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20100072799Conforming back for a seating unit - According to the present invention a back for a seating unit is provided. The back comprises a plurality of flexible finger elements. Each of the plurality of flexible finger elements has a distal end. The back further comprises a retainer connecting at least two of the flexible finger elements proximate their distal ends. When a load is applied to a flexible finger element, the retainer distributes at least a portion of the load to at least one adjacent flexible finger element.03-25-2010
20130082499CHAIR - A chair includes a base, a support element and a torsion element. The support element is coupled to the base and includes a seat region, a backrest region and a transition region connecting the seat region and the backrest region. The backrest region is reclinable relative to the seat region by way of elastic deformation of the support element. The torsion element is coupled to the base and to the backrest region. The torsion element controls the reclining of the backrest region relative to the seat region. The support element is exclusively connected to the torsion element above a lumbar region, wherein the backrest region can be inclined and/or twisted in relation to the seat region.04-04-2013
20090302653Support Structure for a Seat - A support structure for a seat is provided comprising two lateral side wires (12-10-2009
20120223560Back Support, Orientation Mechanism and Method - A back support is pivotally oriented to locate a pivot point relative to posterior superior iliac spines of a seated user, such that when an upper portion of the back support contacts the upper torso of the user and moves to a desired angular orientation to balance the upper torso over the pelvic area, the back support transfers support to the posterior superior iliac spines to maintain the pelvic skeletal structure in alignment. A lower portion of the back support angularly contacts, supports and confines gluteal and buttocks tissue of the user independently of the degree of pivotal orientation of the upper portion.09-06-2012
20110012409MECHANISM FOR AN OFFICE CHAIR - A mechanism for an office chair has a displaceable actuating element. The position of the element changes during a movement of the office chair mechanism, and the change in position thereof changes the movement characteristic of the office chair mechanism. The actuating element is operationally connected to a functional element. The position of the functional element changes in the event of a change in the position of the actuating element during a movement of the office chair mechanism. At least one property of the change in position of the actuating element changes in the event of a change in the position of the functional element.01-20-2011
20120235456Chair Having Angle and Tension Adjusting Functions - A chair includes a chair body, a connecting member, a back portion, and a restoring device. The chair body includes a base having a receiving chamber. The restoring device includes a threaded adjusting sleeve rotatably mounted in the receiving chamber, a threaded rod screwed into the adjusting sleeve, a pull cord having a first end mounted on the connecting member and a second end mounted on the threaded rod, and an elastic member biased between the base and the adjusting sleeve. Thus, when the back portion is pressed, the connecting member is driven to pivot about the chair body so that the back portion is moved to adjust its inclined angle. In addition, the elastic member provides a damping force to damp a further movement of the back portion to limit the inclined angle of the back portion.09-20-2012
20110285190Movable Chair Backrest - A movable chair backrest is substantially composed of an upper board pivotally attached to a front of a backrest frame. A lower end of the upper board is connected to a lower board by a resilient sheet. A bouncing board connects between the lower board and the backrest frame. Therefore, the lower board operationally swings forward, backward, rightward, leftward relative to the upper board to correspond to different sitting and leaning gestures of a user.11-24-2011
20100187882Integrally formed base arrangement of an office chair - An integrally formed base arrangement of an office chair, and more particularly, a base arrangement integrally made by plastic material, comprising: a) a middle axle seat; b) a first U-shaped pivotal seat perpendicular to the middle axle seat; c) a claw member having a plurality of arched supporting arms extending in the shape of claws from the external rim of the middle axle seat upward; d) a base frame disposed at the top of the supporting arms of the claw member, an annular groove being positioned at the surface of the base frame; e) two second U-shaped pivotal seats symmetrically formed at both sides of the bottom of the base frame; and f) two hand rest supports extended from both sides of the base frame and the claw member outward, thereby creating a connection surface directed upward at the external end thereof. In this way, a convenient and rapid assembly of components of the office chair is ensured. Moreover, a stable structure is achieved.07-29-2010
20100259082ITEM OF SEATING FURNITURE - An item of seating furniture includes a carrying frame having a carrying element; a seat frame having a seat surface; and a backrest, wherein the carrying element extends into a region of the backrest; a sliding guide, wherein the seat frame is displaceable in the sliding guide relative to the carrying frame between a front working position and a rear resting position. The item also includes a pelvic support disposed in a rear region of the seat surface and inclined in the front working position in relation to a plane of the seat surface; a frame configured to carry the pelvic support and pivotably movable relative and kinematically coupled to the seat frame; a thrust bearing configured to support the frame in a displaceable and pivotably movable manner; and a joint connecting the frame to the seat frame at a trailing end portion of the seat frame.10-14-2010
20110018321Chair Capable of Reduced Transportation Volume and Rapid Assembly - A chair capable of a reduced transportation volume and rapid assembly includes a seat cushion fixing frame and a backrest supporting frame as separate components. The seat cushion fixing frame has an end coupled with an upside-down square U-shaped element bilaterally provided with downwardly extending sections, each section concavely provided with an oblique notch. The backrest supporting frame has an end corresponding in position to the seat cushion fixing frame and penetrated by a fixedly provided bar for being received in the oblique notches of the upside-down square U-shaped element during assembly. A resilient assembly is assembled to a bottom portion of a slot formed in a horizontal section of the backrest supporting frame. The two frames and the resilient assembly can be assembled rapidly without using tools. The seat cushion fixing frame and the backrest supporting frame are detachable from each other for compact packaging, thus effectively reducing transportation and production costs thereof.01-27-2011
