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Foldable forwardly over bottom

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297 - Chairs and seats

297353000 - MOVABLE BACK

297354100 - Tiltable

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297378120 Held erect by a releasable latch 46
297378140 Including means to hold back in forwardly folded position 6
297378110 Including an inertia-responsive latch 5
20130082502Motion Sensing Seat Lock - A lock for locking an object in a vehicle in place comprises a base comprising a side surface and a front surface. The side surface has at least one opening, and the front surface has a ballast retainer and a hub mounting portion. A hub is rotatably coupled to the hub mounting portion. A ballast, which is operatively coupled to the hub, is housed within the ballast retainer. At least one locking member is also operatively coupled to the hub. The ballast is configured to automatically reposition itself within the ballast retainer from an initial unlocked position to a final locked position in response to a change in velocity of the vehicle. This repositioning of the ballast actuates the hub, and causes the at least one locking member to extend past the at least one opening.04-04-2013
20080296949VEHICLE SEAT ARRANGEMENT - A vehicle seat arrangement includes a rail and a seat body slidably mounted on the rail having a seat component and a backrest pivotally connected to the seat component. The backrest pivots between a generally upright position and a forward tilted entry position. The seat body moves between a sitting position and an entry position. A blocking member obstructs the seat body from moving rearward of the sitting position. A locking mechanism moves between a locked position that restrains the seat back in the forward tilted entry position and a release position that releases the seat back to return to the generally upright position. The backrest acts as a lever such that a force applied to the backrest in a direction toward the sitting position is transferred through the backrest to the locking mechanism moving the locking mechanism from the locked position to the released position.12-04-2008
20080309138AUTOMOTIVE SEAT RECLINING SYSTEM - A cross member assembly for adjusting a reclinable vehicle seat includes a joint. The joint permits the cross member assembly to deflect during a vehicle impact if the reclinable vehicle seat is occupied.12-18-2008
20090108658Forward Tiltable Motor Vehicle Seat with Hinge Mountings - A forward tiltable motor vehicle seat having a seat carrier, a seat back and a hinge mounting arranged therebetween. The hinge mounting has an upper hinge arm connected to the seat back and a lower hinge arm hinged to the seat carrier about a forward tilt axis. The hinge mounting comprises a locking device on one seat side and at least one detent bight that is arranged to move together with the upper hinge arm on the other seat side. A movable detent part is provided and comprises at least one detent projection that: cooperates with the detent bight, is normally not engaged with the detent bight, and when the seat back is tilted forward about the forward tilt axis, is at least ready for engagement with the detent bight or engaged therewith.04-30-2009
20080252129SEAT FOLD ACTUATOR - A linear actuator configured to move multiple mechanisms in different directions along a common axis. The actuator suitable for use in any number of applications and environments, including but not limited to vehicle seat applications where a latch handle or other features requires actuation in order to facilitate folding the seat from an upright position to a fold-flat position and onto a tumble position.10-16-2008
20100026073POWER SEAT ASSEMBLY WITH MOTOR ACTUATED SPRING RELEASE AND REWIND OF A SEATBACK SECTOR AND WITH THE MOTOR REMOVED FROM AN INERTIAL LOAD PATH SUCH AS DURING AN IMPACT EVENT - A power seat assembly with motor actuated release and rewind of a seatback sector. First and second support plates sandwich a forwardly biased seatback sector and a cam engaged with the seatback sector in an upright position. A first pin extends from said cam offset its pivotal connection and passes through a slot defined in the second support plate to define a range of pivotal motion of the cam. A toothed gear sector rotatably mounted to an exterior of the second support plates and exhibits a polygonal shaped portion as well as an end shoulder offset and inwardly recessed from exteriorly defined teeth and the polygonal shaped portion. An electric motor includes an output gear in toothed engagement with the gear sector and for rotating the gear sector in a first direction so that the polygonal shaped portion contacts and deflects the pin and cam out of contact with the seatback, causing it to rotate to a forward dump position. A second pin extends from the seatback sector and contacts the end shoulder at the dump position, the motor rotating the gear sector in a second direction and forcibly rewinding the seatback sector, against its bias, to the upright design position coinciding with the cam re-engaging the seatback sector.02-04-2010
20090195044VEHICLE SEAT ASSEMBLY - A vehicle seat assembly adapted to perform an easy entry function includes a seat body having a seat bottom and a pivotally connected seat back. The seat body is configured to limit the seat back to pivot through a first angular range that inhibits the seat back from actuating the easy entry function. The seat body is further configured to limit the seat back to pivot through a second angular range that allows the seat back to actuate the easy entry function. The first actuator is provided to actuate the seat back to pivot through the first angular range. A second actuator is provided to actuate the seat back to pivot through the second angular range. The seat back maintains a generally upright orientation as the seat back pivots in a forward direction through the first angular range and the second angular range.08-06-2009
