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297 - Chairs and seats

297353000 - MOVABLE BACK

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297354120 Plural distinct occupant-supporting positions 241
297378100 Foldable forwardly over bottom 91
297354110 Pivot axis located at or adjacent to a central point of back 4
20080290712CHAIR - A chair has a supporting frame, a seat portion, a back portion, and a recline mechanism. The mechanism moves the seat portion upon a reclining action of the back portion. The mechanism has a rear deformable member and a front deformable member operatively connecting the seat portion and the supporting frame. The recline mechanism also has a lower deformable member operatively connecting a lower part of the back portion and the supporting frame, and a puller member above the lower deformable member. The recline mechanism is configured such that as the back portion is reclined, the lower deformable member deforms and the puller member applies a rearward pulling action which causes the seat portion to move and the front and rear deformable members to deform.11-27-2008
20100148556Angle-Adjusting Structure for Backrest of Chair - An angle-adjusting structure for a backrest of a chair is provided. The angle-adjusting structure, mounted at a rear side of a butterfly-shaped mounting member of the chair, includes a main body and a rotating member jointly passed through by a shaft having external teeth. A resilient element is mounted around an end of the shaft. A cover is secured to the main body by threaded fasteners. A pressing member is mounted on the other end of the shaft. By pressing the pressing member inward, the external teeth of the shaft are disengaged from internal teeth of the rotating member, and the rotating member is allowed to rotate freely. When the pressing member is released, the resilient element mounted around the end of the shaft extends outward to re-engage the external teeth of the shaft with the internal teeth of the rotating member, thereby securing the rotating member in place.06-17-2010
20100270840CENTER-FOLDABLE SEAT BACK, SEAT WITH THE SAME, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING CENTER-FOLDABLE SEAT BACK - A center-foldable seat back has a seat back upper part that can be tilted forward relative to a seat back lower part. A trim cover is provided, sewn along the entire periphery at the mutual contact position of an upper and lower cover, the pulled-in state is modulated by cloth pieces, thereby preventing wrinkles. The seat back is provided with the trim cover in which one cloth piece one side edge of which is sewn to the ends of the lower and upper cover is provided at least in the central portion on the inside of the trim cover, the cloth piece is extended inward, the other side edge thereof is sewn to a fastener, the central portion on the back side is extended inward and sewn to the fastener, and the central portion on the inside of the trim cover is sewn to open and close by one fastener.10-28-2010
20080252128VEHICLE SEATS - A vehicle seat may include a seat back that includes an upper half corresponding to a shoulder portion of a passenger, a lower half corresponding to a waist portion of the passenger, at least one angular adjustment mechanism and at least one upper half height adjustment mechanism. The at least one angular adjustment mechanism is disposed between the upper half and the lower half and is arranged and constructed to tilt the upper half back and forth relative to the lower half to intermediately fold the seat back at an intermediate folding position. The at least one upper half height adjustment mechanism is disposed in the upper half and is arranged and constructed to vertically move the upper half relative to the intermediate folding position.10-16-2008
20120161486VEHICLE SEAT ASSEMBLY - A vehicle seat assembly includes a base portion, a support bracket, a seatback frame and a cushion frame. The support bracket is pivotally coupled to the base portion about a first axis. The seatback frame is pivotally coupled to the support bracket about a second axis that is spaced apart from the first axis. The cushion frame is pivotally coupled to the support bracket about a third axis that is spaced apart from both the first and second axes, such that the seatback frame and the cushion frame move with the support bracket relative to the base portion when the support bracket pivots about the first axis.06-28-2012
20090195043CHAIR - A chair in which a backrest can be largely tilted rearward within a small rotation angle range without increasing the heights of a leg body and a seat body. The leg body (08-06-2009
20110193391ROTATION PREVENTION DEVICES OF VEHICLE SEAT - An internal gear member and an external gear member of a reclining device are axially inserted into a cylindrical interior of a retainer member in order, so that the internal gear member that is inserted first faces a first bottom surface that is formed in an insertion direction side end periphery of the retainer member, and that the external gear member that is inserted later contacts a second bottom surface that is positioned closer to a reception side relative to the first bottom surface. A reception side end periphery of the retainer member is bent radially inwardly, so that the external gear member is integrated with the retainer member. A rear outer surface corresponding to a rear side surface of the first bottom surface of the retainer member has a radial width that corresponds to at least the sum of a radial width of the first bottom surface and a radial width of the second bottom surface.08-11-2011
20130076094RECLINING APPARATUS - A reclining apparatus for adjusting a tilt angle between a first member and a second member includes: a base plate mounted to the first member; a gear plate mounted to the second member and assembled with the base plate rotatably relative to each other; a gear mechanism for controlling engagement of the gear plate with the base plate; and a cover having a first tubular portion fixed to an outer periphery of the base plate and a second tubular portion in slide contact with an outer periphery of the gear plate, the cover being configured to allow the base plate and the gear plate to rotate relative to each other and to suppress a relative movement therebetween in an axial direction. The first tubular portion is coupled by welding to the outer periphery of the base plate.03-28-2013
20130033081CONNECTING ROD AND DOUBLE RECLINING MECHANISM - A connecting rod having satisfactory insertion performance for a mating member and generating neither vibrations nor noises in regard to a connecting rod cut in a predetermined length by searing work and provided with rotation transmitting portions having a non-circular cross section at least at both ends and a double reclining mechanism are provided.02-07-2013
20100045088IMAGE DISPLAY - An image display device comprising a plurality of seats arranged at least in a front-to-back direction, each of the seats having a backrest of a variable angle, an image display panel installed on the back of each seat, an angle sensing unit for detecting an angle of the backrest of the seat, a tilt angle calculating unit for calculating a tilt angle of the image display panel based on an output data of the angle sensing unit related to each of two adjoining seats in the front-to-back direction, and a tilt controller unit for controlling the tilt angle of the image display panel according to an output data of the tilt angle calculating unit.02-25-2010
