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Stable vehicles, handle-propelled

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280 - Land vehicles

280029000 - WHEELED

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280470380 Occupant seating type (e.g., baby carriages) 55
280470350 Plural load supports 54
280470371 Adjustable handle 15
280470360 Reversible handles 3
20100109271STROLLER - There is provided a stroller allowing an operation for switching the conditions of the wheels in accordance with a position of the handle to be performed in a more stable and reliable manner. A stroller 05-06-2010
20110148059Infant Carrier Apparatus Having an Adjustable Handle Assembly - An infant carrier apparatus comprises a support frame, a handle assembly having two side segments, two handle adjusting mechanisms pivotally connecting the two side segments of the handle assembly with the support frame, a release actuator and two transmission elements. Each of the handle adjusting mechanisms has a locked state for securely holding the handle assembly in place relative to the support frame, and an unlocked state allowing rotation of the handle assembly about a pivot axis relative to the support frame. Each of the transmission elements has a first and second distal end, wherein the first distal end is connected with one of the handle adjusting mechanisms, and the second distal end is connected with the release actuator. The release actuator is operable to switch the handle adjusting mechanisms from the locked state to the unlocked state.06-23-2011
20100194065STROLLER PART ASSEMBLY FOR A REVERSIBLE HANDLE STROLLER - A stroller part assembly includes: a seat support frame; an armrest secured to the seat support frame and defining an inner space; a handle pivoted to the seat support frame so as to be rotatable about an axis relative to the seat support frame; and a lock mechanism including first and second interlocking members disposed in the inner space and secured to the armrest, and a third interlocking member mounted movably on the handle and engageable with the first and second interlocking members.08-05-2010
20100148458Medical Ventilator Cart - A medical ventilator cart, for use in hospitals or other medical settings, stores and transports various components of a ventilator system, such as a Breath Delivery Unit, a display monitor, and a compressor. First and second platforms are suspended above a base of the cart and allow the various ventilator cart components to be separately and independently placed on and removed from the cart without the need to move or rearrange any of the other ventilator components. One version of the cart provides an additional compressor platform attached to the base for mounting a compressor below the first platform.06-17-2010
20110193305ROLLATOR - A rollator is disclosed in this invention. The rollator includes: a base frame; front wheel assemblies and rear wheel assemblies respectively mounted on both sides of the base frame; an inverted U-shaped supporting pipe; a H-shaped armrest bracket; connection pieces having block grooves thereon; a slide control lever for cooperating with the block grooves; a seat plate; a spring element; wherein the base frame is provided with unidirectional hinged seats; both bottom ends of the supporting pipe are hinged to the base frame, and both side arms of the supporting pipe are provided with slide holes facing each other; the armrest bracket has bottom portions hinged to the unidirectional hinged seat. The rollator has a simple structure and can be used for various situations in both folded and unfolded state.08-11-2011
20130038032Small Cart - A small cart, having a cart body and handle bar, the cart body has an open space with an open rear end. The handle bar is positioned on the back of the cart body, the lower portion of the handle bar is connected to both sides of the cart body through pivots. A top loading plate with surrounding boards is on the top of cart body. A bottom tray with attached wheels is in the bottom space of the cart body. Each lower portion of both sides of the cart body has a pin which extends to the back to the bottom tray. The top loading plate and bottom tray improve the transportation capacity. The top loading plate has a slope for delivering cylindrical shaped materials, its front board can be placed flat for unloading. The handle bar can be used either for pushing or pulling the small car.02-14-2013
20110001298Portable Chair Carrier on Rollers - A Portable Chair Carrier on Rollers device, called a Roll-N-Go, for use with sporting goods and outdoor accessories. Particularly this device mounts a wheel assembly to a soft carrying case. The mounting may be as an original equipment feature with the case or as an add-on feature to existing cases. It is comprised essentially of two main parts: a case that has several features and a wheel support structure to support wheels and to secure the wheels to the case.01-06-2011
