the locking projections is larger than the radius of the nozzle.08-16-2012
20120025658STATOR - To provide a stator capable of achieving downsizing and high output power and a stator manufacturing method, a stator comprises a split stator core including teeth and slots formed between the teeth, and protrusion-formed coils each being made of a flat rectangular conductor and placed in the slots. Each protrusion-formed coil has a shape including, in a coil end portion, a lead-side protrusion or a non-lead-side protrusion formed to protrude upward in an axial direction of the stator core from a first oblique side portion, a second oblique side portion, a third oblique side portion, and a fourth oblique side portion, and a first oblique side portion, a second oblique side portion, a third oblique side portion, and a fourth oblique side portion. The lead-side protrusion or the non-lead-side protrusion is designed with a height to avoid interference between the protrusion-formed coils placed in the stator core.02-02-2012
20120119605Method for Producing a Stator Winding of an Electric Machine, in particular an Alternator - A method is disclosed for producing a stator winding of an electric machine, in particular an alternator, the stator winding comprising at least one phase winding and the phase winding having a plurality of coils, the plurality of coils being wound in one direction, a given number of turns being wound and the coil having a plurality of coil sides, two coil sides of the coil transitioning integrally into coil connectors. The turns of the coil are subsequently moved relative to each other in such a way that the coil sides transitioning into coil connectors are outermost coil sides of the coil.05-17-2012
20120161566STATOR FOR ELECTRIC ROTATING MACHINE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A stator for an electric rotating machine includes a hollow cylindrical stator core, a stator coil, an outer cylinder, and at least one restraint. The stator core is comprised of a plurality of stator core segments that are arranged in the circumferential direction of the stator core to adjoin one another in the circumferential direction. The stator coil is mounted on the stator core. The outer cylinder is fitted on the radially outer surfaces of the stator core segments so as to fasten the stator core segments together. The restraint is arranged on an axial side of the stator core and retained by the outer cylinder so as to restrain axial deformation of the stator core segments due to the fastening force of the outer cylinder.06-28-2012
20120133234ELECTRICAL SPHERICAL GENERATOR OF MAGNETIC INDUCTION - A spherical generator comprises a permanent magnet sphere (05-31-2012
20090058210ELECTRIC MOTOR - A DC motor, has a stator housing accommodating a permanent magnet stator; a rotor, rotatably mounted confronting the stator, the rotor having a shaft, a rotor core fitted to the shaft and having laminations forming salient poles, a commutator fitted to the shaft adjacent one end of the rotor core, windings wound about poles of the rotor core and terminated on the commutator, the windings each being wound around a single pole of the rotor; and brush gear comprising brushes in sliding contact with the commutator for transferring electrical power to the windings.03-05-2009
20080296992Electrical Drive Machine - A three-phase electrical drive machine is described, comprising a static primary part (12-04-2008
20100123363METHOD OF PREVENTING CORROSION IN A PUMP MOTOR FOR A DISHWASHER, AND ASSOCIATED APPARATUS - A method of preventing galvanic corrosion in a pump motor for a dishwashing appliance is provided, wherein the dishwashing appliance includes a tub portion and a sump assembly disposed about a lower end of the tub portion for receiving a dishwashing fluid therein. Such a method comprises operably engaging a pump assembly in fluid communication with the sump assembly. The pump assembly has a pump motor with a non-submersed aluminum winding terminating in and secured to at least one non-aluminum metallic electrical connector about a non-submersed interface. A moisture-resistant coating material is applied about the non-submersed interface between the aluminum winding and the non-aluminum metallic electrical connector, so as to prevent moisture from encroaching into the interface and promoting galvanic corrosion between the dissimilar metals of the winding and the at least one electrical connector. An associated apparatus is also provided.05-20-2010
20080231136ELECTRICAL ROTATING MACHINE AND ELECTRIC VEHICLE - An electrical rotating machine wherein the coil end portion and slot straight portion of a coil conductor are coated with insulation layers respectively. The insulation layers are different in thickness or insulation material, and an electric field lessening layer is coated on the coil conductor or the insulation layers.09-25-2008
20130127287METHOD OF P-FORMING A CONTINUOUS CONDUCTOR HAVING A RECTANGULAR CROSS SECTION AND A STATOR INCLUDING A STATOR WINDING FORMED FROM A P-FORMED CONDUCTOR HAVING A RECTANGULAR CROSS-SECTION - A method of P-forming a conductor having a rectangular cross-section to create a continuous stator winding. The method includes forming a conductor having a rectangular cross-section into a series of first and second substantially parallel segments that meet at a vertex, deforming the conductor such that each of the first and second segments are non-parallel to form a cross-over feature at the vertex, and deforming a section of each of the first and second segments to include corresponding first and second portions that are generally parallel to create the continuous stator winding.05-23-2013
20130127286CONTINUOUS STATOR WINDING HAVING A RECTANGULAR CROSS-SECTION AND METHOD - A continuous stator winding includes a conductor having a rectangular cross-section, and a plurality of loops formed in the conductor. Each of the plurality of loops includes first and second substantially straight segments joined by at least one angled segment. A cross-over feature is formed in the at least one angled section. The cross-over feature includes a deformation formed in the conductor configured and disposed to nest with other conductors that form the stator winding.05-23-2013
20110309709ROTATING MACHINE PROVIDED WITH COIL AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE ROTATING MACHINE - In a rotating machine, a recording disk is mounted on a hub. A base rotatably supports the hub through a bearing unit. A core is fixed to the base and includes an annular portion and a salient pole radially extending therefrom. A coil is formed by winding a wire around the salient pole. The wire is pulled out to the back surface of the base through a pull-out hole provided in the base and soldered to a wiring.12-22-2011
20120086296Laminated Sheet Winding - Apparatuses, systems, and methods provide for high density laminated sheet windings in axial and radial flux configurations. According to embodiments described herein, motor components such as a rotor or stator include a number of stacked sheets of conductive material. The stacked sheets are electrically connected in series to create a winding. Each motor component includes a number of conductors spaced apart with apertures between. The motor components are stacked and configured with the conductors of one rotor or stator positioned within the apertures of the other rotor or stator to create a thin, high density conductor. A magnemotive force is created when the magnetic flux is positioned over the conductors.04-12-2012

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