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297 - Chairs and seats

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297239000 Nested 26
297257000 Relatively movable 16
297248000 Coupled side-by-side 14
297234000 Movement of one seat effects storage of either seat 10
297240000 Relatively rotatable 3
20110227382Dual Swivel Seats for Hunting Blinds - A dual swivel seat assembly has a single base support member that rotatably supports plural seats for rotation about a common vertical axis. The seats are rotatably supported by at least two swivel arms that rotatably connect the seats to the support member.09-22-2011
20130181493Multi-swing Chair Apparatus - A multi-swing chair apparatus comprising a top frame member, one or more frame leg members, and one or more suspension assemblies is provided. The top frame member is, for example, a generally circular top frame member. The frame leg members are rigidly connected to and extend from the top frame member. Each of the frame leg members defines a space for suspending one or more swingable chairs from the top frame member. The suspension assemblies are pivotally attached to the top frame member. Each of the suspension assemblies connects to one of the swingable chairs for suspending each swingable chair from the top frame member. The suspension assemblies facilitate one or more of swinging movements and swivel movements of the swingable chairs. In an embodiment, the multi-swing chair apparatus further comprises support members extending upwardly from the top frame member for supporting a canopy.07-18-2013
20080290706SEAT POSITION ADJUSTING APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE - A seat system for a vehicle, includes a first pair of slide rails and a second pair of slide rails arranged on a vehicle compartment floor so as to extend in a front-rear direction of the vehicle, a first seat and a second seat arranged alongside each other, a forward-rearward movement mechanism provided under each of the first and second seats and supported at each of the first and second pairs of slide rails so that each of the first and second seats is movable along each of the first and second pairs of slide rails, and a sway mechanism provided between each of the first and second seats and the forward-rearward movement mechanism and swayably supporting each of the first and second seats at least in a direction where each of the first and second seats is approaching another of the first and the second seats.11-27-2008
297233000 Combinable to form single seat 2
20110101747Furniture set - This invention concerns a sofa which solves the problems of the prior art by providing a sofa that can easily be assembled or disassembled by the end consumer at home. The furniture set described can be assembled so the major piece is either to the left of the secondary piece or to the right of the secondary piece. The way this invention accomplishes these results is as follows: Chaise sections can be assembled by placing the seat back flat on the ground and placing the seat frame/arm upright on top of the seat back. A metal threaded rod is used to connect the seat frame and the seat back. A metal nut is used to secure the seat frame to the back using a wrench that comes provided in the package of the kit. The legs are then twisted onto the bottom of the seat frame.05-05-2011
20120043792BUCKLE FOR CENTER OCCUPANT FOR BENCH SEAT WITH EXTENDED TRAVEL - A 60/40 bench seat is provided allowing for increased sliding travel along a set of tracks to allow for easier ingress and egress of a vehicle passenger accessing the rear of a bench seat. The 60/40 bench seat assembly allows for increased travel along the tracks without adding significant increases in assembly parts, cost, or weight. The 60/40 bench seat assembly is provided including a profile member and a buckle. The 60/40 bench seat assembly is divided into a 40% section seat and a 60% section seat. The 60/40 seat assembly further includes a profile member operable to push down the buckle to allow for increased travel of the 60% seat. The buckle includes a first surface and the profile includes a second surface contacting the buckle first surface thereby pushing the buckle towards a vehicle floor.02-23-2012
297243000 Tandem 1
20100013281Dual-seat frame of baby stroller - A dual-baby stroller includes a main frame to which front and rear wheels are connected and two positioning members are located on two side frames of the main frame so as to be connected with a seat frame which includes two side rails which are two inverted V-shaped rails. Two front reception members are located on a front portion of the seat frame and two rear reception members are located on a rear portion of the seat frame so as to be respectively connected with the front and rear seats. Two pivotal rods are connected between the two side rails and cooperated with two pivotable units respectively such that the two pivotal rods are pivoted inward about the pivotable units. The front and rear seats can be arranged to face the same direction or to face each other.01-21-2010
