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294 - Handling: hand and hoist-line implements

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294100400 Pole mounted 41
20100164239Lighted litter scoop - Lighted litter scoop with a hollow elongate handle, an elongate shaft member, a spoon shaped member, an LED lamp, a battery power source, a battery door and an on-off switch. The elongate shaft member is fixedly attached to the front end of the handle on one end and to the spoon shaped handle on the opposite end. The LED lamp is housed at the front end of the handle portion. The LED lamp is aimed at the the spoon shaped portion. The battery power source is enclosed within the hollow handle. The battery door is removable and replaceable and located on one surface of the hollow handle. The on-off switch is located on the top front surface of the handle allowing a user to hold the handle with one hand and press the on-off switch to activate the LED lamp.07-01-2010
20110193359PORTABLE PET WASTE REMOVAL DEVICE - A waste removal device is described that comprises a handle having a movable actuation trigger, and two opposing jaws, wherein the jaws are adjacent each other in a closed condition when no external force is applied to the actuation trigger. The jaws are urged apart to an open condition when the trigger is actuated by a user. At least two clasps for clasping a portion of a plastic bag are provided, each clasp comprising a sheet of flexible material defining an elongate non-linear slot, the slot being sufficiently long to receive through the slot at least two fingertips of a user's hand.08-11-2011
20090121502Animal litter collector - An animal litter collector, comprising a foldable board and a foldable bag having an opening, wherein the foldable board is thin, flat and elongated having a receptacle portion at one end for receiving animal litter, a handle portion in the middle for holding with the human hand and a fastening portion at the other end with a fastener for closing the opening of the foldable bag by fixing it in place; one side of the opening of the foldable bag is fixed onto the fastening portion of the board, and the fastener of the fastening portion is in shape and position that can engage with the other side of the opening to fix it in place and keep the opening closed after animal litter is disposed inside the foldable bag. The present invention is to provide an animal litter collector which is portable, simple and easy to use, and is susceptible of a low cost of manufacture and an affordable price of sale, and can effectively pick up and hold the litter for disposal.05-14-2009
20100045056Scooper with pusher plate - A scooper apparatus (02-25-2010
20090072558Fully disposable combination shovel and bag unit for pet waste pickup and disposal - A fully assembled, totally disposable one-piece device for the sanitary collection and disposal of feces from an animal or pet intended to be discarded after one use. The device includes a plastic bag with handles attached to a cardboard shovel blade. The plastic bag is open at the end opposite the shovel blade. The open end of the bag is partially turned inside-out as it slips over the operator's hand and up the wrist and forearm. Once the animal waste is shoveled up, the bag is pulled completely inside-out over the mouth of the shovel completely encapsulating the blade and feces. The open end is tied utilizing the handles providing for easy carrying. The entire device is then discarded.03-19-2009
20090267370PORTABLE PET FAECES COLLECTION CONTAINER - A portable container for faeces having a body provided with a first chamber and a second chamber. The first chamber is provided with a first closure which in a first position allows access to the first chamber and in a second position seals the first chamber. The second chamber is provided with an opening which allows access to the second chamber.10-29-2009
20130062895PET WASTE COLLECTION APPARATUS FOR SUPPORTING A HANDLED PLASTIC BAG THEREON, AND METHOD OF USING SAME - A pet waste collection apparatus includes a main frame body including a loop portion, a frame handle attached to the loop portion, and a pair of opposed hooks extending outwardly from the frame handle near an area thereof where it attaches to the loop portion. The main frame body may be formed from solid or coated wire. In use, bag handles of a disposable handled bag are placed over the hooks, and the upper edge of the main bag body is then placed over the loop portion where it fits tightly. The bottom portion of the bag is then fed through the loop portion, and a unit of pet waste is moved through the loop portion and into the plastic bag.03-14-2013
20120235431WASTE COLLECTION DEVICE FOR CATCHING AND COLLECTING ANIMAL DROPPINGS - A waste collection device comprising a handle having a grip end and a head end; a head assembly mounted to the head end of the handle defining an opening for receiving and attaching a bag comprising: a symmetric head structure; a pair of peg supports on either side of the head structure; a pair of arm supports mounted to the head structure and extending away from the head structure; and a blade having blade arm portions mounted to the pair of arm supports and a flat spade portion on a first side for scooping waste droppings from a flat surface into the bag, and a rounded tongue for scooping waste from an irregular surface into the bag; such that the bag fits in the opening formed by the head assembly, is folded over the arm supports and the a portion of the blade, and is secured to the head assembly.09-20-2012
