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Circumferential contact seal for other than piston

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277 - Seal for a joint or juncture


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277549000 Peripheral radially sealing flexible projection (e.g., lip seal, etc.) 198
277510000 Contained or compressed by gland member in packing box 32
277579000 Having floating ring or bushing (i.e., circumferentially contacting) 10
277589000 Radially backed by resilient or elastomeric member 9
277543000 Segmented ring 7
277502000 For valve stem in internal combustion engine 7
277584000 Extrusion preventing (i.e., antiextrusion) structure 5
20090121443Sealing Device - To reduce a shaft insertion load and prevent extrusion of a seal ring to the low pressure side, a sealing device (05-14-2009
20090267307High Pressure Tube Seal - A high pressure tube seal is provided including a rigid cylindrical tube having an elastomeric seal body molded to an outer surface of the cylindrical tube. The elastomeric seal body includes a pair of raised seal bead portions at opposite ends of the seal body and a pair of recessed groove portions adjacent to the pair of recessed seal bead portions. A pair of anti-extrusion rings are disposed in the recessed groove portion in the cylindrical tube and includes a radially outwardly extending annular portion disposed between a pair of recessed groove portions of the elastomeric seal body. The anti-extrusion rings provide increased pressure sealing capability as compared to conventional tube seal designs.10-29-2009
20090189358SELF-ENERGIZED BACKUP RING FOR ANNULAR SEALS - An apparatus is disclosed in one embodiment of the invention as including an annular seal (e.g., an o-ring) and a backup ring to provide support to the annular seal. A gland is provided to accommodate the backup ring and the annular seal. The gland has a contact surface which is adapted to contact a corresponding contact surface of the backup ring upon inserting the backup ring into the gland. The diameters of the contact surfaces of the backup ring and gland are sized such that the contact surface of the backup ring radially interferes with the contact surface of the gland, thereby urging the backup ring out of the gland. A retention mechanism, such as interlocking grooves, protrusions, ridges, notches, slots, or the like may be provided in the backup ring and gland respectively to prevent the backup ring from completely exiting the gland.07-30-2009
20090230632SYSTEM, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SEALING MATERIALS HAVING A LOW GLASS TRANSITION TEMPERATURE FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE SEALING APPLICATIONS - A seal is formed from one or more elastomeric materials having a low glass transition temperature for high pressure, and both high and low temperature sealing applications. In an exemplary embodiment, the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the material may be −35° C. or lower. The seal is adapted to repeatedly form and maintain a seal across a temperature range from 0° C. or lower to +122° C. or greater at pressures up to 15,000 p.s.i.g. or greater. The invention has numerous applications, such as for land-based use, marine surface and marine subsea uses. An anti-extrusion device may circumscribe the upper and lower edges of the material body. The invention also comprises fabrication methods for elastomer or polymeric seals.09-17-2009
20100230905Shaft Sealing Device for a Fluid Machine - A shaft sealing device (09-16-2010
277503000 Accommodates gyratory or oscillatory motion 5
20120211945SEALING PACKING FOR A RECIPROCATING PISTON ROD OF A RECIPROCATING COMPRESSOR - A gas-proof sealing packing of a compressor includes a scraper recess on the crankcase-side end containing a gas-proof scraper ring, a sealing ring recess on the cylinder-side end containing a sealing ring arrangement (18), a barrier recess located axially between the scraper recess (15) and the sealing ring recess (17), and a drain line in the sealing packing that is connected with the space between the barrier recess and the scraper recess.08-23-2012
20110198815SLUDGE AND SEDIMENT REMOVAL SYSTEM BY REMOTE ACCESS - A compound conduit containing inner and outer conduits with apertures in the former that are angled to direct jets of fluid in a rearward direction from the inner conduit into the annular space is used to draw sludge or undesirable material from a vessel without imposing a vacuum on the system. In conjunction with the compound conduit is a rotary tube seal that allows the conduit to be mounted to an orifice in a tank wall and pivoted or rotated over a range of angles. A tubing drive mechanism grasps the tubing at locations well removed from the distal end and causes the tubing to travel in the direction of the tubing axis. The gripping members in the mechanism engage the sides of the tubing and are capable of shifting position relative to each other to accommodate changes in the curvature of the tubing.08-18-2011
20120032405SEALING STRUCTURE FOR CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE TRANSMISSION - A sealing structure for a continuously variable transmission, which seals a clearance between a movable sheave and a cylinder. The continuously variable transmission may change a groove width of each pulley of the cylinder by moving a corresponding movable sheave though supply and discharge of a hydraulic pressure to and from the cylinder. The sealing structure includes an outer peripheral side seal member that is ring-shaped and disposed in a ring-shaped groove formed in one of the movable sheave and the cylinder; and an inner peripheral side seal member that is more elastic than the outer peripheral side seal member, ring-shaped, and disposed in a layered manner in the ring-shaped groove on an inner peripheral side with respect to the outer peripheral side seal member. A side of the outer peripheral side seal member where it contacts the inner peripheral side seal member is chamfered.02-09-2012
