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280140210 Standing occupant 27
280018000 Toboggan 18
280028000 Runner bases 16
280015000 Multiple sled 11
280013000 Wheel runner 5
20110101634UNIVERSAL SKI CONVERSION DEVICE FOR A BICYCLE TRAILER - A ski conversion device for a bicycle trailer with first and second wheels, including: first and second wheel braces for attachment to first and second skis and for receiving the first and second wheels, respectively; first and second yoke braces for attachment to the first and second skis, respectively; a plurality of strap braces for attachment to the first and second skis; a first plurality of connecting elements for fixing the first and second wheels with respect to the first and second wheel braces, respectively; a plurality of stabilizing straps for connecting the trailer to the plurality of strap braces and for fixing an orientation of the trailer with respect to the first and second skis; and first and second yokes with respective first ends connected to the first and second yoke braces, respectively, the first and second yokes attachable to a source of energy for propelling the ski conversion device.05-05-2011
20130214500UNIVERSAL SKI CONVERSION DEVICE FOR A STROLLER OR BICYCLE TRAILER - A ski conversion device for a stroller or a bicycle trailer including: wheel braces for attachment to first and second skis and for receiving the first and second wheels; connecting elements for fixing the wheels to wheel braces; orientation braces for attachment to skis; orientation elements for connecting the stroller or the bicycle trailer to the orientation braces and for fixing an orientation of the stroller or the bicycle trailer with respect to the skis; a rigger element for connecting to a ski and including a runner element; and yokes for connection to the skis, the yokes attachable to a source of energy for propelling the ski conversion device. In a first position, the runner element is locatable between the first and second skis. In a second position, the runner element is locatable beyond the first ski in a direction from the second ski toward the first ski.08-22-2013
20090174159Xtreme street sled - The Xtreme Street Sled is a downhill, steerable sled and is a modification of an earlier application (Application No. 11/067,228 filed Feb. 28, 2005 by David A Brush entitled “Street Sled”, copy attached). The components consist of a two-piece metal frame (steel or aluminum) and a fiberglass covering for each frame piece. The front piece has a steering joint attached to a pole that slides into another larger pole firmly attached to the rear frame. The rear frame is fitted for eight skate board wheels and the front frame is fitted for six skate board wheels. The frame is adjustable in length using the fitted pole. The sled is made for the rider to lie prone facing the direction of motion and has handles on the front portion that stick straight up and allow the rider to hold on to each with hands in the “thumbs-up” position and steer.07-09-2009
20100289231Ski add-on kit for fitting under the wheels of baby strollers - A ski add-on kit for fitting under the wheels of baby strollers generally comprises an elongated panel member including a front spatula portion and a rear spatula portion, wherein the spatula portions are formed at an angle to a main surface of the panel member, and an elongated guide slot; a pair of wheel support members adapted to receive and hold a wheel member, wherein the wheel support members are adapted to slide and be releasably held within the guide slot in order to be adapted to releasably hold the wheel member securely therebetween, such that the wheel member can then be supported upon the panel member and slide smoothly along slippery, granular, or other unstable surfaces.11-18-2010
20130154212FOLD-OUT TRAILER WITH RETRACTABLE WHEEL ASSEMBLY - A trailer includes a trailer frame having a hitch. A stationary support base is joined to the trailer frame. Two support plates are slidably guided on the support base toward and away from each other. A pair of wheel assemblies is provided, wherein a wheel assembly is mounted to an end of each of the support plates remote from the other support plate such that a distance between the wheel assemblies varies with movement of the support plates on the support base. A pair of drive links is provided wherein a drive link is joined to each of the support plates. A drive mechanism is joined to the drive links and configured to selectively move the support plates toward or away from each other.06-20-2013
280210100 Occupant steered 4
20100230915Tilting vehicle - A tilting vehicle for the transport of at least one passenger on snow, ice, grass, sand or water is disclosed. It comprises a frame, one steering ski, two tilting skis, two tilting arms, a tilting control device, and connecting elements. The steering ski is used to change the direction of travel. The tilting control device, which is pivot-mounted on the frame, is connected to the tilting arms using connecting elements. Each tilting ski is mounted at one first end of each tilting arm. The tilting arms with their respective second ends are pivot-mounted on the frame around an upper pivot. By pivoting the tilting control device, the two tilting skis can be vertically adjusted to the frame in opposite directions, such as to allow a vertical adjustment of the tilting skis with respect to the frame, resulting in tilting the vehicle frame with respect to the ridden slope, procuring thereby a very stable movement. This tilting vehicle can be used to roll on the ground by having wheels instead of the skis.09-16-2010
