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Specific vehicle frame

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280 - Land vehicles

280029000 - WHEELED

280800100 - Running gear

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
280785000 Assembled from prefabricated connectable sections 15
280789000 Trailer type 12
280784000 Having impact absorbing means 11
280788000 With resilient means for suspension 7
280783000 Having storage compartment 6
280798000 Longitudinal frame member is tubular 6
280793000 X-frame type 3
20090284000CENTER FRAME IN CRAWLER TRAVEL DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING CENTER FRAME - The present invention provides a center frame designed so that a center member, legs, and a lower plate can be formed by bending metal sheets, and to provide a manufacturing method for the center frame.11-19-2009
20090243272SUSPENSION SUBFRAME STRUCTURE OF VEHICLE - Disclosed is a suspension subframe structure of a vehicle, which is capable of improving the overall rigidity of a suspension subframe to effectively receive input loads from suspension arms, while reducing the overall weight of the suspension subframe. The suspension subframe structure for supporting a plurality of suspension arms 10-01-2009
20090200786Welded Joint and Method for Forming the Joint - A welded joint includes a cross member, a web having an extruded hole that extends through a thickness of the web and conforms to a cross sectional shape of the cross member, a collar surrounding the hole, formed from material extruded from the web in a direction such that the collar extends along the cross member and away from the web, the cross member extending through the hole and into the collar, and a weld for mutually connecting the collar and the cross member.08-13-2009
280786000 Single longitudinal beam type 3
20100109309LIGHT WEIGHT BEAM AND TRAILER - A light weight trailer for carrying elongated goods, especially for carrying at least two rotor blades of a wind energy system, having a front support frame; a rear support frame, with said front support frame and said rear support frame being adapted for supporting an elongated good; and a beam connecting said front support frame with said rear support frame, wherein said beam consists substantially of a light weight material. Further, a telescopic beam for a light weight trailer for carrying elongated goods and a method of constructing a light weight trailer are provided.05-06-2010
20100171298Torsionally Flexible Connecting Structure for Transportation Device - A twistable connecting structure for linking two wheeled assemblies (such as foot platforms) of a personal transportation device. This connecting structure has flexible elongated members linking the wheeled assemblies, and rigid support members bridging the gap between the elongated members. This configuration enables the connecting structure to twist without bending.07-08-2010
280782000 Forming fluid or electrical conduit means or having other means to accommodate the transmission of a force or signal 2
20090206589Extendable frame work vehicle having lift member movable in a true vertical fashion - An extendable frame work vehicle offering enhanced versatility, safety and effectiveness. The vehicle includes an adjustable frame with front and rear portions that extend or retract with respect to each other. The front portion is supported by a first pair of wheels and said rear portion is supported by a second pair of wheels. Each wheel is independently driven and steered. The vehicle also includes an engine mounted on the rear portion of the frame. Incorporated into the vehicle is an electro-hydraulic assembly which enables extension and retraction of the adjustable frame. The assembly includes a sensor-responsive microprocessor controller, at least one hydraulic pump, at least one hydraulic drive motor and at least one valve network.08-20-2009
20080315572REAR VEHICLE STRUCTURE - A rear vehicle structure has an electrical system unit, two side members, two extension parts, two cross members, a rear seat and a cover. The electrical system unit includes first and second electrical system units. Each extension part extends rearwardly from one of the rearward ends of one of the side members. The cross members are located above rear suspension members of the vehicle. The electrical system unit is fixedly attached to a top of at least one of the cross members. The rear seat is installed forward of the first electrical system unit. The second electrical system unit is located along a rearward surface of the rear seat. The cover is installed rearward of the second electrical system unit and has an upright panel that is oriented vertically to provide an enclosed space between a rearward surface of the second electrical system unit and the cover.12-25-2008
280796000 Having tubular transverse frame member 2
