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Ski fasteners

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280 - Land vehicles

280841000 - SKATES

280110300 - Shoe attaching means

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280623000 Hold-downs or clamps 34
280617000 Toe and heel fasteners mounted on common support plate or element 23
280613000 Operating mechanism located in or under boot 16
280614000 Cross-country to or from downhill 5
20080309053Ski Binding - A ski binding for downhill skiing and cross-country skiing has a plate (12-18-2008
20130056960Ski Systems and Methods and Related Toe Binding Mounts and Associated Quick-Release Locking Mechanisms - A ski system includes a ski, a heel binding provided on an upper surface of the ski, a toe binding mount provided on the upper surface of the ski forward of the heel binding, a toe binding releasably mounted to the toe binding mount, and a quick-release locking mechanism for locking the toe binding to the toe binding mount. The quick-release locking mechanism is configured for release by hand.03-07-2013
20130214513Front unit for a sliding board binding - The present invention provides a front unit (08-22-2013
20090072519BINDING FOR SKI - There is disclosed a system for alpine touring, a low-profile, selectively pivotal riser, and a method of releasably locking a ski boot heel. In an embodiment, the system for alpine touring Includes a pair of skis; a pair of low-profile, selectively pivotal risers, and a pair of alpine ski boot bindings. In one embodiment, the riser includes an alpine binding attachment plate, a first anchor portion for pivotally attaching the riser thereto; and a second anchor portion for selectively attaching the riser thereto.03-19-2009
20130181427TOURING HEEL BINDING HAVING A DYNAMIC SLIDING REGION - A heel piece for a ski binding, particularly a touring ski binding, comprises a base element for installing the heel piece on the ski upper face and a slide mounted on the base element, on which slide is arranged a heel holder having at least one retaining means for retaining the heel of a ski boot. Said heel piece has a downhill position, in which the retaining means locks the ski boot in a lowered position. Said heel piece also has at least one uphill position, in which the heel region of the ski boot retained in the ski binding is released. In the downhill position, the slide can be moved together with the heel holder relative to the base element in the longitudinal direction of the ski.07-18-2013
280615000 Cross-country only 5
20090295126SPRING CARTRIDGE FOR SKI BINDING - The present invention relates to a spring cartridge for a ski binding, wherein the ski binding has a rotatable front binding part for attachment of a ski boot, and is in particular a telemark ski binding. In the binding the spring cartridge provides tension to a biasing cable which biases the rotatable front binding part, so as to rotate the front binding part so that an attached ski boot would be brought into contact with the ski to which the ski binding is attached.12-03-2009
20080272577Arrangement Consisting of a Ski Binding and a Ski Boot - A configuration contains a ski binding and a ski boot, whereby a sole of the boot is connected to the ski binding by a maintaining element and performs a rolling off movement when the heel is lifted. The maintaining element contains at least three fixed points, whereby at least one fixed point acts as a rotational point in the region of the ski when the ski boot is lifted, at least one second point is connected to the sole of the boot in the ball region, and at least one third point is provided in the region of the tip of the sole in order to couple the ski binding to the ski boot.11-06-2008
20080211205Device for retaining a boot on a snowshoe - A device for laterally retaining a boot on a snowshoe (09-04-2008
20120205896LOCKING MECHANISM FOR SKI BINDING - The present disclosure relates to a single piece base portion (08-16-2012
20100289251BINDING, E.G. SKI BINDING - Binding for fastening a boot (11-18-2010
280612000 Magnetic 3
20100059969Magnetic easy step in/out snow board binding - This invention describes a magnetic boot binding for snowboards. The magnetic boot binding secures a person onto a snowboard by magnetically holding the persons snowboard boots onto the snowboard. The magnetic binding utilizes hard magnets, electromagnets and/or other magnetic materials imbedded into or physically attached to the snowboard and/or the boots. If an electromagnet is used it can be electronically controlled by a remote controller to apply magnetic force, apply varying amount of magnetic force, and to release the magnetic force for quick releasing.03-11-2010
