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299 - Mining or in situ disintegration of hard material

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299360100 Floor-working 42
299042000 Sidewall-working (e.g., longwall cutter) 16
299064000 With material-handling means 10
299033000 With mine roof-supporting means 8
299055000 Rotary cutter head with advance direction coincident or parallel to rotary axis 7
299340010 Cutter attached to endless chain or cable (e.g., planer type) 4
20110095595CHAIN GUIDE FOR A DRIVING CHAIN OF A MINING MACHINE - A chain guide for a driving chain of a winning plow or the like, the chain guide being provided with a chain guide element which is arranged in spatial proximity to the sprockets at a driving or return station and is against the chain transversely to the direction of movement of the latter, provision is made according to the invention for the chain guide element to have at least one pressure roller which can be adjusted against the chain links of the driving chain, as a result of which the wear on the chain guide element is considerably reduced.04-28-2011
20120032495MINING PLOUGH FOR PLOUGH SYSTEMS AND PLOUGH SYSTEM FOR INCLINED FORMATION - A mining plough for plough systems for the exploiting of minerals in inclined formations. In order to provide a mining plough and a plough system, with which coal seams, in particular seams in steep formation can be exploited economically and with high operating safety, the mining plough includes a separable plough body having two plough body basic elements each being provided with a fixture for a separate traction means and with a guide means for moving the coal plough by means of at least two traction means and for guiding the coal plough on at least two mutually spaced guide mechanisms.02-09-2012
20120043802BIT ARRANGEMENT FOR A MINING PLOUGH, AND MINING PLOUGH FOR PLOUGH SYSTEMS - A bit arrangement for fastening to a plough-body element of a mining plough for underground mining, particularly of a coal plough for the excavation of steeply disposed coal seams, having a plurality of bit pockets for accommodating, preferably demountably, respectively one bit per bit pocket. In order thereby to create a bit arrangement and a mining plough that can be used advantageously for the excavation of steeply disposed mineral deposits and that render possible economic excavation of such mineral deposits, at least two bit pockets are locked in recesses on a front side of a bit strip, which is provided, on a back side, with at least one groove indentation for the positive engagement of a locking projection on the plough-body element and is detachably fastenable to the plough-body element by means of detachable fastening means.02-23-2012
20120038204PLOUGHING DEVICE FOR MINING AND PLOUGH BODY FOR SAID DEVICE - A ploughing device for mining, with a ploughing tool having a plurality of plough bodies being interconnected by means of detachable coupling members, and with a longwall conveyor forming a plough guiding means, wherein at least one ploughing body is provided with pivotable cutter carriers. In order to have a ploughing device for mining different seam thicknesses in an efficient manner even and with low number of spare parts to be stored, the ploughing tool has three plough bodies, one forming a central ploughing body, at the end of which are connected a first and second lateral ploughing body by means of a first and second coupling members, wherein the coupling members in each case consist of a toggle bolt with toggle shaft and toggle heads being insertable on open-edged toggle pockets on the bodies.02-16-2012
299030000 Remote control 3
20130033090AUTOMATED STOP AND SHUTDOWN OPERATION OF A MINING MACHINE - Methods and systems for automatically operating a continuous mining machine. One method includes performing an automated cutting operation without requiring manual interaction using a cutterhead included in an arm pivotably coupled to a movable platform and stopping the automated cutting operation without requiring manual interaction. Stopping the cutting operation includes (i) stopping at least one motor driving the cutterhead, (ii) operating a first actuator to retract the platform from a cutting face by a predetermined distance, and (iii) operating a second actuator to swing the arm to a predetermined tramming position.02-07-2013
20090200856Methods and systems for raising and lowering a rig mast and substructure by remote control - Systems for drilling operations, the systems including: a drilling rig with a base; a mast movably connected to the base of the drilling rig; a drawworks system for raising and lowering the mast; a drawworks control system for controlling the drawworks as it raises and lowers the mast; a remote control system for remotely controlling the drawworks control system so that the mast can be raised and lowered by personnel spaced apart from the drilling rig; and, in certain aspects, the rig including a substructure which can be raised, and lowered by remote control. This abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract which will allow a searcher or other reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the technical disclosure and is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims, 37 C.F.R. 1.72(b).08-13-2009
