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Accessible from within passenger compartment

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296 - Land vehicles: bodies and tops

296100010 - BODIES

296370100 - Auxiliary article compartments

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296370120 On dash 39
296370160 At rear of seat 29
296370130 On door or side panel 11
296370140 In or beneath floor level 8
296370150 On or under seat 5
20100320794MODULAR VEHICLE FLOOR SYSTEM - A modular vehicle floor system is provided that has a floor pan with integrated storage compartments. A floor is defined by a deck and compartment lids that overlie the floor pan and can provide a waterproof seal for the storage compartments. The deck and compartment lids together define a substantially flat surface that is covered by a vehicle carpet. The deck can include basket-like liners extending downwardly therefrom that nest within the storage compartments and define the inner surface(s) of usable spaces within the storage compartments. The deck includes a raceway system with one or more troughs or ports that house lengths of vehicle wiring, under the deck surface. The deck can further include flanges and/or tabs for serving as mounting substrates, against which sills and other hard trim components are mounted, allowing trim components to be mounted to the deck and not mounted directly to the vehicle body.12-23-2010
20110148136MOTOR VEHICLE - A motor vehicle has a storage compartment which contains a housing and a lid which closes the housing. The storage compartment further has a locking mechanism which has a housing-side closing bar and a lid-side bolt which interacts with the latter and which engages behind the closing bar in the locked state and releases from the closing bar through rotation. The storage compartment is arranged essentially vertically between two rear seats of the motor vehicle, wherein the lid can be adjusted between a closed position which abuts against the housing and an open position which is moved forward. An arrestor hook, which is formed as an emergency securing device, is arranged on an inner side of the lid. If force is suddenly applied to the housing in the direction of the lid, in particular in the event of a crash, the arrestor hook engages behind the closing bar and as a result prevents undesired opening of the lid.06-23-2011
20110304169ELECTRICAL COMPONENT HOUSING DEVICE AND CONSTRUCTION MACHINE INCORPORATED WITH THE SAME - An electrical component housing device is provided with a housing box 12-15-2011
20090001749VEHICLE SEAT UMBRELLA HOLDER - An umbrella retaining device may be incorporated into or integrally attached to a vehicle seat from the vehicle factory and may employ a compartment or holder that defines a ventilation and drain hole to drain water from a wet umbrella. An umbrella compartment may further comprise a flap pivoting along a bottom edge of the compartment, a gusset on each side of the flap, and a snap or magnetic closure device proximate to the flap's upper edge. Alternatively, an umbrella retaining compartment may angularly lie within a bottom portion of the seat or seat supporting portion, such as a front seat side shield. The compartment may have a cover, such as a pivoting cover. Alternatively, the umbrella retaining member may be a vertical tubular restraining member with a top, angled opening and a bottom opening. A support loop may lie below the tubular member to provide vertical support.01-01-2009
20080252091Cargo Retention Device and Method - A device and method is provided for retaining cargo within a vehicle passenger compartment including a retaining portion and a vehicle seat having a lower seat portion, an upper back portion, and a frame. The retaining portion comprises a strap or mat which is operatively attached at one end to a front portion of the vehicle seat, while the other end is accessible within a bite line formed between the mating seat and back portions. The retaining portion is connectable to a front portion of the vehicle seat by means of either an open-ended hook or a snap-hook and an anchor, or by a snap fastener, the retaining portion being configured to secure cargo with respect to one of the seat portions. The device also includes a retractor mechanism such as a spring and spool operable to retract the retaining portion into the bite line for stowage.10-16-2008
296370900 For cigarette butt or ash 1
20090195009Article Storage Device for Vehicle - An article storage device for a vehicle, includes: a body (08-06-2009
20130026778VEHICLE STORAGE COMPARTMENT ASSEMBLY - A vehicle storage compartment assembly includes a housing and a rigid lid. The housing defines a storage compartment and a lid cavity separated by a partition wall. The lid moves between an open position and a closed position. At least a portion of the lid is positioned within the lid cavity and the storage compartment uncovered in the open position. The lid covers the storage compartment and at least a portion of the lid cavity in the closed position. The lid has an inner surface configured relative to the upper free edge of the partition wall such that a first blocking portion of the inner surface is disposed adjacent a upper free edge of the partition wall and aligns with or overlaps with the upper free edge blocking space above the upper free edge of the partition wall while the lid is in the closed position.01-31-2013
