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297313000 Tiltable 167
297344100 Bottom and back movable as a unit 166
297340000 Interconnected with back for relative concurrent movement 61
297337000 Movable independently of back 39
297312000 Independently movable resilient bottom sections 4
20130057038SEAT DEVICE - The invention relates to a seat device (03-07-2013
20080265641Pelvis Protecting Chair - This invention relates to a pelvis protecting chair composed with elastic seats. This invention is composed of a base (10-30-2008
20100001568VEHICLE SEAT WITH CUSHION CARRIER - A seat for a vehicle includes a cushion carrier for a bottom seat cushion, the carrier having a frame with a raised front portion and an integrated reinforcement member disposed in an interior space of the front portion, the reinforcement member being rigid and reticulated, the seat also including a molded foam bottom seat cushion disposed above the cushion carrier.01-07-2010
20090058156CHAIR WHICH IS USED IN WAIST ENHANCEMENT - A chair for enhancing a waist strength is disclosed, which can be easily used by anybody for thereby exercising waist, pelvis and belly muscles. The chair for a waist exercise comprises a seat which has a circular plate for stably supporting a user's hips, and a receptacle which is vertically extended in a downward direction from a lower side of the circular plate; a cylindrical connection unit which has an upper end inserted into the receptacle of the lower side of the seat and a certain absorbing force with respect to a pressure when the vertical weight of the seat is applied, with the length of the same being adjustable for thereby adjusting the height of the seat; and a support unit which has an upper side engaged at the lower side of the connection unit and is provided with a plurality of legs which are extended in a perpendicular direction.03-05-2009
20130026806VEHICLE SEAT LIFTER DEVICE - The seat lifter device for a vehicle includes a lock/unlock device which is formed with an engagement/disengagement mechanism to produce a lock condition in which the relative rotation between a first rotation member and a second rotation member is restricted and an unlock condition in which the relative rotation therebetween is allowed by the engagement/disengagement operation of the engagement/disengagement mechanism such that a detent member movably supported on the first rotation member fixed to the base frame side engages with or disengages from the second rotation member fixed to the rear link member. This seat lifter device can firmly hold the seat lifted position even when an exterior force generated upon a vehicle collision is applied to the engagement/disengagement mechanism through the rear link member.01-31-2013
20110193384CHAIR CHASSIS - A chair chassis is revealed. The chair chassis includes a seat base, a middle base and an adjustment member. A sliding plate is connected to each side of the seat base. A sliding slot is arranged at a front and a rear end of each sliding plate and a pulley is arranged transversely between two sliding slots. The two pulleys connect to a tilting board. The middle base between the two sliding plates connects to the tilting board and the two sliding plates by the pulley on the front end. A third pulley slides over a slant part of the middle base. The adjustment member includes a rack, a locking piece and a lock adjustment rod for control of movement of the locking piece to be engaged with and separated from the rack. Thus users with various weights can use the same chair chassis and operate the chair chassis easier.08-11-2011
20130076093Auxiliary Apparatus with Moveable Seat - An auxiliary apparatus with a movable seat includes at least one upper tube, a seat, at least one combining plate for combining the seat and the upper tube, and two positioning devices installed in first and second ends of the upper tube respectively. The seat is adapted for the handicapped with disabled lower limbs or those with difficulty in walking to sit on and is movable between the first and second ends of the upper tube. The combining plate includes two positioning grooves. The two positioning devices can be releasably engaged with the two positioning grooves of the combining plate to fix the seat on the first end or the second end of the upper tube. The two positioning devices are structurally simple and allow a position of the seat to be changed more conveniently.03-28-2013
20130088060SAFETY-BELT SYSTEM IN TRANSPORT VEHICLES FOR ABLE AND DISABLED PEOPLE - A device suitable for use in a transport vehicle of able people and/or people in a wheelchair is described. The device includes a foot support with a foot attachment for attachment to a vehicle floor and a rigid arm having a shoulder end and a foot end. The rigid arm is connected near the foot end to the foot support. The system also includes a safety-belt system including a safety-belt and safety-belt attachment. The safety-belt attachment has a first attachment point with belt-guiding situated near the shoulder end of the rigid arm. The rigid arm is attached to the foot support by one or more arm hinges. The rigid arm is capable of rotating around the arm hinges. In addition, a foldable chair may be mounted on the foot support. The foot support may be connected with the vehicle floor using a connector which fits in a rail in the floor.04-11-2013