20090102135Front cover of manual rotary pump - A front cover of a manual rotary pump includes a disk having a cavity eccentrically defined therein for airtightly receiving an oil seal. A through hole is defined in a bottom of the cavity to allow an input shaft of a rotor extending through the disk. The oil seal is airtightly sleeved on the input shaft for forming an airtight condition between the input shaft and the disk. The disk has at least two bores defined therein and longitudinally communicating with the cavity for operator to easily detach and replace the oil seal by using a tool extending through the at least two bores. A diameter of the through hole in the disk is slightly greater than that of the input shaft and the diameter difference between the through hole and the input shaft is ranged from 0.05 mm to 0.2 mm.04-23-2009
20090184476BUTTERFLY VALVE WITH A RIGID SEAL - A valve is disclosed and can include a valve body having a central bore for passage of fluid there through and a longitudinal axis. The valve can also include a seal installed within the valve body along the central bore. The seal can include a first seal member having an annular ring portion and a hub portion extending from the annular ring portion. The seal can also include a second seal member including an annular ring configured to engage a distal end of the hub portion and create a sealing engagement between the hub portion and the annular ring when a compressive force is applied to the first and the second seal members.07-23-2009
277501000 And magnetic bias 4
20090045588FAN AND MOTOR THEREOF - A fan includes a plurality of blades and a motor. The motor includes a hub and a shaft having an end connected to the hub, a bushing, a bearing, and an oil-sealing structure. The blades are connected with and surrounding around the hub. The bushing is for supporting the other end of the shaft, and the bearing is disposed in the bushing and used to telescope the shaft. The shaft passes through the oil-sealing structure. The oil-sealing structure oil-sealing structure is telescoped to the shaft to fit tightly and the oil-sealing structure includes a main body and a barricade inwardly extending toward the shaft so that the oil-sealing structure is fixedly connected with the bushing.02-19-2009
20110198814SEAL DEVICE - A seal device has a magnetic force generator for generating a magnetic force in a vicinity of a shaft. A first magnetism transmission member for transmitting the magnetic force generator is disposed adjacent to one side of the magnetic force generator. A second magnetism transmission member for transmitting the magnetic force generated by the magnetic force generator is disposed adjacent to another side of the magnetic force generator. A slide bush is disposed and secured between an inner flange of the second magnetism transmission member and the shaft. A seal member for sliding relative to an outer peripheral surface of the shaft, is accommodated in a sealing. And, a magnetic fluid is held between the shaft and the magnetism transmission member by the magnetic force generated by the magnetic force generator.08-18-2011
20100230903SEALING APPARATUS - The objective of the present invention is to provide a sealing apparatus having a simple structure and good sliding lifetime, and suitable to transfer a motion from an outside into the closed space such as a clean room or a chamber or so. The present invention is a sealing apparatus comprising a shaft transferring the mechanical motion, a housing through which the shaft penetrates, a magnetic force generating means generating a magnetic force, a pair of inner protruded edge forming a sealing groove by projecting toward the shaft from the housing, a magnetism transferring member transferring the magnetic force generated from the magnetic force generating means by provided adjacent to the magnetic force generating means, a sealing member sliding against the outer face of the shaft, and a magnetic fluid held between the shaft and the magnetism transferring member due to the magnetic force generated by the magnetic force generating means; wherein a fluid holding projection portion projecting out towards the shaft and the sealing member is formed at an end portion near by the shaft of a first inner protruded edge among said pair of the inner protruded edge adjacent to the magnetic force generating means.09-16-2010
20110210520RECIPROCATING SHAFT'S SEALING DEVICE WITH BOTH MAGNETIC FLUID SEAL AND C-TYPE SLIP RING SEAL - A combined sealing device composed of a magnetic fluid seal and a C-type slip ring seal for a reciprocating shaft, characterized in that an internal circlip (09-01-2011
277587000 Seated in groove having oblique wall 3
