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279 - Chucks or sockets

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279060000 Obliquely guided reciprocating jaws 51
279076000 Side detent 30
279035000 Pivoted jaws 21
279460100 Spring biased jaws 17
279000000 Self-grasping 13
279020000 Fluid-conduit drill holding 11
279102000 Friction grip 7
279019000 Lost motion 7
279000000 Resilient split socket 5
20110057398LOW SWAGE LOAD FASTENING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A collet for a fastener installation tool having a pull section with a fastener engagement end and a plurality of teeth. The teeth include a first tooth with a first inner diameter, and each of the remainder of teeth includes a second inner diameter, the first inner diameter being greater than the second inner diameter. The pull section includes a protrusion extending from the fastener engagement end, thereby extending the length of the pull section. The pull section includes a cross-sectional thickness, wherein the collet is adapted to engage a pin member having a locking portion with a first diameter and a pull portion with a smaller second diameter. An increase in the difference between the first diameter of the locking portion and the second diameter of the pull portion of the pin member allows for a corresponding increase in the cross-sectional thickness of the collet, thereby extending the fatigue life of the tool.03-10-2011
20120139193STUD-HOLDING DEVICE FOR STUDS HAVING LARGE FLANGE HEADS - The present invention relates to a holding device for studs having a radially projecting flange section. The holding device comprises a collet component having a clamping section and a hollow insertion section. The clamping section is formed by clamping surfaces which are provided at the free ends of a plurality of clamping arms designed to exert a radially inwardly directed clamping force for clamping the stud in place. A securing device is arranged on the insertion section and is designed in such a way that a flange section of a stud directed past the securing device is mounted in a securing position between the securing device and the clamping section. The clamping arms are of the same length and at least two of the clamping arms each have, as a securing device, a radially inwardly directed securing lug.06-07-2012
20090152823Collet tool holder having adjustable axis - A collet assembly for use on a support device comprising a rotatable base section, a support structure secured to the support device, with the support structure supporting the base section on said support device. The base section has a central axis, and the base section is rotatable with respect to the support member and the central axis to a plurality of positions. The collet assembly includes a locking device for locking the base section at one of the plurality of positions.06-18-2009
20110260415Quick and Reliable Tool - A tool includes a chuck connected to a handle. The chuck includes a mandrel including a non-circular cavity defined therein, a slit in communication with the non-circular cavity, a first bore in communication with the non-circular cavity, and a second bore in communication with the slit. A bit with a non-circular profile can be inserted in the non-circular cavity. A flat bit can be inserted in the slit. A ball is located in the first bore. A pin is located in the second bore. A movable sleeve is movably rotationally located around the mandrel and formed with a thread. A rotary sleeve is rotationally located around the mandrel and formed with a thread engaged with the thread of the movable sleeve. By rotating the rotary sleeve, the movable sleeve pushes the ball into the non-circular cavity and the pin into the slit.10-27-2011
20090278324TOOL CHUCKING APPARATUS - A tool chucking apparatus to hold a machining cutter or tool includes a holding member and a fastening member that are coupled together to form a grip space inside to hold a collet. The collet has a plurality of pawl structures with a plurality of elastic slots formed thereon. When the holding member and the fastening member are coupled, the collet has one end tightly held in the holding member and the other end tightly held in the fastening member. Hence the two ends of the collet contract the elastic slots to tightly grip the cutter or tool. As a result, machining precision improves, safety enhances and the life span of the cutter or tool increases.11-12-2009
279099000 Screw threaded 4