20100001502REAR VEHICLE BODY STRUCTURE - A rear vehicle body structure includes left and right auxiliary members each connected at the front end to the underside of the respective left or right front floor frame and connected at the rear end to the respective left or right rear-suspension mounting section. Each of the left and right auxiliary members is generally in the form of a circular-section pipe and has a pipe section of a circular sectional shape and a flattened section formed on a front end portion of the pipe section. The flattened section has an upper surface portion flattened downwardly and has a lower surface portion having a central region flattened concavely upwardly along the axis of the auxiliary member.01-07-2010
20100207371TRAILER FRAME ASSEMBLY - A trailer having a pair of closed, rectangular frame rails; a plurality of round pipe cross members, each cross member extending completely through each rectangular frame rail; and a plurality of axle suspension supports mounted on each rectangular frame rail.08-19-2010
280800000 Longitudinal frame member is channel-shaped 2
20130076017HOT-ROLLED HIGH-STRENGTH STEEL STRUCTURAL MEMBERS AND METHOD - Hot-rolled high-strength steel elongated structural members and method of making same are disclosed by hot-rolling high-strength steel having a specific chemical composition to provide the members of desired geometrical configuration including a thin web with opposed thicker flanges extending therefrom to increase the load bearing capacity of the members.03-28-2013
20120181781MODULE FOR THE MODULAR FRAME OF A HEAVY LOAD TRANSPORT VEHICLE - The invention relates to a module for the modular frame of a heavy load transport vehicle, characterised in that it comprises, at one end thereof, a junction surface having an oblique bearing surface extending between two parallel planar surfaces inclined relative to the previous one. The invention also relates to a method for mounting such modules. The invention relates to a frame that comprises at least two such modules in which the junction surfaces together define an assembly with an oblique scarf joint, an unabutting scarf joint or key joint. The invention also relates to a harbour vehicle comprising at least one such frame and at least one such module.07-19-2012
280795000 Transverse member is body support 1
20090302592SUPPORT STRUCTURE FOR MOUNTING ON A FRAME OF A VEHICLE - Support structure for mounting on a frame of a vehicle to support an object, which comprises an object-supporting part that is adapted to be mounted on a first side of the vehicle frame. It also comprises a mating part that is adapted to be mounted on a second side of the vehicle frame. Either the object-supporting part or the mating part or both comprise at least one pin that is adapted to pass through at least one opening in the vehicle frame and abut against the mating part and/or object-supporting part. The at least one pin is adapted to accommodate any one of a plurality of vehicle frames of different thickness or any part of a vehicle frame of non-uniform thickness between the object-supporting part and the mating part.12-10-2009
280799000 Longitudinal frame member is an "I" beam 1
20100207372System and method for positioning and restraining an air spring within a vehicle suspension - Vehicle suspension assemblies including air spring assemblies and components of the vehicle suspension assemblies are described. A vehicle suspension assembly that is attachable to a pair of vehicle frame rails includes a pair of support beams and a cross member, such as a cross tube, extending between and connected to the pair of support beams. Each support beam includes a locator-tab and each air spring assembly includes a locator-tab-slot for receiving a locator-tab of a support beam. The cross tube is fastened to the air spring assembly via a retention strap that wraps around portions of the cross tube. The locator-tabs and locator-tab-slots may be operable, alone or in combination with the retention strap, as a lateral restraint. In this regard, the lateral restraint may restrain the air spring from moving in a lateral direction between two frame rails to which the vehicle suspension assembly attaches.08-19-2010
280797000 Longitudinal frame member is box-shaped 1
20130161933FRAME RAIL FOR A VEHICLE - A frame rail for a vehicle has a pair of elongated structural members, each one of the pair of elongated structural members having flanges protruding from lateral edges thereof. The flanges of one of the pair of elongated structural members extend in a direction toward the flanges of the other one of the pair of elongated structural members. The frame rail also has first and second metallic web panels interconnecting the pair of elongated structural members. Overall, the frame rail has a box beam structure, wherein at least a major portion of each one of the first and second metallic web panels has a material thickness that is less than a material thickness of at least a major portion of each one of the pair of elongated structural members.06-27-2013