20100194057ROCK BIT HAVING A SEAL GLAND WITH A CONICAL SEALING SURFACE - A sealing system is provided for a drill bit including a bit head and a rotating bit cone. The sealing system includes a seal gland and a seal retained within the seal gland. The seal gland is defined by a radial cone surface and is further defined by a head sealing surface and an opposed cone sealing surface. At least one of the head sealing surface and opposed cone sealing surface is not cylindrical (i.e., the surface is conical and not parallel to an axis of rotation for the cone). Additionally, the radial cone surface may be conical (i.e., the surface does not extend perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the cone). The seal is radially compressed between the head sealing surface and the opposed cone sealing surface. The use of one or more conical surfaces in the gland is provided to bias the compressed seal into a preferred dynamic sealing zone.08-05-2010
20100194056Disk brake - A disk brake including: a brake pad; a piston; a cylinder bore; an annular sealing groove formed on the cylinder bore; and a rectangular piston seal fitted into the sealing groove sealing between the piston and the cylinder bore, wherein the sealing groove includes: a bottom surface portion inclined as the sealing groove expands its diameter; a lateral surface portion that extends from one end of the bottom surface portion, the one end being a side where the sealing groove has the maximum diameter; and a chamfered portion, and wherein an inclined angle of the bottom surface portion is 2 to 8 degrees, an angle between the bottom surface portion and the lateral surface portion is 82 to 89 degrees, and with the piston installed into the cylinder bore, the piston seal abuts against the bottom surface portion and the lateral surface portion of the sealing groove.08-05-2010
20120091666BRAKE CALIPER SEAL GROOVE - A seal groove comprising: a back wall; a front wall opposed to the back wall; a bottom wall connected to the front wall and the back wall; and a recess in the front wall connecting the front wall to the piston bore; wherein the recess includes a peak which comprises: a first angled portion and a second angled portion.04-19-2012
277586000 Seated in groove having stepped walls 2
20090079138Replaceable Valve Shaft Sealing System - An improved replaceable valve shaft sealing system is disclosed that enables the operator to greatly reduce the maintenance needs of valves where rotational movement of a shaft, that is connected to the actual metering apparatus of the valve, actuates the opening or closing of the valve thereby regulating fluid flow. Such valves are subjected to differentiations in pressure, including the suction that occurs during pressure drops, temperature, which directly effects the valve body material and tolerances through thermal expansion, degradation of the sealing members due to presence of chemicals and absence of lubrication and wear due to the constant adjustment of the valve due to environmental variables, Current designs use O-rings to prevent the seepage of fluid into the valve body and though the rotating shaft, but current designs do little to prevent contamination of the lubrication into the fluid flow nor eliminate any of the axial loads that can cause O-rings to fail. Current designs are also not designed to be replaceable in the field with simple removal of the stem without removing the valve from the piping system.03-26-2009
20120146292SEAL RING - A seal ring is provided which allows the interior of a cylinder 06-14-2012
277578000 Having circumferentially adjustable biasing element 2
20120319359SEALING APPARATUS - Provided is a sealing apparatus which can reduce the torque of a rotary portion while always exhibiting a stable and high sealing performance even when a high fluid pressure is being applied. A seal ring (12-20-2012
20130140777ROTARY WHEEL SEALING SYSTEM - A rotary wheel assembly is configured for use with a system for conditioning air to be supplied to an enclosed structure. The rotary wheel is configured to be positioned within a supply air stream and an exhaust air stream. The assembly includes a cassette frame, a wheel rotatably secured within the cassette frame, and a self-adjusting seal subassembly configured to maintain sealing engagement with respect to a surface of the wheel. The self-adjusting seal subassembly includes at least one seal member.06-06-2013
277585000 Elongated sleeve or bushing 2
20110156360SEAL DEVICE - A seal device includes a sleeve, a gland, a sealing assembly, an end collar and a protective cushion. The sleeve is adapted to be sleeved on a rotary shaft of a pumping machine and has inner and outer end portions in an axial direction. The gland is disposed around the sleeve, and is formed with a through hole that permits extension of the sleeve, and a receiving groove that communicates fluidly with the through hole and that is adapted for receiving cooling fluid. The sealing assembly is sleeved on the sleeve and is connected to the gland. The end collar is disposed around the sleeve and outside the gland. The protective cushion is disposed around the sleeve and between the gland and the end collar.06-30-2011
20110031701Seal - A seal to seal a gap between a rotatable component (02-10-2011
20110193295SEALING ARRANGEMENT BETWEEN A STATIONARY FIRST MACHINE PART AND A SECOND MACHINE PART THAT ROTATES AROUND THE FIRST MACHINE PART - A sealing arrangement includes a stationary first machine part configured as an axle stub including at least one axial inflow hole adjoining with at least one opening that faces towards an outside surface of the axle stub in a radial direction of the axle stub. A second machine part configured as a container includes a hub rotatably surrounding the axle stub. The hub includes at least one opening that corresponds to the at least one opening of the axle stub in the radial direction so as to form one or more pairs of adjacent openings along an axial direction. A radial seal is disposed between each pair of adjacent openings.08-11-2011