20110241399BIASING MECHANISM FOR A SEATING STRUCTURE AND METHODS FOR THE USE THEREOF - A seating structure includes a leaf spring and a body support structure biased by the leaf spring. One of the leaf spring and the body support structure has a cam with a concave cam surface, while the other of the leaf spring and body support structure has a cam follower with a convex cam surface. The cam follower engages the cam.10-06-2011
20100301651MEMORY APPARATUS FOR THE BACK OF A CHAIR - A memory device installed in a backrest of a chair is disclosed. The memory device includes a plurality of support shafts, a plurality of housings receiving the plurality of support shafts, a support block inserted in the respective housings and having a plurality of fixing grooves formed on both sides thereof, a spring for resilient supporting the support block, a setting block having one end rotatably receiving the support shaft, in a state where the setting block is inserted in both sides of the housing, and the other end with a fixing boss inserted in the fixing groove, a setting spring for resiliently supporting the setting block, a rotary lever connected to the setting block via a wire, a support plate connected to the rotary lever by a hinge, and having a setting groove and a release groove formed on an surface thereof, an operation lever resiliently installed on the rotary lever by a support spring, and a setting pin integrally formed with the operation lever and selectively inserted in the setting groove or the release groove. The memory device further includes a housing having a receiving hole which is stacked on an upper portion of the support shaft, with a portion of a lower part of the backrest of the chair being stacked with the support blocks. The housing is installed at a portion corresponding to cervical vertebra, and has a plurality of pocket grooves, a support pocket is inserted in the respective pocket grooves, and a guide shaft protrudes from the respective pocket grooves.12-02-2010
20100117422STRUCTURE FOR CONNECTING MEMBERS - The present invention intends to arrange the appearance of furniture at a connecting portion between a first member having stiffness and a second member movable relative to the first member and having stiffness without forming the connecting portion in an unnaturally large diameter. More specifically, the present invention provides a structure for connecting members comprising: a first member having stiffness; a second member movable relative to the first member and having stiffness; and a spring member in which an end portion thereof is connected to the first member and other end portion thereof is connected to the second member so as to accumulate a reaction force by elastic deformation, wherein the spring member is formed into a frame-like shape extending along the first and second members.05-13-2010
20120146377Seating Apparatus With Reclining Movement - The invention provides a seating apparatus having a reclining movement with a corresponding seat lift movement. In one embodiment, the invention is directed to a seating apparatus comprising a base, a curved support bar pivotally connected to the base, a plurality of ramps attached to one of the curved support bar and the base, and a plurality of rollers attached to the other of the curved support bar and the base for interacting with the plurality of ramps. As a user reclines, the plurality of rollers operatively engage the plurality of ramps to lift the seat of the apparatus. The combination of the reclining movement with the corresponding seat lift movement is particularly beneficial for providing an increased level of user comfort throughout a range of seating positions.06-14-2012
20110181085SEAT ASSEMBLY WITH AN ELASTOMER TORSION-SPRING ELEMENT - A seat assembly including a seat base, a back support, a support for the back support and/or for the seat base and at least one elastomer torsion-spring element. The back support and/or the seat base are/is pivotably hinged to the support in such a manner that a pivoting movement of the back support and/or of the seat base on a rotation axis can be carried out. During the respective pivoting movement of the back support and/or of the seat base with the elastomer torsion-spring element a restoring torque is generated that acts on the back support and/or on the seat base. The elastomer torsion-spring element includes an internal casing, an external casing encompassing the internal casing, and an elastomer body arranged in a space between the internal casing and the external casing. The elastomer body is rigidly connected to contact surfaces of the internal and external casings. The internal casing and/or the external casing are/is rotatably arranged on a rotation axis. During rotation of the internal casing and/or of the external casing on the rotation axis deformation of the elastomer body occurs. The contact surface of the internal or external casings include a non-circular cross section in a sectional plane perpendicular to the rotation axis.07-28-2011
20120306248LUMBAR SUPPORT FOR A VEHICLE BACKREST - A lumbar support for a vehicle backrest has a rest member with a front surface shaped to support an area of a user's back, and an elastic member behind the rest member; the elastic member has an intermediate portion fixed to the rest member and two opposite ends fixed connected to a backrest frame, maintains the rest member in a rest position and can deform in response to a thrust of the user's back so as to let the rest member move between the rest position and a first position under normal conditions, and then abruptly towards a second position when a thrust of a user's back exceeds a given force value; the force/displacement curve of the elastic member has a slope which is between zero and a given threshold in the section between the first and the second positions, the threshold being equal to 0.5 [N/mm].12-06-2012
20120228911CHAIR WITH TILTING BACKREST - A chair with a tilting backrest including two flexible supporting sectional elements set at a distance from one another in a transverse direction, wherein each of said supporting sectional elements is provided with a plurality of through notches that form respective points of localized bending that enable bending backwards of the supporting sectional element, and wherein each of said notches has a first contact surface and a second contact surface that, in the position of maximum inclination backwards of the backrest, come to bear upon one another to stop bending backwards of the sectional element, wherein the projections of said first and second contact surfaces in a vertical plane parallel to the longitudinal axis of the chair are at least partially superimposed on one another in such a way as to prevent visual communication through said notches in a direction orthogonal to said vertical plane.09-13-2012
20130099537BACKREST CHAIR, AND A SHEET MATERIAL FOR USE THEREON - [Problem] To provide a comfortable backrest chair.04-25-2013
20120019035Seating Furniture, more especially Office Swivel Chair - A chair comprises a seat and a backrest support which are mounted on a support member, the backrest support being pivotal about a horizontal pivot axis, and an energy accumulator which is tensioned when the seat is subjected to a load and acts on the backrest support, the energy accumulator engaging the backrest support at an effective distance from the pivot axis.01-26-2012
