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Enclosed compartment

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296 - Land vehicles: bodies and tops

296100010 - BODIES

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296240340 Console 82
296240400 Partitioned 37
296240330 Convertible 8
296240320 Workshop 6
296240310 For an animal 4
20120181808ANIMAL BARRIER FOR VEHICLES - An animal barrier for use in a vehicle is formed by a frame having an opening therein, and partition members mounted to the frame. First and second partition members are spaced apart to define the opening therebetween and are moveable relative to the frame so as to vary the width of the barrier and the width of the opening. A third partition member is slidably mounted to the frame so as to be moveable between a closed position in which it overlies the opening so as to substantially close the opening, and an open position in which is removed from the opening. In the open position, the third partition member may be located to one side of the opening, overlapping one of the first and second partition members or may be located above or below the opening, away from the first and second partition members.07-19-2012
20110012383Collapsible truck bed animal containment system - This invention is consists of consists of a solid top, a front side with two doors, side supports to provide load bearing capacity to the top, a hinged center divider and a solid or frame back side. The sides of the truck bed itself serve as the left (L) and right (R) side walls of the containment system.01-20-2011
20110198878Portable Horse Paddock - A mobile electrified fence enclosure system utilizing multiple movable storable fence posts and flexible electrified ribbons what are retractably reeled into a spool. The electrified ribbons are detachably connected electrically by means of a breakaway connector which interrupts the voltage should the animal bolt through the wiring. The system is preferably stored in or attached to a trailer, such as a horse trailer, and is quickly and easily set-up and taken-down.08-18-2011
20110221220PANEL ASSEMBLY FOR AN ANIMAL TRANSPORT VEHICLE - A panel assembly is provided comprising a first face having an outer perimeter and a second face having an outer perimeter, the second face being directly opposite the first face and having a substantially smooth surface, the first and second faces forming a first panel thickness. A plurality of borders surround the perimeters of the first and second faces. At least one support member is attached and arranged perpendicular to the first face, the at least one support member extending parallel to at least one border, the at least one support member and the second face forming a second panel thickness, the second panel thickness is greater than the first panel thickness.09-15-2011
296240380 Health care 4
20120032464MOBILE CONTAINERISED AUTOPSY FACILITY - The present invention relates to a containerised autopsy facility with standard hygienic procedures and precautions applied to normal medical operations within a conventional health care centre and the like, hereinafter also known as BSL2, comprises a permanent or semi-permanent structure into which therein is provided all necessary autopsy (instruments/equipment) facilities.02-09-2012
20090001742Mobile Containerised Autopsy Facility - The present invention relates to a containerised autopsy facility with standard hygienic procedures and precautions applied to normal medical operations within a conventional health care centre and the like, hereinafter also known as BSL2, comprises a permanent or semi-permanent structure into which therein is provided all necessary autopsy (instruments/equipment) facilities.01-01-2009
20130140841TRANSPORTABLE EMERGENCY RESPONSE STATION FOR TREATMENT OR TRANSPORTATION OF PERSONS ON STRETCHERS - The invention relates to a vehicle used in transporting or treating large numbers of victims or patients from a mass-casualty incident to or from a hospital in an evacuation situation. The typical vehicle contains a stacked stretcher system, a loading ramp system, and an oxygen system. This vehicle must have an independent energy source or must be capable of being powered by an outside energy source. The vehicle can be flexible enough to provide facilities for treatment of victims either at the site of a disaster, in route from the disaster, at any remote site, or near a healthcare facility. A variation of the vehicle contains refrigeration or freezer units and is capable of transporting or maintaining casualties until mortuary services can be obtained. Variations of the equipment include trays made of stainless steel, stretchers that can be easily cleaned and that allow for easy drainage of liquids.06-06-2013
20130154296Mobile Treatment, Diagnostic and Minor Surgery Facility - The invention is directed to a mobile medical facility capable of treating, diagnosing and performing minor surgery on multiple patients at one time. In general, the facility includes a health care area which is interchangeable between a first transportable configuration and a second, operational configuration. In the operational configuration, the health care area is expanded and capable of providing general care or diagnostic facilities to multiple patients as well as registration, counseling and triage to at least one patient. Preferable a row of patient treatment bays are provided with intake, counseling and triage cubicles and storage areas.06-20-2013
296240350 Refrigerated 3
20090200822MOBILE MORTUARY - A mobile mortuary is disclosed. The self-contained mobile mortuary cooler provides the ability to respond to a scene having one or more deceased persons and to refrigerate the bodies immediately upon arrival. Elements of the mobile mortuary include a mobile carriage, a commercial refrigeration unit, a gasoline generator, an automatic transfer switch for A/C power, body racks with body straps, storage for body bags and other equipment directed to the responding to an accident or disaster scene, a body cot (gurney) and spine boards, structures for securing the body cot and spine boards, emergency scene lighting, emergency flashing hazard lights, an access assembly that facilitates entry of the gurney, air transport connectors and an assembly for releasable connection of an aircraft to the air transport connectors.08-13-2009