20090108549FRAME AND PANEL SYSTEM FOR CONSTRUCTING MODULES TO BE INSTALLED ON AN AIRPLANE GROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT CART - A frame, panel, and fastener system for use in constructing modules that are to be installed on a ground support equipment cart. The modules have a rectangular frame that is constructed primarily by connecting together members constructed as folded sheet metal tubes substantially rectangular in cross section but, on two adjoining sides, bent perpendicularly outwards to form a first shelf perforated with fastener mounting holes, these frame members having ends that may be fastened to pairs of ends of other like frame members at perpendicular angles to form the corners of the rectangular frame and of the modules. Panels having edges bent over to form stand-offs and perforated with fastener mounting holes are sized so the stand-offs rest upon the first shelves on plural sides of the rectangular frame. Plural fasteners have first fastener parts that are attached to the shelf fastener mounting holes and second fastener parts that are attached to the panel fastener mounting holes, with the fasteners aligned to join and to detachably hold the panels upon the first shelves to form removable side panels for the modules.04-30-2009
20090302563PAINTERS WHEELED CADDY - The invention is a paint caddy for performing painting activities adapted for use by a skilled painter. The paint caddy includes a rigid frame having a lower and an upper support member vertically separated by upright corner members. The lower support member extends beyond the upper support member to form a platform area upon which a five gallon paint container can be stored. The upper support member is molded in the form of a paint tray in which an optional liner may be fitted. The lower support member provides compartments for storage of paint tools and accessories. Four caster wheels are appropriately attached to the lower support member so that the paint caddy can be wheeled from a service vehicle to a specific job site having stored therein the painter's tools, as well as taking into account ergonomic considerations for all necessary material supplies to perform daily paint activities.12-10-2009
20130069325CASTOR WHEEL ASSEMBLY - Described herein are castor (a.k.a. caster) wheel assemblies, as well as devices (such as shopping trolleys or carts) that incorporate castor wheel assemblies.03-21-2013
20130062845ROLLATOR WITH IMPROVED BRAKE DEVICE - A rollator includes a support frame assembly, a handgrip unit pivotable relative to the support frame assembly between depressed and non-depressed positions, at least three wheels mounted pivotally to a bottom portion of the support frame assembly, and at least one braking device including a brake wire unit connected to the handgrip unit, and a brake fixed to the support frame assembly at a location proximate to one of the wheels and connected to the brake wire unit. The brake includes a casing, a stop member, and a gear connected coaxially to one of the wheels. The stop member is movable between free and braking positions where the stop member is spaced apart from and is engaged with the gear, respectively.03-14-2013
20090236810Wagon with removal bins - A wagon assembly for carrying items and materials typically used in lawn and garden care. The wagon assembly has a wheeled unitary body construction that forms a storage compartment. A storage bin can be placed inside the compartment or beneath and external the storage compartment. A lid is positionable over the storage compartment having recesses formed within the lid for holding of various items including a cushion, the recesses each having a drain to avoid the collection of water. A handle is provided by use of a flexible and detachable pull strap. The strap is adjustable in length and allows pulling of the wagon at most as well as hands free operation when desired.09-24-2009
20080272564GUIDES AND OTHER APPARATUS FOR INSERTING A CART, SUCH AS A CART WITH ONE OR MORE FIXED WHEELS, INTO AN ENCLOSURE - Various embodiments of the wheel positioning assembly are adapted for facilitating the insertion of a cart into an enclosure. In certain embodiments, the cart comprises: (1) first and second fixed front wheels that are disposed adjacent opposite front lateral sides of the cart; and (2) first and second swiveled rear wheels disposed adjacent opposite lateral side of the cart. In various embodiments, the wheel positioning assembly comprises: (1) a first wheel guide for physically guiding the first, fixed front wheel into a desired first-front-wheel position in which the first front wheel is disposed within the dispenser and adjacent a first wheel barrier; and (2) a locking mechanism for selectively maintaining the second rear wheel in a desired second-rear-wheel position within the dispenser. The first wheel barrier and the locking mechanism may selectively cooperate to physically prevent removal of the cart from the enclosure.11-06-2008
20120286488FOLDABLE WALKER APPARATUS - There is provided a brake pad assembly for a walker apparatus. The walker apparatus has a frame and a wheel pivotally connected to the frame. The assembly includes a brake pad mechanism having a brake pad. The brake pad mechanism is spring-biased to position the brake pad spaced-apart from and adjacent to the wheel. The brake pad mechanism is configured to cause the brake pad to abut the wheel when the brake pad mechanism is actuated. The assembly includes an arch-shaped brake housing. The brake pad mechanism pivotally mounts to the arch-shaped brake housing. The arch-shaped brake housing extends completely over the brake pad mechanism for fully protecting the brake pad mechanism.11-15-2012
