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283074000 Identifier 135
283085000 Utilizing electromagnetic radiation 110
283100000 By removeable material 27
283094000 Utilizing superposed layers 19
283107000 Having plastic laminate 16
283082000 In incorporated magnetic material 7
283113000 Having watermark 5
20110193337FORGERY-PROOF SECURITY FEATURES IN SECURITY OR VALUE DOCUMENTS - The present invention relates to a laminar structure comprising: a first layer comprising a first plastic film which comprises a thermoplastic and a filler and a second plastic film comprising a thermoplastic and a filler; a second layer comprising a third plastic film which comprises a thermoplastic and a filler and a second plastic film comprising a thermoplastic and a filler; and a laser printed watermark disposed on at least one of the plastic films positioned between the first and second layers.08-11-2011
20100194094ANTI-COUNTERFEIT PRINTED MATTER - This invention provides an anti-counterfeit printed matter which forms an invisible image that can be visualized clearly and also prevents a visible image from impeding visibility of a visualized invisible image. In the anti-counterfeit printed matter according to this invention, a plurality of object elements are arranged at a predetermined pitch in a matrix, each object element including a first object and a second object which are arranged along a first direction on both sides of a boundary at a center so as to oppose each other, and a third object and a fourth object which are arranged along a second direction perpendicular to the first direction on both sides of a boundary at the center so as to oppose each other. The first object and the second object, and the third object and the fourth object of each object element have a negative/positive relationship. The first object and/or the second object forms a first invisible image. The third object and/or the fourth object forms a second invisible image.08-05-2010
20100295291 SHEET INCLUDING AT LEAST ONE WATERMARK OR PSEUDO-WATERMARK THAT IS OBSERVABLE FROM ONLY ONE FACE OF THE SHEET - The invention relates to a sheet having a recto face and a verso face together with at least one watermark or pseudo-watermark and such that at least part of said watermark or pseudo-watermark is observable in transmitted light from only one of the faces of said sheet.11-25-2010
20110215563STRUCTURE COMPRISING A WATERMARK OR PSEUDO-WATERMARK, AND AN INTEGRATED MICROCIRCUIT DEVICE - The invention provides a structure comprising: 09-08-2011
20110037248In Security Documents - The invention relates to improvements in security documents, and a method for making such security documents. The security document made from a fibrous security substrate comprising at least one watermark and a background wiremark pattern. At least one of the said watermark or watermarks comprises at least one machine detectable pattern and, the at least one machine detectable pattern comprises a series of regularly repeating elements in which the pitch of the elements of the pattern is selected to be different from that of the background wiremark pattern formed in the substrate and lies in the range of (5) to (100) elements per cm.02-17-2011
283083000 And electrically conductive material 4
20130062875FIBROUS INSERT CONSISTING OF A SINGLE LAYER AND EQUIPPED WITH A CONTACTLESS COMMUNICATION ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The invention relates to a flat insert intended for being inserted in a security document, which includes a fibrous substrate (03-14-2013
20120061950METHOD OF MANUFACTURING ANTI-COUNTERFEIT INK AND ANTI-COUNTERFEIT TAG AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A method of manufacturing an anti-counterfeit ink is provided. A tungsten oxide nanowire is provided. A hydrophilic treatment is performed to the tungsten oxide nanowire to form a tungsten oxide nanowire with hydrophilicity. The tungsten oxide nanowire with hydrophilicity and an ink are mixed to form an anti-counterfeit ink.03-15-2012
20100066072Security Or Valuable Document With At Least Two Display Devices - The invention relates to a security or valuable document having at least first and second display devices (03-18-2010
20100084850SECURITY DOCUMENT CONTAINING AN AUTHENTICATION DEVICE - A flexible security document is provided which contains an authentication device including: a) source of electrical potential (04-08-2010
283106000 By folded portion 3
20090091123SECURE CARD CARRIER AND METHODS - Embodiments of the invention are related to packaging for stored value cards, amongst other things. One embodiment includes a first panel coupled to a second panel, an activation panel coupled to the second panel, and an opening strip coupled to the second panel, wherein removal of the opening strip releases the activation panel from between the first panel and the second panel. A card can be coupled to the activation panel. In some embodiments the card can be reinserted between the first panel and second panel. Other aspects and embodiments are provided herein.04-09-2009