20110175337COMPOSITE BAR FOR THE CHASSIS OF A VEHICLE - A composite bar for the chassis of a vehicle; the composite bar consists of at least two extruded elements which are internally hollow and are butt jointed at a junction area; each extruded element has a trapezoidal cross section having a major base, a minor base parallel and opposite to the major base, and two side walls; a first end of a first extruded element arranged in the junction area has no major base; and a second end of a second extruded element arranged in the junction area is interference fitted into the first end through the missing major base.07-21-2011
20130026745Forward mount - A forward mount is disclosed which is secured to the frame of an off-road vehicle to enable the rearward ends of a push-tube assembly to be secured thereto. The forward mount of this invention may be attached to the main frame of off-road vehicles of different manufacturers in various ways.01-31-2013
20090194984APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CHANGING THE TRACK OF THE WHEELS OF A TRACTOR - A tractor includes a motor, transmission, drive shaft and rear differential for driving the rear axles mounted on a main tubular frame of a variable configuration. Forwardly extendable telescoping tubular frame members are actuated by respective rams to selectively vary the spacing between the frame and the front wheels. The front and rear lateral telescoping tubes supporting each of the wheels are selectively extendable and retractable to significantly vary the wheel width or track of the front and rear wheels.08-06-2009
20110193332UNIT SUPPORT FOR THE BODY OF A MOTOR VEHICLE, BULKHEAD MODULE WITH UNIT SUPPORT, COCKPIT MODULE FOR A VEHICLE BODY, BODY STRUCTURE, AND FINALLY ASSEMBLED BODY - A unit support is provided for the body of a motor vehicle having at least one connection point for the connection of a component of the engine compartment of the motor vehicle. It is provided that the unit support is substantially formed by the bulkhead of the motor vehicle, which separates the engine compartment from the passenger compartment, and can be installed together with the at least one component as a preassembled structural unit into the body and can be connected to the instrument board of the motor vehicle. The invention further relates to a preassembled bulkhead module with such a unit support, a cockpit module for connection to the bulkhead module, and a body structure for receiving a bulkhead module.08-11-2011
20090039633Pi Shaped Cross-Member - A cross-member for supporting a vehicle chassis loads includes a generally shaped member including: i) a generally flat top sheet; ii) a first side sheet extending at an angle from the top sheet, along a length of the top sheet at a location inset from a first side edge of the top sheet such that the top sheet overhangs the first side sheet; iii) a second side sheet extending at an angle from the top sheet, along a length of the top sheet at a location inset from a second side edge of the top sheet such that the top sheet overhangs the second side sheet.02-12-2009
20100045014STRADDLE-TYPE VEHICLE - A secondary air supply device that increases a supply amount of secondary air is provided in a straddle-type vehicle and includes a plurality of secondary air supply pipes respectively communicated with an exhaust passage of an engine and reed valves. The plurality of reed valves are arranged to be spaced apart in the vehicle width direction so as to increase the supply amount of secondary air.02-25-2010
20090014993Weight distributed low impact vehicle system capable of remote area access - An ecologically friendly sub frame system that is mounted onto a pre-purchased car, van, truck, emergency vehicle or heavy equipment, said system comprising a modified rectangular hollow metal frame, an outside access frame to access all parts of the vehicle, large tires, at least two independently moving axles, and coupling mechanisms to the axles that can be attached to a vehicle to be used in areas of ecological fragility, such as the tundra, desert, or beaches. The sub frame and the large tires re-distribute the weight of the vehicle across a large surface area, which minimizes the impact of the vehicle when it travels over terrain that can easily be destroyed.01-15-2009
20080203718Vehicle with Components Arranged Relative to Chassis Frame - A vehicle includes a chassis frame including at least one substantially straight rail extending in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle, and a cab having a floor at least partially disposed vertically below the at least one rail.08-28-2008
20120217732CHASSIS - The invention relates to a chassis for a vehicle, the chassis including a frame as well as a first axle and a second axle, on which the wheels of the vehicle are mounted on bearings and which axles are connected to the frame to swivel at least with respect to a vertical axis and a longitudinal axis, and in which chassis the axles are connected to each other by means of mechanisms for transmitting motion in such a way that the movements of the first axle are transmitted to the second axle, and vice versa. In the chassis according to the invention, the mechanisms for transmitting the motion includes arms for transmitting motion between the axles, which arms are configured to remain primarily parallel to the longitudinal direction of the frame, irrespective of the movements of the axles.08-30-2012