20110291432DISPOSABLE DOG WASTE HANDLING DEVICE - A disposable dog waste handling device includes a framework; and a flexible bag, attached to the framework, having a portion capable of lying flat under the dog to capture feces eliminated from the dog, the bag adapted to retain the feces when the device is lifted. The device may be operated by a user using one hand so that, when the user lifts an end of the framework, the bag retains the feces and the user does not feel the eliminated feces. The framework includes a strip of flexible material that forms a loop, and the bag may not detach from the material. The entire device is then thrown away.12-01-2011
20110266817Sifting Scoop - A sifting scoop for removing pet waste from litter in a litter box having a handle carrying a sifting cup having a mouth wider than a downstream pet waste retaining pocket formed by the cup. The handle overlies the sifting cup providing a waste shield. The handle includes a grip attached by a bridge to the cup that provides a hand guard and scoop hanger with the grip serving as a when the scoop is stood uprightly on a pedestal formed by a cup endwall. The cup has a first sifting portion formed in a litter-engaging surface on the side opposite the handle with the sifting portion formed by a plurality of elongate slots that are wavy or S-shaped extending longitudinally in the direction of scooping. The cup has a second sifting portion having slots in the end wall inline with litter being scooped.11-03-2011
20090096225DEVICE AND METHOD FOR REMOVING FECAL MATTER - An animal waste removal device and method is disclosed. The device may include a plurality of extension pieces each having a point at its terminal end and a protruding wall acting as a finger or thumb guard. The device is designed to work in any position, in any condition, and on any surface. In particular, the device is designed to pick-up, scoop, scrape, spear or poke animal waste without leaving substantial animal waste residue.04-16-2009
20090096226Waste collection apparatus - A lining assembly for lining an apparatus for collecting waste comprises a first lining region, the first lining region including at least two protruding ledges and at least one folded over region; a second lining region coupled to the first lining region, the second lining region including at least two protruding ledges and at least one folded over region; and a pivot axis formed from the hinged coupling of the first lining region and the second lining region configured to allow the first lining region and the second lining region to substantially form an enclosed region when the edges of the first lining region and the second lining region are in contact.04-16-2009
20100084880Disposable Waste Collecton Device - Present invention of a disposable waste collection device provides a glove-type bagging portion where the fingers' maneuvering is not affected. With the use of an inverted zipper mechanism, collected waste material such as dog poop can be easily sealed by simple one hand operation. A layer of liquid-absorbing material can be added to the outer surface of the place where hand is grabbing the waste material, to aid the ease of dealing with mushy and wet object. The use of biodegradable material for the bag and the zipper mechanism will further assist the environmental friendliness of present invention.04-08-2010
20090278365Pet dog clean-up poo scooper - The Pet Dog Clean-Up Poo Scooper is a new and improved container to provide for easy, one handed collection of animal waste. The container is easily opened to the use configuration. It is designed for one handed operation to scoop up the animal waste. The container may be reopened to collect additional waste prior to disposal. The container is provided with a cover which wraps over the container opening and around the contain to be connected near the closed end of the container. The collection is environmental friendly in its construction and disposal. It made of paper board with a composition of up to 70% post consumer waste paper. The container is 100% biodegradable. It is compact and easy to carry. In its folded state the container is about 5 inches long, 4¼ inches wide, and 1/1611-12-2009
20090261604Pet Waste Collection Tool with Integrated Leash - A pet waste collection tool having an integrated leash is disclosed. The tool includes a retractable grasping device that can be retracted within the body portion of the tool. The retractable grasping device includes a grasping portion that has a means of attaching a bag. A trigger for activating the grasping portion enables a user to collect objects such as fecal matter within the attached bag. The leash is retractably stored within the body portion. A rotatable bag holder and a light source are also included. An arm holder helps secure the tool to the user during use.10-22-2009
20090261603Handheld device for grappling animal excreta - The invention relates to a handheld device for grappling animal excreta into a plastic bag that is subsequently removed from a roll of plastic bags without tearing the bag and spilling its contents. The device consists of a pair of opposing jaws which are pivotally carried by a pin member and biased by a torsion spring to urge the jaws to a closed position. A roll of plastic bags is carried in telescopic relationship with the pin member which are fed tangentially into the device. The leading edge portion of the plastic bag is advanced through the lower edges of the opposing jaws and then overlapped such that excreta may be surrounded by the leading edge portion and grappled into the plastic bag by closure of the jaws. The sidewalls of the jaws have lateral edges that are serrated and mesh upon closure of the jaws for gripping the succeeding plastic bag to permit the excreta containing bag to be separated from the roll without being torn.10-22-2009