297244000 Oppositely facing 1
20110109136AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTABLE SEAT - Automatically adjustable seating apparatus are described. The automatically adjustable seating apparatus include first and second seat bottom portions that at least one of which is moveable. The first and/or second seat bottom portions are moveable by automatic adjusters that alter the position of a seat bottom portion between a retracted position and an extended position. When the moveable seat bottom portion or portions are in their retracted position, the automatically adjustable seating apparatus is configured as two seats back-to-back, and when the seat bottom portion or portions are in their extended positions, the automatically adjustable seating apparatus forms a substantially flat surface.05-12-2011
20100084898Bench Seating System - A bench seating system includes a plurality of seats, each seat defining a singularly curved seating surface spanning from front to back, the curved seating surface of each adjacent seat alternatingly concave and convex. The seats can be mounted on an elongate support member, supported horizontally by one or more posts. Features of the bench seating system, including the alternating concave and convex seating surfaces, provide aesthetic, anti-skate, comfort, and modular aspects.04-08-2010
20120217777Sitting Arrangement - A sitting arrangement (08-30-2012
20130057036HINGE MECHANISM WITH NON-CYLINDRICAL PIN - An improved seating hinge includes a pin having a race member at a distal end and a shaft at a proximal end, and a bracket having a socket, wherein the pin is inserted into the bracket so that the race member is in contact with the socket, the shaft protrudes from the socket, and the pin is rotatable within the socket. The seating hinge further includes a telescoping connection that allows for varying seat widths and placements. Adjustment and/or alignment of the seat bottom can be performed without requiring support leg to be moved or replaced. The hinge can accommodate an auditorium having both straight sections of seating and curved sections of seating with varying degrees of curvature, where some support legs are mounted parallel and others non-parallel relative to each other. The hinge design can withstand weather and elements such as those present in many outdoor locations.03-07-2013
20120223557AIRCRAFT SEATING ARRANGEMENT - Seating arrangements for seats configurable between an upright and lie-flat position are presented. A three-seat grouping can include a lower aft-facing seating assembly, an upper seating assembly, and a lower fore-facing seating assembly in which the lower seating assemblies underlap the upper seating assembly when in a lie-flat position. Lower seats can be aligned or angled with respect to an upper seat in a manner that conserves space. A six-seat grouping can include 3-seat groupings in which lower seats are aligned with upper seats, or are angled with respect to them. Support structures can be shared by adjacent seats. A six-seat grouping can be embodied as a hybrid arrangement in which footspace is narrower for a lower opposing seat than for a lower seat facing the same direction as an upper seat. In an example embodiment, footspace can be divided between an upper seat and a lower opposing seat.09-06-2012
20110080026VEHICLE SEAT - The present invention relates to a vehicle seat comprising a sitting part and a back-rest, the inclination of which is adjustable relative to the sitting part and which can be converted from a working position into a stowage position, and vice versa. The present invention particularly relates to the center seat of a row of seats.04-07-2011
20110298256Floor track for seating system - An apparatus for maintaining at least two seats in a vertical position and a predetermined distance between rows of the at least two seats. The apparatus includes at least two substantially flat base portions; and at least two support blocks mounted a predetermined distance from each other on an upper surface of each of the base portions, wherein the at least two support blocks define a hollow region for receiving a lower end portion of a leg of a seat to maintain the seat in a vertical position. The predetermined distance between the support blocks corresponds to a predetermined distance between rows of seats.12-08-2011
20100327642Modular, multiple-seat chair - A modular, multiple-seat chair includes a main chair having a primary seat and a back. The main chair is adapted to support a single person thereon. Secondary seats are conveniently stowed beneath the primary seat and are removable therefrom to provide additional seating when desired. Each secondary seat incorporates a foldable leg and has structure for removably attaching each secondary seat to the primary seat.12-30-2010
