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296 - Land vehicles: bodies and tops

296100010 - BODIES

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296193010 Subassembly 402
296187030 Impact 250
296203010 Body frame 228
296190010 Operator's cab 147
296191000 Panel means 59
296192000 Cowl 44
296201000 Window support means 25
296209000 Sill 24
296208000 Ducts or conduits 23
296029000 Corners and joints 20
296202000 Door support means 19
296187020 Expanded cellular material 14
296207000 Door bumper 6
296200000 Clear view window means 2
20100327629RESIN MOLDED ARTICLES - In a resin molded article (M), a wear-resistant surface layer (12-30-2010
20100123335POLYCARBONATE WINDOW FRAME SYSTEM - A polycarbonate window system having an integrated ROPS that reduces the thickness of cab posts of machine such that the operator's visibility is increased. The polycarbonate window system also facilitates secure retention of the polycarbonate window without requiring holes to be formed near the periphery of the polycarbonate window, thereby increasing the structural integrity of the polycarbonate window.05-20-2010
296199000 Scuff plate 2
20090058143SCUFF PLATE MODULAR ASSEMBLY FOR VEHICLE LIFTGATE - A vehicle scoff plate assembly may have an outer closure panel, an inner closure panel fastened to the outer closure panel, a first striker mounting bracket fastenable to the inner closure panel, a first striker mounted to the first striker mounting bracket, and a scuff plate fastened to the outer closure panel that surrounds the first striker. A second striker mounting bracket is fastenable to the inner closure panel and a second striker is mountable to the second striker mounting bracket. The second striker mounting bracket is configured in a different angular position to orient the second striker in a different position than the first striker. The inner closure panel and outer closure panel both mount to the vehicle underbody. With different striker mounting brackets mountable to the inner closure panel, a standard vehicle underbody may be utilized and result in fewer or no vehicle underbody production line changes.03-05-2009
20130187411COVER MEMBER FOR AUTOMOBILES - A cover member for automobiles comprises: a cover body 07-25-2013
20090195019AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE BODY STRUCTURE - An automotive vehicle body structure including a dash panel separating an engine room from a passenger compartment, a front pillar extending vertically along each outboard edge of the dash panel and a wheel house portion connected between an outboard edge of the dash panel and an opposing side of a lower part of the front pillar, a reinforcing member extends along a boundary between the outboard edge of the dash panel and wheel house portion and defines a closed cross section jointly with the dash panel and wheel house. The wheel house portion has a three dimensional contour bulging toward the passenger compartment and relatively high rigidity to reinforce the dash panel by reinforcing the boundary between the wheel house portion and dash panel. The impact load applied to the dash panel during a frontal crash is evenly distributed to various structural parts and a favorable crash safety is achieved.08-06-2009
20110278879BODY REINFORCEMENT AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THEREOF - A reinforced composite material utility cart comprising a body including two side portions interconnecting an upper portion and a bottom portion adapted to secure ground contacting members thereto is provided, at least one of the portions including composite material and a reinforcement therein adapted to distribute a concentrated stress applied on the body to the composite material to prevent or reduce damages to the composite material. A method of manufacturing a reinforced composite panel adapted to be used in the construction of a utility cart adapted to be stowed in a bay of a galley of an airplane and locked in place with a lock disposed next to the bay in a position suitable to retain the utility cart in the bay by interfering with a reinforced edge of the utility cart is also provided.11-17-2011
20100019538Modular Architecture for Combat Tactical Vehicle - A combat tactical modular vehicle structure including a center frame module comprising a front bulkhead a cab portion and a rear bulkhead where the center frame module includes an integrated armor so that the integrated armor is a part of center frame module or the center frame module has at least one piece of armor attached to the center frame module, a front frame module comprising an engine subframe where the front frame module is connected to the front bulkhead by a plurality of mechanical coupling devices, and a rear frame module comprising a gearbox subframe where the rear frame module is connected to the rear bulkhead by the plurality of mechanical coupling devices for selectively connecting and disconnecting the front frame module to the front bulkhead without substantially affecting the connection and the rear frame module to the rear bulkhead without substantially affecting the connection.01-28-2010
20110266831CUT SHEET STOCK MYCELIUM AND METHOD - A method of making a vehicle part, including growing a live mycelium mat from interwoven hyphae. The mycelium mat is cured to terminate mycelium growth. The mycelium is cut into a single structural component without further processing for use in a vehicle.11-03-2011
20080265620Device for Mounting a Part to the Body of a Motor Vehicle - A device for mounting a part to a body of a motor vehicle. A positioning mechanism positions the part in relation to the body in a determined fixing position, which is geometrically defined in a reference trihedral formed by the longitudinal axis X, the transverse axis Y, and the vertical axis Z of the body. The positioning mechanism includes a temporary mounting structure including a first mechanism mounting the structure to the body in a given use position in which a second mechanism belonging to the structure cooperates with the part to position the part in relation to the body in the above-mentioned determined fixing position, which is defined by a given positioning reference system corresponding to the use position of the structure on the body.10-30-2008
