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307 - Electrical transmission or interconnection systems

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307116000 Condition responsive 312
307113000 Plural switches 114
307139000 Switch actuation 57
307134000 With operation facilitating feature 6
307132000 Repetitive make and break 2
20090021086ELECTRONIC TIME SWITCH CONTROL CIRCUIT - An electronic time switch control circuit includes a power supply, an oscillation period control module, an oscillator, and a switch control module. The power supply supplies power to the oscillation period module, the oscillator, and the switch control module. The oscillation period module supplies periodic signals to the oscillator. The oscillator alternately outputs two kinds of control signals to the switch control module according to the periodic signals. The switch control module receives the two kinds of control signals, and correspondingly controls an electronic product to be turned on and off repeatedly.01-22-2009
20120242170CIRCUIT DEVICE, INTEGRATED CIRCUIT AND DETECTION DEVICE - A circuit device includes an amplifier circuit to which a signal from a sensor is input and a control circuit which controls the sensor and the amplifier circuit. An intermittent operation of the sensor and an intermittent operation of the amplifier circuit are controlled by an intermittent operation control signal output from the control circuit.09-27-2012
20090284084AUTOMATIC POWER CONTROL MODULE FOR BATTERY POWERED DEVICES - A power control module which can be used to automatically open a power circuit for electrically operated devices, particularly battery operated devices, during predetermined periods of non-use. A timer is reset by a motion detector indicating continuing use. The timer controls a transistor switch which closes and opens the power circuit as required. The timing interval can be user-selected e.g., by programming a microprocessor controller. The transition time between conductive and non-conductive states of the transistor can also be controlled to prolong the life of incandescent bulbs or other sensitive load devices.11-19-2009
20110204725ELECTROMAGNETIC CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER - In one aspect, the present invention provides an electromagnetic circuit interrupter for use in a high voltage direct current (DC) aircraft power distribution system. The electromagnetic circuit interrupter comprises a contact mechanism operable to separate first and second electrical contacts by a first predetermined distance d08-25-2011
20090121554Multi-purpose switch activated system and method for using same - According to one embodiment, a system with a multi-purpose switch for providing a power on function and other functions to a user comprises a temporary power control circuit configured to be coupled to and decoupled from a power source by the multi-purpose switch. The system also comprises a continuous power control circuit to provide continuous power. As a result, the multi-purpose switch is capable of providing other functions when the continuous power is being provided. In one embodiment, a method for utilizing a multi-purpose switch to provide a power on function and other functions to a user comprises coupling a temporary power control circuit to a power source by the multi-purpose switch, triggering a continuous power control circuit to provide continuous power, decoupling the temporary power control circuit from the power source by the multi-purpose switch, and making the multi-purpose switch available to provide other functions.05-14-2009
20130088093METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SUPPLY OF ELECTRICITY FROM A PUBLIC NETWORK FOR PUBLIC STREET LIGHTING - In the method of controlling a public lighting network for public street lighting, a member, such as a server uses a telecommunications network to send at least one command for switching a power supply circuit of an electricity outlet to an electricity source of the network. The outlet is accessible from the public street and from an outside portion of the device of the lighting network.04-11-2013
20130057083HIGH-VOLTAGE SWITCHING DEVICE - A high voltage switching device includes a current interruption assembly having at least one vacuum chamber, a fixed contact assembly having a first fixed contact and a second fixed contact positioned inside the vacuum chamber, and first and second movable-contact assemblies including a first movable contact and a second movable contact, respectively. A single mechanism actuates the first and second movable-contact assemblies between a first position and second position. In the first position, the first and second movable contacts are electrically coupled with the first and second fixed contacts, respectively. And in the second position, the first and second moveable contacts are electrically separated the same. The first movable contact and the second movable contact move, along a reference axis, one towards the other or away from the other based on the actuating mechanism.03-07-2013
20120112557Solar Panel with Reconfigurable Interconnections - An array of photovoltaic cells are arranged as a matrix. A plurality of interconnections are arranged between the photovoltaic cells, the interconnections being switchably addressable to form serial or parallel connection arrangements.05-10-2012