20130043660SEAL FOR SEALING A SEALING GAP AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A SEAL OF THIS TYPE - In order to provide a seal for sealing a sealing gap between a first component and a second component, comprising a seal body with at least one sealing portion and at least one spring element for biasing the sealing portion against at least one of the components to be sealed, the spring element being at least partially arranged in a receiving space of the seal body, which seal is simply constructed and easily producible and nevertheless ensures a secure retention of the spring element in the receiving space, it is proposed that the spring element has at least one claw element, by means of which the spring element is interlocked with the seal body.02-21-2013
20130087979JOINTLESS BRAIDED SEALING RING AS WELL AS METHOD AND SPECIAL MACHINE FOR PRODUCING SUCH SEALING RING - A jointless braided sealing ring as well as a method and a special machine for producing such a sealing ring are disclosed. The braided sealing ring adopts a multi-layers braided structure comprising a number of continuously sleeved ring layers arranged from inside to outside. The innermost braided ring layer is used as a core. The tail end of the first braided ring layer (04-11-2013
20090045587Camshaft phaser wiper seal - A wiper seal subassembly for disposal in rotor vanes or stator lobes of a vane-type camshaft phaser comprises a backing spring and a sealing element. The sealing element includes spring retention features that loosely retain the backing spring and that are integrally molded into the sealing element. The spring retention features include undercut retention features, such as an overhanging edge, that prevent the backing spring from vertically detaching from the sealing element. The spring retention features further include sidewall tabs that prevent the backing spring from horizontally detaching from the sealing element. The sealing element is formed from a plastic composite material during an injection molding process using a simple injection mold tooling design. The single-piece wiper seal subassembly is provided at the tip of each rotor vane and/or stator lobe of a vane-type camshaft phaser for varying the timing of combustion valves in an internal combustion engine.02-19-2009
20120217706Floating Wear Sleeve Assembly for Shaft Seals - A wear sleeve assembly for a seal on a shaft includes a sleeve having inner and outer circumferential surfaces, the outer surface being engageable by a seal inner surface at a contact location to prevent fluid flow between the seal inner surface and the sleeve outer surface. The sleeve inner surface defines a bore sized to receive a portion of the shaft with clearance. A coupler is configured to connect the sleeve with the shaft and provides a clearance space between the sleeve inner surface and a shaft outer surface at about the seal contact location. Thereby, the sleeve is adjustably positionable relative to the shaft so that the sleeve remains generally centered within the seal as the sleeve and shaft rotate about the axis. The coupler preferably includes an annular body with first and second axially-spaced, relatively displaceable sections for displacing the sleeve relative to the shaft.08-30-2012
20130069318Seal - A seal between an outer part and a circular cylindrical inner part, which is accommodated within the outer part at least in sections, includes a sealing ring having a groove portion and consisting of high-temperature-resistant thermoplastic plastics material. The outer part and the inner part are movable in a linear manner in relation to each other. A circumferential groove, into which the groove portion of the sealing ring is inserted at least in sections, is realized on an inner circumference of the outer part or on an outer circumference of the inner part. The sealing ring is in one part, and the groove is closed.03-21-2013
20110012312PRESSURE REGULATING SEAL - Seals and apparatuses incorporating seals are provided. In one embodiment an apparatus is provided including two relatively machine elements, the first machine (01-20-2011
20120228833Seal for an control device of a supercharger with valve means in the form of a waste gate - In a sealing arrangement for an control device of a charging device which sealing arrangement includes a bearing bushing in which an control shaft is rotatably supported by the bushing in a housing opening of the charging device, the control shaft is provided with a collar disposed in the housing opening at an axial end of the bushing and the collar includes a groove accommodating a seal ring which is in direct contact with the wall of the opening for sealing the shaft supported in the bushing directly with respect to the opening wall.09-13-2012
20120235360Sealing Device - A sealing device (09-20-2012
20130161912Mechanical Seal - A mechanical seal has a housing having a collecting space for a coolant/lubricant medium. A sleeve is disposed in the housing. A counter ring is disposed in the housing and fixedly connected to the sleeve. A slide ring is disposed in the housing and interacts with the counter ring. At least one inlet conduit communicating with the collecting space is provided. The at least one inlet conduit is positioned between a radial bottom of the housing and a radial ring segment of the sleeve.06-27-2013
20110068541OIL SEAL ASSEMBLY - The invention concerns an oil seal assembly 03-24-2011
