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280 - Land vehicles

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
280727000 Attachment 2077
280800100 Running gear 1069
280200000 Occupant propelled type 955
280400000 Articulated vehicle 676
280638000 Extensible 469
280470340 Stable vehicles, handle-propelled 176
280870010 Coasters 171
280470131 Tiltable vehicles, stabilized by attendant or article 169
280330991 Nesting vehicles 85
280790110 Body with bracketed-type or nonsuspended axles (e.g., platform type) 67
280030000 Convertible 44
280320500 With worker's support or shade 29
280063000 Two-wheel 19
280470110 Wheel steering by attendant 17
280062000 Three-wheel 12
280320700 Riding attachment 6
280470120 Vehicles with rocker or fulcrum supports auxiliary to wheels 2
20080265535Device for Lifting and Transporting Loads - Device for lifting and transporting loads, for example shrubs, comprising a support member (10-30-2008
20110148058Stroller - A stroller with a sitting area that is convertible from a smaller seat for a child into a larger seat for an adult. In addition, the stroller sitting area may be converted into a bassinet for a child to lay within. A rocking structure may be provided to permit the sitting area to rock. In addition, the stroller seat may be rotatable from a first position to a second position for rocking either side to side or front to back.06-23-2011
280078000 One-wheel 1
20090108551TRANSPORT WHEEL FOR A HELICOPTER - A transport wheel device for a helicopter having a runner defining an axial direction. The transport wheel includes a holding frame, a wheel axle, a slide, a wheel and a lifting device. The holding frame is detachably securable to the runner. The wheel axle is attached the holding frame by the slide. The slide is continuously adjustable axially with respect to the holding frame and securable in an axial position. A wheel is disposed on the wheel axle. The lifting device is coupled to the holding frame and the wheel axle. The lifting device is configured to vertically move the transport wheel.04-30-2009
280002000 Dropped bodies 1
20120112423HANDCART - The handcart has various embodiments, each embodiment having a pair of larger wheels at the back of the load-carrying platform and a rear axle located above the plane of at least the forward portion of the platform. Smaller caster wheels are mounted on arms extending forward and outward from the forward corners of the platform. The outward ends of the arms are displaced upwardly to place the platform bottom only very slightly higher than the bottoms of the forward casters, thus increasing stability by lowering the center of gravity of the cart and contents, and facilitating loading and unloading of the cart due to the very low platform. The cart need not be tilted rearward to lift the platform from the floor, but may be pushed over the underlying surface with the load-carrying platform remaining level and with all four wheels rolling over the underlying surface.05-10-2012
280079000 Spring 1
20100308554Linear Actuator - An actuator, which can be actuated along a longitudinal axis, in particular for a spring carrier, includes a stationary part, a first rotor, which can be driven so as to perform a rotary motion, a rotatable second rotor, which is supported against the stationary part in the axial direction in an axial rest position, a coupling device, by which the second rotor is coupled to the first rotor, and an output element, which is connected to the second rotor and can be moved axially by means of a rotary motion of the second rotor. The coupling device interacts with the first rotor and the second rotor in such a way that, starting from the rest position, an axial movement of the second rotor can be produced by means of a first rotary motion of the first rotor in order to release the second rotor from the stationary part and thereby bring it into a working position.12-09-2010
20090206565Trolley with a swivable guide wheel - The present invention relates generally to a castor wheel assembly 08-20-2009
20120223494Storage Tote With Legs - A storage tote includes a base and a selectively movable lid. A support assembly is secured to the base. The support assembly is movable between a folded position and a deployed position. In the folded position, the support assembly extends generally parallel to the surface upon which it is supported. In the deployed position the support assembly extends generally downwardly to support the base at a height substantially above the support surface. In this manner, the storage tote may be configured in at least two orientations as desired for access by the user thereof. The support assembly may include a pair of opposing legs. The support assembly may additionally include a one or more pairs of wheels for selective movement of the storage tote from one location to another. A leg retention assembly may be provided for securing the legs in the folded position to prevent accidental or otherwise unwanted movement of the legs from the folded position.09-06-2012
20090309321LUG CART & SUPPORT TABLE ASSEMBLY FOR FOOD PRODUCT BREADING MACHINE - A lug cart and support table assembly is disclosed comprising a support table having an upper support surface for supporting a breading machine. A lug tub-shaped lug located in the lug cart and a latching system affixed to the lug cart to removably attach the lug cart to a selected one of a front side and a rear side of the table assembly. The latching system includes a first latch assembly and a second latch assembly affixed to an end of the cart in spaced apart relation, each of the first and second latch assemblies includes a support body, a pivoting arm coupled to the support body and pivoting in a horizontal plane about a vertical axis between a locking position and a release position.12-17-2009
20090295107Movable hot tub cover apparatus - The apparatus of the present invention provides the user with a receptacle for a hot tub cover that can be moved away from the hot tub thereby preventing blocking of the view. The apparatus of the present invention is dimensioned such that it will accept both foldable and non-foldable type covers and can be used with both round and rectangular tubs. Further, the vertical support member of the apparatus is angled such that when the cover is stored it is prevented from blowing out.12-03-2009