20120187775BATTERY PACK ACTIVE DISCHARGE INTEGRATION - A discharge system includes a battery, an electrical power bus selectively connected to the battery, a module configured to receive electrical energy from the battery via the electrical power bus, and a discharge resistor selectively connected to the electrical power bus. A contactor is operatively disposed between the battery and the electrical power bus. The contactor is configured to selectively connect the electrical power bus to the battery or the discharge resistor. That is, the contactor is configured to connect the electrical power bus to the discharge resistor in a default mode to discharge electrical energy stored in the module, and the contactor is configured to connect the electrical power bus to the battery in at least one vehicle operating mode.07-26-2012
20090009008RECHARGEABLE BATTERY WITH A FUSE - In a rechargeable battery with a fuse for guarding against external short circuits, to make it possible to design the rechargeable battery independently of the possibly high normal continuous current, it is proposed that a signal connection existing between the rechargeable battery and a device provided for drawing current be utilized. To that end, a switch is provided, which is connected parallel to the fuse and which responds to certain electrical signals of the device. The signals can be delivered to the switch via the signal connection, so that the switch bypasses the fuse, once the signal connection is established and the aforementioned signals occur.01-08-2009
20120235512TRANSFER SWITCH MONITORING DEVICE AND METHOD - A method is provided and may include monitoring a transfer switch and determining an operating condition of the transfer switch based on the monitoring. The method may further include comparing by a processor the operating condition to a predetermined value, and determining a maintenance condition of the transfer switch based on the comparison.09-20-2012
20100072827Mobile power source for use with a hand-held machine and method of operating - A mobile power source for use with a hand-held machine and a method of operating the power source are described. The mobile power source comprises a power supply having an attachment device configured to couple the power supply to an operator, whereby the coupling of the power supply to the operator permits substantially free movement of the hand-held machine by the operator while providing power to the hand-held machine. Furthermore, a power controller is coupled to the power supply and configured to control the output of power from the power supply to the hand-held machine, whereby the power controller is remotely coupled to the power supply via a wireless connection.03-25-2010
20090152955ADVANCED SWITCHER FOR HIGH OUT ELECTRONIC DEIVES - Disclosed herein is a circuit and device for activating and deactivating various high current output electrical devices, where such electrical devices are particularly appropriate for use in a hydroponic growing system. The circuit includes, a timer, a controller, a switch pair, defining a channel, one ballast connected to the switch pair and two high current output devices connected to one ballast. In an exemplary embodiment, the high current output device defines a high intensity light of the type commonly used in the indoor growing industry. The circuit includes the controller being connected to each the ballasts and upon the appropriate signal from the timer, the controller sends a high signal to switch which, in turn, sends a high signal to the ballast, which, in turn, powers one and only one of the high current output devices. In an exemplary embodiment there are six ballasts, each with two lighting arrays.06-18-2009
20110260552METHOD AND DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING THE ADJUSTMENT OF A SWITCHING STATE OF AN ELECTRIC SWITCHING SYSTEM IN THE FIELD OF GUIDED VEHICLES - A method and a device dynamically control the secure adjustment of a binary switching state of at least one electric switching system built into an automatically functioning apparatus used in the field of guided vehicles, the switching system driving at least one actuator by a driving circuit. The device includes: a control module controlling the state of the electric switching system, and a reading device capable of reading the switching state of the electric switching system and of transmitting a control signal related to the read switching state to a monitoring module. The device is characterized in that the reading device is provided downstream from the electric switching system and is coupled to the driving circuit of the actuator, thereby providing the automatically functioning apparatus with enhanced reliability and maintainability.10-27-2011
