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297 - Chairs and seats

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297180120 Electric heating element 46
297180130 Power source propels air for heat exchange 35
297180150 Liquid medium 7
297180110 Portable supplemental pad 5
20090127895Therapeutic Seat Back Insert - A thermal pack as utilized with an insert to direct at least one of heat and cooling through an open mesh back chair. Additional features may include pillow with a pocket, or a bracket configured to place the thermal pack at least in an effective thermal transfer range at a reverse side of the back portion of an open mesh chair. The insert may consist in providing at least some lumbar support in some embodiments.05-21-2009
20120104807HEADREST FOR SOFT BACK CHAIRS - A portable, detachable headrest for easy attachment to a soft back or fully padded chair without a need for exposed framework. When the back of the chair is received between a fixed jaw and a moveable jaw of the headrest, the moveable jaw firmly compresses the back of the chair between the moveable jaw and the fixed jaw, mounting the headrest stably to the back of the chair. The headrest is adjustable in a vertical direction and an anterior and posterior direction, such that the user's shoulders and/or back have contact with the chair back in which the headrest is connected to.05-03-2012
20100301642FLUIDIC CLIMATE CONTROL SYSTEM FOR A SEAT - A fluid-based or fluidic climate control system for a seat includes first and second portions positionable adjacent to first and second surfaces of the seat and a fluid control module (FCM) for circulating fluid in a closed-loop within the portions. The FCM delivers fluid to the portions at independently-controllable temperatures. An interface may be used to control the temperatures. The FCM may include a heat exchanger module (HEM) having a fan connected to an energy storage device (ESD). The FCM may include a miniature vapor compressor for circulating the fluid. A method of cooling a seat includes positioning first and second portions of the system adjacent to different surfaces of the seat, and using the FCM to circulate fluid within a closed-loop passage of the portions while independently controlling the temperature of the fluid, and thus the portions, using a user interface.12-02-2010
20110133524Backrest structure - A backrest structure including a pad and a back clip, the back clip has a connecting part and a fixing portion to be held on a lazy back of a chair, when the pad is placed on the chair, the fixing portion can be inserted in a seam of the chair or can be clung on the upper area of the rear side of the chair lazy back, so that an effect of having the pad fixed on the chair can be attained; moreover, the relative position of the pad to the back clip can be adjusted; the pad is provided therein with a heat emitting element, a heat sinking element or an air bag, in order to adjust the temperature of the pad or the thickness of the pad for supporting a user, so that the pad can have multiple functions.06-09-2011
20110248532Temperature controlling seat cover - A temperature controlling seat cover with a first flexible mesh fabric layer, an open cell flexible foam layer, a second flexible mesh fabric layer and a flexible binding strip. The open cell foam layer resides between the first mesh layer and the second mesh layer. The binding strip is sewn along the perimeter of the fabric layers. The resulting fabric and foam assembly forms a leg, buttock and back supporting mat whose perimeter is contoured to fit onto a standard baby seat. The mesh and foam construction allows for the passage of surrounding air to travel through the seat cover and to reach the back and leg portions of a person sitting in a seat that is covered by the seat cover. The seat cover is easily attachable or removable from a standard seat. A preferred embodiment includes a pocket containing a cooling or warming device.10-13-2011
297180160 Occupants motion actuates a ventilating means (e.g., rocking movement, etc.) 1
20100207431SEAT ELEMENT AND SEATING SYSTEM - Disclosed is a seat element (08-19-2010
20100207431SEAT ELEMENT AND SEATING SYSTEM - Disclosed is a seat element (08-19-2010
297180160 Occupant`s motion actuates a ventilating means (e.g., rocking movement, etc.) 1
20100207431SEAT ELEMENT AND SEATING SYSTEM - Disclosed is a seat element (08-19-2010
20100207431SEAT ELEMENT AND SEATING SYSTEM - Disclosed is a seat element (08-19-2010
20090121524Temperature Adjustable Seat - A temperature adjustable seat is disclosed. The temperature adjustable seat comprises a seat and air being blown into an inside thereof a thermoelectric device for heating and cooling the air, an air-blower for blowing either heated air or cooled air by the thermoelectric device through the inside of the seat, and control device for controlling the thermoelectric device. The control device calculates a required heat quantity, the required heat quantity being a sum of a first heat quantity required for a seat surface temperature of the seat reaching to a target seat temperature and a second heat quantity that is given and received between the seat and an ambient environment and the control device controls a temperature of the thermoelectric device so as to supply the required heat quantity to the seat.05-14-2009
20090302646Cushion for a Vehicle Seat - A cushion for a vehicle seat has a cushion layer arrangement that is covered by a cushion cover. The cushion layer arrangement includes an air-conducting cushion layer into which air can enter via at least one air inlet and from which the air, after flowing through it, can exit via at least one air outlet which is assigned at least one air outlet opening. At least one air outlet opening is arranged within the cushion cover.12-10-2009