20130154328VEHICLE SEAT DEVICE - A vehicle seat device including a drive device, a control unit, and seating detection unit. The drive device is configured to move a seat cushion having a seat surface on which a vehicle occupant is seated in a vertical direction. The control unit controls the drive device. The seating detection unit detects a seating action of the vehicle occupant on the seat cushion. The control unit controls the drive device to move the seat cushion downward when the seating detection unit detects the seating action of the occupant.06-20-2013
20110018323STOWABLE VEHICLE SEAT - A stowable vehicle seat includes a seat support portion that supports a seat cushion rotatably in the front-and-rear direction, a seat back provided with reclining elements that can be folded onto the seat cushion, a stowage recess portion disposed on the vehicle body floor side, a front-side leg portion disposed on the front side of the seat cushion, leg-portion locking elements that lock and unlock the front-side leg portion to and from the vehicle body floor side, a link mechanism connected to the reclining elements and the leg-portion locking elements, and a strap for operating the reclining mechanism and the leg-portion locking elements through the link mechanism, in which the seat back is locked in the folded state in a stowing operation by a pulling operation of the strap.01-27-2011
20090289484SEAT - A seat may be obtained with improved operability of plural adjustable units.11-26-2009
20110198905Infant Support Structure - A bouncing seat for a child includes a seat support having an opening for receiving the child, a base, a post connected to and extending upwardly from the base, and first and second arms extending outwardly from a distal end of the post. The first and second arms are connected to the seat support, thereby connecting the seat support to the base. The post is aligned with the opening.08-18-2011
20120292966SOOTHING APPARATUS AND INFANT SEAT THEREWITH - A soothing apparatus and an infant seat therewith are disclosed. The soothing apparatus includes an apparatus base, a seat base disposed on the apparatus, and a driving device including a driving part and a follower disposed on the apparatus base and the seat base oppositely. The driving part has an interfering surface with a specific profile. The follower keeps contacting the interfering surface such that the seat base is moved through the follower relative to the apparatus base in accordance with the specific profile when the interfering surface moves relative to the follower. Thereby, the soothing apparatus can provide an specific soothing motion and further provide another variant soothing motion by just creating another specific profile, so that the invention can provide a more flexible mechanism than that in the prior art.11-22-2012
20120292967KINEMATIC SEAT WITH ELASTIC PIVOT - Embodiments of the present invention provide an improved pivot articulation for a kinematic seat. Certain embodiments provide an elastic pivot that is formed as flexion weaves that connect upper and lower portions of a seat back. The flexion weaves may be inner and outer legs that are curved in configuration or that have bent dimensions.11-22-2012
20130214576VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle seat with a height adjustable seat bottom, comprises side frames (08-22-2013
20090085389Swing chair - A swing chair includes a base frame configured to rest on the floor and a support having a support surface arranged to support for instance a baby or a child, wherein the support is rotatably connected with the base frame by a bearing, wherein the axis of rotation of the bearing and the plane of the floor on which the base frame is arranged to rest are not mutually perpendicular.04-02-2009
20090085388CHAIR - A chair has a supporting frame, a seat portion, a back portion, and a recline mechanism. The mechanism moves the seat portion upon a reclining action of the back portion. The mechanism has a rear deformable member and a front deformable member operatively connecting the seat portion and the supporting frame. The recline mechanism also has a lower deformable member operatively connecting a lower part of the back portion and the supporting frame, and a puller member above the lower deformable member. The recline mechanism is configured such that as the back portion is reclined, the lower deformable member deforms and the puller member applies a rearward pulling action which causes the seat portion to move and the front and rear deformable members to deform.04-02-2009
20080315651Gardening chair having movable support surface - A gardening chair configured to facilitate increase access to the area proximate thereto for a user. The gardening chair further includes a stationary base that is configured to provide structural support. Pivotally attached to the base is a sitting platform configured to receive a user thereon. Pins are utilized to pivotally connect the sitting platform and the base. The gardening chair further includes two pivot pins mounted to the sitting platform functioning to engage with the base and control the amount of pivotal movement of the sitting platform.12-25-2008
20090033134Device for Adjusting the Seat Depth of a Motor Vehicle Seat - A device for adjusting the seat depth of a motor vehicle seat is provided. The device comprising a seat depth adjustment part which is movable relative to a seat lower part of the motor vehicle seat substantially in the direction of travel, an adjusting unit for the seat depth adjustment part as well as a guide device for cushion material covering the seat depth adjustment part. The adjustment unit for the seat depth adjustment part as well as the guide device for the cushion material form one unit.02-05-2009
