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283070000 Identifying 44
283068000 Fingerprint 1
20090302594INTEGRATED DEVICE AND METHOD FOR RECORDING IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION - An integrated device and method for recording identification information is provided according to embodiments disclosed herein. The integrated device includes a fingerprint surface provided with an ink layer on a first side; and a DNA collection surface operatively configured to be secured with a film.12-10-2009
20080258454Security printing and detecting systems and methods - A method of security printing can comprise the steps of printing a transparent ink onto a portion of a coated substrate resulting in printed region and an unprinted region, where the transparent ink is devoid of dyes, pigments, ceramics, metallics, and fluorescents; illuminating both the printed region and the unprinted region of the substrate, where the printed region scatters more light than the unprinted region creating a contrast; and detecting the contrast with a sensor that is sensitive to detecting light scattering differences between the printed region and the unprinted region.10-23-2008
20110298203DOCUMENT AUTHENTICATION ENHANCEMENT PROCESSES - Disclosed are anti-counterfeiting methods which use a fiduciary marker encoded with the location of a hidden security feature. Documents produced by the methods, and methods for verifying authenticity of documents produced by the methods, are also disclosed.12-08-2011
20100117348Fish Labeling System - The invention is a system to allow a fishmonger or other fish seller to label fish for the sustainable use of that fish. The provider of the invention collects data and color-codes the data upon a flow chart. The flow chart combines the data into a single color code. The fishmonger can then read the flow chart and label the fish without needed to review the data for him or her self. Alternative versions could be developed that produce and distribute the flow chart on a computer or use other products rather than fish and other data rather than sustainability.05-13-2010
20130033032SECURITY THREAD OR STRIPE COMPRISING ORIENTED MAGNETIC PARTICLES IN INK, AND METHOD AND MEANS FOR PRODUCING SAME - The present invention concerns a security thread or stripe for the incorporation into or onto a value-document or currency substrate, as well as a method and means of making such thread or stripe. The thread or stripe comprises a plastic foil which carries a hardened coating comprising oriented magnetic or magnetizable pigment particles, the orientation of said pigment particles representing graphic information. Preferred are optically variable magnetic or magnetizable pigment particles. Said hardened coating may also be comprised between a first and a second plastic foil. Said graphic information is a repetitive seamless pattern of suitable repetition length, which is produced using a magnetic orienting cylinder having a corresponding repetitive seamless magnetic field pattern. A magnetic orienting cylinder and a process for process for producing such magnetic orienting cylinder are also disclosed. The process comprises the coating of a cylindrical support body with a polymer material comprising a high-coercivity permanent-magnetic powder as a filler material, and magnetizing or engraving the seamless outer cylinder surface to form on the cylinder a repetitive seamless magnetic field pattern.02-07-2013
20130033031Rotating Label Warning System For A Container - The present application is directed to systems and methods for delivering warnings and instructions for a container. A base label may be adhered to the container, and at least a first, a second, and a third visual representation of a warning or instruction is displayed on the base label. A top label may cover at least a portion of the base label. The top label may be rotatable about the base label. The top label may have a transparent window allowing at least one of the first, second, or third visual representations to be visible through the transparent window.02-07-2013
20130043669ADHESIVE CASUALTY AND TRIAGE CARD - A casualty and triage information collection form and record sheet of flexible plastic film including a writing surface and backed by a layer of an adhesive by which the record sheet can be attached to a patient's clothing or skin. The flexible plastic film is strong enough and elastic enough to serve as a wound dressing. The adhesive is protected before use by a release liner sheet.02-21-2013
20090045617Near infrared ink security feature - Systems and methods of providing a covert security marking for items such as documents, packaging, credit cards, and other valuable goods to combat the steady increase in forgery, counterfeiting, and other fraudulent activities is presented. A spectrally narrow, near infrared ink system serves as the basis of a covert security feature for items of value. Alternatively, or in combination, metal oxides having a substantially narrow absorption band and a maximum absorption wavelength of electromagnetic radiation in the near infrared range are also utilized.02-19-2009
20130049348DEVICE, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR ORGANIZING AND RETRIEVING CARDS - An organization aid device, an organization aid carrier device, system, and method for organizing and retrieving cards is disclosed. The organization aid device allows for organization of plurality of card-like devices and quick identification of a particular card-like device from a stack of similar card-like devices, such that when a plurality of card-like devices are stored in a confined carrier, a desired card-like device can be accurately retrieved from the rest of the card-like devices and/or from the confined carrier.02-28-2013