20100052352FLEXIBLE INTERIOR COMPONENT - There is disclosed a vehicle console trim component. The trim component can include an articulated door with a plurality of slats, a substrate, and a flexible layer including a pattern for decoration disposed on and supported by the substrate. The flexible layer will maintain the pattern for decoration as the articulated door is cycled. The pattern for the vehicle trim component may be a photographic image. An overcoat also can be disposed on the flexible layer.03-04-2010
20090267375SPINE MEMBER AND ACCESSORY MODULE APPARATUS - A console apparatus for use in a vehicle that secures additional optional accessories that function to provide storage space for personal items, food and liquids, and/or and armrest, the apparatus including one or more accessory modules and a spine member for receiving, securing and reducing the jostling or shifting of one or more accessory modules by a person or the motions of a moving vehicle.10-29-2009
20080303302Vehicle Console Assembly - A console assembly for use with a passenger seating area of a vehicle having a track configured for installment in the passenger seating area. At least one console receiving module is movably connected to the track and is in electrical communication with an electrical system of the vehicle. At least one console module having a housing defining a storage area therein releasably connected to the at least one console receiving module.12-11-2008
20110285163RECEIVING ELEMENT, IN PARTICULAR FOR ACCOMMODATING A CONTAINER - A receiving element is provided, in particular for motor vehicles, with a housing open at the top for accommodating at least one container. The housing has at least one lateral clamping element. In such a receiving element, it is proposed that the housing incorporate at least one foldable support, which in a first lockable position is spaced apart from and arranged parallel to the floor, and in a second position is arranged essentially perpendicular to the floor, and further that the respective clamping element is arranged above the support relative to its first position. Such a receiving element has a relatively large, variable tray area. It is also used for reliably accommodating at least one container, which can vary in size.11-24-2011
20100117393STRUCTURE FOR STORING VEHICULAR SEAT - A structure of storing a vehicular seat according to one aspect of the invention is constituted by a seat detachably connected to a support base, and a storing space capable of storing the seat detached from the support base. The seat includes an engaging member is fixed to the support base by engaging an engaging portion provided at the support base. The storing space includes a bottom wall, side walls erected to an upper side from two left and right side edges of the bottom wall, and a depth wall erected from a depth edge of the bottom wall to the upper side, and is constituted to slide to store the seat. The seat includes fixing means at predetermined positions inside of the storing space. The fixing means are formed by shapes to slidingly receive and to fix the engaging member of the seat.05-13-2010
20090212586MOUNTING OF A CONTAINER IN A PASSENGER COMPARTMENT OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - A mounting of a container in a rail pair is provided, which is disposed in a passenger compartment of a motor vehicle, and the rails of the rail pair have substantially horizontally extending guide grooves on the mutually facing sides and a projection is mounted in the container on its side facing the respective rail, and the respective guide groove has a cross section which expands from the groove base and the respective projection has a corresponding cross section which is expanded toward the container.08-27-2009
20100090492Vehicle console having molded end parts - A reconfigurable vehicle console having two substantially rigid end panels, wherein at least one and optionally both of the two end panels consist of a molded material. A pair of substantially rigid side panels are interconnectable with the two end panels. A plurality of face plates are securable with the side panels.04-15-2010
20100123327Adjustable Stowage Compartment - An adjustable stowage compartment that can be maneuvered from a closed to various open positions, for use in a vehicle that provides a temporary easily accessible stowage compartment that functions to provide stowage space, secure and reduce the jostling or shifting of personal items, food and liquids, by a person or the motions of a moving vehicle.05-20-2010
20090091152STORAGE DEVICE FOR VEHICLE - A vehicular storage device provided in opposed relation to a passenger seat. A convex part, protruding from a rear surface of a lid in a direction opposite from a vehicle occupant, has a deformation allowance part that deforms when an impact is applied to the convex part.04-09-2009
20080265605RETRACTABLE CUP HOLDER ASSEMBLY - A retractable cup holder assembly includes an interior trim panel, a support housing and a retractable cup holder. The support housing is releasably retained in a cup holder receiving opening of the interior trim panel by a reusable breakaway connection such that the breakaway connection at least partially releases the support housing from the interior trim panel for movement between an installed orientation and a breakaway orientation upon application of a prescribed force being applied to the breakaway connection. The retractable cup holder is pivotally supported to the support housing about a pivot axis between a stowed position in which the cup holder is retracted and a deployed position in which the cup holder extends outwardly from the support housing. The cup holder moves with the support housing when the support housing moves from the installed orientation to the breakaway orientation.10-30-2008