20090295106Machine for the transportation of physically challenged persons - A machine for the transportation of physically challenged persons with a open frame design to allow persons with lower physical disabilities the to transfer from wheel chair and rotate into position without encumbrances, provision for foldable wheel chair directly behind driver for complete operation in an independent environment, provision for fueling with out dismounting from machine and or assistance from a full service facility, and rotating seat with secure position locking mechanism to assist driver in mounting/demounting/fueling/placement of chair and general machine maintenance.12-03-2009
20080224430STROLLER WITH A CHILD SEAT - The invention concerns a stroller with a child seat comprising an undercarriage and at each side of the undercarriage a bracket that can be coupled to the child seat whereby the brackets are adjustable to different angles of inclination so that the child seat can be positioned at different angles. In accordance with the invention at least one bracket has a sensor pin that can be pushed by a child seat mounted on the undercarriage from a first position to a second position whereby with the sensor pin in the first position the bracket can be adjusted to all available angles of inclination and with the sensor pin in the second position the bracket can be adjusted to a limited number of one or more predetermined angles of inclination.09-18-2008
20080277888Automobile - In an automobile having a seat cushion and a seat back that can be stored in a non-use position located in the upper part of a vehicle interior, the seat back can be stored in the non-use position easily even when the seat back stops at any position immediately before the non-use position thereof when the seat back is lifted up to the non-use position. A guide face is formed on a locking member. The guide face brings an engaging concave portion of the locking member into engagement with a striker while being in sliding contact with the striker when a handle arm provided on the seat back is rotated from the use position to the storage position thereof to rotate the locking member from the lock releasing position toward the locking position thereof, in a situation where the seat back stops upon reaching any position immediately before the non-use position thereof.11-13-2008
20090014970Storage Receptacle - A seat for a vehicle includes a cushion, a base and a tab. The base supports the cushion and defines a chamber having an opening. The chamber is configured to provide a storage location for a manual and the opening is configured to accommodate passage of a manual to and from the chamber. The tab is provided adjacent to the opening and is moveable between a first position in which the tab blocks a manual from passing through the opening, and a second position in which the tab allows a manual to pass through the opening. A receptacle facilitates storage of a manual beneath the seat of a vehicle. A vehicle includes a seat, a chamber and a tab.01-15-2009
20110140379POLE SHAFT COUPLING ASSEMBLY AND RELATED METHOD - A pole member for a stand, such as a medical stand, is defined by a first pole section and a second pole section. The first pole section includes a hollow end having a spline disposed therein for engaging a corresponding spline formed on a mating end of the second pole section. The splines are sized to interconnect wherein each spline includes tapering teeth and slots to create locking engagement therebetween and limit lateral play. A locking element engages the hollow end of the first pole section when inserted a predetermined distance therein.06-16-2011
20090020969WHEELED MOVING BODY AND GROUNDING CONDITION MONITORING APPARATUS FOR THE SAME - To provide a wheeled moving body incorporating electrostatic protection measures and capable of constantly monitoring its grounding condition, and a grounding condition monitoring system for the same. An electrostatic conductive mat 01-22-2009
20100001479VEHICLE SEAT WITH CUSHION CARRIER - A vehicle seat includes a cushion carrier for a bottom seat cushion, the carrier having a rigid frame, a molded foam bottom seat cushion supported by the frame, in which at least a portion of the frame is exposed from the bottom seat cushion, the exposed portion having an outwardly facing surface and an inwardly facing surface, the inwardly facing surface facing an interior space of the frame that is unoccupied by the seat cushion.01-07-2010
20120242051ROLL-OFF BIN EQUIPPED WITH WHEELS - The present invention discloses a roll-off bin equipped with a set of wheels mounted near the rear section of the bin. The wheels consist of pneumatic or dense foam filled rubber tires mounted on steel rims. The wheels are custom mounted on axles of proper gross axle weight rating for the bin's size. When the bin is being unloaded to the ground from a roll-off truck, the wheels make first contact with the ground, thereby minimizing potential damages to the landing surface. The roll-off bin is also equipped with a set of mechanical or hydraulic jacks, mounted at or near the front section of the bin. With the assistance of a roll-off lifting equipment, the jacks provide a means of leveling the bin in its final position on the ground surface.09-27-2012
20100059945Suspension arm assembly for a vehicle, and vehicle incorporating same - A suspension arm assembly for a vehicle includes a pivot pipe pivotally attached to a vehicle body frame, a pair of pipes extending in a lateral direction of a vehicle body, a joint member attached to distal end portions of the pipes, and a substantially U-shaped band. Proximal end portions of the pipes are connected to the pivot pipe and spaced apart from each other in a front-rear direction, and distal end portions thereof are arranged close to each other, thereby forming a substantially triangular profile. The joint member includes a plate portion and a boss portion having a knuckle attached thereto. The distal end portions of the pipes are operatively connected to a convex surface of the U-shaped band, and the plate portion of the joint member is attached to the pipes for covering the U-shaped band.03-11-2010
