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273398000 Pocketed or apertured 31
273407000 Target support structure 27
273378000 Indication by movement of target or target having indicating means 24
273371000 With electrically actuated or operated indicator 20
273359000 Moving 18
273408000 Target penetrated by projectile 11
273406000 Handling or manipulation (e.g., target positioning means) 10
273403000 Penetrable target with replaceable element 6
273394000 Having means to deliver spent projectile to easily accessible location 4
20120032402GAME TABLE WITH RAPID RETURN SYSTEM - This invention provides a beer pong table in which the cups are attached to a scoring mechanism. The scoring mechanism consists of two sets of three cups that are attached to three individual ramps that transport the ball into three individual tubes which holds three balls each. Once a tube has accumulated three balls, it will reject a fourth ball and lets it fall back to the collection point behind it as if it were a missed shot. The collection point organizes the balls into a straight line to be delivered into the air powered ball return tube. The ball return tube constantly delivers missed shots back to the ball tray which can hold around 30 to 40 balls. This ball tray is positioned in front of the players. A backboard surrounds the back and sides of the cups to stop the missed shots from landing on the floor.02-09-2012
20090146377REBOUND BALL GAME - A portable stepball game including a lightweight, simulated stairway that is collapsible into a portable carrying case or frame which may be easily transported to and erected in virtually any play environment. The stairway comprises at least one step including an essentially vertical riser portion and an essentially horizontal tread portion wherein the tread portion includes nosing on its player-facing edge which overhang the riser portion therebeneath.06-11-2009
20100066022Portable rebound ball game - A portable stepball game apparatus has a collapsible stairway with a plurality of steps. Each step has a vertical riser portion, a horizontal tread portion, and a nosing on the forward or player-facing edges of the tread portions which protrudes over the riser portions. The game's pivotable stairway configuration is readily housed for storage in a carrying case specifically adapted to be easily portable. It is designed such that one person can lift the carrying case with one hand and easily move it from location to location.03-18-2010
20090206551Projectile Retrieval System - A projectile retrieval system includes a screw drive for moving bullets and bullet fragments to move bullets from a bullet deceleration area to a remote location without the need for a person to handle the bullets. Preferably, the screw drive is configured so that there is no need to stop use of the bullet deceleration area while the screw drive is transporting the bullets. In a preferred embodiment, a vacuum system is also connected to a transport housing about the screw drive to move lead dust away from the bullet deceleration area.08-20-2009
273348100 Including heating means (i.e., thermal target) 4
20090194942THERMAL TARGET SYSTEM - A thermal signal generating device, including at least two parallel buss bars operable for carrying a current and a heating element having at least a first region and a second region. The heating element includes a plurality of horizontal traces and a plurality of vertical traces. Widths of each of the plurality of horizontal and vertical traces may be greater in a first region of the heating element than in a second region of the heating element, allowing for a gradient heat differential to be emitted by the heating element.08-06-2009
20110042900REACTIVE FIREARM TRAINING TARGET - The present invention provides a heatable long range metal target capable of providing acoustic feedback to the user on impact and is durable to withstand the repeated vibration stress that occurs during repeated use. In a preferred embodiment, target includes a reactive target body for generating an audible feedback signal on impact by a firearm round (such as a metal gong), a heating element and a fastening structure connectable to the target body for mounting of the heating element to the target body. The target body has a front, impact surface and a rear surface and is constructed of hardened steel for withstanding repeated impact by high velocity rounds on the impact surface without penetration. The heating element heats a target region of the target and the fastening structure connects the heating element to the target body away from the impact surface. The fastening structure includes a vibration dampening portion for at least partially insulating the heating element from vibrations of the target body generated on impact by the firearm round. Attachment of the heating structure to the reactive target body is made more reliable by using a fastening structure including vibration dampening features, such as an elastic mounting structure.02-24-2011
20110175292Thermal Signature Target - A target with a thermal signature includes two or more bulletproof plates and a heater thermally coupled to at least one of the plates for heating the plate to produce the thermal signature.07-21-2011