20100270820ELASTOMER THERMOPLASTIC MIXTURES AND COMPOSITIONS HAVING IMPROVED PROPERTIES, METHOD OF MAKING SAID COMPOSITIONS AND APPLICATIONS THEREOF - The mixture of the invention contains, for 100 parts in weight of (A)+(B): (A) 10 to 90 parts in weight of at least one non-nanostructured olefinic thermoplastic polymer; (B) 90 to 10 parts in weight of a formulation of at least one elastomer having unsaturated double bonds and capable of reacting with a cross-linking or vulcanization agent, said formulation containing a crosslinking or vulcanization system of said elastomer(s), at least one plasticizer, and the standard additives present in elastomer formulations; (C) up to 100 parts in weight, relative to (A)+(B), of at least one copolymer grafted with polyamide blocks, said copolymer comprising a polyolefin trunk and at least 1.3 polyamide grafts on said trunk in average, and having a nanostructured organization, wherein said grafts are attached to the trunk by the rest of an unsaturated monomer (X) having a function capable of reacting with a polyamide with an amine end; and rest of said unsaturated monomer (X) being attached on the trunk by grafting or copolymerization from its double bond thereof, and wherein (A) and (B) in the mixture can already have been combined together by the crosslinking or vulcanization dynamic method in order to provide a crosslinked or vulcanized thermoplastic composition.10-28-2010
20110006557MOUNTING STRUCTURE FOR VEHICLE INTERIOR PARTS - A mounting structure for vehicle interior parts includes a console member and a shift panel having an upper panel and a lower panel. An insertion portion that is inserted into a dent formed in a rear end of the console member is provided on a rear end of the lower panel. Left and right outer side surfaces of the insertion portion of the lower panel and left and right inner side surfaces of the dent of the console member are configured to be engageable by inserting engaging projections into engaging recesses. The engaging recesses are provided so as to restrict movements of the engaging projections in their longitudinal direction, and to allow positional deviation of the engaging projections in the vertical direction.01-13-2011
20090001746LID FOR VEHICLE CARGO BIN - A cargo bin comprising a housing having a pair of mounting brackets. A J-shaped slot is formed in each mounting bracket, and a lid that includes a pair of pins slidably mounted in the J-shaped slots is attached to the housing. The lid includes pair of notched portions that are formed in the lid and correspond to the mounting brackets. The lid is actuatable between an open position and a closed position by sliding the pins through the J-shaped slots. To assist in supporting the lid when the lid is open, a surface that defines the notched portion rests on the mounting brackets.01-01-2009
20090200825Lid Device Opened at Both Sides and Center Console Box - A linkage member 08-13-2009
20100156131C-SHAPED CONSOLE ASSEMBLY FOR USE IN A VEHICLE - A vehicle interior assembly is provided with a console having a side-wall coupled to the console and at least one storage bin that slidingly engages the side-wall. A user slides the storage bin forwards or rearwards to cover and/or uncover the storage bin. The at least one storage bin is accessible to a user in the front or rear of a vehicle at least in front or behind the lid, respectively. The at least one storage bin slides along one or more tongues of the side-wall to expose, in part or in whole, the storage bin, thereby utilizing compact console design while providing space creation and ergonomics for a vehicle driver and/or passengers. An upper portion of the side-wall slidingly engages a lower portion of the side-wall to allow a user to adjust an armrest of the upper portion and/or to cover and uncover the at least one storage bin.06-24-2010
20090079214VEHICULAR BOX STRUCTURE - An upper cover has an engagement edge, a bottom cover has a receiving edge where the engagement edge is inserted, and the engagement edge is inserted into the receiving edge. The receiving edge has a groove where the leading end of the engagement edge is inserted, the engagement edge has a stopper surface, which serves as a stopper part, on the outer surface toward the basal end side, and the groove has a stopper receiving surface, which serves as a stopper receiving part and catches the stopper surface, on one side internal surface toward the basal end side. As the leading end of the engagement edge is inserted into the groove of the receiving edge and the stopper surface is caught by the stopper receiving surface, the engagement edge of the upper cover and the receiving edge of the bottom cover are joined together without any separation.03-26-2009
20100194132LOADING SPACE COVER - A loading space cover having a dimensionally stable housing and a flexible sheet like screen is rolled up in the housing. Fastening devices are disposed at the longitudinal end sides of the loading space cover. Each fastening device can be held releasably in associated loading-space fasteners of a motor vehicle. The fastening devices are of structurally simple and cost-effective design. Additionally, in the event of a crash, the fastening devices are held reliably in the loading-space fasteners and permit an energy-absorbing twisting of the loading space cover about its longitudinal axis.08-05-2010
20130214549STORAGE DEVICE AND PARTITION FOR USE IN SUCH A STORAGE DEVICE - A storage device for use in the passenger compartment of a vehicle is provided herein. The storage device has a partition that can divide a receptacle space of the storage device into partial receptacle spaces and an overload safety that prevents the partition from being destroyed or damaged under the influence of excessive force.08-22-2013