20120086251CHAIR - A back portion for a chair has a back frame, the back frame having a lower portion adapted to extend across at least a major part of a lower region of a seated adult occupant's back, an upper portion vertically spaced from the lower portion and adapted to extend across at least a major part of an upper region of the occupant's back, and a relatively narrow interconnecting region between the upper portion and lower portion. The relatively narrow interconnecting region is resiliently flexible to provide a flexing movement in a rearward direction of the upper portion relative to the lower portion. A cover operatively connected to the back frame provides a supporting surface for the back of the seated occupant.04-12-2012
297291000 Spring centers back on pivot 2
20100176636BUFFERING DEVICE FOR CHAIR - A buffering device for chair is disposed between a first part of a chair and a second part which is capable of pivoting with respect to the first part and between a first position and a second position. The buffering device is capable of keeping driving the second part to swivel back to the first position, and when the second part is located at the second position, the amount of deformation of an elastic member of the elastic member increases.07-15-2010
20100148554Backrest device - A backrest device comprises at least one backrest and at least one connecting unit having two springs, two jointing members and a connecting member. Each spring comprises a first end and a second end. Each jointing member is provided with at least one first engaging block for engaging with the first end of the spring. The connecting member is provided with at least one second engaging block for engaging with the second end of the spring and is fixed to a chair stably. When the user sits in the chair with his back leaning against the backrest, since the springs are flexible, which can enable the backrest to be freely adjusted and moved in response to the movement of the back of the user, producing a buffering effect and providing a comfortable support to the back of the user, so the user will feel comfortable.06-17-2010
297292000 Coil spring surrounds horizontal pivot 1
20100187883Apparatus for adjusting the seat back angle - An apparatus for adjusting the seat back angle, and more particularly an adjuster inclinedly disposed at a lower position of the bottom of the seat back and the rear side of the seat portion, comprising a rotating sleeve, an L-shaped connection body, a large spring, a shift shaft, and a locking device. When the locking device is locked, the seat back is positioned at a desirable inclination angle. When the locking device is unlocked, the shift shaft is axially movable such that the seat back is resiliently supported. Moreover, the compression state of the large spring is adjustable by a to-and-fro rotation of the rotating sleeve. In this way, the operators may adjust the resilience of the seat back 07-29-2010
297296000 Back secured to resilient upright bar or rod 2
297297000 Bar or rod rigidly secured to bottom 1
20090236890CHAIR - A chair has a seat 09-24-2009
297298000 Bar or rod operatively adjustable with respect to bottom 1
20100244521CHAIR - A chair includes a seat 09-30-2010
297299000 Spring mounts terminal of back 2
20110285191Chair - A chair includes a base that has a generally U-shaped member. The generally U-shaped member is comprised of a front member attached to a first end portion and a second end portion. A seat is supported on the base and is moveable from an upright position to a reclined position. A first resilient member is attached to the first end portion of the generally U-shaped member. A second resilient is attached to the second end portion of the generally U-shaped member. End portions of the first and second resilient members are attached to the seat adjacent to a rear portion of the seat. The first and second resilient members are sized and configured to resiliently move or flex such that the seat is positioned at the reclined position when a user sits on the seat.11-24-2011
20090284060CHAIRS WITH FLEXIBLE SPRING BACKREST - A chair comprises at least a seat assembly, an armrest, a backrest, and a spring linkage. The backrest frame ends are connected to the upstanding back-leg frame ends of the seat assembly by the spring linkages to make a chair with a flexible spring backrest. Each spring linkage is of a U-shaped configuration having two ends spaced vertically apart; the upper end attached to the backrest frame and the lower end attached to the back-legs of the seat assembly. The tip of the spring linkage serves as a pivotal axis, allowing the backrest to be flexible and bend backwards in response to an applied force while returning to its normal position when the force is removed.11-19-2009
297300100 Back and seat adjust simultaneously 27
20100141002BIASING MECHANISM - A biasing mechanism between two portions of a chair, such as the seat and back components, where the biasing mechanism can position the back component in an infinite number of recline positions between a first, or fully upright, position and a second, or fully reclined, position, where the biasing mechanism consists of a leaf spring and a cylinder in a parallel configuration.06-10-2010
20090289482Chair - A chair is provided that is designed so that the angle of the seat surface portion and the angle of the back surface portion are independent of each other and change, and a user can always take the optimum seated posture. The chair includes a base portion, a first link fixed to a seat and rotatably connected to the base portion, and a second link fixed to a seat back rest and rotatably connected to the first link. The chair also includes a first torque-generating mechanism that generates torque in accordance with the angle of the first link relative to the base portion; and a second torque-generating mechanism that generates torque in accordance with the angle of the second link relative to the first link.11-26-2009
20100164263CHAIR WITH OSCILLATING BACKREST - A chair with backrest that can be inclined backwards has a seat carried by a support (07-01-2010
20120205952ROCKING CHAIR - Provided is a chair suited to the use of a keyboard or mouse, the chair has a seat 08-16-2012
20120025574CHAIR, A SUPPORT, AND COMPONENTS - A chair has a seat support (02-02-2012
20110181086SUPPORT STRUCTURE FOR A BACK PART AND/OR A SEAT OF A SEAT ASSEMBLY AND SEAT ASSEMBLY COMPRISING SUCH A SUPPORT STRUCTURE - A support structure for a back part and/or a seat of a seat assembly includes a base support, a support part, and a power system. The support part is arranged on the base support to support and/or hold the respective back part and/or seat, and is attached to the base support to allow movement of the support part relative to the base support. The power system, which includes first and second spring elements and a coupling device, generates a reset force in response to (and directed opposite to) the respective movement of the support part. When the coupling device is in a first state, the second spring element generates a second reset force directed opposite to the movement of the support part. When the coupling device is in the second state, the second spring element does not generate the second reset force.07-28-2011