20100001505Method for evaluating environmental standards of consumer items using single value to produce a calculated printed representation - The invention provides for a methodology for analyzing overall environmental impact, especially regarding greenhouse gas emissions, of consumer item(s). Factors include those that directly and indirectly impact the local, national and global environment of the planet. One embodiment of process consists of the quantization of the impact. This is delivered to the consumer as a rating name, such as but not limited to the trademark CQ, alongside an integer on an affixable label, and placed in clear view of consumer prior to purchase. Analyzing various environmental and production factors that went into production of item produces integer. Analysis also examines impact of product itself. The consumer then has opportunity to use any rewards or rebates due to the consumer to automatically mitigate the consumer's impact.01-07-2010
20100133803METHOD OF PROCESSING REPLY CARDS - In a reply card enabling a recipient of said reply card to answer at least one request made by a sender of said reply card by taking a determined physical action on at least one identified zone of said reply card, provision is made for at least one identified zone of said reply card to be provided with a succession of signs printed with a conductive ink, and for a determined physical action to be taken that consists in perforating at least one of said identified zones so as to detach at least a portion of said succession of signs printed with a conductive ink from the reply card, the effect of said detaching being to prevent a radio-frequency read device possessed by the sender from receiving the answer associated with said succession of signs printed with a conductive ink and detached by the recipient.06-03-2010
20130069358Secured Document and Manufacturing Method of Said Secured Document - The present invention relates to a method of securement of a security document comprising providing a security document to be secured comprising a support on which are inscribed personalization data, an optical security component covering at least a portion of the personalization data and an adhesive layer positioned between the support and the optical security component, and applying a transparent anti-adhesive layer on the optical security component.03-21-2013
20130062872Method for Pairing Food Recipes with Wine - It is a common problem for the typical consumer that is not highly educated or experienced in pairing wine with food, to determine what food recipe would be best suited to combine with a given bottle of wine. This invention offers the consumer a significant reduction in effort, time and risk by providing a food recipe affixed to the wine bottle. The food recipe affixed to the bottle has been selected based on its complimentary flavor and aroma to the wine, creating an attractive pairing of food and wine for the consumer. When selecting the bottle of wine, the consumer has an immediate recommendation for a food recipe to pair with the wine without requiring the consumer to further research such recommendations, thereby saving the consumer time and effort, while reducing their risk in making poor pairing decisions.03-14-2013
20090236844TAMPER EVIDENT MATERIALS FOR SECURELY CARRYING INFORMATION - Tamper evident forms are provided having a transparent layer bonded to a scrambling layer. One or more coating layers may be disposed on the surface of the transparent laminar. Printed indicia on the upper surface of the form is not readable unless the transparent lamina is physically separated from the scrambling layer or if the scrambling layer is optically altered or negated. The coating layers may reveal tamper evidence if a surreptitious attempt of obtaining the printed indicia is made by physical, mechanical, electronic and/or chemical means without removing the separating the transparent lamina and the scrambling layer.09-24-2009
20120235398DIVIDER TAB AND TAB LABELING SYSTEM FOR INFORMATION ORGANIZATION AND RETRIEVAL - An integrated divider tab and tab labeling system is comprised of tabs at the bottom and side edges of bound material. Tabs are positioned and labeled to provide quick access to information of initial interest, then efficient maneuverability from one subject to another. Users of the system group information in general categories, then further organize each of the information groups into corresponding subgroups. Once each group and subgroup are labeled, the user saves time in finding and referring to information by following the natural thought process of first locating group, then subgroup. Thus a considerably more versatile divider tab system saves time both in compiling information and accessing it for productive use.09-20-2012
20130207374OPTICALLY VARIABLE DEVICES, THEIR PRODUCTION AND USE - Security documents often incorporate optically variable devices to prevent or hinder counterfeiters. Disclosed herein are layered optically variable devices such as colour-shift foils, and methods for their production and use. Such devices afford new techniques for a user of a security document to check quickly and easily whether the security document is a legitimate document or a counterfeit copy.08-15-2013
20090289448CHAIN OF CUSTODY FORMS AND METHODS - A chain-of-custody form having integrated removable specimen seals and methods for using the form to identify a test sample collected from a donor and document the handling of the test sample. The form comprises a blank having a first portion and a second portion. The first portion comprises a first section having one or more spaces for recording demographic and testing information, and one or more indicia of the information to be recorded in one or more marked spaces; and a second section having a marked space for the donor to affix a signature and one or more indicia of the purpose of the space. An identifier that is unique to the form is recorded within the first portion and within the second portion. The identifier includes an specimen identification number or some other method of specimen identification such as a bar-code.11-26-2009
