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283087000 And incorporated radiation filter 12
283092000 On incorporated fluorescent material 11
283086000 Laser on incorporated hologram 5
20080290649Laser Transfer of Security Features - The present invention relates to a process for increasing the counterfeiting protection of high-value products, documents of value and security documents by means of uncopyable security features which are transferred into the respective material with the aid of laser technology.11-27-2008
20080284157Tamper Evident Identification Documents - A tamper evident security document including: a transparent substrate; an ink receptive coating applied to at least one side of the substrate, said coating including a laser markable additive dispersed therein; at least one laser formed marking or image created in the coating by exposure of the laser markable additive to laser radiation; and printed data applied to the ink receptive coating; wherein the marking or image in the coating is removed or destroyed upon an attempt to alter the printed data.11-20-2008
20080224463Method for Producing a Data Carrier - In order to produce a data carrier, a substrate is printed with a printing ink and personalized by means of a laser. The printing ink is laser-active and is converted at least in regions during the personalization in such a way that, for example, a silver-grade pigment is formed which is readily visible only when the substrate is inclined. In particular, the printing ink has a comparatively small proportion of carbon black that is converted by the laser essentially without disturbing combustion and overall formation.09-18-2008
283093000 Having dot pattern 3
20090127845SECURITY ELEMENT HAVING A DIGITISED MARK AND SECURITY SUPPORT OR DOCUMENT COMPRISING SAME - The invention relates to a security element comprising a carrier substrate comprising a transparent or translucent area carrying at least one digitised mark made of at least one set of dots appearing as a three dimensional mark when viewed in transmitted light. The invention relates to a security support or document or article comprising the said security element and to the method of identification and/or authentication of this security support or document or article.05-21-2009
20080231040SECURITY DOCUMENT WITH FADE-WAY PORTION - The present invention is directed to a method and system for printing documents with a security image. The security image is formed of dots of a particular size and arranged in a pattern. The size and pattern are selected such that when the printed document is copied on a standard printer the security image is faded or invisible and therefore the resulting copy is clearly not an original document.09-25-2008
20090315319SECURITY DOCUMENTS AND METHODS OF DETERRING COUNTERFEITING - Apparatus and methods are described for a security document comprising a border formed at least partially by a plurality of microprint characters. At least a portion of the microprint characters are arranged in a curvilinear pattern, and at least a portion of the microprint characters are not substantially reproducible via a digital imaging device.12-24-2009
20090115185SECURITY ELEMENT AND METHOD FOR ITS PRODUCTION - The present invention relates to a security element (05-07-2009
20080258456Visually Variable Security Element and Method for Production Thereof - The present invention relates to an optically variable security element (10-23-2008
20100117350METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR VALIDATING A SECURITY MARKING - A method and system for authenticating an item by using a security marking. The security marking is provided on the item with an OVD ink capable of absorbing light in a visible wavelength range to appear visibly black and producing a red fluorescent emission under ultraviolet excitation. Under visible light illumination and ultraviolet excitation, a visible image and a fluorescent image are obtained from the security marking using image scanners. The images are compared to find a substantial match with each other. The security marking can be a postage indicium, a barcode, a symbol, a message or an image. The item to be authenticated can be a mailpiece, a banknote, a tag, a ticket, a document, an identification card, or the like.05-13-2010
20090121473Optical Structure, in Particular for a Security Document and/or a Document of Value - The present invention provides an optical structure, in particular for a security document and/or a document of value, the structure comprising: 05-14-2009
20130043670SECURITY DEVICE - A security device includes a transparent, coloured element in a first region of the device and in a surface of which a first optically variable effect generating relief structure is formed. A reflection enhancing layer extends over the first optically variable effect generating relief microstructure and follows the contour of the relief, the reflection enhancing layer also being provided in a second region of the device laterally offset from the first region.02-21-2013
20090045618Security Device - A security document has a first region and an adjacent second region, the regions defining a security device. Opposite sides of the first region are provided with first and second, complementary indicia registered with respect to one another, the first region being sufficiently transparent that both the first and second indicia are viewable from either side of the document under reflected light. Third indicia are provided on the second region on the same side of the document, registered with, and complementary to, the first indicia, and fourth indicia are provided on the second region on the same side of the document, registered with, and complementary to, the second indicia, the third and fourth indicia also being complementary to and registered with respect to one another. The second region is sufficiently opaque such that when the document is viewed under reflected light only the third and fourth indicia facing the observer are visible, but is sufficiently transparent when the document is viewed from either side under transmitted light, both the third and fourth indicia are visible.02-19-2009