20080290651MULTIPLE FOLD PRODUCT AND METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - A multiple fold product includes a relatively rigid substrate, such as paperboard, which has upper and lower surfaces. Slots are selectively cut into the substrate at the desired fold locations. The slots divide the substrate into an array of interconnected rectangular sections that are arranged in horizontal rows and vertical columns and which are interconnected by tabs. A first transparent, flexible sheet of material is mounted on the upper surface of the substrate. The first sheet of material has selected intelligence reverse printed on its lower surface such that the printed material is interposed between the substrate and the first sheet of material when the first sheet of transparent material is mounted on the substrate. A second transparent, flexible sheet of material is mounted on the lower surface of the substrate. The second sheet of material has selected intelligence reverse printed on its upper surface such that the printed material is interposed between the substrate and the second sheet of material when the second sheet of material is mounted on the substrate. Layers of opaque material interposed between the sheets of material and the substrate.11-27-2008
20100207378METHOD FOR DELIVERING SECRET INFORMATION AS A POSTED LETTER - The invention relates to a method for delivering secret information to a client as a posted letter. In the method, the information, such as a code, is printed and enclosed into an envelope on which the client's address information is printed. According to the invention, a print carrier (08-19-2010
283099000 By moveable components 3
20130056974Business Form with Wristband Having Multi-Ply Image Area - A printer processible business form includes a separable wristband formed with a multi-layer, reinforced central panel or imaging area with a pair of straps extending to the sides thereof. The multi-ply wristband may be formed with a single die cut solely in the top ply of a two ply business form which is folded over after having been separated to thereby fashion the multi-ply print or image area. Alternatively, the multi-ply wristband may be formed with a first die cut in the top ply as before, but with a second die cut in a bottom or backer ply to form a backing or reinforcing panel which is adhered to the wristband and when separated thereby forms a multi-ply print area. In another alternative embodiment, the backer panel may be added to the first embodiment so that the panel or image area has three or even four layers of material to provide maximum reinforcement.03-07-2013
20090184511Advertising Device With Slider - An advertising device includes an envelope having a front panel and a back panel, the front panel including an envelope window dimensioned to reveal first advertising information on an interior wall of the back panel. A slider is slidably disposed in the envelope and has a slider window that is dimensioned to reveal only a portion of the first advertising information depending upon its position in the envelope. The slider is moveable by a user of the advertising device.07-23-2009
20080203721INFORMATION CARRYING DEVICE - The invention relates to an information carrying device for an electronic portable device, comprising at least one compartment, which is accessible through an opening of the terminal, and a label, which is accessible through the terminal opening and movably connected to the terminal for movement between a storing position and a reading position and arranged externally of the compartment; a method for manufacturing the information carrying device in one operation, and an electronic portable device comprising the information carrying device08-28-2008
283073000 Cryptogram (e.g., verification, tabular index) 2
20090146409METHOD FOR CREATING A FORGERY-PROOF CUSTOMISED AND/OR PRINTED GRAPHIC ELEMENT ON A SUPPORT AND SUPPORT THUS OBTAINED - The invention relates to a method of creating a forgery-proof customised and/or printed graphic element on a support using an electromagnetic beam. At least one official marking seal is used which can divert and/or deform an electromagnetic beam. The support is printed or customised using the electromagnetic beam, which is diverted and/or deformed by the official marking seal. The invention also relates to the support thus obtained and to the official marking seal.06-11-2009
20120200076CRYPTOGRAPHICALLY SECURED STOCK FOR USE WITH ONLINE POSTAGE SYSTEMS - An illustrative label stock and associated systems and methods for identifying and utilizing sheets of label stock in online postage systems are described. In one configuration, a label stock is provided that includes a cryptographically secured serial number. The uppercase letters of the modern English alphabet are utilized in a character string to provide a serial number string component and a cryptographic check string component. The check string includes all or part of a cryptographic hash function output based upon the serial number string and the cryptographic hash function. The character string includes the serial number characters and the check string characters in an interspersed format.08-09-2012
283114000 Having specific color 2
20110316270METHODS OF USING SEMICONDUCTOR FABRICATION TECHNIQUES FOR MAKING IMAGERY - Described herein are various embodiments of imagery or items comprising imagery using semiconductor processing or fabrication techniques and methods of using such techniques to make imagery. For example, according to one embodiment, a method of making imagery having nano-scale or micro-scale portions can include providing a silicon wafer, coating the silicon wafer with a layer of oxide, depositing a layer of photoresist onto the oxide layer, and removing a patterned portion of the photoresist to expose a patterned portion of the oxide layer. The method can also include removing at least some of the patterned portion of the oxide such that the patterned portion of the oxide layer has a predetermined thickness resulting in a predetermined viewable color. The patterned portion of the oxide layer can define at least one of the nano-scale or micro-scale portions.12-29-2011
