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297411350 Adjustable to multiple use positions relative to bottom or back 66
297411300 Movable to nonuse position 21
297411260 Detachably interfitted to a particular chair or seat at a connecting joint 5
20120098317AUTOMOBILE SEAT - A vehicle seat is installed inside a vehicle such that an occupant can sit thereon. The vehicle seat includes a backrest which forms a part of the vehicle seat, the backrest being brought into contact with a back of the occupant when the occupant sits, and an armrest which is provided on a central portion of a region of the backrest that is adjacent to a door of the vehicle and extends inwards a predetermined length from the region of the backrest that is adjacent to the door of the vehicle along a surface of the backrest. The occupant is allowed to lean an arm on the armrest when erecting his/her body from the vehicle seat in order to get out. The armrest is provided in the backrest, so that the occupant can easily erect his/her body by leaning an arm on the armrest in order to get out.04-26-2012
20090322138CHILD SEAT - A child seat includes a carrier, an armrest and a flexible connector. The carrier includes a loading surface and a connecting part. The flexible connector is connected between the carrier and the armrest. When the child seat is in an un-assembled state, the armrest is separated from the connecting part. When the child seat is in an assembled state, the armrest is fixed to the connecting part. Alternatively, the child seat includes a carrier, an armrest and a connector. The carrier includes a loading surface and a connecting part. The connector is connected with the carrier and the armrest. When the child seat is in an un-assembled state, the armrest is laid flat on the loading surface. When the child seat is in an assembled state, the armrest is fixed to the connecting part in an upright state.12-31-2009
20110109145Armrest assembly - An armrest assembly applied to connect an armrest with a seat bottom. The armrest includes an armrest member, an armrest support and a fastening plate extending from a bottom end of the armrest support toward the seat. The fastening plate is arranged with a plurality of fastening holes so that the fastening plate is secured on the seat bottom by inserting screws through the fastening holes. The armrest assembly uses a pad with tapered plane being fixed on a fastening plate on a bottom side of an armrest support to adjust the relative position of the fastening plate and a bottom side of the seat. Thus the armrests are arranged vertically on two sides of the chair. Moreover, one armrest of the present invention is applied to connect with a plurality of chair seats so as to increase applications of the armrest.05-12-2011
20100176642CHAIR ARM THAT IS ROTATABLY FOLDED AND ASSEMBLY-FREE - A chair arm is rotatably folded and assembly-free, which is applicable for a new type folding chair, said chair arm comprising a back panel pin, an arm, a fixation for the pin, and a connection screw. The back panel and the arm are connected through the screw via a screw hole formed on the top end of the arm with said screw hole being a rotation center. The pin is fixed on a side of the back panel, the fixation for the pin comprises an arm housing, an unlocking hand knob, a locking member, an elastic member and a fixation screw, a slide slot is formed on the inner side of the arm housing facing the back panel, when the back panel is rotated, the screw hole on the top end of the arm functions as a rotation center, the pin on the back panel contacts the locking member through the guide slot on the arm, the locking member slides inside the guide slot on the arm as acted on by the pin, when the pin enters into the inner side of the locking member, the lock member is reset as acted on by the elastic member, and the locking member and the guide slot on the arm form a locking hole for locking the back panel pin.07-15-2010
20120280551EASY-TO-ASSEMBLE/RECYCLE ARMREST - An armrest includes a base and an arm support. The base has a connecting portion and an installing portion. A first surface at an end of the connecting portion is opposite to the installing portion. The arm support is adapted to assemble with the base, and the arm support is pivotable with respect to the base. The arm support includes a second surface abutting the first surface, with a cavity defined in one of the first and second surfaces. An engaging member is pivotally received in the cavity in a single pivoting direction from an unlocked position to a locked position. The arm support is fixed to the base in the locked position.11-08-2012
297411210 Mounted to structure other than a chair or seat component 5
20120193964ARMREST STRUCTURE FOR VEHICLE AND SETTING METHOD OF ARMREST HEIGHT FOR VEHICLE - An armrest structure for a vehicle of the present invention comprises a first armrest to support an elbow of one of arms of a passenger seated in a seat and a second armrest to support an elbow of the other arm of the passenger. A horizontal distance W08-02-2012
