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297188140 On or integral with armrest (e.g., beverage cup holder) 37
297188040 On or integral with backrest 37
297188080 Directly under occupant seating portion 25
297188200 Detachable from chair structure 11
297188210 Adjustable with respect to the chair structure 5
20090236881Article Holder - The present invention concerns an article holder for a child seat, the holder comprising a holder portion (09-24-2009
20090212607SEATING UNIT WITH ACCESSORIES - A seating unit includes a tubular support extending upwardly from a chair frame, a retainer telescopingly engaging an upright open end of the support, and an armrest mounted on the retainer. The retainer is keyed at both ends to prevent undesired rotation of the armrest. Accessories are mounted to the retainer, and are positionable at use and non-use positions relative to a seated user. The accessories include a cup holder, a container, a hook for hanging items under the cup holder or container, and different tablets. One tablet includes a wheeled leg that extends downwardly from a center of gravity of the tablet, the leg supporting the tablet and reducing cantilever forces on the retainer. The back and seat comprise a flexible member co-molded onto a supportive partial-perimeter frame member and includes back and seat sections that matably engage corresponding surfaces of the frame member.08-27-2009
20110037298TOY BAR MOUNTING ASSEMBLY, AND ASSOCIATED APPARATUS - A mounting assembly for mounting a toy bar arrangement to a frame of an infant seat assembly is provided. The assembly includes a mounting member adapted to fixedly engage the frame. The assembly further includes a receptacle member operably engaged with the mounting member and defining a cavity. The receptacle member is rotatable about a substantially horizontal axis with respect to the mounting member, and between a locked position and an unlocked position in relation to a locking member associated with the mounting member. The assembly further includes a mating member adapted to operably engage a toy bar arrangement and configured to be removably received within the cavity of the receptacle member so as to be rotatable in conjunction with the receptacle member between the locked and unlocked positions. The mating member has a locking flange configured to engage the locking member in the locked position.02-17-2011
20100194155MOBILE INTEGRATED SELF-CONTAINED WORKSTATION - A computer station module for a user has a base with wheels for moving the module between locations. A post extends outwardly from the base and a seat supported by the post. A central processing unit connected to the seat. The module is easy to use and transport and is simple to manufacture and assemble. The module is adaptable to be utilized by users who prefer to work multiple tasks that require two monitors to be used simultaneously or if the module is utilized by a left hand user or a right hand user. The module is slidable under a desk or a table of any kind.08-05-2010
20100207432BASE AND SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR A PATIENT SUPPORT APPARATUS - A base for a patient support apparatus includes a bump member configured to at least partially surround an electrical system of the patient support apparatus. The bump member is configured to be releaseably engaged with a cover that is configured to at least partially cover the electrical system of the patient support apparatus. The engagement of the cover and bump member is manually releasable.08-19-2010
297188030 For apparel 2
20120200126Modular bench system with integrated storage components - A bench system incorporating storage components for apparel, footwear, and personal items. The bench system includes an adjustable-height apparel rack, one or more under-seat storage components, which may include a shoe rack, drawer, or mesh shelf, and one or more storage components on the side of the seat, which may include apparel/footwear hooks or a storage compartment. In a preferred embodiment, the bench seat system can comprise different colored components corresponding to amateur, collegiate, or professional sports teams, or another color combination selected by the consumer. The bench system may also optionally include a personalized or customized placard. The placard may include a combination of words, numbers, symbols, graphics, or designs selected by the consumer, including a name, favorite number, an inspirational phrase, the logo of an amateur, collegiate, or professional sports team, or corporate logos or promotional advertising. Each bench system unit can be modularly connected to additional units either in a side-by-side configuration or a back-to-back configuration.08-09-2012
20120205948CHAIR - A chair is such that concave grooves recessed rearward and forward and oriented in an upward/downward direction are formed in front and rear surfaces of left and right side portions of a backrest, and portions of mounting members installed at both sides an optional member are engaged with the concave grooves to mount the optional member on the backrest.08-16-2012
