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297217300 With electrical feature 144
297217200 With measuring device 21
297217700 Mounted on accommodating platform (e.g., stairs, deck, etc.) 5
20100084897Soldier Platform System - A soldier platform system and method includes a soldier platform system in a vehicle. In an embodiment, the soldier platform system includes a seat assembly. The seat assembly includes a seat and straps. The soldier platform system also includes a restraint harness belt. The restraint harness belt is secured to the seat assembly. In addition, the soldier platform system includes mounting assemblies. The straps attach the seat to the mounting assemblies. The soldier platform system further includes a ratchet platform that has a platform upper assembly and a platform lower assembly.04-08-2010
20120098307PORTABLE AMUSEMENT PARK DEVICE - A portable seat system is provided. The portable seat system includes: a base support; a back support; one or more legs, and at least one fastener. The fastener is configured to attach to a rail connected to the back support.04-26-2012
20100013280Standing Aid for Risers - A standing aid for supporting a person and relieving leg fatigue while standing on a riser step. The standing aid comprises a seat capable of supporting a person standing on the riser step, a vertical stand having a top end secured to the seat and a mounting system secured to a bottom end of the vertical stand. The mounting system has a clamp having a first surface for extending over and in contact with a top surface of the riser step and a second surface for extending below and in contact with a bottom surface of the riser step. The first surface of the mounting system has a relatively small footprint in that it has a second predetermined width which is less than the first predetermined width of the riser step. This small footprint allows people to maneuver around the standing aid while moving on and off the riser step.01-21-2010
20090212612SEATING INSTALLATION CONCEALABLE UNDER THE FLOOR - A seating installation concealable under the floor, the seats (08-27-2009
20110215621REMOVABLE SEATS SYSTEM - The removable seals system has a lirsl vertically movable platform defining opposite upper ami lower sides, a seal member comprising at least one seat and first and second complementary male-female engagement members respectively provided on the first platform and on the scat member. The scat member may be removably installed in an operative position on the upper side of the first platform through a releasable engagement of the first and second male-female engagement members with one an- other.09-08-2011
20110198901Roller Blind Arrangement - The invention relates to a roller blind arrangement for a motor vehicle, comprising a roller blind web which can be wound up by a winding device to form a wound body and which has a pulling device at its free end facing away from the wound body. Winding up and/or extending the roller blind web triggers actuation of a cleaning brush that removes any soiling from the roller blind web.08-18-2011
20090236883Vehicle Seat With System for Facilitating Relieving of Fatigue of Person Sitting on the Seat - There is disclosed a vehicle seat provided with a system for facilitating relieving of fatigue of an occupant on the vehicle seat, the vehicle seat including a seat back, the system comprising an occupant's body-motion promoting means 09-24-2009
20100117413Prisoner Safety Seat and Method of Use - A prisoner seat security device includes a retractable strap which hooks or clasps onto a prisoner, preferably by a restraint device on the prisoner, such as hand-cuffs. As the prison seats in the seat, the strap retracts. The officer can then lock the retraction mechanism so that the strap will not extend and the prisoner is held in place. When it is desired for the prisoner to get out of the chair, the lock is released, allowing the prisoner to stand the strap to be disconnected.05-13-2010
20130076088VEHICLE SEAT AND PASSENGER'S WEIGHT MEASUREMENT DEVICE FOR VEHICLE SEAT - The submarine phenomenon can be prevented and the accuracy of a passenger's weight measurement is improved. A vehicle seat includes a pair of fixed lower rails fixed on the floor of a passenger compartment, a pair of movable upper rails that are engaged with the fixed lower rails so as to be slidable in a front-and-rear direction with respect to each of the fixed lower rails, a sub frame which is disposed at an upper side of the movable upper rails, load sensors and that lie between the sub frame and the movable upper rails, brackets and which are disposed so as to erect them on each of the movable upper rails, and a submarine pipe 03-28-2013
20090152914SAFETY STRAP SET FOR PREVENTING TODDLERS FROM CLIMBING ON A CHAIR - A child-safety attachment device is adapted to maintain a self-standing chair secure to a self-standing surface or table such that the seat of the chair is unable to be used by a child as a climbing tool and contains two attachment sets, each comprising a surface attachment part, a length adjustable chair attachment part detachably attachable to the chair, and both parts detachably attachable to each other, such that the chair is held secure to the surface when for one set the surface attachment part is attached to the surface and the chair attachment part is attached to one side of the chair and the two parts attached to each other and for the other set the surface attachment part is attached to the surface and the chair attachment part is attached to another side of the chair and the two parts attached to each other.06-18-2009
20130038100Infant Stimulation Device for Chair - The present invention is an infant stimulation device to be used by a caregiver sitting in a chair and cradling an infant against the caregiver's chest. It is comprised of several strips of fabric with different patterns and textures sewn together at their edges. It has narrowed ends that can fit between the arms or slats of a chair, and the narrowed ends are padded to provide lumbar support for the sitting caregiver. The different patterns and textures of the fabric are designed to stimulate the infant by providing visual and textural contrasts. This encourages the infant to lift and turn his head, and reach out with his hands, stimulating necessary motor development.02-14-2013