20080296842Multi-spectral targets for gunnery training - Methods and apparatus for a multi-spectral target apparatus, includes a target having at least one thermal emitting portion, a controller module in communication with a remote user, at least one brightness controller including an input electrically connected to the controller module and at least one output electrically connected to at least one thermal emitting portion of the target. The brightness controller is operable to vary a thermal emitting property of the at least one thermal emitting portion, wherein the at least one thermal emitting portion includes a thermal emitter layer further comprising a resistive layer having a front side and a back side, the resistive layer sandwiched between an electrode layer deposited on the front side and the back side of the resistive layer.12-04-2008
273348400 Having bristled, hooked, or looped surface for adherence of complementarily surfaced projectile thereto 4
20090309307Toy dart assembly and method - Embodiments of the invention include a method for engaging a dart with a net. A dart is thrown toward a net. When the dart hits the net, the nose of the dart passes through an opening in the net for subsequently, lodging strands of the net in a recess situated behind the nose of the dart. Embodiments further include a recreational toy assembly having in combination a net and a dart. One or more strands of the net lodge in a recess behind the nose of the dart for coupling the dart to the net. The dart remains engaged to the net until the dart is removed from engagement with the net. For disengaging the dart from the net, the strand(s) is/are removed from the recess such that the nose of the dart may be passed out of opening in the net. The strands of the net provide the boundary or perimeter of the opening.12-17-2009
20090079135Fishing game - A fishing game is played with a rod, a reel, and line. A holder is connected to the end of the line and an engaging fabric marker is removably attached to the holder. The holder and marker are cast at a target having an engaging fabric surface. If the marker lands on the target, it remains engaged to the target and separates from the holder when the line is retrieved.03-26-2009
20100001471Auto-scoring throwing game assembly employing hook-loop connection - A throwing game assembly includes a hooks or loops target surface with hooks or loops formed thereon and having at least one score area is defined on the target surface. At least one switch device is located behind the hooks or loops target surface and activated when a throwing object hits and is caught on the score area which is deformed and concaved to activate the at least one switch device. The switch device sends an induction signal to a CUP in a signal receiving member electrically connected to the throwing game assembly and the signal receiving member generates proper feedback and display scores. The feedback can be cooperated with audiable signals, illumination features, voice, music, LED, LCD, backlight LCD, backlight board, LED screen to precisely show the scores automatically, and not only enhance fun for the player but also the fairness of the game.01-07-2010
20100225061SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GAMING WITH AN ENGAGABLE PROJECTILE - A gaming system and method for engagable projectiles and targets. The game comprises a novel sport called Acroballâ„¢ wherein players may attempt to obtain objectives (e.g., score points) by throwing a projectile at other players or targets. The projectiles include a material comprising many closely knit hooks that may be attachable to a reciprocal material comprising latches. Using such a hook and latch combination, the various projectiles may be thrown or maneuvered to attach to opponents of targets according to the objectives of the underlying game.09-09-2010
273404000 Penetrable target with projectile backstop 3
20090008878Archery game - A game having a supporting frame over which is draped a cover and a netting with the cover and netting catching and retaining arrows shot into the target or cover. The target may be designed to replicate a dart board.01-08-2009
20110062667REALITY BASED TRAINING TARGET TRAP - A target trap having improved portability is provided. The target trap is suitable for use in reality-based training methods and may advantageously capture pellets and marking rounds for improved clean-up and cost-saving re-use of ammunition. The target trap has a replaceable strike panel and face panel and allows for paper or cardboard targets of various dimensions to be hung on its front surface by using clamps or tacks or other type of clips.03-17-2011
20090020955ADJUSTABLE TARGET MOUNT - An adjustable target mount allows the height of the mount to be adjusted. Additionally, the mount is adjustable to accommodate a variety of different targets and target actuators, and may be quickly moved out of the line of fire without requiring disassembly or removal of the target mount.01-22-2009
273349000 With liquid projector (e.g., water pistol) 3
20090127789LIQUID PROJECTILE SHOOTING DEVICE AND GAME - A free-standing device for launching a liquid projectile is described. The device comprisies a body, a fluid resejvoir supported by the body, and a liquid projectile launching mechanism supported by the body and in fluid communication with the fluid reservoir.05-21-2009
20090140493LIQUID PROJECTILE LAUNCHING AND DETECTING DEVICES AND SET THEREOF - A set comprises at least one first device comprising at least one liquid reservoir and at least one liquid projectile launching mechanism. When, actuated by the user, the liquid projectile launching mechanism draws a portion of the liquid from the reservoir and launches this portion of liquid outward from the first device. The first device may be designed to be carried by a user or otherwise supported by a user's body. The set further comprises at least one second device comprising a liquid reactive material.06-04-2009
