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310 - Electrical generator or motor structure


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310025000 Reed type 93
310028000 Direct-connected 52
310017000 With other elements 52
310026000 Magnetostrictive 13
310016000 With cooling or temperature modification 2
20090091195Free piston electromagnetic engine - A converter converts mechanical energy of a piston to and from electrical energy during each piston cycle.04-09-2009
20130207487Electromagnetic motor - An electromagnetic motor (08-15-2013
310031000 Self-actuated interrupter 2
20090322164Vibrating method for generating direct current electricity - The present invention utilizes a contact vibrating technique to generate Direct Current electricity from a battery and coils. The present invention utilizes BEMF (Back Electro Motive Force) to recharge the battery that runs the device. No external charge is ever required to maintain the battery. The present invention utilizes three cycles of operation. The first cycle provides power into the primary coil. The second cycle opens contacts allowing the primary coil to generate BEMF oscillations. Both the positive and negative BEMF pulses from the primary are collected and stored in capacitors. The positive pulses are stored in a smaller capacitor. Also during the second cycle, the secondary coils and associated circuitry collect both the positive and negative pulses from the etheric oscillations, which occur due to the BEMF ringing of the primary magnetic field returning to the zero state. The third operation occurs, when the second set of contacts close and a capacitive discharge pulse recharges the primary battery back to its normal operating level. The cycles are then repeated in a vibrating fashion.12-31-2009
20090058201RECIPROCATING ELECTRICAL MACHINE - Method for transforming energy in a reciprocating electric machine, particularly a motor or generator. An electrically operated linear movable piston oscillates between two springs. The energy in the springs is at least five times larger than the energy transferred between the piston and the electrical system for each cycle of the machine. A reciprocating electric machine comprises a linear movable piston 03-05-2009
310027000 Fixed and movable wound elements 1
20120080960LOW COST MULTI-COIL LINEAR ACTUATOR - Disclosed herein are methods and systems for low cost linear actuators that can deliver strokes and forces at different values. The embodiments presented herein have parts and components that may be usable for both multi-coil and single-coil actuator designs. According to one embodiment, a magnet housing may removably or permanently coupled to a coil assembly having any number of coils. According to a further embodiment, an actuator housing may be coupled to a magnet housing having any number of magnets or coils.04-05-2012
20090146509VIBRATION ACTUATOR - [Object] To provide a vibration actuator capable of obtaining sufficiently sensible vibration with a flat, thin shape maintained.06-11-2009
20100066180LINEAR DRIVE DEVICE PROVIDED WITH AN ARMATURE BODY HAVING A MAGNET CARRIER - A linear drive device includes an excitation winding producing a variable magnetic field and including an associated magnetic-flux-carrying yoke body having pole surfaces, and an armature body including a magnet carrier having at least two permanent magnet parts and an axial oscillation movement being transferable to the at least two permanent magnet parts by the variable magnetic field of the excitation winding. The magnet carrier includes an electrically insulating material at least partially extending into the magnetic field area defined by the pole surfaces of the yoke body and the excitation winding.03-18-2010
20130057087VIBRATION GENERATING DEVICE - Disclosed herein is a vibration generating device including: a stator which includes a bracket, a case which has an inner space and is assembled with the bracket, and magnets which are fixed symmetrically at a lower surface of the bracket and an upper surface of the case; and a vibrator which includes an elastic member which is fixed at central portions of opposite side surfaces of the case to support vertical vibration, a coil which is connected with an inner diameter of the elastic member, yokes which are symmetrically assembled with upper and lower portions of the elastic member, and weight bodies which are assembled with the yokes.03-07-2013
