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297 - Chairs and seats

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297468000 Safety belt or harness; e.g., lap belt or shoulder harness 154
297465000 Jacket, vest, or suit restraint 11
297467000 Having crotch strap or post 5
20130162001Restraint System for Child Support - The present invention is directed toward a restraint system for an infant support such as a highchair. The restraint system includes a restraining member adapted to pass through an aperture formed into the infant support. The restraining member includes a stop member selectively operable to pass through the aperture. Specifically, the stop member is configured to pass through the aperture when in a first orientation relative to the slot, but cannot pass through aperture when positioned in a second (e.g., opposite) orientation relative to the slot. With this configuration, the unintended separation of the restraint system from the infant support may be prevented. Additionally, with this configuration, the accidental tightening of the shoulder straps on a restrained child by a sibling pulling on the straps from behind the seat is also prevented.06-27-2013
20110278904BABY COUPLER - A baby coupler apparatus for securing a child into a high chair is provided. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a central cushion section; a first waist strap coupled to a first end of the central cushion section; a second waist strap coupled to a second end of the central cushion section distal to the first end; a central strap coupled to the central cushion section between the first end of the central cushion section and the second end of the central cushion section; at least one fastening device that couples the first waist strap, the central strap, and the second waist strap; and at least one high-chair fastening device coupled to a back side of the central cushion section and configured to secure the central cushion section to a structure of a high-chair.11-17-2011
20100013291SEATBELT RETENTION DEVICE AND SYSTEM - A seatbelt retention device with a base located on the upper seat surface of a vehicle seat and a seatbelt catch mounted on the base to retain the waist section of a seatbelt. The seatbelt retention device receives a passenger on the base in use, such that the catch is accessible between the legs of the passenger. A vehicle seat assembly can incorporate the seatbelt catch mounted in the seat and projecting through the upper seat surface so as to be accessible between the legs of a passenger seated on the seat.01-21-2010
20090134689SAFETY BOW FOR A CHILDREN'S CHAIR - The present invention concerns a safety bow (05-28-2009
20130127229TENSIONING APPARATUSES FOR OCCUPANT RESTRAINT SYSTEMS AND ASSOCIATED SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Tensioning apparatuses for occupant restraint systems and associated systems and methods. In one embodiment, an occupant restraint system for a vehicle can include a flexible web configured to extend across at least a portion of an occupant seated in the vehicle and an electrically actuated web retractor operably coupled to a proximal end portion of the web. The web retractor is configured to automatically wind and unwind the web. The system also includes an acceleration sensor operably coupled to the electrically actuated web retractor. The acceleration sensor is configured to send an electrical signal to the web retractor in response to a vehicle acceleration above a preset magnitude. In response to the signal, the web retractor is configured to (a) retract the web, and/or (b) at least temporarily prevent the web from moving inwardly or outwardly.05-23-2013
297466000 Leg or arm restraint 4
20100117436Adjustable adduction stabilizer - An adjustable adduction stabilizer for use on a wheelchair to support a patient's leg against the leg rest panel of the wheelchair. The stabilizer device is made from a thermoplastic material such as Orthoplast in which holes are formed so that the patient's leg can breathe to prevent skin irritation or bacteria growth. The stabilizer device includes a front curved portion that can be reshaped using a hand held heat gun to fit various sizes of legs. The stabilizer device wraps around the front of the leg to prevent the leg from sliding off of the leg rest panel in both sideways direction. A Velcro strap is sued to secure the stabilizer device to the wheelchair for easy removal and installation.05-13-2010
20090302667SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROTECTING A LEG OF A PASSENGER IN A COMMON CARRIER - A system and method for reducing injuries within an aisle entry using a leg arresting device. The leg arresting device includes a leg engaging surface, an arm coupled to the leg engaging surface, and an end member coupled to the arm and connected to an attachment point in front of the user. The end member can be coupled to many locations, including a wall or seat, in front of the user. To prevent injuries, the user simply sets up the leg arresting device by positioning the end member against an attachment point in front of the user. In turn, the user adjusts at least one of the leg engaging surface, arm, and end member of the leg arresting device so that the leg engaging surface is comfortably placed against the user's knee or leg. The leg arresting device can also be used for resting a user's legs or thighs.12-10-2009
20110043028SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROTECTING A LEG OF A PASSENGER IN A COMMON CARRIER - A system and method for reducing injuries within an aisle entry using a leg arresting device (02-24-2011
20110210598RESTRAINT SYSTEM FOR VEHICLE - An apparatus and for restraining occupants of a vehicle is disclosed, the apparatus having a rigid member configured to restrain an upper or lower body portion of an individual located in the vehicle. The individual moves within a range of motion that is represented by an area of movement. The rigid member is capable of movement between a stowed position and a deployed position. The upper body portion or the lower body portion is restrained by the rigid member only in the deployed position. A locking mechanism for locking the rigid member in the stowed position and the deployed position is provided. A release mechanism activates the locking mechanism. The release mechanism is located at a predetermined distance from the locking mechanism such that the release mechanism is located outside of the area of movement.09-01-2011