20100194133SEAT-FORM STORAGE APPARATUS - A seat-form storage apparatus for preventing a passenger from sitting on a portion for storage. A protruding part protruding from a vertical wall part toward a concave storage part is provided. The protruding part prevents sitting on the concave storage part.08-05-2010
20110057467PARCEL SHELF STRUCTURE - An object of the present invention is to provide a parcel shelf structure whose opening can be kept largely when the tailgate is opened. In order to achieve the above object, a parcel shelf comprising: a front shelf having a front end rotatably supported by a vehicle body; a rear shelf fixed to a tailgate; and a strap to connect the tailgate to a position apart from the front end of the front shelf in a rear direction, in which when the tailgate is opened, the front shelf is apart from the rear shelf, and when the tailgate is closed, the front shelf is in touch with the rear shelf is provided.03-10-2011
20120139279STORAGE UNIT WITH CUP HOLDER AND STORAGE TRAY THAT SUPPORTS A DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYER - A one piece storage unit may include a cup holder and a storage tray that is suitable to hold a digital media player in an upright position.06-07-2012
20090072568SLIDING LID GUARD - A guard for a sliding lid that acts as a cover for a cargo area of a center console. The center console includes a bottom, sidewalls, a front wall, and a back wall. Movement of the sliding lid is slidingly restricted by guide rails. The guard includes a body and a wiper section that has a contact edge. The guard is secured to the center console and disposed above the sliding lid and prevents objects from riding on the sliding lid past the guard.03-19-2009
20090127882Trapping device for vehicle use - A trapping device for vehicle use, which is installed between a floor-mounted console and a vehicle seat to trap objects that might fall between or under the vehicle seats.05-21-2009
20100308615APPARATUS FOR STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL - This invention provides for an apparatus for storing one or more items. The apparatus comprises a first part adapted to be mounted to a surface or a wall and a second part mounted by a linkage arrangement to a sliding mechanism that can slidably move relative to the first part. The second part is adapted to store or hold one or more items. The second part is movable relative to the first part such that the second part can be moved from a storage position to a first access position at which the second part is at one level. The linkage arrangement is operative to move the second part from the first access position to a second access position, the second access position being located at a level spaced from that of the first access position.12-09-2010
20100308616OCCUPANT-INTERACTIVE ACCESSORY SYSTEM FOR AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE INTERIOR - An occupant-interactive accessory system for an automotive vehicle interior includes a number of different utilities for use by an occupant of the passenger compartment of the vehicle. The combination of a wedging mounting structure attached to each utility and wedging interfaces incorporated within interior structures of the vehicle allow the utilities to be mounted or dismounted manually, without the use of tools.12-09-2010
20110037287VEHICLE CONSOLE ASSEMBLIES WITH ASSOCIATED VEHICLE LIGHTING SYSTEMS FOR ILLUMINATING CUP HOLDER AND STORAGE BIN ASSEMBLIES - A lighting assembly for illuminating a console assembly of a vehicle includes a cup holder assembly in the console assembly having a cup-receiving volume. A storage bin in the console assembly has a storage volume. A light source assembly is mounted within the console assembly. The light source assembly illuminates the cup-receiving volume directly and illuminates the storage bin indirectly.02-17-2011
20090146444Configuration for Operating Interior Device and Cup Holder Using the Same - In an operating member (06-11-2009
20110127793OVERHEAD CONSOLE FOR VEHICLE - Provided is an overhead console for a vehicle including a housing installed in the front of an indoor ceiling of the vehicle, having an opening opened downward, and including a rotary shaft installed in the opening, a mirror case rotatably coupled to the rotary shaft of the housing and having an insertion part formed therein, a conversation mirror attached to the mirror case and including a mirror that enters and exits in a direction of a driver, and a spectacles-case inserted into the insertion part of the mirror case and rotatably coupled to the rotary shaft of the housing, to which the mirror case is coupled.06-02-2011
20090096240Vehicle Trash Management Apparatus - A trash management apparatus in a vehicle includes a recessed portion, a moveable upper drawer, and a stationary lower bin. The drawer moves in one direction within the recessed portion to direct trash into the stationary lower bin. The drawer has a through-opening allowing trash to pass into the lower bin when the drawer is moved in the one direction, with the bin being removable via an access door in an exposed lateral surface of the center console. A sensor detects a presence or level of trash within the bin or the drawer, and an indicator illuminates when a predetermined amount or level of trash is detected. An actuator is alternately connected to the upper drawer to move the drawer in the one direction when a sensor determines that trash in the drawer exceeds a threshold level.04-16-2009
20100066115INTEGRATED SOFT CENTER FLOOR CONSOLE - A center console (03-18-2010