20100025967MAGNETIC METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INCREASING FOOT TRACTION ON SPORTS BOARDS - A sports board binding and foot traction apparatus for use in sports boards such as surfboard, skateboard, wakeboards, and the like. The apparatus includes a sports board having a deck and a bottom and at least one cutout box disposed in one or both of the deck and bottom. One or more permanent magnets is disposed and retained in one or more of the cutout boxes to form a magnetic region on the deck of the board. An article of sports footwear having a sole is provided, and a ferromagnetic plate is disposed in at lest a portion of each footwear sole. When the footwear is brought into proximity with the magnetic field, a binding force is applied to the footwear and the wearer is thereby enabled to manipulate the sports board in ways not possible without the inventive apparatus.02-04-2010
20090256334Temporary snowboard fastener - A fastening system that quickly and temporarily fastens a boot to the side of a binding of a snowboard, comprising a first fastening element on an outer side surface of a binding of a snowboard, and a second fastening element on an outer side surface of a snowboarding boot configured for use with the binding, the fastening elements arranged so that the second fastening element makes a fastening contact with the first fastening element when the boot is placed on the snowboard adjacent to but not in the binding. A method of using the fastening system is also described.10-15-2009
280616000 Toe and heel fasteners interconnected for simultaneous operation 3
20100109290SKI BINDING WITH A POSITIONING AND FIXING MECHANISM FOR ITS BINDING PIECE BODIES - The invention describes a ski binding with guide elements for a front and a rear binding piece body oriented in the binding longitudinal direction, which binding piece bodies are designed to retain the front respectively rear end portion of a sports shoe. This ski binding comprises a first coupling element connected to the front binding piece body and a second coupling element connected to the rear binding piece body, and mutually facing end portions of these coupling elements co-operate with a positioning and fixing mechanism disposed between the binding piece bodies in order to adjust and retain the binding piece bodies by reference to the binding longitudinal direction. The positioning elements of the first and second coupling elements are respectively disposed on the left-hand and/or right-hand side faces of the two coupling elements lying one above the other by reference to the standing plane and by reference to the binding longitudinal direction. The first and second coupling element can be selectively rigidly coupled with one another and uncoupled from one another by means of at least one lock element mounted so as to be displaceable essentially at a right angle to the vertical plane, to enable the respective required distance between the binding pieces to be fixed.05-06-2010
20100207361SKI-FASTENING WITH CALF HOLDER - Ski-fastening is fixed on a ski or on a platform attached to a ski or on a platform of a safety platform binding. Ski fastening includes a heel seat stop, a forepart fixing item, a forepart stop and a main body for fixing other parts of one's leg. The body of the holder is pendulously attached to the main body. The holder contains a height-adjustment component, on which there is a rotationally embedded calf support with an item for shank fixation. Ski-fastening further includes a holder's control component for pendulous movement and an item for fetlock fixation.08-19-2010
20110316257Binding for a sliding board having two side walls - A binding is described for a sliding board (12-29-2011
280636000 Sole supports and antifriction devices 2
20120153599Sports Article with a Guide Element for Footwear - A sports article is adapted to cooperate with a boot, including a sports apparatus and a lateral guide element for the rear portion of the boot. The sports apparatus includes at least one positioning mechanism. The lateral guide element includes at least one complementary positioning mechanism cooperating with the associated positioning mechanism(s) of the sports apparatus in order to adjust the position of the lateral guide element on the sports apparatus. The complementary positioning mechanism(s) is/are arranged so as to enable a longitudinal positioning of the lateral guide element on the sports apparatus at two different lengthwise positions by cooperating with the same associated positioning mechanism(s), the second longitudinal position of the lateral guide element including a 180° rotation of the lateral guide element about an axis of rotation perpendicular to the top surface of the sports apparatus with respect to the first longitudinal position of the lateral guide element.06-21-2012