20110001314SECURITY CODES WITHIN SCRATCH-OFF LAYERS AND METHOD OF EMBEDDING THEREOF - A scratch-off document may include a substrate bearing printed content and a scratch-off layer covering the printed content. The scratch-off layer may include a mass of a first ink and a portion of a second ink embedded within the first ink. The first ink and the second ink may exhibit a metameric match when exposed to visible light, and the second ink may be positioned to form a security code01-06-2011
20100001508SECURITY DOCUMENT - The invention concerns a security document comprising a translucent carrier substrate, in particular of paper and/or plastic material, and at least one security element which is applied to the carrier substrate or embedded in the carrier substrate and which presents at least one image when viewed in the transillumination mode from at least a first side of the security document and simulates a presence of at least a first watermark in the carrier substrate, wherein the security element has at least region-wise at least one layer which simulates the first watermark, wherein the at least one layer of the security element, that simulates the first watermark, imparts thereto unexpected optical effects in relation to security elements with conventional watermarks.01-07-2010
20120217736Laser Markable Security Film - A security film including, in order, a transparent biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate support (08-30-2012
20130056973IMAGE CARD, IMAGE ENGRAVING DEVICE AND IMAGE ENGRAVING METHOD - An image card has an image formed on a card base by engraving striped grooves having different angles according to the degree of shading of the image by the engraving.03-07-2013
20130056972SECURITY ELEMENT HAVING LIGHT-CONDUCTING STRUCTURES - The invention relates to a security element having a carrier substrate, at least one surface layer and a waveguide layer, characterized in that the waveguide layer has at least one area in which light is guided both laterally and vertically.03-07-2013
20120223516Security Document with Security Feature on Edge - A security document precursor including one or more lamellae provided with two or more holes near a perimeter edge surface of the precursor, wherein the holes perforate the largest surface of the one or more lamellae, and wherein at least one of the holes is filled with a coloured material which differs in colour from at least one of the one or more lamellae, such that the coloured material is visible from a direction perpendicular on the perimeter edge surface; wherein at least one of the one or more lamellae is transparent or translucent: or wherein at least one of the one or more lamellae is opaque and the opaque part of the at least one of the one or more lamellae between the perimeter edge and the hole filled with a coloured material has been removed. A security document and a method of preparing the security document precursor are also disclosed.09-06-2012
20090008925SECURITY DEVICE FOR THE IDENTIFICATION OR AUTHENTICATION OF GOODS AND METHOD FOR SECURING GOODS USING SUCH A SECURITY DEVICE - A security device for the identification or authentication of goods is described. It comprises a stochastic pattern comprising structures having an average lateral structure size d and arranged such that an image of at least a part of the security device, when treated through 2D Fourier transformation and calculation of a corresponding Power Spectrum Density, may lead to a peak, in a spatial-frequency domain, having a position in this domain correlated to d and a size distribution value w which, when inverted, is correlated to a size distribution of the structures. The value w according to the invention is smaller than 2/d, so that when directing a coherent light beam on at least part of the structures a ring-shaped scattering speckle pattern is formed, on the basis of which d and w may be calculated to implement identification or authentication of the device.01-08-2009
20130161939PRINTED ARTICLES WITH OPTICALLY VARIABLE PROPERTIES - A printed article with optically variable properties that includes a printable media on which a printed feature has been formed with an ink composition. Said ink composition contains metal oxide particles that have an average particle size in the range of about 3 to about 180 nm and that have a refractive index superior or equal to 1.2. The printable media contains a bottom supporting substrate, an ink-absorbing layer and a metallized top layer with pore diameters that are smaller than the size of the metal oxide particles, and the ink composition forms, onto the printable media, a printed feature that exhibits optically variable properties.06-27-2013
20120098249SECURITY ELEMENT, SECURITY SYSTEM AND PRODUCTION METHODS THEREFOR - The invention relates to a security element for security papers, value documents or the like, with a carrier having an upper side and a lower side and comprising several reflective first micro-imaging elements flatly arranged in a first pattern, and second micro-imaging elements flatly arranged in a second pattern, a first microstructure object which contains several first microstructures which are arranged in a first microstructure pattern so adapted to the first pattern that the first microstructure object is imaged in magnified form in front of the upper side by means of the first micro-imaging elements, and a second microstructure object which contains several second microstructures which are arranged in a second microstructure pattern so adapted to the second pattern that the second microstructure object is imaged in magnified form in front of the underside by means of the second micro-imaging elements.04-26-2012