20120299323GARMENT CUSTOMIZATION VEHICLE - This invention relates to a vehicle and discloses a garment customization vehicle, including a front compartment and a rear compartment. A middle separating board is disposed between the front compartment and the rear compartment. A high definition liquid crystal television display is disposed at the middle separating board. A computer host is disposed in the rear compartment. A retractable support pole is disposed at the computer host. A touch display is disposed at the retractable support pole. A camera capable of being rotated 360 degrees for providing video images of surroundings is disposed at the touch display. The touch display is connected with the computer host via the retractable support pole. The high definition liquid crystal television display, the computer host, the touch display, and the camera are electrically connected with each other. The structure of the invention is novel. Customers don't need to try on garments in person.11-29-2012
20120019020INTEGRATED REFRIGERATOR CAR CARRIAGE STRUCTURE AND MOUNTING METHOD THEREOF - An integrated refrigerator car carriage structure is disclosed. The carriage structure has a protection layer (01-26-2012
296240390 Office 1
20100259058ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MOBILE OFFICE WITH LOCATION BASED ADVERTISING - A vehicle for use on surface streets providing a viable working environment that allows at least 6 passengers to conduct work during commuting time. The configuration of each individual workspace is sufficiently large and separate from other passengers to serve as an effective alternative workplace until the passenger has arrived at their destination. Each workstation may also be equipped with computing and communications equipment to enhance productivity. The vehicle also may incorporate on one or more of its internal or external surfaces a dynamic display screen that displays advertising selected based, at least in part, on the then-current location of the vehicle as determined by a geographic location system such as GPS satellite navigation. The vehicle may also be electrically powered to further reduce its environmental impact.10-14-2010
296240360 Vending 1
20120104785MOBILE VENDING TRAILER - A mobile vending trailer is provided. In at least one embodiment, a solar-powered mobile vending apparatus includes: a portable chassis; a housing; at least one vending machine configured to be stored and transported in the housing; a solar panel array configured to capture sunlight and convert the captured sunlight into electricity, thereby to provide solar power to the vending machine; a plurality of batteries configured for charge from the electricity generated from the solar panel array in order to provide power to the at least one vending machine; a controller configured to control the solar panel array and the plurality of batteries; and at least one lift configured to lower and raise the vending machine. The solar-powered mobile vending apparatus is adapted for use both off-grid and on-grid. In various embodiments, the apparatus also includes one or more of a wind turbine, generator, inverter, and combiner.05-03-2012
20090045644MOBILE COLLECTION SYSTEM HAVING A BIN TUNNEL WITH COLLAPSIBLE SIDES - A truck box of a tuck has a bin tunnel with collapsible sides to load content into the truck box from a bin that is sized to fit within the bin tunnel when the bin tunnel is in an open position. When the bin tunnel is in a closed position, a footprint of the bin tunnel is very small compared to a footprint of the bin tunnel in the open position because the sides are retracted.02-19-2009
20090167042Arm folding mechanism for use in a vehicle-mounted radiation imaging system - An arm-folding mechanism for use in a vehicle-mounted radiation imaging system. The vehicle includes a vehicle body behind a driving cab. The vehicle body includes a generator cabin and a control cabin. The arm-folding mechanism includes a vertical detection arm, a main arm frame, and a hinged mechanism hingedly connecting the vertical detection arm with the main arm frame. The hinged mechanism includes: a first connection arrangement having a free end and a fixed end fixedly connected with or integral with the main arm frame; a second connection arrangement fixedly connected with the vertical detection arm; and an intermediate arrangement connecting the first connection arrangement with the second connection arrangement so that the vertical detection arm can rotate relative to the main arm frame. The bottom of the first connection arrangement is at the same level as or above the bottom of the main arm frame.07-02-2009
20100201146Mobile Dance Studio - The present invention provides a mobile dance studio located within a vehicle. The mobile dance studio generally comprises a dance floor, a reflective surface, a balance barre, and a music system. The dance floor, reflective surface, balance barre, and music system are secured within the vehicle such that the vehicle may easily and quickly be moved from one location to another. The vehicle may optionally also include an office having items such as a desk, a chair, and means for collecting and tracking payment as well as tracking student enrollment. The vehicle may optionally further include a dressing room in which students may prepare for class by changing into appropriate dance attire.08-12-2010
20090230710REAR ACCESSIBLE SERVICE HATCH - A zero tail swing construction vehicle includes a body, a pair of track assemblies for supporting the body for movement over a surface, an engine supported on the body for providing power, a lower attachment pivotably coupled to the body, an upper attachment pivotably coupled to the body, a hydraulic system for providing power to the lower attachment and the upper attachment, an operator support pivotably coupled to the body and a rear hatch coupled to the operator support. The operator support is pivotable from a usage position forward about a horizontal axis to a service position. The rear hatch is pivotable with the operator support from the usage position to the service position. The construction vehicle further includes a plurality of service check points located underneath the operator support in the usage position. In the usage position the rear hatch conceals the service check points, while in the service position service check points are accessible through an opening.09-17-2009