20110049865Security Document Comprising a Security Feature Having a Layer with Particles - A security document comprising a printed security feature having a tactile feel, said security feature comprising a printed layer with particles protruding at least 10 μm therefrom in an amount of at least 3 particles per mm03-03-2011
283095000 Utilizing chemical 2
20120104743THERMOCHROMIC INK AND DOCUMENT PRINTED THEREWITH - A document which may be a security document has a thermochromic coating which may be a thermochromic ink on the substrate of the document. The ink may include several thermochromic materials which transition from various different colors to substantially clear in appearance as the ink is warmed to various temperatures. The combination of the colors of the thermochromic materials can give the document a different color at a number of different temperatures, until the coating is warmed to the highest color change point. When at or above the highest color change temperature, the coating becomes substantially transparent and the printed area assumes the color of the underlying substrate. The coating may also include non-reactive materials of yet another color that mixes with the colors of the thermochromic materials. The document may additionally include printed indicia on the substrate that are masked by the thermochromic materials at certain temperatures, and not masked by the thermochromic materials at other temperatures.05-03-2012
20100181754Increasing Thermal Conductivity of Host Polymer Used With Laser Engraving Methods and Compositions - the invention provides a composition having laser engraving properties, comprising a host material and a laser enhancing additive. The host material comprises a material, such as a polymer, modified by a first process, whereby the host material as modified by the first process has increased thermal conductivity as compared to the host material before the first process. The laser enhancing additive comprises a first quantity of at least one of copper potassium iodide (CuKI07-22-2010
20110204616SECURITY LAMINATES WITH INTERLAMINATED TRANSPARENT EMBOSSED POLYMER HOLOGRAM - A method for interlaminating a transparent embossed hologram, the transparent embossed hologram comprising a support having two sides, at least one of the two sides either itself being embossed or having a layer thereon which is embossed and a layer of a HRI-material contiguous with the embossed side or embossed layer, comprising the steps of: a) conditioning the outermost surface of the layer of inorganic HRI-material with at least one organic liquid; b) drying the outermost surface of the layer of the inorganic HRI-material thereby providing a conditioned outermost surface of the layer of inorganic HRI-material; c) applying an adhesive layer to the conditioned outermost surface; and d) laminating the outermost surface of inorganic HRI-material to an optionally transparent film, wherein the at least one organic liquid is selected from the group consisting of ketones, ethers, heterocyclic ethers, lactams, amides, halo-aliphatic compounds, nitriles and esters; wherein at least one of the support and the film is transparent; and wherein the HRI-material is a material with a refractive index of at least 0.3 higher than that of the embossed material. A laminate obtainable with the above-mentioned methods and an identity document comprising the laminate are also disclosed.08-25-2011
20110193334ANTI-COUNTERFEIT PRINTED MATTER, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND RECORDING MEDIUM STORING HALFTONE DOT DATA CREATION SOFTWARE - This invention relates to an anti-counterfeit printed matter such as a banknote or a passport which requires anti-counterfeit or anti-copy, a method of manufacturing the same, and a recording medium storing halftone dot data creation software.08-11-2011
20090121471METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PRODUCING DOCUMENTS, WEBSITES, AND THE LIKE HAVING SECURITY FEATURES - A system for generating secure documents includes a station for generating a plain document and a security image generator that generates a security image. The security image is then incorporated into the plain document. Each security image consists of a plurality of secure elements, each secure element being defined by two sets of parallel lines. Each secure element defines an alphanumeric character or other unique image that is visible only under certain conditions, i.e., when inspected through a viewer. The technique can also be used to provide security images on a web page as a means of indicating that the web page is genuine.05-14-2009
20100045024SECURITY ELEMENT FOR A SECURITY DOCUMENT AND PROCESS FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF - The invention concerns a security element for a security document comprising a structure layer and diffractive first and second relief structures, wherein the relief structures viewed parallel to the plane of the structure layer are arranged in different planes of the security element, wherein the first relief structure adjoins a partial first reflection layer and the second relief structure adjoins a partial second reflection layer, and wherein—if the first reflection layer is towards a viewer—a second item of information generated by the second relief structure is at least partially concealed and—if the second reflection layer is towards the viewer—a first item of information generated by the first relief structure is at least partially concealed, and processes for the production of such security elements and security documents formed therewith.02-25-2010