20090267337MOTOR VEHICLE FRAME - A vehicle frame for a motor vehicle, configured as ladder frame, includes two side rails which are connected by cross members. Each side rail is made of at least one longitudinally welded hollow section, wherein the hollow section has a cross section in the shape of a rectangle with wall portions, which are curved in cross section, and rounded longitude edges. The hollow section may hereby be roll-formed. The cross section of the side rails varies in its length dimension and ascends starting from a front region to a maximum and descends thereafter to a rear region H. The rounded cross sectional configuration of the side rails with slight oversizing of the outer dimensions results in a greater geometrical moment of inertia. As a result, the wall thickness can be reduced so as to attain a decrease in weight and cost savings.10-29-2009
20090008918Expandable Vehicle Frame - A vehicle having a frame with at least one frame member, the frame member being adapted to support at least a portion of a weight of the vehicle and at least a portion of the frame member being tubular and radially expandable. The frame also has a manifold connected to an end of the frame member. A translation assembly is connected to the manifold.01-08-2009
20100171297CHASSIS - A chassis for a high mobility vehicle is disclosed. The chassis comprises a tubular transmission member extending from a foremost axle to a rearmost axle, thereby defining a transmission axis; a first structural member arranged generally parallel to the transmission axis, and attached to the transmission member; and a deflection means arranged such that, if the vehicle, in use, encounters an obstacle having a height greater than the clearance of the deflection means above the ground, the deflection means are operable in combination with the first structural member and the transmission member to cause the vehicle to overcome the object.07-08-2010
20090273171Working Machine - A working machine has a main frame structure which includes a pair of endless tracks; each track is entrained about track supporting devices mounted by a track sub-frame. The sub-frame includes inner and outer members interconnected by cross members. The inner and outer members are arranged side by side and mounting at or adjacent upper edges thereof, at least one upper track support device between the members. The inner and outer members mount at or adjacent lower edges thereof, at least one lower track supporting device between the members. The inner and outer members and cross members of at least one of the track sub-frames is a monolithic casting.11-05-2009
20090014992ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE WITH DRIVE CHAIN TENSION ADJUSTER - An all terrain vehicle includes a caliper bracket that moves with the movement of a rear axle by the rotation of an eccentric hub. The eccentric hub rotatably supports the rear axle in a position eccentric to the radial center of an axle supporting section. The caliper bracket includes a range specifying section or, specifically, a first engaging portion, which engages with the rear arm, for specifying the rotating range of the eccentric hub according to the position of engagement with the rear arm. The rear arm includes a second engaging portion that engages with the first engaging portion.01-15-2009
20110204611FIBER REINFORCED POLYMER FRAME RAIL - Described herein are fiber-reinforced composite members and methods and systems for making the same. The composite members can be any of various types, including load-bearing structural members such as frame rails for a truck chassis. The composite members can be formed directly in a desired shape, such as with a pultrusion process, with irregular features, such as bolt holes, preformed therein without damaging the fibers. The composite members can provide similar or greater overall strength compared to metal members with reduced weight, and can comprise fibers distributed and oriented in such a manner to create additional strength in desired locations and directions and reduced strength in other locations/directions.08-25-2011
20090243270VEHICLE FRAME WITH STRESS RELIEF FEATURE - A vehicle frame includes a plurality of hollow tubular members welded together. An opening in a side wall of the frame which receives a door or window of the vehicle is bordered by at least two hollow tubular members which are interconnected by a non-tubular, reinforcing corner member. The reinforcing corner member includes a pair of solid parallel plates spaced apart by a perpendicular cross-member. Each plate of the reinforcing corner member has integral first and second elongated portions extending on either side of a continuous curve therebetween which has a substantially constant radius of curvature such as to define a smooth transition between the integral first and second elongated portions of the plate. The reinforcing corner member distributes stress away from the curved corner and to the tubular members, thereby preventing stress concentration at a joint between the two tubular members surrounding the opening in the frame.10-01-2009
