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292 - Closure fasteners

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292341150 With movable dog, catch or striker 50
292341180 Adjustable 6
292341120 With silencing or anti-rattle means 4
20090212579Striker with damper - The present invention provides a striker with dampening features. The striker provides for improved noise and vibration control characteristics. The striker also reduces or eliminates chucking, squeak and rattle concerns in a door closure. The striker may include a base for mounting to a support structure, such as a vehicle. The striker may include a post capable of engaging the latch mechanism. The striker may also include a bridge that may extend between the back wall and the post. The striker may also have at least one protrusion located along a side of the bridge that is capable of engaging the latch mechanism. The striker may further include a wedge located adjacent the back wall and capable of wedged engagement with the fishmouth.08-27-2009
20090021027MOTOR VEHICLE DOOR LOCK - A vehicle door latch with a locking mechanism (01-22-2009
20110025078ANTI-CHUCKING LATCH STRIKER - A striker having a bumper for mounting to a support structure and for engagement with a latch mechanism is described. The striker includes improved noise and vibration control characteristics to reduce or eliminate chucking, squeak and rattle concerns. The striker may include a base, a bumper post, a post, a bridge, and a bumper. The base may include at least one aperture for connecting the base to the support structure. The bumper post may extend outwardly from the base. The post may extend outwardly from the base and be engageable with the latch mechanism. The bridge may extend between the bumper post and post at a distance away from the base, wherein the bridge may engage a fishmouth of the latch mechanism. The bumper may be chemically bonded to the bumper post, wherein the bumper may be capable of wedged engagement with an entrance of the latch mechanism.02-03-2011
292341140 Covers 3
20090039659Door Anti-Latch Device - A door anti-latch device includes a base mounted to a door or a door frame, and a lever rotatably mounted to the base so that the lever can rotate about a pivot point from an open position to a latching position. The lever includes a handle end and an opposing stop end. The lever can be rotated between the open position and the latching position by moving the lever handle. The lever stop prevents the door from latching when the lever is in the open position and will not prevent the door from latching when the lever is in the latching position. The door anti-latch device can be moved from the open position to the latching position without leaving the room or opening the door.02-12-2009
20130038075STRIKER CONCEALMENT MECHANISM AND METHOD - A vehicle closure assembly includes a closure movable relative to a vehicle opening between closed and open positions. A latch is coupled to one of a threshold of the vehicle opening and the closure, and a striker is coupled to the other of the threshold of the vehicle opening and the closure. The striker and latch are engageable to secure the closure in the closed position. A striker cover is movable relative to the striker between a concealing position in which the striker is substantially concealed from the latch, and an exposing position in which the striker is substantially exposed to the latch. An actuator is coupled to the striker cover and is operable to move the striker cover to the concealing position or the exposing position from the other position in response to movement of the closure relative to the vehicle opening.02-14-2013
20090045636LATCH SYSTEM FOR AN INFORMATION HANDLING SYSTEM - A latch system and method according to which a latch is connected to a component such as a chassis. A component is adapted for movement relative to the chassis at an angle of from about 0 degrees to about 90 degrees. The component is operably engaged in response to the relative movement.02-19-2009
292341000 Segment 2
20100237636SLAM LATCH AND METHOD FOR THE ASSEMBLY THEREOF - A slam latch includes a housing and a pair of slide latch components biased toward a strike channel by springs. Each of the slide latch components is independently slideable in a track between a locking position, wherein the slide latch components extend into the strike channel, and a strike receiving position, wherein the slide latch components are slideably moved away from the strike channel into the tracks against the biasing force of the springs. A modular latch kit provides for one of the latch components to be replaced with a plug so as to block any opening on that side of the strike channel. A method of assembling a latch includes selecting either a combination of a latch component and a spring, or a plug, and disposing the selected combination or the plug in the housing.09-23-2010
20100060020DOOR LATCH ASSEMBLY AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - A door latch assembly is attachable to a door jamb. The door latch assembly includes a base member and an extension member. The base member is mountable to the door jamb. The extension member is connectable to the base member such that the extension member extends from the base member. The extension member has a door stop member and a latch cup member. The door stop member is disposed substantially perpendicular to the latch cup member so that the door stop member provides a support for the door and the latch cup member receives a latch of the door so that the door is maintained in an ajar position.03-11-2010
292341110 With anti-friction means 1