20110298182SEALING DEVICE FOR A PUMP - A sealing device for a pump has a sleeve, a rotary collar, a first O-ring, a stationary collar, a mounting bracket, a second O-ring, a mounting collar and a locking pin. The rotary collar, stationary collar, mounting bracket and mounting collar are mounted around the sleeve. The first O-ring is mounted between the sleeve and the rotary collar. The second O-ring is mounted between the mounting bracket and the stationary collar. The locking pin is mounted securely between the mounting bracket and the stationary collar. The O-rings provide multi-sealing functions. The locking pin prevents relative rotation between the mounting bracket and stationary collar.12-08-2011
20110298183SEALING ARRANGEMENT FOR SEALING A PISTON ROD OF A RECIPROCATING COMPRESSOR - Due to increasingly strict requirements and regulations, it is becoming more and more important for piston compressors to reduce the amount of leakage of operating medium through the seal of the piston rod. Conventional seals comprising packing rings and/or packing ring combinations always have a certain amount of leakage, both during operation and when at standstill, which is why they are not usable for certain applications, or the complexity involved in such a seal increases considerably. A further problem involving the seals of piston rods relates to transverse movements by piston rods during which the sealing action of the seal must be maintained. Proposed is, therefore, a sealing arrangement according to the principle of a sealing medium barrier providing that the sealing elements 12-08-2011
20110291365METHOD FOR PRODUCING ROTARY SHAFT SEAL AND ROTARY SHAFT SEAL - [Problem] To provide a method for producing a rotary shaft seal that exhibits improved eccentricity-conforming properties, in which each of the initial characteristics, i.e., a torque reduction (reduced friction) and sealing properties attributed to reduced oil leakage (oil pump rate when the seal member slides), can be improved, and degradation of these characteristics can be inhibited even after friction and abrasion; and the rotary shaft seal.12-01-2011
20120098207CROSSLINKABLE ULTRAVIOLET (UV) CURED COATING OVER FLOCK FIBERS FOR IMPROVED PERFORMANCE - A cross-linkable UV curable coating layer disposed over flocked fibers on an automotive component requiring improved squeak and itch resistance and freeze release is provided. The coating layer includes an elongated member having along a pre-determined portion of the member flocked fibers. The elongated member finds application as a weatherstrip or seal.04-26-2012
20090184475FACE SEAL FOR GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A face seal for a gas turbine engine comprises a seal body that has a contact face to engage a rotating surface. The contact face is defined as an area extending radially between an inner diameter of the seal body and an outer diameter of the seal body at one seal end. A ratio of the outer diameter to the inner diameter is at least 1.054.07-23-2009
20100084820SEALING DEVICE AND PRODUCTION METHOD THEREOF - A sealing device is provided which is capable of reducing its sliding resistance. In a sealing device 04-08-2010
20110204576DUST SEAL STRUCTURE FOR VALVE STEM IN ROTARY THROTTLE VALVE CARBURETOR - The invention is aimed at providing a dust seal structure for a valve stem in a rotary throttle valve carburetor that does not degrade from the effect of ultraviolet radiation, exhaust emissions, or the like; that is highly durable and requires little maintenance; and that allows further reduction in the vertical mounting dimension. The dust seal structure for a valve stem in a rotary throttle valve carburetor has a cylindrical throttle valve provided with a metering needle and a throttle through-hole, and disposed perpendicularly with respect to an air intake passage in a carburetor main body; and a fuel nozzle disposed on the central axis of the throttle valve, made to open into the throttle through-hole, and provided with the metering needle inserted therein; wherein the valve stem of the throttle valve, which protrudes at one end from the shaft hole formed in the cover body of a valve hole in the carburetor body, is caused to rotate in accordance with the operation of the accelerator pedal, whereby the throttle valve moves in the direction of a central axis thereof while rotating as a whole, and controls an airflow rate and a fuel flow rate. A dust-proof member composed of a sealing ring is fitted between the valve stem and the shaft hole formed in the cover body.08-25-2011
20080246226Universal shaftseals - The invention is directed to developing for the high sealing capacity of the Shaftseals by means of applying elastic cylinder of which both inside and outside surfaces are either inclined or plain to be fixed on the opening of the housing in being compressed onto the surface of the rotating shafts at the inside rubber cylinder.10-09-2008
20130119615SEALING DEVICE AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME - A sealing device for sealing a first side against a second side of a machine part, wherein the sealing device has a sealing element which contacts a counter element. At least a part of the sealing element and/or at least a part of the counter element is coated with a layer consisting of or containing fullerene-like carbon nitride (FL—CNx), wherein an inter-layer of chromium (Cr) or aluminium (Al) or molybdenum (Mo) or titanium (Ti) or tungsten (W) or a diamond-like coating (DLC) or a metal-mix diamond-like coating (Me-DLC) is arranged between the surface of the sealing element and the layer consisting of or containing fullerene-like carbon nitride and/or between the surface of the counter element and the layer consisting of or containing fullerene-like carbon nitride.05-16-2013