20090243271SUSPENSION SUBFRAME STRUCTURE OF VEHICLE - A structure of a suspension subframe (10-01-2009
20100194087ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE WITH RADIATOR PROTECTION - A vehicle including a main body frame having a length direction and a width direction includes a front frame carried by the main body frame. The front frame includes a first front cross frame having a generally height and extends along said main body's width direction. A second front cross frame is disposed frontward and offset from the first cross frame at an elevational height less than the first front cross frame. A first and second side frame interconnect with the first cross frame and the second cross frame to define radiator cage having an interior space. A radiator is disposed within the interior space of said radiator cage.08-05-2010
20100253056SUPPORTING TRAVERSE - The invention relates to a supporting traverse for reinforcing a vehicle frame, comprising a cross-member with a fastening region, which is integrally formed thereon on the end and can be connected to the vehicle frame, and bearing blocks acting between the fastening regions on the cross-member. The aim of the invention is to refine a supporting strut with which the risk of the bearing block breaking away from the cross-member due to wear is considerably reduced. According to the invention, said aim is achieved by a supporting traverse, wherein the bearing blocks and the cross-member are connected to each other in a non-detachable way.10-07-2010
20110121554VEHICLE CHASSIS WITH ANTI-CAMBER - A vehicle chassis for motor homes, busses and similar vehicles is provided. In an embodiment, the chassis includes anti-camber to counteract the bending action provided by the engine being mounted rear ward of the rear axle(s) of the vehicle such that the rear axle(s) act as a fulcrum causing crowning of the chassis. Further, embodiments of the invention utilize through the frame construction for lateral support members to increase storage space of a basement region and to increase strength of the welded joints of the various structural members.05-26-2011
20100133800Auxiliary Frame, Particularly for Motor Vehicles - The invention relates to an auxiliary frame (06-03-2010
20110025035FRONT SPRING BRACKET FOR A TRUCK - The invention relates to a front spring bracket (02-03-2011
20100164214Rear frame for a motor vehicle - A rear frame for a motor vehicle has a profile part manufactured from cast metal. The profile part has two legs, which are connected to one another via a cover element, and an attachment element. In this way, the rear frame has a particularly high stability and may be manufactured particularly cost-effectively.07-01-2010
20110127759HEAVY-DUTY VEHICLE FRAME - A frame for a heavy-duty vehicle includes a pair of spaced-apart, parallel, elongated and longitudinally extending main members. Each one of a pair of hangers is attached to and depends below a respective one of the main members. An axle/suspension system is mounted on the hangers. A vertically disposed brace structure extends between and is attached to the hangers and the main members. The brace structure includes a hanger cross member disposed perpendicularly between the hangers and a pair of inclined members each of which extend between and are attached to the hanger cross member and to a respective one of the main members or to a respective one of the main members and a respective one of the hangers. The brace structure efficiently dissipates loads from the axle/suspension system into the frame adjacent the hangers and eliminates the need for additional cross members within the frame.06-02-2011
20100038893METHOD OF CONNECTING CHASSIS PARTS, AND A CHASSIS ASSEMBLY - In a method of connecting chassis parts to produce a chassis assembly, at least one end of a first chassis part is connected with a second chassis part in an overlap zone by a form fit and an interference fit through an internal high pressure joining process. The second chassis part serves hereby a seal of the one end of the first chassis element.02-18-2010
20100327570Rear Suspension Spring Support Structure - A rear suspension spring support structure enables a rear side member to have an improved rigidity, and thus driving stability is improved. The rear suspension spring support structure has a rear cross member connected to a rear side member with a rear cross member extension being interposed therebetween. An extending portion, on a vehicle lateral side, of the rear cross member extension passes under the rear side member and extends to the vehicle lateral side of the rear side member. The extending portion is welded to a lower surface of the rear side member and a side surface of the vehicle lateral side. A coil spring bracket for receiving an upper end portion of the coil spring is joined to a lower surface of the rear cross member extension.12-30-2010
