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End gates

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296 - Land vehicles: bodies and tops

296100010 - BODIES

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296570100 Downwardly swinging 53
296056000 Upwardly swinging 9
296051000 Combined types 8
296053000 Rearwardly removable 1
20100289289BOX FRAME DUAL MODE TAILGATE - A tailgate assembly for a vehicle includes a multi-piece frame. The multi-piece frame includes a left frame assembly, a right frame assembly, an upper frame member and a lower frame member. The upper frame member and lower frame member extend laterally along a respective top section and a bottom section of the frame for interconnecting the left and right frame assemblies. The multi-piece frame defines a generally continuous closed boxed structure which extends about a periphery of the multi-piece frame.11-18-2010
296052000 Vertically removable 1
20100181795UNIVERSAL TAILGATE HINGE - An entry assembly comprises a frame and a gate. The frame has a first side and a second side. The gate is connected to the frame. The gate defines a demarcation between the first side and the second side of the frame. The gate is pivotable about the frame along at least two axes of rotation. Each axis of rotation intersects at least one of the at least two axes of rotation.07-22-2010
20100078957Hinge - A sub-assembly of a lift-glass hinge is disclosed. The sub-assembly includes a conductive connection member including a central portion, a first terminal end and a second terminal end; a first conductive lead; and a second conductive lead, wherein each of the first and second conductive leads include a first end and a second end, wherein the first end of the first conductive lead is connected proximate one of the first and second terminal ends of the conductive connection member, wherein the first end of the second conductive lead is connected proximate the central portion of the conductive connection member. A lift-glass hinge is also disclosed. A vehicle system is also disclosed.04-01-2010
20090167044Power operated retractable tailgate assembly - A power operated retractable tailgate assembly for a vehicle that includes a tailgate with opposite end edges thereof connected via sliding pivots to a respective one of a pair of elongate slide rails. The slide rails mount in lateral spaced apart relation on the underside of the floor of the cargo carrying box on the vehicle. A first extendible and retractable assembly, having relatively movable respective first and second portions, has the first portion anchored to the vehicle and a second portion that is hingedly connected to the tailgate proximate a lower marginal edge thereof. A power means is operatively connected to the extendible and retractable assembly and is operable from within the cab of the vehicle selectively to extend and retract the tailgate by moving the tailgate along the slide members. A second power operated extendible and retractable assembly is connected to the tailgate to move the same from its open position wherein it is horizontally disposed and projects rearwardly from the vehicle to a raised closed position wherein it is disposed vertically. Each of the extendable and retractable assemblies include a hydraulic cylinder unit operatively associated with a motor driven pump.07-02-2009
20090160206MOUNTING SYSTEM FOR MOUNTING A BODY TO A VEHICLE TAILGATE - A mounting system for mounting a body to a tailgate having first and second latch assemblies that engage a pair of striker plates. The mounting system includes a first mounting bracket having a first striker plate to engage the first latch assembly and a second mounting bracket having a second striker plate to engage the second latch assembly. The first and second mounting brackets mount the body on the tailgate when the first and the second mounting brackets are attached to the body and when the first and second striker plates are engaged with the first and second latch assemblies.06-25-2009
20120286538BACK DOOR FOR AUTOMOBILE - The present invention provides a back door for an automobile including an inner panel and an outer panel made of resin. A pair of reinforcement metal plates is disposed on an inner wall of the inner panel at end portions in a left-to-right direction of a space formed between the inner panel and the outer panel integrated together. The reinforcement metal plates each include a damper attachment portion to which a damper-connecting member connected to a damper is attached, and a hinge attachment portion to which a hinge extending toward a car body is fixed.11-15-2012