20100133867HOLDING DEVICE AND HOLDING APPARATUS FOR A CARGO SPACE OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - A motor vehicle is provided having at least one holding device, a holding device having a holding apparatus, and a holding apparatus for a guide device having two guides spaced apart from one another, in which the holding apparatus can be situated so it is movable, having one holding unit and one guide element per guide, which are coupled to the holding unit and using the holding unit can be coupled to the guides so it is movable, in order to move the holding unit along the guides, angle compensator or angle compensation means is provided that allows movement of one of the guide elements at least along the guide upon the adjustment of at least one of the other guide elements in relation to the guide.06-03-2010
20110241371Transparent/Translucent Flexible Component For A Vehicle Interior - A storage component 10-06-2011
20110042988APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR RADIANT HEATING AND COOLING FOR VEHICLES - The passenger compartment of a vehicle, e.g., an automobile or other automotive vehicle, train, aircraft or watercraft, is heated or cooled using radiant heating or radiant cooling. As another option the automobile or other vehicle is heated using a low velocity blower.02-24-2011
20110187143Sting Trailer - A sting trailer has a front end-wall located at a first standard trailer length from a rear end of the sting trailer, a false end-wall located at a second standard trailer length from the rear end of the sting trailer, and a hidden compartment located between the front end-wall and the false end-wall.08-04-2011
20090045643BIN TUNNEL WITH COLLAPSIBLE SIDES - A bin tunnel having collapsible sides is used with a truck box of a truck to load content into the truck box from a bin that is sized to fit within the bin tunnel when the bin tunnel is in an open position. When the bin tunnel is in a closed position a footprint of the bin tunnel is very small compared to the open position because the sides are retracted. The footprints can be less when the bin tunnel is in the closed position from thirty (30) percent of the footprint of the bin tunnel in the open position. When the bin tunnel is closed, the contents of the truck box are secure as the space inside of the closed bin tunnel is too small to allow access to the interior.02-19-2009
20100032976STRUCTURE FOR STORING SEAT FOR AUTOMOBILE - A guide structure for guiding a removable seat to move between a support base and a storage container is constituted by a joint portion between a lower face of a seat cushion of the seat and the support base and is constituted as a storing structure of the storage container. And, an arrangement relationship between both members is constituted to be such an arrangement relationship that the removable seat can also be guided to move to the guide structure constituted at the storage container in a state where the removable seat is guided to move by the guide structure constituted at the removable seat.02-11-2010
20120013141Expandable Data Center - An expandable data center is provided. The expandable data center includes a first movable container, a second movable container coupling with the first movable container, and a plurality of racks disposed within the first movable container and the second movable container. The size of the second movable container is less than that of the first movable container, so that the second movable container can be moved into the first movable container when a vehicle carries the first movable container and the second movable container from a place to another place. A plurality of sensors and/or detectors are disposed within the first movable container and the second movable container, respectively, for sensing and/or detecting one or more environmental parameters in the first and the second movable containers. A method for deploying a data center is also provided.01-19-2012
20120126561REINFORCED VEHICLE STRUCTURE - A reinforced vehicle structure includes a first vehicle wall, a second vehicle wall, an accessory attachment member and a reinforcement member. The first vehicle wall has a first outer wall surface facing an outboard direction and a first inner wall surface facing an inboard direction. The second vehicle wall extends transverse to the first vehicle wall, and has a second outer wall surface facing a first direction and a second inner wall surface facing an opposite direction. The accessory attachment member is mounted to the first inner wall surface. The reinforcement member has a first end mounted to the accessory attachment member and a second end mounted to the second inner wall surface with the reinforcement member spanning the first and second vehicle walls such that the reinforcement member does not extend parallel to either of the first and second vehicle walls.05-24-2012
20130175819Mobile power supply trailer apparatus - A mobile power supply housed within a wheeled trailer which can be towed to various locations, particularly remote locations, for providing electrical power as needed for operating equipment or for charging of batteries or other electrical supply devices at such remote locations. The apparatus includes a unique trailer design including venting means for preventing the accumulation of hydrogen normally associated with high power battery operation, particularly charging thereof and therewith, by monitoring hydrogen at all times within the trailer interior and selectively passively and actively venting the interior environment when hydrogen levels are high or whenever necessary. A unique roof design is included for gathering hydrogen near the upper portion of the interior roof construction adjacent to a venting outlet to facilitate expelling thereof.07-11-2013
20080197647FRONT PORTION STRUCTURE OF VEHICLE - A vehicle front portion structure having a storage portion for facilitating maintenance for a vehicle front portion includes a first storage portion that includes a bottom portion extending in the longitudinal direction of a vehicle body, left and right walls extending upwardly from the bottom portion, a ceiling portion connecting the left and right walls and a back wall closing the respective backs of the bottom portion, left and right walls and ceiling portion. The first storage portion is provided with a maintenance opening formed to be spanned among the back wall, a left wall continuous with the back wall and the bottom portion continuous with the back wall, and with the lid body which covers the maintenance opening in an attachable and detachable manner. A key cylinder arrangement structure for a vehicle is provided that can significantly enhance operability of a key cylinder while preventing tampering or theft.08-21-2008

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