20100045023METHOD FOR APPLYING A METAL ELEMENT TO A SECURITY DOCUMENT - The invention relates to a method for applying a metal element to a security document using a stamp element, the metal element being configured from a metal layer of foil and being applied to the security document, preferably in a hot embossing process. To increase the protection against forgery, during the application of the metal element (02-25-2010
20100001506SECURITY MEMBER HAVING A RELATIVELY SMALL FORMAT AND COMPRISING A THROUGH-HOLE AND SHEET COMPRISING THE SAME - A flat security member having a relatively small format, such as a thin board, including at least one through-hole and a method for producing a flat security member. A sheet material having a flat security member and a security document or an item to be authenticated having the sheet material.01-07-2010
20120205905SECURITY ELEMENT DISPLAYING A VISUAL MOTION EFFECT AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME - Device for the counterfeit protection of a banknote, a document of value or an article. The device includes a substrate (S), and on the substrate (S) a plurality of jointly visible zones of first (08-16-2012
20120286502Storage Stable Images - Materials and methods for long term stability of records using metal nanoparticle-containing inks printed on durable substrates or media, including records generated by the disclosed methods, are described.11-15-2012
20100019482Method to personalize real estate brochures, postcards, books, and photo documents using radio frequency identification tags - The present invention provides a method to personalize and enhance photo documents. It utilizes radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, computers, PDAs, and cell phones to link, record, and retrieve positional, personal, and historical data. The personalization and association of a photo document to a unique event by the consumer will lead to an enhanced value of the product. Photo documents containing RFID tags are associated with personal images, movies, text, and audio files. Information that is stored on cell phones, PDAs, computers, and external databases is transferred and shared using cellular networks, email, text, and multimedia messaging. This invention describes a system to record, retrieve, and share personal experiences and event information in association with commercial products such as real estate properties.01-28-2010
20120098248PRINTED ARTICLE WITH METALLIC APPEARANCE - A printed article with metallic appearance that includes a printable media on which a printed feature is formed with an ink composition. Said ink composition contains a dispersion of metal or metal oxide particles having an average particle size in the range of about 3 to about 180 nm. The media is a textured printable media containing a supporting substrate and an ink-absorbing layer with pore diameters that are smaller than the size of the metal or metal oxide particles. Said ink composition forms, onto the textured printable media, a printed feature that exhibits a metallic appearance.04-26-2012
20110260441METHOD AND DEVICE FOR APPLYING AT LEAST ONE IMAGE TO A PLASTIC SUBSTRATE OF A SECURITY DOCUMENT, SECURITY DOCUMENT HAVING A PLASTIC SUBSTRATE WHICH BEARS AN IMAGE - A method for applying at least one image to a plastics substrate of a security document, comprising the following steps: selection of an image section from electronically stored image data of an image by means of a selection device; application of a connecting layer to the plastics substrate, the surface area and surface shape of the connecting layer corresponding to the surface area and surface shape of the selected image section, by means of an application device; and printing the applied connecting layer with a printed image that reproduces the image section, in such a manner that the connecting layer and the printed image are congruent, by means of a printing device.10-27-2011
20110133443COMBINATION SYSTEM OF VARIABLE PASSWORDS - The combination system of variable passwords has for purpose to become inviolable the access passwords to systems, when making possible the generation of variable passwords indefinitely, increasing the difficulty of criminal access significantly to the encryption codes of the operating systems managers o commercial or not commercial transactions that demand supply of passwords, offering extremely safety to those systems. The said system is constituted basically by a card (06-09-2011