20090066094LOW FRICTION ADJUSTABLE ROLLER PIN - A roller pin of the type mounted on a tie bar that slides to drive the roller pin into engagement with a keeper of a casement window includes an inner pin and an outer roller. The outer roller includes an integral outer flange that is circular and spins with the outer roller to reduce friction during engagement with keeper. The inner pin includes an offset mounting pin at one end and is enlarged at the other end to hold the outer roller on the inner pin. The enlarged end of the inner pin is flush with the outer flange and is provided with a recessed opening that receives a tool, such as a screwdriver, to rotate the inner pin and adjust its position relative to the tie bar and a keeper. The invention is also directed to a tie bar and multiple roller pins in combination.03-12-2009
20100072763Method and apparatus for shimming door latch keeper plate - Shims are provided to be placed behind a door jamb strike plate in order to reduce the distance between the door edge and the strike plate. Decreasing the distance between the strike plate and the door permits the dead latch or the locking arm of a door latch to more fully engage a hole in the strike plate so that the door may be held shut. The shims may have various thicknesses and may be used in combination to achieve a desired overall adjustment. The shims are typically plastic which is provided in the shape of the strike plate or cut to a desired shape. The shims may be placed either at the time of a door installation, or at a later date when the door or jamb may have settled, or expanded slightly.03-25-2010
20130076049STRIKER FOR A SEAT - A striker that may be used with a latch assembly. The striker may include first and second mounting flanges and a striker body. Striker body may include an indentation that may extend toward the second mounting flange.03-28-2013
20100007157LATCH ASSEMBLY FOR BI-FOLD DOORS - A latch assembly for locking one or more bi-fold doors in a frame which has a bracket for pivotably securing the latch assembly in a selected position relative to the doors and frame; and the latch assembly has a stepped bar having an intermediate section pivotally arranged in the bracket, a latching leg extending outwardly from the bracket perpendicular to the intermediate section and a handle leg extending outwardly from said bracket perpendicular to the intermediate section remote from the latching leg, whereby pivotal manipulation of the handle leg causes the latching leg to latch or unlatch the door in the frame.01-14-2010
20120112477MOVABLE WEDGE DEVICE FOR VEHICLE DOOR FIXING APPARATUS AND VEHICLE DOOR FIXING APPARATUS - A movable wedge device for a vehicle door fixing apparatus includes a base plate configured to be fixed to one of a vehicle body panel and a door panel, a mounting hole formed on the base plate and configured to be inserted with a mounting member, a movable wedge provided at the base plate to be movable between a position where the movable wedge covers the mounting hole and a position where the mounting hole is exposed, the movable wedge configured to press onto a fixed wedge configured to be provided at the other of the vehicle body panel and the door panel, a biasing member biasing the movable wedge towards the position where the movable wedge covers the mounting hole, and a hold member detachably provided for stopping a sliding movement of the movable wedge and retaining the movable wedge at the position where the mounting hole is exposed.05-10-2012
20090250951STRIKE PLATE, KIT AND METHOD OF SECURING A DOOR AGAINST FORCED ENTRY - A strike plate is provided. Such strike plate includes a substantially flat member, manufactured from a predetermined material and having a predetermined size and a predetermined shape. Such substantially flat member includes a first aperture disposed there through for receiving a bolt portion of a deadbolt attached to a door. A securing mechanism is engageable with such substantially flat member and a door frame of such door for securing such substantially flat member to such door frame.10-08-2009
20090121499RELEASABLE TRAILER DOOR - A system of locking a door is disclosed. The system according to the present invention comprises a releasable keeper that secures a door locking mechanism to keep a door secured to an enclosure in a locked position. A release mechanism that is operated from the interior of the enclosure releases the releasable keeper from the enclosure and enable the door to be opened and prevents people from becoming trapped within the enclosure by a locked door. In an exemplary embodiment, the release mechanism is operated by a lever that operates a pulley system to disengage the release mechanism from the releasable keeper.05-14-2009
20080265590DOOR STRIKE AND INSTALLATION METHOD - A door strike construction and installation method is provided for aid in locating and installing a door strike in a door frame. The door strike of the present invention comprises a strike plate for coupling to a door frame, an opening in the strike plate adapted for receiving a door latch bolt, a dust box coupled to the strike plate at a boundary or perimeter of the opening and adapted to receive the door latch bolt, and one or more center point apertures formed on a generally flat, innermost portion of the dust box and positioned to provide center points for marking one or more positions for drilling into the door frame to provide a space for receiving the dust box and installing the dust box in the door frame.10-30-2008