20120161482CHAIR - An object of this invention is to provide a chair having less sliding resistance, less abrasion and less noise with prevention of partially contacting each component while the chair is making a rocking movement.06-28-2012
297300200 Back tilts while seat inclination adjusts 20
20090267394Mechanism for an Office Chair - A mechanism for an office chair having a backrest support which may be pivoted rearwardly. Adjustment of the backrest pivotal motion is accomplished by the mechanism having a base support which may be positioned on a chair column, a seat support, the backrest support which may be pivoted to the rear, and a pre-tensioned spring arrangement for enabling the mechanism to counter or oppose the movement of the backrest support. The seat support and the base support form a movable unit, which may be moved relative to the chair column depending on the weight of a user applying a load to the seat support. Movement of the movable unit causes an adjustment of the pre-tension of the spring arrangement and/or an adjustment of the spring constant of the spring arrangement.10-29-2009
20120181831Mechanism For A Chair - The invention relates to a mechanism (07-19-2012
20100133884CHAIR - The invention relates to a chair with a seat, a base support and a backrest, wherein the seat is pivotably mounted on the base support and the backrest is pivotably mounted on the seat, and a first spring system is provided between the base support and the seat and a second spring system is provided between the seat and the backrest. Furthermore, means are provided for adjusting the spring behavior of the two spring systems so that the pivotability of the seat in relation to the base support and the pivotability of the backrest in relation to the seat can be adapted to different requirements, especially to users of different weights.06-03-2010
20090015047Seat - The invention relates to a seat, in particular, a vehicle or aircraft passenger seat with seat components such as a seat base (01-15-2009
20110062759Seat Mechanism for an Item of Seating Furniture, in Particular Office Swivel Chair - A seat mechanism for an item of seating furniture, in particular a chair, has a movable seat carrier and a backrest carrier, which are mounted on a main carrier. The backrest carrier can be pivoted about a horizontal pivot axis counter to the action of a force accumulator, and the seat carrier and the backrest carrier are coupled to each other. A lifting mechanism is provided. The lifting mechanism converts pivoting of the backrest carrier into a lifting movement of the seat carrier. A seat mechanism is provided with a weight-dependent resetting force for the backrest. The seat mechanism is distinguished by a simple construction in which the weight can be utilized efficiently. To increase the comfort, the seat is lowerable in the rear region and the resetting force is adjustable by means of a second force accumulator.03-17-2011
20090289483Mobile ergonomic rotating adjustable chair with lumbar support - An apparatus for sitting, including: a keystone assembly which connects various parts of the apparatus; a back that provides support for at least a person's back or shoulders; a floating lumbar support, which provides support for a person's lower back, attached to the keystone assembly; a seat that can adjust between a forward tilted and reclined position; a plurality of rollers, disposed on the keystone assembly, on which the seat rests; a central column, attached to the keystone assembly, on which the seat can spin; and a lower torsion spring connected to the seat and disposed on the keystone assembly allowing controlled movement of the seat.11-26-2009
20110018322CHAIR WITH PRE-STRESSING STRUCTURE - The present invention provides a chair with a pre-pressing structure. The chair includes a main body and pre-pressing structure. The pre-pressing structure includes a permanent seat, pre-pressing member and pivoted seat. The permanent seat is arranged onto the assembly surface of the backing plate, and the pre-pressing member is assembled therein. The multi-segment directional groove of the pivoted seat is interlocked with the multi-segment directional bulge of the pre-pressing member, so that the circular elastic member of the pre-pressing member can obtain a torsional restoring force, allowing for pre-pressing and locating via the pre-pressing locator. The pivoted seat is fitted with an inserting portion for inserting into the support of the main body.01-27-2011
20090218864 CHAIR09-03-2009
20090152921TILT MECHANISM FOR A CHAIR - A tilt mechanism provides improved coordination in the motions of a chair seat and a chair back during chair tilt. In one aspect, the tilt mechanism includes a seat base, a back bracket, a back support bar, a guide track and a back follower member. The seat base is slidably coupled to the chassis and rigidly coupled to the chair seat. The back support bar is configured for moveable engagement with the back bracket coupled with the chair back. Additionally, the back follower member, coupled with the chair back, is received within one or more channels formed in the guide track for moveable engagement therewith. A proportional and asynchronous action is achieved via the back bracket moving relative to and in engagement with the back support bar, the back follower member moving within the guide track and the seat base sliding forwardly relative to the chassis.06-18-2009
20120161483CHAIR - An object of this invention is to provide a chair comprising a simple and compact rocking mechanism and lock mechanism to lock the rocking movement.06-28-2012
20090179473Tilt control mechanism for a chair - A tilt control mechanism for an office chair includes a spring assembly therein which controls the tilt tension on the back assembly. The tilt control mechanism includes a control plate mounted to the control shaft on which the uprights are mounted, wherein the control plate rotates in combination with the uprights. This control plate is located within the control body and cooperates with a front stop assembly and a back stop assembly to vary the limits of forward and rearward tilting of the seat and back assemblies. Also, the tilt control mechanism includes a pneumatic actuator assembly having fixed and rotatable cam blocks. The rotatable cam block rotates relative to the fixed block such that the rotatable cam block is driven downwardly to depress the control valve of the pneumatic cylinder and thereby vary the height of the seat assembly.07-16-2009
20100289309Synchronizing device for an office chair - The synchronizing device comprises a seat carrier for carrying a seat of said office chair, a seat arm to be connected to a chair column of said office chair, said seat carrier being pivotable in relation to said seat arm about a transverse axis, a backrest arm connected to said seat arm and to said seat carrier such as to be pivotable about a transverse axis, a spring adapted to counter a synchronized movement of said seat carrier and backrest arm, and a sliding member extending substantially in a longitudinal direction of said seat and being articulated to said seat arm, said seat carrier being slidable in relation to said sliding member substantially in said longitudinal direction of said seat.11-18-2010