20110291401FORGERY-PROOF SECURITY ELEMENT WITH COLOR SHIFT EFFECT - A tamper-proof security element includes at least one polymer spacer layer and two metal cluster layers. One or more of the layers, in addition to their function, fulfills a security feature in their color-shift set-up.12-01-2011
20100230946Printed matter providing optically readable information - [Problem] To provide a printed matter that provides optically readable information, has excellent durability against wind, rain, and light, and that can be produced more simply and at low cost. In addition, to provide a printed matter set that contains a plurality of the aforementioned printed matters, and a method for producing this printed matter set.09-16-2010
20110204617SECURITY ARTICLE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A method of manufacturing a security article (10) is provided, comprising applying an first adhesive layer to a substrate (08-25-2011
20090261572Security Document and Method of Making Same - Security document, such as a banknote, a value paper, an identification document, an access card, a security label or packaging, comprising an imprint-able substrate, chosen from the group of papers, cardboards, textiles and polymer sheets, as a first constituting part, and at least a second constituting part, chosen from the group of printing inks, security threads, windows, fibers, planchettes, foils, and decals, wherein a same security element is contained at least a first time in or on one of its constituting parts, and at least a second time in or on another of its constituting parts. Method for producing a security document, characterized in that a same security element is applied at least a first time in a first step to one constituting part of said document, and at least a second time in a second step to another constituting part of said document.10-22-2009
20090179418OPTICALLY EFFECTIVE SURFACE RELIEF MICROSTRUCTURES AND METHOD OF MAKING THEM - The present invention relates to an element comprising a surface area with a specific, optically effective surface relief microstructure (07-16-2009
20090127844Security Element Having a Laser Marking - The present invention relates to a security element for security papers, value documents and the like, having a laser-markable transparent or translucent marking layer into which, through the action of laser radiation, visually perceptible identifiers are introduced in the form of patterns, letters, numbers and/or images. The identifiers each comprise a lamellar structure composed of a plurality of substantially parallel lamella that extend into the depth of the marking layer and include the parameters color, width, height, lateral orientation, tilt angle and/or spacing.05-21-2009
20090212553INFORMATION PAGE AND A METHOD - An information page (08-27-2009
20090121472UV-Visible-IR Multi-Wave Length Laser Marking Process - An anti-counterfeiting method and apparatus causes a first mark to be produced on an object such as a pill in a package and then causes a second mark to be produced on said object while also producing said second mark on the plastic package cover over said object. A first laser beam producing means produces a first laser beam, preferably in the IR spectrum, and produces said first mark on the object when the beam passes through said cover. A second laser beam producing means produces a second laser beam preferably in the UV spectrum. The second laser beam also passes through said cover and produces said second mark superimposed on said first mark on said object. The second mark is always different from said first mark. Continued passing of said second beam through said cover causes said cover cloud up and form said second mark on said cover also. Accordingly, it is possible to determine if said object is in its original packaging by comparing the second mark on the object with the mark on the plastic cover and, if the objects are separated from their original packaging, when and where the object was made from the information embedded in said second mark on said object.05-14-2009
20090200791Oriented Image Coating on Transparent Substrate - The present invention discloses a security element comprising a transparent substrate and a magnetically oriented image coating on said substrate, wherein said image coating is preferably laid out such as to show a 3-dimensional effect, appearing in positive or negative relief respectively, if observed form the recto- or the verso side, respectively. The security element can be easily identified by the unaided eye, by just turning around the document and observing the angle-dependent image on either side. On the other hand, the security element cannot be reproduced by scanning or copying the document.08-13-2009
20090230670Security Element Having a Viewing- Angle Dependent Aspect - The invention discloses a security element having a coating layer which appears transparent at certain angles of view, giving visual access to underlying information, whilst staying opaque at other angles of view. Documents of value, right, identity, security labels or branded goods comprising said security element, as well as a method for producing said security element, are also disclosed. Using appropriate substrate surfaces, optically variable and otherwise angle-dependent visual effects can be realized.09-17-2009
20090212554PRINTING - An image article comprises a substrate having a security image coated on at least a portion thereof, which security image effects less than 50% reflectance of radiation of a wavelength between 800 and 900 nm, wherein the security image comprises a defined infrared-absorbing compound, for example Pigment Green 8, wherein said infrared-absorbing compound does not create a strongly coloured security image.08-27-2009