20090179440CONTAINER FOR PICKING UP AND TRANSPORTING WASTE, IN PARTICULAR DOG EXCREMENT - The invention relates to a container for picking up and transporting waste such as dog excrement. The container comprises a bag extended by a flap suitable for closing and opening of the bag, the bag having a front wall and a rear wall, the flap extending the rear wall so as to be capable of occupying either an open position for picking up, in which it is folded against an outside face of the rear wall, or else a closed position for transport, in which it is folded against an outside face of the front wall. The invention relates to urban hygiene.07-16-2009
20120104780COMPACT HANDHELD ANIMAL WASTE COLLECTION TOOL WITH A BAG CARRYING CHAMBER - An animal waste collection tool has a body and a rotatable hoop connected to one end of the body that is rotatable between a folded and an extended position. A hoop-securing clip is attached to the body and secures the hoop in the extended or folded position. In the extended position the band forms an opening in which a bag is inserted for collection of unsanitary waste. The body is hollow and has a removable cover for inserting bags and a dispensing opening through which bags are removed. A clip on the body secures a bag inserted through the band. A bag is partially inserted through the band, secured to the clip, and pulled over the side of the band to cover it. Waste is collected in the bag, which pulls the bag through the band of material and leaves the bag hanging from the clip.05-03-2012
20090243316Device For Picking Up Solid Material Within a Flexible Bag - A device for picking up solid material within a flexible bag is provided. The disclosed device comprises an outer body; an inner body substantially and slidably enclosed by the outer body; at least one spring mounted between the outer body and the inner body, wherein the inner and outer bodies each comprises an open end, wherein the inner body comprises an edge margin which is slidably protrudable from the open end of the outer body, wherein an elastic band is stretchably fittable around the protruding edge margin, wherein the outer body can be pushed downwards over the protruding edge margin of the inner body, causing the elastic band to be dislodged from the edge margin of the inner body.10-01-2009
20100181787Pet Waste Collection and Disposal Device - The Pet Waste Collection and Disposal Device is a single use Pet Waste Collection and Disposal Device comprising, a handle, and a flexible formed collector. The handle may be formed of any material sufficiently rigid to force the formed collector into the open position shown. The flexible formed collector may be fabricated of paper, plastic, or any other material of sufficient durability to withstand the stresses of opening, closing, and carriage. The user transitions The Pet Waste Collection and Disposal Device from the closed to the open state by grasping the handle and contacting the ground, or other surface, with the leading edge. Upon contacting the ground or other surface the forward motion imparted by the user causes the handle to pivot in an arc causing the flexible formed collector to open.07-22-2010
20090079211Always clean, portable dog waste scoop and bag - This invention is a portable device for picking up dog waste. The scoop and paddle always stay clean because they are protected by used, or recycled grocery, newspaper or produce plastic bags. The waste scoop, paddle, and bag can be attached to and carried on a person's belt or can even be attached to the dog collar. The device always hangs vertically because the dip contains a swivel mechanism that allows the scoop and bag to flow freely while walking or jogging. There is a nylon bag attached that temporarily holds the disposable plastic bag until disposed. The paddle and scoop are reusable endlessly and always sanitary. You do not have to replace any part of this unit after use except the disposable bags.03-26-2009
20100013251DEJECTA COLLECTOR FOR PETS - A dejecta collector for pets comprises a main body, a loading assembly and an elastic inserting member. One end of the loading assembly is assembled to one end of the main body, and the inserting member is inserted around the opening of the loading assembly and then connected to the main body for the user to control the loading assembly to open and close to hold and carry the dejecta of pets to the rubbish collection point.01-21-2010
20100176611ELECTRICALLY-OPERATED ANIMAL EXCREMENT COLLECTOR - The invention relates to an electrically-operated animal excrement collector comprising two units. The first unit includes a handle, switches and internally-wound leash and a external leash, a LED, a battery and a motor which drives a shaft or endless screw and internal wiring. The second unit includes claws formed by bars which terminate in an angle and which are secured to a supporting element and joined to a cylinder and the endless screw. The claws serve as a bag-securing mechanism. The assembly can be provided with an LED, a leash and a compartment for storing bags.07-15-2010