20090184479Clamping Tool - A clamping tool includes a holder, a connector and a tool. The holder has a rearwardly tapering bore and a holder thread having a first pitch. The connector has a cylindrical shape and a connector through bore. The connector further has a first connector thread having a pitch similar to the first pitch, and a second connector thread having a second pitch that is different from the first pitch. The tool has a rearwardly tapering rear portion and a tool thread having a pitch similar to the second pitch. In an assembled position, the rearwardly tapering rear portion of the tool abuts the rearwardly tapering bore of the holder, the holder thread is threadingly engaged with the first connector thread, and the tool thread is threadingly engaged with the second connector thread.07-23-2009
20090174157Tool connecting device - A tool connecting device includes a mandrel having a non-circular engaging hole for receiving a tool member, and having an outer peripheral recess for forming a peripheral shoulder, and a sleeve slidably engaged onto the mandrel and having a retaining ring frictionally engaged in the sleeve for slidably engaging with the peripheral recess of the mandrel and for limiting the sleeve to slide relative to the mandrel, the retaining ring is engageable with the peripheral shoulder of the mandrel for preventing the sleeve from being disengaged from the mandrel, and the tool member is extendible out of the sleeve for engaging with a fastener. The sleeve may limit the tool member to extend out of the sleeve.07-09-2009
20100007102BIT HOLDER - A bit holder includes a shank, and a bit sleeve. The shank has a first end portion of a non-circular geometric equiangular cross-section for combining a hand tool, and a second end portion formed with a combining hole having female threads in its wall. The bit sleeve has a through hole for a bit to extend therein, male threads and a circular circumference. The bit sleeve is combined with the shank by engagement of the male threads with the female threads, and the bit sleeve may be rotated to fix with or loosen from the shank by an auxiliary tool for changing the bit. In assembling, the bit is inserted through the through hole of the bit sleeve, and then the male threads of the bit sleeve are engaged with the female threads of the shank by an auxiliary tool fitted with the circular circumference and rotated to keep the bit combined with the shank, with the bit sleeve pressing the bit so as to minimize the tolerance of the gap between them, thus enabling the bit to drive a screw smoothly into an object.01-14-2010
20110309588DEVICE FOR FASTENING A RING-SHAPED MILLING TOOL CARRIER - A device for attaching a ring-shaped milling tool carrier (12-22-2011
279430900 With means to exclude contaminants; e.g., seal, shield 4
20110298187Dust repelling tool brake, tool insert part, tool mount, machine tool - A dust-repelling tool brake is provided for a friction-fitting holding of a tool in the tool brake. The tool brake is provided in the form of an annular cap for deterring dust with an insert opening for an axial mount for the tool. It is provided that an insert ring arranged in the annular cap surrounds an annular section of the annular cap initially limiting the insert opening.12-08-2011
20110248456Collet Having Angled Seal Bores - A collet has seal bores formed in interspaces of the collet. The seal bores are oriented at an acute angle α to the longitudinal axis of the collet, and extend towards a tool end of the collet, from a clamping surface of the collet to a collet peripheral surface. Adjacent the clamping bore, the collet has stopping surfaces for accurately locating the seals. When inserted into the seal bores, the seals prevent fluid leakage between the clamping bore surface and the peripheral surface of the collet.10-13-2011
20120098214DEVICE FOR SECURING A TOOL TO A SPINDLE - A tool securing device capable of clamping a tool to a machine spindle as well as assisting in the removal of a tool from a machine spindle, all in a tool-less manner. The tool securing device includes distal means to be releasably gripped by a machine draw bar as well as means to releasably engage a tool.04-26-2012
20110049817Tool holder - The tool holder for a hammer drill has an external cover and an axially movable actuation sleeve for unlocking an inserted tool. The end area of the actuation sleeve on the tool side overlaps an end area of the cover on the machine side. A plastic coating made of an elastic material is spray-coated onto the end area of the actuation sleeve on the tool side and/or onto the end area of the cover on the machine side.03-03-2011
279097000 Transverse pin 3
20090115146Quick release mechanism with integrated/attached multi-tool - A quick release mechanism is provided. The quick release mechanism includes a shaft having a first end cap and a second end cap. The second end cap is attached to, or associated with, a lever designed and configured for actuating the quick release mechanism between closed and open positions and for use as a bicycle repair tool.05-07-2009