20110121625Lift chair - The present invention is a chair having a first seat portion operably associated with a second seat portion, with the first seat portion disposed in the same plane as the second seat portion when the chair is in a lowered position, and an actuator for moving the first seat portion relative to the second seat portion. When the actuator is actuated, the first seat portion pivots relative to the second seat portion such that the first seat portion is located in a different plane compared to the second seat portion. When in the raised position, the first seat portion is substantially parallel to the ground, which allows the occupant of the chair to easily transfer the occupant's center of gravity to being supported by the occupant's feet and knees.05-26-2011
20100133885POWER SEAT DRIVE DEVICE - A power seat drive device (06-03-2010
20110241400SEAT ADJUSTING APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE - A seat adjusting apparatus for a vehicle includes a supporting member pivotally supported at a base member by means of a first bearing, a pinion gear driven by a driving device, a sector gear engageable with the pinion gear and a restriction mechanism formed at the sector gear for restricting a relative rotation between the pinion gear and the sector gear. The restriction mechanism includes a contact portion coming in contact with the pinion gear so that a component force of a reaction force, which works in a direction in which the first bearing is separated from the second bearing, acting on the pinion gear is reduced. A thickness of a first tooth root of a tooth included in the teeth formed at the sector gear is larger than a thickness of a second tooth root of the other teeth formed at the sector gear.10-06-2011
20110084527AIRCRAFT SEAT CONTROL INPUT TRANSFER AND DISCONNECT MECHANISM - An aircraft seat includes a seat bottom frame, a seat translation and rotation mechanism attached to the seat bottom frame allowing translation and rotational movement of the seat bottom frame. An armrest is removably attached to the side of the seat bottom frame, and can be set to different positions relative to the seat bottom. The armrest has a seat control mounted to an outside of the armrest, and an input transfer mechanism disposed inside the armrest. The input transfer mechanism has an end engaged to the seat control, and a receiver end. The input transfer mechanism is cable-less. A couple shaft is engaged with the receiver end and engaged with the seat translation and rotation mechanism. When the seat control is actuated, the input transfer mechanism causes the seat translation and rotation mechanism to allow the seat bottom frame to at least one of translate and rotate.04-14-2011
20100038946SEAT DAMPER ASSEMBLY - A seat damper assembly for a chair includes a rubber element having a through hole and a bracket seat having a major surface with a raised portion around a perimeter of the major surface. A support bracket is configured to be coupled with the bracket seat such that the raised portion abuts an outer edge of the support bracket. A side of the support bracket opposite the bracket seat is shaped to receive a portion of a chair frame assembly. A fastener, disposed in the through hole in rubber element, is configured to couple with a seat pan to secure the seat damper relative to the seat pan.02-18-2010
20120068510Pressure-ulcer-prevention Dynamic Cushion - This invented multiple-phase dynamic cushion comprises a frame, at least a driving source, at least a transmission assembly, and clusters of plural strips interleaved in parallel. Taking a two-phase embodiment as an example, the two-phase strips interleave with each other, in parallel, to form the cushion's surface and alternate their tensions in turn; when one phase's strips periodically tighten to support the user's body, the other phase's strips will loosen, allowing the user's body covered by the loosened strips to take a rest, averting a pressure-ulcer risk. The driving source is energized by an altering energy, making the two strip groups alternate in loosening and tightening states periodically in turn. This invention can be converted into a portable dynamic chair when the four holes on the bottom of its four corners are inserted with legs; it can also be converted into a dynamic support for a lying human body.03-22-2012
20110248538SEAT CUSHION EXTENSION MECHANISM - A seat assembly having a seat base. A seat pan is operably connected to the seat base. A rod extends across the seat base into elongated slots in the seat pan. An engagement member is operable between a first position out of contact with the rod and a second position in contact with the rod. A motor includes a drive shaft operably connected with the rod and adapted to rotate the rod. Rotation of the drive shaft when the engagement member is in the first position causes lateral displacement of the seat pan. Rotation of the drive shaft when the engagement member is in the second position causes rotation of the rod and the seat pan.10-13-2011