20120200125PASSENGER SEAT DEVICE - A passenger seat device, in particular an air passenger seat device, including a seat surface unit that is assigned to a first row of seats having a plurality of passenger seats, a comfort unit, which, in addition to the seat surface unit, in at least one usage position forms at least one first support surface that is provided for supporting at least one body part of a reclined passenger.08-09-2012
20090127896Infant Feeding Bottle Holder - An infant feeding bottle holder apparatus at least includes: an adjustable mounting structure at least including a middle section, first and second end sections coupled to the middle section, and first and second clamp sections coupled to the ends of the first and second end sections, respectively; and a feeding bottle arm adapted to be coupled at a first end to the middle section, and adapted to be coupled at a second end to a feeding bottle. The first and second end sections are adapted to couple the infant feeding bottle holder apparatus to an apparatus in which an infant sits or lies. A feeding bottle operatively coupled to the feeding bottle arm may be positioned to allow the infant to autonomously drink from the feeding bottle.05-21-2009
20130088054Vehicle Seat Cover - A vehicle seat cover generally conforming to the shape of a vehicle seat cushion and configured to be easily attachable thereto. In preferred embodiments the seat cover comprises chenille microfiber and is configured to function as a storage container and/or a vehicle cleaning device when not in use as a seat cover.04-11-2013
20120181823Chair Support Apparatus - A chair support apparatus includes partially affixed first and second flexible panels with a first and second outer periphery portion respectively, also a plurality of channels are formed between the first and second flexible panels bounded by the partial affixment. Also, a plurality of straps are disposed within each one of the channels, wherein each of the straps has a pair of extensions that extend beyond the first and second outer peripheries, each strap has a slip fit engagement within each channel allowing relative movement between the first and second flexible panels and the strap. Operationally, each of the strap extensions is engaged to a beam of a chair for drawing taut a plurality of portions of the first and second flexible panels resulting in a remaining plurality of portions of the first and second flexible panels drooping from the relative movement as between the taut portions to retain accessories.07-19-2012
20120181822Child Safety Seat Assembly - A child safety seat assembly includes a base and a child seat. The base comprises a shell body, and a support platform provided at an upper side of the shell body on which the child seat can be installed. The shell body includes a first portion having a bottom adapted to provide stable resting support, and a second portion extending upward from the first portion, wherein the shell body includes a storage cavity accessible from an outer side of the second portion. The storage cavity can be sized to receive free end portions of a restrain strap used for holding the base in place.07-19-2012
20120217772MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TOUCH COOLING CUP HOLDER - A multi-functional touch cooling cup holder includes an annular socket that can accommodate a beverage can or water bottle. At the top of the socket there is a bended edge that is larger than a cylinder of the socket and at the bottom of the socket there is an annular bottom cap. On the cylinder of the socket there is a vertical slot, within which there is a control circuit of the cup holder that is equipped with IC chip. A thermal radiator is installed under the bottom cap. The radiator contains multiple paralleled radiation fins and a cooling fan. A thermoelectric cooler that is installed between the thermal radiator and the thermal conductor and is electrically connected with the control circuit of the cup holder. The cooling side of the thermoelectric cooler faces up, the thermal side faces down and is adhered to the top of the thermal radiator.08-30-2012
20130057033Seat pad - An improved seat pad and integrated gripping member is provided, which prevents the pad from slipping when placed between a seating surface and individual. The gripping member is permanently attached to the seat pad along its edge and covers a portion of either side of the seating surface. The gripping member is reversible therefore either side of the seat pad may be selectively exposed during use. This allows both seat pad sides to be constructed of different materials, colors, or patterns and be interchangeable when desired by the user.03-07-2013
20130069401TEMPORARY SEAT-TOP STORAGE DEVICE - A seat, seat cover and wall subassembly for installation into the upholstery of a vehicle seat or an after-market seat cover is disclosed. The invention is particularly advantages for use on a vehicle seat and provides a means of containment of items on the seat of a vehicle during transport.03-21-2013