20120080847LIQUID PROJECTILE SHOOTING DEVICE AND GAME - A game figure is provided having a liquid projectile launching device. The liquid projectile launching device includes a body, a fluid reservoir supported by the body, and a liquid projectile launching mechanism supported by the body and in fluid communication with the fluid reservoir.04-05-2012
273355000 With support having both target and movable mechanical projector attached thereto 3
20110248447Shooting game machine - A shooting game machine includes a shell, a gun, and at least one goal-and-carrier assembly. The goal-and-carrier assembly includes a base located in and attached to the shell, a carrier movably supported on the base, and at least one goal unit. The goal unit includes a frame supported on the carrier, a goal pivotally connected to the frame between a raised position and a shut-down position, a crank rotationally connected to the frame, a lever connecting the goal to the crank, a turntable rotationally connected to the frame, magnets attached to the turntable. The magnets attract the crank so that the goal is retained in the raised position until it is effectively hit by a bullet. A motor is operatively connected to the turntable. The motor rotates the turntable when the goal reaches the shut-down position and stops when the goal reaches the raised position.10-13-2011
20110163503Reactive Target shooting system - This invention was created to add a unique reactive visual display to the sport of casual target shooting. It is designed to create an explosive effect, using common and inexpensive media, and without introducing a fire danger. It can also be used to launch balls and other small objects. Physically, this invention is comprised of a metal frame, a hub and axle, and pivoting arms. Conceptually, this invention captures and diverts a portion of the substantial kinetic energy imparted to a bullet when fired, and, using simple leverage, redirects the energy to produce a spectacular visual effect, all without relying on any form of external electrical or battery power source.07-07-2011
20090174146METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR PLAYING A COIN FLIPPING GAME - Methods and apparatus for playing games of skill and/or chance are provided.07-09-2009
273358000 Projected picture 2
20130049299SPORTS NET WITH SOCKS - A net or barrier has strategically located pocket(s) attached to the net over holes(s) in the net/barrier in order to catch a ball or projectile that passes through the hole(s). A computer-assisted method displays information, more particularly advertisement, onto a net or barrier. The computer-assisted display is viewable by a TV or video audience.02-28-2013
20100207330NONPENETRATING ARCHERY TARGET AND ARROW TIP - An arrow tip and target system, including a tip having a removable marking material integral with an end surface of the tip, and a target. An arrow for marking a target, including a shaft and a tip fixedly mounted thereon, the tip including a removable marking material integral with an end surface of the tip. A tip for attachment to an arrow, including a removable marking material integral with an end surface of the tip. A kit including a target, arrow tips, marking material, games, and rules for the games. A method of playing a game with an arrow tip and target system by attaching a tip including removable marking material to an arrow, launching the arrow towards a target according to the game being played, contacting the tip with the target, and removably marking the target.08-19-2010
273405000 With mechanical projector 2
20080246221Training Device - A training device for installation in a practice area is provided, the training device providing an indication to a user as to where on a first surface of the training device a football should be aimed. The first surface is configured to allow the ball to pass through the first surface, where it is collected and returned to the user. The training device is also configured to indicate to the user approximately where in the practice area the football will be returned to, so as to allow the user to position themselves accordingly.10-09-2008
20100225064MARKSMANSHIP TARGET APPARATUS - A target training apparatus that fires projectiles at a trainee to simulate combat situations until the trainee strikes predetermined locations on target mounts made of standard paper or cardboard, wherein the predetermined locations correspond with deactivation wands that deactivate the apparatus and ceases firing from the target training apparatus. The apparatus comprises a base, a target column, deactivation wands, a firing column, paintball guns, and a plurality of target elements. The apparatus includes slots to hold compressed air bottles for propelling the paintballs and utility housing for providing power to the trigger system which controls the firing of the two paintball guns. The trigger system rotates a trigger lever in cyclic revolutions which causes the trigger to pull and fire rounds at the trainee.09-09-2010
273348300 Having magnetized material for adherence of projectile thereto or made from material adapted for adherence thereto of projectile having magnetized material 2