20120032484Mobile Task Chair and Mobile Task Chair Control Mechanism with Adjustment Capabilities and Visual Setting Indicators - A mobile task chair with a control mechanism with adjustment mechanisms and setting indicators. The mobile task chair has a mobile base structure, a control mechanism supported by the base structure, a seat bottom structure supported by the base structure, a seat back structure supported by the base structure, a mechanism for adjusting a physical setting of the mobile task chair, such as the pivoting resistance of the back structure, and a mechanism for providing a visual indication of the pivoting resistance of the mobile task chair.02-09-2012
20100320822Adjusting Assembly Adopted for A Seat of A Chair - An adjusting assembly adopted for a seat of a chair comprises a support plate including a plurality of slots formed at four corners thereof respectively; two positioning members mounted on two sides of the top panel of the legs and each including a number of recesses arranged on one side thereof; two spacing members coupled with the positioning members and each including a plurality of guiding ribs fixed thereon; a plurality of engaging members, each including an actuating member fitted thereon, retained in a notch of the support plate and covered by a housing member, the engaging member further including at least one resilient element fitted on one side thereof, the actuating member including an extension disposed on end thereof, and one end of the actuating member which extends out of the housing member being limited in the support plate by ways of a locking member.12-23-2010
20110043015SEAT STATE CHANGING APPARATUS - A seat state changing apparatus changing seat states between a first state and a second state includes an actuator moving a seat between the first state and the second state, a change detection portion detecting a change according to a load applied to the seat when changing seat states, a determination portion determining that the seat is assumed to be a predetermined state when an amount of change in accordance with the change according to the load applied to the seat is greater than a predetermined determination threshold value, and a determination threshold value changing portion changing the predetermined determination threshold value when an engaging member, which is configured to engage with the seat, engages with the seat during a movement of the seat between the first state and the second state.02-24-2011
20110080027RETRACTABLE SEAT FOR VEHICLE - A retractable seat for a vehicle includes: a first leg with a proximal end that is rotatably attached to a seat cushion and a distal end that is rotatably attached to a floor; a second leg that is rotatably attached to the seat cushion; and an interlocking member that couples the first leg to the second leg so that the second leg is move in accordance with movement of the first leg. Rotating the first leg with respect to the floor moves the seat cushion from a use position to a retracted position. The rotation of the second leg through the interlocking member, from a position at which a second leg stands upright with respect to the seat cushion to a position which the second leg extends along the seat cushion.04-07-2011
20110304182CHAIR ADJUSTMENT MECHANISM - A chair adjustment mechanism for adjusting a position of a chair component. The mechanism comprises a first adjustment shaft, a second support shaft, as well as a set of friction plates, each friction plate comprising an elongated slot and the friction plates being fixedly mounted on the second support shaft while being slideably mounted on the first adjustment shaft. A guiding structure directs movement of the second support shaft along a direction of travel of the chair component. An adjustment handle is provided to reversibly compress the friction plates together in a locked position for fixing position of the component of the chair through braking displacement of the second support shaft along the guiding structure. The plurality of friction plates provides greater braking pressure for locking the mechanism.12-15-2011
20100259083DYNAMIC ORTHOPAEDIC CHAIR - An orthopaedic chair that requires a seated person to actively and dynamically support their upper bodies while seated is provided. The chair is designed such that the core musculature of the seated person must be actively engaged while in a seated position. To accomplish this, the chair is provided with an unstable or dynamic seating platform, i.e., a seating platform which is independently movable in several dimensions such that to stabilize the seating platform the musculature of the body, and in particular the core, must be utilized.10-14-2010
20120056458CHAIR STRUCTURE - A chair structure is a chair body with seat cushion and back cushion and comprises: a fixed plate, which has a plurality of flexible accommodating holes and at least one first flexible member; a moving plate, which has at least one second flexible member corresponding to the flexible accommodating hole, the moving plate is below the fixed plate and has a distance with the fixed plate for moving; at least one lifting device, which is combined with the bottom of the moving plate, the moving plate and the second flexible member move up and down via the lifting device in order to let that the second flexible member penetrates through the flexible accommodating holes and protrudes out of the top surface of the fixed plate.03-08-2012
20120013162CHAIR FOR A DRUMMER - A chair for a drummer of the present invention is height-adjustable, thus the chair is suitable for users with different body sizes. The chair can be fastened by pivoting a swaying member rather than screwing a threaded element. As such, the chair is durable and the chair can be easily operated.01-19-2012