20090295109WHEELBARROW - A wheelbarrow may include a receiving or load carrying portion, such as a tub or container, and wheels. The wheels are preferably disposed proximate a central portion of the tub. The wheelbarrow may also include a frame with a base or platform, which may connect the wheels and load carrying portion. In addition, the wheelbarrow may include a handle that is connected to the base or platform. A substantial portion of the capacity of the tub may be disposed below the handle and/or a substantial portion of the capacity of the tub may be disposed above the handle, which may help increase the stability and/or load capacity of the wheelbarrow. The frame may also include a front dump roll cage, which may be connected to the base or platform. The front dump roll cage may help support the tub, may help provide more stable dumping and/or may help protect the tub from damage12-03-2009
20100090429FASTENING DEVICE FOR FASTENING A MOVABLE ELEMENT - A fastening device for fastening a movable element to a structure includes a support member and at least one belt retractor having a retractable belt and a fitting. The belt retractor may be fastened to a support member. The belt retractor is arranged in such a way that, if the fitting couples the structure and the movable element, the retractor prevents unrolling of the belt by more than a predefinable range if an external force, such as sudden mid-air turbulence acts on the movable element. Thus, the movable element is secured.04-15-2010
20120032407FOLDABLE WALKER APPARATUS - There is provided a walker apparatus having a brake, a braking handle, a brake wire, a brake rod, and a brake rod assembly. A gripping member connects to the brake wire. The gripping member includes a plate having a first end, a second end and an aperture near the second end. The plate connects to the brake wire near the first end and the plate slidably receives the brake rod through the aperture near the second end. The gripping member includes a clamp that engages the brake wire via a set screw. The gripping member is spring-biased to remain free of the brake rod in a non-actuated mode. When the braking handle actuates the brake wire, the plate tilts with the first end elevating relative to the second end, thereby causing the plate to engage with and abut the brake rod for thereby actuating the brake rod to brake.02-09-2012
20090152826Cargo cart with hitch for wheeled mobility device - Cargo cart 06-18-2009
20090096180DEVICES FOR SUPPORTING AND TRANSPORTING SHEET MATERIALS - In one exemplary embodiment, a low-profile clamping system generally includes first and second elongate supports engageable with an edge portion of a sheet material for supporting at least part of the sheet material against bending. A fastener can releasably couple the first and second elongate supports to the edge portion of the sheet material. The first and second elongate supports define a channel for receiving the edge portion of the sheet material into the channel when supporting the sheet material. In another exemplary embodiment, an apparatus for transporting a sheet material generally includes a frame, at least one wheel coupled to the frame for allowing rolling movement of the frame, and an adjustable vice coupled to the frame for securing a sheet material in the vice on the frame.04-16-2009
20090096179APPLYING A PARTICLE BEAM TO A PATIENT - An apparatus includes a yoke having a first end and a second end. The yoke is configured to hold a device that includes an aperture and a range compensation structure. A catch arm is pivotally secured to the first end of the yoke. The catch arm includes a locking feature. The locking feature and the second end of the yoke interface, respectively, to a first retention feature and a second retention feature defined by the aperture and the range compensation structure. The locking feature is configured to interface to the first retention feature and the second end of the yoke is configured to interface to the second retention feature.04-16-2009
20080265538Cart for Loads - A cart that can support and transport loads includes a platform, a number of wheels, a handle, and a wheel assembly. The wheels are mounted to the platform and can move the cart from place-to-place. The handle extends from the platform. And the wheel assembly extends from the platform and can move the cart from place-to-place when the cart is at an inclined position with respect to the ground upon which the cart is moved.10-30-2008
20110169238STORAGE BAG SYSTEM FOR A WAGONS - A storage bag system for a wagon includes a collapsible storage bag that is movable between an expanded configuration and a collapsed configuration. The storage bag system also includes a connector for attaching the collapsible storage bag to a sidewall of the wagon. As a result, the invention provides additional hauling and storage capacity for a wagon via a collapsible storage bag that may be moved to a collapsed configuration.07-14-2011
20110025006Trolley - A trolley (02-03-2011
20110169237DEVICE AND METHOD FOR STORING AND TRANSPORTING SUBSTANTIALLY PLANAR ARTICLES - A device for transporting various articles has a container with a bottom portion and two opposing sidewall portions extending vertically from the bottom portion. A plurality of locating features may be placed within the container, upon a pair of opposing sidewalls. Securing sheets are adapted to fit within the locating features to accommodate a number of different articles. The securing sheets may be flexible so that they can expand to accommodate an article and to provide a compressive-type securing force to keep the article in place once inserted. Some embodiments contain securing sheets which have less vertical height than the sidewall portions of the container so that articles attached to a pedestal can be securely held within the device. A means for rolling the device may be attached to the bottom portion.07-14-2011