20130082501FOLDABLE CHAIR - A foldable chair can be folded easily by pressing a control member disposed at a lateral side of the seat, and when the control member is released from being pressed, the chair can be returned to the locked position by a spring. In addition to the pivot connection of the corresponding interconnected components, the structure for controlling the pivot motion and locking is also very simple, which not only reduces material cost, but also make production and assembly easier.04-04-2013
20090115236Vehicle Seat Assembly For Use In A Vehicle Having A Removable Panel That Is Stowable On The Seat Assembly And Method Of Making The Same - A vehicle seat assembly is disclosed for use in a vehicle having a removable stowable panel. The seat includes a seat body having a seat bottom and a reclinable seat back. A trim component is supported on the seat body and hangs in a downward direction behind the seat body and is free to move in a direction rearward of the seat body. A receiving member is supported by the trim component such that the receiving member is disposed below a bottom portion of the seat back and moves rearward as the trim component moves rearward. The trim component and the receiving member permit the end of the removable panel to move partially away from the seat body as the seat is reclined when the removable panel is stowed on the vehicle seat assembly.05-07-2009
20130069410SYSTEM FOR RESTRAINING ARTICLES IN A VEHICLE - An article containment system is provided for restricting the movement of articles positioned on a support surface of a vehicle. The system includes a plurality of panels configured to be attached to the support surface such that each of the panels is movable from a stowed position to an up position in which the panel is substantially perpendicular to the support surface; a first position maintaining element configured to hold a first panel in the up position and configured to allow the first panel to move to the stowed position; and a second position maintaining element configured to hold a second panel in the up position and configured to allow the second panel to move to the stowed position.03-21-2013
20090091173CHAIR - A chair includes a backrest and a seat surface. The backrest is adjustable relative to the seat surface, and the backrest is adjustable in its inclination independently of the position of the seat surface. The adjustment of the inclination of the backrest occurs in a stepless manner and without an operating mechanism.04-09-2009
20120306252PASSENGER SEAT - Described are passenger seats including a lower frame comprising a pair of supports, a seat pan adjustably coupled to the pair of supports via a coupling system, and a rear leg coupled to the lower frame, wherein the rear leg includes an extension component that is configured to adjust a height of the rear leg. The passenger seat may be adjusted into a bed position by compressing the rear leg, adjusting the seat pan into a forward position relative to the lower frame, and reclining the seat back until the seat back is substantially proximate the lower frame.12-06-2012
20090278392SEAT RECLINING APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE - A seat reclining apparatus includes first and second angle adjusting mechanisms, a connecting shaft being eccentric to a center of a rotating shaft of the first and second angle adjusting mechanisms, a first actuating mechanism including a first transmitting device, a second actuating mechanism including a second transmitting device, an electric drive source supplying a drive force to the first actuating mechanism, the connecting shaft transmitting the drive force from the first actuating mechanism to the second actuating mechanism, a first housing accommodating the first actuating mechanism and a second housing accommodating the second actuating mechanism.11-12-2009
20130161992ONE-PIECE SEAT BACK STRUCTURE - A seat back structure includes a web extending about a central opening, and an inner flange extending about an inner perimeter of the web adjacent to the central opening. The seat back structure also includes an outer flange extending about an outer perimeter of the web. The inner flange, the outer flange and the web form a channel extending about the seat back structure, and the seat back structure is formed from a single piece of material.06-27-2013
20100264712Wheelchair Accessible Recliner - A wheelchair accessible recliner is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, the recliner includes a backrest disposed at the rear portion of the recliner and configured to support a torso and back area of a user. A front base member serves to act as a wheel chock to secure rear wheels of the wheelchair within the recliner so that the user can tilt back in his or her wheelchair to stretch and relax. The backrest is adjustable and supported by a back strut. The back strut may be adjusted manually to adjust the angle of the backrest or can be adjusted by an actuator. Armrests are disposed on each side of the recliner and configured to support arms of the user when the wheelchair is positioned within the recliner.10-21-2010
20110285192BACK CONSTRUCTION - A seating structure includes a central spine and an upper back structure having a pair of arms extending upwardly and outwardly from the central spine. The upper back structure is pivotally connected to the central spine about a first horizontal axis. A back support structure is pivotally connected to the spine about a second horizontal axis and is pivotally connected to the ends of each of the arms about a third horizontal axis.11-24-2011
20120098312VEHICLE SEAT ASSEMBLY WITH A SPRING-BIASED PIVOTABLE SEAT BACK - A vehicle seat assembly with a seat back mounted to pivot on a seat cushion by a recliner mechanism, and is urged forwardly by a torsion bar subassembly which has two ends fixed respectively to the seat back and to the seat cushion. The torsion bar subassembly urges the seat back to pivot forwardly for only a limited arcuate range of travel from a vertical position.04-26-2012
20120025579VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle seat includes a back frame including: a back frame body that is formed by bending a pipe into a rectangular form such that both ends of the pipe are located at one of four corner portions of the rectangular form; and a pair of side frames that are joined, respectively, to a first corner portion which is one of the corner portions of the back frame body and at which the both ends of the pipe are located and a second corner portion that is another of the corner portions of the back frame body and is laterally next to the first corner portion. One of the ends of the pipe is butt-welded to one of the side frames.02-02-2012
20100102612CHAIR LEG REST ASSEMBLY - The present invention is related to a chair leg rest assembly or kit. The assembly or kit may include, among other things, a leg rest and a frame for extension and retraction of the leg rest. In addition, the invention may include a roller assembly connected to the leg rest for covering the frame. The invention is also related to a combination of the chair leg rest assembly or kit with a chair. In such a combination, the invention also includes a back which hingedly rotates independently from a seat.04-29-2010
20090096266Seat frame assembly - A seat frame assembly is disclosed to include a base frame, which has two extension bars arranged in parallel at two sides, a back frame, which has a pivot axle transversely disposed on the middle and pivotally coupled between the extension bars of the base frame, and two support members coupled between two transversely extending bottom connection tubes of the base frame and the pivot axle of the back frame.04-16-2009