20120025575Chair - A chair includes a supporting structure, a seat moveably mounted on the supporting structure and being moveable with respect to the supporting structure in a vertical direction, and a backrest including a first frame pivotally connected to the seat and a second frame separate from and pivotally mounted on the first frame so as to connect to the seat. Further, a first control device is mounted and concealed between the first and second frames in order to prevent the user from inadvertently colliding with it. The first control device is adjusted for various relative pivotal positions of first and second frames.02-02-2012
20120161484WHEELCHAIR TILTING MECHANISM - A wheelchair tilting mechanism includes a seat support provided with pivot members and guide bars; a wheel support provided with pivot pins, to which the pivot members are rotatably connected; and a control unit including handlebars, actuating levers, cylinders fixedly mounted to the wheel support, and push bars separately movably received in the cylinders with an end mounted on the wheel support and the other end articulated to linking elements and fixed to the guide bars. The actuating levers are located below the handlebars to connect to the seat support via the linking elements, and fastening devices are provided at joints of the seat support and the linking elements. A control valve is provided on each of the linking elements. The tilting mechanism can be manipulated to steplessly adjust a wheelchair seat to different angular positions, allowing a patient sitting on the wheelchair to change posture.06-28-2012
20100289311CORE MOVING FITNESS CHAIR - The present invention relates to a core-moving health chair comprising: an outer frame where the structure of the chair is divided into a circumferential zone and a central zone; a central inner frame where the floor frame of the chair is divided into a circumferential zone and a central zone; a core-moving means which is attached to the floor frame of the chair and which moves the central inner frame upwards or downwards; and a core-driving means which drives the core-moving means and moves the core upwards or downwards. The present invention provides a core-moving health chair which can change the pressure at the portion being compressed under body weight when the chair is being sat upon. The core of the chair is assembled on the core-moving means, the position of the core of the chair is moved by means of the core-moving means, and the core-moving movement is driven by means of a motor. If the core-moving means is provided in the seating location of the chair, then a person sitting on the chair can experience a change in the pressure distribution on the buttocks. This feature allows the contact pressure of the chair to be adjusted to suit the requirements of the individual. Alternatively, air circulation in the buttock region can be adjusted. By changing the region where pressure is applied to the buttocks, the present invention can be used to promote health for example with sphincter-muscle exercise and Kegel exercise while seated on the chair.11-18-2010
20100289310PIVOTABLE SEAT - A seat for supporting the bottom area of a seated person, which seat is intended and adapted to form part of an article of seating furniture, such as a chair or a couch, a seat for a means of transport such as a car, a bus or an aircraft, or a wheelchair, has the feature that the seat consists of two parts, i.e. a left-hand seat part and a right-hand seat part, which seat parts are separated from each other along the nominal median plane of a user, each of the seat parts is pivotable around a pivot zone extending at least roughly perpendicularly of said median plane; and the projected position of the pivot zone lies in front of the tubera.11-18-2010
20120175927VEHICLE SEAT ASSEMBLY AND ACTUATOR SYSTEM FOR SAME - A vehicle seat assembly includes a seat back, a seat base, a first input lever, a second input lever, an actuator, a latching mechanism, and a system connecting the first input lever, the second input lever and the actuator. The seat base connects with the seat back and is mounted to a vehicle floor. The input levers each connect with at least one of the seat back and the seat base. The actuator connects with at least one of the seat back and the seat base. The latching mechanism is for selectively locking movement of the seat back with respect to the seat base or for selectively locking movement of the seat base with respect to the vehicle floor. The latching mechanism is operably connected with the actuator such that movement of the actuator results in movement of the latching mechanism. The first input lever, the second input lever, and the actuator are connected in series along the system.07-12-2012
20120175928SEATING ASSEMBLY WITH PIVOTING MOTION - A pivotable seating assembly includes a seat portion suspended from a vertically oriented stand. The seat portion comprises an upper suspension member and a lower pivot member. The stand extends between an upper portion and a supporting base. The upper suspension member of the seat portion is configured to be freely suspended from the upper portion of the stand, and the lower pivot member comes into contact with a supporting surface. The seat portion is pivotable about an axis defined by the pivot member and the suspension member.07-12-2012