20130168925METHOD, GAME PIECE AND TARGET STRUCTURE FOR MAGNETIC TOSS GAMING - A method and system for challenging and developing eye-hand neuromuscular coordination are provided. In one version, one or more magnetically charged game pieces and a target structure are provided. The target structure may be preferably alternatively inclined and present a magnetically attractive target surface. Positionable legs of the target structure may be detachably and/or slidably coupled with the target surface, whereby the legs are deployed and disposed between the target surface and a ground surface. Optionally, one or more legs may be decoupled from the deployed position and stored in a second storage position, while detachably coupled to a front plate of the target structure in either position. A game piece aperture enables the game piece to be more easily tossed toward and adhere to a magnetically attractive surface. The apertures further allow the game pieces to overlay each other when adhered to the target surface.07-04-2013
20120248702LUMINOUS DART BOARD SET - Disclosed is a luminous dart board set. The luminous dart board set comprises: a dart pin (10-04-2012
273357000 With plural mechanical projectors 1
20130033004PATTERN BUILDING GAME ASSEMBLY WITH LAUNCHING APPARATUS AND METHODS - A game apparatus and a method using trays as the game board with vertical support columns, two sets of playing pieces and two launching devices. The one or more vertical support columns attach to the one or more trays to support the trays horizontally above a support surface. On the surface of each of the trays is a matrix and each element of the matrix has a recessed compartment orthogonal to the surface of the tray. Each recessed compartment is sized to hold a multiplicity of both types of playing pieces in a stacked manner. The recessed compartments may also be created so that the order and the number of the playing pieces in each recessed compartment are observable for additional variety in game play.02-07-2013
273354000 Having means to vary size of projectile-receiving target aperture or target opening 1
20130093139TARGET GAME AND METHOD OF PLAYING A TARGET GAME - A target game including at least one target and at least one projectile. The at least one target is constructed of a flexible and self-supporting material. The at least one target is able to be configured in a first orientation and a second orientation. In the first orientation, the at least one target is generally planar. In the second orientation, the at least one target is generally conical.04-18-2013
273409000 Printed matter 1
20100140875Method of Competitive Marksmanship and Game Therefore - The method of competitive marksmanship includes the steps of providing a first shooter with a first designated target system having a first target composition, the composition including various graphic elements. Respective selectable rule-based values are, in accordance with rules, assigned for respective graphic elements of the first target composition. A second shooter is provided with a second designated target system, the system having a second target composition, visually different from the first composition, and the target composition also including various graphic elements. Each respective graphic element of the second target composition is then assigned a rule-based respective value. As the game progresses, and in accordance with variations of the game, there is calculated a progressive accumulation of values resultant of a successful scoring of hits upon elements of the target composition of each shooter's respective designated target system, until a winner is declared.06-10-2010
273350000 Liquid buoyant 1
20130093138APPARATUSES FOR USE AS TARGETS AND METHODS OF MAKING SAME - A target comprising an outer shell and a volume of closed cell foam within the outer shell. In a preferred embodiment, the target is a towable target for being towed behind a powered vehicle.04-18-2013
20120161396Target for patterning a shotgun - A shotgun patterning target is provided wherein vertically disposed gridlines and horizontally disposed gridlines define square grids on the face of the target to enable the shooter to accurately and quickly count the pellet holes in each of the grids. The shotgun target also includes a 40-inch circle, a 30-inch circle and a 20-inch circle imprinted thereon. Thickened and colored center lines are provided on the target to provide a readily visible aiming point for the shooter. In a modified version of the invention, a rifle target is provided on the back side of the shotgun target and also has vertically disposed and horizontally disposed gridlines imprinted thereon which define square grids. The rifle target is divided into a plurality of quadrants each of which has at least one bulls-eye target imprinted thereon.06-28-2012
20130087974MULTIFUNCTIONAL SHOOTING TARGET STRUCTURE - A multi-purpose shooting target includes a target box with an inner space, a deceleration projectile stopping device and a double-faced target plate. A projectile collecting groove is disposed in the inner space at the lower side of the target box, and the double-faced target plate provides a combined blowgun/darts target plate. After a projectile pierces a target sheet, the momentum of the projectile is absorbed by the deceleration projectile stopping device. Finally, the projectile drops into the projectile collecting groove, providing highly efficient stopping and collecting of projectiles. A user can enjoy shooting safely, while avoiding risks associated with ricocheting projectiles. Since the face of the double-faced target plate can be changed quickly, it can be used as a shooting target structure for a toy gun, a blowgun target and a dartboard, allowing a shooting activity that is both safer, more diversified and amusing.04-11-2013