20120292970SEAT RECLINING APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE - A seat reclining apparatus for a vehicle includes a first arm including a guide wall, a second arm including internal teeth and being rotatably supported by the first arm, a pawl including external teeth which are engageable with and disengageable from the internal teeth, a cam engaging with the pawl for causing the pawl to advance and retract along a guide wall and for causing the internal teeth and the external teeth to mesh with and unmesh from each other as the cam rotates, a recessed portion recessed in a direction of an axis line of the second arm and including a restricting portion, an engaging portion restricting the external teeth and the internal teeth from meshing with each other by being in contact with the restricting portion, a hinge cam including a first shaft portion, a second shaft portion and a flange portion, and a biasing member.11-22-2012
20080211284Seat for vehicle - A seat for use in a vehicle, which is capable of being turned toward a door opening with a child seat, etc. attached thereto, thereby favorably sitting a child, etc. on the child seat, etc. A turning seat S09-04-2008
20090284062SEAT DRIVING APPARATUS - A seat driving apparatus includes: a gear transmission mechanism, preventing a backlash by means of the wedge member applied with a biasing force of a biasing member and transmitting a torque; an actuator, operating a seatback of a seat; and a control unit, controlling driving of the actuator. The control unit includes a seat operation mode in which the actuator is driven to operate the seatback at a predetermined speed and a creep mode in which the actuator is driven at a slower speed than a speed in the seat operation mode. The actuator is driven in the creep mode until a load for releasing the holding of the gear transmission mechanism is applied to the wedge member and subsequently the actuator is driven in the seat operation mode when the seatback is operated in an opposite direction from the previous operational direction thereof.11-19-2009
20090008979ADJUSTMENT DEVICE FOR A RECLINING CHAIR - A tilting device for a reclining chair including a support base that can be affixed to at least one pedestal, a mounting body for the back of a seat which is articulated on said support base rotatably around a first axis essentially orthogonal to said pedestal, a mounting plate for the seat of said surface of said seat which has its front end and back end rotatably articulated around a respective hinge axis generally parallel to said first axis respectively to said support base and to said mounting body, elastic means of thrust acting along a direction generally orthogonal to said first axis and having a first end acting on said support base and a second end acting on said mounting body and blocking means of said mounting body in at least two different angles relative to said support base and acting in opposition to said elastic means of thrust, said mounting plate assuming two corresponding different angles.01-08-2009
20110266852LOCKING DEVICE, ESPECIALLY FOR AN ADJUSTMENT FITTING AND ESPECIALLY FOR A VEHICLE SEAT, AND VEHICLE SEAT - A locking device for an adjustment fitting of a vehicle seat includes a locking cam rotatable about a first rotational axis and a locking pawl rotatable about a second rotational axis. The locking device is settable into a locking position and a release position. The locking cam comprises one piece having a first locking region and a first safety region. The locking pawl has a second locking region and a second safety region. The first and second locking regions contact one another in the locking position of the device, and the first and second safety regions lie opposite one another or contact one another in the locking position.11-03-2011
20120032487HEADREST DEVICE, METHOD OF ADJUSTING HEADREST POSITIION, AND VEHICLE SEAT - There is provided a headrest device including: a headrest main body that is provided at an upper end portion of a seat back of a seat in which a passenger sits; a pressure/flexure detecting section that is provided at a vehicle front side of the seat back; a headrest moving section; and a control section that estimates a current back-set, that is a distance between a head portion of a passenger and the headrest main body in a horizontal direction, on the basis of at least one of pressure and flexure detected by the pressure/flexure detecting section and a predetermined relationship between back-set and the at least one of pressure and flexure, and controls the headrest moving section to move the headrest main body such that the back-set becomes a predetermined amount.02-09-2012
20110006575VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle seat (01-13-2011
20110227386RECLINER MECHANISM WITH MOUNTING FEATURE - A seat assembly is provided and may include a support member having a first surface, a second surface, and an aperture disposed between the first surface and the second surface. The first surface may be substantially coplanar with the second surface and a recliner mechanism may be received between the first surface and the second surface and may at least partially overlap the aperture.09-22-2011
20090250988FURNITURE SEATBACK TILT RECLINE ANGLE LIMITER AND METHOD - The invention provides a furniture chair seatback tilt limiter system for adjustably limiting the seatback recline of a chair. The seatback tilt limiter system includes a first gear toothed rotator with a full forward seatback upright endstop and a full recline seatback endstop. The seatback tilt limiter system includes a second gear toothed rotator having an adjustment endstop. The first rotator is free to rotate between the full forward seatback upright endstop and the full recline seatback endstop when the rotator gear teeth are disengaged and the second rotator adjustment endstop limits the rotation of the first rotator to an adjustable reclined seatback tilt limit when the gear teeth are engaged.10-08-2009
20100259085MULTI FUNCTION CHAIR WITH ADJUSTABLE ARMREST - A chair, includes a seat structure and a backrest structure arranged pivotally to the seat structure. An armrest is arranged pivotally to the backrest structure through a pivotal connection, and a link mechanism is journalled to the structures of the seat and the backrest, respectively, the link mechanism actuating and controlling the armrest to maintain its pivotal orientation in any pivotal position of the backrest relative to the seat. The armrest is adjustable in the length direction of the backrest through the pivotal connection which is arranged displaceable on the backrest structure, and the pivotal orientation of the armrest is controlled via a sliding engagement between a lever arm, adjoining the armrest at an angle thereto, and an actuator link included in the link mechanism and displaceable thereby with respect to the backrest so as to extend substantially in the length direction of the backrest in all its positions of displacement.10-14-2010
20100225152VEHICLE SEAT - In a vehicle seat that includes a seat cushion, a seatback that is rotatably attached to the seat cushion, and a spring that urges the seatback to a raised upright position from a reclined position in which the seatback is tilted back behind the seat cushion, the spring is spiral shaped, with a center-side end portion that is arranged near the rotational center of the seatback hooked on a seatback-connected member and an outside end portion that is positioned on the outer peripheral side of the spring hooked on a seat cushion-connected member. A shield member that covers the spring is attached to the seat cushion.09-09-2010
20110127820ADJUSTMENT DEVICE FOR CHAIRS - An adjustment device for chairs, comprising a main body (06-02-2011