20100127550ARTICULATED CHAIR HAVING UNIVERSAL RECLINING ARMREST SYSTEM - A universal reclining armrest system for use with an articulated examination chair. The system includes an armrest adapter having a universal aperture for receiving a post portion of an armrest assembly. The armrest adapter further includes a splined peg for coupling to a pivoting mechanism of an articulated chair. The pivoting mechanism enables the chair to move throughout an operable range of motion while maintaining a fixed rotational position of an attached armrest adapter. The armrest assembly further includes an adjustable joint to provide 360° of rotational adjustment to the armrest relative to the fixed position of the armrest adapter.05-27-2010
20120242131MOTOR-VEHICLE FOLD-DOWN ARMREST - A motor-vehicle accessory having a pivotal element that can pivot about an axis on a generally fixed support element is provided with a mechanism having an extension on one of the elements offset from the axis and projecting angularly of the axis and a brake on the other of the elements. This brake has a pair of brake shoes flanking the extension and shiftable between a clamping position gripping the element and preventing movement of the element relative to the brake in at least one angular direction and a release position permitting movement of the element relative to the brake both in and against the one direction.09-27-2012
20110187175Arm-Rest Adjustable in Inclination, in Particular for Vehicles - Arm-rest, adjustable in inclination, in particular for vehicles, comprising: —a fixed part 08-04-2011
20100327646ARMREST FOR VEHICLE - An armrest for a vehicle is provided that does not increase the number of parts and the assembly process, absorbs the shock of lateral collision of the vehicle by deformation of an armrest core member, and has the armrest core member that is not easily deformed during normal use. The armrest for the vehicle includes an armrest core member and a cushion member attached on an upper surface of the armrest core member. A boss is provided to extend from the armrest core member, and the armrest core member is attached to a door trim of the vehicle by the boss. A rib is provided on a circumferential surface of the boss, and has an extending portion extending in a lateral direction of the vehicle. The extending portion is integrally formed with the upper surface or a lower surface of the armrest core member.12-30-2010
297411230 Attachable to diverse chairs or seats; i.e., portable 4
20120256462REMOVABLE ARMREST FOR SECTIONAL SEATING - A detachable and adjustable armrest device for pews and sectional seating that can be quickly installed, moved, recessed and removed. The device includes an upper clamp that form-fits sectional seat backs and includes a plurality of adjustment fasteners that firmly secures the armrest to the top end of the sectional seat back. A vertical backboard extends down along the seat back at a common angle from the upper clamp assembly and provides a connecting point for the arm board. The arm board can be connected directly to the vertical backboard by an L-shaped bracket to provide a fixed height armrest. In an alternated embodiment, one end of the L-shaped bracket is connected to an axle that is affixed to the vertical backboard. When the arm board is lifted vertically, it pivots on the axle and can be held in a vertical recessed position of a lock pin. In another embodiment, one end of the L-shaped bracket is held against the vertical backboard by a plurality of guide clamps that allow for vertical movement of the arm board height relative to the vertical backboard. The height adjustment is made by turning a screw running vertically through the L-shaped bracket into a receiving nut attached to the underside of the vertical backboard.10-11-2012
20120181837Elbow Stabilizer for Hunting - A device for stabilizing the elbow of a person while participating in certain activities for example hunting or photography includes a first member for attaching the device to an arm rest of a conventional chair. A second member is adjustably supported above the first member for supporting the elbow of the user to assist in stabilizing the aim of the user.07-19-2012
20090315381AIRPLANE AUXILIARY ARMREST - Airplane auxiliary armrests enclosed to solve the problem of uncomfortable aircraft seating. Many consumers who sit in aircrafts have no or inadequate padding on the chair arms, will be able to attach the armrest in a matter of minutes and therefore experiencing more comfortable armrest while they are sitting in the chair. The airplane auxiliary armrests are designed to slide over the top of an existing airline armrest. The aircraft auxiliary armrest will be made of high density foam within and encased in a soft resilient material.12-24-2009