20100320844POWER OFF DELAY CIRCUIT AND METHOD, AND AUDIO SYSTEM WITH POWER OFF DELAY - A power off delay circuit includes a switch connected between an external power input terminal and an internal power supply terminal, a capacitor connected to the internal power supply terminal, and a hysteresis comparator to switch the switch according to the voltages of the external power input terminal and the internal power supply terminal. During on-time of the switch, the external power input terminal is connected to the internal power supply terminal and the capacitor can be charged by the external power source. When the switch is off, the capacitor provides electric power for an internal circuit. Application of the power off delay circuit to an audio system may eliminate the turn-off pops of the audio system.12-23-2010
20100123357ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE - A household appliance which includes an activation unit, a power supply unit, a switch that is operated by the activation unit, and a capacitor that is connected in parallel to the switch on the primary side of the power supply unit. The power supply unit is connected to a power supply network and supplies, on the secondary side of the power supply unit, power to controlled functional units of the household appliance and to the activation unit. The switch is operated by the activation unit to disconnect the power supply unit from the power supply network on the primary side of the power supply unit and in an idle state of the household appliance.05-20-2010
20120139360Emergency stop module arrangement - An emergency stop module arrangement having a logic circuit for the detecting a switching status of an emergency stop switch and for the control of a load switch for the safe connection and disconnection of a load, wherein the emergency stop module arrangement has a first emergency stop module and a second emergency stop module, and wherein the first emergency stop module is coupled via an interface connection to the second emergency stop module. To reduce the wiring complexity as well as the space requirement for the arrangement in a switching cabinet, it is provided that the emergency stop modules are designed as plug-on modules which can be plugged on the load switches, and that each one of the emergency stop modules has at least one switching means which is mechanically positively driven with the coupled load switch.06-07-2012
20090015073RF SWITCH TELEMETRY SYSTEM & METHOD - The position of an RF switch, or switches, in a matrix switch drive system is monitored using AC rather than DC measurement techniques. Using the same wiring as the matrix switch drive system so as not to increase the size and weight of the switch installation, a low current AC signal is provided during non-actuation of the RF switch(es) to each of plural combinations of a capacitor and a microswitch serially connected across each switch coil. With the capacitor and switch coil exhibiting inverse impedance responses to increasing AC frequency, when the microswitch is open only the coil impedance is read and when the microswitch is closed only the capacitor impedance is read. Using a switch coil with an inductance of 1 henry and a capacitor with a capacitance of 0.1 farads, the difference in impedance between the microswitch ON and OFF states is an easily detectable two orders of magnitude.01-15-2009
20080258563Electrical Communication Switch, Outlet, Companion Device, and System - An electrical communication switch, an electrical communication outlet, an electrical communication companion device, and an electrical communication system are provided. The electrical communication switch includes a user-controlled switch having a plurality of switch leads and a controller. The controller is coupled to the user-controlled switch. The controller is configured to determine a change of state of the switch, and upon determining the switch has changed state to a new state, to send a signal. The electrical communication outlet includes a socket having a plurality of socket slots, at least one controlled switch, and a controller. The controller is coupled to said at least one controlled switch and is configured to receive a signal and to change a state of at least one of said at least one controlled switch pursuant to the signal.10-23-2008
20120068554POWER-LINE-COMMUNICATION ADAPTER - The present invention relates to a power-line-communication adapter including a main functional unit (PLTC) supplied with direct voltage by an internal voltage converter (AC/DC), characterised in that said adapter includes at least one means (I03-22-2012
20100156196ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE ELEMENT, SYSTEM, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING - An electrically conductive element, including an insulator and a first conductor, is provided, which can be affixed to a second conductor consisting of conductive structural element, wherein the insulator is positioned between the first and second conductors to electrically isolate them. A power supply may be connected between the first and second conductors to provide power thereto, and an electrical device may be connected across the first and second conductors.06-24-2010
20090079272Integrated Half-Bridge Power Circuit - A down converter includes an integrated circuit, which includes a control FET (CF) and a synchronous rectifier FET (SF). The control FET is a lateral double-diffused (LDMOS) FET, and the conductivity-type of the LDMOS FET and the conductivity-type of the substrate are of the same type.03-26-2009