20090072604RECLINER ADJUSTMENT UTILIZING ACTIVE MATERIAL SENSORS - A recliner including a power adjustment system operable at a first rate, and at least one sensor including an active material element, wherein the sensor is configured to determine an obstacle to adjustment and selectively retard the rate when the obstacle is determined.03-19-2009
20090072603VEHICLE BACKREST STRUCTURE - A backrest structure capable for a vehicle having seats that are supported on a vehicle body frame via a seat frame as a seat support member. Each of the seats includes a seat back as a backrest supporting a back of a driver. The seat back is removably mounted in the seat frame, thereby permitting positional adjustments in vertical and longitudinal directions to fit a body type of the driver. The resulting configuration makes driving of the vehicle easier.03-19-2009
20110121628VEHICULAR SEAT BACK ASSEMBLY - A molded plastic seat back assembly for a vehicle including at least two polymeric vertical support members including a top portion, a center portion, and a lower portion, wherein at least a portion of the polymeric vertical support members have a alternating wall section portion including a front wall section, a connective middle wall section and a back wall section; at least one cross-seat member connectively disposed between the polymeric vertical support members; at least one recliner bracket connectively disposed to the lower portion of the polymeric vertical support members for anchoring the molded plastic seat back assembly to a seat back recliner assembly; and at least one strap reinforcement member.05-26-2011
20110043020VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle seat includes an operating member that is provided for a seat back. The operating member is operated to release locking of a seat cushion to a floor and to release rotation-sopped state of a reclining device. By operating the operating member, a first link rotatably provided for the seat back is operated in one rotation direction to thereby turn a second link rotatably provided for a base frame so that locking of the seat cushion to the floor is released. When the seat back is tilted forward, the first link is moved together with the seat back in a direction to be separated from the second link, that is, in a direction opposite to a direction in which the first link turns the second link.02-24-2011
20110043019VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle seat has a backrest that includes a user support surface and a structural part. The user support surface is configured to be adjusted at least partially relative to the structural part to a first position corresponding to a use position and to a second position corresponding to a stowage position. First and second partial surfaces of the backrest may be separately displaceable.02-24-2011
20090033137VEHICLE SEAT WITH ADJUSTABLE HEAD RESTRAINT - A vehicle seat is disclosed with a seat bottom and a seat back. A guide is pivotally mounted to a frame of the seat back. A head restraint extends from the seat back and is mounted to the guide for translation along the guide at a first pivotal position of the guide and for being secured to the guide at a second pivotal position of the guide. A slider is disclosed for sliding upon the guide and for supporting the head restraint. A biasing member is disclosed for urging the head restraint to a retracted position. A release mechanism is provided for rotating the guide shaft and retracting the head restraint for manual adjustment or for tilt of the seat back.02-05-2009
20110148166COMBINATION PIVOT ARMREST AND SEATBACK ASSEMBLY - A combination pivoting armrest and seatback assembly incorporated into a vehicle including a base secured to the vehicle and exhibiting an extending edge profile. A sector is pivotally secured to the base, with a first cam pivotally secured to the sector and contacting a first edge location of the base when the sector is in an upright position. A second cam is also pivotally secured to the sector in inter-engaging fashion with the first cam such that, upon the first cam being rotated out of contact with the base and the sector rotating to a forward dump position, the second cam subsequently contacts a second edge location of the base.06-23-2011
20090039693SEATING ACCESSORY - A seating pad assembly is provided for use by travelers to increase the comfort for a seat on a public transportation vehicle or at a public transit terminal. The seating pad assembly includes a cushion formed from a viscoelastic foam and having dimensions substantially conforming to the dimensions of at least the hip/thigh support and the back support of the seat. Thus, the viscoelastic foam will bridge hard points and pinch points of the seat and will efficiently support the traveler across the gap. The seating pad assembly further includes a removable cover, straps for holding the pad in a coiled condition and a carrying bag for transporting the pad assembly.02-12-2009
20120068514HINGE ASSEMBLY FOR A VEHICLE SEAT ASSEMBLY - A seat assembly for use with a vehicle includes a seat back that is mountable in the vehicle such that the seat is pivotable between a use position and a folded position. Furthermore, the seat back includes an engaging member. The seat assembly also includes a hinge assembly associated with the seat back. The hinge assembly includes a bracket that is attachable to the vehicle, a pivot member pivotally attached to the bracket, and a blocking member pivotally attached to the bracket. When a sufficient forward force is applied to the seat back, the pivot member pivots in a first direction about a first axis, which causes the blocking member to pivot in a second direction different than the first direction about a second axis and engage the engaging member, thereby blocking pivotal movement of the seat back. In this embodiment, the second axis is located forward of the first axis.03-22-2012
20100060063FITTING FOR A VEHICLE SEAT - A fitting (03-11-2010
20120032486VEHICLE SEAT CONSTRUCTION - A seat construction for providing a seat back or base support, such as for a seat back, includes a planar member and an elastomeric fastener. The planar member is positioned on a portion of the seat and stretched thereon to create tension on the planar member and for providing structural support for an occupant of the seat. The elastomeric fastener is coupled to the planar member and to the seat for fastening the flexible planar member to the seat and maintaining the tension on the planar member.02-09-2012
20100320823ARRANGEMENT FOR A VEHICLE SEAT - An arrangement for a vehicle seat includes an inner element (12-23-2010
20110260514Vehicle Seat - A rear seat of a vehicle which allows controlled reclining of the seat as well as folding the seatback to a stowed position.10-27-2011
20110001345SELF-LEVELING ARM ASSEMBLY FOR RECLINER - A recliner assembly includes a seat portion, an arm, and a backrest portion having an arm support. The backrest portion is connected to the seat portion at a first pivot, wherein the backrest portion is pivotable relative to the seat portion between a forward position and a backward position. At least one linkage member is provided, and it has a first and a second end. The first end is pivotably connected to the seat portion at a second pivot, and the second end carries a cross pin for slidable engagement in a path formed in the arm support. The arm includes a pin at one end. The arm pin has at least one perpendicular dowel, and the arm is connected to the arm support at the second end to define an area of rotation so that upon simultaneous rotation of the back portion and the straddle floating bar about their respective pivots the arm experiences vertical displacement, but substantially no angular displacement when the backrest is moved between the forward and the backward positions. The back rest portion may constitute a frame having different predetermined lengths to accommodate small, medium, and large occupants.01-06-2011