20120181826Occupant Classification System Sensor Covers and Seat Assemblies With Protected Occupant Classification System Sensors - Occupant classification system (“OCS”) sensor covers include a sensor cover portion with an interior cavity, wherein the sensor cover portion at least partially covers an OCS sensor when the OCS sensor cover is connected to a seat assembly, and a link arm cover portion pivotally connected to a rear of the sensor cover portion, wherein the link arm cover portion includes a crossbar connector extending from a free end of the link arm cover portion, wherein the crossbar connector rotatably couples the link arm cover portion to a crossbar of the seat assembly, and wherein the link arm cover portion transitions between a raised position and a lowered position when the seat assembly moves through a vertical range of motion such that the link arm cover portion shields a link arm of the seat assembly throughout the vertical range of motion.07-19-2012
20130049418COMPACT SEATING DEVICE - The present invention is a compact seating and backpack device that includes a trapezoid-shaped backpack portion with two sides that includes a slit on each said side of the backpack portion, a cube-shaped bottom portion with a top surface that is hingedly attached to the backpack portion and a pair of telescoping rods that are attached to the bottom portion and extend to the backpack portion. There is also a plurality of waterproof fabric sheets that are disposed across the top surface of the bottom portion that serve as a sitting support and an overall cross-leg design that includes a plurality of aluminum crossing u-shaped braces that form an x-shaped support to the bottom portion.02-28-2013
20120112505SCREEN FOR A PASSENGER CABIN - The invention relates to a device for creating an individually delimited zone of a passenger cabin in a means of transport for at least one passenger seat. The device comprises a modular cabin element that has been attached in a positionally variable manner to stationary guide rails of the passenger seat by way of quick-release fasteners. Associated with this cabin element is an extendable and affixable privacy screen roller blind that forms a flexible dividing element, which privacy screen roller blind extends from the underside of the hatrack or the PSU panel or the ceiling arrangement, and in the lateral region in addition the sidewall lining of the passenger cabin, to the modular cabin element, and by means of which privacy screen roller blind an individually delimited zone can be implemented.05-10-2012
20120223554SEAT, IN PARTICULAR A VEHICLE SEAT, HAVING A DEFORMATION ELEMENT, AND METHOD FOR ACTIVATING A DEFORMATION ELEMENT OF A SEAT - A seat according to the invention, in particular a vehicle seat (09-06-2012
20110037299CLIMBING ATTACHMENT FOR A CHILD SEAT - The present invention relates to a climbing attachment for a child's car seat comprising: a padding portion, where said padding portion is place under an existing child seat; a series of rungs, where said rungs hang from the padding portion; and a mechanism to attach said climbing attachment to a child's car seat. In one exemplary embodiment the mechanism to attach includes at least one anchor strap and preferably includes two anchor straps. The series of rungs may be evenly spaced. The present invention also contemplates a method of assembling a climbing attachment for a child's seat comprising the steps of: attaching a series of rungs to a padding portion, where said rungs hang vertically from the padding portion; inserting the padding portion under a child's car seat; and securely attaching the climbing attachment to the child's car seat.02-17-2011
20120235453PLINTH-MOUNTED SEAT ASSEMBLY AND MOUNTING SUB-ASSEMBLIES - A seat mounting assembly including a swingarm configured for attachment to spaced-apart floor tracks, and a plinth having a seat mounted thereon mounted on the swingarm such that the swingarm is configured to deflect in a direction away from the plinth in response to floor deformation. An assembly for mounting a suite-style seat supported on a plinth to spaced floor tracks to isolate the plinth from floor deformation.09-20-2012
20110285186METHOD FOR AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTING A SEAT AND USE THEREOF - A method for automatically setting a component of a vehicle that can be automatically set, wherein the vehicle has a seat that can be electrically adjusted has the following steps: adjusting (11-24-2011
20100090506DETECTION DEVICE AND SEAT COMPRISING ONE SUCH DEVICE - A detection device comprises a body (04-15-2010
20090189422CHILD CHAIR - A child chair includes a seat, a frame, a reclining adjusting device, a locking device, and a bouncing device. The seat pivoted with the frame. The reclining adjusting device mounted on the seat capable of moving between a locking status and a release status, the seat movable relative to the frame when the reclining adjusting device is in the release status. The locking device mounted on the seat for retaining the reclining adjusting device in the release status. The bouncing device mounted between the seat and the frame for bouncing the seat along a direction relative to the frame when the reclining adjusting device is retained in the release status by the locking device.07-30-2009
20110266846FURNITURE CONVERTIBLE TO PLAY SPACE - Transformable furniture is provided, which is a unitary structure which itself transforms between seating and a play space. More specifically, the furniture has first and second frame members which move towards each other to form a couch and away from each other to form a play space, such as a playhouse.11-03-2011
20090167067CHILD SEAT PRESENCE AND/OR ORIENTATION DETECTION SYSTEM - A child seat presence and/or orientation detection system for detecting, on a vehicle seat, presence and/or orientation of a transponder-equipped child seat includes a loop-shaped transmission antenna for transmitting an electromagnetic excitation field and a loop-shaped reception antenna for receiving an electromagnetic response field emitted by a transponder of a child seat in response to the electromagnetic excitation field; the loop-shaped transmission antenna surrounds a first, the loop-shaped reception antenna a second area; the second area includes an overlap area with the first area; the second area also includes a non-overlap area with the first area, i.e. an area which is part of the second area but does not overlap with the first area, such that the magnetic flux caused by the loop-shaped transmission antenna in the non-overlap area is of opposite sign with respect to the magnetic flux caused by the loop-shaped transmission antenna in the overlap area.07-02-2009