20110298204DOCUMENT SECURITY BY ALIGNING VISIBLE AND HIDDEN MARKS - A printed document includes a security mark with visible and hidden portions. The document includes a security mark defined by at least one first security mark constituent, at least one second security mark constituent, and at least one third security mark constituent, wherein: (i) each first mark constituent is visible in a first lighting condition and is detectable in a second lighting condition; (ii) each second mark constituent is hidden in the first lighting condition and is detectable in the second lighting condition; (iii) each third mark constituent is visible in the first lighting condition and is hidden in the second lighting condition. The security mark includes at least one of the first security mark constituents located adjacent and aligned with one of the second security mark constituents and one of the third security mark constituents. The location and relative placement of the first, second, and third mark constituents is selected such that cut and paste counterfeiting is hindered. The first lighting condition is visible light and the second lighting condition is IR or UV light.12-08-2011
20120098247Method of Creating and Exhibiting Fluid Dynamics - Embodiments of the disclosed technology comprise a general method and device for designing a nearly unlimited range of return flow fluid dynamics systems. Additionally, it allows an improved method for designing GHX (ground heat exchange) field designs. An entire piping system can be developed from two components: a load circuit with multiple optional fittings, and a supply/return Pipe Pair with a multiple optional fittings on each pipe. These units can be linked together in the computer interface workspace, emblematic of a three dimensional GHX field design. As a designer links these components together, the piping system expands in size and complexity. Regardless of the complexity of the designed system, the embodiments of the disclosed technology determine the relationship between individual components, families of components and the overall GHX field. A diverse range of fluid dynamics results and an automatic sizing system is developed in embodiments of the disclosed technology.04-26-2012
20090008922Security Element Comprising Magnetic Materials Having the Same Remanence and a Different Coercive Field Intensity - The invention relates to a security element for protecting documents of value, which has magnetic material. Furthermore, the invention relates to a document of value, a transfer material and method for producing such security elements and documents of value as well as a method and an apparatus for checking such a security element or document of value.01-08-2009
20080272585Method and programmable product for unique document identification using stock and content - The present application relates to a method for authenticating and tracking of documents. More specifically the present application relates to authenticating and tracking of a document throughout its lifecycle without reliance upon or requirement for any unique identification characters, barcodes and/or objects that were added to the document specifically for the purpose of identification.11-06-2008
20100084849System and Method for Linking Digital and Printed Contents Using Unique Content Identifiers - One embodiment of a method for linking digital and printed contents includes receiving a request to retrieve a data element identified by a content identifier, identifying a storage location associated with the content identifier, retrieving a data element stored at the storage location, calculating a second content identifier of the retrieved data element, comparing the content identifier and the second content identifier, if the content identifier and the second content identifier match, creating a watermark derived from the content identifier, and creating an image of the retrieved data element that includes the watermark The watermark may be an alphanumeric string derived from the content identifier or a graphic representation, such as a barcode, derived from the content identifier. The watermark links the electronically stored contents with a printed copy of the watermarked image.04-08-2010
20090206593SLIDEABLE WINDOW BOOK WITH FLAPS - A printed work, such as a book or a card, may include one or may pages having a first layer having an image on a surface thereof, a second layer covering at least a portion of the first layer and having a flap configured to move between a closed position, in which the image is covered by the flap, and an open position, in which the flap exposes the image, and a third layer covering the second layer and having a portion being movable relative to the second layer to expose the flap. Methods of displaying such a printed work are also disclosed.08-20-2009
20090091119METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROTECTING PRIVACY OF SIGNATURES ON MAIL BALLOTS - Methods and systems that provide privacy of signatures on envelopes containing ballots are provided. The envelope for returning ballots includes a removable signature stub positioned on top of a signature area. The voter signs the back of the envelope on the signature stub, thereby imprinting a signature on the signature area by transferring a material from the signature stub to the signature area, and removes the signature stub. The signature is then covered by a label that conceals the signature under normal lighting conditions. To read the signature, light having a predetermined wavelength is directed onto the label, thereby rendering the label transparent and the signature visible.04-09-2009
20110198836APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR A BASEBALL SCOREBOOK - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for a baseball scorebook. The apparatus includes a lineup card with an identifier area, and a scoresheet having at least one identifier area. One of the lineup card or scoresheet includes a carbonless copying feature that copies the identifiers to a sheet in contact with the lineup card. The apparatus also includes a binding aligning the lineup card and the scoresheet such that the identifier areas overlays each other. The system includes the apparatus, and additional scoresheets for a team and an opposing team. A binding binds the scoresheets and additional scoresheets into a scorebook. The method includes providing a lineup card having an identifier area, providing a scoresheet having an identifier area, transferring the identifiers to a sheet in contact with the lineup card, and providing a binding that aligns the lineup card and the scoresheet.08-18-2011