20110095587ARTICULATED CHAIR HAVING UNIVERSAL RECLINING ARMREST SYSTEM - A universal reclining armrest system for use with an articulated examination chair. The system includes an armrest adapter having a universal aperture for receiving a post portion of an armrest assembly. The armrest adapter further includes a splined peg for coupling to a pivoting mechanism of an articulated chair. The pivoting mechanism enables the chair to move throughout an operable range of motion while maintaining a fixed rotational position of an attached armrest adapter. The armrest assembly further includes an adjustable joint to provide 360° of rotational adjustment to the armrest relative to the fixed position of the armrest adapter.04-28-2011
20110260515LOCKING DEVICE, ESPECIALLY FOR AN ADJUSTMENT FITTING AND ESPECIALLY FOR A VEHICLE SEAT, AND VEHICLE SEAT - A locking device for an adjustment fitting of a vehicle seat has a locking cam rotatable about a first axis, and an actuation element rotatable about a further axis. The locking device has a locking position and a release position. The actuation element has a toothing system and the locking cam has a mating toothing system. The toothing systems have respective opening flanks, at least one of which is flattened to bring about an initially increased opening transmission ratio in comparison to a further course of the toothing systems.10-27-2011
20120306254RECLINING DEVICE - An internally-toothed plate 12-06-2012
20120306253ONE-PIECE SEAT BACK FRAME ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - A one-piece seat back frame for use in a vehicle seat assembly. The one-piece seat back frame includes a first side portion and a second side portion spaced apart from the first side portion, an upper cross portion and a lower cross portion. A lower cross bracket member is coupled to the seat back frame such that the lower cross bracket member at least partially overlaps the seat back frame lower cross portion forming a boxed section. A first recliner mechanism is coupled to the second end of the lower cross bracket member for a single-sided recliner system. A pivot bracket or a second recliner mechanism is coupled to the first end of the lower cross bracket member for a dual-sided recliner system.12-06-2012
20120306251VEHICLE SEAT BACK HAVING SUPPORT MEMBERS WITH INTEGRATED RECLINER HEART - A vehicle seat back has first and second support members each having a central web and a rear wall extending therefrom. A seat base is operably connected with the first and second support members. A recliner heart operably connects the seat base with the first and second support members. A shear center of the first and second support members extends along an inside corner connection of the central web and the rear wall of the first and second support members and into the seat base.12-06-2012
20120038195SEATING FURNITURE HAVING MOVABLE BACKREST - The present invention relates to seating furniture, and more specifically, to seating furniture having a movable backrest, which allows a user's back to be supported by a backrest at all times in order to enable seating with proper posture, and comprises: a lower frame which is connected to a support; an upper frame which is connected to the lower frame via a vertical displacement generation means; at least one elastic body which is installed between the lower frame and upper frame; a back and forth moving means which is formed at the edge of the left and right sides of the upper frame, and is connected to a backrest frame to move back and forth; a power generation unit which converts the displacement according to the descent of the upper frame into a straight line movement at the back and forth moving means if a load is applied to a seat unit combined to the upper frame, thereby moving the backrest frame forward; and a switching unit which switches to a half-lock state in which the backrest frame can move forward only if a load is applied to the seat unit, and to an unlock state in which the backrest frame can move backward if the load applied to the seat unit is removed.02-16-2012
20110169311Headrest Assembly - A vehicle seat frame assembly 07-14-2011
20110156461WELDABLE ATTACHMENT MECHANISMS - Attachment mechanisms are provided that may be riveted on one end and welded on another flanged end. The flanges may allow the rivets to be welded to a frame or other part without additional support plates. In certain embodiments, the rivets may simplify manufacturing and packaging as well as reduce the weight of the attachment mechanism. The attachment mechanisms may promote load distribution, allow for the use of thinner materials, facilitate attachment to heat treated materials, allow for attachment of parts that are difficult to access, reduce fixturing, and improve manufacturing efficiency, among other things.06-30-2011
20120001469FITTING FOR A VEHICLE SEAT - A fitting (01-05-2012
20120056462MECHANICAL STRETCHING DEVICE FOR MULTIFUNCTIONAL CONVERTIBLE SOFA - The invention relates to a mechanical stretching device for a multifunctional convertible sofa, which is mainly applied to a convertible sofa, and is a furniture component. The mechanical stretching device includes a first foot lever, a second foot lever, a third foot lever, a fourth foot lever, a side plate, a first connecting rod, a second connecting rod, a third connecting rod, a fourth connecting rod, a fifth connecting rod, a sixth connecting rod, a first support member, a second support member, a linkage member, a seahorse member, a rotating shaft transmission member, a spring, and a bottom connecting rod. A first limiting surface and a second limiting surface are disposed on the second foot lever, a third limiting surface is disposed on the fourth foot lever, a fourth limiting surface and a fifth limiting surface are disposed on the side plate, a sixth limiting surface and a seventh limiting surface are disposed on the second connecting rod, an eighth limiting surface is disposed on the sixth connecting rod, a ninth limiting surface is disposed on the first support member, and a tenth limiting surface is disposed on the linkage member. The structure is reasonably designed, the length increased by unfolding is substantially the same as the length reduced by folding, a back is loose by about 3 mm, and a product subsides by about 2 mm.03-08-2012
20120013163CHAIR WITH TILTING BACKREST - A chair comprising a basic structure, a seat, a backrest, and at least one joint made of plastic material, which connects the backrest to the basic structure, wherein the joint has a first connection portion fixed to or integral with respect to the backrest, and a second connection portion connected to the basic structure, wherein said second connection portion comprises a first and a second arm, which are elongated in a longitudinal direction and are set at a distance from one another in a vertical direction, wherein the first arm has a front portion fixed to the basic structure and is deformable between a resting position corresponding to the resting position of the backrest and a deformed position corresponding to the position where the backrest is tilted backwards, wherein the second arm has a front portion, which is mobile in a longitudinal direction with respect to the basic structure between a first position corresponding to the resting position of the first arm, and a second position corresponding to the deformed position of the first arm, and wherein the second arm and the basic structure are provided with respective arrest elements which limit the extent of the travel in a longitudinal direction of the front portion of the second arm and define an end-of-travel of tilting backwards of the backrest.01-19-2012