20100289308Seating Arrangement - The invention relates to a seating arrangement (11-18-2010
297300300 Fluid-spring 2
20090066133Adjusting Structure for use in Reclining Chairs - An adjusting structure for use in reclining chairs includes a reclining chair including a seat, a chairback, two armrests, a pad and a frame. The frame includes a hydraulic cylinder pivotally disposed on the rear end thereof and two double rodded holders couplingly mounted on two sides thereof respectively. The front ends of the double rodded holders and two swinging members beneath the seat are pivotally connected with a shaft. Each of the double rodded holders includes an offset member affixed on the front end thereof and extending backwardly for coupling with the bottom of the armrest. Also, the pad includes two connecting rods attached on two sides thereof, each connecting rod having two supports secured on the seat and the armrest respectively. The rear sides of the two supports are coupled with the chairback by using a T-shaped piece, thereby enabling the functions of recumbency and force-saving leave from the reclining chair.03-12-2009
20100244522Chair providing more comfortable when seated in optimum posture while reclining - A chair has a link of a chair back, a link of a chair seat, and a link mechanism that pushes up the link of the chair seat when the link of the chair back is pressed to incline rearward, so that the occupant can take the optimum seating posture without being conscious, thus further improving the comfort in the reclined posture.09-30-2010
297300400 Torsion bar or torsion spring 2
20090121531SEATING SYSTEM - A seating system has a tiltable seat is coupled to a base, which can be coupled to or part of a motor vehicle or other device. The seat can include a seat bracket coupled to the base by a seat tilt pivot configured to permit limited tilting of the seat relative to the base. The seat also can include a footrest mounted to the seat bracket, a horizontal seat cushion and/or a back support coupled to the seat bracket or cushion. The seat is configured to maintain a user's body in a fixed position during tilting throughout the seat's range of tilt angles. A seat adjustment mechanism allows angular adjustment of the seat relative to the base and locks the seat at a fixed tilt angle relative to the base. In some embodiments the seat tilt pivot, that is the axis about which the seat tilts relative to the base, is located approximately vertically below the center of gravity of a loaded seat, thus reducing the force needed to tilt a loaded seat. By fixing or maintaining the seat tilt pivot nearly or directly vertically beneath the load being pivoted, the loaded seat center of gravity (whether using a static seat tilt pivot or a translating seat tilt pivot), the amount of force needed to control seat tilting through a full range of tilt angles can be limited to forces that a typical user can exert with one or two hands. The seat tilt pivot can be a static seat tilt pivot, where the center of gravity moves in a range of positions above the static seat tilt pivot point, or a translating seat tilt pivot, where the seat tilt pivot point moves generally in concert with the loaded seat center of gravity when a user is seated normally on the seat.05-14-2009
20100109402LOCKING DEVICE FOR A MOVABLE MEMBER IN A CHAIR - An easily operable lock device for a movable member of a chair, the lock device being adapted such that a person sitting on the chair can select lock or unlock position by operating operation means with a load, such as the weight of the person, acting on the movable member and, when the load is removed after the selection of the lock or unlock position, lock or unlock operation is executed. A lock pin provided at a spring receiving member functioning as a movable member, is selectively engaged with and disengaged from engagement holes formed in a reinforcement plate functioning as a support member. The lock device has biasing means for biasing the lock pin toward the lock position when an operation member moved by the operation means is set at a lock reservation position and biasing the lock pin toward the unlock position when the operation member is set at an unlock reservation position.05-06-2010
297300500 Coil spring 2
20120062006Tension mechanism for a weight-responsive chair - A weight-responsive chair is provided which has a weight-activated mechanism that resists rearward tilting of a chair back upright while also effecting lifting of a rear portion of the seat to counteract the rearward tilt forces. The weight-activated mechanism includes a spring package connected between the chair frame and back upright which provides for ready mounting of same to the chair frame. Further, the rear seat portion is connected in lifting engagement with the upright but also includes independent suspension for the center of the rear seat portion to allow for independent movement and flexing thereof to improve comfort for the chair occupant.03-15-2012
20100096894Shock absorbing device and chair - A shock absorbing device is provided that includes a cylindrical damper, a compression coil spring disposed around the damper having an axis substantially in line with the axis of the damper, and a cylindrical spring guide disposed around the compression coil spring so as to cover the compression coil spring.04-22-2010
297300600 Including back limiting device 1
20110074197Chair - A chair structure results in a proper counter force when an occupant reclines on a back. The chair is composed of a pintle, a base which is supported by the pintle, a back support which is installed on the back, a seat support which is installed on a seat, a first swaying pivot, a second swaying pivot which is located in front of the first swaying pivot, a third swaying pivot which is located between the first swaying pivot and the second swaying pivot, and a sliding structure. The chair is provided with simple structures, and can result in a constant counter force or maintain a proper counter force depending on an angle of the back, when the occupant reclines on the back.03-31-2011
297301100 Back adjusts independent of seat 25
20130076092VEHICLE SEAT BACKREST WITH FLEXURAL JOINT MOTION-CONTROL - A vehicle seat includes a backrest coupled to an upwardly extending support frame. The backrest includes a deformable seat shell adapted to assume various shapes between an initial position and a final position in response to variable rearward loads applied by the torso of a seated passenger. The seat shell is coupled to the support frame by a compliant shell-motion controller via upper and lower motion-control links. At least one of the motion-control links includes a flexural portion configured to bend about a pivot axis to establish a flexural joint. The lower motion-control link may include a flexural joint and/or a revolute joint, and the upper motion control link may include a flexural, revolute, or spheroidal joint.03-28-2013