20110062755SEAT ASSEMBLY SUCH AS FOR AN AMUSEMENT RIDE - A seat assembly comprises a plurality of stabilizing members mounted to a base. A passenger support member is moveably mounted along the plurality of stabilizing members. A plurality of spaced apart inflatable actuators are drivingly connected to the passenger support member.03-17-2011
20100084899AUTOMOTIVE SEAT SYSTEM AND METHOD OF STOWING SAME - An automotive seat system includes a first seat having a back portion and a bottom portion, and a second seat movably attached with the first seat. The second seat moveable between an extended and folded position. One of the back portion and bottom portion of the first seat configured to receive and stow the second seat if in the folded position.04-08-2010
20100084900Restraint System - A configurable restraint system (04-08-2010
20120292962SEAT DEVICE - Disposed is a seat device wherein a first seat cushion (11-22-2012
20110006571SEAT DEVICE FOR VEHICLE - In a seatbelt device for a sub seat, a retractor to wind up a webbing is attached to a sub-seat back support member. A buckle to detachably hold a tongue provided at the webbing is provided on a side of the sub-seat cushion which is opposite to a disposition side of the main seat in a vehicle width direction. Accordingly, the seat device for a vehicle which can ensure the sufficient sitting rigidity of the sub seat and the proper support rigidity of the retractor can be provided.01-13-2011
20120104814Modular passenger seat for a passenger transportation vehicle - A modular passenger seat for a passenger transportation vehicle is provided. The passenger seat is attached in a releasable fashion to a floor or to a side wall of the passenger transportation vehicle indirectly or directly by a supporting structure. In order to provide a modular passenger seat concept, the supporting structure includes a horizontal carrier to which upright frame parts for releasably attaching seat elements arranged there between are secured at a variable lateral distance from one another.05-03-2012
20090250984MOTOR VEHICLE SEAT HAVING A WING REST HAVING COVER PLATE AND SEATING CONFIGURATION HAVING SUCH A MOTOR VEHICLE SEAT - A motor vehicle seat is provided that includes, but is not limited to a backrest, which may be pivoted from an essentially upright usage position into an essentially horizontal non-usage position and which has at least one wing rest, which includes, but is not limited to a support part and a cushion part fastened on the support part. The support part is linked on a middle backrest part in such a way that the wing rest may be pivoted, in the non-usage position of the backrest, from a lower armrest non-usage position around the pivot axis extending in the seat direction into an upper armrest usage position to implement an armrest. In the armrest usage position, the cushion part is situated above the middle backrest part while implementing an intermediate space between the cushion part and the middle backrest part. The support part has a cover plate, which covers the intermediate space in one transverse direction. Furthermore, a seating configuration is provided having such a motor vehicle seat.10-08-2009
20090250983MOTOR VEHICLE SEAT WITH PIVOTABLE WING RESTS AND SEAT ARRANGEMENT WITH SUCH A MOTOR VEHICLE SEAT - A motor vehicle seat is provided with a backrest which can be pivoted from a substantially upright position of use into a substantially horizontal position of non-use. The backrest includes, but is not limited to a wing rest which in the position of non-use of the backrest can be pivoted from a lower armrest position of non-use about a pivot axis extending in seat direction into an upper armrest position of use to form an armrest. The wing rest includes, but is not limited to a support part as well as an upholstery part and between the support part and the upholstery part a height adjusting device for the height adjustment of the upholstery part relative to the support part is arranged.10-08-2009
20100187878DEVICE FOR THE CONTACT AND ATTACHMENT OF AN ELECTRIC COMPONENT IN A MOTOR VEHICLE - A vehicle seat includes a seat part and a partitioned back rest. The back rest has a first segment and a second segment. The segments are each equipped with an inclination adjuster. The adjusters include means for limiting the inclination of one segment relative to the other.07-29-2010
20100259080FURNITURE ASSEMBLY - A furniture assembly for compact and efficient packaging, the assembly including a sofa having component parts defining a sofa confine, the component parts including a back, a seat, a pair of front legs, a pair of rear legs, and a skirt, wherein the skirt and the seat are removable, at least one chair having component parts defining a chair confine, the component parts including a back, a seat, a pair of front legs, a pair of rear legs, and a skirt, wherein the seat is removable, a coffee table, an end table, an ottoman, and a plurality of cushions and pillows, wherein the furniture assembly is arranged such that the at least one chair, the coffee table, the end table, the ottoman, and the plurality of cushions and pillows are located within the confines of the sofa.10-14-2010