20080211199Snow Vehicle - A snow vehicle according to the present invention takes a shape streamlined from a front part 09-04-2008
20100109267SKI BIKE - A ski vehicle for traveling along a surface is disclosed. The ski vehicle includes a frame comprising a seat supporting member; a steering column rotatably coupled to the frame; a front ski, coupled to the steering column; a rear ski, coupled to the frame, the front and rear skis for supporting the ski vehicle on the surface; and a seat, coupled to the seat supporting member of the frame, for supporting a rider, the seat supporting member of the frame having sufficient length to allow a ski lift chair to slide thereunder. The ski vehicle has a minimum design rider weight, and the weight distribution of the vehicle is selected so that the vehicle is secured on the ski lift chair when the seat is slid over the chair and a rider of at least the design rider weight is sitting on the seat. The ski vehicle may also have a rear swing-arm having first, second and third corners, the first corner movably coupled to the frame and the second corner pivotably coupled to a pivot point on the frame such that the swing-arm pivots about the pivot point when the first corner is moved. The rear ski may be coupled to the rear swing-arm.05-06-2010
20090250888Sledge hockey device - A sledge hockey device comprises a seat portion and an undercarriage portion. The undercarriage portion includes a pair of elongate blade support portions. Each elongate blade support portion has a first upper contact surface region, and a pair of transverse support portions, while each transverse support portions has a second lower contact surface region. The first upper and second lower contact surface regions being provided with a plurality of complementary engagement formations to provide a positive engagement between the elongate blade support portions and the transverse support portions and a plurality of coupling members for coupling the elongate blade support portions with the transverse support portions.10-08-2009
280020000 Folding 3
20090091097COLLAPSIBLE SLED WITH SPRING SUSPENSION - The invention concerns the fields of vehicle engineering and sporting goods. It relates to a sled, preferably with two parallel interspaced runners, with spring suspension. The seat frame (04-09-2009
20090283978DEVICE FOR TRANSPORTING A TODDLER ACROSS SNOW - A collapsible stroller like device is described. The device includes a base portion to permit a child to be pushed or pulled across the snow or other surface.11-19-2009
20120091671SLED - The invention relates to a sled or snow chair that includes a foldable frame pivotally supported on a pair of runners and a passenger support unit movably supported on the foldable frame. The foldable frame has a deployed position and a folded position. When in its deployed position, the passenger support unit is secured to the foldable frame and maintains the foldable frame in its deployed position. The sled or snow chair can be maintained in the folded position for easy storage and transportation.04-19-2012
280280140 Central runner 2
20100133767WINTER RECREATION DEVICE - A recreation device, used for sliding downhill on a surface, on which the rider is suspended above the surface, either in a generally horizontal position—face up or face down—or in a reclined position, thereby providing the rider with a unique experience or sensation. The winter recreation device comprises a slide member having a top and a low friction bottom adapted for sliding on the surface, a support connected to the top of the slide member and extending upward away from the slide member, and a harness suspended from the support, wherein the support and harness are adapted to suspend a user of the apparatus above the surface.06-03-2010
20120119456ICE SLEDDING DEVICE - An ice sledding device includes a blade mounted on a main body support. The main body support of the ice sledding device is formed with an inclined top surface for supporting the player during the normal user of the ice sledding device.05-17-2012
280280160 Auxiliary top, bottom, or side runners 1
20090302561WHEEL SINKAGE PREVENTION FOR VEHICLES - Herein disclosed, a pair of anti-sinkage devices having runners and being rotatably mountable to corresponding hubs of two transversally opposite wheels of a motorized vehicle in a manner that the runners can maintain their attitude and position although the wheel rotates. The anti-sinkage devices can thus limit sinkage of the wheels in sinking terrain, which can allow a broader use of ATV's during the winter season, for example.12-10-2009
280280110 With brake 1
20100207338BOBSLEIGH - The invention relates to a bobsled for traveling down a track that is covered with snow, ice, or a slide covering, and that has a bobsled body with a recessed seat, a support for the thighs, a grip projecting from the upper side of the bobsled, and a slide surface with runners on the underside, characterized in that the rear of the bobsled has a braking edge that extends over most of the width of the bobsled and that has a rounding on outer corners of the bobsled, and the runners extend longitudinally of the bobsled toward the braking edge, and the slide surface between the runners has a recess that widens toward the rear, or has a flat shape.08-19-2010