20120112502Removable Seat Slipper - The instant invention relates to a multi-functional seat cover which can be placed on a variety of seats without the need to modify the overall design. The seat cover is constructed and arranged to be easily removable and transportable, such that it provides the user with a covering device that can function to cover one or more seats in a plurality of environments. In order to provide multi-functionality, the seat cover contains one or more pockets which are constructed and arranged to receive a variety of items, such as one or more head cushions, a plurality of personal items, and beverage storage.05-10-2012
20120193951Fisherman's chair support assembly - A support for a fisherman's chair has a frame for supporting a plurality of fishing rods and an upright pedestal extending through the frame. A fisherman's chair can be detachably secured to the pedestal. The pedestal's lower end is received in a mounting plate that is attached to a bar extending substantially transversely to the pedestal. The bar is securable to a hitch of a towing vehicle. The fisherman's chair is supported by the towing vehicle in a cantilevered fashion, allowing the chair's footrest to be positioned above ground.08-02-2012
20090243352Secure herringbone arrangement for the armrest of a seat, seat and two seat assembly provided with such an arrangement - In herringbone seats of the prior art, armrests on the closed angle side form an obstacle for the passengers in the seat in case of a shock, since the latter are generally projected along the axis of the vehicle and thus towards the armrest thus creating a high risk of injury for the passenger in case of a shock. The present invention provides a secure herringbone arrangement for the armrest of a seat i.e. making it possible to reduce the risk of injuries caused by the armrest, in case of a shock. Therefore, the present invention provides to leave a space between the seating part structure and the armrest to enable the passenger on the seat to be projected along the axis of the airplane in case of a shock without hitting the armrest. More precisely, the aim of the invention is a herringbone arrangement for the armrest of a seat wherein the armrest is angularly shifted with respect to the seat, so as to form a free space (10-01-2009
20090236880Adjustable Vehicle Seat - A seat assembly is provided for use in a vehicle interior, and includes a frame and lower and upper bracket assemblies. The lower bracket assembly is connected to a lower portion of the frame, and selectively moves the frame in a longitudinal direction with respect to the vehicle interior. The upper bracket assembly is connected to an upper portion of the frame, and has a slot which receives a selector pin for selectively pivoting the upper portion of the frame with respect to the lower portion of the frame. A moveable linkage is connected to the upper bracket assembly and moves the selector pin for adjusting between different passenger seating positions. An adjustment mechanism includes a lever for moving the moveable linkage via a cable. The seat assembly can include a deployable storage bin positioned between the bulkhead and a seat surface.09-24-2009
20120013154Child Safety Seat Assembly - A child safety seat assembly comprises a child seat, a base adapted to assemble with the child seat, wherein the base includes a first portion having an enlarged bottom, and an inclined second portion joined with an upper side of the first portion and provided with a storage pocket, and an abuttal support operable to slide relative to the base between a first position stowed in the storage pocket and a second position deployed outward.01-19-2012
20080277977User Interface Support, And Chair In Combination Therewith - A user interface support effective to be easily attached to an office chair. The user interface support includes a horizontal support, a vertical support, and a pad surface. The pad surface is attached to the horizontal and vertical supports. The user interface support may be combined with a chair having an arm rest including a base and a cushion. A user may unscrew screws from the base to remove the cushion therefrom. Nuts may be installed into the base so that screws may attach the horizontal support to the base and to the cushion through the use of the nuts. The vertical support and pad surface may then be attached to the horizontal support.11-13-2008
20090015044RETRACTABLE CUP HOLDER ASSEMBLY FOR CHILD SEAT - A cup holder assembly for a child seat movable between a retracted position and an extracted position includes an inner cup holder bracket, a medial cup holder slide movably attached to the cup holder bracket, and an outer cup holder floor pivotally attached to the cup holder slide. The cup holder slide and the cup holder floor move along an arc relative to the cup holder bracket, and the cup holder floor rotates relative to the cup holder slide and the cup holder bracket. The cup holder bracket has a rail guide and the cup holder slide includes a corresponding rail operable for slidingly engaging the rail guide. The cup holder slide further includes a lip that engages a corresponding ledge on the cup holder floor to rotate the cup holder floor as the cup holder slide is moved from the retracted position to the extracted position.01-15-2009