20110133537Retrofitting Armrest Supports - This invention, the Retrofitting Armrest Support, is a solitary, cushioned, rigid platform, that creates support for the elbow or forearm of an individual who is seated in a task chair by means of retrofitting said task chair armrest. The invention, Retrofitting Armrest Support, is attached to said task chair armrest by means of a strong secure attachment to create a rigid, immobile, inflexible, padded support surface beyond the top weight bearing surface boundary of said task chair armrest in the forward, backward, inward, or outward horizontal transverse plane relative to said top cross sectional, surface area of said task chair armrest creating said support during the performance of desktop or computer work tasks. The invention, Retrofitting Armrest Support, positions the wrist and hand of said individual in a straight anatomically neutral position and non weight bearing position to reduce ergonomic risk factors which are associated with cumulative trauma of the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder, neck, and back during desktop and computer work tasks. The invention, Retrofitting Armrest Support, is adjustable, attachable, and detachable by means of a Velcro cinch strapping system that creates a secure attachment and that creates a level padded cushioned armrest support.06-09-2011
297411460 Upholstered 3
20120146381ARMREST WITH INTERCHANGEABLE ARM CAP - An armrest for arena, stadium, classroom and auditorium seating. The armrest includes a base and an interchangeable arm cap secured to the base. The base defines a rectangular recess sized to telescopically receive a support leg, the recess including vertical crush ribs to retain the support leg within the recess. The arm cap is releasably joined with the base opposite the recess and is interchangeable with multiple different arm caps while the support leg remains inserted in the recess. The arm cap can include any desired finish, and can extend over the interface between the base and the arm cap to provide a clean appearance.06-14-2012
20120133190AIR INFLATABLE RECLINING SHAMPOO CHAIR - A reclining shampoo chair includes an air inflatable inclined main body comprising a head, a tail, a curved member extending the head to terminate at top of a rear surface of the main body, and at least one air inflation valve; and a horizontal support formed with the tail. The main body further includes a plurality of parallel air bladders of convex surface communicating with each other.05-31-2012
20110272991ARMREST ASSEMBLY FOR AIRCRAFT PASSENGER SEAT - An armrest assembly including an armpan defining an elongate channel and including slide-lock structure positioned about a top opening of the channel and at opposing ends thereof for engaging an armcap, an armcap covering the channel and having complimentary slide-lock structure and defining at least one cavity for receiving overmold material of an armpad, and an overmolded armpad covering a portion of the armcap and filling the at least one cavity of the armcap to retain the armpad on the armcap.11-10-2011
297411450 Mounted on an upwardly extending side panel 2
20130076097MULTI-SURFACE ARMREST - A multi-surface armrest is revealed. The multi-surface armrest includes an armrest pad disposed on a top surface of an armrest support. A lower part of the armrest support is connected to a chair seat. The armrest pad consists of a middle part and a plurality of armrest surfaces arranged around an outer surface of the middle part. At least one positioning member is disposed between the armrest pad and the armrest support. The armrest pad is positioned at, assembled with or separated from the armrest support. While the armrest pad and the armrest support are separated, the armrest pad is rotated or moved so as to select one of the armrest surfaces to place arms.03-28-2013
20100176643Universal Arm Assembly Connection For Furniture Members - An arm attachment system for a furniture member assembly includes a furniture member having a support frame. An attachment member is connected to the support frame. First and second connection members are individually fixed at opposing ends of the attachment member each extending vertically upward from the attachment member and individually positioned outward of a right hand side or a left hand side of the furniture member. Identically configured first and second arm assemblies each include first and second brackets. Each bracket includes a connection member receiving cavity opening downwardly. Each cavity is adapted to receive one of the first or second connection members upwardly into the cavity such that the first and second arm assemblies can be interchangeably connected at either a right hand side or a left hand side of the furniture member.07-15-2010
297411400 Single element forms plural spaced armrests of a chair or seat 1
20110043026Armrest Device - An armrest accessory attached or integrally made with an armrest placed between seats in a row of chairs wherein said armrest accessory provides individual space for the arms of both persons sitting at either side of the device without increasing the width of the division. The armrest accessory comprises a resilient material with a curved cross-section that will extend throughout the length of the division of the seats. The curvature of the device creates two separate platforms, one above the other, which are used as armrests.02-24-2011
297411440 Connected to back and bottom 1