20080238011Mobile article transporter - A mobile article transporter for transporting items distances on a ground surface that has a set of expandable side panels supported on a corresponding set of rear side frame members to form a set of side walls that are moveable between an expanded position and a compressed position and further contains a collapsible inner support frame associated with the set of rear side frame members to support an at least one storage tray. The at least one storage tray is moveable at one end such that the at least one storage tray is able to sit substantially planarly parallel to a rear wall when in said folded position. The mobile article transporter may optionally be provided with a top cover that is retractable located above the at least one storage tray that provides a top shield to protect the items in an upper internal area of the mobile article transporter.10-02-2008
20100140890MODULAR UTILITY CART - A modular utility cart comprising a body defining a door opening; wheels attached to a lower portion of the body for supporting the body; and a door operatively attached to the body and adapted to mate with the door opening, wherein the body is adapted to receive a utility module thereto is provided. A method of assembling a modular utility cart is also provided. A kit of utility cart and utility module(s) is equally provided herein.06-10-2010
20100140889Foldable wheel seat - A foldable wheel seat has a base, an operating bar, a first rotating shaft and two wheel axles. The base has a groove formed in a top face of the base. The operating bar is mounted pivotally in the groove of the base. The first rotating shaft is mounted rotatably in the base and has at least one end and two pulling segments. The at least one end of the first rotating shaft is extended into the groove of the base and is securely connected to the operating bar. The pulling segments are mounted on the first rotating shaft and each pulling segment has two pulling tabs. The wheel axles are mounted rotatably in the base and are perpendicular to the first rotating shaft and below the pulling segments of the first rotating shaft. Each wheel axle has an engaging block, at least two wheels, a holding panel and a torsional spring.06-10-2010
20110221148APPARATUS FOR INDUCING SLEEP IN BABIES - An apparatus for inducing a baby to sleep is described. A baby is placed on the apparatus. The apparatus is moved back and forth by a parent or a caregiver. The rhythmic movement, the vibration induced from the contact of the apparatus with the floor, and the sound of the movement operate in conjunction to induce the baby to sleep and/or to sooth the baby. The apparatus includes a platform. The platform includes a base with a lower base surface and an upper base surface. The platform holds or supports a cushion that is removably positioned on the upper base surface. Wheels are engaged to the lower base surface of the platform. A handle extends from the platform. The handle is hingedly engaged to the platform. The handle is retractable with respect to the platform.09-15-2011
20120104711Person Moving Devices For Moving Persons Of Limited Mobility - A person moving device for moving a person of limited mobility. The device comprises a lower floor engaging frame part (05-03-2012
20090273151Toy chest and wagon - A toy chest which has wheels and a removable handle for conversion of the toy chest into a wagon is provided. Also is provided a toy chest and wagon which has wheels that can be concealed by use of a panel.11-05-2009
20110221149SHOPPING CART DEVICE - A display mounted on a shopping cart handle allows shoppers to, inter alia, find information, to obtain coupons, to refer to in-store audio or video programs, and/or to obtain additional targeted shopper related information.09-15-2011
20100259022Rear Wheel Steering Hand Cart With Integrated Brake System - A rear wheel steering hand cart with an integrated brake system includes a main body (10-14-2010
20100001481Halloween portable container - The present invention is an apparatus that is portable, easy to transport, and protects confections during Halloween “trick-or-treat”. The apparatus of the present invention includes a container element including a cover element, wherein the container element and cover element are in the form of a Halloween object, such as a pumpkin, witch, ghost, goblin, monster, vampire or werewolf. The apparatus further includes a projection element, which may further include a gripping element, to assist in maneuvering to push and/or pull the apparatus, via a rotating element. An alternate embodiment of the present invention is contemplated that includes a frame element to allow the container element to be disengaged from the frame element such that the container can be used as a decorative piece, for example displayed on a front porch or kitchen counter.01-07-2010
20090315286MOBILE POWER GENERATOR APPARATUS - Mobile power generator apparatus includes: left and right wheels attached to a frame having a power generator mounted therein; three guide rollers provided for each of the wheels for rotatably supporting the rim of the wheel at three positions of the rim; and mounting sections for respectively mounting the three guide rollers on a side wall of the frame, so that each of the wheels is rotatably supported by the three guide rollers on one of the side walls of the frame.12-24-2009