20100084928OSCILLATION TYPE ELECTROMAGNETIC POWER GENERATOR AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING OSCILLATION TYPE ELECTROMAGNETIC POWER GENERATOR - A specific condition for enhancing the power generation efficiency of an oscillation type electromagnetic power generator is disclosed. Solenoid coils constituting the oscillation type electromagnetic power generator are wound in directions opposite to each other with a predetermined coil gap therebetween. Adjacent magnets of a movable magnet are connected to each other via a spacer having a predetermined thickness in such a manner that poles with the same polarity are opposed to each other. A coil pitch which is the total dimension of the coil length of one solenoid coil and the coil gap and a magnet pitch which is the total dimension of the magnet length of one magnet of the movable magnet and the thickness of the spacer are almost equal to each other, and the coil length is shorter than the magnet length.04-08-2010
20090309428APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING MECHANICAL WORK - Improved energy conversion devices comprise a first ferromagnetic element, a second ferromagnetic element oriented such that similar poles of the first ferromagnetic element and the second ferromagnetic element can be positioned proximate each other, and a mechanical element connected to the first ferromagnetic element such that movement of the first ferromagnetic element can actuate the mechanical element to provide mechanical work. In some embodiments, the energy conversion devices can further comprise an externally powered temperature control device to selectively alter the temperature of the ferromagnetic elements to change the Curie temperature of the ferromagnetic elements. The change in temperature of the ferromagnetic elements and the orientation of the first and second ferromagnetic elements allows the repulsive force between the first and second ferromagnetic elements to result in mechanical work.12-17-2009
20130043741LINEAR VIBRATION MOTOR - Disclosed herein is a linear vibration motor including: a stator part including a flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) having a coil fixedly coupled to an upper portion thereof; a vibrator part received in an inner portion of the stator part and including a vibration motor generating independent vibration in a linear direction and a magnet fixedly coupled to an outer peripheral surface of the vibration motor; and an elastic member having an upper end portion coupled to an upper surface of an inner side of the case and a lower end portion coupled to an upper portion of the vibrator part to thereby elastically support vibration force generated in the vibrator part.02-21-2013
20080265693Electromagnetic energy converter - An autonomous-power radio device including an electromagnetic energy transducer having a permanent magnet (10-30-2008
20110133577HORIZONTAL LINEAR VIBRATION DEVICE - The present invention provides a horizontal vibration device which comprises an upper case in which a spring connector is formed in the inner surface thereof and a lower case which is coupled with the upper case to form an internal space, a movable unit including a mass which horizontally reciprocates inside the case and a spring which is coupled between the case and the mass in order to support horizontal movement of the mass, a coil which is coupled with the mass and horizontally reciprocates together with the mass, a magnet which is fastened on the inner surface of the case and operates with the coil, and a power-supply unit which supplies power to the coil.06-09-2011
20080303357Device for Producing Electrical Energy - A device for generating electrical energy has at least one pair of permanent magnets and at least one coil. They are moved about a pivot axis relative to one another by agitating or shaking. Each coil is disposed between the pole surfaces of the at least one pair of permanent magnets which are disposed opposite each other.12-11-2008
20090146508RECIPROCATING POWER GENERATING MODULE - A reciprocating power generating module is disclosed, which comprises: a guide; a magnet, being an integrated unit composed of at least two magnetic elements connected with each other in a manner that poles of any one of the plural magnetic elements are orientated to repel poles of its neighboring magnetic elements; and a coil, being wound around the guide; wherein the magnet is capable of being driven to move linearly by the defining of the guide. The full sine-wave AC voltage output is obtained when the relative linear motion equals double of the length of the magnetic element.06-11-2009
20080265692Electromechanical Generator for Converting Mechanical Vibrational Energy Into Electrical Energy - An electromechanical generator for converting mechanical vibrational energy into electrical energy, the electromechanical generator comprising a housing, an electrically conductive coil assembly fixedly mounted in the housing, the coil assembly having radially inner and outer sides, and upper and lower edges, thereof, a mount for the coil assembly extending inwardly of the radially inner side for fixing the coil assembly in a fixed position in the housing, a magnetic core assembly movably mounted in the housing for linear vibrational motion along an axis, and a biasing device mounted between the housing and the magnetic core assembly to bias the magnetic core assembly in opposed directions along the axis towards a central position, wherein the magnetic core assembly encloses the electrically conductive coil assembly on the radially outer side and on the upper and lower edges, and on a part of the radially inner side, the magnetic core assembly having a gap on a radially inner portion thereof through which the mount extends, and the radially inner portion including two opposed magnets spaced along the axis.10-30-2008