20090096256Seat, seat cushion and backrest thereof - A backrest of a seat includes: a pad including a slit air guide hole which penetrates the pad from a front surface of the pad to a rear surface of the pad; a base member for blocking the air guide hole on a rear side of the pad, the base member including an inlet hole communicated with the air guide hole; and a cover for blocking the air guide hole on the front surface of the pad, the cover including a plurality of outlet holes communicated with the air guide hole.04-16-2009
20090284052VALVE LAYER FOR A SEAT - In one aspect, the present invention provides a ventilated seat with a valve sheet having one or more valve assemblies. The valve sheet maybe on a frame of the seat. The valve assemblies open in response to a force such as a force applied by an individual occupying the seat. In another aspect, the present invention provides a method of thermally regulating a seat by occupying a seat with a valve sheet. By occupying the seat one or more valves assemblies open air moving though the open valve assemblies thermally regulates the seat.11-19-2009
20080309128Seat Insert, in Particular for a Seat of a Motor Vehicle or an Airplane - The invention relates to a seat insert (12-18-2008
20090127894Vehicle Seat with a Ventilation Device - A vehicle seat has a cushion in which a ventilation layer for ventilating the cushion is integrated. At least one radial fan is integrated at a front end of the ventilation layer.05-21-2009
20090140558Vehicle Seat - A vehicle seat has a back rest, a head restraint, which is adjustable in the height and which has a head cushion, and a ventilation device, whose exhaust vent for blowing out a warm airflow is arranged on the upper side of the back rest. The vehicle seat that has a construction that is simplified and aesthetically pleasing and that is characterized in that a diverting mechanism is provided in a lower area of the head restraint and is integrated into the head cushion. The warm airflow issuing from the exhaust vent is diverted into the head and/or neck area of a seat passenger via this diverting mechanism.06-04-2009
20090243350VEHICLE SEAT WITH A TEMPERATURE CONTROL UNIT - A vehicle seat with a temperature control unit is composed of a plurality of ditches installed on a surface of a seat pad covered with the second plate having a vent and a divergence department on a surface of a seat pad covered with the first plate, wherein the presence of a plurality of ditches on a surface of a seat pad and a divergence department to diverge a heated or cooled air sent from a blower to each ditch give good ventilation of a heated or cooled air.10-01-2009
20090079236AIR CONDITIONING SEAT - An air conditioning seat includes a seat pad having a seating portion and a side support portion, blowing means for blowing air to an air path formed at the seat pad, a seat cover covering the seat pad, and a net-like cushion member capable of permeating air in a thickness direction and in a plane direction. An air path is formed at the seating portion of the seat pad. A hanging groove in a groove-like shape is recessed and on a boundary line of the seating portion and the side support portion. The an air blow out port of the air path is covered by the net-like cushion member. A communicating path reaching the net-like cushion member of the side support portion from the air path of the seating portion is formed by passing a back side of the hanging member at inside of the hanging groove.03-26-2009
20120032478Vehicle Seat Comprising a Pad of a Seat Cushion and/or of a Backrest and A Massage Device - A vehicle seat includes a pad of a seat cushion and/or of a backrest, a massage device having a plurality of pressurizable elements integrated into the pad in order to influence the contour of the seat and each of which can be controlled separately, and a control device for controlling the massage device, wherein, in addition to the massage device, a seat climate control system can also be controlled by the control device.02-09-2012
20100244504ZONE LUMBAR MASSAGE SYSTEM - A lumbar system for use in a seat includes a frame having a first side and a second side substantially opposite the first side, a pump mounted to the second side of the frame and operable to pressurize air, and a control module mounted to the second side of the frame. The control module is in communication with the pump to receive pressurized air. The lumbar system also includes a plurality of air cells mounted to the first side of the frame. Each of the plurality of air cells individually communicates with the control module to receive variable amounts of pressurized air provided by the pump such that each air cell is independently inflatable. The frame, the pump, the control module, and the plurality of air cells are installable in the seat as a single unit by coupling the frame to the seat.09-30-2010
20090001777Vehicle Seat with a Ventilation Device - A vehicle seat has a fan device embedded in a ventilation layer as a radial fan. Fresh air is taken in from the end side of the vehicle seat.01-01-2009
20110109127VEHICLE SEAT FOR COOLING AND HEATING - A vehicle seat for cooling and heating may include a seat pad, a mesh sheet having a certain thickness, a first film, and a porous seat cover, which are arranged sequentially in the direction in which air is introduced to flow. The seat pad has a pad hole, which allows air to pass through, and includes one or both of a seat cushion pad, which supports the buttocks of a user, and a seatback pad, which supports the upper body of the user. The mesh sheet has a porous network structure, through which air easily passes. The first film has a first film hole, which allows air to pass through. Air passages are maintained stable to maximize blowing performance, seating comfort is improved, and a ventilation structure is simplified to reduce manufacturing costs while improving productivity.05-12-2011