20100253118Portable hunting chair and blind - A hunting chair with a hunting blind attachment that encircles the chair is disclosed, as well as an attachable camouflage roof covering, all of which may be folded and disassembled in such a way that it fits into a self-contained pack that may be carried on a hunter's back. The chair includes an adjustable, pivoting backrest, a pivoting gun rest with telescoping legs for height adjustment, folding legs, a pouch to contain the disassembled elements, and shoulder straps for carrying the apparatus. In its disassembled state, the roof poles, roof fabric, and blind fabric are packed into a pouch on the back side of the backrest, and the chair is folded into a carrying position. Detachable shoulder straps may be attached to the underside of the seat section, so that the entire chair and blind combination may be carried on a hunter's back into the field.10-07-2010
20120193952SEAT OR BENCH FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE - A motor vehicle including at least one seat and/or at least one bench having a seat surface and a backrest. The backrest can be moved into a position above the seat surface in which the backrest and the seat surface lie opposite one another. In addition, the front edge of the seat surface and an edge of the backrest that lies closest to it can be connected with an additional element, for example, a roller blind or a plate.08-02-2012
20110121619STEMMED GLASS HOLDER - A stemmed glass holder is provided, comprising an upper support section and a lower support section connected together by at least one flexible connector such as chain, the upper and lower support sections being generally circular in shape and comprising apertures in the perimeters thereof defining upper and lower cavities therein which are shaped and sized to accommodate a conventional stemmed glass, the glass holder further being pivotally and removably connected to a folding chair such that the glass holder may be folded into a compact configuration along with the chair for storage and transport when not in use.05-26-2011
20120032479DEPLOYABLE IN-SEAT CUP HOLDER - A deployable cup holder including linkage arranged such that a portion of the linkage is movable between a folded configuration positioned within a space defined in a seat, and a deployed configuration positioned forming a closed loop defining an opening between the linkage, the linkage including a ground link, first and second grounded links, and a coupler link, wherein the ground link and the coupler link are pivotably connected to each of the first and second grounded links to define a closed loop.02-09-2012
20100219665MODULAR CHAIR - The present invention relates to a modular chair comprising: a seat assembly, where the seat assembly includes a seat member, a back member, and an adjustable leg support extending from the seat member; and a leg assembly, where the leg assembly attaches to the seat assembly, said leg assembly includes a pair of front legs and a pair of hind legs, where said pair of hind legs includes a mechanism to vertically adjust the height of the hind legs. In one particular embodiment, the vertical adjusting mechanism includes a hollow tubular structure configured to receive a pair of extension members, a first extension member and a second extension member.09-02-2010
20100295340LIGHTED CUP HOLDER FOR SEATING ARRANGEMENTS - A method and apparatus include attaching a lighted cup holder to a seating arrangement. The lighted cup holder includes a cup holder body and a light-producing light source, with the cup holder body being attached to the seating arrangement and having a cup receptacle therein, the light-producing source being disposed within the cup receptacle for illuminating the receptacle. A light-sensitive element operatively connected to the light source selectively controls production of light by the light source in such a manner that illumination of the cup holder is provided only under conditions where visibility is reduced to the point that it becomes difficult to locate the cup holder. The light-sensitive element is mounted on a master lighted cup holder and controls illumination of the master lighted cup holder and one or more slave lighted cup holders operatively connected to the master lighted cup holder.11-25-2010
20110163579CHILD CAR SEAT COVER HAVING AN INTEGRATED TEMPERATURE MEASURING GAUGE - A child car seat cover, the child car seat cover is made of insulating materials and has a temperature measuring gauge within the child car seat cover. The temperature measuring gauge measures the temperature of a child car seat prior to placing a child in the child car seat.07-07-2011
20110215618Wheelchair seat cushion cover - The invention provides a wheelchair seat cushion cover having a hidden internal pocket. It is emphasized that this abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract that will allow a searcher or other reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the technical disclosure. It is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims. 37 CFR 1.72(b).09-08-2011