20130147160SKI BOOT - A ski boot comprises a sole portion (06-13-2013
280619000 Heel cable and/or ankle strap type 2
20090194972FOOTBED FOR GLIDING BOARD BINDING - A method and apparatus for providing a gliding board binding, such as a snowboard binding. The binding may include an adjustment indicator that allows for determination of a longitudinal position of the base relative to a gliding board, heel-to-toe position of the base relative to a gliding board and/or an angular position of the base relative to a gliding board when the base is secured to the gliding board. The adjustment indicator may be included with a footbed that is removable from a binding base, e.g., that includes a foot engagement member to secure a rider's foot to the binding and board. A removable footbed may include a toe portion that is adjustable in position relative to a heel portion of the footbed. A gliding board may include a channel for mounting a binding that is arranged in the board core so that no portion of the board core is located on top or bottom sides of the channel, and instead so the top and bottom reinforcement layers are located above and below the channel.08-06-2009
20100253045Retainment Strap for Bindings Particularly for Snowboards - The present invention relates to a retainment strap for bindings particularly for snowboards that comprises an actuation lever fixable to a tie-rod coupleable to one side of a binding and engageable with a toothed strip fixable to the other side of the binding, the retainment strap further comprising an external sheath fixable to the base of the actuation lever and having a passage channel for the tie-rod. The tie-rod is provided with a plurality of selectively adjustable fixing zones for the base. Symbols that are viewable from a small window in the sheath are provided on the tie-rod in a manner to indicate outwardly the length adjustment for the retainment strap. The tie-rod is provided with a longitudinal slot for rendering the tie-rod more flexible.10-07-2010
280637000 With runaway strap 1
20100156068SNOWBOARD TETHER DEVICE - A snowboard tether device comprising a base and a dome. The base is affixed to a snowboard and comprises two finger grips, a thumb grip and a receiving area with a steel plate. The dome comprises a top part, a bottom part, a shaft, a spool with a cable and a spring, and an underside with one or more magnets. When the shaft is in a locked position, the toothed section of the shaft is engaged with both the tooth receiving area of the spool and the tooth receiving area of the bottom part of the dome. When the shaft is in an unlocked position, the toothed section of the shaft is engaged with the tooth receiving area of the bottom part of the dome but is not engaged with the tooth receiving area of the spool.06-24-2010
20130069342BINDING FOR A BOOT ON A GLIDING BOARD - The invention is directed to a binding for retaining a boot on a gliding board, such as a ski, which includes a retaining device, a lower abutment surface, and a vertical spacer. The retaining device supports an upper abutment surface adapted to be in contact with at least one upper surface of a front portion of the boot. The lower abutment surface is adapted to be in contact with at least a portion of the sole of the boot. The lower abutment surface is connected to the retaining device so as to define an engagement height for the boot corresponding to the difference in height between the upper abutment surface and the lower abutment surface. The vertical spacer is rigid and includes a predetermined adjustment height. The vertical spacer is arranged relative to the retaining device and the lower abutment surface, so that the adjustment height of the vertical spacer makes it possible to adjust the engagement height. The vertical spacer is affixed directly to the retaining device in order to modify the vertical position of the upper abutment surface.03-21-2013
20130069341SNOWSHOE BINDING - A snowshoe binding includes a base plate having opposing first and second lateral sides and a locating block located on the second lateral side and defining an inverted T-shaped retaining hole, a flat connection block defining therein a bottom accommodation chamber adapted for accommodating the locating block, a plurality of binding strap each having a first end connected to the first lateral side of the base plate and a second end coupled to the flat connection block, and a locking device adapted for detachably locking the flat connection block to the locating block.03-21-2013