20090273177METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR THE DETECTION OF COUNTERFEITING - A system is provided for counterfeiting countermeasures, the system comprising: a first authenticity indicator disposed in a print substrate coating; a second authenticity indicator disposed in a print generating matrix; a print pattern comprising the print generating matrix disposed upon the print substrate coating; a detector configured to detect the first and the second authenticity indicators in a portion of the print pattern within the field of the detector.11-05-2009
20090273178Informational Item Forming Method - A method of using a folding apparatus to form an outsert having product information printed thereon comprises applying a plurality of parallel lines of water to a sheet of paper; making a plurality of folds in the sheet of paper in a direction parallel to a first direction with a first folding apparatus to form a first folded article; making a plurality of folds in the first folded article in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction to form an intermediate folded article; and making a final fold in the intermediate folded article in the second direction to form the outsert. Making the final fold may include forcing the intermediate folded article between a pair of adjustably-spaced folding members, the adjustably-spaced folding members to be adjustably spaced apart from each other by a distance that is within a range defined by a lower boundary of 0.25 inches and an upper boundary of 0.45 inches.11-05-2009
20090008923Security Element - The present invention relates to a security element (01-08-2009
20090261570Informational Item Forming Method - A method of using a folding apparatus to form an outsert having product information printed thereon comprises applying a plurality of parallel lines of water to a sheet of paper using a plurality of spray nozzles and being applied at positions at which folds are to be made; making a plurality of folds in a first direction in the sheet of paper with a first folding apparatus; making a plurality of folds in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction; and making a fold in in the second direction to form an outsert including causing a movable member of a folding apparatus to make contact with and move a folded article towards a folding roller, and so that the folded article makes contact with the folding roller to form a fold in the folded article.10-22-2009
20090096205COIN DISCRIMINATOR VOUCHER ANTI-COUNTERFEITING METHOD AND APPARATUS - Vouchers and methods for providing vouchers configured to assist in distinguishing unauthorized duplicate or counterfeit vouchers are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a voucher can include a substrate, a first indicia on the substrate, and a thermally responsive second indicia on the substrate. At least one of the first indicia and the second indicia can indicate a value of the voucher. A system which assists in detecting alteration of value documents or transmissions, such as a coin counter voucher is provided. Voucher information such as the voucher value is included in the voucher in an encrypted or otherwise modified form. When the voucher is presented for redemptions, the encrypted information is decrypted and compared to independently available voucher information. Failure of the information to match indicates that the voucher has been altered or should otherwise be further checked.04-16-2009
20100264641Two-Sided Counterfeit-Resistant Certificate And Method - A certificate and method is provided that reduces the likelihood of counterfeiting via photocopier by providing various features that would require the use of a color duplex copier in order to effectively copy the certificate. Requiring the use of a color duplex copier is an effective deterrent because the use of such a device significantly reduces the profit margins of counterfeiting efforts.10-21-2010
20100207376SECURITY ELEMENT WITH METALLISATION - The present invention relates to a security element (08-19-2010
20090179416Spill stopper and message display - A method of advertising is provided in which a stopper having substantially parallel sides is inserted into a hole in a container, and a message is displayed on, a surface of the stopper towards a thicker end of the stopper and external to the container.07-16-2009
20090200790AUTHENTICITY PROOF LABEL AND METHOD OF PREVENTING UNAUTHORIZED USE OF AUTHENTICITY PROOF LABEL - An authenticity proof label is provided and includes an adhesive layer, a hologram layer provided on the adhesive layer, a protective layer provided on the hologram layer, and a cut provided from a side of the protective layer in such a manner as to at least reach the hologram layer, the cut dividing a surface area of the protective layer into at least two segments.08-13-2009
20090200789Identification Document with Document Specific Reduced Scale Printing - An identification document which includes card specific information printed on the card in a first location at a relatively large scale which permits the information to be read without magnification and duplicates the card specific information at a second location on the card at a significantly smaller scale which requires magnification to clearly read the small scale information. The micro-printing of small scale card specific information, such as a person's date of birth on a driver's license, at a second location on the identification card allows the micro-printed text to be compared to the large scale text to determine if the large scale text has been altered.08-13-2009