20100244422Track Frame for Work Machine - A track frame in which stress concentration caused by a work load is avoided and that has increased strength. These are achieved by reducing the weigh of connection legs and providing sufficient welding length for joint surfaces for joining the connection legs. The track frame has a front and rear pair of left/right connection legs (09-30-2010
20090256343MODULAR REAR AXLE ASSEMBLY OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - A rear axle/suspension module (10-15-2009
20110018249SHOPPING CART OR TRANSPORT CONTAINER, AND PRODUCTION METHOD - A shopping cart or transport container is provided with ion-releasing surfaces that have anti-microbial efficacy. In addition, the surfaces are formed to be hydrophobic or superhydrophobic. The shopping cart or transport container therefore does not provide an environment that permits the survival of pathogens.01-27-2011
20110018248LIGHT-WEIGHT, ROLL-BONDED HEAVY DUTY TRUCK FRAME MEMBER - A frame member for a frame assembly of a vehicle includes a first outer steel layer, a second outer steel layer and an aluminum core layer between the first outer steel layer and the second outer steel layer. The first outer steel layer, the second outer steel layer and the aluminum core layer are metallurgically bonded together.01-27-2011
20110175336MULTIPURPOSE UTILITY VEHICLE - A multiuse vehicle comprises a frame having longitudinal portions forming a central opening for supporting an engine and end portions extending forward and rearward from said longitudinal portions, each of the end portions having a downwardly extending leg portion with one or more hitches. A suspension system includes the use of pivoting arms that carry trunnion-mounted differentials. An operator's cab is mounted on a forward portion of the frame to provide the operator with increased visibility. The frame behind the operator's cab is configured to receive any of a variety of devices such as a dump bed, a sprayer tank, a salt spreader, or a flat bed.07-21-2011
20080217902MATERIAL HANDLING APPARATUS AND SUPPORT THEREFOR - A material handling apparatus having a support portion is disclosed. The support portion includes a beam, a wheel disposed on one side of the beam, and a wheel bracket disposed on an opposing side of the beam. The wheel bracket has two legs and a yoke, and is disposed with the legs against the beam to define a gap between the beam and the yoke. The beam and wheel bracket each include a defined pattern of three sets of identically arranged holes, a first set arranged on a square pattern, a second set arranged on rectangular non-square pattern, and a third set arranged on a rectangular pattern similar to that of the second set but oriented ninety degrees to the second set. The wheel bracket is disposed having its defined pattern of holes aligned with the defined pattern of holes in the beam. The wheel, beam and wheel bracket are attached by fasteners passing through one set of holes and traversing the gap.09-11-2008
20110304128FRAMEWORK STRUCTURE FOR VEHICLE - There is provided a framework structure for a vehicle where two members can be welded to each other even when the two members are disposed adjacent to each other and the extending directions thereof are changed, thereby improving strength.12-15-2011
20090200785MACHINE FRAME - A frame for a machine may include a load transfer member attached to a load support member and to a first plate member and a second plate member. Additionally, the first and second plate members may each include an aperture shaped to receive a trunnion. The load transfer member may be disposed proximate to the apertures.08-13-2009
20080284151Collision-Protected Front Frame Structure of a Truck - A front frame structure of a truck with upper longitudinal members and with lower longitudinal member elements which are connected to one another via vertical frame struts is provided. The lower longitudinal member elements are designed at least in some regions as collision-force-absorbing deformation bodies and are completely integrated into the frame structure.11-20-2008
20080315571Structure Supporting a Motor Vehicle Front End Assembly Comprising Coupling Means in the Form of a Hollow Body of a Mini-Cradle With Side Members, and Corresponding Vehicle - The invention concerns a structure for a motor vehicle front end assembly, comprising a mini-cradle (12-25-2008
20120104739AXLE SUPPORT, ESPECIALLY FRONT AXLE SUPPORT FOR MOTOR VEHICLES - The invention relates to a monolithically cast axle support (05-03-2012