20080303322Travel stool for children - A collapsible stool for use by children for at least one of reaching a urinal, a toilet bowl, a sink and as a seat comprising a pair of generally rectangular and substantially flat members for standing and setting on. Each generally rectangular and substantially flat member having a predetermined length and width and are formed from a predetermined light material capable of supporting a child's weight of at least about 75 pounds. At least one hinge mechanism engages each one of the generally rectangular and substantially flat members adjacent abutting edges thereof for enabling them to be folded when not in use and unfolded during use. There are a pair of inwardly folding leg members disposed closely adjacent an outer corner of each of the generally rectangular and substantially flat members. Each leg member has a second predetermined length and a predetermined shape.12-11-2008
20080252115CHILD SEAT ARTICLE HOLDER - A system and method for supporting articles is generally provided for use, with a seat, such as a child's safety seat or stroller, having a seat surface and at least one restraining member that extends outwardly from the seat surface. The system may be provided with a support member having one or more pocket members for holding the articles. An aperture may be formed through the support member through which the restraining member may be passed to limit movement of the support member across the seat surface when the system is placed on the seat. In one aspect, the pocket members may at least partially depend from one or more side portions of the seat, with or without the use of a support member.10-16-2008
20080272632ARTICLE OF FURNITURE WITH FUNCTIONAL TEXTUAL SYMBOLS - Presented herein is an article of furniture, wherein said article of furniture functionally integrates the shapes of at least two characters, and an upper portion of at least one character is adapted to accommodate at least one part of a human body, and a lower portion of at least one character is adapted to engage a supporting surface on which said article of furniture is located.11-06-2008
20120119548VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle seat includes a seat part and a backrest which is provided at the seat part so as to be rotatable, wherein the seat part and the backrest can be transferred into an easy entry position.05-17-2012
20120104812WEIGHT BASED VEHICLE SEAT OCCUPANT DETECTION DEVICE - A device configured to be installed in a vehicle seat for estimating an occupant weight. The device includes a bladder and a pressure sensor. The bladder is configured to define a cavity characterized as having a center of gravity. The bladder is effective to retain a fluid and pressurize the fluid in response to an occupant weight upon the bladder. The bladder is also configured to define an opening to the cavity. The pressure sensor is coupled directly to the opening in a manner effective to seal the opening and locate the pressure sensor proximate to the center of gravity. The pressure sensor provides a pressure signal indicative of the occupant weight.05-03-2012
20090212609Vehicle Seat - A vehicle seat has a seat surface and a backrest. At least one training apparatus for training at least one muscle area of the torso and/or of the arms of a person using the vehicle seat is integrated into the backrest.08-27-2009
20090184547Elevated Infant Seat - The invention is an elevated seat that adjusts to different seat back angles with the seat supported at a height to reduce the distance a user has to bend over or kneel down in order access the child.07-23-2009
20090212610Vehicle seat - A vehicle seat wherein an area for storing articles is provided on a rear seat is disclosed. The area for storing small articles is provided in a side bolster disposed on the side surface of a seatback located toward a vehicle body wall. The side bolster includes a base member formed in a curved shape in cross section so as to have a space facing toward the vehicle body wall. An opening is formed in a longitudinal direction in an outer layer member for covering a front surface of the base member. The opening is contiguous with the space. Small articles can be deposited and withdrawn from inside the space through the opening.08-27-2009
20110227379APPARATUS FOR LIFTING AND MOVING A PERSON - An apparatus for lifting and moving a person comprises a mobile base assembly and a lift assembly moveably mounted on the base assembly permitting the lift assembly to move upwardly and downwardly relative to the base assembly. The lift assembly includes a frame member moveably engaging the base assembly. A first support arm of a butterfly seat is rotatably attached to the frame member for rotation about an upwardly extending axis. A second support arm of the butterfly seat is rotatably attached to the frame member laterally spaced from the first support arm for rotation about an upwardly extending axis. The first and second support arms include weight bearing platforms adjacent the free distal ends of the support arms. The first and second support arms are movable between a first position where the weight bearing platforms are close enough for supporting a person and a second position where the first support arm and the second support arm are spaced sufficiently from each other to receive a person between the weight bearing platforms. A powered lift is provided for moving the lift assembly upwardly and downwardly relative to the base assembly.09-22-2011
20090140561Vehicle mounted printer station - The present invention relates to a vehicle mounted printer station made up of a printer secured to a support surface tray that includes an adaptor capable of attaching the tray and printer to the top of a vehicle seat. The support surface is preferably a rectangular shaped plate with front, back and side edges along with top and bottom surfaces. The bottom surface is attached to the adaptor, the adaptor includes at least one attachment rod for securing the support surface to the vehicle seat. The attachment rods are sized to be received into receptacles provided in the top a vehicle seat designed for the vehicle headrest.06-04-2009
20130214571BABY CRADLE AND MOUNTING DEVICE - The present invention relates to a cradle (08-22-2013