20090315350COLLECTION AND STORAGE POCKET AND METHODS OF USE - The disclosure relates to a carrier comprising a sleeve and a liner that can be used to collect and transport items. The carrier may be used in connection with the collection and disposal of waste items, including but not limited to, animal waste. The apparatus of the present disclosure combines the usefulness of a carrier or bag to hold items or products with features that assist in acquiring the items themselves. Thus, the apparatus may serve as an apparatus for collecting waste and other items and as an extra “pocket” for storing the waste and personal items. The present invention further provides a way to carry waste and other potentially unsanitary items away from contact with the person picking up the waste, as well as providing an extra layer of protection when picking up waste.12-24-2009
20090315349Animal Waste Disposal System - An animal waste disposal system, comprising a collection bag having an open end and a closed bottom. A waste removal tool is attached to the closed bottom of the collection bag. The waste removal tool including opposing jaws, with each jaw terminating in a blade portion. The opposing jaws are movable from an open position where the opposing jaws are separated from one another to a closed position where the blade portion of one opposing jaw is in close proximity to the blade portion the other opposing jaw.12-24-2009
20100253104Animal waste collection device and related method - An animal waste collection device. A rectangular receptacle cooperates with a mechanical scooper device used to pick up animal waste. A user holds the mechanical scooper in one hand and the receptacle in the other hand. The receptacle is sufficiently large that the scooper will fit into the receptacle and can be manipulated therein to shake loose the waste in the scooper to transfer it to the receptacle. The receptacle includes a porous bottom and flared upstanding sides. A handle is provided in at least one upstanding side. A disposable liner is provided for use with the receptacle wherein a pocket formed in the liner cooperates with the handle in the receptacle to shield the hand of a user from contact with the receptacle.10-07-2010
20100237640Pet waste collection and temporary storage system - A pet waste collection and temporary storage system, comprising a pet waste receptacle container and a leash clip. The disposable container is ergonomically designed, has a lid for closure, and includes a detachable scooper tab. The pet owner needs only two fingers to expand the container from its flattened state. The tab is detached from the back of the container to handle animal waste and is discardable into the container after use. The container's lid may be locked into the closing position by pushing down on the lid with one finger. The container is attached to any preferred location in the pet owner's vicinity via a reusable leash clip. The attachment remains secure against ordinary motions of the pet owner or the leash, but may be disconnected by a ripping motion. The container is simple to operate, easy to manufacture, and 100% biodegradable.09-23-2010
20110042978DISPOSABLE PET WASTE REMOVAL DEVICE - A portable, foldable, and disposable pet waste removal device that can be used by pet owners and animal keepers to remove and dispose of their pets' and animals' solid waste. A pet waste removal device according to the present invention provides an easy-to-use, easy-to-carry, pocket-size device that can be used to pick up and dispose of the animal waste in a sanitary manner. The device allows the user to avoid any contact with the animal waste by touch or feel and also to avoid exposing the waste or its residuals to the outside environment after being contained in the device.02-24-2011
20100164240PET MESS TOOL - A tool for cleaning a pet “mess” from a surface includes a body having a rear wall coupled to a bottom wall, a handle extending generally rearwardly from the rear wall, and an opening formed in the rear wall exposing a rear edge of the bottom wall. When the bottom wall is placed on the surface with the rear edge adjacent the pet “mess”, the handle is grasped by a human hand for pulling the body toward the pet “mess” and between the “mess” and the surface to scoop the “mess” into the body.07-01-2010
20110127784DEVICE FOR COLLECTION OF SOLID WASTS OF CANINE ORIGIN - The present invention refers to an improved device for the collection of solid wastes or deposits of canine or similar origin from the ground, and more specifically to those which are of a disposable nature formed by a bag to house the waste incorporating a mechanism for easy sealability thereof.06-02-2011
20100194128COLLECTOR DEVICE - Articles such as a display device (08-05-2010
20110254297Collection Device for Pet Waste Material - A collection device for pet waste material and method for use of the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, a pair of opposing shells extend from a base at which there is pivotally attachment of the opposing shells. The pair of opposing shells are pivotally movable between a closed shell state with the respective shell ends proximate each other and an open shell state wherein the shell ends are spaced from each other. A bag when folded upon itself may have its pouch inserted into the collection device and held therein between the pair of opposing shells. A pair of pockets are respectively coupled to each of the outer surfaces of the shells and configured to accept fingers for grasping and manipulating the collection device between the closed shell state and the open shell state.10-20-2011