20100231054DEVICE AND NETWORK SYSTEM - In a device according to one aspect of the invention, plural communication ports switch appropriately between a power receiving port and a power feeding port, thereby dealing with supply of electric power through a network in various network configurations. Plural devices are connected to a network cable to form a network system. In an initial state before power receiving, all plural communication ports of the device are put in to a power receiving enabling state. When the electric power is supplied from one of the communication ports, other communication ports are put into a power receiving disabling state. The device feeds part of the received electric power to another adjacent device by utilizing the communication port put into the power receiving disabling state. The supply of electric power can sequentially be performed from the device that receives the supply of electric power from an external power feeding installation to an adjacent device, and finally all the devices receive the supply of electric power through the network.09-16-2010
20110057518CONFIGURABLE DEVICE, A CONFIGURATION METHOD AND SYSTEM - The invention relates to a configurable device 03-10-2011
20090066164Power Controlling Integrated Circuit Cell - A power controlling integrated circuit cell is provided within an integrated circuit power grid to selectively couple an unswitched power supply input to a switched power supply output. The power controlling integrated circuit cell also includes a power control signal input and a power control signal output for supporting the distribution through the integrated circuit of the power control signal. The power controlling integrated circuit cell has a power switching circuit responsive to a power control input signal received at the power control signal input to selectively connect the switched power supply output to the unswitched power supply input, and a power control signal buffer circuit responsive to the switched power supply output to drive a power control output signal from the power control signal output.03-12-2009
20110043052Systems and Methods for Remotely Controlling an Electrical Load - Systems and methods for remotely controlling an electrical load are provided. A switch is associated with controlling one or more electricity-consuming devices. After electrically isolating the switch from the electricity-consuming device, an adapter is communicatively coupled to and used to detect the state of the switch. The adapter generates and wirelessly transmits a signal indicative of the detected state of the switch to a controller that controls operation of the device based on at least the state of the switch as detected by the sensor and indicated by the wirelessly transmitted signal.02-24-2011
20110127851Selecting Structure for Device - Disclosed is a device selection structure for selecting one or more devices, comprising: a plurality of devices each having an input port and an output port; and a device module including a movement plate installed movably in conjunction with the plurality of devices, an input connector, and an output connector, wherein the input and output ports of the plurality of devices and the input and output connectors of the device module are installed so that during movement of the movement plate, the input and output ports of the plurality of devices are sequentially connected, at predetermined positions, to the input and output connectors of the device module.06-02-2011
20110241442CAPACITIVE DOME SWITCH - This is directed to a dome switch that includes a capacitive sensor. A dome switch can include a dome operative to deform to provide tactile feedback to a user. To provide an electrical instruction to the device, the region underneath the dome can define a free space separating conductive regions forming a capacitor. For example, a tip of the dome, a button placed between the dome and a circuit board, or a user's finger can form a first conductor of a capacitor, and a support structure for the dome can include a terminal forming a second conductor completing the capacitor. When the dome deflects, the distance between the conductors can change and provide a measurable capacitance variation, which the device can detect. To protect the dome switch from damage due to contaminants, the terminal can be integrated within a volume of the circuit board such that it is not exposed to the environment of the dome switch. In one implementation, the terminal may not be exposed to air.10-06-2011
20100219700SWITCHING MODULE FOR THE POWER SECTION OF A WELDING CONTROL SYSTEM - The invention provides a compact and economical welding control system having an integrated power section. To this end, a switching module is provided for the power section of a welding control system. The switching module has a switching device, at least one cooling body, a current supply and an insulating element which provides a potential-free coolant arrangement. The invention is advantageous in that the potential-free coolant arrangement allows the coolant bodies to be shortened so that less space is required inside the control system and the control system can therefore have a more compact structure. The invention enables even the requirements in terms of the coolant bodies to be reduced, allowing the use of cost-effective cooling tubes or even cooling pipes that are directly connected to the cooling body.09-02-2010