20110272990CHAIR WITH HIDDEN COMBINING ELEMENTS - A chair with hidden combining elements includes a seat; each of the lateral sides of the seat being formed with a trench; two handles; and two first combining bases for connecting one inner end of a respective one of the two handles to a respective inner lateral side of the seat. The inner end of the handle is in contact to the inner lateral side of the seat. The chair further has a back portion connected to the seat; and two second combining units. Each second combining unit is installed between an inner side of a respective one of the handle and an inner side of the back portion; and the inner side of the handle is in contact with the back portion and the inner side of the back portion is in contact with the seat.11-10-2011
20110080030ARMREST AND METHODS FOR MAUFACTURING SAME - A method for manufacturing an armrest includes making a plurality of core sections. Each core section is formed by bonding a plurality of waste pieces of high-quality wood together. Each of two adjacent ends respectively of two adjacent core sections is machined to provide a serrated coupling face having a plurality of grooves and a plurality of protrusions. The core sections are bonded together to form a core having a desired length by applying adhesive to the serrated coupling faces. A plurality of upper boards made of the same material as the core is bonded to a top side of the core. A plurality of lateral boards made of the same material as the core is bonded to each of two lateral sides of the core.04-07-2011
20100123345VEHICLE COMMAND ARMREST ASSEMBLY - An armrest assembly includes an armrest base unit. The base unit has a side portion forming a channel member. First and second auxiliary units may be mounted to the base unit. Each auxiliary unit has an attachment member which is received by and mates with the channel member. A slot and bores are formed in a bottom surface of the channel member. Screws extend through the slot and bores and are screwed into the auxiliary units. The attachment and channel members have mating U-shaped cross-sectional shapes.05-20-2010
20080284227ARMREST STRUCTURE OF THE BACK-SEAT OF THE HEAVY-DUTY MOTORCYCLE - The invention relates to an armrest structure of the back-seat of the heavy-duty motorcycle; wherein, the structure is composed of a linking-sleeve and a handle set at both sides of the fix-base. One rectangular-and-hollow adjusting trough is respectively set at each side of the arc-shaped fix-base to facilitate bolts to be fixed around the cover of the oil box after penetrating; a penetrating-hole is respectively set at the outmost end of both sides to be slipped through by bolt for bolt's integrating with the bottom of linking-sleeve after slipping through; an open-cutting trough and a bolting-hole being reserved around the on-slipping hole, after the upper end of the linking-sleeve contacting with the on-slipping hole set at one end of the handle, the linking-sleeve and the handle will be integrated as one unit via the bolt's bolting force and the fortifying contact force of the open-cutting trough.11-20-2008
20090184558ROTATABLE ARMREST ASSEMBLY - A rotatable armrest assembly comprises: an armrest support adapted to be connected to a base of the child car seat and having an insert hole; and an armrest having top and bottom ends that are opposite to each other in an axial direction, and provided with a shaft that extends into the insert hole so as to permit the armrest to be rotatable relative to the armrest support about an axis of the shaft that extends in the axial direction.07-23-2009
20110140497Armrest for a chair - An armrest for a chair is provided which has an improved anti-rotation and mechanical connection between an armrest body and a frame tube of the chair. The end of the frame tube is mechanically deformed or is shaped so as to have a non-circular profile with a central opening defined by inwardly projecting arcuate surfaces of the frame tube. The armrest includes a cooperating, non-circular socket which fits onto the frame tube wherein a suitable fastener is threaded downwardly into direct, self-threading engagement with an upper opening formed in the end of the frame tube.06-16-2011
20090146480Crushable Armrest Assembly - An armrest for use with a motorized vehicle is provided comprising first and second substantially opposing surfaces elongated longitudinally along the vehicle's interior surface and extending laterally inward therefrom. The armrest also includes a substantially vertical wall portion extending from the inner periphery of the first and second surfaces. The first and second surfaces define a plurality of channels oriented substantially parallel to one another and elongated longitudinally relative to the vehicle, in either a parallel or oblique fashion relative to a longitudinal axis of the vehicle. The plurality of channels is configured to sustain substantial vertical loading and controllably deform under a predetermined threshold lateral crush load. In addition, the plurality of channels preferably includes one or more partitions within each of the channels that are oriented relative to one another to thereby create a load path for lateral loads imparted to the armrest assembly.06-11-2009