20110140408METHOD OF PRINTING A LOTTERY TICKET WITH A SCRATCH-OFF LAYER DEFINING A MULTI-COLOR PATTERN - A lottery ticket has game data printed on a substrate in a game data area either directly onto the substrate or onto a covering layer where the game data area is firstly covered by a scratch-off layer which contains a white pigment following which the scratch-off layer is covered by a plurality of layers of ink each of which contains pigment defining different colors for the different layers and which are different from the white pigment of the scratch-off layer so as to form a four color pattern. The scratch-off layer and the inks are sufficiently transparent to view the game data therethrough so that the removal of the scratch-off layer and the inks acts to mark the game data by showing it in a different color from the original view through the layers.06-16-2011
20130214523ALKALI METAL AND ALKALINE EARTH METAL NIOBATES AND TANTALATES AS SECURITY FEATURE SUBSTANCES - The invention relates to a security feature having a luminescent substance with the general formula AXO08-22-2013
20090212552COMMUNICATION APPARATUS AND METHOD OF DISTRIBUTION OF SAME - A method of processing a communication apparatus includes putting the communication apparatus into a distribution channel for distribution via one or more intermediaries to a user of the communication apparatus, the user of which can forward the communication apparatus to a desired recipient. The communication apparatus includes a substrate and a communication element coupled to the substrate and is constructed of one or more materials that are a bio-technical nutrient. The communication apparatus is received from a recipient directly or via one or more intermediaries. The communication apparatus is processed to prepare a second communication apparatus for distribution to another user.08-27-2009
20120193903Graphic Systems and Packages and Methods Of Using Graphic Systems - A graphic system for a replacement cartridge for a consumer products device including a silhouette of the consumer products device, and a visual depiction of the replacement cartridge superimposed on the silhouette, wherein the visual depiction superimposed on the silhouette associates the correct replacement cartridge with the correct consumer product device.08-02-2012
20120193904SECURITY LABEL FOR PROTECTING MEDICAMENTS CONTAINED IN AN INDIVIDUAL PACKAGING - The invention relates to a security label for protecting medicaments contained in an individual packaging, comprising a security layer (08-02-2012
20100237603INDICIA MEANS - UV responsive indicia means comprising a substrate bearing indicia at least partly provided by one or more UV-sensitive materials, the indicia-bearing substrate being protected from exposure to UV radiation by a removable wrapper or peelable covering comprising a polymeric film which is relatively more transmissive with respect to visible light radiation than it is with respect to UV radiation, such that the indicia-bearing substrate is viewable through the removable wrapper or peelable covering and that a visible change in the indicia is effected upon removal of the wrapper or peeling away of the coating.09-23-2010
20090146408Electronic book including transparent film and method for recognizing the same - Provided is an electronic book comprising a book; a transparent film having printed thereon a coordinate code including a coordinate information according to a position in a page of the book, and a page code for selecting the page to be read; and a recognition device including a scanner for reading the coordinate code and the page code, wherein the recognition device stores a page data including an audio data corresponding to the coordinate information, reads the page code corresponding to the page to be read while the transparent film is placed over the page to be read, reads the coordinate code when disposed at the position within the page of the book, and outputs the audio data corresponding to the page code and the coordinate information included in the coordinate code read by the recognition device.06-11-2009
20090167012System and Method for Detecting Compromised Instant Lottery Tickets - A scratch-off lottery ticket includes a substrate having at least one play area with play indicia provided thereon. A scratch-off layer is disposed over the play indicia. A luminescent material is disposed relative to the scratch-off layer and the play indicia such that unauthorized removal of the scratch-off layer in an attempt to reveal the underlying play indicia is rendered optically apparent upon subsequent excitation of the play area with an excitation source that excites the luminescent material.07-02-2009
20110109077Sketching Device for Copy Paper - Apparatus and methods for facilitating writing on copy paper are presented. A sketching device can be inserted between upper and lower sets of copy paper to facilitate writing or sketching on the upper set while acting as a barrier to prevent undesired imprinting of the writing or sketching on the lower set. Preferred sketching devices include a physical pen guide that acts as a tactile guide for a drawing instrument. The sketching device can be included for use with a form having a grid, and can itself include a preprinted surface having character designations that indicate different types of information on x and y axes.05-12-2011
20110115209TARGETED MASS MAILING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A targeted mass mailing system and method including use of a pre-engineered subassembly. The subassembly is a unit of printable substrate which is processed according to at least one client-specified rule and which includes a unique identifier having associated code that drives manufacturing of the subassembly into a final assembly that constitutes at least one component of a mailing package, wherein the printable substrate may include at least one of paper, cardboard, plastic and foil, wherein the at least one component includes at least one mailing package insert and/or a mailing package container, wherein processing includes, but is not limited to, at least one of printing, folding, cutting, perforating, trimming, gluing, slitting, die-cutting, personalizing, matching, tipping, affixing, inserting, flipping, inverting, on-serting, labeling, enclosing and enveloping of the unit, and wherein the unique identifier is preferably removable.05-19-2011