20110169348FLAT SPRING AND VOICE COIL MOTOR USING THE SAME - A flat spring for a voice coil motor includes an curved internal flat spring, an outer flat spring placed outward the internal flat spring, a first connection body folded at least twice and interposed between the internal flat spring and the outer flat spring, a second connection body placed between the internal flat spring and the outer flat spring in parallel with the first connection body and having an identical shape with the first connection body, and a connection flat spring including a connecting part connecting adjacent ends of the first and the second connection body, where an end of the first connection body which has no connection with the connecting part is connected to the internal flat spring, and an end of the second connection body which has no connection with the connecting part is connected to the outer flat spring.07-14-2011
20090267422Vibratory linear actuator - A vibratory linear actuator includes a stator with a magnetic pole surface, a movable member with a magnetic pole surface, an electromagnet arranged in one of the stator and the movable member, a permanent magnet arranged in the other of the stator and the movable member and a support unit for movably supporting the movable member so that the magnetic pole surface of the electromagnet can oppose the magnetic pole surface with a gap left therebetween. The actuator is designed to vibrate the movable member by supplying an electric current to the electromagnet. The support unit includes a fixed portion to be fixed to a housing for accommodating the actuator, and the stator is configured to be fixed to the support unit as the support unit is fixed to the housing.10-29-2009
20080284257DIRECT DRIVE CONTROLLER WITH HAPTIC FEEDBACK - A reliable and cost-efficient direct drive force feedback motor is suitable for joystick applications, allowing multiple degrees of output freedom, requiring no coil commutation, and permitting compact packaging. A multiple degree-of-freedom motor consistent with the invention comprises an output shaft, a stator, and a rotor. The stator comprises first and second lamination stacks, each lamination stack having an interior curved surface and a coil wound thereon, the lamination stacks being disposed adjacent the output shaft. The rotor is fixed to the output shaft and movably supported adjacent the stator with an air gap disposed between the rotor and the stator, the rotor including at least one magnet disposed thereon and being movable along the interior curved surface of the lamination stacks in directions defining at least first and second degrees of freedom. Energization of the coil of the first lamination stack establishes a first magnetic field to urge the output shaft to rotate in a first plane, and energization of the coil of the second lamination stack establishes a second magnetic field to urge the output shaft to rotate in a second plane substantially orthogonal to the first plane.11-20-2008
20090230786Linear Power-Generating Apparatus - A linear power-generating apparatus is provided, including a column element having permanent magnetic field, and a coil set surrounding the column element. The column element includes a plurality of permanent magnetic segments and a plurality of yokes placed between two neighboring permanent magnetic segments. The magnetic segments are arranged in the manner that the same polar ends are facing each other. The coil set includes a plurality of coils. The winding directions of two neighboring coils are opposite. The linear power-generating apparatus of the present invention can induce electromotive force in the coil set to generate power by using the linear back-and-forth relative motion between the column element and the coil set. In the constant speed relative motion, the linear power-generating apparatus of the present invention can generate a near-constant direct current (DC) voltage.09-17-2009
20090212645ELECTRONIC DEVICE FOR HARVESTING ENERGY - An electrical device for harvesting energy includes a container, a magnet situated in the container, a fluid partially filling the container, and a conductive member coiled around the container, wherein oscillation of the magnet through the coil induces an electrical signal.08-27-2009