20100109403CHAIR WITH TILTABLE BACKREST - A chair comprising, a base structure including two rear tubular elements open at the top, a backrest having two tubular portions open at the bottom and aligned to said tubular elements of the base structure, and two elastic devices, each of which has a top support inserted in a tubular portion of the backrest, a bottom support inserted in the corresponding tubular element of the base structure, and an elastic element flexurally deformable to enable tilting between the top support and the bottom support, wherein each of said elastic devices comprises a plurality of sectors stacked on top of one another and arranged between the top support and the bottom support, and wherein, in a resting position of the elastic element, a plurality of slits are formed on the rear side of each elastic device between each pair of adjacent sectors.05-06-2010
20130057037REACTION FORCE MECHANISM FOR BACKREST OF CHAIR AND CHAIR MOUNTED WITH THE SAME - Reaction force mechanism for backrest of a chair has clear large space under the seat and uses a longer reaction force spring than the prior art. The mechanism includes a base member supported on a leg, a back support member coupled by a rotation shaft to the base member to recline and support the backrest, a seat support member to which the seat is mounted, a weight-dependent reaction force mechanism for moving the seat support member in a lifting direction, and a reaction force spring for applying a spring force for returning the back support member to an original position, in which the reaction force spring is disposed in a lateral orientation between the back support member and the seat support member.03-07-2013
20100084902Link Mechanism for a chair and a chair - There is provided a link mechanism for a chair that is a link mechanism that is used at a chair, the link mechanism for a chair having: a first link whose one end is connected to a bottom surface of a link that supports a seat surface portion of the chair; a second link whose one end is connected to another end of the first link; a first joint portion rotatably connecting the first link and the second link; a second joint portion provided at another end of the second link; and a first elastic resistance unit imparting elasticity in a rotating direction to the second joint portion.04-08-2010
20100187884Support Member - A support member configured for attachment to a back assembly and a chair component is disclosed. One disclosed embodiment of the support member may be included in a chair that includes a base, a back assembly and the support member. The back assembly includes an extension attached to a back frame. The extension is attached to the base such that the back assembly is moveable relative to the base. The support member is attached to the extension and the base. The support member is more rigid than the extension. Preferably, the extension is composed of elastomeric material.07-29-2010
20100001567Therapeutic back support and stabilization - A therapeutic back support device including a back support portion that automatically and repeatedly moves forward to maintain engagement with a user's back as the user moves forward with respect to a chair seat. The back support portion substantially resists backward motion and provides substantially continuous therapeutic support to the user's spine pending a release signal.01-07-2010
20100264709BACK EXTENSION BACKREST - A backrest for use with a chair that has a seat and a base. The backrest includes a lower member having a proximal end and a distal end, and upper member attached to the chair at the proximal end. A spring-hinge mechanism pivotally connects the lower member in the vicinity of the distal end to the upper member. A lumbar support is attached to the upper member and the lower member and spans the spring-hinge mechanism. In use a user sitting on the seat may, by anterior flexing of the user's upper back cause the upper member to pivot relative to the lower member from an unflexed position to a flexed position.10-21-2010
20120193959AUTOMATIC WAISTREST ADJUSTING DEVICE FOR OFFICE CHAIRS - An automatic waistrest adjusting device for office chairs includes a waistrest combined with the bottom of a backrest, and the waistrest comes with a design of connecting a curved flexible metal plate and making use of whose flexibility to suspend the bottom of the waistrest that can be turned flexibly with a user's waist to achieve an ergonomic stepless angular adjustment to allow the user's waist to lean at the most comfortable position. The waistrest adjusting device combines the waistrest and the backrest by simple components and assembling method, and achieves the effects of preventing poor performance and quality caused by an elastic fatigue and extending the use life.08-02-2012
20090001794 RECLINABLE CHAIR - A chair includes a supporting frame and a seat portion which is foldable about a transverse fold to define a rearward portion behind the transverse fold and a forward portion, forward of the transverse fold. The seat portion is supported above the supporting frame by its rearward portion. The chair also includes a reclinable back portion and a recline mechanism with which the back portion is connected for reclining action of the back portion. The recline mechanism is operably linked to the rearward portion of the seat portion such that on reclining action of the back portion, the rearward portion is moved to increase in rearward tilt angle and to obtain a net increase in height above the supporting frame, with a consequent folding of the seat portion about the transverse fold line under the weight of the occupant.01-01-2009
20110215623Height-Adjusting Assembly for Office Chair Backrest - A height-adjusting assembly for an office chair backrest includes a supporting unit mounted with a vertically movable backrest. The supporting unit and the backrest have correspondingly an engaging element and a series of positioning teeth, respectively, to be coupled mutually. Upper and lower ends of the series of positioning teeth have a retracting portion and an expanding portion for retracting and expanding the engaging element, respectively. When the backrest slides upward, the engaging element successively engages with one of the positioning teeth so as to position the backrest at a desired height. When the backrest reaches to an upmost position, the engaging element is pressed by the retracting portion and retracts so as to separate from the positioning teeth. Then the backrest reaches a bottommost position thereof has the engaging element expanded by the expanding portion, thereby allowing the engaging element to engage with the positioning teeth again.09-08-2011
20120153693Preference Control Mechanism - A preference control mechanism is provided that includes a housing, a shuttle, a sub shuttle and at least one resilient member. The housing has a channel. The shuttle has a cavity. The shuttle is moveable within the channel of the housing from a first position to at least one second position. The sub shuttle is moveable within the channel of the housing and is moveable independent of the shuttle. The one or more resilient members have a first end and a second end opposite the first end. The first end is attached to the shuttle and the second end is attached to the sub shuttle. The preference control mechanism is configured for attachment to at least one chair component. Chairs may also be designed to include one or more embodiments of the preference control mechanism,06-21-2012