20120139194SCREWDRIVER HEAD MOUNTING STRUCTURE - A screwdriver head mounting structure includes a mounting base, a screwdriver head, a latching member and an elastic member. The mounting base defines a mounting hole and an eccentric latching hole communicating with and positioned eccentric to the mounting hole. The screwdriver head is detachably assembled to the mounting base. The screwdriver head has a latching end inserted into the mounting hole of the mounting base. The latching member is releasably and adjustably assembled to the mounting base together with the elastic member. The latching member passes through the eccentric latching hole and latches with the latching end of the screwdriver head.06-07-2012
279066000 Radially reciprocating jaws 3
20100295257DRILL CHUCK - The invention relates to a drill chuck with means for connecting a chuck body (11-25-2010
20110074121CHUCK WITH STATIONARY ACTUATOR - A chuck has a stationary support and a spindle rotatable in the support and having forward therefrom a forwardly open seat for a workpiece. A plurality of jaws are shiftable in the support to grip or release the workpiece. A pull rod coupled to the jaws projects rearward therefrom and carries a central plate. A rear plate spaced rearward of the central plate is rotationally fixed to the spindle. A push rod axially shiftable in the rear plate has a front end engageable with the central plate and a rear end projecting rearward from the rear plate. A spring braced between the spindle and the central plate urges the central plate rearward. A piston is shiftable in the support between a front position bearing forward opposite to the spring on the push rod and therethrough on the central plate and a rear position spaced rearward of the push rod.03-31-2011
20100038866SYSTEM PENDULUM APPARATUS AND METHOD - A system pendulum apparatus (02-18-2010
279105100 Adjustable length or size 2
20120074655ADJUSTING DEVICE FOR SHRINK-FIT CHUCK TOOL HOLDER - The invention relates to an adjusting device for axially supporting a shank tool in a shrink-fit chuck tool holder, comprising a leveling section on the side facing the shank tool to level out or at least reduce any changes in position and/or orientation of the shank tool which are due to shrinkage.03-29-2012
20130175769COMBINATION TOOL HOLDER - A combination tool holder includes a holder body, at least one tool adapter and a bolt. The holder body defines therein a through hole including an enlarged-diameter segment, a reduced-diameter segment and a tapered segment. A stepped surface is formed between the enlarged-diameter segment and the reduced-diameter segment. The tool adapter defines therein a channel and has a combining end. The combining end has a conical surface configured to be received in the tapered segment. The bolt includes a screw and a nut. The nut is configured to abut against the stepped surface while the screw extends into the tapered segment to engage with the combining end. By screwing the bolt, the conical surface is driven to press against the tapered segment, making the through hole and the channel coaxial.07-11-2013
279016000 Self-centering of floating 2
20090230635LOCATING MEANS - A locating means (09-17-2009
20120200048TOOL CLAMPING SYSTEM AND MACHINE TOOL HAVING A TOOL CLAMPING SYSTEM - A tool clamping system for clamping an insert tool in a machine tool having a housing, in particular an ultrasound-operated machine tool, the insert tool being capable of being placed into a tool mount of the machine tool and clamped there. The tool mount has a clamping element having an operating area that works together with a housing operating area of the housing at least for the clamping of the insert tool, and that, in the operating state of the insert tool, is separated from the housing operating area by a gap.08-09-2012
279044000 One movable side 2
20110121522QUICK CHANGE POWER TOOL CHUCK - An improved quick change power tool chuck is provided which is principally used on a wood working router but could also be used in many other power tool applications. Key features of the quick change chuck include the unique way that it secures the cutting bit from unwanted slippage, the large mechanical advantage thereof and the speed in which a cutting bit can be removed and replaced. The chuck can be aligned and attached to the power tool in the same manner that a standard collet is aligned and attached to the router spindle or to a router or other drive shaft in a number of different ways.05-26-2011