20110031797Assembled Product and Garden Chair - The invention provides an assembled product, comprising a main body, and a left part and right part which are of the same construction and symmetrically mounted to the main body. Each left and right parts have a connecting hole defined therein for engaging the respective connecting holes defined inside the main body. The invention also provides a garden chair, comprising a seating plate; a backrest arranged at one side of and connected with the seating plate; a pair of left and right front legs coupled with the seating plate symmetrically and respectively; and a pair of left and right rear legs which are coupled with the seating plate symmetrically and respectively. The product of the invention can be widely applicable to kinds of furniture.02-10-2011
20100301656ADJUSTING STRUCTURE FOR AN ARMREST OF A CHAIR - An adjusting structure for an armrest of a chair comprises a support member, an armrest, a side cover, a press member, a guiding member, a housing, and an engaging unit; wherein in operation, the press member is pressed inward to disengage the guiding member from the limiting recess of the support member. Thereafter, the armrest is adjusted to tilt forward so that the screw elements and the guiding member are guided toward a predetermined orientation along the arcuate groove, and the engaging unit abuts against the support member, thereby positioning the armrest.12-02-2010
20100187888Seat Cushion With Recessed Region To Provide Spinal Decompression - A seat cushion for use with a seat, chair, or bench. The cushion is provided with a strategically located recessed region, to provide spinal decompression for the user. The recessed region is located in the central, rear portion of the cushion, along the fore and aft axis of the cushion. The recessed region is further contained entirely within the periphery of the cushion, so that the portion of the cushion between the recessed region and the rear edge of the cushion provides support for the user. The depth of the recessed region is sufficient to allow spinal decompression, but it need not extend entirely through the thickness of the cushion. A number of configurations for the cutout, and applications for the seat cushion, are disclosed. Also disclosed are chair, bench, and seat constructions incorporating the seat cushion and providing its spinal decompression feature.07-29-2010
20110175423LOAD SUPPORT STRUCTURE - A load support member includes spaced apart beam members, a linking member and a stop member. In another aspect, the beam includes a support surface defining first and second landing regions, which are in contact with and support a membrane. In another aspect, a brace member is secured between laterally spaced beams, with the brace member having a greater height than width at the end thereof and a greater width than height at the middle thereof. In another aspect, a pair of armrests are joined to a cross member and a pair of spaced apart beams in a releasable engagement. In yet another aspect, a pair of beam members are fixedly joined with a cross member, which is pivotally connected to a link pivotally connected to the beams. A method of assembling a load support structure is also provided.07-21-2011
20110248541Armrest And Operator Workplace Having Such An Armrest - The present invention relates to a machine operator seat of a construction machine having a seat surface, a backrest, which is situated opposite to the front seat edge in the longitudinal direction of the seat surface, and at least one armrest situated laterally to the seat surface, comprising a base part, an arm support, and at least one operating element, the arm support being situated in the rear area in the longitudinal direction and the at least one operating element being situated in the front area of the armrest in the longitudinal direction. Furthermore, the present invention relates to a construction machine, in particular a road miller, recycler, stabilizer, or a road roller, in particular a tandem roller, having such a machine operator seat.10-13-2011
20100295357CHEST SUPPORT - A chest support that supports the weight of a user's torso, and more particularly an adjustable chest support that is operative to be adjusted by a user “hands free” (i.e., without the use of the hands). The angular position or tilt of the chest support may be adjusted forward and rearward relative to a seat (e.g., a seat of a chair attached to the chest support), allowing the user to bend, or tilt, his or her torso toward and away from a work area. The chest support is operative to support the torso of a user at the chest area, thereby permitting the user to perform a task while reducing the likelihood of lower back pain and body fatigue. In some embodiments, arm support assemblies may also be mounted to the chest support to effect corresponding movement of the arm support assemblies toward and away from the work area upon adjustment of the angular position or tilt of the chest support.11-25-2010