20130093228DYNAMIC SEATING COMPONENTS FOR WHEELCHAIRS - A wheelchair includes a pivotable mechanism. The pivotable mechanism allows for a pivoting movement about an axis defined by an interface between adjacent components. These components may be (a) a seat member and a back member, (b) a seat member and a footrest, (c) a foot rest and a footplate support, (d) a baseplate and a footplate, or (e) a back member and a headrest.04-18-2013
297301200 Fluid-spring 2
20090195038SEAT WITH DYNAMIC SEAT BACK - A seat back assembly (08-06-2009
20090315376RECLINABLE CHAIR WITH ADJUSTABLE PARALLEL LOCKING GAS SPRING DEVICE - A gas spring device includes a pair of gas springs disposed parallel and adjacent one another. Each of the gas springs has a piston extendable in an opposite direction from the piston of the other gas spring. An adjustable coupling joins the pair of gas springs together and is adjustable to selectively position one of the gas springs along a longitudinal length of the other gas spring in order to adjust the overall piston-to-piston length of the gas spring device. Additionally, an inclinable chair can include the gas spring device to allow a chair frame to be selectively positioned at a desired angle of inclination with respect to a base frame.12-24-2009
297301300 Torsion bar or torsion spring 3
20090302654Chair With Tiltable Backrest - A chair having a base adapted to support the chair on a support surface, and a seat and backrest mounted on the base that includes a flexible backrest and a relatively simple tilt mechanism for tilting the backrest relative to the seat. The tilt mechanism includes a pair of dual cantilevered U-shaped springs mounted on opposite sides of the base and in communication with the backrest. The backrest is mounted to the tilt mechanism such that a rearward thrust applied by the user deflects an outer end of each U-shaped spring downwardly to enable rearward tilting of the backrest relative to the seat. Upon removal of the rearward thrust, the backrest elastically returns to its initial position under the biasing force of the U-shaped springs.12-10-2009
20090091170Chair seat having a resilient seatrest/backrest, method of manufacturing same and carbon fibre material used as a spring - A chair seat adapted to be mounted on or in a frame, and comprising a seat part (04-09-2009
20090066134Permanent Contact Mechanism - A permanent-contact mechanism for an office chair or the like is formed as a comparatively flat permanent-contact mechanism with a seat frame, which can be positioned on a chair upright, with a backrest support, which is arranged on the seat frame such that it can be pivoted about a transverse axis, and with at least one spring-activated or inherently resilient lever element, which interacts with the backrest support such that the backrest support is always pivoted counter to a spring force. The position of the point of rotation of the lever element differs from the position of the transverse axis.03-12-2009
297301400 Coil spring 5
20080309135SIX BAR MECHANISM AND CONTROL FOR CHAIR - A chair according to embodiments of the present invention includes a base; a first linkage pivotably coupled to the base, a seat pivotably coupled to the first linkage, a second linkage pivotably coupled to the seat and pivotably coupled to the base, a back comprising a substantially upright portion and an attachment portion, the attachment portion pivotably coupled to the base at a first pivot point, and a third linkage pivotably coupled to the back at a second pivot point and pivotably coupled to the second linkage, wherein the second pivot point is on the attachment portion between the first pivot point and the substantially upright portion.12-18-2008
20110057492VEHICLE SEAT - A seat back frame includes: a base frame; a movable frame supported for movement in a frontward-rearward direction with respect to the base frame; and a biasing member biasing the movable frame frontwardly and permitting a rearward movement of the movable frame in response to a load having a given value or more. The base frame has an upper frame section supporting a headrest, and two side frame sections extending in an upward-downward direction on laterally opposite sides of the upper frame section. The movable frame has a back-receiving section located between the side frame sections, and two side support sections on laterally opposite sides of the back-receiving section to project forward from the side frame sections. Front ends of the side support sections are disposed to stop a rear surface of the pad that receives a rearward load from a back of an occupant.03-10-2011
20080252124Apparatus for adjusting the angle of a seat back of an office chair - An apparatus for adjusting the angle of a seat back of an office chair includes: a supporting base; a seat body mounted on the supporting base; a seat back having a pair of elongated ears symmetrically parallel to each other and disposed at the bottom end of both sides thereof, the elongated ears each being pivotally connected to the rear side of the seat body; and an elastic support element slantly disposed at a lower location between the bottom end of the seat back and the rear end of the seat body. Based upon the above-mentioned configuration, a strong elastic supporting force is provided for the seat back. As a result, the inclination of the seat back can be automatically adjusted when the body of the user leans backward.10-16-2008
20090079246Spiral Spring Assembly - An object of the present invention is to provide a spiral spring assembly that is capable of suppressing lateral force generated in a central shaft.03-26-2009
20120274111CHAIR WITH TILTING BACKREST - Chair comprising, a base structure bearing a seat, a tilting backrest, and at least one joint which connects the backrest to the base structure and allows a movement of the backrest between a rest position and a backward tilted position under a backwards push applied by the user, wherein said joint comprises a first and a second curved component with a circular profile coupled together in a telescopic manner and fixed to the base structure or to the seat and, respectively, to the backrest.11-01-2012
297301500 Including back movement limiting device 3
20080238165Recline Mechanism For Seating Furniture - A seating furniture (10-02-2008
20100066145VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle seat comprises a cushion plate mounted on upper and lower seat springs, a seat cushion provided on a front side of the cushion plate, an auxiliary plate provided between the seat cushion and the cushion plate for pushing out the seat cushion forward. The cushion plate includes an upper plate located higher than the lower seat spring and a lower plate located lower than the lower seat spring. The lower plate has such elastic force that when the lower plate receives, through the seat back cushion, pressure from a person properly seated on the seat, the lower plate can move backward by a greater distance than the distance of rearward movement of the lower seat spring.03-18-2010