20090121533SEAT RESTRAINING DEVICE - The embodiments described herein provide a vehicle seat assembly that is coupled to a floor of a vehicle. The assembly comprises a seat back frame, a seat cushion frame, at least one leg and at least one blocking member. The seat cushion frame is pivotally coupled to the seat back frame. The leg is pivotally coupled to the seat cushion frame and pivotally coupled to the floor of the vehicle. The blocking member is coupled to the seat cushion frame and capable of moving into engagement with the leg as the assembly moves from the folded position to the upright seating position. The blocking member is adapted to block movement of the leg and to stabilize the seat assembly in the event of a vehicle collision.05-14-2009
20130057043Easy Entry Seat System With Single Position Memory And Hold Open Feature - A seat assembly for an automotive vehicle includes a seat cushion and a seat back for pivotal movement between an upright seating position and a forwardly dumped position. A recliner mechanism is provided for selectively actuating between a locked and unlocked condition allowing the pivotal movement of the seat back. A seat track assembly provides selective actuation between a locked and unlocked condition allowing fore and aft sliding movement of the seat assembly between a design position and a full forward position. An easy entry memory mechanism is operatively coupled to the recliner mechanism and the seat track assembly for selectively actuating the seat track assembly to the unlocked condition and provide movement of the seat assembly to the full forward position in response to pivotal movement of the seat back to the forwardly dumped position while maintaining memory of the design position.03-07-2013
20130057042DAMPER FOR A VEHICLE SEAT - A recliner assembly for a vehicle seat having a seat back pivotally mounted relative to a seat bottom is provided. The seat back is movable between an upright position, where the seat back is in a generally vertical position for supporting an occupant seated on the seat, and a storage position, where the seat back is folded with respect to the seat bottom. The recliner assembly includes a damper operatively connected between the seat bottom and seat back. The damper includes an outer race and an inner race, wherein at least one of the inner race and outer race comprise an annular cam-profile surface. A plurality of rollers are disposed between the inner race and outer race, to cooperate with the cam-profile surface and the other one of the inner race and outer race to dampen movement of the seat back during at least partial movement from the upright position to the storage position.03-07-2013
20120235458Collapsible Bolster Cushion - A collapsible bolster cushion for a collapsible seat is provided. The collapsible bolster cushion includes a first support member that is attachable to a seat bottom or a seat back and a second support member. A separator element is disposed between the first and second support members. The separator element is movable between a first orientation and a second orientation such that in the first orientation, the separator element resiliently biases a portion of the second support member away from the first support member, and when the separator element is in the second orientation, the portion of the second support member is permitted to collapse toward the first support member to allow the seat to collapse to the folded position. An actuator moves the separator element between the first and second orientations.09-20-2012
20110266855Inflatable Thin Seat - A seat assembly includes a seat back operatively coupled to a seat cushion for pivotal movement between seating and folded positions. The seat assembly includes an air bladder. An air control system is operatively coupled to the air bladder for automatically inflating and deflating the air bladder in response to pivoting the seat back between the seating and folded positions. The air control system includes a pressure vessel for storing a predetermined volume of air, a fill valve for controlling air flow from the pressure vessel to the air bladder, a first pressure sensor for monitoring air pressure in the air bladder, a pump for filling the pressure vessel with air, a second pressure sensor for monitoring air pressure in the pressure vessel, a control valve for controlling air flow from the pump to the pressure vessel, and a vent valve for venting air from the or bladder.11-03-2011
20090267398ARMREST ASSEMBLY FOR AUTOMOBILE SEAT - An armrest assembly for an automobile seat, in which an armrest protrudes from a foldable seatback such that a passenger rests his/her arm on the armrest when the seatback is folded, and comes into contact with the seatback when the seatback is folded out in order to take a seat. The armrest assembly includes an armrest, which is installed on a seatback of the seat via links so as to protrude from the seatback, an external force transmitting device, which is coupled with at least one of the links, and transmits external force to the coupled link such that the armrest protrudes from the seatback, and a pressing unit, which installed on one side of the seatback such that the external force is applied to the external force transmitting device when the seatback is folded.10-29-2009