20100201138PREHUNG DOOR JAMB INSERT WITH SECURITY AND ADJUSTMENT FEATURES - A prehung door jamb assembly is provided that includes a strike plate mounting assembly configured to fasten to a door jamb. The strike plate mounting assembly includes a longitudinal extending support plate, a longitudinal extending second plate, first and second strike plate supports, a spacer, at least one adjustment fastener, and at least one fastener.08-12-2010
20090079208STRIKER USED FOR VEHICULAR OPENING/CLOSING MEMBER AND ITS MANUFACTURING METHOD - A striker further excellent in durability is provided. A striker for a vehicular opening/closing member of the invention includes a base plate made of a steel penetrated with a post hole, and a post projected from the base plate by being caulked in a state of inserting an end portion of a rod member made of steel to the post hole. An inner face of the post hole is formed with at least one groove recessed in an outer direction of a diameter relative to an axis center of the post hole. The end portion clamps a surface side edge and a back face side edge of the post hole and is made to plastically flow at inside of the groove.03-26-2009
20080252085Adjustable Strike - This invention is for an adjustable strike. The adjustable strike is a strike plate having a hole to receive a latch bolt. There is an adjustment piece that adjusts the size of the hole so that the latch bolt will latch properly.10-16-2008
20080203739Mixed type refrigerator with unit to keep doors closed - A refrigerator capable of preventing the loss of cool air caused by successive closing of both refrigerating compartment doors. The refrigerator includes a body having a storage compartment, a pair of first and second doors provided at opposite sides of the body to open or close the storage compartment together, and a closing keeping unit provided between each door and the body, to prevent the first door, which is in a closed state, from being opened by a predetermined external force generated as the second door is closed, while allowing the first door to be opened by an external force exceeding the predetermined external force, thereby efficiently preventing the loss of cool air due to the unintentional opening of the closed door.08-28-2008
20080217932STRIKER APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE - A striker apparatus for a vehicle includes a striker adapted to be engaged with a locking member secured at an engaging object and having a pair of base portions, a base member having a pair of attaching holes, a reinforcement member placed on the base member and including a pair of insertion holes opening to face the pair of attaching holes respectively, and a pair of flanges formed at each of base portions being inserted into each of the pair of the attaching holes and each of the insertion holes for holding the base member and the reinforcement member therebetween.09-11-2008
20110316294DOOR STRIKER UNIT FOR VEHICLE - The present invention relates to a door striker unit for a vehicle. The door striker unit for a vehicle includes a retainer connected to a rear side of the vehicle's side outer panel, a engaging plate connected to a rear surface of the retainer, and a striker connected to the engaging plate and positioned on a front side of the vehicle's side outer panel, wherein the engaging plate includes a welding portion welded to the retainer, an engaging portion having an integral bolt engaging portion for connection with the striker, and a connecting portion integrally connecting the welding portion and the engaging portion, wherein the connecting portion comprises a protruding curved portion.12-29-2011
20090218832Door Strike - A door strike comprising: a body; a retaining means for retaining a latch bolt, the retaining means being movable with respect to the body between a latch bolt retaining position and a latch bolt releasing position; a locking means for releasably locking the retaining means in the latch bolt retaining position; and detecting means for detecting removal of the body from a door frame.09-03-2009
20110084507ENGAGEMENT FITTING AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF ENGAGEMENT FITTING - An engagement fitting comprises a hook that is integrally formed from a metal rod member. The rod member is bent into a generally U-shaped configuration. Bases then can be bent at approximately right angles at base ends of a pair of legs of the generally U-shaped hook. The bases extend to opposite sides from one another across a plane that is generally defined by the U-shaped configuration. The base is formed at least partially flat and can be provided with attachments such that the engagement fitting can be mounted on other members.04-14-2011
20120169073INTEGRATED RECESSED LATCH ASSEMBLY - A dish for mounting a latch thereto, the dish including a strike, a peripheral sidewall, a recessed bottom wall forming a dish interior, a flange surrounding the peripheral sidewall adapted for mounting the dish to a container, and a cavity in the recessed bottom wall adapted for receiving a latch, the dish divided into two parts, a lower first part and an upper second part, the strike integral with the upper second part, the strike in proximity to the cavity.07-05-2012
20100007156Glove box striker with box clip attachment feature - The present invention provides a striker with a box clip feature. The striker may be mounted to a support structure for engagement with a latch mechanism. The striker may include a body for mounting to a support structure, such as an instrument panel in a vehicle. The striker may include a latch bar capable of engaging the latch mechanism. The striker may also include a locating feature that may aid in alignment within the support structure for quick assembly. The box clip feature may include an aperture that is capable of connecting said body to the support structure.01-14-2010
