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280110120 Runner type 133
280110300 Shoe attaching means 127
280110190 Wheeled skate 93
280110115 With propulsion means driven by occupant 3
20130062840ICE SKATE - The center point of an ice skate rocker with respect to the plane of the skater's foot, in a skating position, is adjusted without changing the contour or profile of the skate blade. This is done by adjusting the angular position of the foot inside the skating boot with a shim placed under the heel or under the ball of the foot.03-14-2013
20110012319Recreational Board - The embodiments described are directed to a solar board having an elongated base for supporting the weight of one or more riders. The elongated based includes an upper surface, a lower surface, a tail, and a nose. A solar cell component disposed between the nose and the tail and proves electricity to a heating component.01-20-2011
20130119622WHEELED PERSONAL TRANSPORTATION DEVICE POWERED BY WEIGHT OF THE USER - The wheeled personal transportation device includes a frame member having opposed front and rear ends having front and rear wheels rotatably mounted thereto. An air cushion has upper and lower ends, the lower end being supported by the frame member. A foot platform is mounted on the upper end of the air cushion, the foot platform being adapted for supporting a foot of a user. A pneumatic motor is mounted on the front end of the frame member and is in communication with the front wheel for selectively driving rotation thereof. The pneumatic motor is in fluid communication with the air cushion such that compression of the air cushion by the user's foot drives the pneumatic motor to drive rotation of the front wheel. A pneumatic brake is further in communication with the rear wheel for selective braking thereof. Alternatively, the front wheel may be powered mechanically by spring-biased gears.05-16-2013
280844000 Endless tread skates 2
20090045616SKATING APPARATUS - Disclosed is a skating apparatus for providing a skating motion with a feel similar to a feel of an ice skating motion on a contact surface other then an ice surface, to a user wearing the skating apparatus on his/her feet. The skating apparatus includes at least one guiding member, a sliding mechanism and a frame member. The guiding member includes a peripheral channel for slidably coupling the sliding mechanism on the peripheral channel. The sliding mechanism upon sliding along a portion of the peripheral channel and in a linear direction with respect to the contact surface, enables the at least one guiding member to move in an opposite linear direction with respect to the contact surface. The movement of the guiding member in the opposite linear direction provides the skating motion with similar feel as of the ice skating motion to the user in the opposite linear direction.02-19-2009
20100253057ALL TERRAIN ROLLER SKATE - In-line roller skate (10-07-2010
280842000 Ski simulators 2
20100084846WHEELED SPORT APPARATUS, AS FOR TRAINING AND RECREATION - A wheeled sport apparatus may comprise a platform and first and second sets of wheels disposed on the platform. Each set of wheels may include a center wheel between two outboard wheels and the outboard wheels may be toed outward for defining a turning radius. One or more carrier wheels may be provided between the first and second sets of wheels.04-08-2010
20120126523Laterally sliding roller ski - A roller ski allowing the skier to slide laterally in a manner similar to a snow ski. The system includes at least one ski and it would attach one foot per ski. Each ski has an optionally height and longitudinal angularly adjustable center platform for fixturing the skier's foot with an optionally releasable ski binding system, an optionally height and longitudinal angularly adjustable front tip and rear tail for attaching at least four fixed wheels, and at least two biased pivoting casters which are all positioned along the center platform's longitudinal axis. The fixed wheels function similarly to conventional roller skate trucks. The casters rotate to align themselves with the direction of force exerted on the center platform. The casters are spring biased to align them selves with the longitudinal axis of the center platform. A height differential between the wheels and rollers enables the skier to transfer weight from one to the other, alternating between the carving and sliding characteristics of snow skis. Another option is at least one ski pole for increased ease of skier balance and self propulsion, with modified tips to accommodate more surfaces than just snow.05-24-2012
280843000 Ball type roller skates 1
20090200788ROLLER SKATE - A roller skate (08-13-2009
20100109312SKATE WITH PIVOTING ROCKER AND REPLACEABLE BLADE - A replaceable blade ice skate (05-06-2010
20090284001Roller Shoe - The present invention relates to a roller shoe having a roller mounted on the front and back portions of an outsole, the roller shoe including: a fixing body insertedly fixed on the outsole, the fixing body having an insertion hole opened downwardly therefrom and a plurality of guide protrusions formed axially on the inner lateral wall of the insertion hole; a roller-fixing member and an auxiliary outsole which are selectively fitted to the insertion hole of the fixing body, the roller-fixing member having the roller coupled to the lower portion thereof, and the roller-fixing member and the auxiliary outsole each having a plurality of guide grooves formed on the outer peripheral surface thereof so as to allow the plurality of guide protrusions of the fixing body to be fitted thereinto; and fixing means adapted to fix the roller-fixing member and the auxiliary outsole selectively fixed insertedly to the fixing body.11-19-2009