20120205902SNOWMOBILE CHASSIS WITH TUNNEL - A snowmobile chassis includes dual panels that form a lighter weight and stronger tunnel preferably without the need for structural doublers, plates or other attachable reinforcement devices. The dual panels take the form of inner and outer panels coupled together with selective gaps or spaces located between the panels. The gaps laterally separate the panels and may be continuous and take a variety of shapes as defined by each panel's configuration. The arrangement of the gaps may advantageously define a desired structural load path through the tunnel, increase a section modulus with respect to a centerline of the tunnel, and reduce an overall weight of the tunnel as compared with conventional tunnels that utilize added reinforcement devices.08-16-2012
20120211973Work Vehicle Oscillation System - A work vehicle comprises a front frame, a rear frame, an oscillation frame, a slew bearing, and a rolling-element bearing. The slew bearing and the rolling-element bearing allow oscillation between the oscillation frame and the rear frame about a fore-aft axis.08-23-2012
20120161427Utility Vehicle - A utility vehicle includes a vehicle body including a main frame, a seat, and an entrance, and a door including a door body, a hinge, and a latch device. The latch device includes a striker member mounted to the vehicle body to protrude outward in a vehicle width direction, a latch member attached to the door body and actuated to switch between a first state where the latch member engages with the striker member and a second state where the latch member disengages from the striker member, and an operation member attached to the door body to operate the latch member. The operation member is positioned on an outer surface of the door body in the vehicle width direction.06-28-2012
20120133117SADDLE-RIDE TYPE VEHICLE - A saddle-ride type vehicle in which the body frame can be reinforced without using a special reinforcing member includes left and right rear frame portions extending rearward and upward from a down frame. The right and left rear frame portions each include a rear frame front half portion and a rear frame rear half portion that are joined together at a joint. The left and right rear frame front half portions are connected to each other by a cross frame. The rear frame rear half portions extend further forward from its joint with the rear frame front half portion and are also joined together by the cross frame, which supports a seat through a storage box.05-31-2012
20120319389SUSPENSION SUBFRAME - Disclosed is a suspension subframe (12-20-2012
20080238073Adjustable shock - A motorcycle shock system has a shock body formed at least partially of aluminum and an air compressor that provides pressurized air to the shock body when necessary. A piston held within the shock body defines a rear air chamber and a forward air chamber on the opposite side of the piston. Four electrically controlled air valves include a first air valve that when actuated opens a passage to allow air to flow into the forward chamber, a second air valve that when actuated opens a passage to allow air to flow out of the forward chamber to the atmosphere, a third air valve that when actuated opens a passage to allow air to flow out of the rear air chamber, and a fourth air valve that when actuated opens a passage to allow air to flow into the rear air chamber.10-02-2008
20080231033Adjustable shock - A motorcycle soft tail shock system has a shock body formed at least partially of aluminum and an air compressor that provides pressurized air to the shock body when necessary. A piston held within the shock body defines a rear air chamber and a forward air chamber on the opposite side of the piston. Four electrically controlled air valves include a first air valve that when actuated opens a passage to allow air to flow into the forward chamber, a second air valve that when actuated opens a passage to allow air to flow out of the forward chamber to the atmosphere, a third air valve that when actuated opens a passage to allow air to flow out of the rear air chamber, and a fourth air valve that when actuated opens a passage to allow air to flow into the rear air chamber.09-25-2008
20130187371MOTOR VEHICLE CHASSIS HAVING A PART FOR ATTACHING BODYWORK ELEMENTS AND ELECTRICAL CABLES TO THE CENTRAL FLOOR - A motor vehicle chassis including two side skirt lateral flanks comprising a horizontal portion. The motor vehicle chassis also includes a central floor situated between the two side skirt lateral flanks and including a horizontal main surface and horizontal secondary surfaces for attachment to the horizontal portion of the lateral flanks. The horizontal surfaces exhibit a height difference. The motor vehicle chassis also includes at least one fixing piece on each side of the central floor, between the horizontal main surface of the central floor and one of the side skirt lateral flanks. The at least one fixing piece includes two horizontal parts for fixing to the central floor, which are respectively fixed to the horizontal main surface and to a horizontal lateral surface of the central floor. One of the horizontal parts includes a first passage to accept a fixing lug of a bodywork element.07-25-2013

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