20110316313FURNITURE BASE WITH CENTRAL COLLECTOR - A furniture base including a plurality of legs, each leg may include a top portion, a bottom portion, and at least one curve along at least a portion of its length; a central collector which may include a plurality of compartments; and the plurality of compartments and the plurality of legs may be arranged relative to one another such that one of the top or bottom portions of each leg may be positioned within each compartment, and the other of the top or bottom portions of each leg may be positioned away from the central collector; wherein, for each leg, the portion of the leg positioned within the compartment may be positioned in one of the compartments other than the compartment arranged closest to the other portion of the leg.12-29-2011
20110156455SHOPPING CART LINER WITH TOY ATTACHMENT SYSTEM - A shopping cart liner includes a body configured to nest in the child seat portion of a shopping cart. The body may define one or more openings positioned to enable the feet of a child seated in the shopping cart to protrude through the body, and the shopping cart liner includes a track at least partially embedded in a portion of the shopping cart liner. A clip is slidingly engaged with the track, and defines an opening for attaching an item to the shopping cart liner. An item such as a toy, teething ring, pacifier, or other item may be attached. The body may be padded, and, and may include one or more pockets. The shopping cart liner may include a seat belt for securing a child to the shopping cart liner, and may be used in combination with a pillow.06-30-2011
20120126588Ganging Cup-Holder - A ganging cup-holder 05-24-2012
20110181080BABY CAR SEAT SIDE HANDLE ADAPTABLE BAG - An accessory storage pouch or bag configured for adaptable attachment to a seating device and which may be in close proximity to a child but which cannot interfere with the child's comfort or safety. The accessory storage pouch comprises: a.) a back panel having a rear surface with a plurality of rearward adjustable attachment fasteners for securely engaging the storage pouch with a seating device in an orientation selected by a user for ease of access to the storage pouch with minimal interference with the seat occupant, the back panel having an area and shape generally defining an overall geometric shape of the storage pouch; b.) a side panel orthogonal to the back panel and bound at a rearward edge to an outer edge of the back panel, thereby and corresponding to a storage volume generally defined together by the area and shape of the back panel and the depth of the side panel attached thereto, the side panel having at least one closure mechanism for permitting access to the interior of the storage pouch; and c.) a front panel generally corresponding in shape and area to the back panel and orthogonal to the side panel, the front panel having an outer edge securely bound to a forward edge of the side panel.07-28-2011
20100052376Variable Motion Infant Seat Utilizing Constant Motor Speed - A variable motion infant seat includes: a vertical reciprocating assembly comprising a first motor for providing vertical motion; a horizontal reciprocating assembly coupled to the vertical reciprocating assembly and comprising a second motor for providing horizontal motion; and a support device coupled to at least one of the vertical reciprocating assembly and the horizontal reciprocating assembly. The first motor and second motor are run at a substantially constant speed, thereby causing the vertical reciprocating assembly and horizontal reciprocating assembly to move the support device in at least one motion profile.03-04-2010
20120175922Booster Seat - A child booster seat includes a seat shell, and armrests that can be conveniently placed in an outer envelop of the seat shell. The armrests can be placed in a storage cavity of the seat shell, and deployed outside the storage cavity for use. When the armrests are received in the seat shell, the outer envelop of the booster seat can substantially match with the outer contour shape of the seat shell. The booster seat can thereby occupy a smaller volume.07-12-2012
20120261954SWIVELING PASSENGER SEAT - Described are passenger seat assemblies having a seat back support, a seat pan coupled to the seat back support, a seat support structure coupled to the seat pan, wherein the seat support structure comprises a mounting channel, and a mounting bar inserted through the mounting channel and coupled to the seat support structure. The mounting bar is configured to pivotally couple to a passenger cabin. The mounting bar may also be configured to rotate the passenger seat assembly between an upright position and a reclined position.10-18-2012