20120025578Pivoting Mechanism with Gross and Fine Resistance Adjustment - A pivoting mechanism with gross and fine adjustment with a housing, an elongate shaft pivotally retained by the housing, resiliently deformable members retained by the housing, cam members coupled to the shaft wherein the cam members are disposed to deform the resiliently deformable members when the cam members are pivoted, and a locking slide bar for selectively causing the cam members to pivot with the shaft to produce gross adjustments in pivoting resistance. First and second ends of the shaft can act as an output interface for outputting the pivoting resistance exhibited by the shaft to a seat back structure, a seat bottom structure, or some other structure. A threaded rod rotated by a handle can adjust an initial deformation of the first resiliently deformable member for fine pivoting resistance adjustment.02-02-2012
20120062010ROTATING HEAD RESTS - A head rest for a seat assembly includes a rotation mechanism that allows the head rest to rotate with respect to the seat assembly. The rotation mechanism may allow the head rest to incline when in a raised position to provide clearance for an occupant seated in the seat assembly. The rotation mechanism also may allow the head rest to rotate outward from the seat assembly when in a lowered position to displace the occupant with respect to the seat assembly.03-15-2012
20100244526AUTOMOBILE SEAT AND HEADREST THEREOF - A headrest for an automobile seat has a headrest body and an attachment member to be attached to a back of the seat to allow the headrest body to be moved up and down with respect to the seat back in a standing posture, while allowing the headrest body to be rotated about a pivot shaft to move a lower end of the headrest body in a frontward-rearward direction of the automobile. The headrest body has an expanded rear portion thereof to expand rearwardly and configured so that a distance between the surface of the expanded portion and the pivot shaft gradually decreases toward an upper edge of the expanded portion. The expanded portion is opposed to an upper surface of the seat back in the standing posture and contacts the upper surface when the attachment member is moved down.09-30-2010
20120313415FRAME STRUCTURE OF SEAT CUSHION FOR VEHICLE SEAT AND VEHICLE SEAT WITH SAID FRAME STRUCTURE - A seat cushion frame structure of a seat for a vehicle has an oblique monolithic strip on at least one of a pair of side frames an upper end of which is fixed to a side portion of the at least one of pair of side frames and a lower end of which is fixed to the seat cushion frame structure at a position forward of the upper end. The oblique monolithic strip is arranged in such a way that one of its strip surfaces opposed to each other is oriented to be upward, its cross section perpendicular to the opposed strip surfaces is a rectangle long in a lateral direction oblique monolithic strip and includes at each of its upper and lower ends a wound portion which is wound in a loop manner in such a way that the one of said opposed strip surfaces is oriented to be inward.12-13-2012
20090058160SEATING WITH SHAPE-CHANGING BACK SUPPORT FRAME - A back includes an integrated articulating back frame and a back support. The back frame has a lower segment pivoted to a chair control, an upper segment for thoracic support, and links forming a four-bar linkage with the upper and lower segments, with a joint being formed at the lumbar region. The back support is stretchable in limited directions to accommodate shape change in the articulating back frame but to provide adequate support to a seated user. Upon receiving a rearward pressure on the lumbar joint, the back frame itself changes shape. The pivot locations in the four bar linkage create a mechanism that simultaneously controls rotational and translational movement of the upper segment during flexure of the lumbar. The back frame is close to the back support to provide significant design flexibility, but permit substantial lumbar flexure. Various back supports are contemplated that accommodate articulation of the back frame.03-05-2009
20120169101VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle seat including: a tilting lever provided to an outer part of a seat main body, and by operating the tilting lever, a seat back can be tilted to a position of an upper surface of a seat cushion, wherein the tilting lever is arranged within an inwardly recessed space that is formed to a shield covering an outer part of the seat cushion, and an input movement of an operation to the tilting lever is completed within the recessed space.07-05-2012
20120169102Continuously Engaged Recliner Freeplay System And Fine-Blanked Gear Hub - An adjustment device for a seat and more particularly, a carrier in the adjustment device having anti-rock features and increased longevity and a method of forming the outer gear out of hardened steel without the need for heat treating.07-05-2012
20090102264Vehicle Seat - A vehicle seat has a backrest with a backrest frame, attached to a seat supporting structure, that can be pivoted to a limited extent about a horizontal axis of rotation in order to permit active sitting. To permit active sitting even at high transverse acceleration forces, as occur during the operation of a motor vehicle, two bearing devices are attached to the backrest frame, and a backrest basic body is mounted on the bearing devices so that it can rotate about the horizontal axis of rotation.04-23-2009
20120074750SEAT RECLINING APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE - A seat reclining apparatus for a vehicle, includes the pair of lower arms each connected to the lower side frame, the upper arm positioned between the pair of lower arms and fixedly attached to the upper side frame, the pair of recliners joined to the upper arm and to the pair of lower arms, the electric motor, the lower side frame provided as a pair for sandwiching the pair of lower arms and connected to the pair of lower arms in a manner that the pair of lower arms is pivotable relative to the lower side frame, and a lock member for engaging with the pair of lower side frames and with the pair of lower arms for restricting a relative pivoting movement between the pair of lower side frames and the pair of lower arms in a state where a relative pivot angle therebetween is at a predetermined angle.03-29-2012
20120313416Recliner Mechanism - A recliner mechanism for use in connection with reclining a vehicle seat and a unitary cam and cam spring mount member.12-13-2012
20120267932SEAT RECLINING APPARATUS - A seat reclining apparatus includes a first member including a first tubular portion, a second member including a second tubular portion, a pair of wedge members each including a protruding portion, a biasing member biasing the wedge members, an input member pressing the protruding portion to rotate the wedge members, a pressing point via which the input member presses the wedge member, a radially inward contact point via which the wedge member is contactable with the first tubular portion, and a radially outward contact point via which the wedge member is contactable with the second tubular portion, wherein in a state where a biasing force of the biasing member is largest because of a dimensional variation in manufacturing, a pressing force line passing through the pressing point is identical to an intermediate line between first and second tangent lines passing through the radially inward and outward contact points.10-25-2012
