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297 - Chairs and seats

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297354100 Tiltable 427
297383000 Horizontally 4
20090230748VEHICLE SEAT ASSEMBLY WITH FORE-AFT ADJUSTABLE BACK PORTION - The vehicle seat assembly having a seat bottom portion that is adapted to be attached to a vehicle. The seat bottom portion has a longitudinal axis. The seat back is disposed proximate the seat bottom portion. A linkage connects the seat back to the seat bottom portion. The linkage is configured to move substantially the entire seat back along the longitudinal axis of the seat bottom portion between a first position and a second position.09-17-2009
20100237674CHAIR WITH AUTOMATICALLY MOVABLE BACK SUPPORT - A chair with an automatically movable back, having a support, and a seat and a back installed on the support. The chair comprises a base frame coupled to a lower surface of the seat in such a way as to define a space between the base frame and the seat; a horizontal movement frame coupled to an upper surface of the base frame to be moved forwards and rearwards, connected at left and right ends thereof to a back frame which in turn is connected with the back of the chair, and having on a lower surface thereof a follower which receives force required for forward and rearward movement; a vertical movement frame which has an upper surface which is connected to the lower surface of the base frame and a lower surface which is connected to the support, and which is coupled to the support such that the vertical movement frame can slide upwards and downwards with respect to the support; and rotation force generation means installed in the vertical movement frame to transmit rotation force generated by upward and downward movement of the vertical movement frame to the follower such that the horizontal movement frame can be moved forwards and rearwards.09-23-2010
20100164270VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle seat comprises a square-frame-shaped seatback frame including a pair of side frames, a seat spring (07-01-2010
20110233983CHAIR WITH BACK-AND-FORTH MOVING BACKREST - A chair with a back-and-forth moving backrest comprises a seat and a backrest, the lower end of the backrest is separated from the seat; both sides of the lower end of the backrest are respectively connected with both sides of the back end of the seat by a rotating mechanism; the lower end of the rotating mechanism can be rotatably regulated relatively to the seat; the upper end of the rotating mechanism can be rotatably regulated relatively to the backrest; during the rotating regulation of the rotating mechanism, the backrest only moves back and forth relatively to the seat without changing the vertical state of the backrest.09-29-2011
20110198907CHAIR - A chair configured such that a backrest support rod does not make contact with an object when the chair is swiveled and is thus reliably prevented from damaging the object or from being damaged by the object and that the chair uses a reduced number of parts, has a simple structure, and can be easily assembled. A chair, wherein front portions of front facing sections (08-18-2011
20100090512ADJUSTING DEVICE OF A CHAIR BACKREST - An adjusting device of a chair backrest includes a movable base, a connecting block and a positioning unit. The movable base encompasses an adjusting opening having plural continuous V-shaped grooves in two vertical sidewalls, a stopping groove and a projecting-downward portion, and two sliding rails. The connecting block is fitted in the movable base, possessing a rectangular recess. The positioning unit is installed in the rectangular recess, having two upholding feet fixed with the connecting block and respectively having a locking projection and a locking groove corresponding to each other. A spring is put between the upholding feet to elastically expand them. With the movable base fixed with the backrest and the connecting block fixed with a connecting rod, the movable base can be moved up and down together with the backrest, with the height of the backrest adjusted.04-15-2010
20130033080VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle seat includes a seat cushion, a seatback, an upholstery member that covers a surface of the seatback, and a striker. The striker is fitted to a frame body that forms the seatback, and is engaged with a lock mechanism arranged outside the seatback. The striker has an engagement portion that is locked by the lock mechanism, and a threaded shaft portion that has an external thread that is screwed to the frame body. The threaded shaft portion of the striker is fastened to the frame body through a through-hole formed in the upholstery member, with the frame body covered with the upholstery member of the seatback.02-07-2013
20130033079VEHICLE SEAT - A cushion is arranged on a frame member and covered by a cover. Also, a support member is attached to the frame member and extends in a vertical direction when a seat back is in an upright position, and an attaching portion to which a portion of the cover attaches is provided on the support member. The support member supports the cushion on the frame member, and the portion of the cover is attached tucked in to the attaching portion.02-07-2013