20110227424RARE-EARTH SINTERED MAGNET, ROTATOR, AND RECIPROCATING MOTOR - The present invention relates to a rare-earth sintered magnet 09-22-2011
20100156201DISPLACEMENT TYPE GENERATOR - A displacement type generator including a magnet set and a coil set is provided. The magnet set includes a magnet with unidirectional magnetization and a first multi-polar magnetic structure, wherein the first multi-polar magnetic structure is disposed on the magnet. The coil set includes a magnetic center pole, a coil and a second multi-polar magnetic structure. The coil is wound on the magnetic center pole. The second multi-polar magnetic structure is disposed on the magnetic center pole and is adjacent to the first multi-polar magnetic structure. As a relative movement is generated between the magnet set and the coil set, the magnetic flux changes and causes the coil to output an induced voltage.06-24-2010
20080303356Rod-Type Linear Motor - By reviewing a material of a forcer housing and an assembly structure of a coil member with respect to the forcer housing, a thrust force is increased, an optimum shape can be easily given to the forcer housing depending on a purpose of use, and a linear motor can be manufactured at low cost. The linear motor includes a magnet rod composed of a large number of magnetic poles arranged with predetermined pitches along an axial direction and a forcer having a through-hole into which the magnet rod is loosely inserted and reciprocatable relatively to the magnet rod according to an applied electric signal. The forcer is composed of a forcer housing in which the through-hole is defined and a coil member which is arranged on an inner peripheral surface of the through-hole of the forcer housing and to which the electric signal is applied. The forcer housing is formed by mold forming with an insulating nonmetal inorganic material.12-11-2008
20110121666Voice Coil Motor - A VCM is disclosed, the VCM including a bobbin formed with a coil at an outer surface thereof; at least one permanent magnet facing the coil formed at the bobbin; a cylindrical yoke encompassing the bobbin and the permanent magnet and including a metal member for blocking a magnetic field generated by the coil; a base coupled to the yoke; and an elastic member including a first elastic member interposed between the yoke and the permanent magnet for elastically supporting the bobbin and a second elastic member interposed between the base and the permanent magnet.05-26-2011
20110080060ELECTRIC MOTORS AND RELATED SYSTEMS FOR DEPLOYMENT IN A DOWNHOLE WELL ENVIRONMENT - Electric motors configured for deployment in a downhole well environment are provided. Downhole well pumping systems including an electric motor are also provided. In one example, an electric motor includes a series of at least three magnets, one of the inner and outer two magnets being movable. A supply of alternating current is configured to alternate the polarity of one of the inner and outer two magnets to thereby cause one of the inner and outer two magnets that is movable to reciprocate and provide linear output to drive an operable production device. In another example, two adjacent, stationary magnets and at least one movable magnet are adjacent to one another. A supply of alternating current is coupled to the magnets so as to alternate the polarity of one of the movable and stationary magnets and to thereby to cause reciprocating linear output to drive the operable production device.04-07-2011
20090051229ELECTRICAL POWER GENERATORS - The present invention provides methods to convert motion into electrical energy. These electrical power generators are made compatible with standard batteries so that they can support operations of existing battery powered portable appliances with no or minimal modifications. Electrical power generators of the present invention are therefore more convenient to use than conventional batteries while reducing the needs to replace or recharge batteries. Environment friendly methods are also introduced for generating electrical power.02-26-2009
20110025139POWER GENERATOR - The present invention provides a power generator for generating electricity comprising a core having an interior chamber, the interior chamber having a top portion and a bottom portion. The core is filled with a volume of a gas. A frequency generator is provided for resonating the gas at a high frequency, and means for securing the frequency generator to the core are provided as well. In addition, a pair of electrical conductors is connected to the core to conduct the flow of electricity away from the core.02-03-2011
20100026105MOBILE DATA STORAGE DEVICE - A mobile data storage device is configured in the manner of a data storage card, or a data storage stick. The mobile data storage device can include at least one electrical coil (02-04-2010