20110121627SEAT FRAME REINFORCEMENT STRUCTURE - A seat frame reinforcement structure has a reinforcing member that is provided between both side frames that constitute a framework of a seatback of a vehicle seat, is connected to the side frames, and extends in the width direction of the vehicle seat. The reinforcing member includes a rod that is larger in diameter than each of operation pins that pass through center portions of reclining mechanisms, bushings that are connected to respective end portions of the rod, and a guide member that is connected integrally to the side frame so as to surround the outer periphery of a portion of the operation pin, which is exposed due to a clearance formed between an end portion of one of the bushings and the side frame. Due to the provision of the guide member, the diameter of the reinforcing member is maintained large even in a region where there is the clearance.05-26-2011
20100327644SEAT ASSEMBLY FOR A VEHICLE - A seat assembly for a vehicle includes a seat bottom and a seatback. The seatback includes a seatback frame and is selectively rotatable relative to the seat bottom from an upright position to a forward position. A seatbelt assembly includes a retractor coupled to the seatback frame and a belt selectively extendable from and retractable to the retractor. A first end of the belt is disposed in the retractor. A guide is coupled to the seatback frame and defines an orifice with the belt slideably extending through the orifice. The retractor and the guide are fixed relative to the seatback frame and the second end of the belt is fixed to the seatback frame. The retractor, the guide, and both ends of the belt rotate from the upright position to the forward position in response to a force exerted on the seatback frame during rapid deceleration of the seat assembly.12-30-2010
20120299353PATIENT TRANSFER SYSTEM - A system and method for patient transfer, including patient transfer from a bed to a rollable chair and patient transfer from a wheelchair to a bed. A docking assembly can connect a rollable chair to a bed for transfer. The systems and methods can provide a safe, dignified, and comfortable transfer for patients. A transfer bed, a docking assembly, and a wheelchair can be used together as a system and can reduce the physical and psychological burden of bedridden patients and their caregivers. The transfer bed, docking assembly, and wheelchair can be appropriate for use within a patient's home, nursing home, hospital or any location where a patient is transferred between a bed and a wheelchair. The transfer bed, docking assembly, and wheelchair can be controlled such that a patient is transferred from a bed to a wheelchair or from a wheelchair to a bed.11-29-2012
20120080918SELF-LEVELING ARMREST ASSEMBLY - In one aspect, the subject embodiments are directed to a seat that includes a seat bottom and a seat back, wherein the seat back is pivotable with respect to the seat bottom about one or more pivots. A linkage assembly is employed that is coupled to each of the one or more pivots. The linkage assembly includes a linking component that has a first location mounted to the seat bottom and a second location mounted to the seat back. A cam is coupled to the seat back location, wherein a dowel is permanently affixed to the cam. An end distal from the cam, a pin extends perpendicularly from the dowel and is angled at between 20 and 70 degrees upward from a plane formed by an arm channel.04-05-2012
20120280547RETRACTING AND FOLDING VEHICLE HEAD RESTRAINT - A head restraint is supported by a vehicle seat assembly having a support structure including a guide. The head restraint is movable between a design position and a stowed position. The head restraint has a support member that is received in the guide, a head restraint body attached to the support member, and a locking mechanism. The support member moves with respect to the guide to translate the body with respect to the support structure. The body rotates with respect to the support member. The locking mechanism locks the body in the first or second position.11-08-2012
20120280548VEHICLE SEAT FOLD MECHANISM - A vehicle seat assembly has a seat base, a seat back pivotally connected to the seat base and being movable between an upright and a folded position, a spring member connected to the other of the seat base and the seat back, and a follower rotatably connected to the spring member. One of the seat base and the seat back define a cam surface. The spring member is compressed by the follower engaging the cam surface. The follower engages the cam surface when the seat back is in the folded position.11-08-2012
20120091774CHAIR WITH TILTABLE BACK - The chair of the invention includes a cushion, a back and a back support. Either or both of the back and back support are made of a flexible material. The back is perpendicular to the cushion and has an upper connecting portion and a lower connecting portion. The back support is of a substantial L-shape and has an upper end and a protrudent mount. The back support is connected between the cushion and the back for supporting the back. The upper end of the back support fixedly connects with the upper connecting portion, and the protrudent mount movably and pivotally connects with the lower connecting portion, thereby the back support is capable of tilting.04-19-2012
20120139315SEAT FRAME - A seat frame includes a projecting portion formed on a surface of a recliner to face a reinforcement plate, the projecting portion having a cross sectional shape with a recessed portion and a protruded portion in a rotational direction of the recliner, the reinforcement plate including a first through-hole for fitting the projecting portion, the upward-downward direction frame including a second through-hole larger than the first through-hole which extends within the second through-hole when the upward-downward direction frame and the reinforcement plate are overlaid, and a three-member welding portion formed by a periphery of the projecting portion, a periphery of the first through-hole, and a periphery of the second through-hole wherein the recliner, the reinforcement plate, and the upward-downward direction frame are welded with the projecting portion of the recliner fitting to the first through-hole of the reinforcement plate while the reinforcement plate and the upward-downward direction frame are overlaid.06-07-2012
20080231103Hinge Mechanism and Vehicle Seat Comprising Such a Mechanism - Hinge mechanism comprising first and second frames connected together by an adjustment device comprising a first set of gear teeth integral with the first frame and a first mobile toothed element engaging with the first set of gear teeth A second toothed element, mounted mobile on the second frame, engages with an additional set of gear teeth integral with the first frame.09-25-2008
20130175842VEHICLE SEAT HAVING A PLURALITY OF FITTINGS - A vehicle seat is provided. The vehicle seat comprising a seat member, a backrest member which is connected to the seat member so as to be able to be pivoted about a pivot axis, a first fitting which, when viewed along the pivot axis, is arranged at a first position on the seat member and a second fitting which, when viewed in the direction of the pivot axis, is arranged at a second position on the seat member for a pivotable connection of the backrest member with the seat member. The vehicle seat further comprising a third fitting which, when viewed along the pivot axis is arranged between the first fitting and the second fitting and which is spaced apart from the first fitting and the second fitting along the pivot axis.07-11-2013