20090152816Castaway - It is for entertainment. This game is designed for family outings or backyard fun. Team members compete by casting a plastic casting plug at a 5-gallon pail for points. If the plug lands in the pail it scores 3 points, the closest cast to the perimeter of the pail scores 1 point. A score inside the pail cancels all of the opponent's points around the pails perimeter. The game is played to 15 or 21 points.06-18-2009
20090295094Adjustable Projectile Target - The present invention is an adjustable projectile target that includes a support structure that can hold a body portion of the target at various angular positions with regard to the support structure. The support structure allows the body portion to be rotated along both a vertical and a horizontal axis to provide a variety of target profiles for the body portion to simulate for the individual shots taken from various elevations and distances from the target animal.12-03-2009
20130062830Ring Toss Game - A disc toss game that comprises a ball placed in the center of a ring that can be knocked out of the ring to score points, with additional points and bonuses being awarded if the disc stays within the ring is disclosed in various embodiments of the present invention. The game of the present invention comprises a plurality of parts and can be adapted for indoor as well as outdoor enjoyment.03-14-2013
20120193872TARGET SYSTEM - A target system includes a blocking plate with one or more openings through which bullets are fired and one or more targets for being struck by the bullets disposed behind the blocking plate and generally in line with the one or more openings. The target system may include a hinge mechanism which limits the range of movement of the target after it has been struck by a projectile. The hinge mechanism may also provide for tool less attachment and removal of the targets from the hinge mechanism.08-02-2012
20120267856TOILET TARGET - A toilet target for use in the toilet training of young boys and for the amusement and marketing of men is described that includes a target for providing an aiming objective, a mounting hardware for attaching the toilet target to a toilet, and a suspension line or tether for connecting the target to the mounting hardware.10-25-2012
20120187630SHOOTING TARGET APPARATUS AND METHOD - The present invention is a shooting target achieving biodegradability comprised of sodium bentonite and dextrin.07-26-2012
20110198811METHOD & APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING TARGET GAME MATS UTILIZED WITH A GAME - A kit of components for playing a game and a method of using the components of the kit is provided. The kit may include a plurality of game mats. Each of the game mats may include a plurality of sections and each of the sections may be assigned a different point value that is marked on respective sections of the game mats. The different point values of each of the sections may be marked on an upper surface of the game mats. The kit may also include a plurality of tossable objects that are tossable on one or more of the sections of the game mats to obtain points associated with the value of the sections. The kit may also include a set of instructions or rules for playing the game and a case for carrying the game mats, the tossable objects and the instructions or rules.08-18-2011
20110204570BEER PONG ARCADE GAME METHOD AND APPARATUS - A beer pong arcade game apparatus and methods of operation are described. Initially, a new round is started and out limit is set. For each shot, it is determined whether the player has successfully made the ball into one of the plurality of cups. If the user makes the ball into one of the cups, that cup is retracted below or flush with a surface. Alternatively, if the user fails to make the ball into one of the cups, the out limit is decremented. The game ends if the out limit reaches zero before the player manages to make all of the cups. However, if the player manages to make all cups before exceeding the out limit, then a new round is started with a new out limit and a new set of cups.08-25-2011
20080277874TOSSED PROJECTILE GAME - A projectile having multiple openings for tossing onto a game field for encouraging and developing hand-eye coordination. The projectiles have plural fingers extending from a central hub of the projectile. The game field includes plural targets sized to fit within the projectile openings. Points are scored by using hand-eye coordination to toss the projectile so that it comes to rest on the field with one or more openings enclosing or partially enclosing a target or targets. This is a game that is safe and can be played indoors or outdoors by the entire family. The tossed projectile is designed to be lightweight and the targets are designed to minimize possible injury. The pegs can fold to a horizontal position in case of an accident.11-13-2008
20080211189MULTIPURPOSE BOWL - A multipurpose bowl assembly including a bowl, a target having a coupler configured to attach the target to the bowl and a launching device coupled to the bowl and configured to propel at least one item in a direction generally toward the target.09-04-2008