20110095557TRAY MECHANISM WITH AUTOMATIC BEVERAGE HOLDING DEVICE - A tray mechanism may include a tray having a storage zone and a beverage holding device having a receptacle. The beverage holding device may automatically extend as the tray is extended.04-28-2011
20110101722STORAGE DEVICE FOR OBJECTS IN A MOTOR VEHICLE - A storage device is provided for objects in a motor vehicle, that includes, but is not limited to a side wall which laterally defines a receiving space for the objects, as well as an elongate, elastic band element, which is mounted in a hinged manner in the region of its ends facing away from each other in the side wall. The band element can be deformed from a first stable curved position into a second stable, oppositely curved position in which it projects into the receiving space. A band-shaped molding is mounted in the band element, which molding projects from the curved plane of the band element.05-05-2011
20100244479SLIDING BAR ASSEMBLY FOR USE IN CARGO STORAGE APPLICATIONS - A sliding bar assembly (09-30-2010
20090001747FOLDING MONITOR FOR VEHICLES - A folding monitor for vehicles is provided. The folding monitor for vehicles includes: a frame provided in a vehicle body; and a display unit provided at the frame, wherein one end of an arm is hinge-coupled to at least one side of the display unit, and a slot into which the other end of the arm is coupled to rotate is formed in the frame, wherein a rotation motion part and a linear motion part are formed in the slot, and a guide plate inserted into the rotation motion part, rotating and linearly moving along the linear motion part, is formed at an end part of the arm hinge-coupled to the slot. Therefore, noise can be reduced and durability of a product can be improved by preventing the display unit from being separated from the frame and shaken due to vehicle vibration and an external impact.01-01-2009
20090001748Trim Assembly For A Vehicle - A trim assembly for an interior of a passenger compartment of a vehicle comprises a first panel, a first shell, and a second shell. The first panel forms interior trim for the vehicle and defines a first receptacle. The first shell defines a convex surface and a concave surface and is removably coupled within the first receptacle so that one of the convex surface and the concave surface is exposed. The second shell defines a convex surface and a concave surface and is matable to the first shell to define a case. The case is removable from the first receptacle.01-01-2009
20090152886ARMREST CONSOLE BOX FOR VEHICLES - An armrest console box for a vehicle, having a button, a button housing moved horizontally by the button, a coil spring elastically biasing a rear portion of the button housing forwards, a knob protruding from a predetermined portion of the button housing, a locking member rotated by the knob, and a locking projection of a main body hooked onto a hook provided on a lower end portion of the locking member, may include: an insertion hole formed in the knob in such a way as to vertically pass through the knob; and an insertion protrusion protruding horizontally from an outer surface of an upper end portion of the locking member, and then bent perpendicularly at an end, the bent end being inserted into the insertion hole.06-18-2009
20100301625OVERHEAD CONSOLE - An overhead console may include a conversation mirror having a fitting protrusion formed on one end thereof, a housing having adjoining main and auxiliary spaces defined therein, wherein the auxiliary space releasably stores the conversation mirror, a cover pivotally coupled to the housing to open or close the main space, wherein the cover has a bucket to be selectively engaged to the main space, a latch part provided in an upper portion of the auxiliary space, wherein the fitting protrusion of the conversation mirror is fastened into or unfastened from the latch part so that the conversation mirror is stored inside or released from the auxiliary space, and an elastic member fixing the auxiliary space and the conversation mirror, wherein the elastic member applies an elastic force in a direction to release the conversation mirror from the auxiliary space.12-02-2010
20100283281Vehicle console having molded side rails - A vehicle console having side panels that can be shortened to different lengths for shortening the console. Molded side rails are fitted to upper connection portions of the side panels and can be shortened to match the different shorter lengths of the side panels. A plurality of face plates are provided for mounting equipment on the console.11-11-2010
20110169291Closure for a Storage Compartment of a Motor Vehicle - A closure for a storage compartment of a motor vehicle including an electromagnet having an armature wherein the armature can by moved by excitation of the electromagnet, and wherein a movement of the armature can be transmitted to a locking element which, due to a restoring force of a spring, is in a locked position for the storage compartment when the electromagnet is not energized, a means for generating an electric current for exciting the electromagnet, and means for measuring the electric current flow used for exciting the electromagnet, wherein the means for generating the current are designed to control the electric current such that, after turning on the current after measuring when a maximum current is reached and subsequent dropping below said maximum current, the current is reduced to a predetermined minimum value, wherein the minimum value is such that the armature is held in its position against the spring force acting on the armature.07-14-2011