20120091755CAP FOR VEHICLE BODY HOLLOW SPACES WITH INTEGRATED FUNCTION PART - A vehicle body and a cap are provided for closing off a hollow space formed by one or more structural components of a motor vehicle body with a carrier plate configured to the geometry of the hollow space, whose outer edge is provided with a thermally activatable sealant and/or adhesive and at least one function part is embedded in the carrier plate.04-19-2012
20090167054INTEGRATED REINFORCING CROSSMEMBER - Some embodiments comprise an integrated reinforcing crossmember having a carrier with an expansible material adhered to at least a portion of the exterior surface of the carrier. The carrier is comprised of a center section and two end sections, each section comprised of external lateral walls and internal ribs joined by cross walls and horizontal connecting walls. The crossmember is inserted into a cavity of a corresponding structural member, and the expansible material is activated and expands, securing the crossmember in place within the cavity.07-02-2009
20080284205STRUCTURAL COMPONENT - A lightweight motor vehicle structural component is provided. The component has at least one fully-boxed section extending in a longitudinal direction, the fully-boxed section made from a single piece of sheet metal. In addition, the fully-boxed section has a generally U-shaped first portion which has an open side that is oppositely disposed from and in alignment with a second portion.11-20-2008
20100264693Prestressed Structural Members and Methods of Making Same - Methods of prestressing a vehicle structural member include forming a support structure, applying a preformed reinforcing component to the support structure, the preformed reinforcing component having a size changing material that changes in dimension upon application of a stimulus and transforming the preformed reinforcing component from a first configuration to a second configuration.10-21-2010
20090250967METHOD OF HOT-STAMPING AND HARDENING AN OBJECT FROM A METAL SHEET, AND A B-PILLAR FOR A VEHICLE - A B-pillar for a vehicle is made by the press-hardening method. The blank is made by placing together two blank elements (10-08-2009
20080315625STRUCTURE OF COUPLING PORTIONS OF EXTERIOR PARTS - A structure to couple exterior components of a vehicle includes a first exterior component and a second exterior component located apart from the first exterior component, wherein the first exterior component comprises an upper protrusion configured to overlap the second exterior component, and wherein the first exterior component comprises a side protrusion configured to overlap the second exterior component. A method to couple exterior components of a vehicle includes providing a protrusion about at least a portion of a first exterior component, installing the first exterior component proximal to a second exterior component, overlapping the protrusion of the first exterior component about a at least a portion of the second exterior component, interposing an elastic member between a peripheral surface of the first exterior component and an edge of the second exterior component, and positioning the elastic member beneath the protrusion of the first exterior component.12-25-2008
20120193939MOTOR VEHICLE STRUCTURE, AND METHOD OF MAKING A MOTOR VEHICLE STRUCTURE - A motor vehicle structure includes a metallic base body in the form of a three-dimensional metal sheet and a reinforcement element made of fiber composite having a matrix resin for coupling the reinforcement element with the base body in a coupling zone by a material joint. Arranged between the base body and the reinforcement element is a non-woven having voids through which the matrix resin is able to permeate.08-02-2012
20100237655COVER FEATURES FOR VEHICLE-MOUNTED DEVICES - A cover assembly is provided for a vehicle-mounted device having an alignment feature on a face of the device. The cover assembly includes a rod portion, a securing arrangement coupled to the rod portion to secure the cover assembly to the device, and a cover portion coupled to the rod portion and configured to cover the alignment feature on the face of the device.09-23-2010
20090039676Vacuum-formed "firm-feel" reinforcement for bumper fascias - The present invention relates to a mechanism for reinforcing a fascia including at least one reinforcement structure and at least one strengthening feature. The reinforcement structure is attached to the fascia so that at least a portion of the fascia is covered by the reinforcement structure. The strengthening feature is on at least one side of the reinforcement structure.02-12-2009
20100133876DASHBOARD SEAL - The invention relates to a dashboard seal provided between the windshield (06-03-2010
20100133875TRIM PIECE FOR A DOOR OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - A fitting member for a door of an automobile, including a first attachment mechanism for direct attachment to the sheet metal of the door, the attachment being implemented in a central portion of the door.06-03-2010
20110025094LIGHTWEIGHT COMPONENT FOR A VEHICLE BODY - The invention relates to a lightweight component for a vehicle body, which forms at least one closed frame. The lateral parts of the frame are designed as cast components and joined by at least one reinforcement profile disposed between the lateral parts, the end regions of the reinforcement profile being cast around by the cast components with a positive and adhesive connection. The invention further relates to a method for the production of such lightweight components.02-03-2011