20110260508Vehicular Trim Applications Using Film Adhesive In Lieu Of Stitching - A trim covering for a seat assembly of a vehicle, the trim cover having an inner and outer surface and a bonding tape applied to at least one of the inner or outer surfaces. The bonding tape is used to bond portions of the trim cover together, provide additional structural integrated to the trim cover and provide improved craftsmanship in closing-out certain areas of the trim cover. A method of performing a trim cover assembly for use in a seat assembly of a vehicle. The method includes applying heat and pressure over a predetermined time period to bonding tape arranged at a joint between at least two trim components, placing such bonding tape and trim components in a mold, and applying heat and pressure over a predetermined time period to such trim components having the bonding tape arranged at a joint, to form a one-piece trim assembly.10-27-2011
20120013153AIR-CONDITIONED CHAIR - An air-conditioned chair is revealed. The air-conditioned chair includes a chair and an air conditioner. The air conditioner consists of at least one first pipe and at least one second pipe. The first pipe is arranged with several vents corresponding to each of two edges on top of the chair. The vents are used to release gases for air-conditioning such as cold air. The second pipe is corresponding to a return air opening on the chair so as to recycle and reuse the gases for air-conditioning A cover is covered over the chair so as to form a small closed air-conditioned space. Thus good air-conditioning efficiency is achieved by lower energy consumption. The air-conditioned chair can be arranged at different vehicles so as to reduce vehicle power output and provide passengers greatest comfort.01-19-2012
20090134675Motor Vehicle Seat Provided With a Ventilation Device - The backrest and/or seat cushion part of a motor vehicle seat include/includes padding with a ventilation device including a ventilation layer and a device for heating and/or cooling the air flowing through the ventilation layer. The padding can be heated and/or cooled by the ventilation device in an improved manner by a warm or cold air flow for heating the seat or ventilating the seat. The heating and/or cooling device forms a sandwich with at least one heating and/or cooling layer and at least one air-permeable layer. The air-permeable layer has a structure by which the air flow can be converted into a turbulent and/or diffuse flow.05-28-2009
20110089725LEG SUPPORTING DEVICE FOR USE BEHIND A HEAD REST FOR AIR AND VEHICULAR TRAVEL - A leg supporting device for use behind a head rest for air and vehicular travel has a head rest support portion that fits over a head rest of a forwardly positioned seat and supports a back flap portion that hangs down behind the forwardly positioned seat. A pair of adjustment straps adjustably attach to the back flap portion and supports a foot support portion. A user slips one or both of their feet into the foot support portion and then adjusts the adjustment straps to support their feet at a desired height and position. The foot support portion handles to carry it. In use, the leg supporting device can be folded and placed within the foot support portion and carried using the handles until needed. One embodiment includes pockets for holding drinks, computer, and other carry-on items. A leg massage unit may be built in for additional relief.04-21-2011
20110089724ARRANGEMENT STRUCTURE FOR DUCT - An arrangement structure for a duct is provided, enabling formation of an air intake opening of the duct such as to be widely open on the side of a seatback and improvement in strength of a striker holding the seatback. The arrangement structure includes a vehicle seat with a seatback and a lock mechanism provided on the seatback and engaging with a striker supported on a vehicle sidewall to lock the seatback at a standing position; and the duct provided on the side of the seatback, extending in the up and down direction and flowing air. The striker has an inclined portion extending from the engaging position of the seatback and the lock mechanism toward outside with respect to a vehicle lateral direction and toward the vehicle rear side. The duct is disposed on the side of the seatback and on the front side of the inclined portion.04-21-2011
20110109128AIR MANIFOLD FOR VENTILATED SEAT OR BED - An air manifold includes a sheet-like body including first and second spaced, opposing walls and a sealed perimeter. A plurality of divider walls connects the first and second walls together and defines a plurality of air channels within the body. An opening in the body defines an air port cooperable with an air mover. The air port is in fluid communication with the air channels. At least one zone inside the body is free of the divider walls. A group of the air channels are in fluid communication with each other through one the zone. A plurality of air vents located in the first wall are in fluid communication with at least one of the air channels. The air manifold is disposable between a seat cushion element and a structural support of a seat. The first wall of the air manifold faces a backside surface of the seat cushion element.05-12-2011
20100133883Infant and Toddler Car Seat with integral cooling system / humidifier - A plastic molded and upholstered car seat with variable sizes and colors featuring five point adjustable straps where cold air is blown in and around the underside of the seat exiting the lowest side at the front. Temperature controls are located on the side along with battery recharging outlets. Latching systems located in the rear of the seat for temporary attachment to the vehicle along with harness adjustments for existing automobile seat belts. Portability adjustments are located throughout the seat for moving the seat and carrying to and from building or automobiles.06-03-2010