20110175460DC CURRENT BREAKER - A device for breaking DC currents exceeding 2500 A has a resonance circuit connected in parallel with an interrupter and a surge arrester connected in parallel with the resonance circuit. The resonance circuit has a series connection of a capacitor and an inductance. The relationship of the capacitance in μF to the inductance in μH of the resonance circuit is ≧1.07-21-2011
20120242168POWER-OVER-ETHERNET RELAY SYSTEM, POWER INJECTOR AND ACCESS BRIDGE DEVICE - A PoE relay system includes a networking cable, a PoE power injector and a PoE access bridge device. The PoE power injector is coupled to a PoE powering apparatus to receive network data and network power, and to a power supply to receive DC power, and gathers the network data, the network power and the DC power in a gathered signal group. The PoE access bridge device is coupled to the electronic product, receives the gathered signal group, receives the DC power from the gathered signal group for operation, and separates the network data and the network power from each other, and outputs the network power to the electronic product.09-27-2012
20120242167Method for Logically Disconnecting a USB Device from a Host without Mechanical Disconnection - The method disposes a power-swicthable USB port in a host, which is connected to a USB device. The relay has a control pin controlled by the host and two switch pins electrically connected between a power pin of the USB port and a power source of the host. The host sends a control signal to the control pin of the relay to close the switch pins when the USB port is held normal by a user. The host sends another control signal to the control pin to open the switch pins and cut off the power to the USB port when the user is logically disconnecting the USB device from the host.09-27-2012
20110068635MEDIUM OR HIGH VOLTAGE SWITCHGEAR APPARATUS AND METHOD OF EARTHING - A method of earthing two current inlet/outlet systems in a medium or high voltage switchgear using one circuit breaker comprises the following steps: a) switching OFF the circuit breaker; b) connecting the circuit breaker to the first current inlet/outlet system as well as to the earthing; c) switching the circuit breaker ON; d) providing a direct connection between the first current inlet/outlet system and the earthing via a connecting element; e) switching the circuit breaker OFF; f) disconnecting the circuit breaker at least from the first current inlet/outlet system; g) connecting the circuit breaker to the second current inlet/outlet system and to the earthing; and h) switching the circuit breaker ON. A switchgear apparatus to be used for said method is described as well.03-24-2011
20120267964TOUCH SWITCHES AND PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS THEREFOR - A touch switch apparatus emulating a mechanical switch includes a field effect sensor and an electric field stimulator mechanically associated with the field effect sensor. A field generation signal applied to the field effect sensor causes an electric field to be generated thereabout. The electric field stimulator can be moved between first and second positions with respect to the field effect sensor. When moved into proximity with the field effect sensor, the electric field stimulator disturbs the electric field. A detection circuit coupled to the field effect sensor detects and responds to the disturbance to the electric field.10-25-2012
20100283328Supply Arrangement, Supply Unit and Method for Supplying an Electronic Unit - A supply arrangement, a supply unit and a method in which a switching element is connected in series to an operating voltage and an electrical load, wherein a supply unit supplies an electronic unit with power independently of the switching state of the switching element.11-11-2010
20120146428SWITCH DEVICE AND POWER SUPPLY CONTROL SYSTEM - The switch device includes a control switch that turns on/off an electrical connection between an apparatus and the power supply, a condition judging circuit that judges conditions of driving the control switch, an electric wave reception circuit that receives an electric wave, and a power supply circuit that generates power from the electric wave received by the electric wave reception circuit. An electric wave transmission device that transmits an electric wave for making the switch device operate is arranged in a space, whereby the electric wave can be received by the electric wave reception device in the specific space. The switch device controls the control switch to be turned off/on when the electric wave is received. Alternatively, when the electric wave is not received, the switch device turns on/off the control switch.06-14-2012