20110006511Skate - The present invention provides a kind of skate, including a boot and a skating device connected to the boot, wherein the skating device is arranged along the width direction of the boot. The skate further includes a skating device mount for mounting the skating device to the boot, wherein the skating device can rotate 360 degree under the boot. The transverse skating device under the boot enables the sideward sliding direction, which bring more fun to the skaters. When the skating device is rotated to an angle and locked, the skate can slide inclinedly, which bring more challenges to the skaters. The skating device can rotate 360 degree freely or rotate different angle from two boots under the boot, which can cancel the shift of the knock-knee. The skating device can also be adjusted to be in line on the longitudinal direction as a traditional roller skate or ice skate.01-13-2011
20100264638Frame for a Clap Skate, and Clap Skate with Such a Frame - A frame for a clap skate comprises: a lower frame part; an upper frame part with means for coupling to the sole and heel of a skate shoe; hinge which couples the two frame parts hingedly to each other and which are situated at a distance above the foremost zone of the lower frame part and define a first free degree of freedom of rotation, or a plane varying a maximum of about 30° therefrom of the runner; and resetting means for urging the upper frame part to a rest position determined by positioning means, in which rest position the frame parts have the smallest possible mutual distance. The hinge defines a second free degree of freedom of ±30° perpendicularly of the first free degree of freedom. The upper frame part performs an up and downward and lateral pivoting movement relative to the lower frame part.10-21-2010
20100225100SKATING AND BOARDING SYSTEM HAVING A MOUNTING ADAPTER AND INTERCHANGEABLE COMPONENTS - A skating and boarding system includes a mounting adapter and interchangeable components which may include roller skating wheels, ice skating blades, and mini-skis. These various components are typically mounted on the bottom of the boot such as a ski boot although they may also be mounted on the bottom of a board such as a typical skate boarding board. In addition to the interchangeability concept, an ice skate is disclosed which utilizes wheel-shaped blades, as well as several embodiments of a ski skate and a skiing board with a mini-ski mounted thereon.09-09-2010
20090039636MORE STIMULATING RIDING VEHICLES - A non-motorized Riding Vehicle for transport of a rider on a surface. The Riding Vehicle includes a shoe body or platform for supporting at least one foot of the rider during the transport and at least one Riding Element under the shoe body or platform that rotates on an axle to facilitate the transport while supporting the rider. The at least one Riding Element includes stimulating elements for creating a periodic vibration during the transport that makes the transport on the surface less smooth than the transport would be if the at least one Riding Element did not include the stimulating elements. Also, a kit and method for converting the Riding Vehicle to a Riding Vehicle with a more or less (intense) vibratory ride.02-12-2009
20110101665HOCKEY SKATE - A skate assembly includes a shell structure and a removable tendon guard. The shell structure includes a heel portion, a lateral ankle portion, and a medial ankle portion. The heel portion is formed to cover a human heel. The lateral ankle portion is formed to extend beyond the heel portion. The medial ankle portion is formed to extend beyond the heel portion. The lateral ankle portion and the medial ankle portion are spaced apart to form a notch extending toward the heel portion. The removable tendon guard is removably attached between the lateral ankle portion and medial ankle portion to cover the notch.05-05-2011
20100237599MAGNETIC ATTACHMENT FOR BOARD SPORTS - A magnetic device comprises a magnet adapted to suspend free-floating from a hole in a bottom of a shoe, the magnet capable of attaching the shoe to magnetized metal on a sports board. The magnet can be raised and lowered in the shoe and is “on” when in a down position and “off” when in an up position. Switching between “on” and “off” by moving the magnet up or down in the shoe is accomplished manually. When the magnet is up or off the space in the shoe can be occupied with a plug. The design of the attachment system allows a rider optimal freedom of foot movement for doing tricks while attached to the board. The small surface area of the magnet relative to its significant strength, the round contour of the magnet's face, the magnet's suspended free-floating configuration from the support, the position of the magnets on the shoe, and the position of the magnetized metal on the sports board are all factors that contribute to increased maneuverability for the board rider using the invention. Release of the shoe from the board is facilitated by the rider lifting or swiveling a heel to an angle greater than that which allows the magnet to remain attached. The magnetic device and system, provides ideal training for any board sport, and also provides skilled board riders new opportunities to be creative. Tricks thought to be impossible (along with newer undiscovered tricks) become possible with the aid of the invention.09-23-2010

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