20120319452Apparatus and method for mining coal - The present invention relates to a novel method of mining underground coal and recovering coal seam gas, the method including locating a seam of coal; digging a mine shaft to reach the seam of coal; constructing a ventilated underground control center which includes a computerized control panel, wherein the computerized control panel controls the movement of a drill head, a hollow drill shaft, a movable hydraulic shield, a movable resin roof bolting machine, and a movable waste extrusion device; providing mining personnel to the ventilated underground control center; and allowing the mining personnel to operate the computerized control panel wherein they perform the tasks of moving the drill head into the seam of coal to obtain aggregate coal and coal seam gas; extruding waste material into mined-out space of the coal seam; and transferring the aggregate coal and coal seam gas to the surface of the earth.12-20-2012
299073000 Cutter shiftable horizontally 2
20100219675Articulate continuous miner - A continuous mining machine in which the machine is capable of mining a width exceeding the width of the machine chassis by articulating the cutter end of the machine relative to the rear of the machine.09-02-2010
20110181097MINING MACHINE WITH DRIVEN DISC CUTTERS - A mining machine including a cutting mechanism comprising an arm having an arm end, a disc cutter adapted to engage the material to be mined and mounted on the arm end. The disc cutter is driven by the arm into the material to be mined, and the arm further includes a main portion, and a wrist portion pivotally attached to the main portion.07-28-2011
299031000 Stepper-type advance-causing means 2
20100164274Shield Machine - The present invention provides a shield machine (07-01-2010
20100148566ALL-CONDITIONS TUNNEL BORING MACHINE - A tunnel boring machine is provided comprising a cutter head, a main beam, a first, second, and third shield; and a ground conditioning work zone within the first shield, a gripper assembly, a segment erector arm for lining the tunnel, and at least one propulsion mechanism. The ground conditioning work zone includes at least one probing device for probing the terrain ahead of the cutter head. The first shield is configured to be retracted relative to the second shield to provide access for the ground conditioning work zone to apply at least one ground support device. The at least one propulsion mechanism moves the cutter head, the first and the second shield forward while the third shield and the gripper assembly remain stationary. The ground support devices can include filling a hole with a ground conditioning agent; and placing a bolt, ring beam, mesh, or shotcrete in/on the tunnel wall.06-17-2010
299069000 Percussive-type cutter 1
20090121537Boom arrangement for a scaling device and scaling device - A boom arrangement (05-14-2009
20110193398HEADING OR EXTRACTION MACHINE - In a heading or extraction machine (08-11-2011
20130057045Pulsed Water-Jet Apparatus - A pulsed water-jet apparatus comprising a high pressure water pump delivering water to a nozzle and a means of interruption disposed at or near the nozzle periodically interrupting the flow of water passing through the nozzle thereby generating a pulsed water-jet. An accumulator is disposed between the pump and the nozzle, wherein the accumulator is a high pressure accumulator storing energy between pulses of the pulsed water jet and the pressure drop at the accumulator inlet due to the release of each pulse of the pulsed water jet is less than twenty percent.03-07-2013
20120223568Holder Block Assembly for a Cutting Tool Having a Hydraulic Piston and Method - A holder block assembly for a drum-type cutting tool has a holder block, a sleeve, and a piston carried in a piston channel formed in the holder block. The sleeve includes a shank and an enlarged flange at an end of the shank. The sleeve shank is received in a hole in the holder block, with the shank and hole wall forming a number of axially spaced interference fits. A source of pressurized fluid applied to the holder block forces the piston against the sleeve to extract the sleeve from the holder block. Sealing structure between the piston and the holder block prevents the release of hydraulic fluid when the sleeve is released.09-06-2012
20120223567CORE BREAKER FOR A MINING MACHINE - A core breaker positioned between cutting drums on a mining machine that includes a generally circular support member, and a beveled blade portion on the radial outward surface of the support member. The beveled blade portion includes a plurality of wedge-shaped portions and a plurality of serrated portions. Each wedge-shaped portion is connected to an adjacent wedge-shaped portion through a mediate serrated portion. Both the wedge-shaped portions and the serrated portions are generally beveled. The wedge-shaped portions and serrated portions maintain curvatures, giving the blade portion a generally undulated appearance. The blade portion has two faces, and can be beveled on a single face. Alternatively, the blade portion can be beveled on each face. The beveled surfaces can be substantially symmetrical or asymmetrical from a view in the radial direction of the generally circular support member.09-06-2012
20110037308CONTINUOUS MINER CENTER DRUM WITH OFFSET SPLIT SURFACES - A pair of semi-cylindrical segments adapted to be connected to form a center drum of a cutter head of a mining machine. The split line between the semi-cylindrical segments is not continuous, but lies on more than one plane.02-17-2011