297487000 Front guard or barrier 3
20100264719CHILD CONTAINMENT DEVICE AND RETENTION DEVICE ASSEMBLY - A retention device is assembled to a child containment device and is rotatable about each side of the retention device. In particular, the retention device (e.g., a tray or toy bar) includes a first engagement portion adjacent a first end of the retention device and a second engagement portion adjacent a second end of the retention device. The child containment device includes a seat portion, a first frame member adjacent a first side of the seat portion, and a second frame member adjacent a second side of the seat portion. Mating engagement portions are disposed on each frame member and engage the engagement portions of the retention device. To rotate the retention device relative to the child containment device, one of the engagement portions is disengaged from the respective mating engagement portion, and the retention device is rotated relative the other engagement portion.10-21-2010
20090058170Transporting Means of a Chair Lift or of a Cableway System - A transporting means of a chair lift or of a cableway system has a safety bar, a device for closing the safety bar, an energy storage device, a device for charging the energy storage device and a blocking device which prevents the energy storage device from being charged. The blocking device can be activated and deactivated. The opening of the safety bar is prevented in the active state of the blocking device. The blocking device prevents the safety bar from being opened over at least part of the distance covered by the safety bar between its fully open position and its fully closed position, in particular over the entire distance.03-05-2009
20120068521AMUSEMENT DEVICE SEAT ASSEMBLY - The invention relates to an amusement device seat assembly, comprising a seat and a bar construction, moveable between a access position to a passenger fixation position, in which the passenger is fixed in the seat. The assembly further comprises locking means to lock the bar construction at the passenger fixation position. The locking means comprise engagement means to engage and disengage with the bar construction and a guide for the engagement means allowing the engagement means to assume an engagement position between the access position and the passenger fixation position, and allowing the engagement means and the engaged bar construction to move between the engagement position to the passenger fixation position. The locking means comprise fixation means for fixing the engagement means and the engaged bar construction at multiple passenger fixation positions along the guide to accommodate passengers of different sizes.03-22-2012
297486000 Shoulder restraint 2
20120126607ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAP MECHANISM FOR BABY STROLLER - An adjustable shoulder strap mechanism for baby stroller, provides with a pair of shoulder straps adjustable in height for suitable use of baby or child occupant of different size. The upper end of the shoulder straps can be repositioned by manipulating a driving mechanism accessible on the rear side of the backrest of a stroller. In a preferred embodiment, a head cushioning pad is disposed on the front side of the backrest, following the adjustment of the upper end of the shoulder straps.05-24-2012
20130127230Vehicle shoulder belt extension - A safety belt extension plate is made for lowering a vehicle shoulder belt so that the belt does not ride up against the drivers or passengers neck. By lowering the shoulder belt adjustment position, the position of the shoulder belt can be made to rest in the middle of the drivers or passengers shoulder rather than near or against the occupants neck making the belt more comfortable and safer.05-23-2013
20110204696MAGNETIZED RESTRAINT SYSTEMS AND PACKAGES FOR TRAVEL AND REST - A magnetized head restraint system employs a magnetic head restraint (08-25-2011
20110227391REAR SEAT DIVIDER FOR MOTOR VEHICLE - A divider for a rear seat of a motor vehicle is formed as a single, free-standing element having a block that is compressible and has shape memory, wherein the block has a pliable covering and has a base and a back surface. A lap restraint belt interface has a first slot that extends through the block for accepting an inserted lap restraint belt and the first slot is oriented for compressively urging at least a portion of the base against a bottom surface of the rear seat and a portion of the back surface toward a backrest when the inserted lap restraint belt is engaged. A second interface accepts a second restraint device and is oriented for adding a compressively urging force at least toward the backrest of the rear seat when the second restraint device is engaged.09-22-2011
20090230754Ground hunter's portable footrest and shooting harness - A ground hunter's portable footrest and/or shooting harness comprising a pair of adjustable harness members which are tethered together so that the harness members may be slipped beneath the hunter's feet and over the hunter's knee/thigh area. The harness members are length-adjustable to accommodate an individual's requirements. The invention not only serves a portable footrest to reduce knee, leg and foot fatigue but also provides a stable shooting platform.09-17-2009
20090243366Safety System for a Seat of a Ski Lift Facility and Method for Implementing Same - A safety system for a chair (10-01-2009
20120193967TETHER BRACKET ASSEMBLY AND SEAT ASSEMBLY HAVING THE SAME - A tether bracket assembly for securing a connector of a child seat is used in conjunction with a seat assembly having an U-shaped seat back frame. The U-shaped seat back frame includes a top horizontal cylindrical bar. The tether bracket assembly includes a mounting bracket having a concave surface which includes a curvature complementary to the cylindrical bar of the seat back frame, the concave surface being affixed to an underside of the cylindrical bar. The tether bracket assembly further includes an elongated tether bracket having a first end and an opposite second end. The first end is operatively attached to the mounting bracket. The second end is adapted to engage with a connector of a child seat to secure the child seat to the seat assembly. The elongated tether bracket projects generally upward beyond the top horizontal cylindrical bar of the seat back frame.08-02-2012