20110304109Triangular shaped bucket with rust resistant wheels - A bucket having a triangular shape wherein three side walls and a floor define a triangular interior volume, the bucket having wheels for facilitating moving the bucket from one location to another location, and there being a storage compartment provided in a sidewall of the bucket for storing signs, such as, for example, wet floor signs.12-15-2011
20100289232PNEUMATIC TIRE HAVING AN IMPROVED BELT STRUCTURE - A pneumatic tire having a belt structure includes: a first belt layer; a second belt layer in a radially inner position with respect to the first belt layer, a third belt layer in a radially inner position with respect to the first and second belt layers, each belt layer including a plurality of elongated reinforcing elements disposed at a first, second and third belt angle respectively. The first and second belt angles have an absolute value of 15 to 40 degrees; the second angle is of opposite sign with respect to the first belt angle; and the third belt angle has an absolute value of 40 to 90 degrees and is of opposite sign with respect to the second belt angle. The belt structure also includes a zero degree belt layer placed in a radially outer position with repeat to the first belt layer including elongated reinforcing elements arranged such as to form a belt angle which is substantially zero.11-18-2010
20090008888Garbage transport device - The embodiment of the garbage transport device encompasses a motor (01-08-2009
20120248719Mobile Cart Base with Traction Wheel - A multi-wheeled base for a mobile cart includes one or more swiveling, optionally locking, caster wheels and one or more non-swiveling traction wheels to improve the maneuverability of the cart by making it easier to steer and stop. The traction wheels may be manually-engaged traction wheels, which may be operated by a cam and lever. The traction wheels may also be automatically-engaged traction wheels operated by a motor and a threaded shaft, and activated by a motion-sensitive sensor or by an on/off electrical switch or button. The traction wheels are preferably in contact with the floor when the mobile cart is moving, and raised above the surface of the floor when the cart is stationary.10-04-2012
20100025947PACKING ASSEMBLY FOR THE MANUAL TRANSPORT OF PRODUCTS, AND INDUSTRIAL PLANT FOR PACKING THE SAME - The invention concerns a packing assembly for the manual transport of products, characterised in that it comprises, on a rigid plane (02-04-2010
20120080857CLO'S MOBILE MED HELPER SYSTEMS - Clo's Mobile Med Helper comprises a small portable medical cart that converts into a workstation. The device is designed to hold medical supplies and can be easily transported in a vehicle. The invention is comprised of a medical cart that is similar in size and shape to a standard suitcase on two wheels. It also includes a pullout handle. The design includes drawers, or compartments, of various sizes and may be user-customizable. These drawers hold a variety of medical supplies and tools. Each drawer may be labeled according to its contents. The design also includes a slide out table that can be pulled out from the top side of the design, when standing upright. The tabletop will fit securely on top of the unit. There may be a small recess where the table will be secured thereby to prevent movement. There may also be a small hook that drops down from underneath the tabletop in which to hang a garbage bag.04-05-2012
20120242050Stroller Wheel Assembly - A stroller wheel assembly has a wheel mount with an interior cavity and defining a generally vertical housing axis. An axle is carried by the wheel mount and a wheel is carried on the axle and rotatable about a rolling axis oriented perpendicular to the housing axis. A leg of a stroller frame has an end section coupled to the wheel mount. A suspension spring has one end borne against a spring stop on the wheel mount within the interior cavity and an opposite end borne against a fixed stop. The spring resiliently supports the wheel mount for movement against a bias force and by the bias force of the spring relative to the leg along the housing axis. The wheel assembly can also be capable of swiveling about the housing axis relative to the leg.09-27-2012
20110272901MEDICAL CARE TROLLEY - The present invention relates to a medical care trolley comprising a frame (11-10-2011
20130181417SNOWBOARD TRAINING DEVICE - A snowboard training device, including: a board; a first wheel assembly connected to an underside of the board and including first and second pairs of rotatable wheels with first and second axis of rotation, respectively; and a second wheel assembly connected to the underside of the board and including third and fourth pairs of rotatable wheels with third and fourth axis of rotation, respectively. The first and second axis are non-parallel. The third and fourth axis are non-parallel. The first and second portions of the first and second wheel assemblies, respectively, are displaceable with respect to the board.07-18-2013
20120074663WHEEL ASSEMBLY FOR TRASH/RECYCLING CART - A wheel assembly that may be installed on, and removed from, an axle without the need for tools. The wheel assembly includes a wheel, at least one clip supported by the wheel, and a cover securing the clip in position. The wheel assembly is mountable on an axle including a circumferential groove and is retained on the axle by the extension of the clip into the groove. The clip includes an actuator arm extending away from the plane of the wheel so as to be readily accessible for actuation by one's fingers. Actuation of the arm withdraws the clip from the groove to release the wheel from the axle. Preferably two clips are provided diametrically opposite one another, enabling both arms to be actuated simultaneously in a pinching operation.03-29-2012

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