20080309039Steerable Carriage Apparatus - A steerable carriage apparatus for manually transporting a payload across a surface, that includes frame multiple end portions that include rotating elements rotationally attached to each of the frame multiple end portions, with the rotating elements forming contacts on the surface. Additionally, the frame multiple end portions have a pivotal attachment to one another being operational to steer the carriage, with the pivotal attachment having a pivotal axis forming an angle to the surface, the pivotal attachment having the option of selectively controlling the urging, dampening, or locking of the pivotal movement.12-18-2008
20110079973TRANSPORT CARRIAGE FOR INDUSTRIAL PLANTS - A transport carriage for industrial plants comprises a bearing structure mounted on a plurality of wheel units pivoting around respective vertical axes. The wheel pivoting units are connected by means of kinematisms to a single control plate mounted articulated around a vertical axis. The control plate may be manoeuvred by means of a steering unit including a steering plate which is mounted articulated around the same articulation axis of the control plate. The steering unit is provided with a vertical bar suitable to be engaged into a hole of the steering plate and into any one among the two holes of control plate (5) to join the plates integrally in the rotation around the articulation axis thereof. When the engagement member is inserted into the abovementioned first hole, the wheels of the carriage are prearranged for movement in the normal advancement direction, with the possibility of steering within a limited angular field. When the engagement bar is inserted into the second hole the steering unit may be manoeuvred over a greater angular field, which allows directing the wheels of the pivoting units in an orthogonal direction with respect to direction A.04-07-2011
20110304113Laundry Buddy - The present invention, hereinafter referred as the Laundry Buddy, is a specially designed laundry basket, comprising heavy duty wheeled castors which facilitate three hundred sixty degrees of rotation and an easily attached handle that enables the user to effortlessly transport the basket about the home. The Laundry Buddy boasts a mesh-like grate on the sidewalls, facilitating the free flow of air about laundry contained within. Positioned at each end of the unit are integrated handles for use in easily lifting the basket off the ground. Further, a recessed niche is centrally positioned on one end of the unit, inside of which, a sturdy handle is easily attached via an interlocking hinged fastener. As an added design feature, this handle is comprised of retractable, telescoping components and thus rests flush against the side of the basket when not in use, extending several feet in length when fully extended to accommodate the stature of an adult user. A nonskid, oval shaped handgrip is perpendicularly attached to the top of the handle, facilitating easy maneuvering of the Laundry Buddy.12-15-2011
20120007323MEDICAL EMERGENCY CRASH CART - A utility cart includes an auxiliary swivel caster wheel assembly, a locking mechanism, and a trigger mechanism for causing the locking mechanism to releasably lock the auxiliary swivel caster wheel assembly. The auxiliary swivel caster wheel assembly is unlocked to enable the auxiliary swivel caster wheel to rotate about a vertical axis for improved maneuverability in small areas, and is locked to hold the auxiliary swivel caster wheel in a predetermined position for improved steering as the cart is moved from one location to another. The trigger mechanism is disposed on a steering handle to enable dynamic actuation of the locking mechanism while the cart is in motion.01-12-2012
20120013090WHEELED COLLAPSIBLE SHOPPING BAG DEVICE - A low weight wheeled bag device having a bottom assembly having two crossed members with an upperside and an underside. The wheel members are coaxially mounted to a shaft journaled by two bushing members at the ends. Spacer leg members have cooperative dimensions to permit the bottom assembly to be at rest at a substantially parallel and spaced apart relationship with respect to a supporting surface. A bag member with flat bottom wall is mounted over the upperside and extends upwardly defining an internal compartment and an upper end opening. A reinforcement member can be optionally added to the bottom wall to enhance its structural integrity. A user tilts the bag assembly and pulls it from handles mounted adjacent to the opening causing the wheels to roll and the assembly to easily move with its contents.01-19-2012
20120025483FOLDABLE WALKER APPARATUS - There is provided a walker apparatus having a pair of upright, spaced-apart elongate members. Each elongate member includes an upper end for placing one's hands and a lower end spaced-apart from the upper end. A first pair of ground-engaging wheels are rotatably mounted to the elongate members at the lower ends. The apparatus includes a pair of support members that are spaced-apart and arc-shaped. The support members align respectively with and extend from the elongate members to distal ends of the support members. The support members have apexes extending towards the upper ends of the elongate members. A second pair of ground-engaging wheels operatively connect to the distal ends of the support members. The apparatus includes a seat for resting connecting to the apexes of the support members, the support members thereby supporting the seat.02-02-2012
20110089653TROLLEY AND A WHEEL ASSEMBLY FOR A TROLLEY - A trolley (04-21-2011