20130093142Tool attachment - In a tool attachment, for fastening to an handheld machine tool equipped with a tool holding fixture, having an output shaft and a base body, which forms an inner cavity and on whose outer circumference an axially displaceable locking sleeve is situated, for releasing at least one associated locking element against a spring force of a spring element, which has a clamping ring, in the inner cavity, a anti-rotation locking unit is configured for the rotationally locked fastening of the base body to a fastening unit associated with the handheld machine tool, the anti-rotation locking unit and the fastening unit having complementary geometric forms, which are configured to engage with each other for the detachable rotationally locked fastening of the base body on the fastening unit; and the at least one associated locking element being situated in the vicinity of the anti-rotation locking unit.04-18-2013
279014000 Multiple alternative 1
20100213676TOOL SYSTEM - The invention relates to a tool system which includes an exchangeable rotary tool for electric hand-held machine tools, preferably with a drill and/or hammer function, in particular for an electric hammer drill, and an electric drill, in particular a percussion drill. The tool system also includes at least two tool holders that are embodied as tool fittings that are associated with the hand-held machine tools and are different types. The rotary tool has an insertable shaft to be accommodated in the respective tool holder of the hand-held machine tools, the shaft having at least two slaving ribs that are diametrically opposed and that extend along the shaft for rotational engagement. The tool fitting of a first type is embodied as a positive fit fitting and another tool fitting of the second type as a multi-jaw clamping chuck. The slaving ribs have a width and a height such that, in the clamped state, they are at a lateral distance from the clamping jaws of the multi jaw clamping chuck.08-26-2010
279033000 Transversely oscillating jaws 1
20130154203DEVICE FOR TREATING SURFACES OF WAFER-SHAPED ARTICLES AND GRIPPING PIN FOR USE IN THE DEVICE - A device for processing wafer-shaped articles comprises a rotary chuck having a series of pins adapted to hold a wafer shaped article on the rotary chuck. Each of the pins comprises a cylindrical body and a projecting gripping portion formed integrally therewith. The cylindrical body and gripping portion are made from a ceramic material. The gripping portion comprises cylindrical surfaces having a common generatrix with surfaces of the cylindrical body.06-20-2013
279032000 Conical clamp threaded in socket 1
20100289228Tool Holding Fixture - An arrangement for holding a tool fitting for driven tools has a spindle with a forward directed surface and a bore which intersects the forward directed surface and which, starting from the forward directed surface, extends rearwardly in order to receive a shaft of the tool fitting as well as with a device for locking the tool fitting with the spindle. Inner and an outer locking elements of the arrangement are engage a bayonet coupling and a manacle ring is engaged with the outside of the spindle. The manacle ring also acts directly on the outer locking element and the outer locking element is formed by a projecting element which engages in a blind stop groove in the inner locking element. The stop groove extends first axially and then subsequently radially in a circumferential surface of the tool fitting starting from an end face of the tool fitting.11-18-2010
20130134684ELECTRIC SCREWDRIVER - An electric screwdriver is disclosed. The screwdriver has a spindle, a locking body, a radial stop, a strap, and a spring. The spindle defines a receiving area and an oblong hole which is open into the receiving area in a radial direction. The locking body is disposed in the oblong hole, where the locking body is protrudable into the receiving area. The radial stop is engageable with the locking body where, when the radial stop engages with the locking body, the locking body protrudes into the receiving area. A first end of the strap engages behind the locking body on a drive end. The spring is disposed between a second end of the strap and the radial stop.05-30-2013
20090072500BLADE CLAMP MECHANISM - A cutting tool clamp mechanism for a power tool includes a housing supported by a spindle, the spindle being configured to receive and drive a cutting tool along a longitudinal axis of the spindle. A clamping system is supported by the housing and includes an engaging portion movable relative to the spindle, the clamping system having an engaged condition, in which the engaging portion is engageable with the cutting tool to secure the cutting tool in the spindle, and a released condition, in which the engaging portion is disengageable with the cutting tool. A biasing member is positioned between the housing and the clamping system, and operable to bias the clamping system to the engaged condition. When the cutting tool is removed from the spindle, the clamping system is held in the released condition, and upon insertion of the cutting tool into the housing, the clamping system moves from the released condition to the engaged condition.03-19-2009