20120306295ELECTROMAGNETIC DRIVE, DRIVE INSTALLATION AND USE THEREOF - The invention relates to an electromagnetic drive (12-06-2012
20080309171Linear Transverse Flux Machine - A transverse flux linear machine including a first interacting part including an electric winding and a second interacting part including a plurality of magnetic poles. The first and second interacting parts are movable relative to each other and defining between them an airgap.12-18-2008
20110316359BISTABLE LINEAR MOTOR - A linear motor or generator includes a cylinder having left, center, and right magnetic portions interposed with left and right magnetic gaps, a left and a right induction coil axially wound around a longitudinal axis of the cylinder, and a flux bridge that magnetically couples the center magnetic portion to the left and right magnetic portions. The motor or generator also includes a flux modulating piston comprising a soft magnetic material for increasing magnetic flux circulation in the left flux path when the piston overlaps with the left magnetic gap and for increasing magnetic flux circulation in the right flux path when the piston overlaps with the right magnetic gap. The left and right magnetic portions of the cylinder may be made of a soft magnetic material that promotes magnetic flux.12-29-2011
20100289346LINEAR-RESONANT VIBRATION MODULE - Various embodiments of the present invention comprise linear-resonant vibration modules that can be incorporated in a wide variety of appliances, devices, and systems to provide vibrational forces. The vibrational forces are produced by linear oscillation of a weight or member, in turn produced by rapidly alternating the polarity of one or more driving electromagnets. Feedback control is used to maintain the vibrational frequency of linear-resonant vibration module at or near the resonant frequency for the linear-resonant vibration module. Linear-resonant vibration modules can be designed to produce vibrational amplitude/frequency combinations throughout a large region of amplitude/frequency space.11-18-2010
20110175463RECIPROCATING MAGNET ENGINE - A reciprocating magnet engine has first and second magnet pairs (07-21-2011
20120169146LINEAR VIBRATION MOTOR - Disclosed herein is a linear vibration motor. A stator includes a coil which forms a magnetic field using an external power applied thereto. A vibrator includes a magnet which faces the coil, and a yoke which has a coupling part. The magnet is coupled to the coupling part. An elastic member has a first end coupled to the stator, and a second end coupled to the yoke. The elastic member elastically supports linear vibration motion of the vibrator. The coupling part has a plurality of openings therein so that an electromagnetic force generated by electromagnetic induction of the magnet and the coil leaks out through the openings.07-05-2012
20130093266LINEAR VIBRATOR AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - There is provided a linear vibrator including a case including a cylindrical sidewall part forming a sidewall thereof and a cover coupled to one end of the sidewall part, and an elastic member including at least one connection protrusion and connected to the case while the connection protrusion is interposed between the sidewall part and the cover.04-18-2013
20130099600LINEAR VIBRATOR - A linear vibrator is disclosed, the linear vibrator including a case providing an inner space, a first driving unit arranged inside the case, a second driving unit arranged inside the case to be driven to a horizontal direction relative to the first driving unit, and an elastic unit arranged on lateral surfaces opposite the second driving unit to elastically support the second driving unit inside the case.04-25-2013
20130113306WIRELESS SWITCH WITH MULTIPOLAR ELECTROMAGNETIC GENERATOR - A wireless switch comprises a mechanical oscillator, a mechanical impulse deliverer, a first array of magnets positioned on a planar surface, a first conductor, and a power management circuit. The mechanical impulse deliverer delivers a mechanical impulse to the mechanical oscillator when the wireless switch is switched. The first array comprises a one dimensional or two dimensional array of magnets. The first conductor comprises a first serpentine conductor. The power management circuit provides DC power as a result of relative motion due to the mechanical oscillator between the first array of magnets and the first conductor.05-09-2013
20130113305LINEAR VIBRATOR - There is provided a linear vibrator including: a fixed part including a magnet generating magnetic force in an interior space having a predetermined size; a vibration part including a coil provided to face the magnet and generating electromagnetic force through interaction with the magnet, and a mass body; an elastic member coupled to the vibration part and the fixed part to thereby provide elastic force thereto; and a substrate including a free end, the free end being solid and coupled to the vibration part, and a fixed end coupled to the fixed part.05-09-2013