20100001563COMPUTER DISPLAY VIEWING SUPPORT - A computer display viewing support having a display positioning tray, including a vertical unit having a substantially vertical orientation adapted to vary a vertical location of the display tray between an uppermost position and a lowermost position, the vertical unit terminating in horizontal base and a tray pivoting unit supported by the vertical unit and adapted to pivot the display tray from a plurality of pivoting positions between a closed position to an open position.01-07-2010
20110057488Bouncing baby chair - A bouncing baby chair comprising a seat assembly supported by a frame and a resilient biasing device provides a bouncing motion which parents or other caretakers may use to soothe a colicky baby. The baby chair provides a bouncing motion which is substantially vertical that is soothing without creating or exacerbating a baby's digestion problems. The baby chair also supports a parent in a seated position on a seat assembly which reduces fatigue. In one embodiment, the seat assembly is supported by one or more resilient biasing devices. The seat assembly may bounce by moving downward distorting the resilient biasing device and upward assisted by the biasing device returning to a substantially undistorted state. The soothing bouncing motion may be produced by repeating these motions on the bouncing baby chair.03-10-2011
20100032997FITTING FOR CHILD SAFETY SEAT - There is provided a fitting for a child safety seat for use with a vehicle seat comprising a body; provided to said body, a first connector for connecting to an anchorage of a child safety seat; and provided to the body and spaced from the first connector, a second connector for connecting to an anchorage of a vehicle seat. The second connector is provided with a detector for detecting secure connection thereof to the anchorage of the vehicle seat.02-11-2010
20090072597KIT FOR SECURING A POLE TO A SPORT CHAIR - The present invention features a fastening system for fastening a pole, e.g. and umbrella pole or a fishing pole, to a sport chair. The system comprises a tubular member, at least one securing member to secure the tubular member to a leg of the sport chair, at least one gripping member to prevent the securing member from sliding on the leg of the chair; and at least one fastening member to pin down the sport chair; and a tightening member to hold in place the umbrella pole or the fishing pole that is inserted in the tubular member.03-19-2009
20080315638Apparatus and Method for Attaching a Child Car Seat to Luggage - An apparatus and method for attaching a child car seat (12-25-2008
20090108648Exercise furniture device - An exercise device adapted for use with a chair includes a handle arm mounted to an armrest portion by a first connector including a first axis and a second axis disposed substantially orthogonal to the first axis. A resistance element is used with a first end attached to the armrest portion by a second connecter including a third axis and a fourth axis disposed substantially orthogonal to the third axis and a second end attached to the handle arm by a third connector including a fifth axis and a sixth axis disposed substantially perpendicular to the fifth axis. A foot frame is included with at least one frame band receiver, the foot frame being mounted to the base portion. A foot support is moveably mounted to the foot frame and includes at least one support band receiver. A resistance band is adapted to be received by the frame band receiver and the support band receiver to provide resistance to displacement by the user. This provides a method of upper and lower body exercise for a user without the necessity of getting out of the chair.04-30-2009
20110127815DETACHABLE CHAIR CUSHION AND BACKPACK ASSEMBLY - Embodiments of the present invention broadly relate to a chair cushion adaptable for transport on a backpack and adaptable to industry-standard seating devices for safety and comfort. In one embodiment of the present invention, a portable chair cushion apparatus comprises a back support portion, having an outer casing surrounding a cushion material, and back support attachment means protruding from a rear surface thereof, a seat portion, having an outer casing surrounding a cushion material, and a backpack connection means protruding from a bottom surface thereof, and a connection strap attached to the rear surface of the back support portion on a first end, and attached to the bottom surface of a seat portion on a second end.06-02-2011
20090001787Ionized Air System and Method for Dissipating an Electrostatic Charge in a Vehicle - An apparatus is provided for dissipating an electrostatic charge from a vehicle seat and from an occupant seated thereon, wherein a blower directs ionized air through a vent toward the seat and occupant to neutralize an electrostatic charge accumulated on the surface and occupant. A sensor is configured to detect when the occupant is separating from the vehicle seat, and to activate the ionizer in response thereto. The apparatus also includes a seat cooling system for directing cool air through the seat, wherein a blower directs ionized air through vent holes in the seat when the cooling system is operating. A method is also provided for dissipating an electrostatic charge from a vehicle seat and an occupant seated thereon, including generating ionized air, sensing separation of a passenger from the seat, and directing ionized air toward the seat and occupant through one or more vents to dissipate the static charge.01-01-2009
20110001340Portable seating support - A portable seating support for use in a roof structure, for example in a building, including a saddle defined by a bridge portion and a pair of legs which are cantilevered downwardly from opposite edges of the bridge portion, and a seat supported on the bridge member by an upright post. The bridge portion has a pair of end edges which extend transversely between the legs, and at least one of these end edges defines thereon at least one tooth for engaging a support member of the roof structure. Additionally, the saddle is configured for positioning on a horizontally-oriented member of the roof structure, if space permits.01-06-2011
20110025107SPILLGUARD - A system operable to detachably secure a bib to a restraint device (e.g. a strap in a vehicle). The system may include a clip having a strap section and a bib section that are rotatably interconnected. As such, the strap and bib sections may be rotated relative to each other in order to for a bib (engaged by the bib section) to hang in a desired position. The strap and bib section may be adapted to respectively detachably mount a strap and a bib. In one embodiment, a retention force between the strap section and a strap may be selected from the mechanical devices, magnetic devices, and combinations of mechanical and magnetic devices.02-03-2011