20090243279Security device for security substrates - The invention relates to a security device for security substrates, such as paper, used for making security documents, such as bank notes, having anti-counterfeitable features. The security device comprising a carrier (10-01-2009
20100148487FLEXIBLE ADHESIVE LABEL FOR SECURITY FURNISHED WITH AT LEAST ONE CONTACTLESS MICROCIRCUIT FOR AN OFFICIAL DOCUMENT - A flexible adhesive label for anti-falsification security includes a first flexible sheet (06-17-2010
20100164218METHOD FOR PROVIDING PRINTS WITH FLUORESCENT EFFECTS AND THE PRINT ITEM - The invention describes a method providing prints with fluorescent effects on a document generated by color electrophotographic print processes, employing an electrophotographic printer equipped with five print modules, where four printing stations are equipped with black, yellow, magenta and cyan toners and a fifth station is equipped with substantially clear fluorescent toners to be printed on top of the color toners or directly on a substrate of the print document. In further developments of the present invention, the clear fluorescent toner absorbs light in the UV-A range or comprises metallic pigments or metallic effect pigments added to the clear fluorescent toner.07-01-2010
20120299287SECURITY SYSTEM WITH OPTICAL WAVEGUIDE - A security document comprises a substrate (11-29-2012
20100194091SEE-THROUGH SECURITY ELEMENT WITH MICROSTRUCTURES - The present invention relates to a see-through security element (08-05-2010
20100253061PHOTONIC CRYSTAL SECURITY DEVICE AND METHOD - A method of forming an optically variable security device is provided. In the method, a photonic crystal material is provided and a process is performed upon the material which causes deformation of the material so as to form a first region (A) for which incident light received by the crystal material is selectively reflected or transmitted to generate a first optically variable effect, and a second region (B) for which incident light received generates an optical effect, different from the first optically variable effect. Corresponding devices having first and second regions are also disclosed.10-07-2010
20090115184FORGERY-PROOF VALUE DOCUMENT AND METHOD FOR ITS EXAMINATION - A forgery-proof value document, in particular a postage stamp, is examined for its authenticity. The value document contains a two-dimensional area with a security element in the form of a two-dimensional structure. The two-dimensional area is provided with, for example printed with, at least one first and at least one other substance. When illuminated with light that is visible to the human eye, the two substances have the same hue and different hues when illuminated with infrared light. The security element is placed on the value document by use the first substance, the remaining part of the area by use of the at least one other substance. When illuminated with visible light the entire two-dimensional area appears in the same hue. When illuminated with infrared light the security element is optically distinguished from the remaining area.05-07-2009
20110115212METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF SECURITY ELEMENTS HAVING REGISTERED LAYERS OF DESIGNS - The present invention relates to a method for producing a security element (05-19-2011
20100194092Discrimination Medium and Discrimination Method for Discriminating the Same - A discrimination medium on which printing can be freely performed, which cannot be easily falsified, in which the authenticity can be easily discriminated by unique appearance, and which can be produced at low cost, is provided. A cholesteric liquid crystal layer 08-05-2010
20120187674SECURITY ELEMENT FOR DETECTING AUTHENTICITY - The present invention pertains to a security element for authenticity verification, in particular, of security documents, banknotes, valuable documents, coins, chips, commodities, design elements, data carriers and similar objects. The inventive security element comprises a first layer (07-26-2012
20110175345SECURITY FILM AND PROCESS FOR PREPARATION THEREOF - Disclosed heroin are an anti-counterfeiting film and a process for preparation thereof. The anti-counterfeiting film comprises a protective layer (07-21-2011
20110101670SECURITY ELEMENT WITH OPTICALLY VARIABLE ELEMENT - The invention relates to a security element of at least one thin layer element in form of a multi-layer composition, capable of interference. The multi-layer composition, capable of interference, consists of at least one reflecting layer, at least one partially transmitting layer and at least one dielectric layer arranged between these layers.05-05-2011
20100244429Issuing machine and issuing system - An issuing system for issuing unmodifiable and/or unforgeable hardcopy documents or securities includes a server and a plurality of issuing machines connected to the server via a network. Each of the issuing machines receives an ID recording medium provided by a potential purchaser, retrieves an identification recoded in the received ID recording medium, requests the potential purchaser to input request for a transaction of the security or fixed rate financing instrument, processes the requested transaction by retrieving information via a network from the server, and prints out on demand a hardcopy of the security or fixed rate financing instrument as purchased by the potential purchaser and a checksum thereon. A method for forming a new market with the issuing system.09-30-2010
20090315318Personalizing ID Document Images - A security feature for an identification document comprising a document substrate, a first security feature applied to the document substrate, and an image of a bearer of the identification document transferred over the first security feature. The image includes a knockout portion in which selected areas of the image are not transferred to the substrate. The selected areas expose the first security feature and selected areas are in the form of personal information of the bearer of the document.12-24-2009