20090008980Fitting for a vehicle seat - In the case of a fitting (01-08-2009
20080303332VEHICLE SEAT CONNECTION - A vehicle seat comprises a seat bottom with a frame with a slot or a pivotal connection. A seat back has a frame with the other of the slot and the pivotal connection to cooperate with the seat back for collapsing the seat back upon the seat bottom. A receiver is mounted to one of the seat bottom or the seat back with a first locking component and an insert is mounted to the other with a second locking component. The seat back is assembled to the seat bottom by pivoting the seat back to align the receiver and insert and translating the seat back along the slot until the insert is inserted into the receiver and the locking components are locked. The vehicle seat connection permits the seat bottom and seat back to be fabricated at separate facilities and then shipped to an assembly facility.12-11-2008
20130214581FIXING DEVICE FOR A VEHICLE SEAT AND VEHICLE SEAT - A fixing device for a vehicle seat, especially for a motor vehicle seat, includes a multi-articulated mechanism and a locking device that unlocks the multiarticulated mechanism when the vehicle scat is pivoted or folded back past a defined limiting angle, enabling the vehicle seat to be guided, especially pivoted and longitudinally moved, in a controlled manner, between an unlocked first position and an unlocked second position or vice versa.08-22-2013
20090230747Automobile seat having a four-link backrest pivoting mechanism and a two-link seat portion pivoting mechanism - The invention relates to an automobile seat (09-17-2009
20080315656Hinged Mounting for a Motor Vehicle Seat and with a Circular Blank - The hinged mounting for a seat back hinge of a motor vehicle seat has a first hinge arm and a second hinge arm; it further has a circular blank that is interposed between said hinge arms. The circular blank has a first circular blank plate that is connected to the first hinge arm, a second circular blank plate that is associated with the second hinge arm, a retaining means for keeping the two circular blank plates together in the axial direction and a releasable stopper device. The second circular blank plate comprises at least one retaining side. The retaining means is rigidly connected to the second circular blank plate. Between the annular region and the second circular blank plate there is formed a circumferential groove in which the first circular blank plate is retained for rotation. The retaining means stiffens the second circular blank plate.12-25-2008
20080315655VEHICLE SEAT WITH A SEAT TILT ADJUSTMENT COMBINED WITH A FOLD FLAT MECHANISM WITH A RETURN FUNCTION - A vehicle seat includes a seat bottom and a seat back. The seat bottom includes a forward section and a rear section. The seat back is pivotably mounted about the seat bottom. The seat back is positionable in a reclined position and a folded position. The pivotable link system characteristically positions the forward section of the seat bottom in a lowered position and one or more raised positions.12-25-2008
20090079249MULTI-LOAD FLOOR SMARTFOLD HYBRID - A seat support system for supporting a seat in a manner that ameliorates or eliminates load applied to a driving mechanism. The system may be configured to support a seat back when the seat back in pivoted upwardly and downwardly relative to a seat bottom. The support system may create a load-bearing link between a non-driven component on the seat back and an anchor.03-26-2009
20110121630VEHICLE SEATING APPARATUS - A vehicle seating apparatus is provided with a seat assembly and a seat belt buckle assembly. The seat assembly includes a seat bottom and a seat back. The seat back is foldable between a seating configuration and a non-seating configuration in which the seat back is folded onto the seat bottom. The seat belt buckle assembly includes a seat belt buckle bracket and a buckle head. The seat belt buckle bracket has a first end movably coupled to a lateral side of the seat bottom. The buckle head is movably arranged with respect to the seat assembly between a usage position and a stowed position. The buckle head is arranged with respect to the seat assembly such that movement of the seat back from the seating configuration to the non-seating configuration does not contact the buckle head while the buckle head is in the stowed position.05-26-2011
20090066139VEHICLE SEAT WITH TWO PIVOTABLE BACKRESTS - The invention relates to a vehicle seat, in particular a motor vehicle seat, comprising at least one first seat-back (03-12-2009
20100060065Chair with Height Adjustable Armrests and a Foldable Back - A chair with height adjustable armrests and a foldable back utilizes an engaging rod to control the height at which the armrest is positioned and a locking assembly to control the folding operation of the chair back, so that the user can adjust the height of the armrests as desired and fold the chair back for facilitating storage of the chair.03-11-2010
20110101757WEATHERPROOF OUTDOOR FURNITURE - Outdoor furniture that protects cushions from the elements via an internal lift mechanism and resin waterproof compartment. An operating lever controls the internal lift mechanism that lowers and raises the seat and seat cushions into and out of a resin compartment within the framework of the furniture. The lever allows the furniture to be opened and closed in seconds and does not require the cushions to be removed from the seat or seat back to be protected from the elements. The chair back is hinged, and rotates forward and closes flat creating the waterproof lid for the waterproof compartment. Seals on the chair back and on the frame of the resin waterproof compartment interlock creating the waterproof seal. The resin waterproof compartment protects the seat and seat back from the elements, extending the life of the cushions, and making the furniture easier to manage and enjoy.05-05-2011