20120299339CONFIGURABLE SEATING DEVICE AND METHOD OF USE THEREOF - A configurable seating device comprising a first portion, the first portion including a strap, wherein the strap is configured to securably engage a structure, a second portion hingedly connected to the first portion, and a third portion hingedly connected to the second portion, wherein the first portion, the second portion, and the third portion hingedly move from a first position to a second position, wherein, when in the first position, the first portion, the second portion, and the third portion are in a substantially vertical alignment, wherein, when in the second position, the second portion supports a user in a seated position a distance above the ground and the third portion extends from the second portion in a direction which elevates the second portion the distance above the ground is provided. Furthermore, an associated method is also provided.11-29-2012
20120326475Chair Covers - A cover for a chair comprising: a sleeve adapted to cover a front and a rear of a back of the chair; a panel adapted to cover a seat of the chair; and a skirt adapted to cover at least part of legs of the chair; the cover comprising one or more biasing means adapted to shorten side edges of the sleeve and/or the panel. This means that the length of the panel or sleeve can be adjusted to fit a range of chairs.12-27-2012
20120080912FOOTREST - A footrest including an attachment member configured to drape over a head rest of a seat. The footrest includes a band configured to rest on a top portion of a head rest and a flap coupled to the band and configured to drape over a back side of a head rest. The footrest includes a pair of support members, each coupled to opposite ends of the attachment member and configured to dangle down from the attachment member. The pair of support members each include an adjustment device configured to adjust the length of each support member. The footrest includes a foot support coupled to each pair of support members and configured to support feet. The foot support includes a rigid member disposed within the foot support configured to support feet.04-05-2012
20130020843Recyclable Seat and Refuse Container - A disposable and portable seating apparatus made from a single sheet of recyclable material, such as corrugated cardboard. The apparatus is intended to be used as temporary seating for events, festivals, gatherings, or similar situations where seating is not readily available, or practical. The structural component of the seating apparatus is designed to interlock providing optimal strength to support the weight of an average adult. The design and material allow the seating apparatus to be assembled and disassembled relatively easily, without the use of any tools or additional bonding agents, such as glue, staples, or other adhesives. After use, the seat can be turned upside down and serve as a recycling container, or trash receptacle for discarded materials, such as; cans, bottles, etc. The exterior of the assembled may act as a medium for advertising purposes, used by companies promoting products, events, contests, teams, or organizations.01-24-2013
20120242117FOLDABLE SEAT RACK - A foldable seat rack mountable between a body rack and a seat of a foldable motorized vehicle, includes main supporting rods, upper rods, lower rods, a seat base, hooks, and an elastic element. Main supporting rods are fixed on two sides of the body rack respectively. Upper rods are pivoted on upper ends of the main supporting rods respectively. Lower rods are pivoted on middle portions of main supporting rods and a rear end of seat base respectively. Hooks are fixed on the upper ends of the main supporting rods respectively. The foldable seat base has a middle shaft. Middle portions on two sides of the seat base are opened with slide slots. Two ends of the middle shaft pass through the slide slots freely and are hooked by hooks. An elastic element is placed between the front end of the seat base, and the middle shaft.09-27-2012
20130113240Folding Infant Seat With Canopy - A foldable infant seat includes a support frame including two generally U-shaped support members, each U-shaped support member pivotally connecting with the other at a central location of the U-shaped support member such that the support frame is foldable between a first configuration in which corresponding ends of the U-shaped support members are separated from each other and a second configuration in which the corresponding ends of the U-shaped support members are disposed in close proximity to each other. A flexible seat member is securable to the support frame. In one embodiment, a canopy is pivotally secured to the support frame. The canopy can include at least one pocket configured to store one or more items.05-09-2013
20120274106Device for Suspending Objects - A device for suspending objects which can be mounted on vehicle seats comprises a fastening means (11-01-2012
20100314915MULTI-USE PROTECTIVE COVER - A safety device for children, specifically a cover for use with a variety of surfaces that provides a barrier to protect a child from the heat and/or contamination of a surface. In some embodiments, the device can prevent a child from being burned or uncomfortable by the heat of a swing seat or car seat by minimizing thermal transfer between a child's skin and the swing seat for an adequate amount of time. In some embodiments, the cover can be used in a planar configuration as a changing pad or play mat.12-16-2010


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