20120280542HEADREST MEDIA SYSTEM FOR A SEAT BACK OF A VEHICLE - A vehicle media system for a seat of a vehicle is disclosed. The system includes a media unit mounted to a support structure within a headrest, a video monitor supported within the media unit, and a media source device coupled to the support structure at a horizontal angle with respect to the media unit to permit front loading access of the media source device by a vehicle occupant.11-08-2012
20100327636VENTILATION SYSTEM - The present invention is drawn to a ventilation system for a “climate object”, in particular all components with which the user of a vehicle may come in contact in a passenger compartment such as, for example, a steering mechanism for a vehicle, a dashboard, an armrest, a door paneling, a seat cover, a heating blanket, a padding, a cover or a seat, all which include at least one air flow device to guide air through the climate object.12-30-2010
20080296939METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR PROVIDING COMFORT TO AN OCCUPANT OF A VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle ventilation system, the system may include a generating source of compressed air; a receiver to receive and store the generated compressed air; a plurality of tubular members formed or extending through a cushion of the vehicle seat to a location proximate a contact surface of the seat, wherein the plurality of tubular members air in fluid communications with the receiver; and one or more valves for controlling the flow of air to the plurality of tubular members.12-04-2008
20120319439CLIMATE CONTROLLED SEATING ASSEMBLY WITH HUMIDITY SENSOR - According to certain embodiments disclosed in the present application, a climate controlled seating assembly includes a thermal module. The thermal module comprises at least one inlet channel, at least one outlet channel and a thermoelectric device (e.g., Peltier circuit) positioned upstream of the outlet channel. In one embodiment, the seating assembly includes a sensor positioned within an interior of the thermal module and configured to detect the presence of a liquid, such as water, relative humidity, condensation or other fluids, on or near said sensor.12-20-2012
20120326473ONE-PIECE VEHICLE - The invention relates to a vehicle (12-27-2012
20130020841VEHICLE SEAT - A back surface of a seat pad is elastically supported by a support member. An air groove that forms an air duct is formed in the back surface of the seat pad. The support member is formed by an airtight sheet-shaped body, and the sheet-shaped body is arranged contacting the back surface of the seat pad so as to form the air duct by closing off an open portion of the air groove.01-24-2013
20130113239VEHICLE SEAT - A vehicle seat includes a seat main body, a heating portion provided in the seat main body, a degree-of-contact measuring portion that measures a degree of contact between the seat main body and an occupant seated on the seat main body, and a control portion that controls an amount of heat output from the heating portion such that the amount of heat increases according to an increase in the degree of contact between the seat main body and the occupant, and decreases according to a decrease in the degree of contact between the seat main body and the occupant.05-09-2013
20130119716ROTATABLE CERVICAL PILLOW FOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT AND OTHER VEHICLES - A rotatable circular crossection cervical pillow is manually rotated in a continuous fashion as desired by a person whenever a fresh clean contact spot is sought, or a contact spot of variable support is sought, while the pillow is still attached to a seat back. The rotatable pillow is a cylinder of medium and/or firm high density polyurethane foam. An axial through-hole in the center permits the snug insertion of a rigid length of tubing to give the pillow axial rigidity. Swivel fixtures are attached at each end of the pillow by virtue of the central tube. A fabric cover with an opening closure covers the entire polyurethane cylinder snugly. Optionally the cover may carry therapeutic imparting elements therein. Straps with adjustable buckles are attached to each swivel fixture. Therefore, the cervical pillow rotates easily while still strap-attached to the seat back.05-16-2013
20110221242AIR CONDITIONING DEVICE FOR SEATS - The present invention concerns a climate control arrangement for an interior appointment object of a vehicle with at least one air delivery device and at least one air distributing device. It is provided that the air distributing device has at least two flow branches.09-15-2011
20120274104SEAT HEATER - A seat heater includes first heat-generating elements embedded in a seat so as to correspond to first sites of a seat occupant, second heat-generating elements embedded in the seat so as to correspond to second sites of the seat occupant, and a controller for executing a fluctuation control in which a first set temperature of the first heat-generating elements and a second set temperature of the second heat-generating elements are increased or decreased in each of a plurality of predetermined time periods. The controller sets the first set temperature to be higher than the second set temperature in one of the time periods and sets the second set temperature to be higher than the first set temperature in another of the time periods.11-01-2012
20130119715VEHICLE SEAT SUSPENSION SYSTEM - A vehicle seat suspension assembly includes a rear support for engagement with a torsion tube of a vehicle seat. First and second spring members have end portions engaged with the rear support. Intermediate cushion pan connectors are disposed on each of the first and second spring members. A cross support is coupled with the first and second spring members and includes power and data wiring apertures.05-16-2013