20090174211VEHICLE CONSOLE WITH SLIDING PANEL - Embodiments of a vehicle console comprise a front storage bin having a first pair of sidewalls, a back storage bin adjacent the front storage bin having a second pair of sidewalls, a pair of tracks associated with the first and second pair of sidewalls, and a movable armrest disposed over the back storage bin, wherein the armrest is moveable to provide access to the back storage bin. The region between the movable armrest and the back storage bin is a panel housing. The vehicle console further comprises a sliding panel comprising at least one convenience apparatus wherein the sliding panel is aligned with the pair of tracks and is operable to move into the panel housing.07-09-2009
20090174210Container Assembly For A Motor Vehicle - A container assembly for a motor vehicle passenger compartment includes a housing, a door, an arm, a helical spring and a cam. The door is pivotally coupled to the housing for movement about a first pivot between a closed position wherein the door covers an opening in the housing and an open position wherein the door is pivoted about the first pivot to allow access through the opening to a storage space in the housing. The arm is pivotally coupled to the housing for movement about a second pivot. The arm has a cam surface. The helical spring continuously biases the arm toward the first pivot. The cam is coupled to the door and movable with the door about the first pivot between the closed position and the open position. The cam has a center portion and a lobe extending outwardly from the center portion. The lobe remains in contact with the cam surface of the arm. The cam surface applies a torque on one side of the lobe to bias the door toward the closed position and on an opposite side of the lobe to bias the door toward the open position.07-09-2009
20110133506TRAY ASSEMBLY FOR VEHICLE - Disclosed is a tray assembly. The tray assembly may include a tray having a guide slot, a hinge arm including a cam-shaped portion and rotably coupled to the tray, a cover fixed to an end portion of the hinge arm, a drawer box storable in the tray and having a guide pin at a side portion thereof, the guide pin passing through the guide slot of the tray and being movable along the guide slot by selectively engaging with the cam-shaped portion of the hinge arm.06-09-2011
20100123328Removable Stowage Device - A removable stowage device having a flexible bag, a frame, and a first mounting element that can be inserted and attached to a receptacle and a second mounting element within a vehicle cockpit providing an easily accessible stowage area that functions to provide stowage space, and to secure and reduce the jostling or shifting of personal items, food and liquids, by a person or the motions of a moving vehicle.05-20-2010
20110068598SLIDING CONSOLE WITH LOCK ASSEMBLY - The sliding console assembly includes a lock assembly housing, a lock assembly, and a slidable storage compartment. The lock assembly housing is configured to house and guide the movement of a lock assembly. The lock assembly housing is fixedly mounted to the slidable storage compartment. The lock assembly has a plate slidable within the lock assembly housing between a first position and a second position. The plate also includes a pair of operative surfaces. The operative surfaces are spaced apart from each other, and are generally symmetrical to the other. The operative surfaces are disposed at an angle relative to the rails. The lock assembly also includes a pair of retainers and a first biasing member. A cable is attached to a pair of handles on one end and the plate on the other end. The handles actuate the lock assembly and disengage the lock assembly from the rails.03-24-2011
20110156432KINEMATIC ARRANGEMENT FOR A COVER OF A STORAGE COMPARTMENT IN A VEHICLE - The invention relates to a storage compartment (06-30-2011
20090230711CABINET CLEAT - A vehicle cabinet having cabinet cleats used in conjunction with a vehicle cabin having cabinet cleat receivers is provided for use with a vehicle for operation on the ground. The cabinet cleat receivers cooperate with the cabinet cleats in such a way that locating the receivers with the cleats is easy and requires minimal manipulation by an installer. It is emphasized that this abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract that will allow a searcher or other reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the technical disclosure. It is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims.09-17-2009
20120007378ROOF MODULE WITH STORAGE ASSEMBLY - An overhead console for a vehicle interior, comprising a storage module provided with a housing having an aperture, a cover pivotally mounted on the housing, a receptacle is pivotally mounted to the cover between a folded position and an unfolded position. The storage module can be set in a storage configuration, cover closed and receptacle folded inside the housing, or in a deployed configuration, cover open and receptacle unfolded allowing the user to easily grab an object stored in the receptacle. The storage configuration requires minimal height in the overhead module and the deployed configuration provides maximum accessibility.01-12-2012
20120007379CASING ATTACHMENT STRUCTURE - A receiving member is provided on a face of a casing and includes an insertion port and first and second abutment portions. An insertion portion of each of the brackets is inserted through the insertion port. The insertion port is shaped to have at least one step varying in a width of the insertion port such that the width is narrower as the at least one step is farther away from the face of the casing. Each of the first and second abutment portions has such an inner shape that, when the insertion portion is inserted through the insertion port, the abutment portion abuts against the leading end of the insertion portion in the insertion direction to restrict a movement of the leading end in association with the corresponding one of different widths of the insertion portions.01-12-2012