20120098326Reduced Volume Cutting Tip and Cutting Bit Incorporating Same - A cutting bit includes a tool pick having a head and a shank, and a cutting tip having a body, a cap extending frontwardly from the body, and a base extending rearwardly from the body. The base defines an outer diameter of the cutting tip and a substantially flat rear surface at the rear of the cutting tip. A post extends axially frontwardly from a front surface of the head of the tool pick. A cavity extends axially frontwardly into the base from the rear surface of the cutting tip, the cavity having a diameter equal to or less than about 40% of the outer diameter of the cutting tip. When the cutting tip is mounted to the tool pick, the post is received into the cavity and a portion of the front surface of the tool pick mates with a portion of the rear surface of the cutting tip.04-26-2012
20120104831Heading Machine - In a heading machine (05-03-2012
20120104830Grading Pick With Extended Fins - A tool pick including a head portion, a larger diameter shoulder positioned rearwardly adjacent to the head portion and joined to the head portion at a junction, and a shank extending rearwardly with respect to the shoulder. Two or more fins extend generally radially outward from the head portion and the shoulder, each fin having an outer surface sloping outwardly and rearwardly from the head portion and a pair of side surfaces, a rear end of each fin being located rearward of the junction between the head portion and the shoulder, the fins defining a maximum diameter of at least about 105% of the diameter of the shoulder such that the outer surface of the fin at an axial position aligned with the junction is located radially outward with respect to the junction.05-03-2012
20110109147BLOCK AND SLEEVE WITH ROTATION-INHIBITING FEATURE - A block and sleeve assembly is disclosed including a holder block, and a hollow sleeve. In radial cross-section, outer peripheral edges of the shoulder portion of the sleeve have a shape of a first polygon. The holder block and the hollow sleeve include cooperating rotation inhibiting features. For example, the holder block includes a stop projecting forwardly past a plane of the front face and positioned radially offset from a circumference of the opening in the holder block to allow a rearward surface of the shoulder portion of the sleeve to contact the front face of the holder block and to prevent rotation of the hollow sleeve greater than N degrees,05-12-2011
20110241407CARBIDE BLOCK AND SLEEVE WEAR SURFACE - An assembly is disclosed including a holder block, a cutting pick, and an optional hollow sleeve, wherein the shank of the cutting pick is inserted into the holder block or, where present, into the hollow sleeve. When assembled, surfaces of the components meet at an interface. At least one of the first interface and the second interface includes one or more sets of wear elements including cemented carbide bodies press fit into recesses in the forwardly oriented surfaces meeting at the interfaces. The wear elements mitigate direct contact between the opposing surfaces of the components at the interfaces and prevents excessive wear from repetitive impact because the harder wear elements, e.g., cemented carbide, are contact points between the opposing surfaces of the components at the interfaces. A machine incorporating the assembly and a method of manufacturing the assembly are also disclosed, particularly a machine for mining, excavating, tunneling, road planing and/or construction.10-06-2011
20110156470CUTTER HEAD CONTAINING ITS MOTORS AND GEARCASE - An apparatus for mining a mineral seam, comprising a motor, and a cutting drum carried on the frame for winning aggregate material from the mineral seam. The cutting drum encloses the motor, and a gear case drivingly connected between the motor and the cutting drum transmits power from the motor to the cutting drum. The gear case is also enclosed within the cutting drum.06-30-2011
20100194176RADIAL TOOL WITH SUPERHARD CUTTING SURFACE - A non-rotating mining cutter pick has a shank portion with a non-circular cross-section, a head portion including a tip region distal from the shank portion, a shoulder portion separating the shank portion from the head portion, and a cutting insert mounted at a front end of the tip region. The cutting insert includes a body formed of tungsten carbide and an element formed of a superhard material, such as PCD or other material having a prescribed knoop hardness. At least a portion of a first surface of the element is exposed on a cutting surface of the cutting insert, which improves wear properties of the mining cutter pick. The element is fused to the body of the cutting insert, preferably in a high pressure-high temperature (HPHT) process. A method of manufacture and a cutting machine incorporating the non-rotating mining cutter pick on the rotatable element are also disclosed.08-05-2010
20130140873Reduced Volume Cutting Tip and Cutting Bit Incorporating Same - A cutting bit includes a tool pick having a head and a shank, and a cutting tip having a body, a cap extending frontwardly from the body, and a base extending rearwardly from the body. The base defines an outer diameter of the cutting tip and a substantially flat rear surface at the rear of the cutting tip. A post extends axially frontwardly from a front surface of the head of the tool pick. A cavity extends axially frontwardly into the base from the rear surface of the cutting tip, the cavity having a diameter equal to or less than about 40% of the outer diameter of the cutting tip. When the cutting tip is mounted to the tool pick, the post is received into the cavity and a portion of the front surface of the tool pick mates with a portion of the rear surface of the cutting tip.06-06-2013
20120056465Cutting tool for a mining machine - In a cutting tool for a mining machine, in particular shearer, including a tool base body and a cutting insert (03-08-2012


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