20110254296DOG WASTE SCOOPER CUP AND ASSOCIATED METHOD - A dog waste scooper cup assists a user to pick up dog waste without directly touching the dog waste and preferably includes a body, a handle attached to the body, a curvilinear spout extending upwardly and away from a top-most edge of the body, and a lid pivotally attached to the top-most edge of the body. Notably, the spout may have a serrated top-most end terminating above the top-most edge of the body. Advantageously, the spout may be statically oriented along a direction extending away from the lid such that the spout remains at a stationary position while the lid is pivoted between open and closed positions respectively.10-20-2011
20100026022APPARATUS FOR COLLECTING FECAL WASTE OF ANIMAL - Disclosed is an apparatus for collecting fecal waste of an animal. The apparatus includes a container assembly. The container assembly includes a container member having an inner surface, an outer surface, a closed end portion, and an open end portion. Further, the container assembly includes a handle member configured on the outer surface of the container member. The handle member is capable of removably securing the container assembly to an item. Further, the apparatus includes a lid member disposed on the open end portion of the container member. The lid member includes at least one opening configured thereon. Furthermore, the apparatus includes at least one shovel member disposed in the container member. The at least one shovel member is capable of collecting the fecal waste of the animal.02-04-2010
20120098281PET WASTE COLLECTION DEVICE - Apparatus are provided for collecting pet waste. In embodiments a grapple coupled to a housing is selectively operable between a closed position in which the grapple and housing substantially enclose a body compartment and an open position in which the grapple and housing define a mouth in communication with the body compartment. A handle is coupled to the housing, and a grapple control on the handle is configured to selectively operate the grapple between the open and closed positions. The grapple control may comprise a grip lever. A bag roll may be supported inside the body compartment by an axle mount. Bags may be unspooled from the bag roll and, without being torn from the bag roll, placed over a portion of the housing and the grapple to provide a sanitary barrier between the apparatus and pet waste.04-26-2012
20110316296DOG LITTER GLOVES - A dog litter glove or mitten for collecting dog litter comprising: a hand section; a closure mechanism at an open end of the glove; and an elongated midsection, where said midsection extends down from the hand section and abuts a cuff section, where said cuff section includes a width greater than the width of the midsection. The closure mechanism may include at least one of a zip lock seal and a twist tie. The cuff of the dog litter glove may be rolled up to turn the glove inside out to create a sealed flexible container for the dog litter disposable.12-29-2011
20120025549Sifting Pet Waste Scoop - A pet waste scoop, e.g., cat litter scoop, having a relatively large mouth opening includes body having an open end opposite a closed end and defining an interior therebetween for receiving pet waste for easy disposal thereof. A handle is integrally formed with the body and extends downwardly toward the closed end a predetermined distance such that the user may easily grasp the handle for manipulating the pet waste scoop while maintaining his or her hand a safe distance from the pet waste to be scooped. A plurality of elongate slot-shaped apertures that can be curvilinear are formed within a front surface opposite the handle for sifting the litter scooped with the pet waste scoop. The apertures are defined by a number of rounded elongate sifting bars that also can be of curvilinear construction and configured to prevent pet waste and/or litter build up within the apertures.02-02-2012
20120153648WASTE DISPOSAL SCOOP AND METHOD OF USE - A waste disposal scoop comprising a conical body, where the conical body extends between a base at a lower portion to an folded edge at an upper portion, a front flap attached to the folded edge, where the front flap folds to rest against the conical body, a back scoop attached to an opposing portion of the conical body from the folded edge, where the back scoop lifts an amount of animal waste to slide the animal waste into the conical body, and an adhesive strip attached to an end of the front flap, wherein the adhesive strip secures the front flap to the back scoop after the amount of animal waste is inside the conical body.06-21-2012
20090102211Portable pet waste receptacle - A portable pet waste receptacle includes a frame member manufactured from a first predetermined material and having a first predetermined size and a first predetermined shape. A handle member is releasably securable to such frame member at a predetermined location thereon. Such handle member is manufactured from a second predetermined material and has a second predetermined size and a second predetermined shape. A securing mechanism has a first portion disposed on such handle member at a predetermined end thereof and a second portion disposed on such frame member at a predetermined location thereon for releasably securing such handle member to such frame member. A disposable receptacle member for receiving pet waste therein is releasably attached to such frame member. The disposable receptacle member is manufactured from a third predetermined material and has a third predetermined size and a third predetermined shape.04-23-2009