20120228887DOOR FRAME SECURITY DEVICE - There is provided a door frame security device, the frame having an inside portion and an outside portion with a strike plate affixed thereto, the strike plate mating with a bolt of the door as the bolt passes through it and a bolt bore in the door frame. The door frame security device includes a security plate adapted to be affixed to the inside portion of the door frame before installing the door frame. A reinforcing device for reinforcing the bolt bore may be interdependent with and extend from the security plate and may be positioned in-line and placed through the bolt bore. When the door is locked, the bolt passes through the strike plate and the bolt bore in the door frame and engages the reinforcing device that extends from the security plate. The bolt, security plate and reinforcing device jointly resist impact forces on the door.09-13-2012
20120319412ENGAGING MECHANISM OF CLOSING DEVICE - An engaging mechanism of a closing device includes an engaging block, a positioning hook and a pin. The engaging block has a contact surface and a guide surface extending from the contact surface. The positioning hook is connected to the engaging block and has a resilient portion and a stop which extends from the resilient portion. The stop is located adjacent to the contact surface and located at a distance from the guide surface. The pin is located corresponding to the engaging block and slidably contacts the contact surface and the stop of the positioning hook. The pin moves over the stop and is disengaged from the contact surface by contacting against the stop and the deformation of the resilient portion.12-20-2012
20120286525METHOD FOR PRODUCING LOCK RETAINERS AND LOCK RETAINER - In order to produce a lock retainer (11-15-2012
20090058108REINFORCED VEHICLE DOOR LATCH STRIKER - A striker of a vehicle door latch device comprises a longitudinal plate-like metal base and a U-shaped metal engaging member including a first leg part, a second leg part and a front connecting part. The first leg part has, at a front side portion thereof, a latch engaging part which is engageable with an engaging recess of a latch of the vehicle door latch device. The first leg part has, at a rear side portion thereof, a reinforced large diameter part with a larger diameter than that of the latch engaging part. A length of the reinforced large diameter part being 20% or more of the length of the first leg part.03-05-2009
20080224486DOOR JAMB REINFORCING SYSTEM - A door jamb reinforcing system comprising a first reinforcing member, wherein the first reinforcing member comprises a plurality of first screw receiving openings for receiving mounting screws, a latch bolt receiving aperture, and at least one deadbolt latch bolt receiving aperture; a strike plate; and a second reinforcing member, wherein the second reinforcing member has a substantially L-shaped cross section and comprises a plurality of corresponding second screw receiving openings for receiving mounting screws, a strike plate receiving aperture, and at least one deadbolt latch bolt receiving aperture, wherein the deadbolt latch bolt receiving aperture is formed to correspond to the deadbolt latch bolt receiving aperture; wherein when the first reinforcing member and the second reinforcing member are attachable to a door frame in overlying contacting abutting relation with each other and with the door jamb with mounting screws.09-18-2008
20080197643Adjustable Striker Assembly - A striker assembly, and method of forming, for use with a closure for a vehicle compartment is disclosed. The striker may have a main shaft with a hoop extending from a first end, threads extending around the main shaft, and a rotational retention feature adjacent to the threads. A bracket may have a pair of mounting flanges, a first wall including a threaded hole therethrough that engages the threads, a second wall, spaced from the first wall, having a hole therethrough that engages the main shaft, and a flexible arm having a catch engageable with the rotational retention feature.08-21-2008
20110309644LATCH STRIKER WITH INTEGRAL LIGHT MECHANISM - A latch striker may be used in a vehicle to hingedly attach a door, such as a glove box door to an instrument panel of a vehicle such that the door may be selectively opened and closed. The latch striker of the present embodiment may comprise a body, a latch bar attached to the body at an end of the body. The latch bar is capable of removably securing to a catch mechanism of the vehicle. The latch striker may further comprise a mounting device formed in a portion of the body substantially opposite the end of the body, the mounting device is capable of attaching to the vehicle, and a light mechanism secured to the body.12-22-2011
20110309643Door lock and jamb strike plates - The door lock and jamb strike plates may be stamped or otherwise formed of metal plate of conventional thickness, but include screw passages and receptacles for the screw heads having axes defining oblique angles between the planes of the plates and the screw axes. In the case of the door lock or deadbolt mortise plates, the screw head receptacles and passages are angled away from one another, with their axes oriented away from the knob and latch mechanism therebetween. In the case of the jamb strike plate or jamb deadbolt plate, the screw head receptacles and passages are oriented to pass into the center of the wood structure behind the plate to provide additional strength. The plates may be provided individually or as a kit, with or without screws.12-22-2011
20120056439ADAPTER DEVICE - The invention relates to an adapter device (03-08-2012

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