20100320744Printed matter, printed matter forming apparatus, and printed matter forming method - Provided is a printed matter, a printed matter forming apparatus, and a printed matter forming method, which improve the expression of the texture. A lower layer having an upper surface provided with concavities and convexities different for each region; an image layer provided above the lower layer, the image layer forming an image and transmitting part of incident light towards the lower layer; and a surface layer provided above the image layer, the surface layer having an upper surface provided with concavities and convexities different for each region, the surface layer transmitting part of incident light towards the image layer are included. This allows various textures to be expressed fully.12-23-2010
20110079997Security Element and Method for the Production Thereof - The invention relates to a security element (04-07-2011
20110095518SECURITY ELEMENT AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A security element for securing valuable articles comprises an optically variable layer (04-28-2011
20100213698IMPROVEMENTS IN SECURITY ELEMENTS - The invention relates to improvements in security elements for use in or on security substrates. In particular the invention is concerned with security elements having public recognition features. The security element comprises at least one light transmitting carrier substrate, a first metal layer having substantially metal-free areas defining indicia which are visible in transmitted light, a partial first light scattering layer providing further indicia which are visible in reflected light. The first light scattering layer overlaps the metal free areas in the first metal layer.08-26-2010
20110215562PAIRED OPTICALLY VARIABLE SECURITY ELEMENT - Disclosed is a paired optically variable security element which comprises first and second optically variable thin-film multilayer interference devices in the form of optically variable foils or of printings made with inks comprising optically variable interference pigments, wherein said first and second interference devices exhibit spectral matching at a determined angle of incidence. Sets of optically variable devices and of coating compositions comprising optically variable pigments for the production of said paired optically variable security element are also disclosed, as well as the use of said security element for the protection of documents and goods, and security documents and goods carrying same.09-08-2011
20100025979Protective Element (Variants), Method For The Production Thereof, Counterfeit-Proof Material And Value Paper - The invention relates to security element for different articles including banknotes, valuable papers, credit cards, documents, certificates and other similar articles, to a method for producing thereof and also to a counterfeit-proof material and valuable document provided with the security element. The security element has several layers each having definite optical properties which are different for each layer, such as color, reflectance, transparency, density. At the same time, at least one external layer is formed with protrusions arranged in a determined and/or random order. A lower layer is formed to be continuous while all layers together form a multilayered structure with a three-dimensional net and/or checkerboard and/or cell and/or mesh and/or linear configuration in the form of patterns, symbols, drawings, characters or codes, wherein the structure develops at least one effect amenable to visual and/or automatic inspection. The disclosed invention makes it possible to develop a simple and available security element exhibiting optimized protective properties.02-04-2010
20120146323Multi-Layer Body - The invention relates to a multi-layer body (06-14-2012
20120001413LAYER STRUCTURE AND FILMS FOR ID DOCUMENTS HAVING IMPROVED PROPERTIES FOR LASER ENGRAVING - The present invention relates to a layer structure having improved properties for laser engraving, to particular embodiments of said layer structures in the form of co-extrusion films, and to security documents, preferably identification documents comprising said layer structures.01-05-2012
20120001412Surface Modified Optically Variable Product for Security Feature - Surface modified optically variable product to provide security features in packaging materials and currency notes to prevent counterfeiting. Surface modified optically variable product is optionally readily functionalized to disperse them in organic and aqueous inks.01-05-2012
20120007351COUNTERFEITING PREVENTION DEVICE HAVING PRINTING AND BIREFRINGENCE PATTERN - The present invention provides a counterfeiting prevention device comprising a support, a patterned optically anisotropic layer having two or more regions of different birefringence, and a printed layer in this order, which further comprises a laminate film of retardation lower than 50 nm attached on said printed layer. The counterfeiting prevention device has high visibility of a latent image and durability.01-12-2012
20120104742GAME TICKET - A lottery ticket is formed by a substrate sheet material on which is printed game and other indicia with some or all of the game indicia being covered by a scratch-off material removable by the player. A ticket viewing device in the form of a flat panel defining glasses may be contained in a pocket formed on one side of the sheet or they can be supplied separate from the ticket. The glasses are used by the player for viewing the ticket with at least some of the indicia being printed in a manner which cooperates with the ticket viewing device so that the indicia are visible to the player in a three dimensional format. The pocket can be formed an attached layer of a different material for example of transparent plastic or the pocket can be formed by folding one edge of the substrate.05-03-2012