20080309063Microrefraction Image - A periodic line pattern, which is covered by a periodic lens structure of cylindrical lenses parallel to the lines of the line pattern, is imprinted on a substrate. The period of the lens structure corresponds with the period of the line pattern. The lenses preferably are aligned flush with the lines of the line pattern. The lines consist of paths of elementary printing dots or image dots (pixels). The number of paths of elementary printing dots in one period is at least 4 and not more than 16. The height of the cylindrical lenses at the apex is at least half the width of a period and not more than the width of a period of the line pattern. With advanced offset printing methods, which are employed for instance in safety printing (e.g. for banknotes), a printing resolution of about 4 μm is achieved. Preferably, the elementary printing dots are chosen only a little larger than the achievable printing resolution. What is realistic are elementary printing dots of approximately square shape with a side length between 4 and 8 μm. With minimum requirements as to the design possibilities for the line pattern, two lines per period are sufficient. Each line should consist of at least two paths of elementary printing dots. This corresponds to a period width of about 40 μm. In the corresponding lens structure, the individual cylindrical lenses have a height at the apex of slightly more than half the period width. Such fine lens structures can be produced by imprinting a transparent mass with an intaglio printing method or by embossing the transparent mass with an intaglio gravure plate. The microrefraction image thus obtained is particularly useful for use in a certificate of authenticity.12-18-2008
20080211225Method and apparatus for printing multiple pages - A method for imprinting documents imprints visible printed matter on multiple pages of imprintable material and including visible control indicia in one of the marginal portions. The visible control indicia are scanned and data is transmitted to a computer which then imprints on the pages in invisible ink invisible control indicia associated with the visible control indicia. Subsequently, an energy source is applied to the invisible control indicia to render the control indicia discernable to a scanner. The discernable control indicia is scanned to generate data sent to a computer where it is compared with information stored in the computer to determine that the pages conform to stored parameters. Further operations on the pages in which the invisible control indicia are activated may be conducted by reading the data in the invisible control indicia.09-04-2008
20080238082Article Including a Semi-Reflective Multilayer Interference Structure - The present invention relates to a document such as a bank note, including: 10-02-2008
20080309064Information Page - An information page (12-18-2008
20090021000SECURITY DOCUMENTS AND METHODS OF DETERRING COUNTERFEITING - Apparatus and methods are described for a security document that includes a first area of microprinting including a first pattern of microprint and one or more second areas of microprinting including a second pattern of microprint. In addition, the first area of microprinting and the one or more second areas of microprint are not substantially reproducible via a digital imaging device.01-22-2009
20120139230SECURITY DEVICE - A security device is disclosed having a region of piezochromic material and an integrated relief structure. The security device is arranged such that when a stress is generated in the piezochromic material and relief structure, an optical effect is generated in the piezochromic material.06-07-2012
20130119652ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A device comprising a laminate (05-16-2013
20090243278SECURITY STRUCTURE, PARTICULARLY FOR A SECURITY DOCUMENT AND/OR A VALUABLE DOCUMENT - The present invention concerns a security structure intended to be at least partially incorporated into or affixed to an article, particularly a security document and/or a valuable document, the structure comprising a substrate, at least one electronic device carried by the substrate, at least one non-electronic security and/or decorative element visible to the naked eye, carried by the substrate, covering only a portion of one side of the substrate and having no effect on the operation of the electronic device, and/or at least one amplifying antenna coupled with the electronic device and carried by the substrate, electronic device being at least partially visible so as to form with the security and/or decorative element a design chosen from among a geometric shape, particularly an ellipse, circle or polygon, a written symbol, particularly an alphanumeric character, and an image of a recognizable object, particularly a logo, a plant, an animal or a person.10-01-2009
20100164216System and Method for Tactile Currency Identification - A tactile orientation indicator is positioned along the periphery of a bill, and a tactile denomination indicator is positioned elsewhere along the periphery of the bill. The user of the bill may then use their tactile senses to feel along the edges of the bill to orient the bill to a pre-determined orientation based on the location of the orientation indicator. The user then feels along the periphery of the bill to locate the denomination indicator. Using a predetermined system associating the location of the denomination indicator with a particular bill denomination, the user may then identify the denomination of the bill even if blind or otherwise visually impaired.07-01-2010
20100187805INK JET RECORDING METHOD AND RECORD - An ink jet recording method for recording an image having a metallic luster on a recording medium with an ink jet recording apparatus includes forming an underlayer on the recording medium by applying droplets of a first ink composition containing a first thermoplastic resin to the recording medium and also includes forming a metallic luster layer on the underlayer by applying droplets of a second ink composition containing a metal pigment and a second thermoplastic resin to the underlayer. The glass transition temperature of the first thermoplastic resin is lower than or equal to the glass transition temperature of the second thermoplastic resin. The underlayer is formed at a temperature higher than the glass transition temperature of the first thermoplastic resin.07-29-2010