20110025108DRIVER INTERFACE ASSEMBLY - A driver interface assembly (02-03-2011
20090066127ACOUSTICALLY TUNED SEATING ASSEMBLY - The present invention relates to an acoustically tuned vehicle seat assembly comprising a frame, a cushion supported on the frame, and a non-cloth trim material secured over the cushion, the non-cloth trim material having at least one slitted region having a plurality of scored slits.03-12-2009
20100244513VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle seat is adapted to be disposed adjacent to an entrance/exit opening of a vehicle, the vehicle seat includes a seat main body and a tilting mechanism. The seat main body includes a sitting surface. The tilting mechanism is configured and arranged to selectively tilt the sitting surface about a rotational axis with the rotational axis being arranged diagonally with respect to a front-rear direction of the vehicle seat such that a lateral frontward portion of the sitting surface to be located closer to the entrance/exit opening of the vehicle is lowered when the sitting surface is tilted.09-30-2010
20100244512SEAT SYSTEM FOR THE INTERIOR OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - A seat system for the interior of a motor vehicle, such as a driver's cab of a truck, has a vehicle seat that is movable from a home position, set on a seat support on the vehicle, into at least one further position. The vehicle seat is separable from the seat support and has a roller element device by which the vehicle seat can be moved into a position separated from the seat support. The seat support can include at least one coupling element for a connection line, with the coupling element being connectable to a coupling element on the vehicle seat.09-30-2010
20080265638Passenger Seat, Especially Airline Passenger Seat - Disclosed is a passenger seat, especially an airline passenger seat, comprising seat components such as a seat part, a backrest, and an armrest (10-30-2008
20080252116Therapeutic Device For Inducing Blood Pressure Modulation - A Kinetic Recliner Chair apparatus intended for use both as a recliner chair and as an apparatus for enhancing blood circulation, and lymph and neural fluid flow throughout a person's body. In order to utilize the apparatus in its therapeutic mode, a person fully reclines a reclining chair member thereof and then activates a controllable motor driven drive mechanism that cyclically tilts the reclining chair member like a seesaw, which action alternatively raises the person's upper torso and head above his or her lower extremities, and vice-versa.10-16-2008
20110163580Vehicle Seat with Air Duct - An automotive vehicle seat back adapted for movement between an upright position and a lowered position has an air duct with an intake located adjacent an upper portion of the seat back and an outlet located adjacent a lower portion of the seat back. The air duct takes in ambient cabin air at its upper end and that air is directed to an electronics compartment located behind the seat in order to cool the electronics regardless of whether the seat back is in the raised or the lowered position.07-07-2011
20100117412DEVICE AND METHOD FOR ADJUSTING A SIDE CHEEK OF A SEAT - An adjusting device for adjusting a side wing (05-13-2010
20100117411BIO-SIGNAL ANALYZER, SEAT AND BIO-SIGNAL ANALYZING METHOD - There are provided a bio-signal analyzer using a sensor capable of detecting, even though it is non-invasive, a more prominent bio-signal, and a seat using the bio-signal analyzer. Air cushions (05-13-2010
20110095580SEAT OCCUPANT DETERMINING APPARATUS - A seat occupant determining apparatus includes a first load detecting sensor at a right of a seat, a second load detecting sensor at a left of the seat, a third load detecting sensor at a front or a rear of the first and second load detecting sensors, in order to detect a part of the load, respectively, a right-left sum value calculating portion calculating a right-left sum value, a threshold changing portion for changing an occupant determining threshold on the basis of the load value of the third load detecting sensor, and an occupant determining portion determining an occupant of the seat to be an adult when the right-left sum value is equal to or more than the occupant determining threshold and determining an occupant of the seat to be a child in a child seat when the right-left sum value is less than the occupant determining threshold.04-28-2011
20110095579DECORATIVE BENCH OR SEAT ASSEMBLY HAVING A PHOTOLUMINESCENT WORK BONDED THERETO - A bench or seat assembly including a decorative work bonded thereto in an essentially permanent fashion is provided wherein the work includes a photoluminescent material. The assembly includes a masonry seat member having an upper surface, a masonry back member having front and back surfaces and a support having exterior surfaces for supporting the seat member at a desired height. The work may include advertising or an image of which the photoluminescent material is a part of. The photoluminescent material may be photoluminescent particulate pigment or at least one photoluminescent stone which gives off light sufficient to allow at least a portion of the work to be viewed under limited ambient light conditions. In this way, the assembly is decorative not only in the daytime but also at night. The assembly may be an interlocking precast slab bench or seat assembly.04-28-2011
20090108647Device for indicating that a chair is reserved - The present invention is a device for removable application to a seat or chair which incorporates a visual indication that the seat or chair is reserved or taken. Visual indication of chair reservation is achieved by incorporating one or more reservation indicators into the device such as color, wording, artwork or the like thereby providing a distinguishing reservation indicator. The chair reservation device may also support the reception and display of adornments and/or accessories for personalizing the chair reservation device. In one form, the present chair reservation device is formed as a material hood or hat that is received over and onto an upper portion of a back of a chair. Through the incorporation of one or more distinguishing reservation indicators, the present chair reservation device provides a distinctly discernable indication to a potential user that the particular chair is reserved or taken.04-30-2009