20120175929CHAIR - A chair includes: a seat body having a seating surface which provides seating to a user; a support device that supports the seat body such that the seat body is movable along a front-to-rear direction of the chair within a predetermined range; and an urging device. When the seat body is located in an area between a front position and a first reference position, the support device supports the seat body such that the seat body is moved to the front position by own weight. When the seat body is located between a rear position and a second reference position, the urging device urges the seat body toward the front position, whereas, when the seat body is located between the second reference position and the front position, the urging device does not urge the seat body.07-12-2012
20120267929RACQUET CHAIR - A chair includes a first component resembling sporting equipment and including a head portion and a handle portion. The head portion is pivotable about a first axis located on the handle portion. The chair also includes a second component that is substantially identical to the first component and interconnects with the first component to form a chair. The second component also resembles sporting equipment and includes a head portion and a handle portion. The head portion of the second component is pivotable about a second axis located on the handle portion of the second component. When assembled, one of the head portion of the first component and the head portion of the second component forms a seat of the chair.10-25-2012
20110037303METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR VARYING A SPEED OF A MOTOR USING A BI-DIRECTIONAL DEFLECTABLE RESISTOR - An electronic switch for controlling a motor. The switch includes at least one deflectable resistor including a substrate having a first configuration. The substrate being bendable to a second configuration relative to the first configuration. A layer of conductive material is disposed on a surface of the substrate, wherein the layer of conductive material having a resistance that changes predictably when an electrical signal is applied thereto. The change of resistance of the layer of conductive material reflects an amount of deflection between the first configuration and the second configuration and for various configurations in between. A motor assembly is coupled to the at least one deflectable resistor. The deflectable resistor, when positioned in the first configuration turns off the motor assembly. Also, the deflectable resistor when bent towards the second configuration and away from the first configuration turns on the motor assembly. A speed of the motor assembly is controlled by the degree of bending of the at least one deflectable resistor away from the first configuration.02-17-2011
20120326479Movement device for an element of furniture - A movement device for an element of furniture for the movement of a seat includes a rotating shaft, integral with the seat, and a hollow hub integral with the fixed portion. The shaft is coupled in rotatable and axially sliding manner to the hub, to define a first lifted position, in which the seat is positioned with respect to the fixed portion. The device also includes a biasing element coupled to the hub and to the shaft to exert an elastic action of contrast on the shaft and maintain it normally in the first position, a friction element constrained to the shaft, and a stop element integral with the hub and configured to contact selectively the friction element and define a second position of the shaft, which is lowered with respect to the first position and in which the rotation of the shaft is angularly countered by the friction element.12-27-2012
20120091770SELF-STABILIZING SUPPORT ASSEMBLY FOR AN ITEM OF FURNITURE - The invention provides a support assembly for an item of furniture, which has an elongated support structure having a first pair of feet fast with a lower end thereof; a passage defining unit defining a guide passage fast with the support structure and extending lengthwise; a support member displaceable with respect to the support structure which has a second pair of feet at its lower end thereof; the displaceable support member also being provided with a guided pin complementary to and longitudinally slidably engaged in the guide passage, characterised thereby that the passage defining unit has a hollow adjustable guide member whereby the dimension of the passage is adjustable in accordance with the dimension of the pin; and the passage defining unit is fastenable to the support structure once it has been adjusted, such that the passage defining unit may first be adjusted to conform with the guide pin and then be fastened to the support structure.04-19-2012
20120139310STOOL - A folding stool with a swivel seat or rotating seat that may enhance comfort. The stool may employ a swing arm as part of its folding mechanism, In addition, the seat of the stool may be constructed from metal, wood, fabric, vinyl, leather, or plastic. The stool may have a locking mechanism to prevent its collapse when unfolded.06-07-2012
20130020850Golf cart prostate seat - There is provided a moveable power seat slide device assembly comprising a movable seat cushion and seal rail including upper rails secured to the seat cushion and lower rails secured to the body of the golf cart, a motor for driving each movable seat and a current control circuit.01-24-2013
20080238166Vehicle or aircraft seat device - A vehicle seat device or aircraft seat device includes a seat base bearing apparatus (10-02-2008