20110248455SHRINK FIT CHUCK HAVING EXTENSION GROOVES - The invention relates to a tool holder comprising a tool receptacle in the form of a sleeve part, which comprises a tool receptacle opening comprising a mating surface which is concentric with the axis of rotation of the tool holder and on which the shaft of a tool inserted in accordance with the intended purpose thereof into the tool receptacle opening of the sleeve part can be fixed in a press fit, wherein the sleeve part comprises a number of circumferential recesses from the side of the mating surface, wherein the recesses divide the mating surface into several mating surface segments which are comparable to each other and which are substantially inherently rigid in the axial direction, wherein the radial depth of the recesses is selected such that the press fit releases substantially uniformly on all mating surface segments under the influence of heat applied over the outer circumference of the sleeve part.10-13-2011
20120146298EASILY-POSITIONED CUTTER CHUCK - An easily-positioned cutter chuck has a through hole formed through the cutter chuck. The through hole has an end and a reamed part formed at the end of the through hole and reaming outwardly at two gradients. Because the reamed part enlarges an area ratio of an opening of the through hole to an end surface of the cutter chuck, a protrusion of a positioning apparatus can be easily aimed at and inserted into the reamed part. Because the cutter chuck can be held and positioned steadily by the positioning apparatus, tolerances of the cutter chuck can be well controlled when the outer surface of the cutter chuck is processed for polishing.06-14-2012
20120161404WORKHOLDING APPARATUS FOR MACHINE TOOL - The present invention is directed to an arbor chuck workholding assembly comprising an arbor chuck (06-28-2012
20100270756Rotary cutting tool - A chuck for clamping an article has a receiving portion including a receiving bore having a longitudinal axis L, and a radially inwardly facing contoured clamping and receiving inner surface. A clamping sleeve is accommodated in the receiving bore and is rotatable between a releasing position and a securing position. The contoured clamping and receiving surface has one or more clamping segments, each clamping segment having a ramp between a trough and a crest, a second ramp between the crest and a depression, and a third ramp between the depression and the succeeding stop ridge. Rotating the clamping sleeve within the receiving bore causes one or more rollers associated with each clamping segment to cooperate with the contoured clamping surface to effect the releasing and the securing of the article.10-28-2010
20100301568TOOL MOUNTING DEVICE - The tool mounting device according to the invention comprises a first and second coupling device, wherein the first coupling device comprises at least one receptacle, the second coupling device comprises at least one receptacle pin, and the first or second coupling device comprises a tool suspension. The receptacle comprises a recess and an opening, wherein the opening extends from the first end in the direction of the second end over a length and the length of the opening is smaller than a length of the recess and a width of the opening is greater than or equal to a width of the receptacle pin.12-02-2010
20110233877Fastening Flange in a Power Tool - A fastening flange in a power tool for accommodating a tool is provided with a noncircular cross-sectional geometry which has points which rise radially and which are designed in the shape of a circle segment. A connecting line between the centers of adjacent points which are in the shape of a circle segment intersects the outer contour, wherein a tangent to the point at the transition to the connecting contour section encloses an angle with the connecting line. An associated power tool assembly is also disclosed.09-29-2011
20130154202Handheld machine tool having a tool holding fixture - In a handheld machine tool having a tool holding fixture, which has a multi-faced inner receptacle and a multi-faced outer receptacle, the multi-faced inner receptacle being configured for the connection to a first tool insert, which is able to be locked in the multi-faced inner receptacle using a locking device assigned to the tool holding fixture, and the multi-faced outer receptacle being configured for the connection to a second tool insert, which has an inner multi-faced coupling that is able to be slid onto the multi-faced outer receptacle. The locking device has an actuating element, which is rotatable about a longitudinal axis of the tool holding fixture for unlocking the first tool insert from a specified locking position into a specified unlocking position.06-20-2013

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