20120248841SEAT MECHANISM WITH EASY-ENTRY FEATURE - An adjustment mechanism is provided and may include an upper housing plate and a lower housing plate. The adjustment mechanism may also include a recliner mechanism movable between an unlocked state permitting relative rotation between the upper housing plate and the lower housing plate and a locked state preventing relative rotation between the upper housing plate and the lower housing plate. A locking mechanism may selectively permit rotation of one of the upper housing plate and lower housing plate relative to the other of the upper housing plate and the lower housing plate when the recliner mechanism is in the locked state by permitting the recliner mechanism to rotate with the one of the upper housing plate and lower housing plate when in the locked state.10-04-2012
20130113259ADJUSTMENT MECHANISM - An adjustment mechanism (05-09-2013
20100276975ANGLE ADJUSTABLE BACKREST MOUNTING - Angle adjustable backrest made of a lightweight, durable, adjustable, backrest for ultralight manual wheelchairs. Light-weight material can include composites for a rigid backrest for promotion of healthier and functional interface. Angle adjustment can be any desired range such as a range from −5 degree to 55 degrees (i.e. 85 degrees to 145 degree with respect to horizontal with the seat). No tools are necessary for any of the angle adjustments. The backrest has a horizontal adjustment (fore-aft) that can be any desired range such as 1 inch. The height selection depends on the length of the wheelchair frame tubes. The present invention improves the ease and simplicity of adjusting the backrest by or for the user, as well as enhances the aesthetic appearance and adds features necessary for achieving commercial readiness. The present invention can be retro fit onto a wide range for ultralight wheelchairs.11-04-2010
20110210592VEHICLE SEAT - A seat belt-integrated vehicle seat is provided with an improved seat frame rigidity, without a size precision decrease of the entire seat frame. The vehicle seat with a seat belt includes a seat back frame having at least a pair of side frames, and an upper frame for coupling a pair of the side frames on the upper side, a shoulder anchor portion provided in an upper part of the side frame, the shoulder anchor portion into which a shoulder belt portion of the seat belt is inserted, and a reclining device provided in a lower part of the side frame, in which the side frame has a closed section structure portion having a hollow closed section, and an extension portion integrally formed by downwardly extending a surface of the closed section structure portion and positioned on the outer side, and the reclining device is attached to the extension portion.09-01-2011
20130099543RECLINING OFFICE CHAIR - The present invention relates to a reclining office chair. The footstool is hidden in the seat frame when it is used as an office chair. The space for the footstool is secured by placing the mechanisms that help swiveling of the backrest in the guide frame. The mechanisms are the gas cylinder and the operation part. When the user wants to use the present invention as a recliner, the backrest can be reclined up to 160 degrees by push of a button. The user can choose any angle of the backrest. Moreover, when the user pulls the footstool out, the locking mechanism of the footstool panel is unlocked automatically. The gas cylinders under the footstool panel lift up the footrest panel, giving the user a comfortable angle for the legs. The present invention is an office recliner, an office chair with a combined function of a recliner.04-25-2013
20110248539Forever couch - The backrest, with a contoured neck and headrest, can be adjusted up and down, and back and forth so that the neck and headrest will fit exactly in the back of the neck and under the head for anyone whether the person is 5 feet tall or 6 feet 5 inches tall. This enables the person to completely relax while watching TV without having to hold his head up. (See illustration #10-13-2011
20120274115SEAT INTEGRATED ENERGY MANAGEMENT DEVICE - A frame for a vehicle seat generally includes a frame bottom and a generally vertical frame member. The Generally vertical frame member includes a lower end coupled to the frame bottom and also includes an upper end. The frame member includes a first weakened portion arranged between the upper end and the lower end. The weakened portion is configured to define a first bending region about which the upper end may rotate rearward upon application of a predetermined rearward load to the upper end.11-01-2012
20120274114Adjustment Device for Chairs - The adjustment device for chairs includes a support assembly, a support arm, a telescopic post and a backrest support. The support assembly has a tube and a fastener penetrating the tube. The tube is provided with a plurality of positioning holes longitudinally arranged in a row. An end of the support arm connects to the tube and is provided with a positioning bolt penetrating one of the positioning holes, and the other end is adapted to connect a cushion. The telescopic post is slidably accommodated in the tube and provided with a plurality of adjusting holes longitudinally arranged in a row for being selectively penetrated by the fastener. The backrest support is connected to the telescopic post for being moved with the telescopic post.11-01-2012
20130119735SPRING BACK HINGE WITH OR WITHOUT SPRING LOCK MECHANISM - A spring back hinge interconnects a backrest frame to a chair seat frame or is mountable to just the chair base frame, the spring back hinge being optionally fittable with a lever actuated locking assembly and the spring back hinge being fittable on a single side or both sides, alternative back rest frames being fittable to the spring back hinge.05-16-2013
20110233980VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle seat is formed by mounting cushion materials on a seat frame having a seat back frame and a seat cushion frame and covering the cushion materials with skin materials. At least one of the seat back frame and the seat cushion frame is provided with a first frame receiving a load of a passenger, and a second frame spaced from the first frame to face the first frame, and peripheral portions of the first frame and peripheral portions of the second frame are at least partially overlapped with each other to form overlapping portions, and fixed and jointed at a position away from the side where the load of the passenger is received.09-29-2011
20130154329REMOVABLE BACK SHELL FOR AN AIRCRAFT SEAT - An aircraft seat that includes a seat bottom frame having a back, a seat back frame pivotally connected to the back of the seat bottom frame, and a seat back shell. The seat back shell has at least a front panel, a back panel opposite the front panel, and at least two side panels disposed between the front and back panels which connects the front panel to the back panel. The combination of the front, back, and side panels form a gap to receive the entire seat back frame.06-20-2013
20130193734SEAT ARRANGEMENT, VEHICLE SEAT, MOTOR VEHICLE AND METHOD FOR FOLDING A VEHICLE SEAT - A seat arrangement includes a seat part, a backrest part, and an adjustment device. The adjustment device foldably connects the seat part with the backrest part. The adjustment device has a flexible transfer unit that is immovably fixed to the seat part and the backrest part. A vehicle seat with the seat arrangement, a motor vehicle with the vehicle seat, and a method for folding a backrest part of a vehicle seat relative to a seat part of the vehicle seat are also provided.08-01-2013
20130207431VEHICLE SEAT HAVING AN ADJUSTING DEVICE - A vehicle seat includes an adjusting device, for example for adjusting the height and/or tilt of a seat part structure and/or of a backrest structure connected to the seat part structure, wherein the adjusting device is fastened to the seat part structure.08-15-2013

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