20080203829VIBRATING-TYPE MOTOR - A vibrating-type motor is provided, in which only a restoring force is reduced without reducing a thrust increasing effect by auxiliary magnets, thereby reducing size while increasing efficiency. Specifically, a vibrating-type motor is provided that includes a moving part having a main magnet and auxiliary magnets individually junctioned coaxially to axial end portions of the main magnet at junction locations, an exciting yoke including two leg portions opposed to the moving part through a gap, and arranged with respect to the moving part such that a first distance between central portions of faces of the two leg portions that are closest to the moving part is different from a second distance between the junction locations, an exciting coil wound on the exciting yoke for generating a magnetic flux in the leg portions, and a back yoke arranged to confront the exciting yoke with the moving part located between the back yoke and the exciting yoke, wherein the axial end portions of the moving part are substantially coincident with outer-side end portions of the faces of the leg portions.08-28-2008
20090134721MRI-safe Electro-magnetic Tranducer - An electromagnetic transducer includes a housing. At least one coil is associated with the housing. A spherical magnet within the housing is capable of turning in any direction and of moving along an axis. A first keeper and a second keeper are positioned on opposite sides of the magnet, both the first keeper and the second keeper including magnetically soft material and free to move along the axis. A first biasing member holds the first keeper along the axis, and a second biasing element that holds the second keeper along the axis. The first keeper and the second keeper are attracted by magnetic poles of the magnet in the absence of an external magnetic field, such that opposing magnetic poles of the magnet are aligned parallel to the axis. Alternating current flowing through the at least one coil causes a vibration of the magnet, the vibration transferred to the housing.05-28-2009
20080197720VIBRATING-TYPE MOTOR - A vibrating-type motor is provided, in which a restoring force is reduced without reducing a thrust increasing effect by auxiliary magnets, thereby to reduce the size and expense of the motor while increasing efficiency. The vibrating-type motor includes a moving part having a main magnet and auxiliary magnets individually junctioned coaxially to two axial end portions of the main magnet, an exciting yoke including two leg portions opposed to the moving part through a gap and arranged coaxially with the moving part, an exciting coil wound on the exciting yoke for generating a magnetic flux in the leg portions, and a back yoke arranged to confront the exciting yoke with the moving part located between the back yoke and the exciting yoke, wherein outer-side end portions of the exciting yoke extend past axial end portions of the back yoke.08-21-2008
20110234022ELECTROMAGNETIC DEVICE FOR GENERATING ELECTRICAL CURRENT AND METHODS THEREOF - An energy harvesting device (EHD) and method including a hollow outer envelope (09-29-2011
20130154400LINEAR VIBRATOR - A linear vibrator, including: a fixing part providing an inner space having a predetermined size; at least one magnet disposed in the inner space of the fixing part to generate a magnetic force; a vibration part including a coil disposed to face the magnet to generate electromagnetic force by interacting with the magnet, and a mass body being vibrated; an elastic member coupled to the fixing part and the vibration part to provide an elastic force; and a substrate coupled to the vibration part and disposed to surround at least a portion of an outer circumferential surface of the magnet so as to prevent the substrate from contacting the magnet when the vibration part is vibrated.06-20-2013
20130193779VIBRATION GENERATOR MOVING VIBRATOR BY MAGNETIC FIELD GENERATED BY COIL AND HOLDER USED IN VIBRATION-GENERATOR - A vibration generator includes a vibrator, a holder, and a plurality of coils. The vibrator includes a magnet and has a plate shape parallel to a horizontal surface. The holder is attached to a chassis and holds the vibrator such that the vibrator can be displaced with respect to the vibrator. The plurality of coils generate a magnetic field for changing at least one of a position and a posture of the vibrator with respect to the chassis. Each of the plurality of coils is a thin coil, and is arranged face to face with the vibrator. The vibrator can move at least according to magnetization of the coils, while deforming a portion of the holder.08-01-2013

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