20080272637Foldable Vehicle Seat - A vehicle seat includes a pivotable backrest including a counterbalance electric and/or pneumatic drive, a locking/unlocking mechanism and an adjustment mechanism.11-06-2008
297302100 Back and bottom adjust in a fixed relationship 1
20130113253Tilting Device for a Chair - The invention relates to a tilting device (05-09-2013
297303100 Adjustable resistance 8
20130038105ADJUSTING MECHANISM FOR ADJUSTING A RESTORING FORCE THAT ACTS ON A BACKREST OF A CHAIR, AND OFFICE CHAIR WITH SUCH AN ADJUSTING MECHANISM - An adjusting mechanism is used to adjust a restoring force that acts on a backrest of a chair. The adjusting mechanism has a spring element for creating the restoring force, a support, and a backrest support that is pivotably mounted about a support axis on the support. An adjusting element configured as a pair of scissors containing a first scissor arm and a second scissor arm is provided, and the scissor arms are rotatably connected to each other about a scissor axis. The first scissor arm is pivotably mounted on the backrest support about an adjusting axis. A spring force produced by the spring element acts on the second scissor arm. A first actuating lever length is defined between the support axis and the scissor axis. The lever length is changeable using an adjusting element for adjusting the restoring force by pivoting the adjusting element about the adjusting axis.02-14-2013
20090302656Preference Control Mechanism - A preference control mechanism is provided that includes a housing, a shuttle, a sub shuttle and at least one resilient member. The housing has a channel. The shuttle has a cavity. The shuttle is moveable within the channel of the housing from a first position to at least one second position. The sub shuttle is moveable within the channel of the housing and is moveable independent of the shuttle. The one or more resilient members have a first end and a second end opposite the first end. The first end is attached to the shuttle and the second end is attached to the sub shuttle. The preference control mechanism is configured for attachment to at least one chair component. Chairs may also be designed to include one or more embodiments of the preference control mechanism.12-10-2009
20110031793RECLINING CHAIR WITH ENHANCED ADJUSTABILITY - An adjustable reclining chair including a seat configured to support a user, a chair back, a base and a control mechanism mounted on the base. The control mechanism coupling the chair back to the seat with the chair back located generally adjacent to the user's back when the user is seated upon the seat. The control mechanism including a resistance adjustment mechanism for varying the control mechanism's resistance to a reclining force applied by the user to the chair back in order to move the chair back rearward from an upright position. The resistance adjustment mechanism activated by the weight of the user when seated in the chair, such that easy adjustment of the resistance is facilitated with the chair in an upright position. The resistance adjustment mechanism including a resilient member placed under a load during reclining of the chair to provide resistance to the reclining force.02-10-2011
20090302655Device for Adjusting the Reclining Force in Office Chair Mechanisms - A device for adjusting the reclining force in office chair mechanisms comprising at least two mutually hinged parts and elastic means (12-10-2009
20100301652Back Rest for a Stool or a Chair, and Stool or Chair Provided with such a Back Rest - The invention relates to a back rest for a stool or a chair, comprising two adjacent, spring-mounted back supports (12-02-2010
20090015048TILTING FITTING FOR A CHAIR - A tilting fitting device enables a chair seat to be tiltable forwards and backwards against spring force of tilt-resisting springs, the tilting fitting having an upper part that is fastenable to the chair seat and a lower part that is fastenable to a chair base and tiltably connected to the upper part, wherein the tilting resistance is adjustable by adjusting spacing between the tilt-resisting springs and distance of each spring from a respective side of a tilting axis for the upper part. An actuating element is arranged for simultaneous engagement with two support members, an actuating element, along a part of each of its two sides in the element's direction of motion. On movement of the actuating element in the longitudinal direction of the tilting axis, it is adapted to cause rotation of the support members and springs mounted thereon, thereby changing the spacing of the springs.01-15-2009
20120091769CHAIR - A chair has a supporting frame, a seat portion for supporting an occupant, and a back portion for supporting the back of a seated occupant. The portion is reclinable relative to the supporting frame between a generally upright position and a generally reclined position. A preference control is operatively engaged between the back portion and a chair component, wherein displacement of the back portion toward the generally reclined position causes displacement of the chair component. The preference control is adjustable to vary the amount of displacement of the chair component caused by a given amount of displacement of the back portion toward the generally reclined position.04-19-2012
297303300 Torsion bar or torsion spring 1
20120068509CHAIR ASSEMBLY WITH A BACKREST-ADJUSTING DEVICE - A chair assembly has a base frame, a pivot frame, a backrest frame, a seat frame and a backrest-adjusting device. The pivot frame is mounted pivotally on the base frame. The backrest frame is mounted securely on the pivot frame. The backrest-adjusting device is mounted between the base frame and the pivot frame and has a torsion spring biasing the pivot frame and the backrest frame to pivot forward. The backrest-adjusting device tightens or loosens the torsion spring to change the resilient force provided to the backrest frame against users' back. Therefore, the chair assembly adapts to differ users well.03-22-2012
297307000 Constantly oriented during up-and-down movement 1
20130020849Resilient Leaning Position-Restoring Device for Height-Adjustable Chair Back of Office Chair - A resilient leaning position-restoring device for a height-adjustable chair back of an office chair includes a back support unit, a height-adjustable chair back disposed on the back support unit, and a resilient leaning position-restoring device disposed between the back support unit and the chair back. The resilient leaning position-restoring device essentially includes a sliding element slidable along a slot disposed on the back support unit and being pulled downward by a spring. The upper end of the sliding element extends to form a resilient member of an inverted U shape. A lower end of the resilient member is coupled to the chair back. The resilient member maintains the predetermined resilience thereof for supporting the bottom of the chair back while height adjustment of the chair back is underway. The bottom of the chair back lends proper support to the sitter's waist, regardless of an adjusted position of the chair back.01-24-2013