20120146427LOW LEAKAGE IO CIRCUIT AND ASSOCIATED APPARATUS - A low-leakage IO circuit is provided. The IO circuit includes an impedance path between a pad and a power supply. The impedance path bypasses a signal path of the pad and includes a switch circuit. According to a relationship between voltages of the power supply and the pad of the IO circuit, the switch circuit selectively conducts the impedance path. When the power supply provides power normally, the switch circuit conducts the impedance path to provide a pull-up resistor between the pad and the power supply. When the power supply provides no power and its voltage is lower than a voltage of the pad, the switch circuit disconnects the conducting path to effectively reduce power leakage.06-14-2012
20100033024CONTROLLABLE ELECTRICAL OUTLET AND A METHOD OF OPERATION THEREOF - Controllable electrical outlets and systems and methods for controlling and disabling the electrical outlets. A controllable electrical outlet includes a current sensor, an electrical switch, and a microcontroller. When an electrical load is plugged into the electrical outlet, the current sensor senses the flow of current and a current sense event is reported from the electrical outlet to a central computer. The central computer provides timing and control of the electrical outlet. When a predetermined elapsed time has passed, as measured by the central computer, a timed-out event is communicated from the central computer to the electrical outlet triggering the electrical switch, opening the current path within the electrical outlet such that electrical current no longer flows to the electrical load. Communication between the central computer and an electrical outlet may occur, for example, via existing electrical wiring, wirelessly, or via dedicated communication wiring.02-11-2010
20110215655Switching System For Multi-Channel Testing - A switching system for interfacing a single channel test equipment with a multi-channel device under test, the switching system including: an input connection for connecting to the single channel test equipment; an N-way switch having an N-way switch input coupled to the input connection, the N-way switch having N switch outputs; N output connections coupled to the N switch outputs, the N output connections for connecting to inputs of the multi-channel device under test; a controller coupled to the N-way switch for controlling a connection between the N-way switch input and one of the N switch outputs.09-08-2011
20120038225Vertical Bus Disconnect - A vertical bus disconnect for Motor Control Center Sections. The invention removes/opens a connection between the horizontal bus and vertical bus when it is in the OPEN or OFF state. The invention creates/closes a connection between the horizontal bus and vertical bus when it is in the CLOSED or ON state. In either the OPEN/OFF state or the CLOSED/ON state, the invention does not cause an interruption of power flow along the horizontal bus. The purpose of the invention is to allow for an isolating of buckets within a given motor control center section from power without interrupting power along the horizontal bus. This invention is an improvement to the commonly used motor control center section.02-16-2012
20120153746NETWORK CONNECTOR MODULE WITH SWITCHING FUNCTION - A network connector module with switching function for connecting with a first connecting terminal, a second connecting terminal and a switch unit installed within a electronic device electrically connected between a first connecting terminal and a second connecting terminal, a detector circuit electrically connected to the switch unit, a network connecting port and a processing unit electrically connected between a detector circuit and a network connecting port. The first connecting terminal connects to an external power. The second connecting terminal connects to an electronic component of the electronic device which requires power supply. The network connector module connects to the internet via network connecting ports. Thus, the external terminal connects to the electronic device via the internet for remotely control ON/OFF of the switch unit. When the switch unit is ON, the component within the electronic device receives the power provided by the external power.06-21-2012
20090058192REMOTE CONTROL OF ELECTRICAL LOADS - An electronic system controls one or more electrical loads, which are controlled in an “on/off” manner by a ultra low power controller that is isolated for a primary power circuit or derives its very low switch power from the ballast itself. The on/off control provides a near lossless control system. This system may be applied to various loads including electronic ballasted loads and operates at fractional power levels corresponding to different lighting intensities and with conventional occupancy sensors. The system may also be applied to other electronically compatible end-use devices and applications.03-05-2009
20090058191TRANSFER SWITCH - A system for use with an electrical distribution panel having a bonded neutral connection. In some embodiments, the system includes a generator having a first bonded neutral connection and a ground fault circuit interrupter. The system also includes a neutral bus that is connected to either the bonded neutral connection of the distribution panel or the bonded neutral connection of the generator. Additionally, the system includes a switch for disconnecting the neutral bus from the bonded neutral connection of the distribution panel and connecting the neutral bus to the bonded neutral connection of the generator.03-05-2009