20100295356Chair device for person carrier - This invention relates to a chair device for person carrier which is formed by a backrest unit, composed of a front backrest and a rear backrest, pivotally jointed with respect to a seat unit, in which two opposite fan-shaped limit projecting members are provided at each pivot-joint end of the seat unit. The fan-shaped limit projecting members can be angularly displaced to a position so as to be engaged with fan-shaped recesses in the pivot-joint ends of the rear backrest. In this way, the fan-shaped limit projecting members have a position limited space for angular displacement within the fan-shaped recesses so that the backrest unit of the chair can move in the range between a collapsing state and an unfolding state. Furthermore, reinforcing edge ribs for strength reinforcement purpose are provided at both sides where the front backrest is assembled to the rear backrest, so as to reinforce the strength of the backrest unit. Thereby, support effect for user's lean-on can be further enhanced such that better performance can be achieved in practical implementation.11-25-2010
20100264714MANUAL RETRACTING HEAD RESTRAINT - A seat assembly includes a seat back pivotally coupled to a seat cushion for movement between a generally upright seating position and a folded position overlying the seat cushion. A head restraint is slidably coupled to an upper end of the seat back for vertical movement between a use position spaced apart from the upper end and a stowed position adjacent the upper end. A mechanism is operative for automatically moving the head restraint between the use and stowed positions in response to pivoting the seat back between the seating and folded positions.10-21-2010
20080315654Vehicle Seat - A vehicle seat (12-25-2008
20100320824STOWABLE VEHICLE SEAT - A stowable vehicle seat with improved operability is configured so that a stowing and restoring operation can be performed by rotating seat support parts and provided on the rear end part of a seat cushion in the front and rear direction around the rotating center. The seat support part is provided with a rotating shaft provided on the seat cushion side, a rotating shaft bracket pivotally supporting the rotating shaft on the vehicle body floor side, and spiral springs one end part side of which is always locked to the rotating shaft side and which urges in the restoration rotating direction. The other end part side of the spiral springs is locked to the vehicle body floor side at different predetermined angles of the seat cushion.12-23-2010
20110133535FOLD-AND-DIVE SEAT ASSEMBLY FOR VEHICLE - A fold-and-dive seat assembly for a vehicle is disclosed. The fold-and-dive seat assembly includes a seat cushion dived downward toward a floor panel by means of a dive link, a seat back connected to the seat cushion by a connection link, and rotatably connected to the floor panel to be folded toward the seat cushion, a head rest provided on an upper end of the seat back, a sliding unit, connected to the head rest and the seat back, for moving the head rest in a back and forth direction in a sliding manner, and a slid driving member for operating the sliding unit in link with the dive link, upon folding and diving, to slide the head rest in a rearward direction.06-09-2011
20100019558Buoyant Pool Chair with Sealed Frame - A buoyant pool chair supports a swimmer in an upright, semi-reclining or sitting position while the chair is floating in a swimming pool. Interconnected rigid frame members collectively form an open chair frame for supporting buoyant cushions. The buoyant cushions include layers of flexible cushion material secured together in overlapping relation, with the frame members being sandwiched between the overlapping layers. A layer of adhesive material bonds the overlapping cushion layers together and forms a water-tight seal around the frame members. A flexible layer of a water-resistant coating material is bonded to external surface portions of the buoyant cushions to provide a further protective layer and water-tight seal.01-28-2010
20110057495Seat Headrest - A seat assembly having headrest that includes an expansion assembly that operates to expand the cushion when the headrest is in the lower position. As the headrest is raised, the expansion assembly retracts, removing the bulge and creating a more planar surface for comfortably resting the head of a seat occupant. The headrest is also configured to reduce expansion of flatten as the seatback is folded flat.03-10-2011
20110043024SEAT FOR VEHICLE - A seat for a vehicle includes a seat cushion frame reciprocating between seating and retracted positions, a seat back frame rotatable between standing and forward-tilted positions, a head rest movable between stationary and retracted positions, a pair of links provided at both end portions of the seat cushion frame on a floor in a lateral direction of the vehicle, a guide member including a guide groove extending between the seating and retracted positions, a slide member arranged at the seat cushion frame and sliding along the guide groove, a head rest retaining device retaining the head rest in the stationary position, a rotary member supported by the seat back frame and rotated by the slide member, and an interlocking device arranged between the rotary member and the head rest retaining device and releasing the head rest from the stationary position in accordance with a rotation of the rotary member.02-24-2011