20120256430Electrically-operated animal excrement collector - An electrically-operated animal excrement collector including an external housing having inside an electrically coupled motor, rechargeable battery and a switch and a collection system engages to the electrical motor via a worm gear. Once the motor is activated the worm gear transmits an up and down lineal movement to the collecting system. The collecting system includes multiple collecting elements simulating claws, which once a bag is inserted at the lower section of the device and the device is activated are able to pick up, store the excrements inside the bag. Optionally, the device may include other elements such as lights, a retractable leash a cylindrical base and a separator unit.10-11-2012
20080303295Device for Collecting Faeces and Contaminated Products - The invention relates to a device for collecting faeces and contaminated products. The inventive device comprises a re-usable rod (12-11-2008
20120299317BIODEGRADABLE PET WASTE COLLECTION DEVICE - An apparatus for collecting and disposing pet waste that includes a biodegradable plastic bag and either one or two built-in disposable collection aids. The user grasps the lower closed end of the bag while also grabbing the built-in disposable collection aid. The bag is then inverted over the user's hand and forearm, providing protection from the pet waste and exposing the built-in collection aid. The collection aid's leading edge acts as a scoop and facilitates scooping up the pet waste. The bag is then inverted once again to its original position and optional handles are tied to close the bag.11-29-2012
20120235430WASTE COLLECTION DEVICE - Methods and apparatus are provided for a hand held device for collecting waste material deposits. In one exemplary embodiment the device comprises a frame with a grip portion, and a waste receptacle with an open end for receiving a waste material deposit. The exemplary device may further comprise a pivoting scoop adapted to swing between a loading position in which the scoop extends generally away from the grip end of the frame, and a dispensing position in which the scoop is generally juxtaposed with the open end of the waste receptacle.09-20-2012
20110210571Reinforced Blown Film Bag - A reinforced blown film bag for minimizing the touch and feel of waste matter collecting experience at the collector hands and for creating fast, clean, efficient, easy and touch-less feel of pet waste matter collection and disposal is disclosed herein. The reinforced blown film bag includes fingers pockets, reinforced surface, pet waste matter collecting pocket, pull remove and tie flaps, easy to carry handles ambidextrous use and in some embodiments may be a flat folded bag to portable packaging.09-01-2011
20120080893Scoop Device with Articulated-Arm Sifting Action - A scoop device having a scoop and a handle with an articulated connection that allows for a sift plate to be operated by manual manipulation of an actuator bar. The actuator bar is operatively connected to the sift plate by means of a reciprocating bar in an articulating manner. The sift plate is positioned to slide along the bottom of the scoop. The actuator bar, which is contained within and a part of the handle, may be spring biased. The scoop bottom and sift plate may include slotted openings. Manipulation of the actuator bar causes the reciprocating bar to rotate, in turn causing the sift plate to move back and forth, thereby sifting, straining or otherwise separating fresh particulate from scoop.04-05-2012
20110260478Cat Box Litter Box Scooper - A scoop strainer is disclosed which may be easily sterilized and which is used for a small animal litter box. The scoop strainer has a base and a curved handle. The base of the scoop strainer has a straight front edge and a planar front face which extends downward and inward from the front edge in a rectangular shape. An arcuate basket edge or rim extends from one end of the front edge to the opposite side of the front edge. A back face and opposed side faces extend downward from the back and side portion of the basket edge or rim.10-27-2011
20110233948Cat Litter Scoop - A cat litter scoop has a handle part and a scoop part. The handle part includes a releasable locking mechanism and a button for releasing the locking mechanism. The scoop part is connected to the handle part via the releasable locking mechanism. When the scoop part is soiled, such as after scooping cat litter, a user presses the button to release the locking mechanism and jettison the scoop part and the user has no contact with the cat litter and no contact with the soiled scoop part. Preferably, the scoop part is biodegradable and may include paper pulp.09-29-2011
20110309645FLEXIBLE PET WASTE COLLECTION DEVICE, KIT CONTAINING SAME AND THE USE THEREOF - A device aiding the collection of animal waste, flexibly in a large variety of bags readily available to the user, has a frame defining an opening through which an animal waste disposal bag can be fed and against which the mouth of the bag can be held open; a scoop member attached to and extending forward of the frame and cooperating with the opening, so that animal waste scooped up into the scoop member can be manipulated through the opening into the mouth of the bag held open against the frame; a handle attached to or integrated into the frame; and at least one bag position holder attached to or integrated into the frame at a position opposing the position on the frame at which the handle is attached or integrated. A kit containing the device and a method of using the device to collect animal waste are also disclosed.12-22-2011

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