20120211956Manually Driven Cart with Biased-Direction Rear Wheels - A cart having a platform and at least one forward located non-direction biased caster wheel and two rearward located direction biased caster wheels. A second forward located non-direction biased caster wheel may be provided. Various cart types are disclosed including lumber, flatbed, nursery, utility and luggage carts. An embodiment for converting between biased direction and non-biased direction rear wheels is also disclosed.08-23-2012
20120248722WAGON - A wagon includes a wagon pan including a wagon pan sidewall and a footwell including a footwell sidewall and a bottom. The wagon pan and footwell are adapted to be shipped in a nesting configuration and fastened together with the wagon pan on top of the footwell to form a body of the wagon. A handle and a number of are wheels adapted to be connected to the body of the wagon. The handle and wheels may also be shipped in a nested configuration with respect to the footwell.10-04-2012
20100133770Disc Golf Equipment Cart - A cart apparatus to facilitate the play of disc golf may include but not be limited to a chassis, at least three wheels rotatably coupled to the chassis, a handle member mounted to the chassis, a floor platform mounted on the chassis and at least one seat member retractably mounted on the floor platform such that the seat member descends through the floor platform with the application of a sufficient weight and the seat member ascends through the floor platform after the removal of the weight. The seat member may consist of a seat mounted on a support. When someone sits on the seat the seat support descends through a hole in floor platform until it hits the ground. The ground then supports the weight of the sitter. When the sitter stands up and gets off the seat, the member ascends through the floor platform back to its starting position, or close thereto. Folding or collapsible embodiments of the cart apparatus allow it to be stored or transported more easily. Alternative embodiments provide baskets, consoles and accessories to enhance the ease, convenience and enjoyment of disc golf.06-03-2010
20120280463FOLDABLE WALKER APPARATUS - There is provided a walker apparatus having a brake, a braking handle, a brake wire, a brake rod, and a brake rod assembly. A gripping member connects to the brake wire. The gripping member includes a plate having a first end, a second end and an aperture near the second end. The plate connects to the brake wire near the first end and the plate slidably receives the brake rod through the aperture near the second end. The gripping member includes a clamp that engages the brake wire via a set screw. The gripping member is spring-biased to remain free of the brake rod in a non-actuated mode. When the braking handle actuates the brake wire, the plate tilts with the first end elevating relative to the second end, thereby causing the plate to engage with and abut the brake rod for thereby actuating the brake rod to brake.11-08-2012
20120139202WALKING AID - Provided is a walking aid having a frame comprising a first and a second frame member, a grip connected with the upper part of the aforementioned first frame member, a first steerable wheel arranged on the bottom end of the aforementioned first frame member and a second wheel which is arranged on the lower end of the second frame member. The wheels are connected with the frame such that stability in a first plane is ensured for a user during an application of a vertical load on the aforementioned grip. The walking aid extends on one side of the user.06-07-2012
20080252027Golf Trolley with Easy-Collapsed Auxiliary Wheel - A golf trolley with an easy-collapsed auxiliary wheel includes a golf trolley frame, an auxiliary wheel frame and two joint of rotary shafts. The joints of rotary shafts pivot between the golf trolley frame with a first rotary shaft member and the auxiliary wheel frame with a second one, and the first and the second rotary shaft member are controlled by a shaft lever of an eccentric pressure plate for locking or unlocking. Accordingly, the auxiliary wheel frame rotating unrestricted when releasing the eccentric pressure plate and then the first and the second rotary shaft member, whereas it is locked when pulling the said eccentric pressure plate and then locking the first and the second rotary shaft member.10-16-2008
20130113171MEDICAL WASTE DISPOSAL APPARATUS - The present invention relates to a trolley (05-09-2013
20080197592HAND TRUCK - A hand truck is disclosed, the hand truck including a dual-positionable handle assembly, a plurality of casters, and a main body adapted to receive a portion of the handle assembly, wherein the main body includes a pocket adapted to receive a portion of a hand of a user to facilitate carrying the hand truck.08-21-2008
20130207362TIGHT NEST SHOPPING CART - A shopping cart features a main tube member including a pair of frame side rail portions, a pair of handle riser portions attached to trailing sections of the pair of frame side rail portions and a handle cross portion connected between the pair of handle riser portions. A basket is attached to the pair of handle riser portions. A rear caster support includes a pair of rear caster legs joined by a crossbar. The pair of rear caster legs are connected one each to the pair of handle riser portions. A pair of rear casters are attached one each to the pair of rear caster legs. A pair of front casters are joined to the pair of frame side rail portions.08-15-2013

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