20080309134INTEGRATED BASE ASSEMBLY - A sofa includes a furniture base assembly that is easily assembled without the need of a jig or fixture, provides for a reduced number of component parts, and provides for aesthetically pleasing base assembly joints. In one embodiment, the front rail member and the back rail member are integrally formed with the corner block members, side rails are connected thus forming an integrated rail member and thereby dispensing with a base joint exposed on the front of the furniture product. The base is affixed to the sofa frame and upholstery is attached to the frame for providing a finished sofa with a showood base.12-18-2008
20090108653CONVERTIBLE AIRCRAFT PASSENGER SEAT AND METHOD - Aircraft seats are provided which may be convertible between a seating condition and a bedding condition. According to exemplary embodiments, aircraft seats comprise a seat bottom, a seat back, and a pair of arm rests positioned laterally with respect to the seat bottom, the seat back being mounted to the seat bottom for pivotal movements between an upright position (wherein the seat back extends vertically upwardly relative to the seat bottom) and a reclined position (wherein the seat back extends substantially horizontally relative to the seat bottom), and each of arm rests being coupled to the seat back and the seat bottom so as to be moveable between raised and lowered positions in response to the seat back being pivoted from the upright position to the reclined position, respectively. Each of the arm rests may define an upper surface which is in a downwardly sloped disposition when the arm rest is in the raised position thereof and is in a substantially horizontal disposition when the arm rest is in the lowered position thereof. In this manner, the arm rests may be moved to a more comfortable disposition when the aircraft seat is converted from a seating condition to a bedding condition.04-30-2009
20110133531SEAT APPLICABLE TO VEHICLES - A seat applicable to vehicles comprises a seatback unit and the chair base unit. The seatback unit comprises a first frame and a first net support portion. The first frame fixes and pushes open the first net support portion. The first net support portion has many thru holes. The chair base unit is combined with the seatback unit. The chair base unit comprises a second frame and a second net support portion. The second frame fixes and pushes open the second net support portion. The second net support portion has many thru holes. The seatback unit and the chair base unit are supported by the first and second net support portions, so the rider comfort ability and the chair ventilation ability significantly increases. The structure of seat is simple, so the weight of seat significantly decreases and light, making the vehicle consume less fuel.06-09-2011
20120146372Seating Installation For A Passenger Vehicle - A seating installation for a passenger vehicle, especially an aeroplane, said installation comprising a plurality of seat units, each seat unit having a back, two opposite sides and comprising a seat, which seat has a back-rest and a seat-pan and defines a longitudinal seat axis; wherein the plurality of seat units are arranged in two adjacent files, each file defining a file axis, and the seat units in each file being oriented such that the axis of each seat unit subtends an acute angle with the respective file axis and being offset from one another along their respective seat axes to form at least one bay in each file behind the back of at least one seat unit and to one side of an adjacent seat unit in the same respective file, the seat units in the two respective files being staggered with respect to one another and the two files being disposed relative to one another such that at least one seat unit in each one of the files nests partially within a corresponding bay of the other file such that the seat units in the two respective files are arranged generally back-to-back with one another; and wherein each file comprises a succession of shields that are spaced along the respective file axis, the space between each pair of adjacent shields accommodating a respective seat of the file, the shields forming side screens for the seats, and the shields being configured and arranged such that a portion of at least one shield in each one of the files extends between two adjacent shields in the other file to form a rear screen for a corresponding seat in said other file disposed between said two adjacent shields.06-14-2012