20130214524METHOD FOR PRODUCING A SECURITY AND/OR VALUABLE DOCUMENT WITH PERSONALIZED INFORMATION - The invention relates to a method for producing a security and/or valuable document containing a polymer layer composite or consisting thereof, said polymer layer composite being formed from a polymer layer partial composite and a polymer cover layer and the polymer layer partial composite and/or the polymer cover layer containing a laser sensitive component, consisting of the followings steps: A) first personalized information is applied to the polymer layer partial composite by means of an inkjet printing method as a colored inkjet printed layer, B) the polymer cover layer is applied to the inkjet printed layer and is joined to the polymer layer partial composite by thermal lamination, and C) second personalized information is inscribed into the polymer layer composite of the security and/or valuable document, obtained in step B), by means of laser engraving. The invention also relates to a security and/or valuable document that can be produced according to said method.08-22-2013
20090315316METHOD OF GENERATING A LASER MARK IN A SECURITY DOCUMENT, AND SECURITY DOCUMENT OF THIS KIND - The invention relates to a method of generating a laser marking in a security document by means of at least one laser beam, the security document having at least one laser-markable layer and also at least one reflecting layer which overlaps at least partly with the at least one laser-markable layer and has opaque regions. The at least one reflecting layer has at least one transparent region and, at least visually, is not significantly altered by the laser treatment of the laser-markable layer.12-24-2009
20110109078SECURITY ELEMENT - The present invention relates to a security element for security papers, value documents and the like, having a micro-optical moiré magnification arrangement having 05-12-2011
20100308571OPTICAL SYSTEM DEMONSTRATING IMPROVED RESISTANCE TO OPTICALLY DEGRADING EXTERNAL EFFECTS - A system for projecting one or more synthetic optical images, which demonstrates improved resistance to optically degrading external effects, is provided. The inventive system serves to lock the focal length of the focusing elements in place. In other words, no other transparent materials or layers brought into contact with the inventive system will serve to materially alter the focal length or the optical acuity of synthetic images formed by the system.12-09-2010
20090108578Security devices for security substrates - The invention relates to a security device for security substrates, such as paper used for making security documents, such as banknotes, having anti-counterfeitable features. The invention therefore provides a security device comprising a carrier of at least partially light transmitting polymeric material. A carrier bears a plurality of first indicia which are easily visible to the human eye. The first indicia are defined by a plurality of smaller second indicia which are less visible to the human eye positioned relative to each other to enable the first indicia to be visualised.04-30-2009
20110127762METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF SECURITY ELEMENTS HAVING MUTUALLY REGISTERED DESIGNS - The present invention relates to a method for producing a security element (06-02-2011
20100301595METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF A POLYCARBONATE LAMINATE - The invention relates to the use of a preparation comprising A) 0.1 to 20 wt % of a binding agent with a polycarbonate derivative based on a geminally disubstituted dihydroxydiphenyl cycloalkane, B) 30 to 99.9 wt % of an organic solvent or of a mixture of solvents, C) 0 to 10 wt %, referred to dry mass, of a dye or of a mixture of dyes, D) 0 to 10 wt % of a functional material or of a mixture of functional materials, E) 0 to 30 wt % of additive and/or auxiliary substances, or of a mixture of such substances, the relative amounts of the components A) to E) always totaling 100 wt %, as an ink jet printing dye.12-02-2010
20080246271Closing liquid for security closures - The invention relates to a sealing liquid for sealing mailpieces containing water and a penetration agent, to the uses thereof and to letter-closing devices and franking machines containing such a sealing liquid.10-09-2008
20110018252SECURITY PIGMENT - The present invention relates to a security pigment having an intrinsic hidden and/or forensic security feature, consisting of a transparent inorganic matrix and at least one particulate material embedded in the matrix, to the use of a security pigment of this type for the pigmentation of paints, coatings and the like, and to a method for the detection of a security pigment of this type.01-27-2011
20090014999METHOD OF PRODUCING A HIGH SECURITY FILM AND HIGH SECURITY FILM PRODUCED BY SAID METHOD - The invention relates to a high security film, optionally in the form of a slit thread or a micro tape, which is then inserted into high security paper such as a bank note paper and the like during the paper making process. The invention envisages a novel method of producing such a high security film using a print transfer method, wherein one or more security features are incorporated on one or more indicia including letters, optionally graphics, during such a production process, using multiple printing stations and lamination.01-15-2009