20100096875STORAGE UNIT WITH ELECTRONIC DEVICE MOUNTING STRUCTURE - An overhead storage unit including a single unit that spans across substantially the entire lateral width of the vehicle adjacent the top of the front windshield. In some preferred embodiments, the overhead storage unit includes a removable electronic device (such as, e.g., a CB radio support). In some preferred embodiments, the storage unit also includes a novel removable switch plate and a unique CB microphone mount.04-22-2010
20120061985VEHICLE CARGO SYSTEM WITH MULTI-FUNCTION TONNEAU COVER - A tonneau cover assembly provided in a vehicle including a panel hingedly attached to a vehicle seat, and a release assembly with an actuating mechanism provided on the panel. The actuating mechanism is connected to a panel lock assembly and a seat lock assembly which are provided to selectively lock the panel and the vehicle seat in place. Actuation of the actuating mechanism causes the lock assemblies to release, thereby allowing rotation of the panel about the hinged attachment and folding of the vehicle seat from a seating position to a folded-forward position.03-15-2012
20090134653Storage compartment with a supporting frame, and receiving device for a supporting frame - The invention relates to a storage compartment for a motor vehicle, with a wall (05-28-2009
20090134652Console box structure - A console box assembly is configured such that a box body (05-28-2009
20120119536INTEGRATED DOOR AND SHELVING SYSTEM - The present invention provides for an integrated door and shelving system for a storage compartment located on a vehicle instrument panel. The storage compartment includes at least one door rotatably mounted to the opening of the storage compartment and rotatable about a first axis. The storage compartment includes a side wall, a back wall, and a lower wall. When the door is in a substantially open position, the door is generally parallel to the lower wall and generally perpendicular to the back wall. When the door is rotated to a fully closed position, the door is generally perpendicular to the lower wall and generally parallel to the back wall. When fully opened, the door is used as a shelf to store a cell phone, iPod, PDA, etc.05-17-2012
20100207414CONSOLE BOX - An engagement member (08-19-2010
20090058122Storage Unit With Electronic Device Mounting Structure - An overhead console (03-05-2009
20110187144VEHICLE INTERIOR STRUCTURAL ASSEMBLY - A vehicle interior structural assembly includes an instrument panel that is dimensioned to extend laterally between opposing interior side walls of a passenger compartment of a vehicle. A structural member extends between first and second ends of the instrument panel such that the structural member is substantially concealed by the instrument panel. A stay bracket is connected to the structural member and extends downward from the structural member. The stay bracket is located forward of a rearmost extent of the instrument panel. A reinforcement member is connected to the stay bracket at a first point and a second point that are vertically spaced from one another. The reinforcement member includes a support portion cantilevered from and extending rearward of the rearmost extent of the instrument panel such that forces applied to the reinforcement member are directed to the stay bracket and the structural member.08-04-2011
20090021036FLAT THIN SCREEN TV/MONITOR AUTOMOTIVE ROOF MOUNT - A vehicle roof mounted video display is disclosed. The display is rotatable 180° about a first axis, between a stored position within a housing and a second position in which the display lies flat against the vehicle roof. The display is also rotatable at least 60°, and preferably 90°, about a second axis that intersects and is substantially perpendicular to the first axis. Each axis includes self-tensioning hinges to hold the display in any position. The display self aligns as it reaches either of the first and second positions so that the display is substantially parallel to the roof. When the display is in the storage position, the display screen faces, and is safely enclosed by, the housing. The invention also includes a number of built-in features to provide passengers with a wide range of entertainment options.01-22-2009
20110121598MULTI FUNCTIONAL DEVICE FOR A CENTER STACK - A multi-functional device for a center stack of a vehicle and a center stack include, but are not limited to a storage room and a control panel, which is movable in an opened position and in a closed position. In the closed position the storage room is covered by the control panel. The storage room provides a connection element for multimedia devices and the multimedia devices are detachable from the connection element.05-26-2011
20110140475Console Lid Slide Rail Attachment - Embodiments of a vehicle console comprise a base structure defining a cavity and having an opening permitting access to the cavity, a lid having a surface area sufficient to cover at least a portion of the opening when the lid is in a closed position at the base structure, a hinge member connected between the base structure and the lid and configured to allow rotational movement of the lid between the closed position and an open position, a slide coupled to the lid and configured to allow translational movement of at least a portion of the lid between a retracted position and an extended position spaced apart from the retracted position and a slide mounting member including a first mounting portion and a second mounting portion, the first mounting portion coupled to the hinge member and the second mounting portion coupled to the slide.06-16-2011