20120169140FORCED SHUTDOWN CIRCUIT - A forced shutdown circuit includes a manually operable mechanical switch, a first switch circuit including a first switch connected between a power source and a load, a central processing unit (CPU), a second switch circuit including a second switch connected to the first switch, and a delay circuit connected between the mechanical switch and the second switch circuit. When the CPU is in normal, the CPU controls the first switch to be in an “on” or “off” state allowing the power source to power or disconnected from the load according to manual operation on the mechanical switch. When the CPU is in abnormal and the manual operation on the mechanical switch reaches a preset time, the delay circuit is activated to control the second switch to be in an “on” state or in an “off” state to control the first switch to be in the “off” state.07-05-2012
20120313453PRINTABLE POLARITY SWITCH - Switch assembly for changing the direction of current from a power source to an appliance comprising—at least four wirings, two of the wirings are connectable with the power source and the remaining wirings are connectable with the appliance,—all wirings are fixed on the surface of a substrate and none of the wirings are directly connected to each other,—a first button comprising a first conductive pattern on one surface of said button,—a second button comprising a second conductive pattern on one surface of said button,—the surfaces of the buttons on which the conductive patterns are arranged face the surface of said substrate where the wirings are arranged,—the buttons are fixed on the substrate—the conductive patterns on the buttons and said wirings on the surface of the substrate are arranged in such a manner and said buttons are placed on said substrate in such manner, that (i) said conductive patterns on the buttons are not in contact with said wirings in an unpressed state of the buttons, (ii) one button connects by means of the conductive pattern in a pressed state simultaneously the first wiring of the two wirings with one wiring of the remaining wirings and the second wiring of the two wirings with another wiring of the remaining wirings to enable a first current path through the switch assembly, and (iii) the other button connects by means of the conductive pattern in a pressed state the first wiring of the two wirings with one wiring of the remaining wirings and the second wiring of the two wirings with another wiring of the remaining wirings to enable a second current path through the switch assembly being different to the first current path, wherein further the conductive patterns comprise a composition (CO) comprising a polymer and a conductive material dispersed in said polymer and/or a conjugated polymer.12-13-2012
20120262006Method and Apparatus for Combining AC Power Relay and Current Sensors with AC Wiring Devices - A method and a device for joining a remotely controlled switching and current sensing AC device structured for attachment to standard and popular three way SPDT AC switches or cross DPDT AC switches and/or power outlets, such that the front wall plate of a single gang electrical box will cover the joined AC device with the manual switch or the AC outlet. The AC device is operated and communicates via lightguide or fiber optic cable using two way optical signals and via IR in air in line of sight and/or via RF in air. The lightguide is cascaded in series from one AC device to another and/or from a joint switch device to a joined AC outlet and to an optoport in front of an outlet socket for communicating the current drain and/or operation controls with the appliance, powered by the AC socket, via a lightguide included in the power cable with plug assembly of the appliance.10-18-2012
20120326529POWER SUPPLY IDENTIFICATION APPARATUS AND POWER SUPPLY IDENTIFICATION METHOD - A power supply identification apparatus includes a first delay section for delaying a voltage via the first power terminal or the second power terminal by a first delay time so as to output the voltage to the first input terminal, a second delay section for delaying a voltage via the first power terminal or the second power terminal by a second delay time shorter than the first delay time so as to output the voltage to the second input terminal, and a delay time switching section for switching the second delay time into a third delay time longer than the first delay time based on a power supply to the second power terminal.12-27-2012
20110304222LOW-POWER START-UP AND DIRECTION CONTROL CIRCUITRY FOR AN IRRIGATION SYSTEM - An electric circuit for remotely starting and controlling the direction of a center pivot irrigation system comprises a first transformer, a second transformer, a first relay, a second relay, a third relay, and a fourth relay. The first transformer is coupled to a voltage source with a first voltage and may step the first voltage down to a second voltage. The second transformer is coupled to the first transformer, receiving a third voltage and stepping the third voltage up to a fourth voltage. The first relay may include contacts that are open when the irrigation system is started remotely. The second relay may include contacts that are closed when the irrigation system is started remotely. The third relay may include contacts that are closed momentarily to drive the system in a first direction. The fourth relay may include contacts that are closed momentarily to drive the system in a second direction.12-15-2011