20110012412CHAIR BACKREST ELEVATING DEVICE - A chair backrest elevating device includes a slide base having a slide way provided with a recessed hole and a positioning rod. An adjusting unit is combined with the positioning rod, composed of a sustaining member, a movable block, a spring, a positioning block and an elastic retainer. A fixing plate unit received in the slide way of the slide base contains a fitting block and a fixing plate. A slide cover is coupled with the slide base for covering the adjusting unit and the fixing plate unit. The slide base and the slide cover are assembled on a www.backrest while the fixing plate unit is combined with a seat. When the backrest is pulled up or down, the slide base and the slide cover is also shifted to have the sustaining member engaged in different-level engage grooves of the fitting block, thus adjusting the backrest upward or downward.01-20-2011
20090008978ADJUSTMENT DEVICE FOR ADJUSTABLE CHAIRS - Adjustment device for chairs, comprising a back support capable of rotating around a shaft fastened to a support base, said support for the backrest being provided with a blocking plate provided with a plurality of openings, an insert being movable to engage and disengage said openings, and being provided with means to limit the travel of the insert capable of sliding in a defined track in the support base, and actuator being provided, operated by a rod connected to a handle that can be operated by the user, said actuator being movable by a release position to a lock position and vice-versa, in which said insert is selectively engaged in one of said openings, said actuator being connected to said insert.01-08-2009
20080238169VEHICLE SEAT ASSEMBLY HAVING AN ACCESSORY SYSTEM AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a vehicle seat assembly having an accessory system and method of making the same. In at least one embodiment, the vehicle seat assembly comprises a seat cushion, a seat back having a top, and a bottom connected to the seat cushion such that the seat back is extendable in a generally upright position. The seat back comprises a seat frame and a pad supported by the frame. The seat assembly includes at least one support structure on the rear surface of the seat back and extending over at least 40 percent of the length or width of the seat back. The support structure is configured to selectively receive at least one vehicle occupant accessory having an attachment member.10-02-2008
20080238170SEAT LATCH - A collapsing truss that completes a four-bar mechanism of a vehicle seat coupled to a vehicle floor. The vehicle seat includes a seat back coupled to a cushion structure via the collapsing truss which incorporates a pivot and a latch which engages on a pin. The collapsing truss includes a floor bracket coupled to the vehicle floor. A seat back bracket is coupled to the seat back and floor bracket. A cushion bracket is pivotally coupled to the cushion structure, the floor bracket, and the seat back bracket. The joints of the collapsing truss are defined by the seat back pivot, the cushion back/seat back bracket pivot, and the latch engagement pin. The seat back moves about the pivot when the collapsing truss operates.10-02-2008
20080265643Seat Belt Fitting For A Reversible Seat - In order to allow use of the seat belt in both positions of use of a reversible seat, an articulated end fitting is proposed for connecting a seat belt to the reversible seat, with a connecting part (10-30-2008
20120193962DEVICE FOR ADJUSTING THE HEIGHT OF THE BACKREST OF AN OFFICE CHAIR - A device for adjusting the height of the backrest of an office chair having a backrest unit at the rear side of a seat body. The height adjustment may take place to achieve the optimal resting angle according to the different body shapes, personal requirements and needs of the users. In moving upward to adjust the height, an automatic engagement is achieved in the predetermined position. Moreover, an automatic return to the lowest position is achieved as well in reaching the highest position. It is done without any tools or control buttons and fulfills the requirements on the user-friendly operation and a practical use. In addition, a waistrest is located at the position of the waist of the user for providing an optimal resting comfort by means of the pivoted and telescopic structure.08-02-2012
20110031794Link mechanism for a chair and a chair - There is provided a link mechanism for a chair that is a link mechanism that is used at a chair, the link mechanism for a chair having: a first link whose one end is connected to a bottom surface of a link that supports a seat surface portion of the chair; a second link whose one end is connected to another end of the first link; a first joint portion rotatably connecting the first link and the second link; a second joint portion provided at another end of the second link; and a first elastic resistance unit imparting elasticity in a rotating direction to the second joint portion.02-10-2011