20090256347SILICONE OIL-REPELLENT PAPER PRODUCT COATED WITH A THERMOPLASTIC ADHESIVE - The present invention makes available a paper product with a silicone oil-repellent, activatable adhesive coating that can be printed with a laser printer, with the adhesive coating serving to seal a single sheet to itself or neighboring sheets of paper products to one another, and with the silicone-oil repellency being obtained by means of a material selected from the group of fluoroalkyl sodium sulfate(s), fluoroalkyl polyoxyethylene polymer(s), polyvinyl alcohol(s) and mixtures thereof.10-15-2009
20080290647Data carrier, method for the production thereof and gravure printing plate - The invention relates to a data carrier having a security element that is at lest visually testable and has an embossing in at least a partial area, the embossing being a halftone blind embossing executed by inkless line intaglio printing, and to a method for producing the data carrier and a printing plate for blind-embossing a security element.11-27-2008
20080217906GAME TICKET - A method for printing a plurality of randomized tickets that include a play combination area for a game of chance is provided. One of the steps of this method is to provide data to a printer. The data includes a digital press sheet that includes the plurality of randomized tickets where each randomized ticket includes an identification image. The digital press sheet includes a plurality of different identification images. Another step is to print the digital press sheet onto a substrate where the printer does not perform a further randomization of the plurality of randomized tickets. In another example, a blockout area is provided for a breakopen ticket to provide a printable area on an inner surface of the breakopen portion. In another example, a method is provided to digitally divide a plurality of randomized tickets into groups of relatively equal sizes where approximately equal payout values are provided within the plurality of randomized tickets of each group. In another example, a host structure is provided that includes a plurality of removable randomized tickets where the host structure includes its own seal card for use with its removable randomized tickets.09-11-2008
20090079182Care Card - Improved ways to facilitate the collection and distribution of donations are disclosed. One aspect involves the creation and administration of charitable donation cards. Another aspect involves the creation and administration of charitable donation cards and care cards. Still another aspect of the invention involves creation, distribution and administration of drug sample cards.03-26-2009
20100207377PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING A SHEET MATERIAL - A process for manufacturing a sheet material comprising at least two fibrous plies juxtaposed one on top of the other, including the following steps: a first paper ply is produced by filtration of an aqueous suspension of fibers on the wire of a cylinder mould or of a former, a partly transparent element being inserted into the ply during the formation of the ply, and such that the transparent element is placed in the elongate region of zero thickness; a second paper ply is produced on the wire of a second cylinder mould so as to form at least one recess in the second ply; the two plies are joined together so that at least one recess in the second ply is located facing the elongate region of zero thickness of the first ply; and the structure thus obtained is dried.08-19-2010
20110181035ANTI-COUNTERFEIT PRINTED MATTER - This invention relates to an anti-counterfeit printed matter, including securities such as banknotes, stock certificates, and bonds, various kinds of certificates, and important documents, which requires anti-counterfeit or anti-copy.07-28-2011
20120313365Optically Variable Device (OVD) Images Embedded Within Plastic Strips - A method for the manufacture of a polymer strip useful to secure information contained on a face of a card includes the steps of extruding a polymer resin to form an optically transparent strip and then embossing an optically variable device into a first surface of this optically transparent strip. A time from when the optically transparent strip exits an extruder until embossing is effective to prevent the optically transparent strip from cooling to a temperature below 120° C. Subsequent to embossing, the optically variable device may be entirely or partially metalized. Alternatively, or in addition, to the metallization, security features may be formed into that first surface.12-13-2012
20120074682METHOD FOR CREATING A VISUAL ANIMATION ON A MEDIUM - The invention relates to a method for creating a visual animation on a medium, including the following steps consisting in: disposing at least two excitable agents on the medium in at least two adjacent respective zones, each of said agents generating a visual effect in response to the same stimulus and said visual effects having different appearances and/or afterglows. The excitable agents are selected such that the visual effects appear and/or disappear sufficiently close to one another over time so as to give the observer the impression of movement on the medium.03-29-2012
20100007130PORTABLE DATA STORAGE MEDIUM - The invention relates to a portable data carrier (01-14-2010
20120187673SECURITY DOCUMENT - The present invention provides a security document and method of production thereof. The security document (07-26-2012