20090322037Seal Ring - There is provided a seal ring that makes it possible to improve attachability and sealability.12-31-2009
20090230629PTFE Resin Composition - A PTFE resin composition, which comprises PTFE resin, and metal carbide powder having a Vickers hardness of 1,200HV, or more, and which preferably further contains an inorganic filler other than the metal carbide powder, for example, carbon fibers, glass fibers, etc., has an improved abrasion resistance, when molded into resin seal rings, etc., by reducing a self-abrasion amount of the resin against hard mating metals having a rough surface (Rz of about 6.3 to about 9.0 according to JIS B0601-1994), and by polishing the mating material roughness rapidly.09-17-2009
20090212502SEAL RING - A seal ring, especially for use in automatic transmissions is provided that tends to leak less than known seal rings. The seal ring is free from ejector pin traces on the sealing surface. Seal rings with improved sealability and pressure stability are provided when used in automatic transmissions, these seal rings improve the drivability and better pressure stability during the shifting.08-27-2009
20110140368Seal and Seal Arrangement - A seal is disclosed, for sealing a seal surface (06-16-2011
20110241295METHOD OF FORMING A SEAL ELEMENT - A method is provided for forming a seal element on a substrate surface. A layer of base material is formed on the substrate surface and a plurality of crenellations are formed in the layer of base material prior to forming a layer of seal material on the crenellated layer of base material. The method may be applied to making an original seal element or to repairing an existing seal element. The resulting seal includes a layer of base material bonded to a substrate and having a plurality of crenellations formed in a face surface of the layer of a base material and a layer of a seal material bonded thereto, the seal material filling the crenellations.10-06-2011
20110101622BAFFLE SEAL FOR GAS TURBINE ENGINE THRUST REVERSER - A baffle seal for a thrust reverser of a gas turbine engine includes a seal body of a resilient material. The seal body has a relatively flat central portion with opposed front and back sides. A raised sealing rim extends at least partially around the central portion. An outer periphery of the sealing rim extends beyond an outer periphery of the central portion so as to define an exposed sealing surface.05-05-2011
20110254231Clean-In-Place Seal Assembly - A seal assembly is provided that can be automatically cleaned in place, without requiring manual cleaning by a technician, and that can be used with food processing equipment. The seal assembly has a back plate that is attached to a wall of the food processing equipment and a seal cover that connects to the back plate. A cavity is defined between the seal cover and a rotating shaft that extends into the seal assembly, and a cleaning fluid may be introduced into the cavity. The cavity may house a pair of seals that are longitudinally spaced from each other and a hub collar between the seals and which may influence a fluid flow path of the cleaning fluid through the cavity.10-20-2011
20110163507Shaft Seal with Lubrication Device - A shaft seal assembly for use with a reciprocating or rotating shaft includes a shaft seal, a lubricant-storing ring, and a retainer. The retainer and ring can be formed as a subassembly and then combined with a shaft seal. The seal includes an annular body portion, a first sealing lip portion, and a first pocket portion. The first sealing lip portion has a substantially uniform axial dimension and is adapted to sealingly engage a shaft. The first pocket portion includes a plurality of pockets, each having an opening toward the first sealing lip portion. The plurality of pockets are each adapted to collect a working fluid when the shaft axially displaces in a first direction and to dispense the working fluid when the shaft axially displaces in a second direction. The assembly provides a lubricated shaft and seal that improves the effective life of the shaft seal.07-07-2011
20110018208ROTARY OIL FEEDTHROUGH - A rotary oil feedthrough is provided for sealing off a pressurized oil compartment between a rotatable shaft and a shaft mount, where the rotary oil feedthrough displays a radial oil passage for connecting an oil duct of the shaft and/or the mount to the pressurized oil compartment in fluid-permeable fashion, and has a seal arrangement that seals off the pressurized oil compartment on both sides in the axial direction of the shaft. The rotary oil feedthrough displays a sealing ring carrier that can be fastened to the shaft or the mount in non-rotating and fluid-tight fashion, the sealing ring carrier being arranged coaxially to the shaft or the mount, and an adapter that can be positioned on the other component of shaft and mount in fluid-tight fashion, and is surrounded laterally by the sealing ring carrier in the axial direction of the shaft. Located between sealing ring carrier and adapter are two axially separated sealing rings that each lie on the sealing ring carrier and the adapter in sealing fashion in order to seal off the pressurized oil compartment in the axial direction of the shaft, and that can be rotated relative to the sealing ring carrier and/or the adapter. The rotary oil feedthrough displays the longest possible service life, the minimum possible leakage, and good response characteristics, and is of simple structural design.01-27-2011