20110298196TOURING BINDING - The present invention relates to a touring binding comprising two bearing portions arranged on different sides of a longitudinal axis, which bearing portions, in a walking position of the touring binding, are designed to engage with opposing lateral counter-bearing portions of a boot, in order to hold the boot on the touring binding pivotably about a transverse axis extending transversely of the longitudinal axis, characterised by a longitudinal positioning portion separate from the bearing portion, on which positioning portion the boot may be supported in an insertion position in such a manner that the counter-bearing portions are positioned, with regard to their location along the longitudinal axis, in a ready-to-engage position relative to the bearing elements.12-08-2011
20090026731ACCESSORY MOUNTING PLATE FOR SNOWBOARDS - A snowboard system (01-29-2009
20120292887SNOWBOARD BINDING LOCKING LEVER PULL CABLE - The present invention is directed generally towards closing a snowboard binding locking lever with a pull cable that protrudes forward, upward, or upward and forward from the highback of the binding. One aspect of the invention provides a pull cable with a cable guide and a grip. Another aspect includes a semi-rigid bendable guide to act as an additional guide for the pull cable. Another aspect includes a magnet or notch to fasten the grip towards the front of the binding.11-22-2012
20130187364SPOILER FOR A SNOWBOARD BINDING - A spoiler for a snowboard binding, comprising a shell adapted to be pivoted, at a lower region thereof, to a base plate of a snowboard binding, the shell having a plurality of cuts which extend from lateral edges of the shell to an internal region of the shell, in order to give flexibility to the shell.07-25-2013
20100176576DEVICE FOR SECURING A FOOTWEAR TO A SLIDING BOARD - The securing device, to be mounted on a ski-board, includes a main body with a support base for a sole, two lateral flanges, and an assembly for the attachment of the shoe to the main body, including: a protective element and first and second means for attaching the latter onto the first and the second flanges. The first means include two serrated straps, namely front and rear. The proximal end of at least one strap is mounted so that it pivots on the first flange. The distal ends mate with front and rear locking systems fixed onto the protective element, for adjusting the length of said straps. The second flange is fitted with front and rear attachment systems. The second means of attachment include a fixing handle, pierced with two holes, in which the attachment systems engage, and a closure system by which the handle is connected to the protective element.07-15-2010
20090218790Ski Binding System - Embodiments of the invention relate to a binding (09-03-2009
20110187082BACK-COUNTRY SKI BINDING - A slope compensation mechanism for automatically adapting an angle between a ski boot and a ski to a slope, including a tower mechanism having a tower base assembly mounted to the ski and a tower pivot mechanism rotatably and slidably mounted to the tower base assembly. A resilient pivot mechanism allows the tower pivot mechanism to rotate and to axially move with respect to the tower base assembly and a boot mounting beam engages with elevation angle catches corresponding to ranges of angles of a slope. A slope angle adaptation mechanism acting between the tower base assembly and the tower pivot mechanism determines a slope index angle corresponding to a slope being traversed and maintains the tower pivot mechanism at the slope index angle.08-04-2011
20090066060SKI BINDINGS - Telemark ski bindings may incorporate a rotational decoupler as disclosed. When exposed to subthreshold torques during normal use, the ski boot will remain rotationally coupled to (i.e, cannot rotate relative to) the ski. When exposed to threshold- or suprathreshold torques, such as when a skier loses control, the ski boot will become rotationally decoupled from (i.e., can rotate relative to) the ski, thereby protecting the skier's legs from the excessive torque and resulting leg injury. Also disclosed are tracked/railed alpine touring and telemark bindings, as well as methods for interchanging such bindings on railed/tracked skis.03-12-2009
20130009387BINDING SYSTEMS FOR SKIS - Binding systems for skis are provided which include a support structure mounted on a ski and bearing at least one binding for a boot, in which the support structure is adapted to take up a first operational configuration, in which it is rigidly mounted on the ski, and a second operational configuration, in which it is articulated to the ski along a transverse axis of rotation behind the boot and is capable of oscillating in a longitudinal plane orthogonal to the ski.01-10-2013

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