20130214491BALL DROP GAME - An amusement device is disclosed having a housing for enclosing a playing field, and at least one target disposed on the playing field, the target oriented for interaction with a vertically dropped projectile. The device further includes a pick-up device within the housing, the pick-up device suspended from a rail arrangement that provides for four-way horizontal movement over the playing field. The device has player controls including a first control for maneuvering the pick-up device in a horizontal plane above the playing field, and a second control for releasing the projectile, wherein an objective of the amusement device is to position the pick-up device over a target and release the projectile to hit the target to win the prize.08-22-2013
20100001470Bounce-Landing Puck Toss Game - A bounce-landing puck toss game device for playing a puck tossing game with apparatus and rules that provide form, function, and prescribed method of play. The inventive device includes a plurality of pucks including a number of tossing pucks and a target puck. Each puck has a center, generally circular first and second faces, and a perimeter side edge between the first and second faces of the puck. Each puck is constructed of a size, weight, and composition that are necessary for the practical application and execution of the intended usage.01-07-2010
20100237563Stack and avoid game - This invention, stack and avoid game, presents a method of playing a tag game with stackable figures, a projectile and three or more players. The method of playing this tag game requires at least three players; the suggested number being two teams composed of two members each. One team tries to tag all members of the other team before all the stackable figures are stacked up. The opposing team tries to stack up the stackable figures before all team members are tagged out. If at least one member of the tagged team finishes stacking up the stackable figures while avoiding being tagged, s/he will be able to bring back tagged team members back in the game. If the tagger's team has achieved tagging everyone before all stackable figures are stacked-up, the teams will change roles. Using three players will exclude the capacity of players bringing back tagged team members.09-23-2010
20120133097Compact transportable target game - A target game has a target apparatus and at least one throwing device.05-31-2012
20110024985FIREARM TARGETS WITH REINFORCING FEATURES FOR ENHANCED DURABILITY AND ASSOCIATED METHODS OF USE AND MANUFACTURE - The present disclosure is directed to target assemblies and targets with reinforcing features for improved durability. One example of such a target can include a target portion that is configured to be struck by a projectile, and a connector portion configured to movably couple the target portion to a support structure. The target also includes a neck portion extending between the target portion and the connector portion, and a reinforcing portion proximate to the neck portion. The reinforcing portion comprises an integral portion of the target that is at least partially deformed to reinforce or otherwise strengthen the neck portion.02-03-2011
20090033034Game system and method for hitting a ball through a playing field - The present invention is directed to a game, and more specifically to an outdoor game designed for two or more players that requires navigating a large playing field containing a variety of objects and obstacles. The players navigate the course by hitting a ball with a bat over, through or around the objects while avoiding the obstacles. The starting line, the end line, the game course, the rules for the game and the point system to decide the winner are determined and communicated to the players prior to the game. In the preferred embodiment of the present invention, the player reaching the end line with the fewest strokes is awarded the win. The preferred playing field is a golf course.02-05-2009
20090045579Method of competitive marksmanship and game therefore - The method of competitive marksmanship includes the steps of providing a first shooter with a first designated target system having a first target composition, the composition including various graphic elements. Respective selectable rule-based values are, in accordance with rules, assigned for respective graphic elements of the first target composition. A second shooter is provided with a second designated target system, the system having a second target composition, visually different from the first composition, and the target composition also including various graphic elements. Each respective graphic element of the second target composition is then assigned a rule-based respective value. As the game progresses, and in accordance with variations of the game, there is calculated a progressive accumulation of values resultant of a successful scoring of hits upon elements of the target composition of each shooter's respective designated target system, until a winner is declared.02-19-2009
20120038107Canz - My invention is a game called Canz that youth play as a hobby. Canz is a two player game that requires a ball and can be played with one or two condensed cans. The two condensed cans are placed ten feet apart from one another on the sidewalk. Each player stands behind their can and take turns throwing the ball at their opponent condensed can. The condensed can must be placed in the appropriate spot on the line before a shot attempt is taken. Players may move further back to increase their point value. The line where each player can is placed represents ten points and each line after that represents increments of ten points. The first player to 100 points total is declared the winner.02-16-2012