20110089677SECURITY SHEET INCLUDING A RIBBON PRESENTING A ZONE OF REDUCED OPACITY - A sheet comprising a fiber substrate and at least one ribbon defining at least one zone of reduced opacity, the sheet including at least two complementary security elements situated respectively on either side of said at least one ribbon and of complementarity that is observable in show-through by virtue of the zone of reduced opacity.04-21-2011
20120248758SECURITY DOCUMENT - There is provided a security document (10-04-2012
20120161431METHOD OF FORMING A PHOTONIC CRYSTAL MATERIAL - A method of forming a film of photonic crystal material. A first process is performed upon a material capable of having a photonic crystal structure, this process causing deformation of the material so as to form a film in which incident light received by the material is selectively reflected or transmitted to generate a first optical effect in the film. A second process is performed upon substantially all of the film which applies a shear stress to the film. This causes a change in the material structure so as to generate a second optical effect in the film, different from the first optical effect, in response to incident light. Security films, devices, articles and documents formed using the method are also discussed.06-28-2012
20090072526Diffractive Security Element with Individualized Code - Described is a security element for increasing the forgery-proof nature of a security document, in particular an identity card or pass, a passport or an identification card. The security element (03-19-2009
20120256409AUTHENTICITY FEATURE IN THE FORM OF LUMINESCENT SUBSTANCES - The invention relates to a security element having at least two luminescent substances. The invention starts out from a security element having at least two luminescent substances, whereby the security element has a first and a second luminescent substance which have a substantially identical, joint emission band, whereby at least the first or the second luminescent substance, or both luminescent substances, have at least one excitation band that leads to an emission at the joint emission band only in the case of the first or the second luminescent substance.10-11-2012
20120228860SECURITY ELEMENT HAVING A MICROSTRUCTURE - The invention relates to a security element for security papers, value documents and the like with at least one microstructure which has a visual appearance that is viewing angle-dependent in transmission, whereby the at least one microstructure is formed from an arrangement of a multiplicity of structure elements with a characteristic structure spacing of 1 μm or more. According to the invention it is provided that the security element contains at least one motif image which, through the viewing angle-dependent visual appearance of the microstructure, is visible in transmission from certain viewing angles, and invisible in transmission from other viewing angles, and that the microstructure and the motif image together have a thickness of 50 μm or less.09-13-2012
20120326430MULTI COLOR-SHIFTING DEVICES - A color shifting security device has a Fabry-Perot type structure wherein a dielectric layer is disposed between a reflector and an absorbing layer. The absorber and reflector layers may be conforming and the dielectric layer therebetween is non-conforming, filling the regions in the micro structured adjacent absorbing or reflecting layer, at least one of which has a microstructure therein or thereon. By having the dielectric layer not conform to the microstructure it is next to, its thickness varies in cross section, which allows for different colors to be seen where the thickness varies.12-27-2012
20120080878SECURITY FEATURE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A SECURITY FEATURE - The invention relates to a security feature for securing documents of value having a plurality of microcapsules, which respectively have a wall and in which is respectively contained a liquid medium in which are distributed several magnetic particles which are movable in the liquid medium and whose arrangement within the microcapsule is changeable by the action of a magnetic field, whereby the magnetic particles are configured to arrange themselves within the microcapsule such that they form a light-diffractive structure.04-05-2012
20120242075GOLD-COLORED THIN-FILM ELEMENT WITH MULTILAYER STRUCTURE - The invention relates to a thin-film element (09-27-2012
20120242074FORGERY-RESISTANT DOCUMENT, PARTICULARLY FOR SECURITIES AND THE LIKE - A forgery-resistant document, particularly for securities, which comprises a sheet- like medium having at least one first region which has at least one first graphic marking which is visible in transmitted light, and at least one second region which has at least one second graphic marking visible in transmitted light or in reflected light and different from the first graphic marking, the first graphic marking cooperating with the second graphic marking as a consequence of the at least partial superimposition of the first region with the second region so as to provide at least one graphic representation that is visible in transmitted light.09-27-2012
20120242073Method and Apparatus of Constructing Miniature Diplomas and Transcripts - Miniature diplomas and/or miniature transcripts may be printed on PVC plastic cards using an ID card printer. The front of a miniature diploma may display or image of a regular diploma, including scanned signatures of school officials. The front of a transcript may display dates of attendance, courses taken, grades, and scanned signature of a registrar. A plurality of information may furthermore be printed on card backs. An ID card printer with or without a lamination module may be used. Methods are furthermore disclosed for planning the tasks related to printing miniature diplomas and/or miniature transcripts onto PVC plastic cards.09-27-2012