20120025571SEAT FOR TRANSPORT VEHICLE - A seat for a transport vehicle includes a seat surface, an armrest, and a child armrest. The child armrest is configured to adopt an adult position and a child position. In the adult position the child armrest is arranged in a stowed position in which the child armrest is incorporated in a contour of the armrest. In the child position the child armrest is arranged in a use position in which the child armrest has a reduced spacing from the seat surface in the vertical direction and a reduced spacing from an opposing armrest in the horizontal direction.02-02-2012
20090072598TRANSPORTATION SEATING SYSTEM - The specification discloses a modular transportation seating assembly that includes a support frame and seats mounted on the frame. The frame includes a seat beam and a cantilever beam. The cantilever beam includes a body and a connector inserted into the body and held together by compressive force. The body has an end defining a plurality of receivers, and the connector includes a plurality of lugs each received within one of said receivers. The seat beam includes a body, a tee nut slidably received within the body, a second connector outside the body, and a fastener intersecuring the two connectors to retain them in position along the length of the body. A single fastener intersecures the connectors on the seat beam and the cantilever beam. The seat includes a flange hooked about the back edge of the seat beam and one or more fasteners connecting the seat to the forward edge of the seat beam. The backs of adjacent seats define a vee, and a seat tie fills the lower portion of the vee to prevent objects from accidentally catching in the vee. The seats are molded and can include an integrally molded grab rail.03-19-2009
20120133182Rubber Air Cushion Sofa - A sofa includes a mounting frame, a plurality of air cushions mounted on the mounting frame, a controller connected with the air cushions, and an air compressor connected with the controller to supply air into the air cushions. The mounting frame is made of aluminum alloy. Each of the air cushions is made of rubber material. The controller regulates the air pressure in each of the air cushions so as to adjust hardness and tension of each of the air cushions. Thus, the air cushions have different curvatures and profiles so that when the air cushions can be used to support a user's head, neck, back, hands, waist, hip and legs so as to provide a comfortable sensation to the user.05-31-2012
20120212021EASY-TO-ASSEMBLE SOFA AND METHOD OF PACKAGING THEREFOR - An easy-to-assemble sofa along with a method of packaging its components so as to consume the smallest possible space during shipping. The sofa includes arms and rails that may be assembled to form a frame. A seat deck and rear deck are installed to the arms and rails. Cushions are placed atop the seat deck, and foam cushions are placed in front of the rear deck to form the sofa's seating surfaces. To conserve space during shipping, the compressible seat cushions and rear cushions are placed between the rigid seat deck and rear deck. The entire assembly is banded with woven bands to maintain it in a compact compressed condition during shipping, which may all be in a single cardboard container. This method of packing allows the parts of the sofa to be packed in as compact a container as possible, saving money on shipping and storage.08-23-2012
20120212020Vehicle seat, in particular passenger seat in a passenger transportation vehicle - A vehicle seat, in particular a passenger seat in a passenger transportation vehicle, which is fastened releasably and adjustably on a supporting structure remote from the floor, is provided. A supporting tube is fastened in a horizontally projecting manner in a wall region of a vehicle. The vehicle seat is fixed to the supporting tube after being pushed onto the supporting tube.08-23-2012
20100052382TRANSPORT SEATING - Two rows of seats (03-04-2010
20120256455PASSENGER SEAT WITH WIRE-FRAME SUPPORT - Described are passenger seats comprising a seat body; at least one wire-frame support comprising a base coupled to the seat body and at least one wire-frame member pivotally coupled to the base; and at least one seat cover coupled to the seat body, wherein the at least one wire-frame support is at least partially enclosed between the at least one seat cover and the seat body. The at least one seat cover may be formed of an elastic fiber or plastic. The at least one wire-frame support may be positioned on the seat body in a location configured to provide support for a passenger's neck or lumbar area. Also described are passenger seats comprising a seat body; at least one wire-frame sub-assembly; and at least one seat cover coupled to the seat body, wherein the at least one wire-frame sub-assembly is at least partially enclosed between the at least one seat cover and the seat body.10-11-2012