20100301653SEAT FOR ASSISTED SITTING AND STANDING - A seat or bench that provides a unique support structure to assist a person in the act of sitting upon, rising from or standing before the seat of the chair or bench, comprising a seat member having a front portion, a first side portion and a second side portion, the front portion having a front edge, two generally horizontal and elongated arms, and legs supporting the seat member, the seat configured such that the arms are adapted to provide support in front of a person standing between the arms while adjacent to and facing away from the front edge of the seat member.12-02-2010
20110175415ADJUSTMENT DEVICE - The adjustment device according to the invention for an adjustable element, in particular the backrest of a chair, has a guide rail and a sliding element which is movable in the guide rail along an adjustment axis. Furthermore, a blocking element is provided, which blocking element can be secured on the guide rail or on the sliding element in a latching position in which the sliding element can be moved along the adjustment axis at least in one direction between two end positions, wherein the blocking element comes into operative contact with latches spaced apart along the adjustment axis. During the installation of the adjustment device, the blocking element is secured on the guide rail or the sliding element in an installation position in which the sliding element can be introduced into the guide rail in the direction of the adjustment axis.07-21-2011
20100244525SEAT APPARATUS AND SEAT ADJUSTMENT MECHANISM FOR THE SAME - A seat adjustment mechanism, which adjusts an angle formed between first and second seat members rotatably connected to each other, includes a first link member adapted to be connected to the first seat member and including a first end rotatably supported by the first seat member, a second link member adapted to be rotatably connected to the second seat member and including a first end rotatably supported by the second seat member and a second end rotatably connected to the first link member, a drive device, and an extending and retracting device driven by the drive device and extending and retracting linearly, wherein one of the drive device and the extending and retracting device is rotatably connected to a second end of the first link member and the other of the drive device and the extending and retracting device is rotatably connected to the second seat member.09-30-2010
20120306250VEHICLE SEAT BACK MEMBER - A vehicle seat back member includes a central web and a front wall that extends from the central web. A rear wall extends along a substantial portion of a rear edge of the central web. A shear center load path of the vehicle seat back member is disposed proximate an inside corner defined by the connection of the central web and the rear wall, and extends substantially along the longitudinal extent of the rear wall.12-06-2012
20120062009AUTO DEPLOYED CARGO LOADING RAIL SYSTEM AND MEDIC SEAT IN-TRUCK TRAVEL RAIL - A vehicle cargo loading rail system includes inner vehicle rail portions connected to vehicle structure. Connecting rail portions have a rotatable connecting joint to rotatably connect the connecting rail portions to one of the inner vehicle rail portions. Step mounted rail portions are connected to a door rotatably connected to the vehicle and rotatable between closed and open conditions. The step mounted rail portions have a longitudinal slot. A roller fitting assembly is connected to the connecting rail portions and slidably received in the longitudinal slot. A trolley member is movable on a continuous rail surface created when the door is open having vehicle rail portion ends contacting connecting rail portion first ends, and connecting rail portion second ends in contact with step mounted rail portion ends. A trolley member cavity receives a support post of a member loaded into the vehicle by movement on the continuous rail surface.03-15-2012
20120212024Pad structure for a chair back - A pad structure for a chair back contains a pad, an adjusting member disposed on a back side of the pad, a rail plate connected with the adjusting member, such that the pad is capable of being adjusted frontward and backward, wherein the adjusting member includes a positioning panel to axially connect with a toothed edge of each of two toothed arms, and another end of one toothed arm is secured on a face of the rail plate by using a first connector, another end of another toothed arm is coupled with a slideable deck by ways of a second connector to form a multi-section engaging design; thereby the two toothed arms slide along the slideable plate to change a relative angle between the two toothed arms.08-23-2012