20130099474SECURITY ELEMENT AS WELL AS VALUE DOCUMENT HAVING SUCH A SECURITY ELEMENT - A security element for a security paper, value document or the like, having a carrier which has a motif region that includes a visually perceptible motif with a first and a second motif part, wherein the motif region includes a first micro-optic representation arrangement which presents at least two different images in viewing angle-dependent fashion as a first motif part, and a second micro-optic representation arrangement which presents a reflective surface as a second motif part, which surface appears bulged relative to the actual macroscopic spatial form of the second micro-optic representation arrangement.04-25-2013
20090243280False positive testing device - A false positive testing device (FPTD) that contains a coating based on a one hundred percent solids varnish and a transparent reagent, that uses oxidative free radical polymerization as a drying mechanism, and that can be transferred to various types of porous substrates by conventional lithographic offset printing and/or dry offset printing. The substrates with the FPTD can be verified by using common currency detection protocols, such as testing with ultraviolet lights and/or counterfeit detection iodine based pen/pad stamps.10-01-2009
20130147180SECURITY DOCUMENT WITH EMBOSSED MULTI-LEVEL DOE - A security document comprising a substrate including at least one region of transparent or translucent plastics material forming a window or half-window area, and a security device integrated into the window or half-window area, wherein the security device is formed from an embossed radiation curable ink, the security device including a diffractive structure comprising a multi-level diffractive optical element (DOE).06-13-2013
20130154251OPTICALLY VARIABLE DEVICE - A security element, security device and method of forming a security device wherein the security element includes focusing elements, a first group of image elements, and a second group of image elements, each image element being located in an object plane to be viewable through a focusing element, and being located a distance from the focusing element such that the focal point width of the focusing element in the object plane is substantially equal to the size of the image element or differs from the size of the image element by a predetermined amount.06-20-2013
20100314861Authentication with built-in encryption by using moire parallax effects between fixed correlated s-random layers - This invention discloses new methods and security devices for authenticating documents and valuable products which may be applied to any support, including transparent synthetic materials and traditional opaque materials such as paper. The invention relates to parallax moire shapes which occur in a compound layer consisting of the superposition of specially designed and possibly geometrically transformed s-random base layer and s-random revealing layer with a small gap between them. The base and revealing layers are formed respectively by base layer element shapes and revealing layer sampling elements positioned at s-random locations, where the base layer locations and the revealing layer locations are strongly correlated. When tilting the compound layer or changing the viewing angle, a parallax moire intensity profile of a chosen shape is seen moving in the superposition, thereby allowing the authentication of the document. A major advantage of the present invention is in its intrinsically incorporated encryption system due to the arbitrary choice of the s-random number sequences used for defining the positions of the specially designed base layer element shapes and revealing layer sampling elements that are used in this invention.12-16-2010
20130181435Synthesis of authenticable halftone images with non-luminescent halftones illuminated by a luminescent emissive layer - A method and computing system are proposed for producing an authenticable security device with two sides. The verso side is covered with a luminescent emissive variable intensity layer formed for example by invisible luminescent ink halftones and the recto side is covered with transmissive non-luminescent ink halftones. The backlit colors resulting from the emissions of the luminescent layer or resulting from illumination by normal white light through the transmissive non-luminescent ink halftones are predicted by a backlighting model. This model enables computing the surface coverages of the luminescent and/or non-luminescent ink halftones in order to obtain a desired color either under excitation light (UV light) or under normal white light. This enable creating authenticable backlit images substantially similar to pre-stored reference images, either under normal white light, under excitation light, or under both the normal white light and the excitation light.07-18-2013
20130119654PAPER SHEETS IDENTIFICATION APPARATUS - A paper sheets identification apparatus to identify the monetary kinds of paper sheets and to determine whether or not they are genuine provides for a simplified and general purpose detection to be performed irrespectively of the difference in the portions of each of such sheets in which their optical characteristics are arranged. The paper sheets identification apparatus includes a light emitting element; a light receiving element disposed opposite to the light emitting element with the transport path of such sheets interposed therebetween; a plurality of reflective mirrors to conduct light emitted from the light emitting element to the light receiving element; and a guide to move at least one of the reflective mirrors to the direction crosswise to the transport direction of such sheets within a surface in parallel with the carriage surface.05-16-2013