20090020999SECURITY DOCUMENTS AND METHODS OF DETERRING COUNTERFEITING - Apparatus and methods are described for a security document that includes an area of microprinting a pattern of microprint and a three-dimensional appearing image. The three-dimensional appearing image is formed within the area of microprinting by one or more deviations from the pattern of microprint. In addition, the area of microprinting and the three-dimensional appearing image are not reproducible via a digital imaging device.01-22-2009
20110227327Privacy card cover - A privacy card cover includes a front part and back part to hide information on a card. The privacy card cover is attachable and detachable from the card and is placed on the card by a user. The privacy card cover includes privacy film that prevents viewing of the information on the card except at an angle substantially perpendicular to the surface of the card. Different configurations of the privacy card cover allow any type of card to be covered. If the card includes a magnetic strip or other machine-readable data, then that part of the card is left uncovered and accessible.09-22-2011
20120091701CLEAR MAGNETIC INTAGLIO PRINTING INK - The invention discloses an ink for the engraved steel die printing process, having a viscosity at 40° C. between 3 Pa.s to 15 Pa.s, preferably 5 to 10 Pa.s, and comprising a polymeric organic binder and magnetic pigment particle, characterized in that said magnetic pigment particles comprises a magnetic core material which is surrounded by at least one layer of another material. The surrounding layers, single or in combination, confer the pigment particle particular optical properties in the visible and/or in the near IR, chosen from high specular or diffuse reflectance, spectrally selective absorption or reflection, and angle-dependent absorption or reflection, and allow for the formulation of inks having a large gamut of color and other optical functionalities.04-19-2012
20130015650Substrate having coding pattern encoding reed-solomon symbols - A substrate has a coding pattern printed on a surface thereof. The coding pattern encodes a plurality of Reed-Solomon symbols. Any one symbol has a value represented by m macrodots distributed amongst p possible positions within the symbol. The positions of the m macrodots amongst the p possible positions determines the value of the Reed-Solomon symbol. The macrodots of a first symbol that is adjacent to a second symbol are distributed such that the macrodots of the first symbol are not adjacent to the macrodots of the second symbol.01-17-2013
20130093176HIGH REFRACTIVE INDEX COATINGS AND THEIR USE IN THE PROTECTION OF SURFACE RELIEF STRUCTURES - High refractive index coatings having metal oxide particles are disclosed. Dispersions of metal oxide particles in solvent are also disclosed. These find use in the protection of surface relief structures. In some disclosed embodiments, the coatings or dispersions contain UV-curable resins. The coatings and dispersions find application in the field of security devices and documents and tokens incorporating security devices.04-18-2013
20130127151LIGHT-EMITTING MEDIUM AND METHOD OF CONFIRMING LIGHT-EMITTING MEDIUM - There is provided a light-emitting medium by which whether a valuable paper or the like is forged or not can be judged easily and promptly. A light-emitting medium constituting a valuable paper includes a light-emitting image. The light-emitting image is composed of a pattern area formed on a substrate by using a first fluorescent ink containing a first fluorescent material, and a background area formed on the substrate by using a second fluorescent ink containing a second fluorescent material. When UV-A is irradiated, the first fluorescent ink and the second fluorescent ink emit light of colors that are viewed as different colors from each other. In addition, when UV-C is irradiated, the first fluorescent ink and the second fluorescent ink emit light of colors that are viewed as different colors from each other, the colors being different from the colors that are viewed when the UV-A is irradiated.05-23-2013
20130181434METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A SHEET BY MEANS OF COMPREGNATION IN ORDER TO FORM AN AREA MADE TRANSPARENT - The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a sheet including a substrate made of at least one polymer material, comprising the following consecutive steps: a) compregnating at least one area of the substrate such as to form at least one area made transparent; b) providing the substrate with at least two security elements, respectively on the front and back of the substrate, said at least two security elements each being at least partially stacked on said at least one area made transparent and being placed in a marked manner in relation to one another.07-18-2013
20110291399SECURITY FOIL OR SECURITY LABEL COMPRISING A MANIPULATION DETECTION SYSTEM - The invention relates to a security foil consisting of two or more carrier substrates which have at least one optically active structure and at least two metal layers, wherein the security foil is composed as follows: a) a first carrier substrate, b) a first radiation-curable paint layer into which an optically active structure is incorporated, c) a first metal layer, d) a protective paint layer, e) an adhesive layer, f) a second carrier substrate, g) a second radiation-curable paint layer, h) a second metal layer, i) optionally a protective paint layer, and k) optionally an adhesive coating, and wherein the adhesion between the layers g) and h) or f) and g) is significantly lower than the adhesion between the remaining layers.12-01-2011