20110115273Vehicle Seat - The motor vehicle seat of the present invention includes: a seat proper mounted on a pillar by means of a first connecting rod assembly including a front connecting rod and a rear connecting rod; a backrest mounted on the pillar by means of a second connecting rod assembly including a front connecting rod and a rear connecting rod; a locking mechanism for alternately restricting or enabling a movement of the backrest relative to the pillar, the seat being freely movable between a nominal position and a folded back position.05-19-2011
20120319446In-Line Recliner Return Mechanism - A vehicle seat assembly includes a seat back operatively coupled to a seat cushion for pivotal movement between an upright seating position, a folded position disposed forwardly of the upright seating position, and a spring engagement/disengagement position between the upright seating position and the folded position. A recliner return mechanism is operatively coupled to the seat back during pivotal movement of the seat back between the upright seating position and the spring engagement/disengagement position such that the recliner return mechanism biases the seat back forwardly toward the spring engagement/disengagement position. The recliner return mechanism is operatively decoupled from the seat back during pivotal movement of the seat back between the spring engagement/disengagement position and the folded position such that the seat back pivots freely between the spring engagement/disengagement position and the folded position.12-20-2012
20120091777MOTOR VEHICLE - With a motor vehicle having a front axle and a rear axle, an underbody and shock absorbers, each of which extend between an upper point of action on the underbody and a lower point of action on the rear axle extending adjacent to a rear wheel, and at least one back seat the upper point of action of one of the shock absorbers is located vertically below the back seat.04-19-2012
20080224524MOTOR VEHICLE SEAT ASSEMBLY - According to one embodiment of a seat assembly for a motor vehicle a seat back pivots about a hip axis, a seat bottom pivots about a knee axis, and at least one seat bottom leg is pivots about an ankle axis, so that the seat back folds down against the seat bottom and the seat bottom kneels on the floor to at least partially define a seating load floor. According to another embodiment; a seat bottom and a seat back are articulatable in a forward direction to fold the seat bottom and back down toward a floor of the vehicle to at least partially define a seating load floor.09-18-2008
20080224523Seat with Easy-Entry and Cargo Function - A vehicle seat has a seat lower component, a seat upholstered component and a backrest component provided to be rotatably moved about a first axis provided parallel to a direction aligned transverse to the primary sitting direction. The vehicle seat upholstered component is also rotatably movable relative to the seat lower component about a second axis, the second axis being provided parallel to a direction from an upholstered component use position into an upholstered component loading position and vice versa, and the backrest component is provided to be rotatably moved relative to the seat lower component about the first axis from a backrest use position into a backrest loading position, and vice versa, only when the seat upholstered component has been moved substantially into the upholstered component loading position. By folding over the seat upholstered component into its upholstered component loading position, the backrest component can move relative to the seat lower component into its loading position, i.e. the backrest loading position.09-18-2008
20110266854CAR SEAT - A car seat includes a seat back and a back belt. The seat back is foldable from an erect position into a substantially horizontal folded position. The back belt is disposed in a position in which the back belt, when extending along the seat back, is able to restrain an item or a baby being placed on a back surface of the seat back in the folded position.11-03-2011
20120019037MOTOR VEHICLE SEAT - The invention relates to a motor vehicle seat comprising a seat sub-frame adjustable along a rail longitudinal guide to which a backrest is hinged in a pivoting manner and can be folded forward toward a seating surface of the seat sub-frame, a locking device for arresting the rail longitudinal guide in an adjustable seating longitudinal position, an entry aid by means of which the locking device is released, when the backrest is folded forward to the seating surface and a memory arrangement for adjusting and restoring a memory position having a position memory that has an adjustment means for adjusting the memory position in the rail longitudinal direction of the rail longitudinal guide and a locking element that is connected to the adjustment means in a pivoting manner that under the effect of a control element can be pivoted in a locking rail for locking the adjusted memory position and pivoted out of the locking rail for adjusting a memory position and is connected to the adjustment means via a slotted guide such that a virtual point of rotation of the locking element lies underneath the rail profile of the locking rail.01-26-2012

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