20100096893Rack-Mounted Server Seat - The disclosed invention solves the problem of fatigue, among other things, by providing a seat assembly that fits into one or more Unit Spaces in an electronic equipment rack.04-22-2010
20110316316MASSAGE CHAIR - A massage chair includes a main frame, a seat, and a backrest. The main frame includes a back frame configured to support the backrest and a base frame configured to support the seat. The base frame is formed by combining a plurality of structural members. The plurality of structural members are arranged on positions corresponding to edges of a hexahedron. Part of the back frame serves as part of the structural members of the base frame.12-29-2011
20110156458CHAIR-TYPE MASSAGE MACHINE - A chair-type massage machine includes a backrest for the back of the user to bear on, a seat for the user to sit in, and a reclining mechanism for pivotally moving the backrest and the seat. The reclining mechanism includes a single drive source to recline the seat while permitting the user to hold a related posture, the drive source being coupled to the backrest and the seat by a link assembly. The link assembly is operable to pivotally move the backrest from a raised position to a reclined position via an intermediate position by operating the drive source, the seat being tiltable to raise a front end thereof when the backrest is pivotally moved from the raised position to the intermediate position, the seat being tiltable to lower the raised front end thereof when the backrest is pivotally moved from the intermediate position to the reclined position.06-30-2011
20120153689Horizontal seat adjustment means with setting member - The invention relates to a seat for a vehicle, in particular for all-terrain vehicles, with at least one seat area extending in the longitudinal direction (X) of the vehicle and in the width-wise direction (Y) of the vehicle for receiving a person, a backrest for supporting the back of the person and a holding device connected in the vertical direction (Z) under the seat area and to the latter for keeping the seat area at a distance from a coupling region for coupling the seat to the vehicle, wherein the holding device has at least one spring device for the movable arrangement at least for a time of at least the seat area with respect to the coupling region in the longitudinal direction (X) of the vehicle and/or in the width-wise direction (Y) of the vehicle.06-21-2012
20100231014Child Car Seat with Vibration - A child car seat includes a seat assembly that is adapted to support a child in a vehicle, and a vibration mechanism that is adapted to provide a vibrating motion to a child supported by the seat assembly.09-16-2010
20100148548Capacitive occupant detection system - A capacitive occupant detection system comprises a capacitive sensor and a seat frame located under the capacitive sensor through a seat cushion. The seat frame is electrically connected with the ground potential level of the vehicle. A water proof layer is placed above the seat frame. The water proof layer prevents water from penetrating the seat cushion to reach to the seat frame, even if water poured on the seating part. The water proof layer suppresses resistance decrease of resistive component between the capacitive sensor and the seat frame resulting from water poured on the seat.06-17-2010
20120212018CHAIR-TYPE MASSAGE APPARATUS - The chair-type massage apparatus is characterized in that, when placed with its back facing a room wall, it can be located near the wall and, when its seat is made movable back-and-forth, the leg kneading device mounted at the front of the seat can be used without being obstructed by the back-and-forth movement.08-23-2012
20090058154VEHICLE SEAT ASSEMBLY - A vehicle seat assembly includes a first seat section, a second seat section, and a portioning panel. The first seat section has a first cushion portion and a first seatback portion that define a first seating area. The second seat section has a second cushion portion and a second seatback portion that define a second seating area disposed laterally adjacent the first seating area. The second seatback portion is movably mounted between an upwardly extending in-use orientation and a retracted non-use orientation. The partitioning panel is movably arranged between a stowed position in which the partitioning panel is disposed outside of the first and second seating areas and a partitioning position in which the partitioning panel extends upwardly along a lateral side of the first seat section in a forward to aft direction of the first seat section.03-05-2009
20120235452SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING A VEHICLE HEAD RESTRAINT - A vehicle seat assembly is provided with a support structure and a head restraint supported by the support structure and being movable relative to the support structure between a first position and a second position. An actuator is connected to the head restraint for moving the head restraint, and a controller is in communication with the actuator. A sensor array is supported by one of the support structure and the head restraint and in communication with the controller. The sensor array has a first region and a second region. The sensor array is configured to sense an input of the first region and second region being sequentially activated. The sensor array communicates the input to the controller, and the controller causing the actuator to move the head restraint.09-20-2012
20120267925MODULAR CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEM - A modular child restraint system for use in vehicles comprises a base and interchangeable attachable seats where the seats are for different stages of childhood development. The system can further comprise additional bases adapted to other uses such as strollers and infant swings. A common engagement mechanism allows the various seats to be moved from one base to another. One such system comprises a base and a seat configured to rotate relative to one another when engaged. The seat can also lock in a position relative to the base. The base includes a visual indicator to show that the seat is secured to the base.10-25-2012