20080284193TAILGATE DAMPENER - A tailgate damper for damping the lowering of a tailgate that is rotatably coupled along a tailgate shaft to a truck is provided. The tailgate damper can include a housing that has an inner cavity with a viscous fluid within the inner cavity. In addition, a seal can be located at a base of the inner cavity and be operable to keep the viscous fluid therewithin. A damping insert having a damping portion and a tailgate portion extending from the tailgate portion is provided, with the tailgate portion being able to attach coaxially to the tailgate shaft. The damping portion is located at least partially within the inner cavity of the housing and is in contact with the viscous fluid such that rotation of the damping portion is resisted.11-20-2008
20080315608VEHICLE LOAD-CARRYING BED SYSTEM HAVING BED DIVIDER - A load-carrying bed system for a vehicle having a cargo bed includes a bed floor defining a cargo receiving area and first and second sidewalls disposed along lateral sides of the bed floor. A forward wall is disposed along a forward side of the bed floor and laterally between the first and second sidewall. A tailgate is disposed along the rearward side of the bed floor and laterally between the first and second sidewalls. A cargo bed divider is movable between a stowed state wherein the cargo bed divider is stowed in a cargo bed divider cavity defined in the tailgate and a dividing state wherein the cargo bed divider has a first end removably secured to the first sidewall and a second end removably secured to second sidewall to divide the bed floor into distinct storage areas.12-25-2008
20090108612VEHICLE TAILGATE ENCLOSURE WITH ENHANCED ADJUSTMENT - A vehicle tailgate enclosure can be adapted for rapid assembly and adjustable width. The enclosure includes two side sections and a center section. The center section is formed as an assembly of two portions. The side sections can each comprise beams which are advanced into recesses of the center section and retained. The width of the tailgate enclosure can be adjusted by the depth of advancement of the beams into the recesses of the center section. The center section can be constructed of a plastic material while the side sections can be metallic, thus leading to cost and weight savings. The tailgate enclosure can be easily and rapidly assembled by hand using a single tool.04-30-2009
20080231067Retractable Tailgate Barrier and Accessory Systems - A tailgate barrier system designed to maintain cargo within the cargo bed of a transport vehicle when the tailgate of the vehicle's cargo bed is lowered. The barrier stores within a storage compartment in or on the tailgate of a vehicle, and extends linearly upward from the storage compartment for use. An arrangement of extendable supports, pivotally coupled to the tailgate and top rail of the barrier system, enable the preferred upward movement. The system further comprises electrical connections. Groups of accessories mountable to the tailgate barrier system are also disclosed.09-25-2008
20110042991CABLE GUIDE ON A VEHICLE DOOR - The present invention relates to a motor vehicle having a component whose position can be changed and which is provided with a cable. For this cable, the motor vehicle has a cable store with a force and/or torque storage means, of which the stored force and/or stored torque changes with the position of the component.02-24-2011
20110042992ASSEMBLY INCLUDING A BODY-IN-WHITE AND TAILGATE FOR AUTOMOBILE - The invention relates to an assembly including a body of an automobile and a tailgate mounted on the body so as to be movable between an open position and a closed position, characterised in it includes: 02-24-2011
20090096242BARRIER MECHANISM - A barrier mechanism for vehicles arranged to receive containers comprising dispensable content comprises a bracket arranged to be moveably mounted at a dispensing side of the vehicle and an activation device. The activation device is operable to move the bracket between a non-deployed state, to accommodate loading of the container onto the trailer, and a deployed state, for securing container content during dispensing of content at the barrier side of the vehicle.04-16-2009
20100001543Vehicle having at least one tailgate - A vehicle includes at least one tailgate defining a door plane, wherein the tailgate is attached to the vehicle chassis in a jointed fashion by at least one multiple hinge having at least three pivot axes offset from one another and at least two pairs of pivotally connected hinge arms, of which a first hinge arm is pivotally connected to the vehicle chassis and a second hinge arm is pivotally connected to the tailgate. The multiple hinge is associated with a drivetrain controlling the motion of the hinge arms in the pivot axes. The door plane is moved along a predetermined motion path when the tailgate travels from a closed position, in which the tailgate spans a closed plane, to an open position, in which the tailgate spans an opening plane. The motion path of the door plane includes rotary and translational components, and the closed plane forms an angle to the opening plane in the range from 70° to 110°, preferably about 90°.01-07-2010