20120248839CUSHION STRUCTURE AND VEHICLE SEAT - A cushion structure that does not cause pain to a user when seated and that promotes steady breathing. Three dimensional knit fabrics are formed as a laminate of plural stacked layers, and a minimal-layer structure section, which does not possess at least even a single intermediate layer between the topmost layer and the bottommost layer, is provided on the approximate center section in the width direction in a prescribed width and in a prescribed length from front to back. The approximate center section in the width direction of the cushion structure is the region upon which the area around the sacrum is positioned when the user is seated.10-04-2012
20120248838Seat Shell With Integrally Formed Latch Handle Holder And Fore-Aft Position Adjustment Assembly - A fore-aft adjustable vehicle seat formed of a plastic seat shell having an integrally formed latch handle recess molded into the shell that pivotally receives and retains a latch having a handle at one end and that is disposed in pivotal engagement with the shell at its opposite end. The latch is provided by an elongate bar that is spring biased outwardly into a slide plate engaging position that opposes fore-aft seat movement. A preferred latch handle recess includes a recessed latch seating channel integrally molded into the shell in communication with a latch receiver pocket integrally molded into the shell in which one end of the latch bar is pivotally received with engagement between the latch bar and shell defining a pivot about which the latch is biased by a coil spring outwardly toward a seat position adjustment opposing position where the latch bar releasably engages the slide plate.10-04-2012
20130093229Second Row Package - An adjustable seat assembly providing a compact size with the ability to pivot or tilt the lower seat frame manually and independent of the seat back.04-18-2013
20130127220sitting arrangement - Chaise longue comprising a sofa frame (05-23-2013
20110272986CHAIR CONSTRUCTION AND METHOD THEREFORE - In one embodiment, a chair includes a frame and a seat support coupled to the frame. The seat support is slidable relative to the frame from a disengaged position to an engaged position. A seat member is coupled to the seat support. The seat member is slidable relative to the seat support from a disengaged position to an engaged position. Methods of assembly are also provided.11-10-2011
20130154327CHILD CHAIR APPARATUS - A child chair apparatus includes a supporting device and a seat device. The seat device is disposed on the supporting device. The seat device includes a fixing component and a seat component. The fixing component is disposed on the supporting device. The fixing component includes a first shaft and a second shaft. The seat component includes an oscillating base and an adjusting base. The oscillating base and the adjusting base are slidably connected to the first shaft and the second shaft respectively, such that the seat component is slidably disposed on the fixing component. The child chair apparatus of the present invention can be switched between the high chair and rocking chair, and has advantages of easy operation and convenient usage.06-20-2013
20130187423ADJUSTMENT DEVICE FOR ADJUSTING A MOTOR VEHICLE SEAT, MOTOR VEHICLE SEAT, MOTOR VEHICLE AND METHOD FOR ADJUSTING A MOTOR VEHICLE SEAT - An adjustment device for adjusting a motor vehicle seat is provided. The adjustment device includes a locking arrangement with a rotation axis about which a backrest part and a seat part are able to be folded with respect to one another. The adjustment device also includes an adapter arrangement and an operating unit fixed on the adapter arrangement and arranged remote from the rotation axis. A motor vehicle seat, a motor vehicle, and a method for adjusting a motor vehicle seat using the adjustment device are also provided.07-25-2013
20130187424ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM, VEHICLE SEAT, VEHICLE AND METHOD THEREFOR - An adjustment system for repeated adjustment of a vehicle seat having a seat part and a support element are provided. The adjustment system includes a seat actuation unit for adjusting a seat position of the seat part and a support actuation unit for adjusting a support position of the support element. The seat actuation unit and the support actuation unit are arranged in a common reach area and are positioned next to each other. A vehicle seat using the adjustment system, a vehicle having the vehicle seat, and a method for making multiple adjustments to a vehicle seat via the adjustment system also are provided.07-25-2013
20130193729Electro-Mechanical Seat Swivel System - An electro-mechanical seat swivel system may include a bottom plate mounted on a frame of a machine or vehicle, and top plate pivotally mounted on the bottom plate, and an operator seat mounted on the top plate. A pawl may be movably mounted on the bottom plate and engage latch catch brackets mounted to the top plate to lock the seat in predetermined operator seat positions. An electro-mechanical actuator may be mounted to the seat and operatively coupled to the pawl. Latch control switches disposed at operator controls may be operated to cause the electro-mechanical actuator to disengage from one of the latch catch bracket to allow the seat to be rotated to another of the predetermined operator seat positions where the pawl will engage the corresponding latch catch bracket to again lock the operator seat in place.08-01-2013

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