20120299344Arrangement for Sensing Weight of an Occupying Item in Vehicular Seat - Vehicle including a seat support structure, a cushion arranged thereon and having an upper surface for supporting an occupying item and that deflects downward as a function of weight of the occupying item, and a sensor system including a force-measuring device that responds to downward deflection of the cushion. An interrogator sends a signal to the force-measuring device and the force-measuring device transmits, after receipt of the signal from the interrogator, a return signal to the interrogator related to the response of the force-measuring device to the downward deflection of the cushion. In a method for obtaining an indication of weight of an occupying item of the seat, a signal is transmitted from the interrogator on the vehicle to the force-measuring device and from the force-measuring device, the transmitted return signal related to the response of the force-measuring device to the downward deflection of the cushion is received.11-29-2012
20120080916Cocoon Hunting Hammock - A camouflage hunting blind system comprising a hanger with a distal and a proximate end, the proximate end of the hanger comprises an S-hook for suspending a hammock chair which is then cloaked within a camouflaged covering. The distal end of the hanger is positioned against tree with the proximate end pointing upward and away from the tree at a 45 degree angle wherein both ends are secured using a tether. The camouflage hunting blind system is positioned so a user's feet may touch the ground to rotate hammock chair for (through) 360 degrees of view. The hammock chair may be reversible, having a first side with natural (nature camouflage) colorings and a second side with hunter orange or other suitable coloring (dark or other.) Camouflage hunting blind system may have a camouflage coloring on the outside and a dark coloring on the inside, and weigh less that 10 lbs, and sets up in a very short time. Camouflaged covering encapsulates hammock chair, concealing scent and providing warmth for its user(s).04-05-2012
20120080915VIBRATION SEAT - A vibration seat (04-05-2012
20100231015Infant Support Structure with Supported Seat - An infant support structure that supports a child above a support surface is disclosed. The infant support structure includes a frame, a seat, and an elastic member that supports the seat for vertical and horizontal movement relative to the frame.09-16-2010
20100231016VEHICLE SEAT - In a vehicle seat, in particular for a motor vehicle, that includes, but is not limited to a seat surface, a backrest, at least one space in the area of the lateral supports of the seat surface and/or the backrest for the formation of at least one lateral seat support cushion. The space is sealed fluid-tight and variable in volume, and has at least one closing unit, e.g., a valve, for the controlled introduction and release of air into and from the space so as to vary the volume of the space, a cost-effective variable level of lateral support for the vehicle seat is to be enabled at a low technical outlay. This object is achieved by having the space incorporates a flexible body.09-16-2010
20130020844AUTOMOBILE SEAT WITH MASSAGING DEVICE - An automobile seat with a massage device (01-24-2013
20080231093CHILD'S HIGHCHAIR WITH ACCESS ATTACHMENT - A highchair assembly includes a seat supported by a plurality of legs with an upstanding back wall and opposite first and second side walls. An access device is mounted to one of the side walls. The access device has an upper end located generally at the one side wall and the lower end for placement on a support surface. A child can enter and exit the highchair through use of the access device.09-25-2008
20130134750Vehicle Seat With Function of Absorbing Volatile Substances - A vehicle seat with a function of absorbing volatile substances in an interior of a vehicle with the seat is disclosed. The vehicle seat comprises a seat frame structure, a cushioned padding member supported on the seat frame structure, and a volatile substances-absorbing member provided on a surface of the cushioned padding member which faces the seat frame structure.05-30-2013
20130113248Combination Foldable Chair And Rolling Transport - A foldable chair, operable between a seating configuration and a rolling transport configuration, the foldable chair comprising a plurality of legs with a roller secured to the distal end of each leg and the proximal end of each leg secured to a column base. Extending from the column base is a column with a first and second end, the column first end secured to the column base and the second end of the column secured to a first platform or seat cushion. A second platform extends downwardly from the first platform for attaching a carrying case. Also included is a backrest rotatably secured to the first platform such that when the backrest is perpendicular to the first platform two roller elements are fully shrouded. When the backrest is rotated 90 degrees and disposed substantially parallel to the seat cushion the roller elements are exposed for rolling contact with the ground surface.05-09-2013
20130119725Infant Support - The present invention is directed toward an infant seat (for example a bouncer seat) including a base frame and a support assembly having a frame and a pliable support suspended from the frame. The pliable support includes a head support portion and a foot support potion. The foot support potion of the pliable support includes an interactive feature operable to be engaged by the feet of an infant positioned in the bouncer.05-16-2013
20110248534Cushion Mat with Pressure Sensor - The present invention relates to a cushion mat 1 for integration into an automotive seat, comprising a set of metal wire springs 10-13-2011
20130140861SLINGSHOT SEAT - A slingshot seat has a frame with a rocker bottom configured to provide a low trajectory and a high trajectory. A seat is mounted on the frame and positioned to allow a user to rock forward on the rocker bottom to a forward position of the low trajectory and positioned to allow a user to rock backward on the rocker bottom and a backward position of the high trajectory. A pair of upwardly extending arms extend from the frame. The pair of upwardly extending arms terminate in a right upper end and a left upper end. An elastic cord is attached to the right upper end and attached to the left upper end. A pocket is mounted on the elastic cord between the right upper end and the left upper end.06-06-2013