20120242072METHOD FOR PRODUCING A SUPPORT COMPRISING AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The invention relates to a method for producing a support comprising at least one electronic device (09-27-2012
20090033085Information Recording Patch, Printed Sheet, and Authenticity Discrimination Method Therefor - This invention provides an information recording patch that allows accurate authenticity discrimination, a printed sheet, and an authenticity discrimination method therefor. An information recording patch includes a protective layer (02-05-2009
20110148092Laser Imaging and Its Use In Security Applications - A method of forming an invisible indicium on an article that comprises an outer opaque layer and an inner, laser-imageable layer, which comprises (06-23-2011
20110260440DISPOSABLE CUP WITH INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL FLUID LEVEL INDICATORS AND METHOD - A method for using an associated visual implementing apparatus with which a first person may audibly or otherwise specify, e.g., a head nod, to a second person the amount of unoccupied volume or void to be available in an illustrated cup when partially filled with coffee or other liquid, in response to an easily understood inquiry by the second person. The method includes the steps of a first person exhibiting the illustrated cup to a second person while inquiring as to the unoccupied volume desired to remain while making reference to the illustrated cup. The visual implementing apparatus cup includes repeating vertically oriented illustrations, the illustrations being at least one of representations of human fingers, cows, text based words describing cow sounds, numbers, geographic shapes, logos, and/or indentations. The repeating illustrations being representative of the relative remaining proportional void levels in the cup and residing on at least one of the exterior and/or the interior of the cup near the rim thereof.10-27-2011
20110187094SHEET WITH WRISTBAND - A printable form comprising a printable upper surface and a wristband releasably bonded to the printable upper surface. In at least one embodiment the wristband may be detached from the printable upper surface and secured around a body part for use in identification.08-04-2011
20110187093NOVELTY NOTES - A non-counterfeit replica of a real U.S. paper bill and a method of promoting a business with a non-counterfeit replica of a real U.S. paper bill having an obverse side and a reverse side which is oppositely positioned one from the other. A dollar denomination is disposed on the obverse and reverse sides of the non-counterfeit replica of a real U.S. paper bill which is an unavailable amount between $1 and $100,000,000 and contact related information of a provider of the non-counterfeit replica of a real U.S. paper bill is disposed on at least one of the sides of the non-counterfeit replica of a real U.S. paper bill.08-04-2011
20100308570Security Element and Method for the Production Thereof - The invention relates to a security element (12-09-2010
20120306189ARTICLE TRACKING METHOD - There is described a method of tracking an article (12-06-2012
20100264640DEVICE FOR OBCURING PRINTED INDICIA AND METHOD OF USE - A device for obscuring printed indicia includes a printable substrate, an indicia printed on a first surface of the substrate, an irreversible thermochromic material operably associated with the printable substrate which does not affect readability of the indicia when not subjected to a predetermined critical temperature and when subjected to the predetermined critical temperature renders the indicia unreadable by virtue of a color change surrounding the indicia. The indicia can be a barcode. Methods of obscuring and use include the device.10-21-2010
20120038140CUSTOMISED SECURE DOCUMENT AND PROCEDURE FOR SECURING A DOCUMENT - A method for securing a document (02-16-2012
20120013116Method of Advertising Household and Commercial Product Brand Names - A method of advertising and applying brand identification to toiletry products. The disclosed method includes providing a brand name, a specific product name or further details regarding the product or the company on the product itself. As the product is dispensed or consumed, the user is made aware of the brand or product name, providing a means for brand association with a targeted audience and allowing a consumer to identify a given product after use and initial impression. The logo of the brand or product may be watermarked, embossed or raised on the product. The product may be any consumable household product, including toiletries such as toilet paper and tissues, kitchen products such as paper towels and dust rags, or other household products that would benefit from product identification for the purposes of developing brand loyalty.01-19-2012
20120104741SANITIZING LID AND DISPATCH SERVICE THEREOF - An apparatus can include a generally planar portion approximately in a plane. The apparatus can also include a lip portion extending in a direction generally orthogonal to the plane. The generally planar portion is joined to the lip portion at a circumferential edge of the generally planar portion to form a cover for a beverage container. The lip portion comprises a sterilizing agent configured to sterilize a rim portion of the beverage container. Likewise, a method can include providing contact information on a disposable cover adapted to cover a beverage container. The contact information is not provided by the manufacturer of the beverage or beverage container. The method can also include receiving contact from a user of the disposable cover. The method can further include coordinating the delivery of a service to the user of the disposable cover responsive to the contact received from the user.05-03-2012
20110012336SECURITY SHEET INCLUDING A STRIPPABLE RIBBON FOR EXPOSING MASKED INFORMATION, AND METHOD FOR MAKING SAME - A security sheet that includes an information to be exposed and a preferably fibrous substrate in which is preferably totally embedded a ribbon that has a surface A and a surface B and is strippable along the surface B thereof, the information to be exposed being carried by and/or opposite the surface B of the ribbon, a method for making said security sheet, and a security document or article including such a sheet.01-20-2011