280280170 Machinery sled 1
20120074662SNOWBLOWER SKID SHOE - A skid shoe for a snowthrower is provided that includes a selected dual-faced, dual-angled approach surface, and an elongate footprint as compared to prior skid shoe devices. The skid shoe includes a runner element and a mounting flange element, each of which has dimensions and contours configured to maximize utility when mounted to a snowthrower. In particular, the skid shoe provides for smoothened operation of a snowthrower moving across uneven surfaces and/or abrupt transitions.03-29-2012
280280120 Container type 1
20110079971Buoyant Animal Cage - A floating cage system for containing and transporting animals over water is described. This is useful in flood conditions or when hunting to keep animals and pets out of the water. The cage system has a buoyant base equipped with towing and lifting hooks and handles for easy pulling. The cage system has a top that forms a watertight seal with the base. The top has a door that opens from the top, allowing easier access to the cage than a door that opens from the side.04-07-2011
280120100 With occupant propelled means 1
20110215541UPRIGHT SEATED SNOWBOARD - A riding apparatus is provided. The riding apparatus includes a seat portion configured to be mounted to a board at a location between a head and a tail of the board, the seat portion including a top surface and opposite lateral sides, wherein the top surface is configured for seated engagement by a rider and the opposite lateral sides include a waist about a longitudinal centerline of the board configured to accommodate at least the feet of the rider between a forwardmost end and a rearward most end of the seat portion, and at least one hand grip extending from the seat portion, wherein the seat portion and the at least one hand grip are integrally formed. The riding apparatus may further include a board having a head and a tail, a bottom surface of the board being configured for engaging a snow or ice covered surface.09-08-2011
20090273175UPRIGHT SEATED SNOWBOARD - A snowboard is provided. The snowboard includes a board having an upturned head, an upturned tail and longitudinal extending runners and/or channels along a bottom surface thereof, a seat portion extending upward from the board at a location between the head and tail, the seat portion including a top surface and opposite lateral sides, wherein the top surface is configured for seated engagement by a rider and the opposite lateral sides are configured to accommodate the legs of the rider, and a pair of hand grips extending outward from the opposite lateral sides near its top surface. The opposite lateral sides may include a waist configured to accommodate the feet of the rider.11-05-2009
20080246269Air chamber sports board - A sports board for use in supporting a rider on snow covered slope and other gliding surface comprising: an elongated foam board with a semi-rigid foam core having a top riding surface and a bottom planning surface, the board having one or both end portions having an upturned shape acting as the leading end of the gliding board, the foam core having a aperture inside which an air chamber retains and the air chamber locating at the rider supporting region provides additional resilience to the foam board; a top skin covering the riding surface of the foam core; and a bottom skin covering the planning surface of the foam core.10-09-2008
20120074679Multipurpose tarpaulin sled apparatus - Apparatus for hauling or moving material or debris associated with landscaping, lawn care, outdoor recreation, or other similar items in which a flat tarpaulin type surface is used to easily receive such debris, such as bulk leaves or grass clippings, weeds, hand tools, or other generally lightweight services so that they may be easily pulled about a lawn or field or other similar area and discarded. The apparatus is designed for use with a variety of power sources and can be further adapted to secure a load upon the surface. The apparatus is designed for easy care and maintenance and storage and for simplicity of use.03-29-2012
20080265557Evacuation Sled and Temporary Surge Capacity Bed - A lightweight, strong, sturdy, and versatile evacuation sled is disclosed. The body of the sled may be manufactured from a single piece of material, stored flat, and folded into its functioning configuration. When folded, the sled has one or more straps that help hold it in its folded configuration and allow maneuvering or carrying the sled. The sled may be readily towed with a towing harness and may be moved down an incline, such as stairs, by means of a rope and belay device. The sled has a low coefficient of friction and is lightweight, allowing the sled to be readily moved and handled without requiring the assistance of multiple people. Additional sleds with foam inserts may be provided to carry equipment such as for life support. The sled may also provide surge capacity for facilities like hospitals, as the sled is designed to be inexpensive and essentially disposable.10-30-2008
20130193676SNOWMOBILE - The present invention generally relates to snowmobiles. More particularly, the present invention relates to the components of a snowmobile such as the frame, running boards and various other assemblies.08-01-2013

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