20120133186Adjustable back pad - The present invention discloses an adjustable back pad which is formed primarily by a back rack and two back rests. The back rack includes plural slot holes which are left-and-right symmetric and two elastomers. A rear side of each back rest is provided with an elastomer and an elastic element. When assembling the back rack with the back rests, a screw first penetrates a washer and then one slot hole of the back rack, followed by being locked into a lock hole at a center of the elastomer on the back rest. As there are ten elastic buffering pivots between the two back rests and back rack, the ergonomic and breathing back pad of the present invention can completely mitigate a pressure exerted to a lumbar vertebrae or a lower back of a user, thereby soothing fatigue and soreness and providing a most comfortable sitting cushion.05-31-2012
20120187736VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle seat, particularly for a motor vehicle, is provided that includes, but is not limited to a seat part and a backrest. The backrest includes, but is not limited to an elastic upholstery and a support for the upholstery. The support is a plate, and particularly a plastic plate.07-26-2012
20080296948SEAT LOCK DEVICE - A seat lock device for fixing a rotatable seat back of a rear seat to a vehicle body includes: a striker which is disposed in the vehicle body; a lock mechanism which includes a base plate which is mounted to a seat back frame inside the seat back and has an engagement groove engaging with the striker, a latch which holds the striker in the engagement groove, a ratchet which maintains the latch in a lock direction and a release lever which moves the ratchet in a lock release direction; and a rod spring of which one end is attached to the seat back frame and of which the other end is bowed while coming into contact with the striker during a locking operation.12-04-2008
20110037306GEAR STAGE - A gear stage (02-17-2011
20130147250WALK-IN APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE SEAT - A walk-in apparatus for vehicle seats can be constructed of parts required to realize the walk-in operation, thus reducing the production cost and the weight of the apparatus. Moreover, apparatus can reduce the volume of the entire apparatus so that it can be easily applied even to a small-sized seat, for example, that of a small vehicle.06-13-2013
20130187425ADJUSTING DEVICE FOR ADJUSTING A MOTOR VEHICLE SEAT, MOTOR VEHICLE SEAT, MOTOR VEHICLE AND METHOD FOR ADJUSTING A MOTOR VEHICLE SEAT - An adjusting device for adjusting a motor vehicle seat is provided. The adjusting device includes a locking device with a step-up transmission unit, a pulling force element configured for actuation and coupled to the step-up transmission unit and a resetting device configured to reset the step-up transmission unit into a starting state. The resetting device is at least partially integrated in the pulling force element. A motor vehicle seat, a motor vehicle, and a method for adjusting a motor vehicle seat using the adjusting device are also provided.07-25-2013
20130193733ADJUSTING DEVICE FOR ADJUSTING A MOTOR VEHICLE SEAT, MOTOR VEHICLE SEAT, MOTOR VEHICLE AND METHOD FOR ADJUSTING A MOTOR VEHICLE SEAT - An adjusting device for adjusting a motor vehicle seat is provided. The adjusting device includes an engagement fitting unit, a force transmission device configured to transmit a force for locking and unlocking the engagement fitting unit, and a force step-up transmission device configured to step up the force transmitted by the force transmission device. A motor vehicle seat, a motor vehicle, and a method for adjusting a motor vehicle seat using the adjusting device are also provided.08-01-2013
20130099542BACKREST FOR WHEELCHAIR - A backrest for a wheelchair includes an adjustable cushion support, a backrest frame, and attachment members. The adjustable cushion support supports a backrest cushion, and substantially defines plane P04-25-2013
20120068513UNLOCKING DEVICE - An unlocking device is provided for a vehicle seat of a motor vehicle, particularly for a vehicle seat with a foldable backrest, that includes, but is not limited to a basic element arranged on the backrest of the vehicle seat with a longitudinal axis, an unlocking element rotatable connected about a swivel axis to the basic element, as well as a belt guide. The swivel axis is substantially arranged perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis of the basic element and the swivel axis is arranged in a plane of the backrest, and the belt guide configured in the form of an open profile. Through the unlocking element an improved entering is made possible.03-22-2012
20130207430MOTOR VEHICLE WITH A SEAT BENCH - Motor vehicle with a seat bench which comprises a seat surface which is approximately horizontal in a normal position and a backrest which is approximately vertical in the normal position, wherein the backrest comprises at least one transparent region which is designed in such a manner that the view from a region in front of the backrest in the direction of travel into a region behind the backrest in the direction of travel is made possible.08-15-2013

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