20110031799Passenger head support - A head restraint assisting a sleeping or resting passenger may provide for a pleated fabric hammock portion supported by the back of the seat by a retaining strap, the tensioned hammock portion cradling the user's head and/or face.02-10-2011
20100117435Resting Apparatus - The invention disclosed herein is securely supported resting apparatus that includes a resting platform sufficient to support the leaning weight of the user and a configuration of straps to provide support in a limited or enclosed space.05-13-2010
20100283310Head Restraint Device - The present invention provides an improved head restraint device for securing a person's head to a headrest such as those found on vehicle passenger seats. The head restraint immobilizes the person's head, neck, and spine in all degrees of freedom, e.g., lateral, longitudinal or frontal, and rotational, relative to the headrest. Yet, when a threshold amount of external force is applied to the person's head, particularly in a frontal or normal direction relative to the passenger seat, the person's head will separate itself from the headrest to prevent injury to the person.11-11-2010
20100026078Dynamic trunk support system - A device is provided for supporting a portion of the upper body during forward lean. The device comprises a hinge joint provided on a base plate. A central pillar extends upwards from the hinge joint, the hinge joint enabling movement of the central pillar through a range of motions. A support plate is situated on the central pillar at an opposite end from the hinge joint, the support plate providing support to a user in the region of the user's breast plate. At least one resistor element is operably associated with the central pillar to receive stresses delivered via at least one linkage unit during periods of forward lean, thereby transferring at least a portion of the upper body weight to the at least one resistor element.02-04-2010
20120104826OCCUPANT RESTRAINT SYSTEM COMPONENTS HAVING STATUS INDICATORS AND/OR MEDIA INTERFACES, AND ASSOCIATED METHODS OF USE AND MANUFACTURE - The present disclosure describes components for use with child seats and other personal restraint systems. In one embodiment a soft pad portion of a buckle assembly can be configured to surround or encase components of a buckle assembly of a personal restraint system. In certain embodiments of the disclosure, the pad can include one or more media features that can include entertainment, education, or care-giver alert devices that can be attached to, integrated with, or otherwise connected to the pad. Moreover, the pad can also serve as a platform onto which indicators, additional user devices, and/or media features can be incorporated and/or displayed.05-03-2012
20120007408METHOD FOR PROTECTING AND RESTRAINING A PASSENGER OF A VEHICLE; AND PROTECTION AND RESTRAINING DEVICE FOR PROTECTING A PASSENGER OF A VEHICLE - A protection and restraining device for protecting a passenger on a passenger seat of a vehicle in the event of an accident, the protection and restraining device being designed to trigger a support wing such that it moves laterally against an occupant seat of the vehicle, and the protection and restraining device and/or support wing furthermore being designed to be more easily moved from a lateral initial position in a first lateral direction than in a second lateral direction.01-12-2012
20120261976Belt Fastening on the Rear Main Tube of the Backrest, Ideally on the Rear Foot Situated at the Bottom - Disclosed is a vehicle seat with seat part, backrest, belt restraining system and support structure supporting the seat part and backrest. Belt restraining system comprises belt reversal means and belt lock. Belt reversal means is positioned in an upper corner region of the backrest and belt lock positioned in seat area of seat part. Support structure has asymmetrical framework with main force braces extending substantially vertically. Main force braces converge in junction region and underside of support structure a first, second and third one of main force braces is arranged on the side towards the junction region as a thrust brace guided forwards as far as a front foot; on a side towards the junction region as a tension brace at the rear guided as far as a first rear foot; tension/thrust brace at the rear guided as far as a further rear foot.10-18-2012
20130020853SECURE ME SYSTEMS - A head restraint system for supporting a head of a user on a headrest including a headband having, an anterior side, and a posterior side; a first strap coupled to a left side posterior side of the headband, and a second strap coupled to a right posterior side of the headband; and at least one first fastener coupled to the first strap and at least one second fastener coupled to the second strap. The first strap on the headband is wrapped around a left side of the headrest while the second strap on the headband is wrapped around a right side of the headrest and then the female end and the male end of the first and second fasteners secure the first strap to the second strap around the headrest.01-24-2013
20130113267Head and Neck Restraining System - A head and neck restraint system includes a vertical support and a head and neck restraint assembly coupled to the vertical support. The head and neck restraint assembly includes a pair of spaced members coupled to the vertical support. The pair of spaced members have a spring memory that permits movement of one of said members toward and away from the other member or movement of both of said members toward and away from each other. One or more spring biased wedges avoid the spring memory from returning one or both of the spaced members to a starting position after movement of one of the members toward the other member or movement of both of the members towards each other.05-09-2013
20080197688Portable Posture Correction Device - A device for correcting sitting posture consisting of a back pad (08-21-2008


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