20120261956BACKREST, IN PARTICULAR FOR A REAR SEAT ARRANGEMENT OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - A backrest for a vehicle has a shell reaching over at least two seats. The shell has a support structure that completely surrounds the shell on the adjacement sides and partially surrounds the shell on sides adjoining the adjacent sides. Starting from a common corner of the adjacent sides an end of one of the partially surrounding sides is arranged obliquely. This end terminates in an intermediate region between the same. The support structure connects upper and lower connecting points of the shell.10-18-2012
20120228908VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle seat including: a seat back in which a seat body is supported by a seat frame; a backboard provided on a rear surface of the seat back; and a cloth member covering a surface of the backboard, wherein the backboard is attached to the seat frame to have a convex shape in which a center part of a surface thereof protrudes.09-13-2012
20120299348SEATING FURNITURE - The invention relates to seating furniture comprising two frames arranged at a distance to each other on a support, between which frames a seat part and a backrest part can be mounted, and the frames have one upper frame part and a lower frame part each which mechanically immobilize the seat part and the backrest part a the sides thereof. The upper frame part and the lower frame part are clamping elements that can be braced with each other. At least one clamping element has a laterally extending recess on each edge which recess forms a frame groove in which a respective engaging element provided on the edges of the seat part and of the backrest part can be mounted by way of a frictional connection to the upper frame part and the lower frame part. The recess has an undercut portion which forms a stop for holding the clamped engaging element by a form fit.11-29-2012
20120299347SEATING FURNITURE - The invention relates to seating furniture comprising two frames (11-29-2012
20120299346Adjustable Width Seats - A seating system may comprise a first seat, a second seat, and a plurality of armrests. The plurality of armrests may be located between the first seat and the second seat. The plurality of armrests may be capable of being deployed to change a seating space for the first seat.11-29-2012
20110037300SHOCK-ABSORBING SEAT SYSTEM - A shock-absorbing structure comprises a frame having front and rear sides. The frame provides mounting points for first and second shock-absorbing assemblies. The mounting points are located side-by-side across a transverse dimension of the frame and may be provided on a single frame member. The frame has front and rear faces each capable of supporting a linear slide to which a seat or other item may be attached. A first shock-absorbing assembly is mounted to the first mounting point and coupled to a first seat or other item supported on a linear slide on one of the front and rear faces of the frame. The shock absorbing structure may be applied to support seats in a boat or other vehicle.02-17-2011
20120286550SEAT ASSEMBLY SUCH AS FOR AN AMUSEMENT RIDE - A seat assembly comprises a plurality of stabilizing members mounted to a base. A passenger support member is moveably mounted along the plurality of stabilizing members. A plurality of spaced apart inflatable actuators are drivingly connected to the passenger support member.11-15-2012
20120248836SOFA WITH SEAT STRETCHER - A seat stretcher that can be positioned in the seat box of a sofa to maintain the structural integrity of the seat box against the compressive force of the seat springs. The seat stretcher mounts without fasteners and without additional hardward. In embodiments, the seat stretcher has an offset portion that can be rotated to create space within the seat box for storing cushions or legs within the cavity defined by the seat box.10-04-2012
20120248835SOFA LOVERS' SOFA - Disclosed is a sofa or the like that has an end cushion having a lower stationary member approximating the height of an armrest of the sofa and a rotatable upper member that may be rotated to overlie an armrest of the sofa. A back support may be provided for sitting crosswise on the sofa. A lower front panel that is rotatable to a position overlying a seat cushion so as to act as an armrest for a person sitting crosswise on the sofa is also possible.10-04-2012
20120248834Modular furniture utilizing securely stacked frames - A frame of rectangular configuration, constructed of structural components and usable in connection with modular furniture. Front and back frame components are interconnected by a pair of side components, and a locking bar member extends between the side components and is movable therealong while remaining essentially parallel to the back component. The locking bar member has a straight edge in alignment with and parallel to a straight edge of the back component, such that when the locking bar member is brought into a relatively close relation to the back component, the straight edges of the back component and the locking bar member can hold therebetween a backrest equipped with cleats in a secure, fixed position, without the need for screws, bolts, pins or other joinder elements.10-04-2012