20120286504VOLUME HOLOGRAM SHEET TO BE EMBEDDED, FORGERY PREVENTION PAPER, AND CARD - An object of the present invention is to provide a thin volume hologram sheet to be embedded sufficiently resistant to a mechanical stress such as a stress including a tensile stress, a shear stress and a compression stress at the time of processing even under a heating condition, a forgery prevention paper and a card using the same. The object is achieved by providing a volume hologram sheet to be embedded comprising a volume hologram layer, and a substrate disposed only on one side surface of the volume hologram layer using an adhesion means, wherein a peeling strength of the volume hologram layer and the substrate is 25 gf/25 mm or more.11-15-2012
20110316269SECURITY ELEMENT - The invention relates to a security element comprising a transparent carrier substrate and a color-changing element made of a layer reflecting electromagnetic waves, a spacing layer, and a layer in the form of metal clusters, characterized in that the layer reflecting the electromagnetic waves is applied to the transparent carrier substrate partially as a line raster and partially as a contiguous layer made of one or more different metals.12-29-2011
20130193679OPTICALLY VARIABLE SECURITY ELEMENT WITH TILT IMAGE - (EN) The invention relates to an optically variable security element (08-01-2013
20120043750System and method for the authentication of physical documents - The invention relates to a system for authenticating a printed document, said document being printed on a substrate which includes plurality of electromagnetic responsive targets that are introduced to the substrate during its manufacturing process and randomly distributed therein, and wherein each target having a fiber form, said system comprises an authentication apparatus which comprises: (a) one transmitting antenna and one receiving antenna that are positioned above a moving conveyor, for radiating an original document during a scanning period in which the conveyor moves the document below said transmitting and receiving antennas; (b) a transmitter for providing electromagnetic signal to said transmitting antenna, and a receiver for receiving from said receiving antenna a responsive electromagnetic signal, said responsive signal being an accumulative response from plurality of said targets as obtained during said scanning period; (c) a sampling unit for sampling said accumulated responsive signal, thereby to produce a set of signal samples; and (d) a processing unit for analyzing one or more aspects of said signal samples, resulting with a set of one characterizing matrix for each aspect of said analyzed signal, wherein the collection of all said matrices forms an original set of characterizing matrices that characterize the substrate of this specific document; and the system also comprises a safe storage for storing said original set of characterizing matrices for possible future need for authenticating this specific document.02-23-2012
20130099473SECURITY ARTICLES COMPRISING SECURITY FEATURES AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE THEREOF - A method is disclosed for manufacturing a security feature on a security article. The security article includes a first layer of plastics material, and the method includes, in any order: using a laser to irradiate a first region of the security article, the laser being operated at a low power level and low speed; and using a laser to irradiate a second region of the security article, the second region at least partially overlapping the first, the laser being operated at a higher power level and higher speed. In this way, the overlapping portions of the regions are marked and exhibit an optically variable appearance. Also disclosed is a security article including a first layer of plastics material exhibiting a laser marking of which at least a portion has an optically variable appearance.04-25-2013
20120074684Security Substrates - The security substrate comprises an at least partially light transmitting carrier supporting a security feature and the security feature comprises at least first and second layers at least one of which covers an area which is less than a full surface area of the carrier and which at least partially overlaps the other layer. The layers have substantially the same color and texture and the reflective contrast ratio of the overlapping areas and the non-over lapping areas is less than 20% and the transmissive contrast ratio of the overlapping areas and the non-overlapping areas is greater than 3%03-29-2012
20130207376SECURITY ELEMENT, SECURITY DOCUMENT AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE THEREOF - A security element for a security booklet includes a plurality of pages including a first outermost page and a second outermost page. The security element includes at least one line of stitching joining the plurality of pages to one another. The stitching is formed of at least a first thread and a second thread, the first thread disposed on an outer surface of the first page, and the second thread disposed on an outer surface of the second page. The first and second threads interlock at each of a series of spaced apertures through the plurality of pages along the line of stitching. At one or more selected aperture(s), a loop of the second thread extends to the outer surface of the first page. The first thread has an optical characteristic different from the second thread, so the second thread at the selected aperture(s) is distinguishable from the first thread.08-15-2013

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