20110079962MODULAR POLYMERIC EMI/RFI SEAL - A seal includes a seal body including an annular cavity, and an annular spring within the annular cavity. The seal body, the seal body includes a composite material having a thermoplastic material and a filler. The composite material can have a Young's Modulus of at least about 0.5 GPa, a volume resistitivity of not greater than about 200 Ohm-cm, an elongation of at least about 20%, a surface resistitivity of not greater than about 1004-07-2011
20100283212SEAL PACK WITH WASHER SEPARATOR - A seal pack, including a cylindrical ring having peripheral edges with radially extending flanges that have axially facing surfaces. A respective sealing ring is arranged on each of the axially facing surfaces of the flanges of the cylindrical ring so as to form a channel between the sealing rings. A wave washer is arranged between sealing rings so as to retain the sealing rings in a position so as to allow for sealing against the flanges.11-11-2010
20100187767METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF A SEALING RING - A method for producing a sealing ring comprises cutting a sheet-metal strip to a length of a ring circumference using laser cutting; forming the sheet-metal strip into a ring shape having first and second mutually contacting edge surfaces; and joining the first and second mutually contacting edges using laser welding so as to form a substance-to-substance bond.07-29-2010
20090283973Composition for gasket and gasket - Disclosed herein is a composition for a gasket, including about 100 parts by weight of a hydrogenated styrene-based block copolymer,about 70 to 99 parts by weight of a petroleum-based softener, about 10 to 25 parts by weight of a polyolefin-based resin; about 10 to 25 parts by weight of an inorganic filler, and about 10 to 25 parts by weight of a heat-resistant polymer, based on 100 parts by weight of the hydrogenated styrene-based block copolymer. The thermoplastic elastomer composition has superior physical properties, such as tensile strength, heat resistance, high-temperature restoring force and chemical resistance, while being applicable to injection-molding and recyclable, like general thermoplastic resins. Disclosed herein is further a gasket produced from the composition.11-19-2009
20120056384Centering and Clamping Device - A centering and clamping device has a housing (03-08-2012
20110079961Slide Ring Seal - Slide ring seals have the problem that they generate noise under certain conditions of use. In order to suppress this noise in an effective way, the slide ring seal has at least one damping part that comprises at least one shaped sheet metal part. It is provided with at least one elastically deformable spring part that is supported under pretension. Between the damping part and the support area microfriction is generated that leads to an effective noise damping action. The slide ring seal is advantageously used in the automotive field.04-07-2011
20110181000RAPIDLY CLEANABLE ELECTROPLATING CUP SEAL - Embodiments of a closed-contact electroplating cup assembly that may be rapidly cleaned while an electroplating system is on-line are disclosed. One disclosed embodiment comprises a cup assembly and a cone assembly, wherein the cup assembly comprises a cup bottom comprising an opening, a seal surrounding the opening, an electrical contact structure comprising a plurality of electrical contacts disposed around the opening, and an interior cup side that is tapered inwardly in along an axial direction of the cup from a cup top toward the cup bottom.07-28-2011
20120313326SELF-SEALING FLEXIBLE SEAL FOR SEALING INNER SURFACE OF TUBE AND MOVABLE BODY FOR INSIDE TUBE EQUIPPED WITH SAID SEAL - A self-sealing flexible seal includes a seal component A and a seal component B, each being hollow ball-like. In the portion of two pole parts of the each seal component, there is one annular opening per pole. The form of two seal components is similar figures, and two seal components are formed from a flexible material. The seal component A is arranged on the outside of the seal component B. The seal component A and the seal component B are arranged by a two-sheet pile, and are arranged in the state where it moreover contacted. Each of the seal component A and the seal component B possesses the slits of N pieces which have similar figures, the form of each slit is the form prolonged from the near side of the annular opening to the near side of another annular opening12-13-2012
20100007093Seal Assembly and Rotary Machine Containing Such Seal - A seal assembly which, among other applications, may be used for sealing fluid leakage between a steam or combustion (gas) turbine rotor and a turbine stator body. The seal assembly includes elements having a plurality of spaced leaf seal members with slots therebetween. Each leaf seal member is angled out-of-plane between a fixed end and a free end thereof, and the free ends slidably engage the rotatable component. A support may be provided supporting the free end such that it contacts a distal end of the support in an operative state and is out of contact with the distal end in an inoperative state. Seal members may include two different materials having different coefficients of thermal expansion. In one embodiment at least one damping leaf can be provided on a low pressure side of a leaf seal member.01-14-2010