20110181033APPARATUS AND METHOD TO VERIFY IDENTITY AND DOCUMENTS - A method to verify the authenticity of an identification document comprising one or more physical characteristics, one or more text areas, and one or more design elements, by determining if the one or more physical characteristics can be verified, and determining if the one or more text areas can be verified, and determining if the one or more design elements can be verified.07-28-2011
20120133121TRANSFER FOIL COMPRISING OPTICALLY VARIABLE MAGNETIC PIGMENT, METHOD OF MAKING, USE OF TRANSFER FOIL, AND ARTICLE OR DOCUMENT COMPRISING SUCH - The present invention concerns a transfer foil, comprising a release-coated carrier (05-31-2012
20100052307SECURITY ELEMENT FOR DOCUMENTS OF VALUE - The invention relates to a security element for securing value documents which has magnetic material. Further, the invention relates to a value document, a transfer material and a method for checking such a security element or value document. Along the security element, for example along a longitudinal direction of the security element, there are disposed one or more, maximally five, magnetic areas and one or more, maximally five, gap areas. The extension of the magnetic areas or the gap areas along the security element is preferably chosen so great that the magnetic signals of adjacent magnetization steps that arise upon transport of the security element past the magnetic sensor interfere constructively with each other.03-04-2010
20120175866SECURITY ELEMENT FOR MARKING OR IDENTIFYING OBJECTS AND LIVING BEINGS - A security element for marking, authenticating or identifying objects or living beings, such as people, animals or plants is provided that includes one or more layers of materials that are arranged next to or on top of each other or that overlap, which have security markings. At least one layer of the security element has, at least regionally, a crackle pattern in form of tears or cracks, nicks, wear areas or shrinkages and possible impurities, which can be scanned and detected together or separately as security features. A method for producing such a security element and to a use thereof for authenticating a person or an object, or for authorizing, triggering, continuing, carrying out and ending an action is also provided.07-12-2012
20120313363METHOD FOR PRODUCING A SUPPORT COMPRISING AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The invention relates to a method for producing a support (12-13-2012
20090085343MEMORY KEEPER KIT - A memory keeper kit for recording and graphically depicting events and facts of a person's life by making notes about the facts and events in writeable cells located on one easy to review chart is presented. The system comprises a box, a scrapbook album and an elongated timeline sheet comprising a plurality of writeable pages, each page defined in part by at least one fold that joins to a successive page and each page comprising a portion of a timeline comprising a chart and a banner. The sheet comprises a life categories banner, at least one time scale banner, a news events banner, a US President banner, and a chart having vertical and horizontal parallel arranged intersecting lines imprinted thereon for defining a plurality of writeable cells for recording events and facts of a person's life.04-02-2009
20080296885FONT PRINTING SYSTEM HAVING EMBEDDED SECURITY INFORMATION COMPRISING VARIABLE DATA PERIODIC LINE PATTERNS - A method and system is provided for providing a variable data guilloché shaped pattern comprised of variable data differential line pattern fonts comprising decodable template symbols which are capable of being selectively assembled into a predetermined variable data code. The code representations are embedded in the guilloché pattern amongst a plurality of unvaried standard base patterns. The representation can be decoded with a digital scan capable of identifying the embedded patterns and communicated it to a user for verifying a document containing the code.12-04-2008
20120319395SECURITY ELEMENT, VALUE DOCUMENT COMPRISING SUCH A SECURITY ELEMENT AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SUCH A SECURITY ELEMENT - A security element for a security paper, value document or the like, having a carrier which has a reflective areal region which is divided into a multiplicity of reflective pixels. The area of each pixel is smaller than the area of the reflective areal region by at least one order of magnitude. Each pixel has at least one reflective facet which is formed in a surface of the carrier, and the at least one reflective facet reflects light incident along a predetermined direction on the areal region directionally in a reflection direction predefined by the orientation of the facet. The orientations of the facets of different pixels have a substantially random variation over the reflective areal region.12-20-2012
20120080877SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CREATING OPTICAL EFFECTS ON MEDIA - Methods and systems for optical effects in pigments, inks, and on media. One aspect of this disclosure involves a pigment particle which includes a core, having a fluorescent material and having a spherical shape, and a shell surrounding the core; the shell includes a photochromic material which has a first optical property in a first light source and a second optical property in a second light source which includes a set of wavelengths not sufficiently present in the first light source. The second optical property attenuates an emitted radiation from the fluorescent material. Other aspects are also described.04-05-2012
20120091699PIEZOCHROMIC SECURITY ELEMENT - The invention discloses a reversibly piezochromic security element for the forgery-protection of value documents, the security element being characterized in that it comprises a collection of optically contrasting pigment particles in a film or a coating layer of an elastic polymer. In a particular embodiment, the particles are optically variable pigment flakes, oriented in a position which is substantially different from an alignment in the plane of the film or coating layer.04-19-2012