20120061917BOUNCE-LANDING PUCK-TOSS GAME - A method of playing a puck-tossing game includes providing a target puck, a first plurality of tossing pucks of a first color, and a second plurality of tossing pucks of a second color. The target puck is tossed from a first tossing location, a distance of between approximately 10 feet to approximately 50 feet. At least one of the first plurality of tossing pucks is tossed toward the target puck in an effort to cause the at least one tossing puck from the first plurality of tossing pucks to land directly on top of the target puck. One of the second plurality of tossing pucks is tossed toward the target puck in an effort to cause the at least one tossing puck from the second plurality of tossing pucks to land on top of the target puck.03-15-2012
20090058007Border crossing - A new Object Toss Game whereas a player tosses a round steel rod at a target, with the outside border of said target markers being the intended target. Said markers are three steel stakes at each end of the game course approx. forty feet apart, anchored in the ground approx. twenty inches apart, forming a triangle.03-05-2009
20110227288Gaming device for pellet guns - Gaming Device for Pellet Guns is a portable, all mechanical, target apparatus used by one or more players. The device subassemblies may include a multiple silhouette targets housed in a pellet trap, a dispenser, and a score counter. The silhouette targets are mounted on pivoting posts. Its surface areas and shapes are consequential to the targeting challenge. The dispenser is designed to eject a ball from the magazine stack every time the target is hit. The ball color or its markings reflect the number of points scored. The score counter subassembly keeps a tally by stacking ejected balls into the score bar.09-22-2011
20120242043GAME APPARATUS AND GAME DATA AUTHENTICATION METHOD THEREOF - A game apparatus includes: a target including a plurality of sections divided according to a predetermined principle; a camera unit including a first camera and a second camera, the first camera being arranged to photograph at least a part of a game participant, the second camera being arranged to photograph at least a part of the target; a memory for storing at least a part of dynamic images photographed by the first camera and the second camera; a network connection unit for transmitting the dynamic images stored in the memory to a network; and a control unit for controlling operations of the first camera and the second camera and transmission of the dynamic images.09-27-2012
20080224409Disc-Throwing Target Game - A disc-throwing target game with multiple scoring options consists of four poles, four objects and a FRISBEEâ„¢ disc that teams use to compete against each other in an attempt to score the most points. The present invention provides an opportunity for defenders to use the skills of reaction time and catching against offensive opponents featuring various levels of disc accuracy and throwing power. The objects are placed on top of the poles where they can be knocked off if a player is skilled enough to strike one or both of these poles after throwing the disc. If the thrower is even more skilled, he or she can earn multiple points for sailing the disc through the very narrow space allotted.09-18-2008
20130119610Amusement Apparatus with Participant-Controlled Target Blocker and Electromagnetically Controlled Dumping Device - An amusement game or attraction for two or more participants features at least one target device arranged to provide an output in response to impact of a target member of said target device by a projectile launched by a first participant, an effect device arranged to be activated by the target device to produce a physical effect on at least one participant, and a blocking device operable by a second participant and comprising a blocking member movable relative to said target by input from the second participant to attempt to block the projectile from impacting the target member. The game or attraction offers an added level of interaction for the second participant compared to previous games where the second participant gas no active role, and just awaits the potential outcome of a target strike by the first participant. The effect device may be a unique electromagnetically controlled bucket dumping device.05-16-2013
20130207346TOY GAME APPARATUS AND METHOD OF PLAYING - A ramp for launching an object at a target is provided, the ramp having: a release mechanism mounted to the ramp for movement between a first position and a second position, wherein the release mechanism is configured to retain the object with respect to the ramp when it is in the first position and wherein the release mechanism is configured to release the object when the release mechanism is in the second position; and wherein the release mechanism further comprises an arm member pivotally mounted to the ramp and the arm member has a plurality of features each spaced from each other and extending from the arm member above a surface of the ramp when the release mechanism is in the first position.08-15-2013

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