20110272979Process for Producing a Supporting Shell for a Seat - A supporting shell for a seat is provided by carrying out in-seat measurements with a plurality of test subjects, wherein the test subjects sit down on a measuring mat placed on a neutral seat frame. The measuring mat has a readily displaceable filling and adapts to the contour of the body of the respective test subject. After the test subject has sat down on the measuring mat and before the test subject leaves the same, the filling inside the measuring mat is fixed in place by applying a negative pressure. The geometric data of the surface contour of the measuring mat are determined and stored for each test subject. The measured surface contours are then superimposed onto one another. This produces an average surface contour which can subsequently be further altered slightly for adaptation to large seat users, and therefore a modified surface contour is created as a basis for the production of the supporting shell of the seat.11-10-2011
20110233976MODULAR FURNITURE - A modular furniture assembly unit includes a box having a length, a width, and a depth, the box having first and second major sides in opposition to each other that define the length and the width of the box, and having third, fourth, fifth, and sixth sides therebetween, the first side having a first connector attached thereto at a distance from the third side of the box substantially equivalent to the depth of the box, the second side of the box having a plurality of second connectors attached near at least three of the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth sides of the box, wherein the first connector is configured to attach to a second connector of an identical box to couple the box to the identical box to form a modular furniture piece. In a further aspect, the first connector is a rotatable clamp and the second connectors are hooks to which the rotatable clamp is connectable.09-29-2011
20100314919Portable, lightweight folding stool and carrying case - The invention is of a PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT FOLDING, STOOL AND CARRYING CASE. The stool frame is easily folded together and placed into the upholstered seat top, which when zippered together, acts as a carrying case. In this folded and enclosed form the stool becomes easily transportable to any location where seating is desired. The stool framework and seat top consists of the following basic elements: 12-16-2010
20110254332VEHICLE SEAT BUCKLE - A seat buckle apparatus for use in a vehicle seat assembly having a seat back, a seat base, and a base portion, the seat buckle apparatus comprising a bracket member having a first end and a second end, the bracket member for coupling to the vehicle seat; a first belt buckle portion for being movably supported to the vehicle seat and having an upper end, a lower end, and an engagement member for engaging the bracket member; and wherein the bracket member will prevent the upper end of the belt buckle from contacting the seat back when the seat back is folded down on the seat base.10-20-2011
20130181492HEADREST MOUNT FOR TABLET COMPUTER AND METHOD - A device and method is presented that attaches a tablet computer to a vehicle headrest. A two-piece mount has a headrest coupling and a tablet housing. The tablet housing has a rigid core attached to a flexible rim portion that secures the tablet computer within the tablet housing. The rigid core has a circular cavity in the rear. The headrest coupling mounts to headrest posts in a vehicle using hinged arms and locking clips. The headrest coupling further has a circular attachment disk that fits within the circular cavity of the tablet housing. Retractable tabs in the circumference of the attachment disk fit within tracks in the walls of the circular cavity. The tabs prevent accidental separation of the tablet housing from the headrest coupling, and allow rotation of the tablet housing when attached to the headrest coupling.07-18-2013
20130187419VEHICLE SEAT - Motor vehicle seat, at least one cushion element, in particular a foam layer (07-25-2013
20120019029Vehicle Seat With Function of Absorbing Volatile Substances - A vehicle seat with a function of absorbing volatile substances in an interior of a vehicle with the seat is disclosed. The vehicle seat comprises a seat frame structure, a cushioned padding member supported on the seat frame structure, and a volatile substances-absorbing member provided on a surface of the cushioned padding member which faces the seat frame structure.01-26-2012
20130200668ELECTRO-MECHANICAL PUSH BUTTON VEHICLE SEAT ACTUATION MECHANISM - A vehicle seat having a seat back pivotably coupled to a seat base by a seat recliner mechanism such that the seat back can be pivoted in a forward and rearward direction relative the seat base. The seat includes a track assembly coupled to the vehicle and the seat, such that the seat can be moved in the forward and rearward directions relative to the vehicle interior. The seat further includes an actuator mechanism having a first actuator that includes a push button located on the seat and an actuator in electrical communication with the push button, A force transmitting device has one end connected to the actuator and a second end connected to the seat recliner mechanism, such that energizing the actuator actuates the force transmitting device to release the seat recliner mechanism and move the seat between a use and a tipped and forward position.08-08-2013
20130207425SEAT OCCUPANCY DETERMINATION APPARATUS - A seat occupancy determination apparatus includes first and second load detection portions arranged at one end of a seat in a width direction, a peak value detection portion detecting whether a peak value of a partial load value exists within a first predetermined time period in a case where the partial load value decreases to or below a first threshold value, and a first seat occupancy determination portion shifting a determination to a no occupant state in a case where the peak value is detected and a disengagement of a tongue plate from a buckle is detected within a predetermined time while an occupant seated state is determined. The first seat occupancy determination portion is inhibited from shifting the determination to the no occupant state in a case where the peak value is detected and the disengagement of the tongue plate is inhibited from being detected within the predetermined time.08-15-2013

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