20120223485LINK SEAL FOR TRACK OF TRACKED VEHICLES - The present invention relates to a link seal for a track of a tracked vehicle, in which fine protrusions of an indefinite pattern are formed on the adhesive surface of the seating groove of the main body made of a high-strength resin and the adhesive surface of the seating part of the sub-body made of an urethane resin and then the adhesive surfaces of the seating groove and the seating part are treated roughly into surfaces of a fine concavo-convex shape to increase the adhesion between the main body and sub-body. The link seal includes: an annular main body including a seating groove, a circumferential flange portion, and an annular sleeve; an annular sub-body including a seating part; and an annular rubber ring made of a cushion material and having a through-hole 09-06-2012
20120228832Flexible flow control bushing - A flexible flow control bushing is comprised of flexible, high temperature resistant, self-lubricating composite material and has a unique configuration, which, viewed cross-sectionally, before installation has a squared off sine wave configuration with a uniform amplitude and gap. A fluid seal arrangement is also disclosed.09-13-2012
20110227291Energised Seal - A seal assembly (09-22-2011
20120080854SEAL ASSEMBLY - A fluid seal assembly consists of a seal element of compliant material that is retainingly carried by a seal carrier. The seal carrier includes one or more elements of relatively rigid material defining a sealing face with a seal-receiving groove intermpting the sealing face. The seal-receiving groove has groove-defining walls each of which has a proximal end at the sealing face and a distal end. The groove-defining walls serve as seal contact surfaces. The seal contact surfaces are configured such that the seal-receiving groove narrows toward its distal end. The seal-receiving groove has a depth and a breadth suitable for accepting the seal element, with the seal element projecting past the sealing face when compressed to be in contact with the seal contact surfaces.04-05-2012
20120286477Outer Pin Seal11-15-2012
20130168928SLIDING RING WITH IMPROVED RUN-IN PROPERTIES - The present invention refers to a seal ring comprising: a base region (07-04-2013
20130127120SEAL RING - Provided is a seal ring that has low-leakage characteristics and low-friction characteristics and can improve the drive loss of the automatic transmission of an automobile to thereby contribute to an improvement in the fuel consumption of the automobile. The seal ring is attached to a shaft groove formed on the outer peripheral surface of a shaft. A plurality of peripherally spaced recessed sections are formed on at least the inner peripheral side of a contact side-surface. Inner walls are provided on the inner peripheral side of the recessed sections, and oil introduction openings that open on an inner peripheral surface are provided on the inner peripheral side of the recessed sections. The inner walls may be provided on opposite peripheral sides of the recessed sections but may be provided only on the rear side in the rotation direction.05-23-2013
20100276894ELECTRICALLY-CONDUCTIVE SEAL ASSEMBLY - A seal for a vehicle having a transmission output shaft and a transmission output shaft housing is provided. The seal comprises a contact member at least partially surrounding and contacting the transmission output shaft, a support member coupled to the contact member, the support member at least partially surrounding the transmission output shaft and extending along the transmission output shaft, the support member coupled to the transmission output shaft housing, and an electrically-conductive surface overlying at least a portion of the contact member and at least a portion of the support member, the electrically-conductive surface contacting the transmission output shaft and the transmission output shaft housing.11-04-2010
20130175762FLUID ROTARY PASSAGE - A fluid rotary passage is provided for sealing a fluid pressure chamber between a rotatable shaft and a shaft seat. The fluid rotary passage includes a sealing ring carrier and a fitting body, rotationally fixed or in contact with one of the shaft and the shaft seat in a fluid-tight manner and radially spaced from each other to create the chamber between them. Two sealing rings are provided axially spaced from each other and each sealingly applied with one contact surface against the carrier and one against the fitting body, for sealing the chamber against the outside. The carrier and the fitting body together form two axially spaced receiving grooves for the sealing rings, which are open toward the chamber and have at least one holding protrusion at least partially securing the sealing ring disposed in the respective receiving groove against a radial dislocation from the groove toward the chamber.07-11-2013
20130181412SHAFT SEALING APPARATUS AND ROTATING MACHINE EQUIPPED THEREWITH - Provided is a shaft sealing apparatus that is installed in an annular space between a rotor and a stator in a rotating machine and that divides the annular space into a low-pressure side region and a high-pressure side region in an axial direction of the rotor. The shaft sealing apparatus includes a seal body formed by stacking a plurality of thin seal pieces, which extend from the stator toward a radial inner side of the rotor, in a circumferential direction of the rotor, and lateral plates having a surface facing the axial direction and curved and extending in a circumferential direction of the annular space. The seal body is welded to the surfaces of the lateral plates which face the axial direction so that the seal body follows a curved shape of the lateral plates.07-18-2013

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