20110175387VEHICLE CARGO TAILGATE ENCLOSURE - An improved vehicle cargo tailgate enclosure particularly adapted for ease of installation and removal. The tailgate enclosure comprises two side walls and a rear wall. The rear wall is configured to slope upwardly and rearwardly to provide additional storage space to a cargo bed of a vehicle. The cargo tailgate enclosure further comprises tubular members which comprise a non-circular cross section which provide exceptional strength a structural stability to the cargo tailgate enclosure. The cargo tailgate enclosure further comprises a plurality of upright members. Some of the upright members are configured to attach the cargo tailgate enclosure to a vehicle and to cap the tubular members. Other upright members are configured to support the tailgate enclosure against the surface cargo bed or a tailgate of a vehicle.07-21-2011
20100019522TAILGATE STRUCTURE - A tailgate structure having a tailgate (01-28-2010
20120306229COVER FOR A TAILGATE ROD PASSAGE - A tailgate for an automotive vehicle. The tailgate is coupled via a rod to a motor within the automotive vehicle to open and close the tailgate. The tailgate comprises a metal frame including a point of attachment to the rod. A garnish covers at least a portion of the frame and includes a passage through which the rod extends. A cover having a cupped body fills the passage and includes a hole through which the rod extends.12-06-2012
20120248810CLOSURE ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SAME - A method of manufacturing a closure assembly for a vehicle includes trimming an outer panel to define a first edge and trimming an inner panel to define a second edge, wherein the outer panel is formed from an aluminum alloy material and the inner panel is formed from a magnesium alloy material. The method further includes chemically shaping the second edge to define a substantially rounded edge surface having a radius, positioning the inner panel adjacent the outer panel such that the first edge extends beyond the substantially rounded edge surface, and bending the first edge of the outer panel around the substantially rounded edge surface of the inner panel to form a hem connection that secures the inner panel relative to the outer panel. A closure assembly is also disclosed.10-04-2012
20090108611TAILGATE FOR VEHICLE - A tailgate for a vehicle includes an upper panel having a shape such that it acts as a spoiler, and a lower panel attached to the upper panel. The lower panel may define a windshield mounting hole. The lower panel may include two side pillars and an upper crossing member, the side pillars and upper crossing member defining the windshield mounting hole. The upper crossing member and the side pillars may be welded to the upper panel.04-30-2009
20080197651VEHICLE TAILGATE MOVEMENT ASSIST MECHANISM USING LEVER DRIVEN ROTARY DAMPER - A vehicle tailgate movement assist mechanism including a tailgate configured to rotate between opened and closed positions, and a tailgate lever arm fixedly connected to a bottom area of the tailgate. A drive lever may be pivotally connected to the lever arm and to a bell crank at opposite ends thereof. The bell crank may be connected to a shaft of a rotary gear pivotally anchored to a vehicle body. A rotary damper may be anchored to the vehicle body and include a damper gear connected to a shaft thereof. The damper gear may be rotatably meshed with the rotary gear. Rotation of the tailgate from a closed to an opened position simultaneously rotates the lever arm to move the drive lever and the bell crank to thereby rotate the rotary gear which rotates the damper gear to actuate the rotary damper to reduce an opening speed of the tailgate.08-21-2008
20080197650VEHICLE TAILGATE MOVEMENT ASSIST MECHANISM USING PLUNGER - A vehicle tailgate movement assist mechanism including a tailgate configured to rotate between opened and closed positions and a tailgate lever arm fixedly connected to a bottom area of the tailgate. A drive lever may be pivotally connected at one end thereof to the tailgate lever arm and pivotally connected at an opposite end thereof to a bell crank. The bell crank may be pivotally anchored at one end thereof to a vehicle body, and a plunger damper may be anchored to the vehicle body adjacent the bell crank. With the mechanism configured as discussed above, rotation of the tailgate from a closed to an opened position simultaneously rotates the tailgate lever arm to impart movement to the drive lever and the bell crank to thereby contact and actuate a plunger of the plunger damper to reduce an opening speed of the tailgate.08-21-2008

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