20120091700TABBED PAPER FOR ANNOTATION OF DOCUMENTS INCLUDING BOOK INSERTS - Transparent or substantially transparent sheets of paper or similar material suitable for inserting into a book or placed over a document are used to highlight or annotate a document without permanently marking or damaging the page. The inserts are thin enough so as to allow several inserts to be placed within a book without significantly increasing the book thickness or distorting the shape and size of the book when closed. Additionally, the inserts contain one or more tabs to allow a user to index and quickly find a particular insert and the corresponding page. An adhesive is present on the rear side of the insert to fix the insert to the page being annotated.04-19-2012
20130093174SECURITY ELEMENT OR DOCUMENT WITH A SECURITY FEATURE INCLUDING AT LEAST ONE DYNAMIC-EFFECT FEATURE - There is described a security element or document comprising a substrate (04-18-2013
20130093173DETERRING INFORMATION COPYING INCLUDING DETERRENCE OF CURRENCY COUNTERFEITING - A method for deterring information copying, includes: combining a watermark serial number incorporate in a given medium with a content serial number to create a combined serial number, the watermark serial number uniquely identifies the given medium, and the content serial number uniquely identifies a content stored on the given medium; creating a digital signature by encoding the combined serial number using a private key of a public/private key pair; imprinting the content serial number and the digital signature on the given medium; decoding the digital signature imprinted on the given medium using a public key of the public/private key pair to obtain the combined serial number; comparing the decoded combined serial number with the watermark serial number and the content serial number imprinted of the given medium; and in response to determining that both match the combined serial number, determining that the content is authentic.04-18-2013
20130113199DOUBLE POSTCARD CHECK WITH ADDRESS CORRECTION FORM AND METHOD OF USE THEREOF - A double postcard check mailer and a method of use therefore are described. The mailer is comprised of a check component and a payee data correction component detachably coupled to the check component. The mailer, when folded, has the dimensions of a double postcard. The mailer is sent to the payee of the check. The payee detaches the check component from the payee data correction component and cashes the check component. The payee further fills out the payee data correction component with updated information, such as a corrected address, and deposits the completed payee data correction component in the mail with postcard shipping postage. The original sender of the mailer receives the payee data correction component and updates the payee's information based on the data received in the completed payee data correction component.05-09-2013
20130127150POLYCYCLIC AROMATIC HYDROCARBON COMPOUNDS CONTAINING AN S ATOM OR S(=O)2 GROUP IN THEIR BASIC STRUCTURE - Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compounds having an S atom or S(═O)05-23-2013
20090174179Three dimensional cover and product representation and method of manufacture; and a method for advertising using a cover and/or representation - A product representation made of a mouldable sheet of material sized and shaped to correspond to the size of a real corresponding product wherein at least a portion of said sheet is moulded according to a three dimensional pattern or image of the real corresponding product.07-09-2009
20080197618Method and Device For Applying Images On a Beverage Can Lid - The method is for adding images or text on a beverage can lid. A beverage can lid is provided that has a handle member, the handle member attached to a top surface of the beverage can lid. An image is printed on the foil member. The printed foil member is placed on top of the top surface of the beverage can lid so that a first cut out segment is placed above the handle member and a second cut out segment is aligned with a weakened segment of the beverage can lid. With the foil member placed on top of the weakened segment, the handle member is lifted to engage the weakened segment and push the second cut out segment and a portion of the weakened segment through the beverage can lid.08-21-2008
20130154250PERSONALIZED SECURITY ARTICLE AND METHODS OF AUTHENTICATING A SECURITY ARTICLE AND VERIFYING A BEARER OF A SECURITY ARTICLE - Security articles and methods of personalizing security articles. Specifically, this disclosure relates to security articles that contain a security feature that is a composite image, where the composite image includes laser-personalized security information.06-20-2013
20130193678MEDIA PROCESS FOR ADVERTISING - A media process for advertising includes positioning an insert on a front page of a periodical. The insert is removable from the periodical so that a purchaser can read any periodical content that is positioned under the insert and the insert includes instructions for the user to obtain additional advertising material. A media process for advertising also includes positioning an article onto a front page of a periodical, with the article including advertising material, such as a periodic offer. An apparatus for advertising on a front page of a periodical includes a sleeve for holding an insert, an adhesive applied to a bottom surface of the sleeve, and an insert positioned inside the sleeve.08-01-2013
20120086195Advertising method on sport clothing - A officially recognized fan organization from all relevant organizations is advertised on the sport team clothes/apparel, where the fan advertise them self and as a return receive great discounts from the sport team supporters, creating healthy relation between sport fan, sport teams and sport supporters/sponsors.04-12-2012
20130207375SECURITY DOCUMENT WITH HOLOGRAPHIC FOIL AND PRINTED MACHINE-READABLE MARKINGS - A security document has a substrate (08-15-2013

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