20100026075Stool with footrest and armrests for putting on and removing footwear - A specifically designed stool to be used in performing one of the most common activities of daily living—putting on and taking off one's shoes and socks. It is designed for senior citizens and others who because of the normal aging process or because of injuries to their backs and/or knees or even feet have limited motion ability and/or balance problems. It consists of a seat and footrest and armrests of the correct heights, widths and depths to make this task much easier and more comfortable It is designed to look like a normal piece of furniture and is light and portable.02-04-2010
20110133536ADJUSTMENT KINEMATICS FOR AN ARM REST - The invention relates to an arm rest, particularly for a center console of a motor vehicle, comprising a carrier element (06-09-2011
20110049959FAUX WOOD BUILDING MATERIALS AND ARTICLES THEREFROM - Building materials formed from synthetic polymer materials have an appearance which simulates natural woods. The building materials may be used in the construction of fences, sheds, decking materials, indoor/outdoor furniture, railings and numerous other products. The faux wood material is constructed to include reinforcing fibers and voids for weight reduction. The aesthetic appearance of the finished product can be enhanced by applying a color wash which includes a polymer component and a color component adhering to the surface of the material.03-03-2011
20120205957MOTORCYCLE PASSENGER ARMREST ASSEMBLY - A passenger armrest assembly includes an armrest coupled to a support tube that is pivotally mounted to an armrest support bracket. The armrest support bracket is configured to be reversibly mounted to a mounting bracket that is installed on a motorcycle structure adjacent to a passenger seat. The armrest support bracket is easily removable when a motorcycle is not carrying a passenger, and is easily attachable to the mounting bracket when a passenger is to be carried on the motorcycle.08-16-2012
20120248842FURNITURE ASSEMBLY SYSTEM - An assembly system permitting separate construction and transport of subcomponents for seating furniture items. The disassembled subcomponents allow for more efficient transportation by eliminating the dead space created by transporting irregularly shaped assembled furniture items. The assembly system includes a seat box having a rectangular frame defining an accessible internal cavity covered by an upper support surface. The assembly system also comprises a back rest having a seat box interface surface and at least arm rest interface surface. The back rest also defines an internal cavity accessible through closable opening for internal access to the arm rest interface surfaces. The assembly system also includes mounting an interface surface to the arm rest for securing the arm rest to the arm rest interface surface of the back rest and the rectangular frame of the seat box.10-04-2012
20120280550Tool-Less Furniture Assembly Joint and Applications - Several variations of a tool-less, reversible joint having two tension fingers and at least one shear finger are described. Applications of the joint include items of flat-pack-style furniture such as chairs, tables and bookshelves. The joints can be formed in a sheet material such as plywood or medium-density fiberboard (“MDF”).11-08-2012
20130015692ARMRESTAANM Saito; MakotoAACI Ina-ShiAACO JPAAGP Saito; Makoto Ina-Shi JPAANM Morimoto; TakashiAACI Ina-ShiAACO JPAAGP Morimoto; Takashi Ina-Shi JPAANM Suzuki; KenAACI Aiko-gunAACO JPAAGP Suzuki; Ken Aiko-gun JPAANM Numazawa; ToshikazuAACI Aiko-gunAACO JPAAGP Numazawa; Toshikazu Aiko-gun JPAANM Kitamura; HidekoAACI Atsugi-shiAACO JPAAGP Kitamura; Hideko Atsugi-shi JP - An armrest includes a stationary shaft, fixed to a seat frame, the shaft is inserted and is rotatable about an armrest body, a spring wound around the shaft, one end of the spring being a stationary-side hook locked to the armrest, the other spring end being a free-side hook, a hook-supporting part supporting the free-side hook in a raised direction of the shaft, a hook-joint enlarging a spring diameter by dropping the free-side hook on the hook-supporting part downward in the axial direction of the shaft, and a cam on the shaft 01-17-2013
20100295358Armrest for Multiple Seating - An armrest for multiple seating has upper and lower support planes that overlap to permit respective use by neighbors. The upper armrest may be cut-away at the rear to accommodate the elbow of the user of the lower armrest. The dual plane armrest comprises an upper forearm support and a lower forearm support. The upper forearm support is disposed above the lower forearm support partially or completely. The configuration of the invention provides increased lateral space for neighbors without increasing lateral seat pitch.11-25-2010
20120068518ARMREST UNIT FOR A PASSENGER SEAT - An armrest unit for a passenger seat includes an armrest base body forming an armrest surface, and a suspension unit which is disposed underneath the armrest surface and which has at least one spacing means.03-22-2012

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