20100007163Nested Seating Unit - A nested seating unit for use in a motor vehicle is provided. The nested seating unit comprises a first seat having a seating surface and a second seat having a seating surface. The nested seating unit is adjustable between a first position and a second position. In the first position, the first seat and the second seat have a first lateral distance between them, and in the second position, the first seat and the second seat have a second lateral distance between them. The first lateral distance is greater than the second lateral distance.01-14-2010
20130147223MANUFACTURE OF A CURVED ROLLER BLIND FOR A STORAGE COMPARTMENT - A method of manufacturing a roller blind and a roller blind is provided for opening and closing a tray, a storage compartment, a control panel or the like, particularly for use in motor vehicles. The roller blind includes a plurality of ribs manufactured from a hard component. A soft component joins the ribs to each other on a connecting side of the soft component. The soft component is manufactured with at least one underside opposite the connecting side that is flat along the direction of extension of the ribs.06-13-2013
20110272959STORAGE ASSEMBLY HAVING RETRACTABLE POWER CORD - A storage assembly for use in a passenger compartment of a vehicle provides power to an electronic device from a vehicle power system. The storage assembly includes a storage bin having an exterior surface, an opening, and a storage space accessible through the opening. The storage assembly also includes a door having an outer surface which is pivotally coupled to the storage bin. A retractable cord is attached to a detachable member which is releasably attached to the storage bin. The retractable cord includes a first end having a first connector which is configured to connect the vehicle power system and a second end having a second connector configured to connect to the electronic device. A notch is formed in the housing adjacent the opening. The notch allows the second connector to extend beyond the exterior surface of the housing when a door is in the closed position.11-10-2011
20130154297DRAWER AND STORAGE COMPARTMENT DEVICE WITH A DRAWER - A storage compartment device for an interior panel part of a vehicle, having a housing with at least one access opening, through which a drawer is at least partially movable. In addition, a drawer with side walls and a base is present, which is movable between a retracted and an extended position through the access opening of the housing. A drawer cover can be moved between a covering position and an exposing position.06-20-2013
20130187401PANEL-SHAPED PARTITION AND STORAGE DEVICE HAVING A PARTITION - A panel-shaped partition in accordance with an embodiment is provided herein. The panel-shaped partition comprises two oppositely positioned lateral edge sections that are in the form of reinforced bearing axes (A) and an elastic panel-shaped carrier matrix that extends between the lateral edge sections in a longitudinal direction of the partition such that a wall section is formed. The partition features at least one flexurally rigid carrier matrix reinforcing device that is in the form of longitudinal profiles on or through the carrier matrix which extend transverse to the longitudinal direction of the partition to increase the flexural rigidity of the partition against bending moments, the moment axes of which extend transverse to the axial directions of the bearing axes, in comparison with the flexural rigidity of the carrier matrix.07-25-2013
20130193706OVERHEAD CONSOLE WITH STORAGE UNIT INSERT - The present disclosure provides an overhead console for a motor vehicle that can firmly hold, store and allow viewing of a portable electronic device. The overhead console can include a sunglass storage bin that is pivotally attached to an overhead console storage structure, the sunglass storage bin having a closed position and an open position. The console can also include a storage unit insert that is attached to and located at least partially within the sunglass storage bin. The storage unit insert can be dimensioned to hold a portable electronic device within the sunglass storage bin and allow the device to be stored out of view when the sunglass storage bin is in the closed position and allow viewing of the electronic device when the sunglass storage bin is in the open position.08-01-2013
20130193707STORAGE DEVICE INCLUDING OPENING ASSISTANCE FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE - A storage device, including a storage body and a cover that is movable between an open position and a closed position. The device includes a locking mechanism that is movable between a locking position and an unlocking position, an elastic return member being arranged so as to move the locking mechanism back into the locking position. The device includes at least one pusher part that is movable between a refracted position and an extracted position in which the pusher part keeps the cover in a partially open position. The elastic return member is arranged so as to push the pusher part into the extracted position thereof when the locking mechanism is in the unlocking position.08-01-2013

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