20110074181VEHICLE WITH CARRIAGE ANTI-TILTING STRUCTURE - A vehicle with carriage anti-tilting structure, which comprises a frame and, a carriage of a cylindrical shape, with its central axis in parallel along the length of the vehicle and is connected with the frame in a free rotation state. The rotating axis of the carriage is the central axis of the carriage, and the gravity center of the carriage is lower than the rotating axis. An electrical locking mechanism for stopping the rotation of carriage is arranged between the carriage and frame, and is connected with a vehicle tilting angle detector which installed on the frame. The locking mechanism acts as an actuator of the vehicle tilting angle detector. In the event of tilting of the vehicle, the vehicle tilting angle detector detects the tilting condition, and then output signal to the electrical locking mechanism, which releases the locking of the carriage and enables it to stay leveled.03-31-2011
20080231077Wireless-equipped vehicle - A wireless-equipped vehicle includes a vehicle body made of a metal and including a ceiling, a main body and a pillar connecting the ceiling and the main body, the pillar having a side face, an interior wireless device located in the vehicle body to receive radio waves from outside the vehicle body, and a magnetic loss material disposed on the side face of the pillar to limit AC current conduction between the ceiling and the main body.09-25-2008
20090051195CARGO ACCESS AND RETENTION SYSTEM FOR A PASSENGER VEHICLE - An improved access and retention system for sedans includes a protective cover for safeguarding a lower peripheral region of a rear cargo region while loading, unloading, and transporting cargo. The protective cover can conveniently and remotely stow within the cargo region. An integral tie-down assembly, exposed by deploying the protective cover, secures cargo loaded in the rear cargo region and cargo placed along the protective cover. The system also includes a double hinging rear closure member which has a rear facing portion which can be locked in open and closed positions. Arranging the rear facing portion in the open position is particularly advantageous for hauling oversized cargo articles which may extend from the rear of the vehicle.02-26-2009
20080217958Support apparatus for a shell piece of an automobile vehicle, system comprising the support apparatus, and fixation method of the support apparatus - The rib support (09-11-2008
20100096884VEHICLE BODY - A vehicle body has a front or rear end region with a luggage compartment and an accessories compartment. The luggage compartment is bounded in the vehicle longitudinal direction by a first and second partition walls. The accessories compartment is bounded in the vehicle longitudinal direction by the second partition wall and a third partition wall. The luggage and accessories compartments are bounded in the transverse direction by two lateral longitudinal members. A sealing frame closes off from above the first partition wall, the second partition wall and the longitudinal members from the first partition wall to the third partition wall.04-22-2010
20110316306Water Assist Injection Moulded Structural Members - A method of forming members of fiber reinforced thermoplastic members via molding, the members including at least one hollow chamber, formed by water injection into the melt in the mold, to stiffen the finished member. The thermoplastic is preferably selected from a group comprising polypropylene, Nylon, PET, ABS, TPO, and thermoplastic polyurethane, while the reinforcing fibers are preferably selected from a group comprising glass, aramid, carbon, and natural fibers. Preferably, the extruded melt is produced such that the average length of the reinforcing fibers is less than four millimeters.12-29-2011
20110156443STRUCTURAL REINFORCEMENTS - The present invention is predicated upon the provision of systems and methods for reinforcement of a structural member. More particularly, the present invention is predicated upon unique carrier configurations and application of reinforcing material thereto. In one configuration, the application of reinforcing material is achieved without the use of fasteners, adhesives, or both, for placement, locating and restrictive movement of the reinforcing material onto the carrier.06-30-2011
20120280534Method for Producing a Body Shell of a Motor Vehicle and Body Shell for a Motor Vehicle - A method for producing a body-in-white of a passenger car is provided. A support structure assigned to the body-in-white of the motor vehicle and which includes at least one support part is produced. The support part of the support structure is, depending on a variant of the motor vehicle, at least in some regions provided with at least one reinforcing part.11-08-2012
20130020832REINFORCING ELEMENT FOR REFORCEMENT IN CAVITIES OF STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS - A reinforcing element for reinforcement in cavities of structural components including a substrate made of a plastics material, which is at least partially coated with a metal; and a foamable, thermosetting structural adhesive which is applied to the metal coating of the substrate; or a thermosetting structural adhesive which is applied to the metal coating of the substrate and is designed as a shape memory material.01-24-2013
20100314904ALIGNMENT FEATURES FOR A CART - An example cart includes a body establishing an opening for loading and unloading items from the body and a skirt extending downwardly from a portion of the body. A plurality of support ribs span between the body and the skirt. The support ribs establish a lifter receiving area together with an outwardly facing surface of the body and an inwardly facing surface of the skirt. A feature is disposed on an outwardly facing surface of the skirt. The feature indicates the location of the lifter receiving area.12-16-2010
20130181480SUPPORT STRUCTURE FOR VEHICLE - A support structure for a vehicle is interposed between a vehicle body and a vehicle part and is connected with fastening members to support the vehicle part. The support structure is made of a non-ferrous light alloy. Among connecting surfaces of the support structure to which the vehicle body and the vehicle part are connected, an electrochemical corrosion inhibitor is applied to a connecting surface that is located on a lower side, in a vertical direction of the vehicle, of one of the vehicle body and the vehicle part. The one of the vehicle body and the vehicle part corresponds to the applied connecting surface.07-18-2013

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