20130093226SEAT BACK FRAME - A seat back frame includes a main frame that forms a frame of a seat back of a main seat, and an auxiliary frame that forms a frame of a seat back of an auxiliary seat adjacent to the main seat in a width direction, and that is integrally formed with the main frame. The main frame has a first open portion that opens toward a side with the auxiliary seat in the width direction. An end portion of the auxiliary frame is a fitting structure that fits together with the first open portion, and a portion of the fitting structure is welded.04-18-2013
20110210589UTILITY SEAT - A utility seat encompasses a length of fabric of a tear-resistant, flexible material that can be secured to two spaced apart vehicle seats in a row of seats between the two vehicle seats to form the utility seat. A backrest section and a seat section are arranged thereupon. The length of fabric can be refracted into a cassette to be arranged between the vehicle seats when the utility seat is not in use, and extended from the cassette when using the utility seat. The cassette has a width configured to accommodate the length of fabric.09-01-2011
20120274109Array of Aircraft Seats - Sleeper seats, wherein each comprises a head rest, a back rest, a seat pan or seat cushion, a leg rest, an ottomans and a dividers between the individual seats with the their column. The four seats are arranged in a staggered chevron formation and two columns. All the seats in each column are parallel with each other and set at a “herringbone” angle α to the column direction, in other words their central axes A make the angle α with a longitudinal axis of the array.11-01-2012
20120274108Airplane Seat System - A convenient airplane seat system having a modified seat arrangement to reduce contact and interference between adjacent passengers. In the airplane seat system, a plurality of seats, each having a seat part, a backrest part, and armrests, are arranged in lines on a frame, and one line of seats is higher than other lines of seats by a predetermined length, and said one line is further forward than the other lines of seats by a predetermined distance.11-01-2012
20110309662SYSTEM OF SEATS FOR MEANS OF TRANSPORT - A system of seats is described to be used on any transportation means, e.g. aircraft, train or ship, in order to offer a high level of comfort to passengers, concomitantly reducing the encumbrances associated to such seats and thereby allowing to provide a higher number of seats, available cabin space being equal, at competitive prices. The system of seats available space being equal when compared to a typical first-class installation, makes available plural seats, concomitantly maintaining an equal level of comfort.12-22-2011
20130187421SEAT WITH INTEGRATED CHILD RESTRAINT ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM - A vehicle seat comprises a frame, a primary seat support secured to the frame, a seat back secured to the frame, and a child seat assembly secured to the frame. The child seat assembly comprises at least one panel, a harness, an adjustment assembly, and at least one guard member. The at least one panel is pivotable relative to the frame. The harness is configured to removably secure an occupant of the child seat assembly relative to the frame and includes. The adjustment assembly is configured to provide adjustment of the harness and is positioned above a shoulder portion of the harness. The adjustment assembly comprises a pivoting member operable to selectively restrain movement of at least a portion of the harness. The at least one guard member is configured to deflect hair away from the adjustment assembly during sliding movement of the harness relative to the adjustment assembly.07-25-2013
20130193728SOFA WITH SHIPPING AND USE CONFIGURATION - A ready to assemble or knockdown sofa having a back rest that can be reconfigured between a use configuration in which the sofa is has a conventional L-shaped cross-section and a shipping or storage configuration in which the sofa is arranged in a more efficiently stacked rectangular cross-section. The rectangular cross-section allows the sofa to be more efficiently stacked with other sofas during shipping or storage. The back rest has an upper back rest portion and a lower back rest portion in which the upper back rest portion can be rotated forward toward the front of the sofa and downwardly into a nesting region against the top of the seat base to provide a more efficient shape.08-01-2013

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