20080238212Transmission of a binary switch position - The present disclosure relates to simplified monitoring and transmission of a binary switch position by means of coded switching, in which corrections caused by different pulse edge delays are eliminated. According to the disclosure, an auxiliary voltage which is to be transmitted when the switch position is closed is coded using two identical pulse edges of two different pulses, that is to say using either the two connection edges or the two disconnection edges of the two pulses. As a result, the previously known pulse duration modulation is replaced with modulation of the delay time between the two pulses. The two pulses mentioned can be repeatedly generated inside a basic period, which is independent of the auxiliary voltage, and have, for distinguishing purposes, a connection duration or pulse length which is different but is independent of the auxiliary voltage.10-02-2008
20130169064ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM AND CONTROLLING METHOD OF THE SAME - An energy storage system constructed with a power conversion system that transmits and receives electric power respectively to and from, an external power grid and to apply the electric power received from the external power grid to an electric load via a first path, and a bypass switch shunt coupled with the power conversion system to provide a second and different path to apply power received from the external power grid to the electric load.07-04-2013
20130099593Multiple-Contact Switches - Multiple-contact switches are disclosed. An example multiple-contact switch disclosed herein includes a double throw switch having a common terminal, a first throw terminal, and a second throw terminal, the common terminal being coupled to a reference; a first throw circuit coupled to the first throw terminal, the first throw circuit to output an open signal to a process control device when the common terminal is substantially in contact with one of the first throw terminal or the second throw terminal; and a second throw circuit coupled to the second throw terminal, the second throw circuit to cause the first throw circuit to output a close signal to the process control device when the common terminal is substantially in contact with the other one of the first throw terminal or the second throw contact terminal, wherein at least one of the open signal or the close signal corresponds to the reference.04-25-2013
20130140909METHOD FOR ACTUATING A NUMBER OF MODULES - A method and a circuit system for actuating a number of modules. The method is carried out using the circuit system, which implements a flexible trigger mechanism.06-06-2013
20130127260Access Control Devices of the Electromagnetic Lock Module Type - An access control device including an electromagnetic lock module for selectively locking and unlocking a door in a door frame is provided. The access control device provides a lower profiled electromagnetic lock module to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the module, supports and integrates modern accessories such as CCTV, CCD cameras, passive motion detection with automatic background correction, digital notification display, automatic source voltage selection, door and lock status indicators, and ease of installation. The present invention further provides components and circuitry to enable connection of the electromagnetic control module to 12 or 24 volts DC or to an unfiltered rectified AC power supply.05-23-2013
20130154391SOLID-STATE CIRCUIT BREAKERS AND RELATED CIRCUITS - Various solid-state circuit breakers and related circuits are presented herein. These include, among other things, a common node bidirectional solid-state circuit breaker (BDSSCB) having diodes connected between terminals of its switches, a shunt voltage actuated driver (SVAD) circuit for use with a BDSSCB, a SVAD circuit for use with a unidirectional solid-state circuit breaker (UDSSCB), a bipolar current actuated driver (BCAD) for use with a BDSSCB, and a multi-directional solid-state circuit breaker (MDSSCB).06-20-2013
20130187480DC-DC CONVERTER MODULE AND MULTI-LAYER SUBSTRATE - A DC-DC converter module includes a multi-layer substrate, a switching IC, and a coil. The multi-layer substrate includes component mounting electrodes provided on the top surface and an input terminal, an output terminal, and ground terminals provided on the bottom surface. The switching IC switches an input voltage and includes an input electrode, an output electrode, and a ground electrode, and is mounted on the top surface of the substrate by connecting the electrodes to the component mounting electrodes. The coil is arranged within the multi-layer substrate in a spiral shape with an axis extending in the substrate stacking direction. The bottom surface side end of the coil is connected to the input/output electrode of the switching IC.07-25-2013

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